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tv   Today  NBC  February 11, 2017 5:30am-7:01am PST

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good morning. nbc news exclusive. from russia with love. officials may send nsa leaker edward snowden back to the u.s. this morning, the reaction to the bombshell report. if at first you don't succeed, president trump may sign a new executive order to get the travel ban enacted after defeats in court. meanwhile, the president saying he was unaware his national security advisor talked to russia before taking office.
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and race against the clock. a last-ditch effort to save hundreds of beached whales. volunteers braving sharks and stingrays to form a human sea wall to stop the tragedy from escalating. what is behind the mystery? and smart alec. >> yes, this is real life. >> alec baldwin promising a huge show as he gets ready to lampoon president trump again. fans line up since thursday to see him. baldwin gets set to host snl for a report 17th time. "today" saturday, february 11th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." i'm sheinelle jones. >> i'm craig melvin. on the walk in this morning, you
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could see folks lined up for alec baldwin. some people have been there, apparently, since thursday. >> it is freezing here in new york city to add to that. >> should be a show worth seeing. we have a lot to get to. let's start with the top story. president trump waking up this weekend at mar-a-lago estate hosting another foreign dignitary and hipting at a new executive order on monday regarding the travel ban. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live in florida. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. today, the president is taking a page out of the business executive's playbook where you use a round of golf to seal a deal. today it is an important international relationship for the u.s. with the president hosting the prime minister of japan shinzo abe at one of his florida golf resorts. it will be a day of social and political interaction. trump style diplomacy. another first. world leader, japan's prime minister and mrs. abe hosted by
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the president and first lady melania trump. a white house dinner but held on the mar-a-lago. the trip included on air force one. t >> talk about it. >> it takes time. we will win that battle. we have a lot of other options, including filing a new order on monday. >> reporter: however, senior advisors say all options, including appealing to the supreme court remain open. the president also told reporters he was unaware of controversy around his national security advisor mikchael flynn. flynn has denied that he spoke to russia's ambassador before
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mr. trump took office about sanctions imposed by president obama. now intelligence sources based on monitored calls of russian diplomats say flynn discussed sanctions. now an administration official says flynn is not certain if he discussed sanctions. a serious credibility problem after the vice president had vouched for flynn. >> they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or impose censure against russia. >> reporter: officials said pence based the defense of flynn entirely on what flynn told him. and the president will be continuing the focus on international relationships in the week ahead with visits to the white house of canada's prime minister and later in the week, the israeli prime minister. today, the first couple and their guests from japan have a full day of activities. we will also see mrs. melania
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trump in her activities with a garden tour and lunch for mrs. abe. >> thank you, kelly. >> now to an nbc news exclusive. could edward snowden who leaked some of our nation's secrets come back to the united states from russia? the latest from senior correspondent cynthia mcfadden. >> reporter: the nbc news has learned that edward snowden may be considered a gift to president trump. this according to a senior official who analyzed a series of sensitive intelligence reports detailing russian conversations and deliberations. a second source in the intelligence community confirms and notes it has been received. russia has been currying favor with the new president. during the campaign, mr. donald trump made it clear what he
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wab wawan wanted to see happen. >> i think he is a traitor. >> reporter: snowden has been charged under the espionage act and faces at least 30 years in prison. the snowden gift is part of the russian campaign to disrupt the american system as they did during the election. >> one of the things that putin or the russians may see is they can appear to be offering a gift as a part of warming of relations. at the end of the day, it creates complication for the administration. >> reporter: complications that might arise during a snowden trial lyiike reopening the deba. good for the russians. last year, mike pompeo, now cia director said, prison was not enough for snowden. >> i think the proper outcome would be he would be given the death sentence. >> reporter: we asked the aclu team snowden has received no such signals and has no new
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reason for concern. in december, mr. snowden himself said he wasn't worried. >> there's going to be some kind of deal where trump says, hey, look, you know, give this guy to me, as some kind of present. am i worried about it? not really. i know i did the right thing. >> i think this is one of those rare cases where the stakes are so high, the diplomatic complications so deep that anything can happen. i think at the end of the day, moscow holds the cards here. >> reporter: for "today," cynthia mcfadden, nbc news. >> edward snowden took to twitter overnight writing, quote, finally, irrefutable evidence that i never cooperated with russian intel. no country trades away spies as the rest would fear they're next. meanwhile, the justice department tells nbc news, they would welcome his return, but the kremlin says the talk is nonsense and the white house so far has given no comment. meantime, the president's crackdown on illegal immigrants
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is spreading fear among many communities nationwide this morning, after a series of raids led by immigration customs enforcement officials overnight. nbc's gatti schwartz on the growing feel these immigrants are feeling who call this country home. >> reporter: this morning, across the country, word of immigration and customs raids sending panic through families of millions of undocuments immigrants. >> there's a heightened level of fear, because of everything that's happening. >> reporter: i.c.e. saying raids in l.a., atlanta, and texas were routine, targeting criminals. but activists saying, some who were swept up don't pose a threat. >> and we're destroying families. >> reporter: i.c.e. raids are nothing new. the obama administration deporting more undocumented immigrants than any presidency in history. the new secretary of homeland security defended enforcement efforts during a visit to the border near san diego. >> we have no alternative but to enforce the law. if the laws in the books relative to immigration need to be changed, please, please,
