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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 13, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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squad work out is on friday. the team's first guy is next friday against the cincinnati reds. at the end of last year, the giants link pictures of mark with the new contract. it's 6:00. crews are working around the clock to repair spillway at dam. 200 though people under evacuation order right now. crews are there. we have team coverage with all the of the overnight developments. >> reporter: all hand on deck to fix the dam including the use of the bulldozer that you see
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behind me. i'll explain coming up. santa cruz mountain where crews are trying to clear mud slide from last week. today in the bay continues right now. we have team coverage of the problem at orville dam this morning on left side of the screen. we have crew monitors to -- >> on the right that's live look at command center where we are standing by from updates from department of water resources. thank you for joining us. a lot of happening this morning. mike going to get to that in a second. first, critical time for folks in orville. >> there's not a lot of time before the next storm system
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moves in. as we continue to get a lot of things in order with more heavy rain in the forecast for the week, as with you head outdoor, we still have clear conditions. looking good to start out the week. 42 degrees in nasa. school in morgan hill fairfield. the satellite imagery shows you the clusters in the cloud. right now, mike see changes in the fremont crash. >> here what photographer live camera telling me, these folks behind the tractor-trailer is able to exit.
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you can michigan boulevard. that's open. but cannot get on. no automall durn ham but you can exit to technology circle. as we head through that area, the south bay is not a problem. visible from 680. meanwhile, 580 slow because of one lane blocked. we have slow lane blocked as we look toward 17, jamming up. still lane restrictions. back to you. we continue to follow breaking news this morning, nearly 200,000 people remain under evacuation orders right now. as crews are trying to fix
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erosion on emergency spillway ot the dam. the emergency dam. >> it's about 150 mile northeast of san francisco, 75 north of sacramento. it is largest man made lakes in the california. >> officers from california are helping out with evacuation. as they try and reduce the dam's level by 50 feet ahead of storms expected on wednesday. we have reports monitoring the situation. this picture from command center. today in the bay, pete is live near the dam where crews movi
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movi moving bolders to shore up the dam. >> good morning. as you mentioned we are about 160 miles north of san francisco. the spot we're in is south of orville. the bulldozers are being used to back up rocks to shore up emergency spillway. the orville lake levels have dropped but the evacuations are still in place. we know nearly 200,000 people were evacuated sunday afternoon after engineers spotted erosion at head of the orville dam. on saturday water began flowing over the emergency spay way for the first time in recent history.
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if the emergency spillway were to fail it would send flood waters to nearby areas, the department of water resources the orville levels are dropped. the department of resources should get better idea of the damages to the emergency spillway. they made it clear that they would rather be safe than sorry. pete, for today in the bay. >> in the meantime we will continue to monitor this situation. you can follow the latest information online at although the rain has moved out, the damage will still impact commuters this morning. a live look at highway 17 where crews are hoping to have a mud
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slide clear by tomorrow evening. crews are still cleaning up mess from last week's mud slide. drivers should plan to be 20 to 30 minutes longer on the roadway. >> they tweeted this photo out of car stuck in the sinkhole. >> on highway 37 this is still closed because the earlier flooding. this morning caltran is working to push water back into creek. but it's not clear if it will be cleaned up in time. >> in the sierra crews still working to clean up this mud slide. caltran says it runs from strawberry in el dora do.
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>> yesterday she and local leaders toured homes. she is trying to fast track funding. >> they are not democratic mud slide or republican mud slides, we parter with the state to get funding. >> power lines leaning, it storms have cause the more than $10,0 $10,000 -- the corridor express is
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closing all the services from stock ton to san jose. trains are being rerouted through that because of the storm damage. they are hoping to restore the damage as quickly as possible. union pacific has to reroute freight trains. passenger trains are going run but could be delayed because track shutdown. they span 160 miles from san jose to sacramento. a lot is happening there today. >> we are on top of the stories out of the d.c. we are following this for you this morning. prime minister will visit white house today. the leaders are expected to talk about common economic interest, jobs, economic growth and trade. they are expecteding to discuss things they don't agree on like
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global trade, immigration and refugee policy. >> all of this coming as immigration agents conduct round up operation of undocumented immigrants. >> top trump administration aides are lashing out about halt travel ban. hostile people from entering the country. >> it is 6:10 on monday morning. we are look at some cold temperatures for the starlt of this week. as we head to the through we are going to see cooler temperatures but rain. i'll talk about the time lane and look at planner coming up
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today. >> we have offramp reopening. we'll track that. this early issue blocking lanes approaching dublin interchange. there's no more fire. the back up is built in. you pretty much standard. one lane blocked approaching darty. getting over toward bay bridge, cancellation in the corridor delayed because of the issues in the valley. not a problems on the road. back to you. >> thank you, very much. bart police arrest a man on suspicion of assaulting a woman. retailers to drop trump's products coming up. >> take a look in business and
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ask tech.
