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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  January 31, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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good morning. we are following breaking news this morning for the nbc bay area news at 11:00. it involves an escaped inmate in hayward. the latest information we have as of the last 30 minutes or so is that there is an escaped inmate who is under the control of kentucky law enforcement that has escaped somewhere near 880. we have been looking at our helicopter shots showing sheriff's deputies, alameda county deputies, blocking off roadways on a street and south garden. >> she has seen some back up because of this search. she's talking with alameda county sheriff's deputies. we don't know yet what this inmate was wanted for, was being held for, but we are going to continue to follow her. she is going to tweet out updates. as soon as we have more information, we'll bring it to
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you during this midday newscast. >> i should add quickly, kris, it wasn't sure if the inmalt was going to the alameda county jail or going to kentucky. okay. >> i'm kris sanchez, sam brock here. meantime our other top story, local reaction to one of the president's new policies. san francisco's city attorney says that the local government will not be bullied by a newly minted president looking to crack down on illegal immigration. >> president trump's executive order tried to turn city and state employees into federal immigration officers. that is unconstitutional. >> that new lawsuit freshly unveiled this morning pits the city of san francisco against the trump administration. pete suratos is live. we heard a little bit of that. they say taking money away from san francisco based on the sanctuary status is a constitutional violation. what else did you hear? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, kris.
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a very foergsful defense by city attorney dennis herera as well as mayor ed lee calling that executive order unconstitutional. that would strip federal funds from san francisco because of the sanctuary city status and i want to show you guys some video from that news conference. you can see the city attorney and mayor flanked by lawyers on each side and they announced this federal lawsuit is calling on the courts to bring that executive order by president trump to a halt. now, they feel this is an example of over reach by the president saying the federal government can't force state and local governments to carry out its immigration policy. the lawsuit also requests a finding that san francisco complies with the federal law. in the hopes of preventing the federal government from cutting off the federal funds to the city which amount to more than a billion dollars. now, here's the city attorney and mayor ed lee explaining the type of message this lawsuit they hope it sends to the trump administration. >> as i said last week, we are ready to fight to keep our city safe. today is a prime example. the president's misguided
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executive directives, executive orders make our residents less safe and as a city we will fight back. and today we fight back. >> obey the rule of law. abide by the constitution. we're a nation of laws, not of men. there are processes and there are legal strictures that give a level of predictable that we all have to live by. you can't -- you're not emperor who rules by fiat. we all have to abide by the rule of law. >> now, the shooting in 2015 by an undocumented immigrant puts san francisco in the spotlight when it comes to its sanctuary city status. it is clear the city is willing to protect that status at all costs. san francisco would be the first sanctuary city to file lawsuit against the trump administration when it comes to this specific executive order.
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city officials have been in contact with other sanctuary cities, but no word if those cities will follow suit. we're live in san francisco. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> all right, thank you very much, pete. state lawmakers are proposing new legislation to make california a sanctuary state. if that bill passes, california would have three months to put together a full policy. >> well, we're tracking the first 100 days. how about the first 12 days? some dealings this morning for president donald trump. we are hearing directly from the aclu after word came down that president trump is keeping in place an executive order that protects the rights of the lgbtq community in the workplace. trump is leaving intact a 2014 obama administration order that created workplace protections for lgbt community. in part, quote, lgbt have come under attack by this
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administration. if he is serious about being an ally to the lgbt community, it starts with abandoning fear and prejudice, close quote. several of trump's cabinet nominees are a step close tore official senate confirmation. you see there the committee has cleared former texas governor rick perry for energy secretary. montana congressman zinke as interior secretary. betsy devos also cleared her committee. the senate judiciary is holding a hearing right now for attorney general nominee jeff sessions. this is senate democrats boycotted the hearings of tom price and steve mnuchin. we got all that down. also happening right now, bay area opponents, trump opponents, holding a march in san francisco. they plan on walking from senator diane feinstein's office to senator kamala harris' office. they are calling on democratic lawmakers to resist approving trump cabinet appointments and to fight republican crafted legislation in the