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please change them. >> reporter: but president trump tease tough talk on immigration and a new executive order expanding the discretion of who could be targeted for deportation has families on edge. immigration advocates say the word "criminal" inside mothers like guadalupe garcia de rayos, convicted of using a fake social security number eight years ago so she could work. she had previously been allowed to stay with her two american-born children as long as she checked in with i.c.e., but during a checkup this week, she was deported to mexico. >> it's really heartbreaking, because i was hoping that i would go home with my mom. >> reporter: 8-year-old kelly was born in the united states, but her parents are undocumented. she was so terrified when immigration officials knocked on their door, her mother said she was hospitalized. >> i was scared. >> reporter: and at the mention of her father, currently in i.c.e. detention, she can't stop crying. her mother among those living in fear that their families may
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soon be torn apart. gatti schwartz, nbc news, nogales, arizona. they say the show must go on, in the world of entertainment. and that it did, in an emotional performance overnight with the flying wallendas, returning to the high-wire after a scary tightrope accident that almost turned deadly this week. nbc's gabe gutierrez is live outside the circus in sarasota, florida. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. he said it was his worst nightmare, but 48 hours after what nik wallenda called the roughest day of his life, he and his team were back here at circus sarasota, this time in front of a sold-out crowd. they did not disappoint. >> the fabulous wallenda! >> reporter: this morning, nik wallenda and his team of death-defying acrobats are once again flying high. >> it was breathtaking. >> i don't know how they do it. >> reporter: their high-wire bicycle act, nail-biting
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displays of balance, dazzling a sold-out crowd at circus sarasota, opening night just two days after the unthinkable. >> these are my family members and to have to witness that happen, it's upsetting, it's heartbreaking. >> reporter: on wednesday, wallenda says he and his team were rehearsing an 8-person pyramid hoping to break a guinness world record when someone lost their ground. >> still triaging. >> reporter: wallenda says his aunt is out of surgery. >> we will perform in 2017. >> reporter: the wallendas have never shied away from the spotlight. from the grand canyon and the loss of the two uncles in 1962 and his great grandfather who fell to his death almost 40 years ago. >> you get in a car accident, you don't stop driving. we do what we love. we will continue. >> reporter: for a show man used
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to the world's largest stages. >> nik wallenda. >> reporter: the rebound performance may be the toughest week yet. >> this is what we are made of. it's where we are supposed to be. >> reporter: three of the injured remain in the hospital. they are expected to recover. two of the injured were here at circus sarasota after a dress rehearsal. the show is scheduled to run next month. >> it is in their blood. our thoughts and prayers to those. now to brave volunteers battling the elements to save whales who beached themselves in new zealand. matt bradley is following the story for us from london. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. you know, it is rare to see this happen on a monstrous scale. new zealand's area attracts this tragedy and scientists are not
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clear why this happens. they say sometimes the whales just lose their way. today, a tragedy in new zealand. hundreds of pilot whales stranding themselves on the beach. at first, more than 400 washed ashore. hundreds of volunteers jumping in action braving the tides and sharks and stringrays. >> i was here this morning. a small group of us. we went out and saw one of the biggest strandings i have seen. >> reporter: so far, they he managed to set 100 free. the whales are still coming. drawn by the calls of their already stranded friends. rescuers str s scramble to stop. this morning, a new pod of 240 whales. if they can't be rescued, they may have to be put down. 20 have already been euthanized. >> i have never experienced
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death like this before. it's for such a majestic animal. it is strange. >> reporter: it is a natural event. on an unusual scale. >> this is the third largest mass stranding we recorded in history. a very large one. a massive under taking. >> reporter: a fight for life for the whales. for human helpers, a trial. for some, all that is left to comfort the dying. they are hoping some of the whales can still be saved. when dawn breaks in just a few hours over in new zealand, hundreds of volunteers arriving again. they will have to work fast. not just to get the whales off the beach, but prevent hundreds more from swimming ashore. >> thank you, matt bradley. it is heartbreaking, but you are encouraged by the people trying to help.
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indra peterson is here filling in for dylan while dylan is enjoying maternity leave. we have wild weather. >> we have great video. look at what is going on in california. leav leave see levees are breaking here. we have flood waters sweeping way cars. people rescued there in the west. we are look at the perhapmaps. 3 inches once you get into portions of maine. easy to see where the jet stream is. across the country, very easy to see the huge line of winds making the way across which means more storms will develop. we will look for the midfdle of the country. this is insane. temperatures 25 degrees above normal. record-breaking temperatures into the southeast. blizzard conditions will start to develop again in to the
5:46 am
northeast. another nor'easter is developing out here. it will not be looking for snow in philadelphia or d.c. or new york city. boston, rain showers through sunday. we will watch sunday night as we go through monday morning. something we call bomagenisis. very strong winds gusting as high as 60 to 70 miles per hour. blizzard conditions would be there. boston, if this system shifts a bit of, it could good morning. the bay area finally waking up to dry conditions. we are going to see partly cloudy skies. as of now, waking up in san francisco, 49 degrees, and we will be warming up into those 50s, but here's a look at what you can expect making your way out the door. san jose, 47 degrees.
