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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 30, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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are protestsing executive order travel ban. entering the u.s. putting hold on refugees for four months. a strange twice in the case of missing man. a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> it is the start of the week. to hang out, we're going to see warmer temperatures. >> a lot of sunshine as we go into day. great start to the week. we will continue on with warmer weather but changes further down the line, enjoy this now. 48 degrees. highs today reaching 64 degrees. afternoon across the bay area.
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it will be breezy and warm and looks like we'll see some rain starting out on wednesday afternoon that continu into friday. i'll detail that in a few minutes. mike give us a up day on truck that blocked part of 80. >> there's up day, north of there, where we see the slowing. approaching davis. truck blocking slow lane and off ramp. there's one lane closed there. 580. take that route move over there north of davis everything is fine. at a few minutesed 22 minutes travel 238 up to bay bridge. on the north side a few -- back to you. >> thank you, very much.
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it is 6:01. driver in custody on suspicion of ramming deputy vehicle. it started in cupertino when sheriff deputies chasing a car. the driver lead them on to express way. no word on any injuries or the reason the driver was being chased in the first place. also new this morning kruis reopened southbound highway 17 after early morning collision. whoever was in the car left been the emergency crews could arrive. the family driving along crashed into abandoned vehicle.
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two were treated on the scene and it was cleared in about an hour. breaking news right now, take shape as early as tomorrow night president trump announced when make nomination for the high court. he broke the news with the tweet just a few minutes ago. "i have made my devision on who i will mom nat on united states court it would be nouned live at 8:00 p.m. eastern court. last winter. thoughts of protesters have come together to speak out against the president's immigration policy. here to look at that from yesterday. >> president trump signed executive order on friday that ban entry for people who live in seven muslims country you see on
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the screen. war-torn syria indefinitely and ban it for the next four months. within the last couple of hours iraq approved ban from americans entering that country. we saw it all weekend long what are we expecting today, bob. >> you with see protests have gone home for the night. they were out of here last night. they could be back later today. to give yourself three hours in advance in case there's a hold up due to possible protesters. this was a seen from yesterday. expressing anger against president trump's travel ban.
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lawyers showed up to demonstration to volunteer services to help passengers gain their release. we know of five who were detained yesterday by custom border border patrol but were release yesterday afternoon. >> it was about human rights and basic fundamental of the country. >> we are here, we are good citizens, we want our rights. >> a lot of this is a waiting game to see if see if somebody going to be detained or not. we need to make sure they have nef time to clear customs. >> reporter: small group of protesters stayed until to make sure passenger on turkish
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airline flight got through. 606 o.k. on monday. politics now spilling into sports here. he made comments about president trump executive order. he said "as someone family member victim of terrorism, having lost my father if i were banishing people from coming to the country goes against principle about what our countries is about it's wrong way to go about it. if anything we could be breeding anger in terror." his father was murder while he was president in beirut and he was six years old. throughout course of this morning for the very latest head to nbc news bay
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missing person case that took disturbing case this week enl. they believe foul play is behind the missing person. the cupertino pan was last seen january 18. we'll keep you updated as soon as we receive new information. -- portland this morning. david cortes similar city can work in the bay area. this is not the first time that south bay lawmaker has travelled to portland. sam nguyen made same trip last year. 6:07 at this time.
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tri-valley of 35 degrees and 34 in peninsula. it warms up into 60s later on this after noon. 67 for south bay. east bay 63 degrees. dry weather continues to start of the week. i'll talk more about that coming up. like is checking the ripple affect out of -- >> that's right. so we're look at overall things like standard. that is the good news. northbound 80 there's word that tractor trailer block the slow lane. possibly san mateo bring.