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it's 6:14. good morning. we start out with patchy fog across part of the bay area. throughout day a chilly start with clouds here and there. clouds continue to mix in with the sun. high in the low 60s.
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rain on the way. coming up at 6:19. a live look. that's local landmark. the problem with truck blocking slowdown. coming up. lots to keep track of this morning. one man is under arrest accused assaulting a woman. officers arrived to find a man and woman involved in sexual activity that was not consen wal. the average price of gas is falling. a dropped demand is low.
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because of severe weather across the country. the national average is $2.28. you will pay $2.97. $2.87. and $2.85. retailers say we are focusing on profitable -- the stock market this morning start the day off at new records. >> yellen chris testifying before congress. that will be her first time since donald trump became president. that happens tuesday. all-time high, nasdaq, s&p, dow,
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hitting new records. dow up 96. nasdaq 18. mark fields joining others pressuring the trump white house this morning to scale back washington's fuel efficiency requirements. the cars that cars get 50 miles per gal lan by 2025. that's will cost jobs that's likely to get president trump attention. this is another case of california forging its own path. california has independent requirements especially in electric and hybrid course to force auto makers to adopt california laws. it announced investment in self-driving car. ford wants to skip ahead from
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what tesla is doing. ford want to make cars at ford without a steering while, cars that drive itself. >> starting today, unlimited data $80 for first, it's a huge number. 22 is a huge number. may be a few people do that. >> thank you. severe weather continues to wreak havoc on people. heavy snow fell across new england. wind gusts reaching 50 miles per hour. >> wow! we are plenty of that in the days before. we have sunshine to enjoy. >> yes. we're look at more days of
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sunshine and series of storm systems will be here by the end of week. let's take a live look. we do there's low clouds in spots. visibility is nice and clear. 48 degrees head up to 60est later today. 38 degrees now in fairfield. upper 30s in morgan hill. peninsula, 60 degrees in san francisco. 62 degrees in the east bay. series of storm systems lining up in the pacific, four of them on the way. the first one arrived late wednesday into thursday. the first one moving in early thursday morning.
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move from the south bay to the south. continue to see showers moving in. a couple of breaks in between. saturday will be a little break with scattered showers on sunday. looking at between now and friday, the rainfall total 1.2 to 4 inches towards santa cruz mountain. we are concern people with disabilities what will happen around lake orville with dam that they are trying shore up around the emergency spillway. and with additional rainfall this could cause some -- a lot of flooding for parts of the central valley. if you're following me on facebook and twitter, i'll keep you up-to-date. looking ahead to this week, in san francisco, temperatures in the 60s to start.
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cooling off by the weekend. >> even though the off ramps are reopened, we still see a lot of slowing. it's 6:21 by the way. it's smooth flow of traffic right. there's 680 moving a lot better. flashing lights as they prepare to tow the big rig. that will be a distraction. back out to map. in the tri valley, not causing a major back up. no problems toward west 80 bay
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bridge. back to you. coming up a couple found dead into an apartment. police are looking into as a possible cause of death. plus nbc bay area are you spaying to look at credit report. >> don't pay to fw get your credit report. go to annual credit, the one and only official site. if you have a consumer complaint you can call the number on the screen or log on to
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welcome back. 6:25 on monday morning. one person in critical condition after hit-and-run. police are looking for driver. it happened on 1:00 in sunday afternoon. the person was crossing the road in the cross walk when she was was hit. the car could have damage on the front of it. it was last seen turning into may fair village neighborhood. two people found this weekend. police are investigating death of 85-year-old and 89-year-old.
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police were called to detached ground level apartment on has skel street in berkeley. one man who identify himself as family friend told nbc bay area they suspected carbon monoxide poiseening. >> she was a great person. took care of her kids and grandkids. >> we are looking at this as suspicious. we're are going to look at everything to determine what happened. >> they conclude that another couple and cat did day from car done monoxide poise onning.
