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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 14, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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fix. the evacuation order has been downgraded. they need to be ready to leave again if things go ba bad. water officials are drained enough of the lake so the emergency spillway will not be needed to handle runoff from the next storm which should arrive on thursday. if it's needed, crews are needing what you're seeing here, helicopter to place the bolder ons the emergency spillway to cover up the erosion that popped up last weekend. let's begin with mark matthews in downtown oroville which ismeis coming back to life. >> reporter: you can see behind me downtown oroville still pretty quiet on this valentine's evening, but there are cars on the street and there are signs of life. the town of oroville emptied out this weekend as the river rose. holes in the dam prompted the
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sheriff to order an evacuation. this officer got his family to safety. >> i think it was traumatizing from everyone to kids to wife. i don't think anybody expects to deal with something like this. >> reporter: he told us there have been come break-ins in oroville. >> there's been some people taking stuff, there's been some theft and burglaries. >> reporter: but at the largest evacuation area, people were giving things away. oroville school counselor amy mcmahon was among the volunteers. >> there's a lot of tension. there are people that are living hour by hour right now. >> i've heard two weeks, i've heard monday, saturday. nobody knows. >> reporter: the red cross confirms there's been a lack of good information at the shelter. but the biggest concern remains the dam. >> my kids don't want to live in oroville any longer. >> the north valley animal disaster group have been caring
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for 400 dogs, cats, birds, pigs, a couple of bunnies and a turtle. the sheriff is asking that everyone retrieve their pets on their way home. christy palmer rolled down pine street to her home with her family, her dog and her rabbit. >> reporter: how happy are you to be home? >> man, you don't know. you don't know. i am way happy. >> reporter: are you worried about the dam? >> i'm worried more about that they knew there was a problem and it wasn't taken care of. >> reporter: everyone in oroville and beyond is concerned about that dam. and with another storm on the way, the sheriff has made it clear there could be another evacuation order. reporting from downtown oroville, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. well within the last hour the trump white house approved an emergency declaration for california to coordinate a response in case the oroville
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spalway does fail. the administration followed those events mentioning in today's daily prez briefing. >> the situation is a tex book example of why we need to pursue a major infrastructure package in congress. >> spicer added that the administration is working closely with fema and with other government agencies to make sure that residents stay safe. today's declaration will coordinate relief and recovery efforts and emergency efforts for the people in the path of the spillway and the river. >> it's nonstop motion in oroville tonight. the skies are buzzing with the helicopter drops that we mentioned. jodi hernandez has been there for the past 48 hours. what's the biggest fear moving forward now? >> reporter: well there's a lot of uncertainty here tonight. people are being allowed to return home in part because of the massive repair operation that's been under way here. these big bags are filled with sand and rock and crews have
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been working around the clock to place these bags and the rocks on to that damaged spillway. and apparently it's paying off. >> this is an aggressive proactive attack to address the erosion concern. >> crews have been using helicopters and heavy equipment to place 30 tons of rock an hour on the e raided earthen spillway at the oroville dam. and tonight it appears that the fix is working. >> we have concluded that it is safe to reduce the immediate evacuation order currently in place to an evacuation warning. >> reporter: after two days, the butte county sheriff gave 188,000 evacuated residents the call clear to return home. officials feared that the erosion could lead to massive flooding downstream. the main spillway suffered damage too but tonight the immediate danger has passed.