5:47 am
palo alto, 46. half moon bay 47, napa, 43 degrees. santa rosa, 42 degrees warming up to the upper 50s, lower 60s. so bomagenesis. >> i want to teach you. >> spell it. indra, thank you. a big fight in madison square garden. the famous arena. it has nothing to do with boxing. it is a dust -up with the forme knicks charles oakley and fans are angry. fans outraged. venting at knicks owner james dolan with the faceoff over the nuggets. not over the game, but over the knicks legend. anger brewing for days after
5:48 am
charles oakley in wednesday's game ended up in a scuffle with security. knocked to the ground. cuffed and hauled away by police while dolan looked on. oakley told espn he is a security target every time he walks into the building. >> get there. sit down. try to have a good time. next thing, i was asked to leave the building. i asked why. said you have to leave because someone ordered you to leave. >> dolan says surveillance tapes and witnesses tell a different story. >> he has a problem with anger. physically and verbally abusive. >> it is unclear from the released tapes what actually started the altercation. and just hours before the knicks took the floor friday night, dolan took the feud a step further. banning oakley from msg ev
5:49 am
indefinitely. he was a competitor for the knicks in the '80s and '90s earning the respect of peers and fans. oakley charged with three counts of criminal assault. >> you don't treat a legend like that. >> some of the stars, lebron james and chris paul and dwyane wade showing support for oakley. ten years? gave everything he had. and oakley tweeting back thanking fans and family and friends. saying i love new york city. the msg security chief was fired during the fiasco. fans don't have much to cheer. the team in the middle of the fourth losing season in a row. it hasn't won a championship since 1973. so so, in short, the dumpster fire, raging on.
5:50 am
>> i was in the cab this week and the driver was going off about it. i was working on my phone. i said what are you talking about. he knows i'm on the news. can you report that? we're upset. >> we did our part. >> there you go. still to come, our look back on the week that was. the wild winter weather. craig gets lectured about whatnot to wear in the middle of a snow storm. where are you? bermuda? >> i'll explain. up next, taking on trump. alec baldwin setting to host ""saturday night liv
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right now, get ball park jerky in assorted flavors for just $2.99. we are back on a saturday morning. i have to say, i cannot wait
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until tonight's "saturday night live." check out this line. this is the line that's been growing all night. fans waiting in the stand-by line hoping to get tickets. alec baldwin hosting for a record 17th time. >> you just know he has another president trump impression up his sleeve. we have morgan radford following it. >> sheinelle, the lines are long. i saw them this morning. the reality is if president trump is imitated on this show for decades, he even hosted it. it wasn't until he became president that his relationship took a sour turn. complains the skits were unflattering. now fans are clapping back on social media and they , too, hae funny friends in high places. he's back and it's huge. >> it's a big deal. >> alec baldwin hosting snl for
5:54 am
a 17th time. >> live from new york, it's saturday night. >> tonight, no doubt, set to reprize his role as donald j. trump. >> google, what is isis? >> the president who tweeted last month that the baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse. called the show totally one sided and biassed. a jarring about face from the time when mr. trump was a guest host himself. >> nobody is bigger than me. nobody's better than me. i'm a ratings machine. >> now more than a decade later from the seat in the oval office. the tycoon is not the only one safe from satire. >> the press have gotten off to a rocky start. >> melissa mccarthy gave a scathing performance as sean spicer. >> when i said rocky start, in the sense of "rocky" the movie.
5:55 am
>> a top trump donor said mr. trump was wrankled by the spoof. he doesn't like his male strategist played by women. social media has been on fire. speculating which women could play trump's advisors. even house minority leader nancy pelosi is weighing in. retweeting a photo of pictures. betty white. kristen wiig and then rachel dratch. the comedy is sthnot stopping anytime soon. mr. trump is the first to lament on social media on snl. he hasn't said anything since he was sworn in office last month.
5:56 am
that is why fans are waiting by televisions and keyboards to see just what, if anything, the president will have to say tonight. >> all right. morgan, it is 5:56 on your saturday morning. we're so happy you're joining us. a live look outside. in oakland, 880, we are seeing no rain this morning. kind of incredible. what a great way to start the weekend. thanks so much for joining us.
5:57 am
i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our microclimate forecast and no rain. >> it's about time. >> it's about time. >> i brought this dry weather. >> thank you. >> and it's going to stick around through tonight and hopefully into sunday as well. here's a current look right now at san francisco. now, this was a much different picture the past couple of days. we've been seeing winds, rain, just really muggy conditions. 49 degrees right now, and the current temps, not too cold in the 40s overall. half moon bay, 56 degrees. san francisco also in the 40s and palo alto and san jose also in those 40s. if you're just now waking up, you're still going to want a nice jacket but not going to need rain boots or your umbrella, because today's forecast calls for a mixture of sun and clouds. and look at those temps. climbing into the 50s, and the 60s for parts of the north bay and also the south bay. so it's definitely going to be a great day to enjoy the outdoors. >> definitely. and just in time for the weekend. vianey, thanks.
