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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 3, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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as the rain continues to move in. we're seeing red on the radar. we have our stormranger powered up. our mobile doppler radar parked on san bruno mountain. it is scanning around the bay area, picking up on this last round of heavy rain moving in. it is showing the heaviest rain moving through 101 and north mar marin county, tiburon as well. it is starting to taper off in clayton. more heavy downpours from south city, san te'o, redwood city, palo alto. all of this rain moving through, slick spots on the roadways. and it is creating problems. mike is tracking with crash and flooding in the east bay. >> that's in the east bay right now. the rain coming across the peninsula. watch for more issues on the san ma tato, towards the redwood
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city area. over here, a crash reported. ponding and puddling. the crash still blocks one lane at 680 southbound. flooding reported here north 238 at the 880 split. the rain came through a half hour ago. over here, standing water west 580 a lot seminary. and at the broadway off-ramp going to downtown, rain there. no delays for mass transit. bart still says they're operating at speed. breaking news in france this morning. this is a live look near the lourve in paris. a man was shot after trying to attack a soldier guarding the site. it all unfolded outside after a
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man approached the museum carrying two bags. soldiers told him he could not bring in his bags. he pulled out a machete and yelled god is great in arabic. he was arrested. scary moments in the east bay as the search is on for a pwf b.b. gun shooter in walnut creek. >> popular thoroughfare there. live in walnut creek with details on the search for the suspect. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura and sam. chp highway patrol is looking for a man and woman in a dark gray dodge charger connected to this b.b. gun attack on a driver on 680. a person was in their white vw just before noon yesterday
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heading southbound when the passenger in the dodge charger started firing a b.b. gun at their car before getting away. the person shot at was shaken up but not hurt. as i mentioned, their car was a dark gray danger charger with tinted windows, red rl sticker. a white woman in her 30s with brown hair was the driver. a hispanic man in his 30s wearing a black hoodie as the passenger. in august someone in san jose shot b.b.s at a man while he was at work. he had to be taken to the hospital. they also started a number of cars. that same month across the bay in san leandro, police were looking for a 13-year-old boy who shot a woman in the head with a b.b. gun in the back of a
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jeep. and similar attacks in that same area in march. bob redell, today in the bay. very disturbing trend. bob, thank you very much. we continue to follow the fallout after violent protests in berkeley thursday night. they are accused of hijacking the demonstrations and vandalizing businesses all over businesses. university administrators and many students there are denouncing the group's actions and saying they're not part of cal's culture. one of the protest organizers is applauding the group's action. >> we were united in the many diverse and different ways that people express their determination to stop fascism and stand up against racism. and we knew that what needed to be done had to be done. >> well, she claims the vandalism is a small price to
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pay and the university is responsible. the school is now readdressing tactics to handle what they are calling unprecedenteded protests. this weekend will be re-airing an episode of "bay area revelations." rebels and revolutions. it takes a look at the story of free speech that's he never been told. you can watch the full story, the full documentary this saturday at 4:00. now to a health scare the a south bay jail. an outbreak of syphilis at elmwood correctional facility. happening today, one of the world's most notorious drug lords is scheduled to appear in u.s. federal court. joaquin "el chapo" guzman is charged with running a
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drug-running operation that led top numerous murders and kidnappings. he was extradited last month and pleaded not guilty. if convicted, el chapo would face life in prison. donald trump said yes, arnold schwarzenegger did a really bad job as governor of california and even worse as "the apprentice". but he's trying hard. just after he sent out that tweet a short time ago he he fired off another. this one on escalating relations between the u.s. and iran. but first, breaking news out of d.c. this morning. that has to do with trump's controversial pick for education secretary. let's get right to today in the bay's edward lawrence following the developments. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, laura. a lot going on here in washington, d.c. nationally and
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internationally. betsy devos has gone through to another step to confirmation, a slight step. they voted to move her on to the formal hearing on tuesday. she could be the first woman appointed to a cabinet position where the vice president actually had to make the deciding vote. that's because the senate's deadlocked 50/50 as it stands right now. there doesn't expect to be any movement going on there all of this as donald trump takes to twitter talking about iran saying iran is "playing with fire." saying president obama was kind to them but he would not be. iran taking a very tough stance against the united states. all of this is happening as the secretary of defense is on an asia tour to try to reassure our allies we will be with them. james mattis warned north korea about a nuclear option in his own backyard he was speaking in
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south korea at the time. the trump administration dealing with this as iran is pushing them. they said they will not back off their ballistic missiles test. sanctions could be imposed as early as today which has both democrat and republican support. >> i would be in favor of additional sanctions on iran. i'd like to put as much toothpaste back in the tube as possible. >> i think it would be stronger if you had not just executive sanctions but i like the idea that they are going to push back. >> again, this morning iran issuing a statement they are banning u.s. wrestlers from going to the freestyle world cup this month in response to the travel ban imposed by mr. trump here. so iran taking a very hard stance against the u.s. as the u.s. is increasing their stance against iran. edward lawrence. now back to you. sam and laura. >> edward, thank you very much.