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>> the spillway has been stable for four days. >> reporter: the department of water resources has managed to lower the lake level to make room for the next forecast some and they'll continue bolstering the problem areas. >> engineers from the state, the federal government and contract engineers as well will continue to direct the work by the construction crews on site for days, weeks and likely months to come. >> reporter: but not everyone is comfortable returning home. >> i don't have a lot of faith in dwr. >> reporter: this man has been housing his brother's family on higher ground. >> i know my brother got evacuated. he's not going back. he's staying here. he's not going to go back. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you see the crews are working to fill more bags with rock and sand. this is a 24-hour operation. again, folks are being allowed to return to their homes but a warning is still in place. they're being advised that may be asked to leave again if
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necessary. experts don't expect that to happen but they want everybody to be ready and prepare. i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. the order evacuation order has been rescinded by that evacuation warning is in effect still. especially as the new storm arrives. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now with a look at the water levels and what we can expect over the next couple of days. >> the officials leaving the evacuation warning in place for good reason. nobody knows the end result of what the storm systems will do as they roll in. in terms of the current lake level. we've seen a dramatic drop enabling them to do the rock drops and to get the engineers out here to look at the damage. it was at 902.59 feet at the height. it's dipped down to 885.18. we think based on the current you flow it could go as low as 868.49 just before the storm system rolls in on thursday.
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specifically for oroville with the storm moving in, we're looking at 24 hours of dry weather from right now out 24 hours. our new storm arrives on thursday. a total of four storms the next seven days could bring us 3 to 4 inches of rainfall. we'll have another update at 6:10, 6:19 and 6:49 tonight. a little more perspective tonight on the shot that we've been showing you. every second, 748,000 gallons of water is coming out of that dam. that's about the size of an olympic swimming pool. it would take a year and a half to fill lake tahoe. the lake is dropping 3 to 4 inches every hour. they're hoping to drop it 50 feet below its capacity by the weekend. our coverage continues online. we've posted a slide show and raw video of the intense repair efforts at nbc bay area president trump is taking action to help california.
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first came the oroville emergency declaration this afternoon. then a little later the white house made a second declaration and this is to help more than 30 counties in the state that have suffered storm damage. many of the areas include the bay area. the declaration makes federal funding available to state and local governments for emergency work and repairs. crews along highway 17 are back on the job. the work has been stopped since that man was killed, a worker in a freak accident last week. nbc bay yar's peggy bunker is there with news that cal trans is back at work. that this has been a difficult stretch along the highway for the commuters and obviously with the accident with caltrans as well. >> reporter: you can say that again, jessica. certainly today, in fact it took us two and a half hours to get to this location today. so you really can understand what computer have been putting up with terrible mudslides that
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hit a week ago, several mudslides, one after the other. they've been trying to clean them up for days. let me show you what caltrans is getting started on today. this is a berm they're building at the base of the mudslide. they're hoping will prevent any new debris that could fall down the hillside with the new storms. thursday looks like when the storms are going to hit. they've done so much to get the mud off of the northbound lanes. they don't want more debris to affect that work. that affects 50,000 commuters daily. they've been extremely patient after that tragic accident that killed a worker. they needed to get that inve investigat investigated. no work has happened until the investigation took place place over the weekend. now they have all of the lights up, the workers are out. we saw the big machinery that they've brought in as well. they have a piece of machinery
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called a spider that they're using to go up the hillside, it tests for unstable ground. we saw your typical bulldozers. but when it comes to one lane going southbound, it's a complete backup. the people who live in santa cruz and work in silicon valley said they've had enough. new details about the warehouse fire in oakland. oakland recently released over 600 pages of city records related to that warehouse space. well now we're learning from unredacted reports the link between ghost ship landlord to police activity at that warehouse. documents show that in september of 2014 he reported a couch on fire in front of the property. then in december 2014 a police report shows al mayeda an a tenant got in a physical fight over rent. police arrested both men. finally police responded to the
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rave party, he saying he didn't have proper permits to host parties at that space. the housing market along the peninsula. i'm in mountain view where an upcoming city decision could open the door for google apartments. and two flights with more than 40 hours of travel, then trapped in an airport for more than a week. i'm elyce kirchner, straight ahead, hear from the family caught in the middle of the recent travel ban. and i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. as the storm system arrives thursday morning, winds will gust 15 to 35 miles an hour. we're tracking the wet weather. my time line in eight minutes.