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erosion to emergency spillway to the orville dam evacuated 200,000 people. the game plan for crews heading into today. >> a mud slide causing problem for commuters trying get into valley. you're watching today in the bay. we're following breaking news t
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s right now we're following
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breaking news this morning as crews are trying to fill spillway at orville dam. this live look near the dam. the plan is to airdrop those bolders to stop erosion on the emergency spillway. nearly 200,000 people remain under evacuation this morning. >> we have live camera we're standing by incase there's updated on the progress they are are making. "today in the bay" pete will bring report coming up in a few minutes. in the meantime, thanks for joining us. efforts ob the way to lower the spillway. we do have more rain in moving in by the end the week. we have couple more days of dry
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weather and warm weather. 38 degrees in morgan hill. upper 40s. up to 64 degrees at 5:00 and cooling down. as we go through the forecast, rain on the rain by thursday, i'll detail that coming up. >> we have issues closure from last week and can the storms caused flooding. so we have one lane open over the summit. fremont, we have westbound at 580. slow getting in toward dublin. we see restricted traffic flow. southbound 680. slowing once again auto mall
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park way. the photographer shows flashing light as corner of ash good and closer to freeway, as they prepare to move a big rig. use michigan, back to you. we continue to follow breaking news. nearly 200,000 people have been evacuated as crews try to fix a problem at orville spillway. >> the dam is about 150 miles mortgage of san francisco, 75 miles north of sacramento. >> there was questions about the integrity of the emergency
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spillway. governor brown issuing emergency order to have law enforcement offers help with the evacuation process. guards are been put on notice. several centers have opened and some of people -- pete is live near the dam. we know they are working with the boll ders. do you know how soon they will be dropping them into the cabin? >> good morning. no, no word as when that airdrop will take place. we're here in orville about 160 miles north of san francisco. you have sacramento authorities tweeting and backing up those rock that will be use to airdrop
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bolders to shore up spillway. the orville lake levels have dropped. evacuation are still in place. here quick recap. i'll show arial of the dam now. nearly 200 though people were evacuated sunday afternoon after the engineers spotted erosion at head of the orville dam. earlier last week, and then on saturday water began spilling over that dam. if it had spilled it would have resulted in major flooding. folks scrambling to get out of town off of marsville. folks leaving their homes not sure what they are going to come
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back to. >> we thought we were okay and this all of a sudden, bam glc! t you need to leave. >> according to department of water resources emergency spillway flows have stopped. they will get a better idea of the levdam now that the levels e dropped. details later on that this among. live in orville pete sor rat toe, live in the bay. until the sunrises ands they get a clear view, the -- we want to get perspective of where this is. there's orville dam, and that
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had previously damage but we are concerned about the emergency spillway that was what they are trying fix with the bolders. the green shading is the towns affected by the flash flooding that continues to 4:15 this afternoon. the spillover called extreme erosion. this is expected to continue to drop. as we heard from pete, the emergency spillway is not being over topped this morning. we are seeing improvements there. we'll continue to monitor this over the next several days. >> we are bringing you update
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through the newscast and online at there's problems for drivers along santa cruz mountains. >> "today in the bay" bob is there. the highway was fully supposed to reopen today. it sound like it's going to take longer than that. >> 24 hours. good morning, to you. the mud slide shutdown roads in the santa cruz mountains. until then, commuters are trying to get into silicon valley will have to give themselves extra time. an additional 20 to 30 minutes. we have been out here a number of times, we have seen the
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problems the mud slide caused since last tuesday. one killed, another injured badly. highway 17 was closed down and mud slide reak -- reactivated. a mud slide cut through the road leaving a canyon with 300 feet across 300 feet teep. caltrans trying figure out how to if fix that section of the road. bob, "today in the bay." police are investigating a homicide. this happened around 10:45 friday night.
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officer respond to reports of stolen car. someone called police said man pointed gun at her and took her car keys. they heard gunshot and found a man who died at the scene. police have not identify the suspect nor the victim. country club was scene of stand off. driver pulled into country club and refeud to get out. he pulled out knife and stabbed himself. they convinced the man to throw the knife out and surrender. the man was taken to the hospital. we are coming up 6:40. we have seen some areas, patchy
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low spots. we are for the kids, going to have to chilly temperatures standing on the bus stop at 7:00. we'll have upper 30s to lower 40s in the bay area. make sure the names is on the tag as we head over to mike better news. >> we'll looking over here, most of the bay is looking good. we have better news for dublin finally clear. it wasn't a bad backup. things are moving well, all lanes are open. slower drive, 680. typical pattern getting over to
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the san mateo bridge. back to you. coming up, hundreds of firefighters are at orville dam incase it fails. meet the fire fighters putting themselves in harm's way. >> a new face representing the white house. we'll take a look. investigators remain bullish on economic challenge. as you see challenge across the board. dow up 99 point in early trading.
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it is 6:44 on this monday morning of the here live look outside. look at planner for today it will be cool to start. you need heavier jacket. as we go through afternoon, a mix of sunny clouds. we are going to see major changes as we go through the week. i'll have a look at 6:50. we just missed action. eastbound lanes are clean now.
