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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 30, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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most protests expected over president trump's travel ban. impact it will have. taking a stand on capitol hill as this issue is moving across the country. the local lawmakers coming together in response to president trump's travel ban. >> deadly attack terrorism. today in the bay starts now. good monday morning to you. i'm lara. >> monday is tough day to get things started. but, i'm bring a little carry optimism about sunshine.
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>> yesterday was beautiful. today few degrees warmer. we will keep sunshine and warm weather too. here live look at bay bridge. gorgeous start to the monday morning. expected to reach 64 today. there will be more clouds rolling in tomorrow. breezy kinds and warm temperatures. west of the week looks stormy. i'll talk about that. as we head over to mike a closure in the bay? >> yes this happened over the weekend. this area of panama rammic highway is not used right now t. highway 1. over the weekend some of the hillside came down on to the roadway. there's indication how much rain
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we had and kerry talking about more. roadways are fine. at the bay bridge we have back up at the cash lane. they may have reopened one more lane. back to you. >> thank you, very much. we do have breaking news. custody in ramming deputy vehicle in the south bay. live look at the police presence there. following the pursuit. it happened with the santa clara county sheriff's department. it started in cupertino. the driver led them on to express way. it ended in santa clara. no reason why the drive was being claysed in the first place. crews reopened 280.
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after early more coalitillision. whoever was inleft before emergency crews arrived. a van crashed into abandoned week. two were treated on site. authorities say rammage -- six died and eight injured. police officers arrested one suspect at the scene of the shooting. it was called an act of terror. the suspect has not been identify and set to be first ever targeting islamic house of worship in north america.
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developing news across the country where protesters are taking over airports. all over executive order signed friday ban muslims countries. new within the hour, parliament approved ban on americans entering their country. joining us where more could take place. hundreds over the weekend we're going to see more of the same. good morning. >> it's possible. protesters have gone home for tonight. airport is vising people to arrive three hours prior to departure. this was the scene at international terminal. people held signs expressing
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anger. the administration accused of harboring terrorists. to help passengers gain their release. we know of five people detained yesterday by customs and immigrationence forcement all released by yesterday afternoon. >> it's mainly about the human rights of the basic fundamental of the country. >> we get here and we are good citizens. so we want our rights. >> a lot of this is waiting game to see if somebody going to be detained or not. so probably to be reason we made to make sure they have had enough time to clear customs. >> a small group stayed until
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late last night until all turkish airline got through. >> thank you, bob. nancy pelosi leading cause for trump to reverse the ban. leader chuck schumer scheduled rally. schumer appeared to overturn the trump orders. he believes there's nothing to get executive order overturned. we'll continue to follow story on air and online. at 5:06. we're expected to learn about a missing case that took a turn this weekend. they believe foul play is behind
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disappearance of 70-year-old yen he realtor and school board member. more details are expected to be made public today. we'll keep up update. 5:07. a new trial admitted to crime. you may remember this story, jury selection is expected to begin in 2015 prosecutors say teenager stabbed 9-year-old to death as he was sleeping. he later confessed during interview. a bang rob robbery that turn to 30 hour long manhunt. today you can learn new information about the arrest in that. nbc chopper was over the scene
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when they found the man before arresting him. robbery happened on thursday bank of america in scots valley. two of them were arrested immediately but the third one jumped out running. parts lockdown in the process police searched through cars and homes with rifles in hands. 30 years later of the dublin continue to search for her. 13 years old when she vanish over the street while walking home from school. today marked 28 years since that. walk along the route she walked before she disappeared. >> we do this for her. this is not about us. it's for her. we don't want anybody to ever think that we stopped looking
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for her. she out there. we will not stop look nor which the dublin police. >> middle school at end s st. raymond catholic children. waking up in portland this morning. wife are waiving temperatures to bay area. he release this picture last night. it's not travelled to portland -- same trip last year. good monday morning. it's 5:09 as you wake up it's clear. chilly temperatures, 36 degrees in the tri-valley. east bay at 41. high this afternoon reaching low to mid 60s.
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north bay 65 degrees. it's going to be beautiful afternoon. more of this weather tomorrow. we'll start to see changes coming up at 5:14 i'll have a look. >> behind me here we have a lot of back up in the cash lane. one is closed. this is standard for this time of morning. they maybe opening up the lane in the coup of seconds. fast track is best route. back to the map, we'll show back up. to be expected. that's why we have 25 minute drive. back to you. >> thank you, mike. surprise pick. can you formal pro bowler learn
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on the job. >> tech reaction to president trump's ban.
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good monday morning. it's 5:13. as we take a look a clear and chilly start.