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right now i have not seen a lot of change in the commute. that's where we watch most affect looking at 45, trains are on time. bart is another option for you. back to you. >> thank you, very much. thank you. up next search continuing for woman who cars crashed. new push. president trump travel ban. the massive created to help immigration cause. president trump just treated about his pan. he said he on look out yor bad dudes. coming up. we're told to live large, but with princess cruises
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good monday morning. 6:12. the heat is on. willow glenn lunchtime temperatures 59 degrees. we are well above average as far as temperatures. this changes as storm system moves in. 880 is bottom of the screen. >> thank you. 6:12. today marks 28 years since teenager was kidnapped and
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family is still searching for her. 1989 walking home from school. tonight her family will hold a candle light vigil for her. >> we do this for her. this is not about her. it's about her. and we don't won't anybody to ever think we stopped looking for her. nor will dublin police. >> they do it every year. march starts the 7:00 p.m. and end at st. raymond catholic church. volunteers continuing canvas area in search of woman whose war blun j into creek. search crews did find her cars
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and clothes on monday but no sign of her. about a hundred volunteers including family returned to the area again yesterday. >> with water rising low, i mean, we have to be out there, i we want to find her and bring her home. sometime we have to risk a little bit i. as we reported on today in the bay area another car crashed a knew days ago. there's call to make road safer. 6:14. bank robbery turns into wild chase. nbc chopper was over the scene when police found a man who chased him through active construction sight before arresting him.
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it happened thursday bank of america that's where it started. two of them were arrested immediately but the third jumped out running, later arrested on the construction site. lockdown in the process where police searched cars with riffles in hand. google money go to aclu and three organizations. it is google's largest ever. travel ban and co founder took part in protest in san franscisco as well. >> one of the many objections was it's fact that the agency never refeud it before it was entered. >> he is trump said a few
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minutes ago the executive order was sped through so bad dudes in his words would not have any warning. we're learning about the speed in which this was implemented. the "new york times" says the white house was on the phone with homeland security, was on that conference call from an airplane. the white house saying they interest trying to get opinion when one staffer saw this, saw trau trump signing the order and supposedly giving their opinion. if the ban were announced with a one week notice, the bad would rush into country during that week. a lot of bad dudes out there. we should pount out the immigration process normally takes one year.
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sfo protests there. calls ban unamerican. the sale ceo quoted scripttures. even if san franscisco big companies have largely been silent. >> you are uber tweeted short everything. can you expect rallies to continue despite the instability. it was up 20,000 for the first time. >> 12 minutes. >> due the math. >> not just a communications major. >> 6:17.
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taking a live look. through bay area that mean you cannot burn wood or any other solid fuel indoors or out for 24 hours. the cool weather conditions are keeping spoke pollutions near the ground. within that wet weather going to return in the weekend. >> we start out with warm weather and clear conditions to the start of the week. the end of the week cooler and wetter. stepping out the door to the temperatures in the upper 30s and lower 40s. beautiful start to the day with 48 degrees. with high expected to reach 64. tomorrow start to see clouds moving in. it will be warm. gets cooler on wednesday as storm rolls in.
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now in pal al to, one degree above freezing. as you head off to the bus stop, it's 30s, 40s. warming with sunshine at 1:00. oakland today 44 degrees. lunchtime it will be 58 degrees and heading home from work lower 60s and mostly clear if try tonight. high-pressu high-pressure trapping that air quality close to the ground. we can see it is pretty wide cloud. that will take couple of days to work it's way through. we'll see showers moving late on wednesday. between wednesday and thursday. fry still raining. another one moves on on monday
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morning. over the next 7 days we have potential of seeing another half an half 2 1/2 inches of rain in the north day. i'll keep you up-to-date. this weekend is looking nice. you can go ahead whether made plans to get outside. low 60s inland. i'll have another update coming up. mike tracking track tor trailer. >> let's take a look to south bay moving great, no slowing. moving across dun bar into san
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ma ta yoe bridge. you see the slowdown off of 230. some folks may see that head opposite direction down to 92. that's standard. slowing down freeway. we do have live shot from 92 we westbound. nothing really unusual for the time being. back to travel time. 30 minutes from highway 4. south bay, no problems. back to you. >> thanks. you might have heard 49ers are making changes. who has no front office experience. plus nbc bla respond to teacher who has trouble with a
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field trip. a man end up $700 prepaid bart fairs he isn't going to use. nbc bay area responds next.