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gop-controlled congress. this is just for starters today. for everything politics in the first 100 days of the new trump administration, you can go to for more. >> the oakland raiders plan to leave the coliseum for sin city has hit a road bump. looking live at where the silver and black have been calling home for years now, the questions are really swirling about who will pay for this new stadium in las vegas. that's really enticing the raiders to leave home. las vegas billionaire pulled out of the project and today we're learning the underwriter goldman sachs might be pulling out, too. nbc bay area's bob redell is in oakland with more. >> reporter: if the raiders want to say good-bye to the coliseum and the city of oakland, the team will have to come up with an additional $650 million, this on top of the half billion dollar the team has already committed to its las vegas stadium proposed project. this after sheldon adelson abruptly pulled out his su financial support for the project. a billionaire can casino owner
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is angry that the owner and authority excluded him from talks how it would be structured. not entirely clear why he was shut out. in a statement the raiders praised him for helping the project advance this far. davis told the nfl that he will turn to investment bank goldman sachs for that $650 million. but that is now in doubt. a source familiar with the stadium deal tells me that goldman sachs right now is not committed to any deal except for one that includes adelson, which means the entire deal could be in jeopardy. add to that 24 of the 32 nfl team owners still must vote and approve such a move to vegas during their meeting in march. ronnie lot, foermer raider himself has been trying to put together a stadium deal to keep the raiders at the oakland coliseum property. he tweeted out he and fellow investors will keep working to make that deal happen. here in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news.
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>> all right. the raiders, bob, thank you very much. hoping someone will make it rain for them to be able to get that deal completed. in the meantime we are preparing for the return of actual rain this week. tomorrow the wet stuff makes a come back to the bay area. >> let's take a live look from our camera in san francisco right now where it is still a beautiful day and we'll turn to you. how much longer? >> you have until tonight. you have a few hours to get out there and enjoy your day. the south bay finally warming up in the 50s at 56 degrees. tri-valley at 50 degrees, and san francisco still looking a little hayesy, 49 degrees, the north bay also in the 40s. and the east bay 50s. but today we will be warming up into those 60s yet again, expect a high of 66 in san jose. san francisco 60. and looking ahead, we are tracking that low pressure system that is expected to make its arrival as early as tomorrow afternoon. here it is just offshore. we will talk about that and how much rainfall we're expecting coming up in just a few minutes,
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guys. >> thank you very much. let's get you caught up on the latest in the sierra lamar murder case. the man being tried for her murder, it continues today. the attorney for garcia torres, the man accused of killing sierra lamar is going to layout the version, their version of what happened. the trial began yesterday with the prosecution side and opening statements. lamar of course went missing almost five years ago when she was 15 years old. her body to this day has not been found. the prosecutor told jurors lamar is dead and pointed to torres and said, this man killed her. >> now to a developing story. we are learning new information about the suspect in that deadly mosque shooting in quebec city. this is the university student alexandre bissonnette. he was charged with six counts of first degree murder and five counts of attempted murder for that shooting rampage on sunday. some 50 worshippers were in that mosque at the time of the attack. police say bissonnette is known
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for having far-right nationalist views. investigators, though, have not yet provided a motive. >> the red wood city police department today is paying its respects to a fellow officer who died from natural causes while on the job. this is new video of the pro session in red wood city. officer silva getting full honors there. officer silva died on january 20th. he was 57 years old. police say the officers found him inside a police facility, unconscious and not breathing. he served 18 years on the red wood city police department's force. today service is taking place inside the fox theater in red wood city. >> up next at 11:00, the push for california to leave the union is gaining momentum. the next step for cal exit. >> plus the surprising find when this plane landed and was inspected. what an airline mechanic found inside the plane's nose. >> plus ordering coffee with just your phone and the sound of your voice. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. an urgent search for an escaped
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inmate last seen near we want to update you on that breaking news in hayward right now. you see law enforcement out on the street in an urgent search for an escaped inmate on 880 in hayward. at the time of the escape the inmate was in the custody of law enforcement from kentucky. it is not clear whether or not that person was being extradited, but it appears that that person was being extradited to kentucky. we are monitoring this one. jodie hernandez is caught in some of the traffic back up. she says this is definitely impacting traffic and you can see that the roadway there is closed somewhere in the area of a street and garden street. we're going to keep you informed on this one. >> well, good news is that there were puppies everywhere at the nasdaq this morning. the bad news the markets are down again the second straight day. the nasdaq has dipped so far 29
