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tv   Early Today  NBC  January 31, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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you're fired. monday night shakeup by the white house. president trump fires the acting attorney general and replaces the director of immigration and enforcements. democrats are up in arm issues an impassioned plea. >> real r mr. president president, just really think about this. antitrump demonstrators were again out in force, this time in ohio. >> tonight, we'll get the president's pick for a new supreme court justice to replace
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a antonin scalia. and a phone scam using your own voice against you. dog lovers have more to smile about this morning. good morning, everyone. >> you're fired. the morning headlines really say it all. overnight in a rare move could set a precedent for the next four years, president trump removed the acting attorney general of the united states, sally yates. the reason -- she ordered the justice department not to defend the administration's new restrictions on immigration. an obama administration holdout. in a statement denouncing her as very weak, the president claimed she quote, betrayed the department of justice by using to enforce a legal order designed to protect the citizens of the united states. almost as immediately boente he rescinded her order to defend the president's executive action. so far trump's pick for attorney
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general jeff sessions is awaiting approval, that's expected to take place today. he posted quote, when will the democrats give us our attorney general and rest of the cabinet. they should be ashamed of themselves. no wonder d.c. doesn't work. that are protested for hours against his immigration order. >> we had a monday night massacre, sally yates, a person of great integrity who follows the law was fired. by the president. she was fired because she would not enact, pursue the executive order on the belief that it was illegal. perhaps unconstitutional. >> that monday night massacre schumer referenced that goes
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back to nixon's firing of his special prosecutor who also refused to obey the president's orders. the drama came as the administration saw massive protests. on the steps of the supreme court, demanding that president's executive action be revoked. >> there's an assault on our values and principals. we might choose to fight and to resist and we must choose to stand up for what we believe in. >> so we say to president trump rescind that ban. >> we have fresh reaction from the president this morning as he went on twitter to blast his democratic opponents who also attendd that late-night protest. quote, nancy pelosi and fake tears chuck schumer held a rally at the steps of the supreme court and mike did not work -- just like dem party.
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at california google's headquarters mostly protested as thousands more marched in cities from london to new york, even columb columbus, ohio, where demonstrators were met with mace deployed by the police. officials say that no arrests were made and up to 3,000 protesters had gathered at the height of the demonstration blocking traffic. >> this morning, the president's immigration order is facing new challenges from a class action lawsuit just filed out of washington state. to another challenge taken up in virginia filed by cair. it could get some traction with republicans, up to 31 house gop members they're either opposed or have concerns regarding the president's action. within the president's own
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administration tensions have surely mounted. slamming the travel ban. saying quote, such a policy runs counter to core american values. promoting this threat unleashed by the white house. >> have a problem with it? i think they should get with the program or they should go. hold on, hold on. hold on. this is about the safety of america. >> that's as we hear from president obama for the very first time since he left office breaking his silence just ten days into the trump administration responding to the massive protests saying through a spokesman saying he was heartened by the level of engagement taken place if communities around the country. approximately 900 refugees will be admitted into the u.s. as part of the exception to the president's order. the 900 individuals does not include those who are nationals
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of iran, iraq, sudan, somalia, yemen, libya. a "the new york times" editorial dubbing him president ban yn. the times editorial writes we have never written a political aide move as brazenly to consolidate power as stephen bannon and nor have we seen one do quite so much damage so quickly to his putative boss's popular standing. another colossal battle is about to begin on capitol hill, this over the highest court of the land. the president expected to name his pick in a primetime speech. what more can you tell us about tonight's more big announcement. >> a very big announcement. now the supreme court justice
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could tip the scales on the bench for some very big issues like abortion and president donald trump's immigration plan, the president has three names on his short list. william brey, neil gorsuch. all three very conservative judges. democrats some are planning a filibuster to this in retaliation against republicans for refusing to bring president obama's supreme court nominee to the floor to the senate for a vote last year. senator chuck schumer said he will fight tooth and nail on a conservative judge. >> thank you. while senators prep for that supreme court appointment battle they'll be reviewing the president's picks for cabinet positions. this morning the judiciary committee will vote on jeff sessions nomination to be attorney general. rick perry's nomination for
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energy secretary. as well as ryan zincke to head up the interior department. they'll vote on tom price's nomination for health and human secretary. right now, 11 days after inauguration just four cabinets have been sworn into office. former president george h.w. bush was released from a houston hospital yesterday afternoon concluding a 15 battle with pneumonia. later underwent a procedure to remove a blockage in his lung. the former president is quote, thankful for the many prayers and kind messages he received during his stay as well as the world class care his doctors and nurses provided. unconfirmed reports that bush has been asked to do the honorary coin toss at the super bowl. just ahead -- jimmy fallon
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is back as donald trump and this you got to see. first, let's check in nbc meteorologist bill karins. >> heading for the west coast, a slow mover, you can see how huge it is. some of the moisture trying to stream up toward the pacific northwest. some winter weather and winter storm warnings in montana and wyoming. eventually some of this moisture will move into california with some rain. that doesn't look to happen until late wednesday. we'll see some clouds beginning to move in on wednesday and some showers in san francisco. not until the evening we start to see the problems. thursday, total rainfall with the storm system through saturday. as much as 3 to 4 inches in the mountains.
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did you see these pictures yesterday? dangerous mud slide has at least homes evacuated in the hollywood hills. the cliff in the back of one home completely collapsed. sending mounds of debris on to other homes. rescuers rescued the family trapped inside. >> bill, thank you very much. just ahead -- the man claiming 3 million illegal votes were cast in the 2016 election is actually registered in three states. and new details surrounding the quebec mosque attack. "early today" is back in two minutes. from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years. until i learned more about once-daily xarelto®...