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5:08. rain in the bay area with pockets of heavy downpours heading through as you head out the door. our stormranger mobile doppler radar is scanning around giving us an hd view of what's happening around the area. southern marin county. when you take off the storm ranger, look at the amount of detail that is lost. it's not even showing the current companies there with some of the pockets of some of the heavier rain moving in. we're also picking up on very rain through oakland. this will be lasting the next thursday minutes moving through walnut creek, clayton and farther east as well. and down the peninsula, heavy rain causing problems on the roadway. also for the south bay, a lot more rain in the forecast as we go into the rest of the 7:00 to 8:00 hour. we'll start to see this winding
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down. and the rest of the day is looking much dryer. 5:14, i'll have a look at the planner and another look at the radar. and also take a look ahead in the microclimate forecast. mike is tracking a crash in lafayette. >> i think it may be due to the conditions. spinouts and slippages on the roadway reported here. a look at the road weather index. green is wet. blue is ponding and puddling. over here a crash blocking the two left lanes of westbound 24, aca lanes road. a toe track having trouble getting there. another crash on the edge of the screen. it just popped up on the report. i'll get more detail as chp tells us exactly what's going on. flooding reported for 880 around broadway. 580 around seminary. and a new issue just appeared.
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20 minutes to get there from highway 4. but look at the conditions. it is tough to see. >> tough to see. >> all right. sometimes tough to pick who is going to win the super bowl. everyone has their opinions fpt t . fans are pouring into the city ahead of the super bowl. last minute preparations still under way this morning. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
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=kari/wsifull= kai wther tease pockets of heavy rain moving through the bay area. we will see the last of the rain wrapping up within the next hour to hour and a half. and then starting to see the weather improving. a live look outside at san jose. wet roads. then you start to see a little bit of clearing with peeks of sun. but still rain possible through the afternoon. the sierra snowpack coming up at 5:19. san mateo bridge getting rain now on the hayward side. we'll show you the after effects on your commute.
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scott mcgrew, want to talk a little business and tech. travis cal nick of uber dropping out of trump's advisory council. >> unusual. that council meets today. elon musk will be there. >> he will. along with a lot of other executives as well, like the ceo of ford. musk is anim grant. it is worth considering, all of his businesses depend on government in some ways through tax breaks or direct funding. musk issued a statement and said he understands those who object to that meeting. a letter to president trump advising him to revise.
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jobs friday. very unusual jobs friday. because the number the labor department will release is for january. remember, we had two presidents, mr. obama for the first half and mr. trump for the back half. unemployment is 4.9%. it will be interesting to see is how he reacts to the new number. when there were bad numbers like we saw in june of last year, he was quick to say how sad they were. when they were good he said the unemployment number was fake. or the labor department was using the wrong measure. let's check in with landon dowdy before the bell. good morning, landon. >> reporter: hey there, scott. as you mentioned, jobs is front and center today. it was a mixed session for the markets on thursday amid renewed concerns about president trump's policies and the impact they could have on u.s. companies. investors are waiting big economic news of the week, monthly jobs report out early
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this morning. it is expected to show job growth last month, expecting a strong start for the trgz. the dow slipping six points to 19884. nasdaq falling six points to 5636. scott, back over to you. >> landon, thank you. google thinks it ought to use drones. the mountain view company has filed patents for the drone to act as your personal representative. you can stay home and your drone would represent you in the meeting i have no idea how this is going to work. >> so there will be drone there's. >> we are discussing the quarterly sales numbers. >> how is it coming into the building? through the window? >> it starts at your desk and flies in. i don't know. >> it may not work out so well. >>. what could possible go wrong?