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points in early trading. the s&p down 11 1/2. the dow jones dropped 180 points. >> the bull, bear and now the dog market. two bay area companies are laying off workers, an unusual announcement on what has been a very good economy otherwise. scott mcgrew? >> just moments ago, the white house said the new ban on select immigrants is neither a ban nor is it extreme. >> scott mcgrew continues his look at president trump's first 100 days. >> good morning. it is day 11 and we saw all kind of unrest as you know at airports all over the country. i know a lot of our viewers -- >> all right. that was not the right clip. we will try to get that for you by the end of the day. meantime twitter will announce measures this week to crack down on harassment. the company has been criticized for not protecting some users from online abuse. there are not specifics on this, but the measure could include fixes to news and block people, also to stop repeat offenders
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from creating new accounts. >> all right. uber has been feeling the heat on twitter and elsewhere here, kris, for the first time ever more people downloaded the lyft app than the uber app. that comes from tech crunch. customers outraged at uber's response to president trump's travel ban, #delete uber. that circulated over the weekend. while new york taxi drivers were boycotting jfk airport saturday, uber continued to send drivers to pick people up. they eliminated surge pricing as well. some say uber was trying to undercut the taxi driver's strike and take advantage of the situation. >> new at 11:00, an airline mechanic made a disturbing find in the an american airlines plane. this is it, this is 31 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $434,000. authorities say that on sunday the plane flew from colombia to florida and then on to oklahoma and that's where a mechanic saw what looked like a clump of
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insulation or brick-like object and called the sheriff's office. a rash of license plates plaguing an east bay community, they want help in finding the thieves who are taking plates from parked cars. those thefts are happening mainly in the broad more neighborhood. since january 20 23i1st, many o these are happening at night. >> we could have a real criminal out there stealing these license plates with the intent to put the stolen license plates on their car or on the cars that they're using to commit crimes. >> police say they are hoping that a homeowner will come forward with surveillance video at this point. detectives say they don't understand why anyone would want to steal so many place. >> kris, cal exit gaining steam again if it sounds familiar. getting it passed is not going to be easy. a proposal for california is he session, backed by a group known as yes california was approved by california secretary of state. that means the proponents can
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start collecting signatures in support. but experts say it's not that easy. >> if you argue that california should be separate from the rest of the country because california has a unique culture that doesn't abide by the current politics in the rest of the country, what is the next step? surely there are pockets within california that feel out of sync. >> supporters still need to collect over half a million signatures in order to place the measure on the ballot in 2018. even if voters do say yes, the rest of the state would then have to approve the is he session. >> teetering on the edge no more, demolition crews tore down that apartment building dangling on a cliff in pacifica. looks very different today. the city red tagged the building at 310 esplanade last year and since then officials have been waiting for the property owner to take it douchlt property owner didn't do anything so after the recent storms the city felt it had to act.
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>> i can't believe how much they d. i had to take my daughter to school and we came right here and they were almost done. so, they did it very quickly. >> the city will take legal steps to seek reimbursement for that $300,000 demolition project. it is also in the process of applying for state and federal dollars to sure up the cliff side below. >> and this came just in time as we know that we've had dry clear conditions the last couple of days. but it's going to get wet again by tomorrow night. >> it is. you have a few more hours to enjoy the dry condition. make sure you make your way outdoors. look at this shot in san francisco, 51 degrees. we're still on the cooler side in terms of those temps. point arena looking a little bit cloudy i. we're seeing a little of that misty hazy look. we've been seeing it all morning and it is only going to get darker as we begin to see those clouds roll in thanks to that low pressure system that is expected to make its arrival
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early tomorrow. san francisco right now at a nice 51 degrees and expect to warm up into those 60s. now, here's a quick look at your day planner. by about 2:00 we should be at 58 degrees along the bay. inland 65. by 5:00 that's when you're going to start noticing that cloud cover. that's because we are expecting to see some overnight fog as well. so, if you do have a late night drive, please make sure you leave a little bit earlier and be careful out on the roads. 49 degrees by 9:00. you will see overcast skies, inland 54 degrees. let's talk about the next 24 hours. here it is. that's that system that's sitting offshore that will be making its arrival. as of right now, the hour by hour outlook shows it arriving as early as wednesday afternoon. so, by about 10:00, we should see sporadic here and there showers. fast forward, though, through wednesday night into early thursday morning and right now the models are showing the heavy est est downpours to come in.