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♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing. and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. you may have heard 49ers announced who going to fill position. john lynch. he played college ball tampa bay
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he made nine pro-bowls. the hiring is still a surprise because he has no experience. last year he was a tv analyst. >> field trip plans flop. >> christopher more here to explain. >> james larson planned a field trip for 160 students. so he brought 160 ticket using personal credit card a $736 charge. but the plan went belly up when the construction was delayed. that meant he would have to leave from a different station. he said that was double travel time two hours each way. james asked bart for a refund and was denied.
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he called us. no refund. we shared his unique situation when gave him full refund $736 refund. visit us online nbc bay it's 6:26 protesters break out across the nation. what four federal judges are doing in response to the executive order. garcia torrez has been in jail on charges he kidnapped and killed sierra lamar of morgan hill. today coming up. another apartment building set for demolition later this
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morning. why city officials say it's important to act now. taking a live look outside...
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downtown san jose. there'sra a very good monday morning to you. taking a live look downtown. that's a nice start to monday morning. we're getting ready for storm to move in. enjoy today. thanks for joining us.
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live for the moment. >> i was on saturday. >> let's go -- >> it is going to be warming up. in san franscisco warming temperatures. we'll start to she that shifting as we go through the week. 35 degrees in the tri-valley. 1 degree above freezing. 42 in east bay. high reaching low to mid 60s. up to 67 where you see clear start. 65 in the north bay. credit start to the week. then wet weather returns. heading over to mike now. your focusing on the truck? >> that's right. it's blocking in the commute direction.
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north of hay ward. it's a little 85 for 87. and 101. mild build for san jose. 880 jammed up. been there for about 40 minutes there. travel times north of there 25 minutes. south of there, southbound delayed. we'll track coming up next. >> thank you, very much. 6:31. we are following breaking news. arrest in the case of missing south gate man. murder charges will soon be filed. he was found in the shallow grave. now a former worker of his is in custody. here what investigator told us.
6:32 am
the arrest came after he attempted to cash $10,000 from victims aaccount. purchasing a shovel at home depot. he realtor former school board members. the cupertino man was last seen on january 18. more details later today. we'll bring you that new information. also developing right now, internationally, the story out of cou beck we have been following overnight. both suspects involved in deadly attack are in custody. this happened last night. six people died, eight injured and 50 people inside the mosque during the service. the suspects have not been
6:33 am
identified. >> president trump said he made decision in the supreme court pick. >> let's go to edward live from washington. more on trump's travel ban. continues to send shock ways through airport across the country including in the bay area. >> and president trump taking to twitter to announce who he made to supreme court. ignore what's happening across the country. there are protests that have erupted because of his so-called ban he put into place with this executive order. somebody who has valid green card able to work in the united states come to the united states well, when all of this was written over the weekend this
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were detained or deported. >> reporter: public reaction came swiftly because of stories like this. >> i have a daughter in lebanon stuck. >> reporter: executive order signed friday. all of them majority muslims. >> certain countries produce people that are seek to do harm we have to make sure those people undergo vetting before they come into our countries. there's a big difference between religious and location. >> reporter: there's nothing nice about searching for terrorists before we enter our country. they vowed to fighted fight it. >> we're going to introduce to
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repeal executive order. >> reporter: late last night -- insisting they would not be blocked from running to the u.s. >> i think we need to be careful. we doesn't have religious in this country. >> reporter: they sued and won deportation of those already granned permission to be in this country. >> acla received $24 million over the weekend in donations to fight executive order. to put that into perspective for entire year they average $4 million in donations. reporting live in washington. >> thank you, very much. we'll continue to follow this developing store on air and online. head to nbc news bay
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family waiting foreclosure beginning of the justice process delayed tor years. the trial expected to start today. for man accused of killing sierra lamar. she disappeared almost five years ago on way to school. >> hall of justice where the trial expected to get underway in a few hours. we have to pick alternate juror, right. >> the main jury is seated. here the thing for a lot of folks, it is hoping statements that single the beginning of the trial. first time that attorneys will have an chance to present their side. garcia torrez has been behind
6:37 am
bars since january 2012. closes close to the case tell nbc bay area there will be no more delays. >> this jury going to hear nothing being damaging evidence against mr. torrez. it is impairive for the defense to get their story out to the jury early so the jury have something to hang on to as the case moves forward. >> reporter: torrez's attorney tried to do that. d i dna evidence that he killed 15-year-old lamar. that's going to be key because her body has never been found. it begins 9:00 this morning. opening statement. we'll have a reporter inside. cameras are not allowed in, we'll report development
6:38 am
throughout date. in san jose. thank you. 6:37. lanes reopened after tree came crashing down. reports came in 2:00 this morning. happened west of ver rens sa. time for morning commute. it crashed through the power line. >> motorcyclesist hit it degree but no one was hurt. crumbling clip. is set to be demolished. joining us with details on demolition plan. >> reporter: demolition going to take place in hour and a half. because of the coastal erosion.