5:58 am
and the rain may be over for now but plenty of problems remain. crews scrambling to make complicated road repairs across the bay area, but it could it take some time. a look from our nbc chopper. a gaping hole after a southway highway collapses. governor brown requested help from president trump. he's urging the president to issue a "major disaster declaration" for the latest trouble spot. that's highway 35, which is skyline boulevard in los gatos. a road frequently useed by both cars and cyclists. take a look at what's left in the los gatos hills. this is about the biggest collapse we've seen all winter. 200 feet wide, 50 feet deep. remarkably, no one injured in the collapse. this morning a threat of a smaller slide about a half mile away. fred glover we spoke with lives between the two. >> i don't know what they'll do here. only partially out. they have to figure how to keep it from eroding further. an interesting few months.
5:59 am
>> indeed. crews say the hillside continues to inch down this morning. caltrans will begin working on solutions on monday. they say they hope more of the road doesn't disappear over the weekend. coming up this morning on "today in the bay," police are gathering clues about a man who robbed a girl scout. we'll hear from the girl and her mom, who both recall that frightening moment. that, plus our top stories and the weather forecast. sunshine on the way. coming up at 7:00. we hope you join us, but right now, back to the "today" show.
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♪ all i do is win, win, win ♪ ♪ i got money on my mind ♪ i can never get enough >> that is one of sheinelle jones' favorite songs. >> it is an empowering song. >> that is dee jay khalid. sheinelle sat down with him. we will share that later in the show. >> it was a fun interview. he had his family there. a great crowd on the plaza this saturday morning. 11th day of february, 2017. thanks for everyone swinging by. inside studio 1a. i'm craig melvin alongside
6:01 am
sheinelle jones. here is a look at the headlines. we have exclusive reporting. nbc news learning that russia may send nsa leaker edward snowden back to the united states as a gift to president trump who called him a traitor. and the president hinting at a new executive order on immigration after numerous attempts to enact the first failed in court. the president says we can expect more on that monday. and good news for britney spears. the singer's niece has been released from the hospital after a scary atv accident last week and left her submerged under water. the family is thanking everyone for their prayers. let's start with the download. the recap of the biggest headlines. >> from the victory parade for the patriots to the wild weather across the country and the stern lecture i got from a "today" show fan about my wardrobe choices. those are some stories that
6:02 am
caught our attention this week. wild weather whipped across the country. blanketing the northeast in snow. >> a dozen states slammed by a fast moving storm. plows had trouble keeping up. >> we can't keep up. >> which led to icy and treacherous conditions along roads and highways. >> a far cry from the day before. washington, d.c., baltimore, philadelphia and new york city all saw record-high temperatu s temperatures. in the south. >> look at this. >> tornadoes tore through communities. >> it is all gone. >> among the hardest hit areas. new orleans east. some of the same neighborhoods ravaged by katrina a decade ago. >> and in politics, big wins for president trump's cabinet picks. >> president trump's secretary of ed ucation sworn-in. betsy devos the first cabinet nominee to require the vice president to break a tie. >> nomination is confirmed.
6:03 am
>> the senate late wednesday confirming attorney general jeff sessions. he helped shape the president's policies, including on immigration. the fierce debate over sessions putting democrat elizabeth warren on the spotlight after she was silenced for speaking negatively about her fellow senator. >> she was warned. nevertheless, she persisted. >> the president's latest critic? neil gorsuch. >> he is disheartened by the comments made by president trump about the judiciary. >> details emerged about the top secret raid in yemen that killed a navy s.e.a.l. last week. the target. qassam al rimi. >> we know the gamble to capture him was not a success. he is alive in yemen according to multiple officials who confirm al rimi released an
6:04 am
audio recording taunting donald trump. the fool of the white house got slapped at the beginning of the road in your lands. thousands of patriots fans line the streets to welcome home the super bowl champions. >> this is my favorite part. ben brady busting out the dab. >> we brought it home. >> what tom brady did not bring home was the shirt off his back sgrchlt p . >> but it in my bag. >> let the countdown begin. >> look what we built. ski mountain. we are getting ready for the one-year market until the winter olympics in pyeongchang, south korea. >> and speaking of winter. proof we southerners don't know
6:05 am
how to dress in a snowstorm. >> i'm going to be like your mother. dress better for the snowy weather. >> you don't have a scarf? >> you need a scarf. i see too much skin around your neck, craig. >> i was not adequately prepared for work. >> we didn't tell you this was coming. come on, craig, give a brother a break! >> i did feel bad for hanging al out to dry. >> it looks like you were at the beach and had swim trunks on. did you change? >> i did. >> you still have the skin. >> the video of me changing. >> craig, i got you something. i thought you didn't know what it was. this is what we do in the winter. a scarf. a big cloth here. many ways to wear it. >> you are sweet. >> may not be your style. >> is this unisex? i learned an important lesson. i keep a parka in the office now. >> it was exposed.