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drones by proxy. it is friday now. sunday is the super bowl. we take a live look at houston. super bowl preparations still under way. >> here we go. today in the bay jay gray as fans start to pour in for that game. we're going to be making guacamole watching it on tv. >> good to talk to you. the sun is starting to come out in houston. fans are coming out and they will continue to come out through the morning and into the evening here. it has been an exciting time here in houston. you know, as they gather here what we're going to see is really the kickoff today, friday, of super bowl weekend. the party has started in houston. >> slime! >> it's amazing. and i love it.
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>> reporter: hundreds of thousands of fans are already in the super city. and the crowds are expected to grow as we get closer to game day. >> we will have over a million people come through this event. it's a free family-friendly, fun event. the nfl experience is next door. you can go into that too if you want. they're having record numbers. >> reporter: the super bowl is a bucket list for a lot of people here. they're taking it in and taking a lot of merchandise home. >> yeah. it's great. we came in yesterday. long day traveling from boston. today we're just seeing the sights and taking advantage of picking up some more gear and getting ourselves ready for the game. >> reporter: lady gaga getting ready for the game as well. >> myself and my dancers have been practicing for months. we have some things planned for this weekend. >> reporter: but she won't share exactly what we will see during the half-time show. >> it's going to be a good time.
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>> reporter: or i guess you could say a super time. now, look. when we really pushed lady gaga said she's not going to wear that suit of meat that she wore a few years ago at the awards banquet there. she does say that the half-time show she hopes fans will not only laugh and smile and tap their feet but also think. so you have to figure lady gaga has something special planned. that's the latest live here in houston. laura, sam, back to you. >> maybe a statement coming as well. thanks a lot, jay gray. >> he said he push her and she wouldn't give the details. >> but will she arrive in an egg? all right. well, this morning you definitely need the umbrella. we're starting out with wet weather. and then as we go through the day, still some spotty showers. but seeing this storm system winding down, it looks pretty soggy out there.
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a lot of cars on the road at fremont. we'll check in with mike to see how the road conditions are all around the bay area. here's a look at the radar. we have stormranger powered up. it's on a mountain in san bruno. scanning around the bay area to give us the best view of what's happening in high detail. as we get a close look at san francisco, bay shore district right now -- bay view district seeing some of the heavier rain move in. to the north bay, the rain is becoming a little more spot where but still light rain moving through petaluma, south of santa rosa. extending over towards fairfield, we see rain. and lafayette, san ramon, heavy rain, as well as oakland and san leandro. the roads are definitely getting pretty wet. in fremont, seeing a heavy downpour there. also in the peninsula with heavy downpours moving through there. and in the south bay. so we will continue to see more of this rain rolling in.
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the timeline hour-by-hour outlook shows a break after 8:00. then more spotty activity as we go through the day. still at any point we could see scattered showers moving in as this first storm system down. we will see showers moving through tomorrow as well before we catch a little bit longer of a break. the sierra snowpack is looking good. up to 173%. the highest it's been in about 22 years. coming up in my next forecast, i'll talk about what else to expect and a look at the weekend forecast too. you now as we head over to mike, how is it looking on the roadways? >> i have seen a lot of reports this morning. friday tends to see more activity earlier even though the traffic volume is very light. we are seeing reports of flooding. now it's not the south bay or the peninsula. the peninsula got a lot of rain across the san mateo bridge. east bay crash, two lanes blocked west 24 and acalanes
5:23 am
road. past that, the new one over in the owe rain da area. a crash reported there. it looks like everybody is getting off the freeway without any injury or major delay. highway 4 approaching 242, a number of crashes reported. one may be sticking around around port chicago highway. no delays for the travel times. almost 20 minutes from highway 4. very soupy conditions down the east shore freeway. no problems for fran sit systems, including the san francisco bay and golden gate. back to you. >> all right, mike, that you can very much. it is 5:23. coming you, congestion in the south bay neighborhood forcing city council to take action. the new permits you may have to use to park in palo alto. >> an armed robbery turns into a man hunt. the seven is still under way but approximate ultimately called off for a possible suspect. my man friend that i've been seeing...