6:39 am
here building setup yellow tagged for quite sometime. that being going to be demolished in less than two hours. it will be demolished back in december. it was built back in 1960s and it contains hads materials. now the city is being pro active about it. it should take a few days to clean up the debris around it. demolition will start around 8:00 a.m. this will discuss all of this around 9:00 a.m. pete sur rat does for day in the -- >> beautiful shot as we get a
6:40 am
live look outside. 40 degrees with high today of 67. continue on with sunshine today. tomorrow the clouds roll in and stays dry. temperatures will be warm. the rest of the week cooler and wet. four minutes i'll have a look at planner for san jose. >> at this time of day at 6:40. understanding pattern there. build for 680 south. we have all lanes open in davis street often ramp is still closed. now it's fully off of the freeway. marina boulevard is best alternate. we have recovery head up. we have also standard san mateo
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there's westbound across that flat section. coming up beach chair warning. some of hollywood biggest stars use screens actors guild award to talk about immigration plan. >> the way it was implemented look at billboard, dow is back under 20,000. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even a "truck-cicle." [second man] how you doing? [ice cracking]
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good monday morning. 6:44 clear sunrise. beautiful start to this workweek. we will have above average temperatures with high reaching upper 60s. we'll see that rain rolling in midweek. i'll detail that co coming up in seven minutes. >> we have build northbound 880. we'll show up that coming up. 6:44 on monday. another boycott inspired by president trump here is not attending this year academy
6:45 am
award because of travel band. he said even if he were accepted he would not attend. politics taking center stage last night. >> good evening. fellow nebs an everyone at home and everyone in airports that belong in my america. >> this story is of unity, this story is about what happens when we put our difference aside. when we come together as a human race, we win. >> you heard from ashton curber and can cast hidden figures and the stars took opportunity to
6:46 am
blast president trump's executive order. denzel won for best actor in fences. as for tv, cast of stranger things and orange is the new black new some honors. beach chair warnings. the rekal involves ikea foldable beach chair. worldwide ikea received 13 reports of the chair collapsing. half of those injuries resulted in fingertip am puation. they can be returned to any store for replacement for refund. it is one of those things we
6:47 am
complain about that would be traffic and congestion. el elan musk is developing his own solution on traffic congestion. >> good morning. this pile of dirt is not your typical construction process. elan musk started digging a tunnel. could this be answer to traffic gridlock. he expressed his frustration with gridlock. he wonders if instead of looking above the ground if answer is below the ground. over the weekend, musk confirmed it has been broken on tunnel.
6:48 am
he opt misic that tunnelling can be improved by five fold or tenfold create the technology is one thing. there's a lot of logical and bu -- >> thank you, very much. you can catch joe's full report coming up on today's show right after today in the bay. let's get back to elan musk who kritized his ban. >> other tech leaders have been critical. >> good morning. i made a chart, i know it's a little early. because it's hard to keep track otherwise. keep in mind this is is first reaction to donald trump's
6:49 am
immigration band. i sorted them into three types. the how can pro-tect employees and this is just wrong over here. that's the most strong over here. fairly reserved. microsoft got more and more strie depend str -- in case of mark, he quoted bible scripttures. he said trump's action is so unamerican, it's time to protect our freedom and opportunity. hire refugees worldwide. social media this motion. they often do.