6:06 am
>> i thought you were going to unzip. >> i am thankful for the viewers who care about me. we have another check of the weather my new friend? >> you are welcome. you will love that. i do want it back. borrow. take from the office. we have been talking about snow. look what is going on here. we are talking about critical high-fire danger in amarillo, texas and the panhandle and through new mexico. very strong winds and low humidity. fire danger remains high. speaking of the heat. i love the headline here. seriously warm. this is no joke. february. do i need to remind you? look at the temperatures. all of the warm air from the gulf. you are looking at temperatures 20 to 30 degrees above average. dallas, 86 degrees. seriously? tulsa, 84. st. louis, 66 degrees. as we go through tomorrow, this air will move to the east. you know you will not need that scar
6:07 am
good morning, the bay area waking up to a mixture of some clouds and pretty mild temps. 48 degrees right now along the south bay. peninsula. also 48 in the tri-valley. also expecting to remain within those 40s for the next couple of hours, but we will be warming up. san francisco right now at 47 degrees. north bay, 41 degrees and here's a quick check of what you can expect for today. finally we saw that rain make its exit yesterday and now we will see high pressure start building which will make our temperatures climb into the 50s and the 60s, keeping a lot of sunshine across the bay area. looks like craig knows how to use it. >> i wear my scarf all the time. just not in the winter. just ahead, sharing the love. a group of young kids learning good sportsmanship after the devastating super bowl loss for the falcons. and the moment the white fluffy snow flakes becomes
6:08 am
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we're back on a saturday morning with a rossen reports update. >> with the major winter storms effecting millions across the country, there is a risk your roof can collapse from the heavy snow. we have jeff rossen here to show you how to stop your ceiling from caving in. good morning. >> good morning to you. congratulations. we made it past the big snowstorm. you know it is only february. more snowstorms are coming. no question. there could be a winter hazard at your house and you don't realize it. when snow piles on your roof t looks cool. the white flakes looking like a winter wonderland. it can turn heavy and dangerous. you can see what can happen if you don't take action. >> total devastation.
6:12 am
from gas stations to office buildings to stores with people inside. >> just crunch, crunch, crunch and it fell right down. >> reporter: heavy snow taking down roof after roof after roof. >> we heard a ba-boom. we looked up and the side of the building collapsed. >> reporter: and already this winter it is happening again and again. at this sports arena, athletes and spectators running out with seconds to spare. the roof caving in. the rafters buckling. the roof covered in heavy snow coming down. incredibly no one seriously injured. in colorado, the roof of the conference building crumbling from the weight. and in oregon, the roof of the elementary school gym giving way. it was empty at the time. the danger is real and here's
6:13 am
why. one cubic foot of snow weighs 7 pounds when it is dry. 20 pounds when wet. so 2 feet of snow across a flat roof can be 150,000 pounds. in this part of the roof alone, that's like three grand pianos crashing in your home. pitched roofs are not safe. 2 feet of snow is like 9 heavy duty pickup trucks. you are an expert. how many calls? >> over 500. >> you cannot hit all of those homes. if i cannot get my local roofer, do i get up there and do it myself? >> please don't do that. it is unsafe. you don't understand under the snow is a sheet of ice. you could fall or slip off the roof and kill yourself. >> just look. homeowners sent tumbling off the roofs in an avalanche of snow while doing it the wrong way. >> if you need to do it yourself, you need a ladder. it is a two-person job.
6:14 am
somebody at the bottom anchoring it. the ground is like the roof. hold it. >> i need one of these. a snow rake. >> not everybody has one. use a shovel or rake. anything. push it away from you. push it away. >> stay on the ladder. never get on the roof. >> don't get on the roof. >> still, experts say the risk of leaving the snow is huge. here is a quick tip to melt that rooftop ice. you don't need a ladder or shovel. you need calcium chloride. rock salt. you sprinkle on the sidewalk and driveway. this will seem weird. come on in here. this is a pair of pantyhose. you may look ridiculous. you want to pour the calcium chloride into the pantyhose. tie it up like this. you take this and you throw it into the gutters on the roof. just before a storm. it will melt all of the ice away. you can do it after the ice is
6:15 am
formed. it will melt. save money on pantyhose. back to you. >> that's useful. >> thank you. who knew? up next, trolling trump. which former white house staffer seems to be taking a jab at the new president by looking back at the old one. when i first started working with capital one, my dad called them up and asked for "the jennifer garner card" which is such a dad thing to do. after he gave his name the woman from capital one said "mr. garner, are you related to jennifer?" kind of joking with him. and my dad was so proud to tell her, "as a matter of fact, she is my middle daughter". so now dad has the venture card, he's earning his double miles, and he made a friend at the company. can i say it? go ahead! what's in your wallet? nice job dad. only tylenol® rapid release gels have laser drilled holes.