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up in it. t family oseven froyemen was on a plane headed to nbc bay area to fight, a stunning view of the immigration travel ban from a family caught in it. the family of. seven from yemen was on the plane headed to the u.s. when the ban went into effect. and in an instant their fate changed as they were told they were no longer welcomed on u.s. soil. elyce kirchner joins was the journey that the family faced before finally making it to the east bay. >> reporter: the family tells me they were four hours away from landing here in the u.s. when the president signed the travel ban. the executive order then triggered a staggering journey that included eight days of living in an airport with five
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young children. >> protect me and my family. >> reporter: back home in yemen, this doctor was an oral surgeon. with his kuzen translating from his new home, he tells us that the civil war in his country became more violent and shared the photos. he sold everything he had, spent months getting a green card, then with his wife and five young children got on a flight headed to u.s. >> four hours away from washington the order was signed and everything, the law was passed. >> reporter: when he family arrived in washington, d.c., he was told he needed to get back on a plane and leave the country. mid flight president trump signed an executive order temporarily barring immigrants from seven countries, including yemen. >> i was begging them to leave me here because of the wars in yemen. >> reporter: forced to board back on the plane, his family
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ended up in ethiopia where they lived in the airport for more than a week. >> kids on the airplane chairs laying down sleeping. >> reporter: last week after a seattle judge suspended the travel ban and with nearly $9,000 raised online to pay for yet another plane ticket, he got on a plane back to the bay area. >> knowing that the government is bigger and stronger than the president makes me feel even safer in america. >> reporter: and the father of five tells me his top priorities are now learning english, sending his kids to school and eventually resuming his dental practice here. reporting live, i'm elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. now to the silicon valley. google's footprint in the valley could be getting bigger, would you believe google housing? tonight city leaders discuss potential changes to the neighborhood. google wants to build apartments
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and expand its campus but they're going to need city approval. michelle roberts joins us from mountain view city hall with the latest. >> reporter: raj, there's a city council meeting going on right now. they're diskuzing the east whizman neighborhood. a lot of people would like to see more house in that spot one including google. >> a lot of people work here enso if they could live close to work, that's a police. >> emily is one of the thousands who commute into mountain view for work. and many say that housing prices in mountain view and along the peninsula prevent them from living where they work. >> we're trying to utilize land that's available in the city that currently exists to look at smarter ways to increase development potential. >> the mountain view city planner believes finding smarter ways including creating more housing. >> the businesses have the opportunity to wrk and live in this air experiment.
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>> reporter: tonight she's going to submit a plan that involves 9500 units and retail. the prime real estate is currently only zoned for office space. in december the city denied goggles proposal to build roughly 300 apartment units and expand its campus in that area. but if the neighborhood is rezoned -- >> it would allow them to come back if they saw an interest to develop in this area. >> reporter: while some fear more neighbors could create a longer commute. >> every time you put in residential, you have the traffic that it adds as opposed to commute traffic on the arteries. >> reporter: others are hoping that the city green lights google's offer to build more apartments. if the council moves forward with the recommendation tonight, they'll begin an environmental study and that could take several months. reporting live, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. it is an annoying and costly problem recently made worse by all of the storms we're having.