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between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m., what will pickup is the strong dpus at this winds, anything from 15 to 35 plus miles an hour. that is not going to be a great commute. fast forward to thursday, we are going to get periods of on and off again rain through friday morning as well. fast start through saturday, we could see spotty showers. saturday night we get a little bit of a break, and then we fast forward through sunday and by sunday night a second storm system arrives. now, here is a quick check of the next seven days in terms of rain totals the north bay could see anywhere between one to 3 inches of rain. the valley anywhere from a half to an inch of rain. for the santa cruz mountains an inch to 2 1/2 inches of rain. with this system we're expecting to see snow in the mountains. anywhere between 2 to 4 feet to areas above 6,000 feet. so, we are going to see some fresh powder out there. not going to be the best travel conditions so you may want to hold off on driving up there. here's the next seven days. windy conditions will remain in the forecast through friday. as of now the national weather service is expected to issue a
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high wind advisory that will take effect as of 3:00 a.m. on thursday. now, by saturday those spotty showers in the forecast, another storm arrives by sunday night bringing rain chances through early monday morning and inland areas also expect to see a slight drop in those temps into those 50s. so, we will continue to enjoy dry day before that rain arrives tomorrow. get your umbrella ready, guys. >> will do. thank you. >> coming up next can't wait to see what this looks like when it's done. you're ready to blast off. a look at the nearly completed new apple campus that is nicknamed space ship. >> but first happening right now, lawyers in the sierra lamar murder case, the case of the man a qu accused of killing her, today is day two of the long awaited trial. marianne favro is in the courtroom and will tweet updates. we are hearing from an iranian couple detained for hours. you can read their story and the reaction to the protesters that greeted them when they were finally released.
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that's at we're back in two minutes. computer.. but its new
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apple is getting a lot of new buzz not for iphone or computer, but the space ship campus here in couper tin owe actually known as apple campus 2. >> ac 2. the company said employees will be moving into the new office sometime this year, and now new footage taken from drone giving
11:25 am
us a stunning new view of the tech giant's futuristic house. here is nbc's joe with more. >> reporter: from high above it looks like a giant space ship that has come to rest in the heart of silicon valley. but no need to worry, this is an earthly creation the soon to be home for thousands of apple employees. >> some people would say that it's over board, but i think it's fitting for apple to do something like this because they consider themselves trend setters and innovators within the tech industry. >> reporter: matthew roberts took the video with a his drone. he has been documenting the construction of the campus for nearly a year posting new footage each month. his latest video shows the main office building, massive circle coated with solar panels. roberts says a majority of the roof now appears to be covered. progress is apparent across the campus with the buildings largely built, crews are focus ug on cosmetic features, new walkways and lighting poles and rows and rows of trees.
11:26 am
it is designed to feel less like an office and more like a park, the wish of a founder steve jobs. he personally visited the city council to pitch the campus in 2011 shortly before his death. >> and it's clear that we need to build a new campus. so, we're just out of space. >> reporter: in all apple campus 2 will house at least 12,000 employees with 2.8 million square feet of office space. the land spans 176 acres, enough territory to house about 133 football fields. a workplace unlike any other, quickly taking shape, and from above that shape looks just like a ufo. >> that was joe reporting. new at san jose international airport, thing are getting busy. passenger traffic increased 10% last year with more than 10 million people coming through. that's up more than a million from the year before, and that marks four years of growth.
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and still pleasant. >> it is. coming up next we're following breaking news, the search for an escaped inmate in hayward. we'll have more on this information just in. plus. >> it is incomprehensible to us how something like this could happen to a soul as kind and giving as my father's. >> investigators say it was a callous and cold blooded murder. the clues that led them to this man, a former handyman, now accused of killing that well known south bay realtor.
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over 1,000,000 californians have gotten something that's been out of reach for far too long: health insurance.