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at 10:00. high today reaching well above average high of 59 degrees. cooler temperatures and rain i'll detail it come up at 5:19. travel times is fine. we have back up bay bridge toll plaza and give you update in a second. mike, kerry, thank you. 49ers announce hiring of gm. john lynch. he made nine pro-balls. he all-time great in the history of the league. hiring is still a surprise because he has no front office experience. last year he was a tv analyst.
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activists. they have confirmation vote by key senate committee. teacher, students will come together to protest. act visit say her confirmation hearing shows lack of knowledge about public education. devos and family are major donors to some of the senators voting tomorrow. airport. >> trump no strategy to early morning tweet. delta why is that? >> airline suffered delays on sun di. due to computer outage. mr. trump said that was the primary cause over the weekend. he address the protests as well. president trump said "over 109
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people out of 325 were detain and held for questioning. bing problems caused by delta computer outages. he guess on to say make america safe again. executive order caused nationwide protesters and forced tech leaders to start papering position. against the trump administration. several calling the order unamerican. other tech companies smoke out kafr. microsoft, twitter causous. >> it's time to link arms together. there was no bigger difference this weekend than the reaction between uber and lyft. delegal uber became a thing. lyft donate $1 million to
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support tech rights. in three seconds. lan da now live. good morning. >> wall street could begin in the red. above 20,000. the dow and s&p snap two week leezing streak. a meeting by the federal reserve plus the monthly jobs report. 20,093. nasdaq rose 5. scot back to you. >> solar energy company. hr or financial department saying send me those w 2s
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someone pretending to be ceo of sun run and they bout it. last year it was c gate, grocery store owl all did the same thing. warn other companies if you get e-mail from ceo walk over to the office to say did you send me an e-mail. >> that's fightening to know that information is out there. >> that's a lot of good information. don't they have cybersecurity department? >> yes. go to 5:18. time for fun. good video. southern sea otters inching their way out -- coast can't make it past the white sharks.
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california department say the sharks have eyesight and they bite the otters by mistake. numbers show bite numbers half of the otters death -- >> th>> we were going to see otters bike the shark. >> this is not the wild live channel. >> no. it's been a wild rocky here. >> it's going to be nice start out this week. take advantage and enjoy it because there will be major changes. with more wet weather returning to the bay area. starting to get busy at 5:19. we will continue to see clear skies. he h
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heading up to 60 degrees today. t tri-valley. right now 40 degrees. reach willi reaching 65 in. liver more today. 65 degrees. 63 daily city. north bay more of the tame with moe to mid 60s. we'll have more days of dry weather. there will be storm system moving into as we go through the middle of the week. when that arrive we start to see showers moving late wednesday. this weekend this clears up. it will be another behind that. to get us start for the early part of next week, looking at the next 7 days. north day that where we'll see the most rain.
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1 to 3 inches of rain there. we'll be keeping track of this. we'll start once to see rain moving on on wednesday. gusty winds and days of rain in the forecast. mike tracking two issues for east bay commute. >> that's right. peninsula, south bay. no delays. over here in the east bay getting away from the east down 24 reports of tree blocking two of lanes. right now calm westbound. heading toward bay bridge look like this. we have all but one cash lane. we have all the on the right. mean while back to travel time,
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along the rail, no delays. ten more trains sense last checked no delays here. overall looking great. >> thank you, very much. a crime turned bitter tweet. two girls lemonade stand was burglarized. a man ends up stabbed with $700 of prepaid bart fairs. nbc news bay area respond, next. to a milpitas teacher whose
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"field trip" plans flopped. 5:25. nbc news bay area responds. consumer kris joins us. good morning. >> james larson planned a field trip for 160 students. he took bart to the city. he bought all 160 tickets using personal credit card. $736 charge. plan went belly up when the bart station was delayed. they would have to leave from different station. that was double travel time two hours each way. james asked bart for refund and
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he was denied. he called us. sure enough that group, says no refund. we give him a full refund of $736. call a situation a one time accommodation. if you have consumer complaint. call us. visit us nbc bay all right. one time accommodation. a bitter morning two girls. >> two 9-year-old girls. setup a lemonade stand. they went inside for a minute only to return someone stole their lemons and cash. the good news after hearing about this theft, toy store
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donated stuff al gaiter. police officers dispatcher gave $50 to the girls. >> i love that. coming up chaos and anger across the country. day three of the national protests against president trump travel ban. torrez has been in jail since 2012 accused of killing morgan hill lamar. tell you what sources say about the proceedings. another apartment building set for demolition. they don't have a choice. quilted northern works so well people can forget
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their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face.