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back now on a saturday morning with the popular instagram account that is in throwback thursday mode. >> former white house photograph erin inundated his feed with photographs from obama.
6:19 am
indra is in the orange room with more. >> a clever instagram followers picked up on the photographer's subtle or not subtle attempt to troll president trump. check out the examples and see what you think. there was a time when the new president nominated neil gorsuch to the supreme court. happen to post a photo of obama with his choice for the same seat writing, merrick garland. just saying. the very same day, mr. trump told the president of mexico he would send in troops to take in bad hombres. then this photo with nieto with tequila. and this phone call with the prime minister, is sousa posted a photo of obama sharing a laugh with the new zealand neighbor. that's not all. of course, when the new york times reported the white house aides were holding meetings in the dark, sousa posted this
6:20 am
photo with aides with many lights. five to be exact. what do you think? i don't know if this is subtle? >> he is trolling. >> i don't have thoughts. indra, thank you. still to come, everything you need to know about tomorrow's grammys. we have the lowdown in popstart. but first this is "today" on nbc. - grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings. "wow" means you save 50% or more. there are three stages of wow: denial...
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6:22 am
all right. still ahead, valentine's day just around the corner. and whether you decide to stay in or go out. we have you coverayou covered. >> from how to impress on the first date to which movies to watch with your loved ones. we will tell you which made the cut. first these messages.
6:23 am
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6:26 on your saturday morning, and take a look at this. wow. the glimmering lights of san francisco. t the transamerica pyramid. a little glimpse of the moon.
6:27 am
a clear morning, for once, in the bay area. thanks so much for joining us. i'm korira klapper. vianey arana has a look at the forecast. no rain. >> no rain, and already enjoying the conditions and i'm sure a lot of early commuters are as well because the last week has not been an ideal situation when it comes to the roads. temps, no too bad. 40s. a few scattered clouds. 48 degrees in the south bay. along the peninsula, 48 degrees. tri-valley, 46 degrees and in san francisco, a nice 47. north bay chilliest at about 41 degrees, but if you had any plans to recover, today will be a great day to try to kind of take back the sunshine and spend it outdoors. plus, i also have a look ahead at the temps and conditions you can expect for the giants fan fest and also i know we have the chinese new year parade. all of that at 7:00. >> stay tuned for that, vianey. for now, the rain may be over,
6:28 am
like vianey said, but plenty of troubles remain. crewing are scrambling to make repairs across the bay area, but it could it take some timea look from the nbc chopper. a gaping hole after a south bay highway collapses. governor brown requested help from president trump, urging the president to issue a major disaster declaration. for the latest trouble spot, that's highway 35, which is skyline boulevard in los gatos. this is a road frequently used by both cars and cycliscyclists. take a look what's left of it in the los gatos hills. this is about the biggest collapse we've seen all winter. about 200 feet white, 50 feet deep. remarkably, no one injured in this collapse. this morning there's a threat of a smaller slide about half a mile away. fred glover lives in between the two. >> i don't know what they'll do here where it's only partially out, because they got to figure out how to keep it from eroding further. i don't know how they're going to manage that. it's going to be an interesting few months. >> trues say the hillside
6:29 am
continues to inch down this morning. caltrans will begin working on solutions on monday. they say they hope more of the road doesn't disappear over the weekend. 6:29. coming up at 7:00 on "today in the bay," police are gathering clues about a man who robbed a girl scout. we'll hear from her and her mother, who both recall that frightening moment. that, plus all your top stories and a dry forecast is on the way. we hope you stay with us, but for now we'll send you back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
good morning. nbc news exclusive. edward snowden's reaction to our bombshell report. word that russia may send the nsa leaker back to the united states as a gift for president trump. we're live with that this morning. take two. the president hinting a new executive order on immigration after suffering repeated defeats in court over his controversial travel ban. and the eve of the grammys is upon us. we'll give you the lowdown of what to expect, including that highly anticipated showdown with beyonce and adele. and sheinelle catching up with the best rap album.