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how? they enrolled through covered california. it's the health insurance marketplace where you'll find a range of plans from leading health insurance companies that offer you the best combination of quality, rates, and benefits. and, through covered california, you may get financial help to pay for coverage. to get covered, you've got to get going. open enrollment ends january 31st. visit today. we take you back to that breaking news. we now know who it is that alameda county sheriff's deputies are looking for along with kentucky law enforcement. this is a fugitive out of kentucky, 27-year-old man named
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sean ngu. >> he was last seen near interstate 880 in hayward. we are getting new information about what he was wanted for, fraud and id theft. we are told he actually escaped from the back of a kentucky police officer's car at about 9:45. now, this chopper shot comes earlier. this is about an hour or so old. it's near a and garden streets. as you saw right by the highway, right by 880. at the time of the escape, the inmate was in the custody as we said of law enforcement from kentucky. it's not clear if he was coming to a local jail or going to kentucky. our jodie hernandez is at the scene. she'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> south bay missing persons case is under investigation. former handyman is accused of killing a popular cupertino realtor. >> nbc bay area's robert honda has what led to his capture. robert? >> reporter: well, tonight the suspect sits in the santa clara
11:31 am
county main jail being held without bail after investigators say they followed a grizzly trail that led to his arrest and his appearance today before a judge. 38-year-old christopher all board of directo brecht faced a murder charge for killing his former employer, a prominent couper tin owe real estate investor and former school board member called tommy by friends. santa clara county sheriff announced the arrest this morning. >> today is a difficult one. this is a callous and cold hearted murder. >> reporter: investigators said he had been a handyman for two years when on january 18th he abducted him and strangled him. his escape trail included an, atm picture in morgan hill where he tried to cash a forged $10,000 check from his account. then he was seen at a home depot buying a shovel. he was eventually arrested in tulare county by police for bran dishing a knife and shortly afterwards the body was found in
11:32 am
a shallow grave near the suspect's abandoned van. >> it is incomprehensible to us how something like this could happen to a soul as kind and giving as my father's. >> reporter: prosecutor expressed confidence in her case. >> he lost his life at the hands of another and that other person was christopher childs albrecht. >> we were shocked and saddened that my father's life story has come to such a tragic end. >> reporter: in san jose, robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> that was robert honda reporting for us from last night. 11:32, authorities are revealing more details of the suspected bank robber who led them through a manhunt in the santa cruz mountains. they release this had mug shot of 21-year-old cruz vargas of san jose. he is accused of robbing a scotts valley bank of america last thursday. that prompted a police chase then a manhunt which shut down highway 17 that day. friday, the next day, our
11:33 am
chopper captured his arrest on live tv. two other people were arrested at the time. one of the other men was released. the third was booked on an unrelated warrant. he faces robbery and car jacking charges. >> santa clara county supervisors will hold a special committee hearing focused on a perceived crime in hate crimes. some say it is tied to last year's divisive election. it starts at 6:30 this evening. >> the goal, kris, is reforming the state's bail system during a public hearing by insurance commissioner dave jones. bail reform groups, law enforcement agency are expected to attend that meeting. it is in sacramento today. advocates are calling for reform as they say they are concerned about the inability of poor people to pay bail under the current system. in the meantime, while we talk about issues related to law enforcement, renovating san francisco's county jail number 2, that idea is back on the
11:34 am
table. the sheriff's office is hoping to apply for a $70 million grant from the state. the application does need approval from the board of supervisors which rejected a previous proposal to renovate the aging gayle. opponents say the focus should be on reducing inmate population instead. >> happening today you have until midnight to sign up for health insurance through the affordable care act. market places on its first day in office, trump signed an executive order aimed at repealing the health care law. some people are worried they will be left without coverage if obamacare is indeed repealed. but if that happens, experts say there would be a transition period. >> everyone is in agreement, people who signed up for health insurance in 2017 will have a contract in place. they will be able to keep and use their insurance for 2017. >> there may be some confusion with people assuming that the aca has already gone away, but it has not. so far about 11.5 million people nationwide have signed up for coverage for 2017.