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reportedly about to get a little tighter around one busy palo alto shopping area. ==railma= welcome back, everyone. start anything april, palo alto will enforce two-hour parking restrictions in the evergreen park area surrounding california avenue. residents will qualify for free permits allowing them to park all day. restrictions will take place between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. >> a concern about a segment he we brought you earlier this week. >> chris chmura is here to
5:27 am
address it now. >> monday we told you the story of james larson, a teacher who prepaid for bart tickets for a field that he later canceled. bart disputed our role saying it issued a refund before we stepped in. here's the timeline. james requested a refund on december 5th. december 6th, bart denied him, noting the tickets were nonrefundable. that night he sent us a complaint. we contacted bart december 8th. within a few hours they said they made a one-time exception but didn't say when. they said bart took action after we called on his behalf. that's what we reported monday. but they sent an e-mail that reversed its decision december 7th. so bart did issue a refund without our involve isment the
5:28 am
day before we started asking questions. wednesday bart told us it will try to be more clear in future communications with us. and i vow to be clearer with ours. back to you. good to get that clarification. >> it all worked out in the end. all right. 528. coming up, another wet morning commute. will the rain continue into our weekend? kari hall has a look at the forecast straight ahead. the wet weather knocking down some trees around the bay area. the latest details on the weather conditions here in the north bay. ad lib live picture-- golden
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gate brie =laura/4shot= good morning and a you forjoini a very good friday morning. strike up the band. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge. not a lot of traffic but some rain out there. we were expecting it. if you followed kari hall's forecast, you know what's coming. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. what are you laughing at? >> strike up the band. i don't know if it's the marching band, super bowl band. >> it's friday. >> rain rolling in. it is definitely beading on the windows. heavy rain and pockets of that. and it's making those roads very slippery in spots. but we're getting clearing in the north bay. now the heaviest rain shift anything san francisco, over
5:32 am
towards the east bay, and also into the south bay so we have storm raeupranger scanny the he rain in san francisco and continuing to move off towards the south and east. light spotty rain for the north bay. and we're also seeing some of the rain towards fairfield and extending down towards lafayette, san ramon, and san leandro. the bright reds and the yellows showing the most intense rain that has shifted out of the peninsula and moving over towards the east bay and south bay as well. i'll keep tabs on all of this. i'll keep you dated on where the heaviest rain is moving in. and mike has road work happening on the roadways. >> kari, this is coming out of the east bay -- i'm sorry, tri-valley, altamonte pass. i want to show you we have develop from green to blue on the peninsula side. we are showing a lot of puddling reported. flooding reported in the oakland
5:33 am
area. standing water. big puddles. watch any lane closures. the off-ramp affected here. we had a number of vehicles over on the shoulder. repaired this giant pothole from what i understand. they may have to go a little bit later on. lanes are back open again. south 680, a crash on the lanes. trouble getting tow trucks there. just shy of 25 minutes from highway 4. the metering lights are on. back to you. all right, mike. thank you very much. let's get to some breaking news out of france this morning. a live look near the louvre in paris where a suspected terror attack ended with soldiers shooting a man who took out a a pma machete from one of his bags. the suspect approached the seem carrying two bags. he rushed a group of soldiers while carrying the machete and
5:34 am
yelling in air back, allah is the greatest. they used nonlethal force at first. but when that didn't stop him, they shot him several times. donald trump said a new radical islamic has just attacked the louvre museum in paris. france on edge again. get smart, u.s. it is is 5:34. now to a developing story in the south bay. overnight a search came to an end after an armed robbery at a verizon store. kris sanchez is live with the details we're learning about a possible suspect still on the loose. what do you know, kris? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. the suspect managed to get away after holding up this verizon store on east el camino real in sunnyvale. sunnyvale police were able to
5:35 am
arrest two suspects, though, before they got away. police tell us they arrested those two folks after that robbery here at the verizon store. they also tell us they recovered a handgun in the getaway car. i'll show you the search area. it was centered around costa mesa terrace. a pretty big apartment complex there as well. sit two miles away from the verizon store near the sunnyvale and saratoga road intersection. questioning of the two suspects that didn't get away. thank you very much for that update. 5:35. tensions remain high this morning on the cal campus wednesday night's violent frosties. students on campus tell us republicans wearing make america great again hats are still being taunted following the demonstrations.