6:31 am
today, saturday, february 11th, 2017. ♪ you're the only one i need ♪ >> all the way from texas. >> greetings from illinois on the mighty mississippi. >> look at us. we're on the "today" show. >> it's our birthday. >> "today" show, can you get my mom to get me car keys? >> good morning. >> oh, give her the car keys. good saturday morning. welcome back to "today." we had some interesting weather here all week in new york from the record-high temperatures and snowstorm and hail and rain or shine. nonetheless, we have a good crowd on the plaza. we appreciate those folks for stopping by. indra is outside. we will get to her in a bit. we start with the latest on
6:32 am
president trump who is hirnting at a new executive order on immigration after the attempts on the first one failed. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in florida. >> reporter: good morning, craig. a long time since a president took a foreign leader home for the weekend, but that is happening today with mr. trump hosting japanese prime minister shinzo abe on a golf course here in the area. it will be a mix of work and play. during the flight on air force one here to florida, the president and mrs. donald trump went back to talk to recordrepo. he talked about the setbacks for the seven country travel ban. he suggested a new strategy. >> unfortunate part it takes time. we'll win that battle. we also have a lot of other options, including filing a new order on monday. >> reporter: white house officials tell us that the president will still have all
6:33 am
options available that would include things like trying to pursue with a supreme court. we heard he is talking about a new replacement executive order which would stop the issue with the courts. this morning, the president used twitter to talk about the issue. he tweeted our legal system is broken. he takes a quote here from the conservative d.c. paper. 77% of refugees allowed in u.s. since travel retrieve. so do you thiangerous. nbc news has not verified that stat. we share are it because the president is using that to make his case this morning. >> kelly for us in florida. thanks. let's look at the other headlines beginning with the nbc news exclusivexclusive on edwar snowden. officials are considering turning over the former contractor to the u.s. as a gift for president trump. a senior official who monitors
6:34 am
intelligence says the kremlin is formulating ploys to curry favor. snowden said this is evidence he was never a spy. no country trades away spies. if he returns, he faces 30 years in prison for exposing secrets. the flu is hitting especially hard this season hitting peaks in 43 states. classes at the st. louis school canceled yesterday when around 100 children called in sick. it's been the same at schools in oklahoma and texas. the centers for disease control and prevention says that's from the virus which is higher than this time last year. this week, a 6-year-old ohio girl died from rare complicati n complications of the flu. a dramatic rescue in florida caught on camera. look at this. police raced to a burning car that burst into flames after hitting a concrete barrier. you see one running to the blaze to drag the driver to safety. not a moment too soon. the car explodes.
6:35 am
they were working on the injured man nearby. the driver is expected to recover. folks out west dealing with wild weather. in california, heavy rains causing levees to flood northern communities. the second largest reservoir a few feet from overflowing. saturated hillsides up and down the coast. high winds wreaking havoc. check this out. that crash on camera this week. posted to take wind advisories seriously. no one was in the patrol car when the trailer flipped over. let's go to indra with a final check of the check. out on the plaza. >> it doesn't feel that bad. we had heavy snowfall he yesterday. i'm not sure tammy agrees with me. we have a "today" show super fan. what is your name? >> dima. >> you are here every week?
6:36 am
>> today i got lucky. i just came back to new york. it is lovely. >> did you love the snow? >> yes. >> that is a new one. i'm glad you did. more is going to be headed our way. look at the maps. a major nor'easter is expected to move in. new york? not looking for snow. d.c. to philadelphia. just rain. let me tell you this system is powerful. it is really expecting to develop toward sunday night and monday. look at the snow totals. over 1 foot of snowfall. especially toward portions of maine and portland. upstate new york. 6 inches. it is not just a snowmaker, but blizzard conditions. very strong gusts up good morning. finally starting to see peeks of sunshine, now that that storm made its exit, we are expecting to see trend of drying and warming weather across the bay area.
6:37 am
peninsula right now seeing partly cloudy skies at 48 degrees. the south bay also seeing a few scattered clouds, and in san francisco, look at this gorgeous shot along golden gate bridge. 47 degrees right now. we will be warming up into those 50s and 60s as we begin to see high pressure dominate yet again in the forecast. so it's nice now, but i'm not sure for how long, guys. >> craig and sheinelle, back to you. >> perfect. >> we'll take it. she's hired. >> thank you, indra. with the music's biggest awards show a day away. a sit down with dee jay khalid about his rise to success and why he is winning. and the superstar with the latest on beyonce and adele. the couveted awards all tomorro at the grammys, but fi
6:38 am
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we're back on a saturday morning. it is time to trend. happy to have joelle joining us on saturday morning. >> thank you for having me. >> we know the saying it is not about winning or losing, but how you play the game. >> often said by losers. i'm kidding. >> a group of pre-k students are putting that to good use. the falcons had a hard team last week. the kids in primrose, georgia wrote letters to the players. the teacher wanted to teach the kids all about good sportsmanship. i'm sure the players appreciated it. sweet in the hand writer. >> you take it back. >> now i feel bad. we have been talking about valentine's day. here's one for all of the single folks watching. a web side. it asked 1,000 people about the
6:42 am
top tips in making a good impression on the first date. here are the tips. having a sense of humor counts. half of those surveyed said humorous date is impressive. >> absolutely. >> another tip. the next one, be thoughtful. listen. find out what your date likes and doesn't like to do ahead. >> don't look at me. >> i didn't say anything. >> you see how he looked at me. >> and finally, this might surprise you. people say they are impressed about how someone spends his or her cash. is that true? >> i plead the fifth. >> if you are on a date. >> i don't know. a first date? i don't think you want to talk about money. >> no. >> it's the thought for me. thoughtfulness. if you think of something special. >> you remember back to the days when you were dating? >> i do. i married my college sweetheart. our first date. i do remember. >> is he a funny guy?