11:35 am
for more information or to get signed up, log onto health >> all right. in the first 100 days among the many other issues buzzing around washington, d.c. today, president trump is set to announce his pick for the vacant supreme court seat tonight and a primetime address. president trump also taking action overnight dealing with backlash to his controversial travel ban by firing the acting attorney general. >> now, the new acting attorney general now directing the justice department to defend the president's executive order on immigration and refugees. nbc's kristen wilker following the story. >> reporter: a major shake up overnight, president trump firing acting attorney general sally yates after the obama appointee refused to defend his travel ban and questioned its legality trump blasted yates saying she betreyed them. a temporary place holder until mr. trump's pick for attorney
11:36 am
general jeff sessions is confirmed expected in a matter of days. the ouster of yates jrdrew shar reaction. >> of course we had a monday night massacre. >> reporter: meanwhile protesters erupted in major cities again overnight. police in columbus, ohio using pepper spray to disperse a crowd. with many calling the president's immigration action a muslim ban by another name, something the trump administration has vehemently denied. democratic lawmakers staged a protest on the steps of the supreme court. >> it is reckless and rash. >> reporter: and on the senate floor. >> we will not be divided by hate and fear. >> reporter: former president obama even weighing in for the first time, his spokesperson saying, the president fundamentally disagrees with the notion of discriminating against individuals because of their faith or religion. there was also backlash at the state department where diplomats circulated a memo slamming the
11:37 am
man, such a policy runs counter to core american values of nondiscrimination. in response, the white house unleaching this stern warning. >> these bureaucrats have a problem with it, i think they should either get with the program or they can go. >> reporter: and this morning president trump aiming to turn the page, just hours away from announcing his pick to replace the late justice antone insclee a on the supreme court. at the top of the list they say neil gorsuch for the tenth circuit appointed by former president george w. bush, he is viewed as conservative. his mother picked by president reagan as the first woman to head the environmental protection agency where she had a short and rocky tenure. another top contender, thomas hard amen, an appeals court judge on the appeals circuit also appointed by bush. the first member of his family to go to college and also has a reputation for being conservative without being too controversial. >> that was kristen welker
11:38 am
reporting. as for the travel ban, a state department spokesperson says 900 refugees who were in transit when the executive order was released, will be granted an exemption to that executive order and admitted to the u.s. this week. those refugees, though, do not include individuals who are from the seven countries which are part of that travel ban. yesterday thousands of google workers in mountain view and san francisco took to the streets. they say this is not a company protest, but an unofficial rally spearheaded by a google engineer. employees who participated said they wanted coworkers from other countries feel like they were supported. similar rallies were held at google offices in new york, in seattle and in london. >> meantime, supporters of president trump here in the bay area are among many applauding the recent series of executive orders, including the immigration one. donald trump did not win the popular vote in any of the nine bay area counties, but he has many supporters here. we spoke to a few of them last night in walnut creek who believe the trump administration is now following through on the promises he made during his
11:39 am
campaign. >> he seems very aggressive in that he's willing to like go all out and try to get everything he's done that he's promised all of his supporters. >> having been a country we try to control our borders which sometimes if it's in our country's interest, it does involve restrictions or whatever you want to call it. >> those folks say they're not only happy about what he's doing in terms of the content, but also the speed and efficiency with which he's doing it. >> we now know the name of the navy seal who was killed over the weekend. chief special warfare operator william ryan owens. and now we know the san francisco giants are among those who are mourning his death. owens was killed during a raid in yemen's albida province. it targeted senior leadership. san francisco giants posted about this on his instagram account last night. he wrote, quote, i had the honor of meeting him and his son in 2012. i can't imagine the pain that they must be going through. please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers. ryan owens was a hero that has
11:40 am