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we're talking about potholes, lots of potholes all across the bay area. this is a look from sky ranger over 880 in oakland. more than 3500 potholes had to be filled there just last year and that number is sure to rise this year. caltrans usually updates their data after the rain stops which means it could be a while before we get the hard numbers. but driving anywhere -- we were talking about getting on 680 from here, it's pothole city. >> wouldn't mind if we had a pothole reporter. rainfall coming back as we head into the next seven-day forecast and that definitely will make these potholes a lot worse. take it slow, reduce your speed. the last thing you want to do is slide around in the wet weather. that's what i want to start off with first. just to let you know, we haven't seen any huge change in the forecast in what we expect over
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the next seven days with abto, four more systems. a third chance by 10:00 p.m. on sunday and a fourth possible storm as we look ahead into next tuesday. now in terms of the forecast right now, cloud cover has started to increase. putting oakland at 61 and we're dropping down to the low 50s once we hit 11:00 tonight. tomorrow's forecast, not nearly as sunny. hopefully you got outside today. we're looking at more of a mostly cloudy to overcast sky on your wednesday forecast. 68 in napa, san francisco 63, still 71 in downtown san jose and morgan hill 68. rain returns as we head throughout thursday morning. a second storm on friday. we get a little bit of a break here from any heavy rainfall throughout the day part on this weekend. and then by 10:00 p.m. on sunday night into monday, more wet weather returns and then likely lasting into tuesday. rainfall totals 2 to 4 inches
6:21 pm
over this duration. looks like a 2-inch average for the lower elevations, nearly 4 inches for the higher elevations. the big question always is how much sierra snow. looks like it will be cold enough from thursday through sunday to produce nearly a foot of snow at lake tahoe. back with another update at 6:48. >> all right. we'll see you then. thanks, jeff. the bigger cybersecurity conference in the country and politics is on the menu. i'm scott budman, coming up an collusive one on one with hillary clinton's campaign manager about the e-mail hacks. harrison ford - in his
6:22 pm
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in happening now, a close call for actor harrison ford and his plane. happened as he landed his aircraft at the john wain airport in orange county yesterday, narrowly missed an american airlines jet on the r mack. officers showed up at the shelter with a cake and a carpet america action figure. you can see it. the biggest cyber seuriconferens
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it's a big deal, the biggest cybersecurity conference is happening as we speak in san francisco. it runs through friday and attracts companies from all around the globe. in addition to smartphonance scams, pool ticks is also a hot topic here. that includes e-mail leaks and whether they cost hillary
6:25 pm
clinton the presidency. her campaign manager says her e-mail attack was the difference in the election. >> scott budman has an exclusive interview with hillary clinton's campaign manager. he joins us. >> reporter: it was the e-mail leak that shocked the nation and some think cost hillary clinton the white house. here's what robbie mook told us about e-mail security. inside the country's biggest security conference, they're still buzzing about the election and the hacked e-mails. >> these e-mails were stolen by a foreign government, by russia and were released to help donald trump. >> reporter: robbie mook believes cybersecurity played a big role in the election. did it affect the election? >> absolutely i think it affected the election. this election was lost by a very small margin. >> reporter: republicans argue it was much more than e-mail leeks that cost clinton the
6:26 pm
vote. he says that future elections will likely have the same cyber safety concerns. >> i'm just here to make sure that, you know, people are focused on the cybersecurity issue. it is of great importance to our democracy. >> reporter: how after facing a leak, he's warning other to tighten up. >> all i car about is having good policies to prevent this in the future. >> reporter: many of the companies here at rsa say they will be talking about cybersecurity and politics during this conference. in san francisco, scott budman, nbc bay area news. do you think people just don't realize how dangerous it is? >> i think that's part of the issue. this is a ticking time bomb. >> what happens when cities don't build the affordable housing they promise. i'm vickie nguyen, up next how the state is trying to increase
6:27 pm