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really big spin. sure repeeling obama karr isn't great at least it didn't land on nuke the moon just to see what happens. look at how close it came. it's on the president's right. when you just need that one extra click. i love the price is right. make them pay for it. >> you have a chance to pause the video and read the other options. the man behind the unsub substantiated claims of voter fraud. is actually registered in three states. trump cited gregg phillips as the source for these numbers. the associated press later found that phillips was registered in three states, alabama, mississippi and texas. this bols sters his argument
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that elections are broken. new details this morning on that mosque shooting in quebec city, the suspect is identified as 27-year-old college student alexandre bissonette. he appeared in court monday charged with six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. he didn't enter a plea. police say a second man detained after the deadly attack has been cleared as the witness. some changes for the boy scouts of america. effective immediately the youth organization will begin to accept transgender people into its organization. a spokeswoman for the group explained they abandoned their practice of determining their eligibility because state laws vary widely on gender.
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ok, it says you apply the blue okone to me.y this. here? no. ah ok, here? maybe you should read the directions. have a little fun together, or a lot. k-y yours and mine. two sensations that work together, so you can play together. k-y yours and mine. who remember that music. the father of pacman has died at the age of 91. video game pioneer nakamura
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founded the company that released the arcade sensation in 1980. 40 years after the righteous death. >> it's just -- it's closure. you know, i speak for the family and all of us it's just -- it's just nice to close the book on this. >> bob cat is on the loose in nation's capital after escaping from the national zoo. was last seen in her enclosure monday morning. officials say bob cats aren't aggressive toward humans. investors are reacting to trump's latest firing and his order on immigration as the battle between uber and lyft
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also gets political. >> hi, there. good morning to you. wall street could start the day in the red after stocks posted their worst day of the year on monday. after the jitters the president's immigration ban could have. focus may turn to more earnings from the likes of pfizer and the start of the two-day fed's meeting. consumers outraged at uber's initial response to president trump's travel ban have been deleting their app. reports say lyft is beating its bigger rival now in downloads from the apple app store for the first time ever. starbucks has unveiled a voice ordering for the iphone. fully rolled out this summer. the feature part of the starbucks app doesn't use siri but it's on dij that barista.
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a warning about a new robo call scam popping up akroosz the country. here's how it works. your phone ring. when you pick up you're asked a question from the person behind. but instead of replying authorities say you should hang up immediately. >> robocalls are off the hooks these days. some 30 billion last year. now there's a new scam. gail worth was busy packing for a move when her phone rang. >> can you hear me clearly? i just hung up. >> reporter: police now warning criminals are calling people at random to record them. >> they're extremely annoying. i'm on the national do not call register. >> reporter: they imitate professional sales representatives. take a listen. >> hi, this is josh from the
4:24 am
customer service department. can you hear me okay? >> reporter: your yes is secretly recorded. on social media victims are speaking out. saying just found an unauthorized charge on my card. they got me. they're super slick. to protect yours, they recommend never give out your personal information. if you receive a phone call just hang up. >> this will continue to open up new ways for fraud . ststers. >> reporter: a warning for all americans to weary of who's on the other end of the line. >> a really tough, because sometimes when you see a phone number that you don't recognize, nope, i'm not going to answer it. >> they're becoming more and more clever with these scams. new details on two americans killed in an yemen aid.
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welcome back. we're going to watch that storm moving into the mountains in the days ahead. some winter storm watches that are up. . wednesday through friday. as much as 2 to 4 feet in some of the high mountain passes. they're just adding to an amazing snow pack already. we're still watching some snow this morning in areas of michigan and look at how warm the southern half of the country from los angeles, to dallas, everybody's enjoying temperatures in the 70s. that continues for much of tomorrow. the snow in the boise area and late-day showers around san francisco. more beneficial snows coming to the mountains of the west.
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>> good to go skiing, then. thanks for that, bill. the president's pick to lead the department of justice senator jeff sessions finally getting his confirmation vote but the latest headlines over trump's firing of the acting attorney general could throw a wrench into all things as the democr democrats plan to fight on each of the nominees. a blockbuster announcement from the president could drown out the latest controversies. as he names his pick to replace antonin scalia on the supreme court. two americans killed in yemen and the first al qaeda raid carried out president trump. one was a navy s.e.a.l. s.e.a.l. william ryan owens and another one, 8-year-old girl. 14 al qaeda members were also kidd in the surprise attack.
4:28 am
two others were navy s.e.a.l.s. all right a change is coming to the westminster kennel club. almost time for the annual dog show this year. three new breeds will compete for best in show. there's an arabian greyhound, and old hungarian breed. spectacular show in new york. it gets competitive. >> it's a hard core sport. you see it. almost as entertaining the show itself is watching the handlers outside of madison square garden. >> lot of resources put into those dogs. >> thank you for watching early today. >> be sure to follow us on
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facebook, twitter and instagram. all of us on early today.
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waiting for the president's "scotus pick"--- tonig we'rexpeo of candidates considered 'prime waiting for the president's scotus pick. tonight we're expected to hear which of the three candidates will be dom nominated to the supreme court. this is a new concept. a sanctuary state. a live look at san francisco now. california could become the first such place in the country as hearings begin in sacramento to shield eupl tpwrapbts in every city and town within our borders. a setback for a new las vegas stadium. why sheldon is pulling out of the proposal. today in the bay starts right now.


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