gone way too soon. owens earned numerous awards and decorations, including two bronze stars. >> nice tribute there. all right. the rain is returning to the bay area. we are getting ready. we have been tracking this now the last several days. what are you seeing? >> right now this is what we're seeing in half moon bay. gorgeous skies, a little bit of a cloud cover, but all of this is going to change and we are going to welcome rain as you  said. i'll have a closer look at the time line and how much rain exactly we're expecting coming up in just a few minutes. >> more than a thousand dollars in excess charges at a gym. i'm consumer investigator kris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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11:43 am
ch nbc bay area responds to a santa rose a man who said he had a billing issue at his health club. >> consumer investigator chris chmura says our team did some light lifting to help him out. chris? >> jay klein had a $10 a month membership at 24-hour fitness which he set up a couple years ago on auto pay at his bank. well, he says a couple years ago he froze that membership, but recently he noticed a $40 charge from the gym. and after dipping around, jay noticed he had been charged that 40 bucks a month for years. he was ticked. his frozen membership and his
11:44 am
dues are supposed to be $10 a month and not 40, and frozen way back when. we called 24-hour fitness to find out what was going on, but couldn't get a straight answer. so, he reached out to us. we contacted the gym and it refunded jay $1600, the amount it had charged him after he had placed that freeze on his account so long ago. in a statement 24-hour fitness said we found an error in the processing of his freeze request. it also thanked jay for his patronage. jay's case is a wake up call for all of us who put bills on auto pay. auto pay makes life easy but we have to continue watching our accounts. i'm not saying you have to wait for a printed copy to arrive in the mailbox. your bank probably has a free app that will let verify charges at your convenience. i say down it. use it. an occasional check could spare you jay's frustration. if you have a consumer complaint please give us a call. the number is 888-996-tips or online at >> it is so much easier now with
11:45 am
all those apps. back in the day you had to check your bank statement and go line by line. >> now you can go online. >> like the forecast. >> download that nbc bay area app and you can check it in the palm of your hand. it's user friendly. you can check current time. mount dee ablow 50 degrees, we are starting to see peeks of sunshine. lake tahoe, right now using our underground weather sky cams, we are expecting more snow fall on the way thanks to the arrival of that first storm that will be making its way in on wednesday afternoon. right now in san francisco, 51 degrees, still feeling some nice cool temps in the forecast and those tems will remain through tomorrow, although we are dropping in temps. we're not expecting 60s. we will being mid 50s as your highs for tomorrow. oakland 51 degrees right now. we are seeing some hazy skies. we are expecting patchy overnight fog as well. doppler radar showing not one,
11:46 am
but two storm systems that will be arriving into the bay area as early as wednesday with a second storm arriving on sunday night. as of now, long range models, here it is, your hour by hour outlook. wednesday morning by about or wednesday, rather, by 6 o'clock, that's when we'll see the period of on again off again showers. also expect the winds to pickup. if we fast forward through thursday morning, 4, 5, 6:00 a.m., that is when we'll see the heavy est of the downpours, with gusty wind, fog in the morning. it is going to be a dangerous commute. take some extra time if you do have to head to work early in the morning. fast forward through thursday afternoon, we start seeing a lot of those storm cells move off to the east, but staying in the north bay. point reyes, napa. santa cruz mountains still expecting to see on and off again showers thursday into friday morning as well. so, that rain is going to remain in the forecast through friday morning with a chance of seeing a few spotty showers as early as saturday. and we kind of clear out for
11:47 am
saturday afternoon, but fast forward through sunday, super bowl sunday, early morning we should see partly cloudy skies. sunday evening is when the second storm will make its a. but here is a look at the seven-day rain estimates for the north bay. anywhere from one to 3 inches of rain. into the valley a half an inch of rain for the santa cruz mountains between an inch to 2 1/2 inches of rain. yes, your estimated snow totals or snow fall the next couple of days is going to be anywhere between 2 to 4 feet above 6,000 feet. so, it's definitely going to be a nice weekend. maybe next weekend to head to the slopes because that dangerous commute isn't going to be worth it. here is exactly what you can expect, a quick little summary. rain wednesday through friday, wind gusts 15 to 35 miles per hour. let's keep on enjoying all this dry weather. i know i am, guys. >> taking us this long to wring out and dry out. >> let the good times roll. thank you very much. up next the boy scouts reverse course to change in policy the
11:48 am
group a 2k079d. they' -- adopted. with the xfinity tv app,
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anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. from the boy scouts...