the number of homes built to battle the housing prices. thanks in part to a massive repair operation at the oroville dam spillway, people are allowed to return home tonight but they're not quite out of the woods yet. i'll have a live update from oroville coming up. right now at 6-30: as thousands
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6:29 pm
right now at 6:30, thousand of evacuees tart returning to their homes in the oroville area, the battle to shore up the
6:30 pm
spillway gets a boost from president trump. the president approved an emergency declaration. the white house using this as a platform to call for spending on infrastructure. >> the evacuees, many of them are back home tonight and so happy to be there. hearing that the immediate threat is over. jodi hernandez has been in oroville for the past two days and the evacuation has been lifted and now there's a warning in place. people still have to be vigilant. >> reporter: that's right. people are being allowed to return home tonight. but that warning is still in effect. people are being advised they may be asked to leave again if necessary. now the mandatory evacuation order was lifted in part because of the massive, massive repair operation that has been under way here. these big bags are filled with rock and sand and crews have been racing to drop them on to the damage spillway. >> we have concluded that it's safe to reduce the immediate
6:31 pm
evacuation order currently in place to an evacuation warning. >> reporter: after two days the butte county sheriff gave 188,000 evacuated residents the all clear to return home. crews have been working around the clock to shore up oroville dam's emergency spillway with rocks and concrete. they feared erosion on the earthen spillway could lead to a catastrophic situation, massive flooding downstream. the main spillway suffered damage too. but tonight experts shay that the immediate danger has passed. >> the stillway has been stable for four days. >> reporter: the department of water resources has managed to lower the lake level to make room for the next forecasted storm and say they'll continue bolstering the problem areas. >> engineers from the state and federal government, contract engineers will direct the work done by construction crews on site for days were weeks and
6:32 pm
likely month to come. >> reporter: not everyone is comfortable returning home. this man has been housing his brother's family on higher ground. >> he's not going back. he's staying here. hey not going to go back. even though they said it's lifted, he doesn't feel comfortable going back. >> reporter: we're back here live. you're looking at the hundreds of bags sitting here waiting to be taken to the eroded spillway. we're told that crews have been taking 30 tons of rock and sand an hour or 40 truckloads every 60 minutes down to that damaged spillway. again, it appears to be working because people are being allowed to come back home tonight, but a warning is still in effect. reporting live in oroville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that is quite a site behind you. thank you. by truckload and helicopter they're taking the bags. stick with us for our continuing coverage of the story. things will be changing in the next 48 hours. we do know that as another round
6:33 pm
of rain is moving in. we're also update ur our digital platforms 24/7. we're learning tonight the fbi did have questions to trump adviser's conversations with russ russia's ambassadors. agents interviewed mike flynn days after he took the job. flynn's forced resignation is giving the president trump white house its first major political shakeup. white house lawyers found that flynn did nothing illegal but the president asked him to resign after it went public that flynn misled the vice president and others about discussing sanctions with russia's ambassador. >> i think there's significant dysfunction in the national security apparatus of the trump administration. >> some republican leaders are resisting calls for an independent investigation. democrats however want answers on whether flynn acted alone and what the president may have known and when. back here at home,s in you're making big money it's hard to keep up in the bay area sometimes. the affordable housing crisis
6:34 pm
has a lot of people struggling just to make ends meet. >> and affordable housing options are illegal it turns out. home conversions aren't permitted and some people sleeping in their offices. vickie nguyen joins us with more on this story. >> while california has some of the country's toughest laws requiring affordable housing, we learned that no one ens forces them. that leaves millions of people looking for alternative ways to live. >> it was like the nicest space, with but the cheapest. so i got it. >> kat boils shows us her office, a tiny office she rents in santa clara. >> i sleep right here. i don't use a blanket or a pillow. it's like contra ban. >> she knows it's not legal. >> it's safe and it's mine. >> she graduated from the top of her class in denver.