5:36 am
we captured that, a particularly ugly scene yesterday as a berkeley college republican just standing on the street wearing of those hats was blind-sided and attacked by two men. police say the attackers were not students and they have since been arrested. last night the berkeley college republicans held a weekly meeting as scheduled and vowed to continue to stand up for free speech. >> essentially invited milo yann op louse to speak. he brings up topics that we want there to be a discussion on. >> i'm not glad that the protests turn violent. i'm not glad that many uc berkeley students are being blamed for that. it was not us. >> many republicans believe wednesday night's violence protests that curtailed their right to free speech will ultimately give the group more exposure. a man and woman are in custody accused offing police on a wild high-speed chase that
5:37 am
ended in a crash. it started about 4:yesterday afternoon when police say they tried to stop an alleged driver of a stolen suv in oakland. the chase took police down highway 13. the car eventually crashing at broad way terrace and rolled down an embankment. the man and woman took off into traffic. that snarled the search. officers found them under the deck of a nearby home. a gun was found inside that stolen suv. three people tied to a string of south bay purse snatchings. investigators linked them to at least nine shopping center purse snatchings the last three months. in most cases they targeted asian by driving up to them in parking lots. some of the victims were even punched. each suspect faces multiple felony charges. >> back to our weather as it is going to be a busy and a very wet commute. the next wave of rain is moving through with large patches of
5:38 am
green but plenty of yellow and even orange in there as well. this could make for a slippery commute. a live look from san jose and highway 101 you can see some of the rooster tailing and wet ponding on the roads. we're monitoring all the trouble spots for youhis morning. today in the bay pete suratos live with how things are shaping up so far there in novato. >> reporter: good morning, laura and sam. things are shaping up quite okay so far. we are just seeing a light drizzle in novato on highway 37 between atherton avenue and 101. a week ago we saw this whole area flooded. show you some of the video of highway 37. completely flooded out due to the rain. we're not having that issue this morning. but overnight we had those storms affecting different areas of the bay area. show you video from marin county, downed tree. we did see marin county sheriffs tweeted out that this area has been reopened. we'll show you another piece of
5:39 am
video from the santa cruz mountains where you had trees knocked down as well because of wet weather. this one knocked down a power pole it brought out crews to bring out area. >> we are trying to fix it with the splint there. when they are fixing it with the splint, i think even twice i heard kind of like a break, geez, they're brave. water pump on highway 37. caltrans moved to this area. looks clear right now, guys. wet roads along highway 37. live in novato, pete suratos, today in the bay. the time is 5:39. we're still watching the wet roads all around the area. mild temperatures as we have not yet seen cold front moving through. that's behind the wet weather.
5:40 am
it will be rolling through within the next couple of hours before this system winds down with the heaviest rain. then we will see more spotty activity as we go through the day. some of the bright reds and the yellows being picked up in the east bay and the south bay. expect it to be very soggy and the potential of standing water on the roadways the rain winds down from the north bay as well as san francisco and the peninsula. also some breeze winds. expect those winds at 15 to 20 miles per hour. and it makes it a little bit harder for the morning drive. speaking of the morning drive, how does it look, mike, heading out? >> we're getting a lot of reports of roadwayed flooding. specifically around the oakland area. this is unusual to get this much information. friday sees a little bit more activity. folks trying to get in and get out on friday. wet roadways. a little build for san jose. i'll talk about that in a second. eye new report for 580, mcarthur
5:41 am
both directions. be careful in that area. earlier reports. clarmont, reports of a crash there as well the car lost traction and has trouble getting over to the maze. westbound 24, still there. that is one factor as well. and we have the wet ways through san jose with the build for the commute. this is a typical pattern. tough kpbsz conditions. back to you. coming up next, sierra lamar's friends take the stand in the trial of the man accused of killing her. he is grilled during crucial prosecution. just a few moments ago, the latest jobs numbers. they're very solid but tricky. thank you, scott. we look forward to that. also, now that it's all said and done, can you guess which special interest group spent the most money campaigning. here's a hypothetical. bernie sanders lobbied hard against that group. the answer after the break. you're watching today in the bay. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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5:44. good friday morning. if you're plans take you to the sierra this weekend, take some tire chains. it will be raining and snowing and temperatures reaching into the mid-40s by the end of the weekend. so a lot of problems there. but at least you get there it will be very nice. a lot of snow on the ground. if you're planning to head to monterey, take a break from some of the heavier downpours
5:45 am
saturday. it returns on. highs reaching into the mid-six. coming up in six minutes, a look at the complete microclimate forecast. and your live look at the san mateo bridge. don't look ahead. look at the road in front of you. it's tough to he see as the rain hits the lens here on the san mateo bridge. thank you, kari and mike. it is quarter to 6:00 right now. new this morning, a news group is threatening to sue oakland if it doesn't provide records on the deadly "ghost ship" fire warehouse. that includes the east bay times. they are asking the city to provide police and fire records. it says documents could help explain how the city missed chances to close the build that investigators say was dangerous. 36 people were killed in that fire. we're turning our focus now to the whale found near oakland last month.