6:43 am
>> she is not telling the story. >> we have coupons. >> you are in love. >> and "the simpsons" playing behind me in the college bar. he's watching. >> he took out his coupons. >> we got married 17 years later. >> this turned out well. >> here's a good one. >> this is good. successful surgery for a 20-year-old. going viral. the 20-year-old's name is bob. he is a goldfish. bob's family took him to the doctor known for operating on exotic animals. he had a tumor. his surgery took 30 minutes with all of the works. anesthesia and heart rate monitor and tank of water. doctors cut off the tumor. bob is home safe and sound.
6:44 am
>> that doesn't sound cheap. joelle. >> the grammys are tomorrow. to get you up to speed, i have a cheat sheet for you. james corden is hosting the show. hold your breath. lady gaga and keith you aurban katy perry are some of the big names taking the stage. speaking of queen bey, she leads with nine nods. all eyes on her and adele. the two are going head-to-head in four categories. including album, song, record of the year and another one. as for tributes. two. one for prince and another for george michael. how could they not be unforgettable? moving on. valentine's day is almost here. if you are alone or spending with a friend or someone special. it is the perfect day to cuddle up and watch a movie.
6:45 am
the folks at fandango have you covered. after surveying a couple thousand, they came up with the most romantic movies to watch this valentine's day. coming in at number five. "dirty dancing." number four, "pretty woman." number three, "the notebook." number two, surprising to me. ryan reynolds "dead pool." and taking the number one spot is done. finally, get ready to say hello to my little friend. why did i do that? there is a "scarface" reboot in the works. the classic was brought to the big screen in 1932 and then al
6:46 am
pacino in the remake. and joel and ethan coen will reboot that. august 10th, 2018. i apologize for all of those quotes. i couldn't resist. >> i don't know about remaking "scarface." >> am i the only person who hasn't seen the original? >> you are off the island. up next, look into the life of dee jay khalid. but first this is "today" on nbc. - grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings.
6:47 am
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6:48 am
♪ morning with just one day to go until the biggest award show of the year. the grammys. one arretist getting a lot of
6:49 am
attention. >> this is hip hop dj khaled. if his name doesn't ring a bell, we are sure his music will. i sat down with him and he shared keys to his success. ♪ all i do is win, win, win >> the hook millions of fans turned into an anthem. ♪ go up >> they scream and hands in the sky. just pure energy and pure love. it's like, you know, that's what i live for, you know? that's what i work hard for. >> dj khaled worked hard as a producer and dee jay and label head. it wasn't always ciraq and albums. he grew up throwing local parties and producing songs. khaled built a following in miami with himself. what really launched him?
6:50 am
>> flash on the phone. >> the adventure that played out in real-time on snapchat. an experience when he got lost on a jet ski in the dark. after that, his followers skyrocketed. >> i was at the apple store getting my phone fixed. i snapchat i was in the store. i realized ten minutes later, thousands of people in the store. i'm looking around like is justin bieber here or the beatles here? >> he has 4.foll million follown twitter. he lives on social media where nothing is off limits. even the birth of his son. >> beautiful mom. is she like if you don't put up that phone. >> all the time. all the time. >> khaled is known for many phrases. >> it costs money to drink water. fan love.
6:51 am
>> breaks them all down in the new best selling book "the keys." his twist on a self help book. >> my journey. my keys are my journey. i'll give you the keys i have. when i was coming up, they hid the keys. >> give me an example of the keys. talk to me about that. >> they don't want us to talk about the keys. they don't want me he on this e amazes show with you. they want us to be miserable. they want us to be broke. we will make purchasure we win and stay blessed and keep winning. >> other keys include respect the code. secure the bag. and special cloth alert to name a few. khaled is so popular, he turned into a commercial pitch man. >> did you have a tax question? >> yes, miss tax lady . >> i inspired me to hop on snapchat.
6:52 am
>> i did a big, big, big interview with? >> sheinelle from the "today" show. he told me this is one of the best. >> amazing. >> one thing's for sure, his positive energy is contagious. >> so much negativity out there. i don't want to be part of that. i want to be part of joy and happiness. you know? there is so much negative out there. why do we fall for the trap? we all have the choice. >> a couple of days after the interview, he went to harvard to speak with students at harvard. what is his secret sauce? he does stuff at middle schools. when he walks into a school, the kids go crazy. from students at harvard to middle schoolers in florida. he is just -- >> he has the markets covered. >> secure the bag. >> secure your money. special cloth. you're special. he has phrases his fans know. it is encouraging.
6:53 am
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bay .... vo a mysterious instigaon w perway in the south bay. good morning. i'm kira klapper. coming up next on "today in the bay," a mysterious investigation in the south bay. why police think a hit-and-run is connected to a dead body found in a parking garage. also, a highway collapsed during the recent storms. why caltrans says it can only get worse. and a teenager who robbed a girl scout. new clues. we talked to the girl and her mom about that frightening moment. - grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good saturday morning to you. it is 7:00 and here's a live look outside. wow. beautiful skies as we look at san jose from communications hill. for the first time in what feels like a very long time, no rain out our camera this morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at that microclimate forecast. you say this weekend is the weekend to get out and enjoy. >> it is. you're going to wake up to maybe sunshine, finally, right. >> wow. >> so i think today's going to be a good day for you.


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