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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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waiting for the president's "scotus pick"--- tonig we'rexpeo of candidates considered 'prime waiting for the president's scotus pick. tonight we're expected to hear which of the three candidates will be dom nominated to the supreme court. this is a new concept. a sanctuary state. a live look at san francisco now. california could become the first such place in the country as hearings begin in sacramento to shield eupl tpwrapbts in every city and town within our borders. a setback for a new las vegas stadium. why sheldon is pulling out of the proposal. today in the bay starts right now. a very good now tuesday
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morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. tuesday gets to be even trickier. it's harderer than that if you haven't had your coffee. >> i haven't had cup of coffee. >> let's see, let's see. >> i think i'm going to do okay i am tracking sunshine. >> there you go. >> so i have good news. sam isn't fond of tuesdays. >> i didn't say that. >> will we see a chance of rain again in the fork. yes, we are tracking rain by the middle of the week. by middle of the week, you mean tomorrow. south bay, 41. peninsula, 48 not as chilly as the 30s we have seen the past couple of days. tri-valley 35. we're starting to see a hazy look in san francisco. we have seen that the past couple of of takes. 47 degrees.
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we will warm into the 60s again. i will talk about the rain chances and how hot it will get today in a few minutes. phaoeu mike, how is it looking out there? >> pretty good except this hazy look at my face. up through the city and the north bay. tri-valley, a little blip on north 680 off 84. no road crews causing any major problems. we will let you know if anything is extended. a nice, easy drive out of the altamonte past. bart looks great. so do the rest of the rails from the city to the south bay. back to you. mike, thank you very much. it's been a whirlwind first few days, first 12 days to be precise. we are now in day 12 of trump's presidency. some breaking news. president trump has just announced he's going to leave intact a 2014 executive order protecting federal workers from
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lbgtq discrimination. >> and tonight he will tell us who he he picked for a supreme court nominee. he would fill the seat of justice antonin scalia. a vote on the nominated attorney general jeff sessions. and of course that comes one day after president trump let go the acting attorney general last night. also, the senate energy and natural resources committee will vote on nominee rick perry. and councilmakers are expected to take steps to a unified saof sanctuary border to border. >> reporter: we are here at pier
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14 where the killing of kate stop sign took place by an undocumented immigrant. state lawmakers are pushing for this. it will be presented later this morning. that would essentially add protections to all the cities throughout the state. it is sb 54. it would prohibit law especially forcement were from corroborating with someone's status. l.a., sacramento and here in san francisco. that's not necessarily the case for other cities throughout all of california. the hearing comes a week after president trump signed an executive order to strip away federal funding from sanctuary cities. we saw many push back on this saying they will protect their city sanctuary status.
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the bill will be presented at the state capitol later this morning. pete suratos, today in the bay. >> of course for everything politics in the first 100 days of the enough trump administration, head to it is no doubt a possible setback to the raiders move to las vegas. sheldon addison pulling out of the deal to build a stadium for the raiders in las vegas at the last minute. he was slated to contribute $650 million to that deal. last night he released a statement saying his family will no longer be involved. owner mark davis says investment bank goldman sachs will take his place on that proposed project. the raiders will invest more than $1 billion in the project and accept operating responsibilities for the stadium. nfl voters will vote on that matter most likely in march. >> 4:35. a rash of license plate theft is
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plaguing a community. the thefts are happening mainly in broadmoor area. they have received 25 complaints of thefts, which usually hoop at night. >> we could have a criminal network with the intent to put them on their car or on the cars that they're using to commit crimes. police say they are hoping a home owner will come forward with surveillance video. detectives say they don't understand why anyone would want to steal so many plates. all right. a quicker countdown for a san francisco institution. it temperatures out the current lefty o'doul's is facing its final few outs earlier than planned. we first learned they would close february 3rd. now that date has been pushed up with a final good-bye party tomorrow night. it will run straight until the 2:00 a.m. closing time.