5:46 am
it turns out a necrop is sy will not be done. that's because all the storms we have had forced biologists to hold back and that led to the decay car cast. it was dragged out to angel island where it remains. >> the man accused of killing sierra lamar, the trial takes a break today. questions were centered around whether lamar was capable of actually running away. also a defense cross-examined an investigator. it was processed at the scene rather than a crime lab. the defense definitely brought its "a" game when it came to cross-examining the main crime scene investigator in the case. what they are trying to do is show the collection of the was flawed at the outset. so when the defense experts testify as to the dna issues, they're going to say it's not
5:47 am
reliable because the way the was collected. >> the defense is suggesting that the dna evidence found in the suspect's car was also jeopardized. she disappeared in 2012. her body never found. some of the things happening in the bay area today. protecting immigrant tenant rights. plus, black history month kicks off at noon under the san francisco city hall rotunda. and in berkeley, the 1951 coffee shop opens today. the nonprofit provides job training and employment for refugees. so who was the big spender during the 2016 november election here in california? all the ballot, the number one spender, pharmaceutical companies pushing hard to defeat prop 61. it would have given the state the power to negotiate drug prices. bernie sanders supported the measure. but pharmaceutical companies spent $109 million defeating it. and all that money worked.
5:48 am
tobacco companies were next up. they spend $70 to defeat a cigarette tax but they lost. also new this morning, americans are saving more for retirement. fidelity investments reports the average 401(k) balance hit an all time high of $92,000 at the end of last year. that's about $4,300 more than 2015. people were contributing more to retirement the the average climbing to more than 8% what it was last year. >> people also working longer too. 5:48. when you meet with a financial adviser about our re, you assume he or she has your best interest at heart. >> and scott mcgrew, they do, right? >> i have no doubt 99% of them do, sam. they don't work in a bubble. they get played based on what funds they put you in. some pay more than others you can see there is a con. one of the rules passed by congress address that. it is called the fiduciary rule.
5:49 am
a financial adviser has to put your interest first before his or hers. but the republican party just announced it is going to prevent the implementation of the rule as it unspools the dodd-frank act khrgs, again, was put into place after the housing crash created the federal protection bureau as well. that agency has been on wells fargo's case and requires banks to hold up to keep them solvent. 227,000 jobs were added to the american economy in january. unemployment rate, 4.8%. this is an odd jobs number. 6 president trump before he was president often criticized the labor department number saying it was fake.
5:50 am
unemployment rates are statistical estimates. there is no evidence that he is right. the method has been used by both republican and democratic administrations. the market wait to go see what the jobs numbers will be. we're still waiting on words of the president's restriction on foreign visas for skilled workers. snapchat filed its ipo. they have to open its books and let us see the secrets. advertising business is growing fast. it definitely has more regular users than twitter. and it is losing money. it has to figure out how to explain itself to the older people on wall street. many people didn't understand snapchat and what it was and said it was just used for sexting. certain old people think that's what it is. >> it will be interesting for
5:51 am
certain people to see how it is going to grow as well. >> 5:50. good news now. snowpack 73% of average. that snowpack provides a third of california's water supply. the governor willy wait until april's snow survey to announce whether he will lift the drought emergency order. over 20 years. >> that's what is going to sustain us. if we don't have a huge rain next year. >> that's a third of our water supply for the bay area. it is great to see it is above average. we have more snow in the forecast. more rain for the bay area. it's been good to all the showers moving through. but i know it is really slowing
5:52 am
you down this morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge. beautiful view there. that's what you have to deal with. temperatures in the upper 50s. cooler as we go into the afternoon as this cold front sweeps from the north to the south. the east bay stormranger tracking all of that. our mobile doppler truck on san bruno mountain. lighter showers for the north bay. bay seeing bright reds and yellows with the pockets of heaviest rain. with this last wave of the rain moving in, we will start to see much more calm weather for the rest of the day.