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5:30 on monday morning. as we take a live look at bay bridge this morning. it looks like the light are brighter than normal: good morning. >> example of rising and shining. no rising and being dull around here. this weather makes it easier to get out of bed to get moving. a lot of sunshine today. even though it's chilly to
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start, it won't be for long. 36 and liver moore. we have temperatures in the 30s and 40s. they need jacket at res ses at temperatures warmup with sunshine. it would be awesome day by the time they get out of school. i'll have more on this ask changes for the middle of the week. heading over to mike. >> over here the rest of the bay area traffic coming in, slower drive developing. east bay starting to build. talk about getting to the bay bridge, no more issues. the bay bridge a lot gathering because the meter lights are turned on.
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we have that finally open back to you. >> no rhythm for that. affect people's rhythm. a tree came down on highway 24. it it happened a couple of hours ago. it's currently blocking two eastbound line. they were not energized. nobody was injured. developing this morning, authorities say both suspects are in custody. it happened last night during evening prayering. 8 eight were injured and six died. canadian government called an act of terror. this first ever mass shooting targeting house of worship in
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north america. chaos and anger across the bay area. another day of action could come together over president trump's travel ban. a bill calmer after non-stop protests that dissipated last night. we learned that all five passengers detained under trump's order have been released. this is what lax looked like last night. police were wearing riot gather to quail the crowds. >> protesters took over airport all over the u.s. president trump did respond.
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>> four federal judges freezing a part of the executive order. here are details. >> reporter: executive order came swiftly to airports across the united states because of stories like this. >> i have a daughter in lebanon stuck with four children who could not get here. >> reporter: the executive order banned people from coming into u.s. all of them muslims. >> countries that have been identified by congress and the obama administration. >> reporter: democrats vowed to fight it. >> this executive order was mean spirited and unamerican. >> reporter: late last night new
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head of homeland security, john kelly, tried to clear up the confusion on green card holders insisting they will not be blocked from rueturning to the u.s. they sued and won. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> protesters will continue today. we'll follow the stories on air and on lane. lead to nbc news bay today the trial for the man accused of murdering sierra lamar is set to begin today.
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good morning. >> good morning, to you. it's been difficult for the family because sierra lamar's body he's never been found. this maybe the beginning of the closure they need to move forward and heal. he has been in jail since 2012. he has been in court countless times since arrest. today the alternate jurors aring go be chosen and the lawyers are said to begin opening statement. source sell nbc news there's no delays and this is a defining moment in the death penalty case. >> this jury going to hear not guilty but damaging evidence against mr. garcia torrez. this jury have something to hang on to as the case moves forward. >> reporter: for their part, the district attorneys office dna
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evidence that killed 15-year-old lamar it is key because her body was never found. it begin at 9:00 this morning. we will have a reporter inside that courtroom, cameras are not allowed. we'll report what we hear throughout news cast. >> thank you, very much. 5:37. after a year of teetering on the edge demolish. live about the get underway finally in a matter of hours. good morning, pete. >> good morning. this ongoing issue erosion apartment buildings, we're standing right in front behind me is that will be set for demolition at 8:00 a.m. this goes back to the
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coastal erosion. it would be demolished back in december. it was built in the 1960s and contains a lot of it would be a big time health issue. here the city is being pro active and taking a -- proactive approach because of the demolition of that building. it could take a few days to clean up the debris. but the demolition is set for 8:00 a.m. we're live at paive ka. it's 5:38. all clear skis as you head out the door and 40s degrees. reaching 67. it will be nice one. after clear old start we will
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see sunshine today. starting on wednesday, we'll see the wet weather returning and gusty kinds. and it will continue into thursday as well friday. i'll talk about that. we'll take a look at planner for san jose coming up at 5:54. >> look over here. roadway still a little slowing. highway 101 and 80. l mild building coming out valley. i want to show you eastbound, blocked. they did clear all lanes. no problem toward bay bridge. you can have bart alternate as well. no delays.
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slowi slowing. coming up way to deal with traffic load. elan musk solution for the constant congegs in california. >> take a look at wall street coming up. plus politics mix where hollywood, celebrities row responding to trump's recent executive action.
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good monday morning. it's 5:43. a live look outside. 9:00 we'll be at 46 degrees. start out with cloud cover. well above average high. into forecast cooler temperatures. details on that and complete microclimate forecast coming up. >> looking at travel times. slow tri-valley. no surprises. as you approach the bay bridge we'll show you what going on. it's 5:43 right now. golden gate ferry waiting on new route. they have been trying to take over the route. the route is serviced by blue
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and gold sing. they were in agreement but then the company threaten to sue the approval was put on hold. blue and gold will continue the rou route. 5:44. health wage. examiner reports that the city's public health department working to establish program. the city is support and build upon california law that took effect last year allowing doctor to prescribe life-threatening situation. directed a movie for best foreign language film this year.