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as for lefty's future, that remains in limbo. operators plan to move it a short distance away. the dispute could end up gettin. major storms later this week. >> you'll definitely want to head outdoors. expect to see slightly warmer temperatures. we'll talk about how high plus a look ahead at the rain heading for the bay area in a few minutes. >> the bay bridge is great at the toll plaza. no backup, no problem. a crash closing the roadway a little farther east. this is a big one. we'll talk about that coming up. plus, a personal connection for the san francisco giants in the death of a navy s.e.a.l. the reason the team is honoring the man killed in an al qaeda raid abroad.
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good morning. right now we are seeing 30s and 40s as you wake up. tri-valley, 35. for san francisco, 47 degrees. we will be warming up again. we're tracking not one but two storms heading for the bay area. and travel times as well. 680, smooth drive. six minutes through pleasanton.
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farther north, an issue for walnut creek. we now know the name of the navy s.e.a.l. killed over the weekend. chief special welfare operator william ryan owens. now we are learning the san francisco are among those mourning his death. buster posey posted about him last night i had the honor of meeting him and his son. i can't imagine the pain they must be going through. please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers. he is a hero who is gone too soon. >> certainly gratitude on behalf of all of us. santa clara supervisors holding a special committee hearing
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focusing on a purr received surge of hate crimes. it is tied to divisiveness and the presidential election. coming up, alexa, pour me cup of coffee.
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okay. let's see if vianey has had a cup of coffee. >> not a chance. you are definitely going to want o one last iced coffee. no more 60s, at least not the couple of days anyway. south bay, 41 degrees. peninsula, 48. tri-valley as always waking up to those chilly 30s and partly cloudy skies. san francisco, 47 degrees. north bay, 34 degrees. and for the east bay, a nice 43 degrees. but let's go ahead and plan the next couple of hours. we will be warming up yet again over the next 7:00, 8:00, upper 40s by 10:00, 11:00, 50s in the forecast. san francisco yet again is expected to hit a high of 60 degrees. we have seen that trending the past couple of days. san jose in the 40s.
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41 degrees. we should warm up to 47 by 10:00, 11:00 a.m. mid to upper 50s. san jose is trending in the mid-60s as well. let's talk about the rain chances. today will be the last day to enjoy the majority of the 60s in the bay area and the dry, sunny conditions. because as early as wednesday evening, by about 4:00 -- anywhere between 4:00 and 6:00, you are expected to see a number of showers starting to move in through the bay area. so basic lu it will move from the north bay through san francisco. but becoming more widespread by thursday. thursday morning at 4:00 a.m., you are looking at the worst article morning commute. thursday morning between 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00, widespread showers, periods of moderate to heavy downpours. you're going to definitely want to take extra time.
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so that combination isn't going to want to make for a good drive. thursday at 1:00, the majority of the line of showers starts to move off east, still affecting napa, oakland, fremont, and of course the santa cruz mountains. showers through thursday. the majority of the rain will stick to the north bay. friday, as well fast forward, we expect spotty showers to stay in the forecast also through early saturday morning. clearing out for a break on saturday night. sunday morning, clearing out. sunday night, a second storm moves in. but here's the seven-day rain estimates. we could see an inch to three inches. valleys, half an inch to an inch. sacramento mountains, one and a half to two and a half inches of rain total. a crash in the walnut creek area, mike? >> that's right.
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this is a surface street, but a major one. looking at the bay, the speed sensors look great. we'll take you over here. ignacio valley road. a crash at oak grove. there's a shopping center before you get to the that crash. eastbound away from 680, that is the direction that is closed. three lanes. three eastbound lanes are closed. one westbound lane is closed. your alternate is treat boulevard a little north. it will will take you past the high school as well. that may get crowded if it lasts another couple hours. 60, 242 through concord. same thing on the bay bridge approach. westly sparsely populated.