5:53 am
passing showers at any point throughout the afternoon. we could see dryer weather for tomorrow afternoon. as we go into the forecast, still spotty showers. and then a second storm system arriving on sunday into early next week you can see it there on the satellite imagery. i'll have more on this as we head over to mike now. a second crash in the same spot. >> you have a second storm coming in. a concern in the tri-valley in the san ramon area. lighter volume of traffic you would expect on a friday. very busy on the chp reports. mostly spinouts. minor fender-benders. this involves a big rig. the first one still hasn't cleared. that's why we have the slower drive from danville heading towards the dublin area. allow time to navigate the area. a look at travel times in the south bay. starting to build for 101, 680.
5:54 am
a live shot. end with i live shot from fremont. more traffic and also soupy conditions. the weather has moved rain a little bit east now. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. president trump tweeting about this week's violent protests in berkeley. the reasons he said they are proving the point of his campaign. it could be a major break through in the battle against cancer. the drug could dramatically increase the sraoeufl of prostate patients. breaking news. we're working with our nbc news teams around the world about the suspected terror attack at the louvre in paris. as soon as new details emerge, of course we will tweet them out to you. we investigate is. truckers suing california. they claim air filters in big rigs are putting the public safety at risk. see our investigation now on we'll be back here in just two minutes. quilted northern works so well people can forget
5:55 am
5:56 am
their bathroom experience. but these birds see all and forget nothing. except this one, who has an outlet for a face.
5:57 am
the slick roads on the golden gate bridge this morning. be ready for another wet morning commute as you head out the door. ==sam/cu== men battling prostate cancer. or the cancer comes back for more than 30-percent of welcome back to you. slick roadways on the golden gate bridge and much of the bay area. get ready for another wet commute. a peek at the weekend as well. 5:57. all right. we have potentially life-saving news for men battling prostate cancer.
5:58 am
it comes from 30% of patients who have had surgery. an additional drug can dramatically increase the chance for sur is sraoeufl. researchers found adding hormone therapy to radiation cuts the risk of death from prostate cancer in half when compared to just using radiation. however, some doctors have been reluctant to prescribe hormone therapy because of the side effects, including hot flashes and depression. >> it's a big deal for a day. we don't want to be doing this unless we're pretty of confident there are real advantages down the line. now say that is the case. >> just to to the efficacy of this treatment, doctors said the cancer is far less likely to spread. the number of eye injuries linked to the liquid laundry packets is skyrocketing. researchers at johns hop kins.
5:59 am
they have higher concentration of cleaning agents which can lead to vision loss if get into your eyes. if a child's eyesis exposed to the detergent, immediately get the eye under cool running water and call your doctor as well. >> right now at 6:00, tracking another wet morning commute across the bay area as kari told us about. >> yeah. we're seeing the wet road in the east bay and south bay as the last batch of heavy rain rolls through the bay area. we'll talk more about the timeline and what else to expect coming up. this rain is making for a slick potentially dangerous morning commute. the video that will convince you to down if you're not convinced already. and we're following breaking news out of paris this morning. a man walks up to a group of soldiers and pulls out a
6:00 am
machete. police are investigating this as a possible terror attack. today in the bay today right now. and we begin with a live look at the radar this morning. it's going to be another wet commute. you can see the rain moving across the bay area. look that rain out there. making for green hill sides too. it's gorgeous. good morning to you. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. that is the up side of this, all the lush greenery we are seeing. >> very wet. soggy. green on the radar. also yellows and reds showing very intense rain that will be coming down just briefly. you can see all of that shifted over towards the east bay. stormranger giving us an hd view. that rain is clearing out. only a couple offy showers. north bay, some lighter activity. the heaviest rain moving through


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