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even if he were accepted he would not attend as to ha he sees unacceptable executive action. scene actor guild award. >> good evening. to everyone in airports that belong in my america. >> this story is of unity, this story is about what happens when we put our difference aside. and we come together as a human race. we win. >> powerful acceptance speeches. hidden figure came away from best. when stars took opportunity to blasts president's executive order. best actor went to denzel washington for performance fences. and emma stone took best female
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actor. and/orra and -- elan musk. many took his job series of tweets suggests he may be serious. the tunnel he talking about will connect to the space x campus near lax. he says the talk should be taken seriously. >> he says a lot of things, he has a track record of making sop of these insane -- >> nbc today show will dig deeper into the show. you can capture today in the bay at 7:00 a.m. >> that close relationship made
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employees and investors uncomfortable. >> the best way to get him to hear is to engage with the trump administration. musk is on the president's board of business advisers. people's criticism of this meeting with the president did make him personally uncomfortable. keep in mind musk depends on the u.s. government in ways that othe others don't. solar city departments on the federal tack break. solar city is less than energy company and more of a bank. space x has contracted with nasa. take a look at executive order about immigration and suggests changes and amendments he can
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take to the president. he said get a vote but he could get a amended. >> over the weekend we took notes about how companies react over this week enl. here's what we have so far. these reactions from microsoft, they deserve move across the board here is the three tech, that react how to effects our business. over here, people who said this is unamerican. this violates our rights. it would be interesting how wall street reactions to this. do you expect wall street to continue. dow crossed 20,000 for the first time.
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mike walsh early investor in uber tweeted this weekend. short everything. strong statement. >> thank you. super bowl li is this is not going to be short of expectation. i'm ready. one team already arrived the falcons flew in yeahed. second time falcons fans have ever seen their team make it to the super bowl. as for packs fan, this is tom brady, what is this his 7th super bowl? some call it unofficialal holiday. new survey find half of all are
5:50 am
going to do something in side of someone's home or go to a friends house. the national federation says spending would be up average $75 per viewerer. >> companies are spending big bucking to advertise as well. the going rate is $5 million for a 30-second spot. one-third of all-americans plan to watch. >> right. good time. >> i love the analysis. lady gaga is going to singing the national anthem. >> let's talk weather here. >> it's going to be nice this
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week. we'll see changes moving in. we'll talk about that. let's get a live look outside. all microclimate showing temperatures starting out in 30s and 40s. in the south bay up to 67 degrees. san franscisco reaching 64 degrees. as you start out, you need a jacket. at 11:00, 53 degrees and 63 later. a couple more days of dry weather and start so to see this storm system moving in. it's pushing down that air and creating low air quality in the north bay. putting atiming on this, by
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wednesday, we see the rain moving in. as far as much rain, starting center road, farther to the north 1 to 3 inchesch rain. as we go through the forecast seeing rain for the middle of the week. the weekend looking nice. inland areas back lower 60s. a truck is stuck? >> we're looking over here, most of the roadways are predictable. tri-valley slowing as you approach interchange. davis street where there's a tractor trailer stuck in the
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lan lane. we will track that. we'll check on that. meanwhile aproproaching the bay bridge, no traffic. back to you. >> singing the national anthem, luke, not lady gaga. getting the hottest seat in town, how you may be able to get your hand on the world cup game happening in the bay area. >> we are keeping an close eye in washington, d.c. and the developments across the country. president trump's travel ban left dozens detained. nbc news team following deadly shooting at mosque in can day.
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the bay bridge from our san francisco camera. welcome back. it's a bay bridge from san franscisco camera. a beautiful glean.
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we are tracking another storm system moving into later this week. happening today reminder that a light rail station going to be closed more the most three months. the station undergoing preparation. while work being done there's shuttle for them to take from the mon gee station to the transit set. a live stadium to host usa honduras world cup. it would be first final round in the bay area in 20 years. tickets are going to be hard to come by. ticketholders will be entered everyone else have apply up to four tickets.
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application over a computer will select. recreational marijuana is lisle 2 1/2 ounces of weed and grow up to six plants. delta airline is experiencing more delays and cancellation following computer system outage. the airport is canceling 80 flights on top p 170 yesterday. it system failed and it took until 9:00 to restore services last night. weekend block office picks are in.
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flick stayed in first place making $26 million in second week. second place was the perfect earn $18 million. denn denn dennis quaid. russian water during the make of that film. pit ta boycotted. but it finished near expectation. >> rounding out three was hidden figures which brought in $14 million dollars. it's 6:00 right now. person is custody accused of ramming into sheriff's vehicle. people across the country
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are protestsing executive order travel ban. entering the u.s. putting hold on refugees for four months. a strange twice in the case of missing man. a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> it is the start of the week. to hang out, we're going to see warmer temperatures. >> a lot of sunshine as we go into day. great start to the week. we will continue on with warmer weather but changes further down the line, enjoy this now. 48 degrees. highs today reaching 64 degrees. afternoon


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