6:50 am
st starbucks's says it's not seeing any problems. as for the markets they are lower this morning. the dow fallen under is hundred points. there's a concern about a ban but manner in which it was implemented. solar gave employee information to hackers. bad guys to pretending to be company's hr or financial department. in this case sun run told the crowd someone pretended to be lynn and they got the record with snapchat, groceries stores because it's that time of year if you work at company and get from ceo you may want to check.
6:51 am
6:50 right now. we are tracking temperatures. it's a nice warmup. >> it will be great warmup. a lot of sunshine and a nice break. it was great to have a weekend without rain. it will be coming back to the rest of the week. i like weekend nice and clear. here look at pal alto. it would go from 30s and 40s into 50s and 60s. it would be warmer. here high temperatures up to 66 degrees. 65 in danville and oakland. 62 and half-moon bay. out outer sunset.
6:52 am
62. we have a lot of dry air. keeping the sinking air clear skies creates low quality. then we'll see storm system moving in, it will take couples of day to work it's way through. it starts out late wednesday with showers. it will be rain off and on thursday and friday too. another storm system early on monday morning. during this time frame, 1 to 3 inchesch rain in the north bay. we'll be talking this on facebook and twitter. make sure to follow me and i'll have more on the forecast for the weekend as it dries out. high-upper 50s and lower 60s
6:53 am
inland. >> we're have been talking santa anna. northbound showing slowing. i think it's more traffic coming off the valley. 238 showing slow as well. folks heading south toward bridge. it is slower than we like to on monday. valley itself, no problems. we no problems mass transit. travel times look great. 101, 87 good. back to you. >> coming up we have following breaking news out south bay arrest in the case of missing man. driver locked up accuse of ramming deputy's vehicle. what led up to this incident. happening now, crew keepingy
6:54 am
on many more protests that may happy later today. in anything happens we'll tweet out updates. demolition set to begin on apartments at t apartments tearing on the edge of the coast. we'll be back here in a few minutes.
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welcome back. on your monday. 6:57. top stories. breaking news following south bay this morning just within half hour arrest in the case of missing 70-year-old man. santa clara sheriff department says he was found in shallow grave in central valley. a former worker is in custody. investigateors say it came after he attempted to cash $10 check from his account. we have surveillance photographs from the. he seen purchasing shovel the morning of the disappearance.
6:58 am
in the meantime, 25-year-old man in custody suspicion of ramming depcy vehicle in the south bay. starting 4:00 this morning in cupertino when they begin chasing a car. the driver led them on to lawrence express way. you see heavy police presence there. we learn that officers found gun inside of the suspect's car. they pursued driver after they saw him speeding. >> more protests could happen today. this scene last night. sfo voiced heard. hundreds of people took part in the demonstration. five passengers were detained under president trump's executive order. but they have been released. a live look at pacifica.
6:59 am
it's finally fk going demolished today. crews are going to be tearing it down in about an hour. it would take a few days to clear up. in january of last year, city officials decide it needed to be demolish demolished. it will be a beautiful day. reaching the mid to upper 60s. thank you. mike tracking the truck stuck. >> most of the bay, 880 a jam up. northbound as davis. southbound san ma ta bridge. thank you for joining us
7:00 am
with live local news update. have a great monday. see you then. good morning. breaking news. gun men open fire in a question beck city mosque. six people killed, eight injured. two suspects being questioned by police right now. ban backlash. >> reporter: >> growing protests against president trump's order on immigration. las protestas vez, nos vemos, adiós the white house defending the ban saying it's about terror, not religion. top lawmakers on both sides of the aisle voicing concerns. >> we don't have religious tests in this country. >> mean-spirited, and unamerican. >> senator schumer joins us live as the president just this morning says he's ready to


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