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we'll see project and when it will open. >> a swift water rescue team is in the lake orville area to help with rescue should there be mass flooding if that secondary spillway fails. the 15 firefighters began four-hour drive yesterday. they responded back in 1997. last time all teams headed out on mission was during hurricane katrina in 2005. mayor was to rid city of garbage left on street. expanding garbage pick up to junk. more than one thousand mattress
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were found on the street since july of last year. happening today in politics, president trump is hosting prime minister face-to-face meeting with canada leaders. they will focus on -- ivanka trump big on organizing that event. scott mccrew has been examing president's 100 days in office. >> the white house switching up batting order with the new guy making sunday morning talk show circuit. stephen miller. here he is telling george that voter fraud is a real thing. >> voter fraud serious problem in this country. you have millions registered and
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dead registered to vote. >> let's make this clear, there's no evidence of widespre widespread voter fraud. none. voter fraud serious problem in this country. this is totally misleading because they are millions of people registered in two states. they move from one to another and people do die but after they are dead they don't contact the regular strar of voters because they are dead. but they are not voting. voting would be fraudulent they are just registered and that is not fraud. as far as the ninth court goes, the court says he has no business talking about -- here
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he is talking about cbs. >> the media and the world will soon see as we take action that the powers of the prosecute tec country -- >> the powers will not be questioned that's now how to works. back to you. >> as we continue to look. thank you, scott. >> his policy throughout the first 100 days on today with the bay. you can share your shouts because it's @scott mcgrew. mountains have enough snow
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to keep the slopes open until the 4th of july. this is video from last month. 35 feet of snow so far, more snow is on the way. can you wrap your mind around the numbers. 35 feet, almost assal tall as are. >> more rain coming this weekend. >> a couple more days of dry weather and we'll be concern especially as more rain forecast for the end of the week. and they are trying to shore up the emergency spillway. this is what it looks like now, we are starting to see things stacking up. 42 degrees but heading up to 65
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degrees later on today. warming up with sunshine later today. expect mix of sunshine and clouds tomorrow. as we look outside now, we do have upper 30s to upper 40s. we talked about the orville dam and can the areas affected about this, the flash flooding in effect. we can see where it is where we have concerns of flooding and do expect this to expire as we go through the day but a closure look at water way and the lake and the dam as well as some of the tribute eartha feeds into central valley.
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the time line of that starts to move in with heavy rain late wednesday night early thursday morning. a couple of waves by the end of the week. we are look at four systems between now and early next week. we are expecting potential rounld round of rain bring east bay and north bay. look to the north where the water is spilling down from northern california there will be 5 inches of rain. i'll keep you up-to-date with of this. it looks to be a soggy weekend. >> some of those cleanups we know about.
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last one highway 17. one lane in each direction open. we have flood that is has to be cleared out from highway 17 hopely by this afternoon. you're look at standard flow of traffic closer to the inner bay. we do see just reopened lane. it's wet roadway. tractor-trailer issue has been cleaned up. back on to 680. as we slow forest of the day we'll talk about mass transit coming up. adele is talk of the town for today, but do-over. >> i'm sorry for swearing can we start it again. i'm sorry.
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>> the par rals of live tv, she was singing george michael's fast love. she started over and finished the song in tears. she won album of the year. you she prince tribute by bruno mars. chance the wrapper, he streams it all for free, that's first for the grammys. "snl" saw big ratings. >> alec baldwin impersonating donald trump. this is his 17th time hosting
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"snl" and $17 million people watching the show. the president is not a fan. the show is boring, not funny and should be recast. coming up next, shore up lake orville spillway to avoid major disaster. happening now, a big rig jackknife blocking lanes. plus redevelopment of hunters shipyard, investigate are look into radiation. we'll be back in two minutes. [ alarm clock beeping ]
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when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can. welcome back on monday morning. here top stories nbc bay area. orville a lot of work overnight to fix the erosion. >> reporter: good morning. we are 160 miles of san
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francisco. behind me we have excavators in place. the bolders will be airdropped to shore up orville dam. evacuation of 200 though people due to potential of spillway failing and flooding the area. crews will have a better idea of the damage this morning but the evacuation for those 200 though people are still in place. pete, for "today in the bay." the road is open but there's a slowdown. caltran rems that you build in extra 20 to 30 minutes to your commute time. the highway is expected to open tomorrow. happening today, murder try resuming. last week, lamar's mother and
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friend testified in court. he killed lamar. defense claim teenager ran away. beautiful weekend, live pictures from downtown. >> that's a little fog. we will have sunshine in the next couple of days. here surface. 44 degrees chili tri-valley. reaching into 60s today. mike has been tracking delays. >> low clouds. traffic moves well, no surface because of the flooding, rerouting some of the capital corridor trains.
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all right, that's what happening today in the bay. back is the 7:25. live reports from orville through the morning. have a great day. see you at 11:00. good morning. breaking news. a massive evacuation in northern california. nearly 200,000 people ordered to leave their homes. amid fears of spillway at the nation's tallest dam could fail. >> essentially what we're looking at is 30-foot wall of water that would come out of the lake. >> in the northeast another nasty winter storm. blizzard conditions, up to two feet of snow expected. thousands of flights canceled or delayed nationwide. on flynn ice? nbc news learned some of president trump's aides are pressuring him to fire his national security adviser. did michael flynn intentionally mislead the white house about


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