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policy, the organizationd dopt now an historic announcement from the boy scouts of america. breaking from a sen-old policy, the organization says it will now allow transgendered children who identify as boys to enroll. >> nbc's miguel reports that times are changing again for a group founded way back in 1910. >> reporter: with nearly 2.3 million youth members across the country, the boy scouts of america is deeply rooted in tradition. but this morning a big change this historic institution. reversing a more than century-old stance, the group is now clearing the way for transgender boys like 8-year-old joe maldonado to become scouts. >> i hope i get a lot of badges. do fun activities, eat smoerz,
11:51 am
go camping. >> reporter: born in 2008, two years ago he self-identified as a boy. his mother christy always supported, enrolled him in the can you be scouts last year. but one month after joining, christy says joe was forced out when scout leaders learned he was born a girl. >> it hurt him. he just wanted to be accepted and just feel normal and just to play with his friends. he didn't understand why he got kicked out. >> reporter: christy maldonado said the boy scouts change of heart only happened after she filed the lawsuit claiming discrimination. the organization declined our interview request, referring us instead to this video statement. >> after weeks of significant conversations at all levels of our organization, we realized that referring to birth certificates as the reference point is no longer sufficient.
11:52 am
communities and state laws are now interpreting gender identity differently. >> reporter: this is not the first time public pressure hassed change at the boy scouts. two years ago the group lifted its ban on gay adults serving as scout leaders. and in 2013 amid more backlash, the scouts decided openly gay youth could participate. for children like joe maldonado, the new transgender policy is groundbreaking. a historic institution built on values now reevaluating their own to be more inclusive than ever. >> i think i mark transgender, people should respect them, give them compassion and love >> pretty smart little kid. that was miguel reporting there. the boy scout policy goes into effect immediately. some salve ka si groups say this decision has been a long time coming while others are criticizing the move.
11:53 am
but regardless, it is a major step for an organization that's long been a fabric of our society, but has come under intense scrutiny in recent years. >> happening today, crews will start pouring 26 million pounds of dirt onto the floor of the oakland coliseum. let's look live at the coliseum this morning. this is all in preparation for monster energy super cross which is happening this coming weekend. crews will bring.500 truckloads worth of dirt to the coliseum starting at 10:00 this morning. they'll be building a dirt track filled with jumps and turns and a lot of nervous mothers, i think, too. it starts saturday at 3:30 in the afternoon. doors open at 9:00. my fear is always that my daughters will want to do that and i can't watch. >> they haven't come up with that idea yet. >> they do a lot of other stuff, but not that yet. >> they'll test you one of these days. we'll be back with more news after this. ==kris//fiber 19==
11:54 am
11:55 am
11:56 am
we are folllowing breaki ns -- here'sho alama countysheriffe .5 all right. we continue to follow that breaking news, the search for this man, sheriff's deputies from alameda county are looking for him along with kentucky law enforcement. he's 27-year-old sean nguyen. just the last 24 hours, the sheriff's department told us he was last seen wearing blue plaid shirt, blue jeans and he was cuffed behind his back. >> we have been watching this, kris, the last hour or so. the manhunt to try to find sean, this is video from the 10:00 hour when we saw sheriff's deputies there establishing a perimeter in hayward right by 880 at a street and south garden as they continue to search for
11:57 am
this inmate who is, as you mention, kris, in the custody of law enforcement from kentucky. it wasn't clear was going to kentucky or to all immediate a but he is, in fact, out there. the manhunt continues at this hour. jodie hernandez is on the scene. she's going to bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> unless he's been able to get those cuffs off, he's going to be pretty easy to spot. if you have friends who are in that area, have them follow us on our social media platforms to see that picture. call 911 if they see anything. >> good advice. we are spotting mid 6 0s in our four cast today, then take a turn for tomorrow. >> yes, look at what you can expect by wednesday afternoon through friday, expect periods ever moderate to heavy downpours, gusty winds anywhere from 15 to 35 mile per hour which could bring anywhere from an inch to 2 1/2 inches of average rain totals. and more snow for the sierra summit. >> wednesday through friday it is. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00.
11:58 am
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stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. >> i think you both know, after today, how important it is to me to feel like i have that, you know, emotional connection with someone that i'm going to spend a life with. corrine. will you accept this rose? >> absolutely. thank you so much. >> enough with the emotional connection. there it is, the dreaded two-on-one. you know what's going to end after that. there is going to be some drama. corrine gets the rose last night on "the bachelor." it certainly delivered. >> i loved the setting, a


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