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>> it's still early. thank you, mike. several tech companies are coming together to discuss a legal brief challenging president trump's immigration order. >> for that we turn to landon dowdy from cnbc's world headquarters. landon, good morning. >> reporter: sam and laura, good morning to you both. wall street could start off in the red after stocks posted their worst day of the year after jitters of president trump's immigration order could have on companies. asia mostly lower. europe shaking off concerns this morning. focus may turn today towards earnings with pfizer, u.p.s. and apple. 19,971 on monday. nasdaq down 47 to 5613. a group of tech companies will meet in support of a lawsuit
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challenging president trump's immigration order. airbnb, sales force and pinterest those being invited. they say the order negatively affected their business. and a twitter will announce measures this week to crackdown on harassment. the company has been criticized for not doing enough to protect users from online abuse. there aren't many specifics just yet. it could produce mute or blocking people from reported abuse. no place for bullying anywher >> customers outrage uber's response to president trump. they were boycotting jfk on
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saturday, uber continued to send drivers to pick people up. some claim they were trying to undercut and take advantage of the situation. starbucks unveils two new ways to order your favorite groups. the first feature works with the popular alexa. for a select group of users, customers can order via voice command. it was only available to a select group of beta testers but is expected to go national over the summer. >> what is your drink? >> i like caramel frappuccino. more sugar than anyone needs in a lifetime. speaking of coffee, less sugary coffee, robots are sevening your morning cup of joe at a cafe in san francisco.
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>> this is cafe x. it opened yesterday with robots backed by tech specialists and engineers. the founder says he got the idea after spending a lot of time waiting in lines at caves. speaking of robots, robocalls are taking a sophisticated new turn to call you. how a simple yes or no question could drain your bank account. a 3.4 magnitude quake struck ne holster last night. we are tracking all the shaking with our quake map. >> plus, there are more protests planned in san francisco and oakland today with many people infuriated over president trump's new immigration policies. we have a crew covering the entire events. we're back in just two minutes. ♪
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gate bridge welcome back. and welcome to tuesday morning. a live look outside this morning. not a lot of traffic. traffic troubles in the east bay. 4:55. all right. the boy scouts of america is now changing its policies to allow transgender children to join. a spokesperson said it made that based on on states and communities defining gender. a child in new jersey was asked to leave his scout troop after parents and leaders found out he's transgender. calthe ex it is gaining steam but getting it passed will not be easy.
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experts say it's not that easy. >> if you argue that california should be separate from the rest of the country because california has unique culture that doesn't abide by the current politics in the rest of the country, then what's the next step? surely there are pockets within california that feel out of sync. >> supporters need to collect half a million signatures to place the measure on the 2018 ballot. >> it is the seemingly innocuous question that scammers want you to answer. >> hi. this is josh from the customer service department. can you hear me okay? >> calls like that are part of a new robocall scam. if you say yes to a fake salesperson saying can you hear
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me okay your voice is recorded. they will use your voice to commit fraud and messages. you should hang up immediately. >> and it happens so quickly. 4:56. the weather. the sunshine is here. now it is quickly going to be gone. >> today will be your last day the to enjoy it to the fullest. 42 degrees in oakland. i'll talk about the rain that's headed towards the bay area in just a few minutes. looking over here. look at that. the traffic flows well. there's something else in this shot. i'll make sure you know about it coming up. plus, president trump coming out and making a strong sound about lbgtq rights. what he is saying that will affect hundreds of thousands of workers. slated for tonight...
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who president trump ireportedly be the new supreme court justice.. and breaking news just in on trump's stance on l-g-b-t-q protections. =sam/vo= a mondaymental stance. lbgtq objections. fired after she refuses his ban. a prosecutor points to him and calls him a killer.
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lawyers have their turn to have their opening statements. you're watching today in the bay. all right good morning on this tuesday. i'm sack brock. >> let's get straight to the forecast. it will be one we need to enjoy. >> today will be the last day the of what we have been doing the last couple of days. i haven't been outside. have you been outside? >> it's lovely. south bay, 40 degrees. peninsula, 48. tri-valley waking up to chilly 35 degrees. north bay also in the 30s at 34 degrees. san francisco, mid to upper 40s. we will be warming up. here's a quick check of what you can expect for today. by 10:00


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