6:35 pm
when she return to the bay area, the entrepreneur found herself in a catch 22. >> four people owed me money. >> too qualified to be hired for hourly wage jobs but not earning enough with her startup businesses to afford housing. >> my perfume plant is actually in richmond but i do a lot of bottling aeng packaging. >> since then he's lived in offices, a friend's back yard shed and many nights in her toyota corolla. >> you can almost steph out all of the way. >> she's one of the millions who struggle to pay for housing. 1.5 million house holds pay 50% of their income toward rent. diane buchanan is the deputy director of code enforcement in san jose. her inspectors have seen a spike in illegal okay pan sis. >> from 2015 to 2016 we've sen a doubling in complaints. >> last year city inspectors responded to 45 complaints of
6:36 pm
people living in unpermitted places including sheds and shacks. >> no sanitation, no plumbing. they're digging holes in the back yard. >> but she says it's difficult to gauge just how many people truly flif hiding. the city relyings on complaints to spark investigations. many of them into illegally converted garages like these, poorly ventilated spaces with open flames, no insulation and water heaters that can release deadly carbon monoxide gases. >> do you think people don't realize how dangerous it is. >> i think that's part of the issue. this is a ticking time bomb. none of the inspectors like to see people living in these conditions and we know we have to move them out. >> at the end of the day, this is a solve nl problem. >> ben metcalf, his agency is in charge of making sure that cities provide affordable housing. but it's powerfulless when they don't. >> there's nothing to guarantee those cities actually develop
6:37 pm
and build. >> yes, that's right. there's in penalty for not building today. >> he's working to change that. the state's first in-depth housing assessment reveals an average of 80,000 homes built each year over the past decade. that's far below the estimated 180,000 needed to keep housing affordable. some of the worst offenders, pleasanton, mountain view and south san francisco. those cities and many others only issued a fraction of the permits promised for building affordable housing. >> although we hold jurisdictions accountable to plan for the growth, we don't hold them accountable for the growth to actually happen. >> he says his agency is working on incentives to tie funding to housing to push cities to build. and the governor wants lawmaker to streamline regulations. meanwhile kat says she's putting her struggle in the spotlight so people can see a new side of the
6:38 pm
housing crisis. >> i like to be honest. and if it helps people, i'm not afraid to say this is who i am and this is my story. >> on any given night some 118,000 people experience homelessness in california. but for kat, things are improving. she says she's now saved enough for an apartment. so how much affordable housing has been built in your city. go to ur 0 website, nbc nbcbayarea.c we've put together a map showing how much affordable housing has been built in cities all across the bay area. >> thank you. that you would like to contact vicky give us a call at 888-996-tips or end us an e-mail to the unit. a problem with the phone bill. nbc bay area responds to a man in gilroy who says sprint didn't keep its word.
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we're getting some new detail this evening an the man who was shot and killed in front of his girlfriend and kids in an apparent road rage. this happened in san leandro on sunday the 45-year-old was killed during a traffic argument. his girlfriend and two kids, including a 4-month-old were inside the car. the girlfriend frantically drof the car to a nearby hospital but he died in the parking lot. the suspected shooter is still on run. landing in jill isn't usually considered lucky. but not every felon's mugshot goes viral on the internet, bubed the shot felon.
6:42 pm
he went to new york fashion week on the catwalk for a german designer. still sporting that tear shaped tattoo. the photo was posted online after he was arrested for gun possession in stockton. now he has a parole officer and an agent as well. >> fashion week is big time. jeff ranieri is with us right now. and this sunshine is about to end. >> yes, the cloud cover is rolling in right now. and we're expecting about a foot of snow during the next 48 hours. the sierra snow pack is at 185% of normal. back with the storm timeline. and you're stats fied with this but suddenly you're switched into a contract that costs you thousands of dollars more. nbc bay area responds next.
6:43 pm
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jessst consumer investito nbc bay area responds to a man in gilroy who says sprint overbilled him chblt consumer investigator chris chmura is here to explain what happened and then how we stepped in. >> greg says his galaxy smartphone went caput a couple of months ago. he called sprint and sprint told him, go ahead and buy a new one. so she did. he bought a galaxy 7. he made it clear to sprint that he wanted to stay on the same service plan just as it was. he was paying month to month, 707 bucks a month, no contract. greg says sprint agreed to that. keeping the status quo. but greg says he soon learned that sprint locked him into a two-year contract. same for his wife's plan as well. greg calculated that these two new contracts that he didn't want cost him $3600 over the life of those contracts.
6:46 pm
so greg told us he tried to clear this up with sprint himself but had no luck. so he asked for our help. we called on sprint and it took action. sprint cleared up greg's account, removed the contract, put him back on month to month billing. which is great news. in a statement sprint told us really very little about what happened. but it did say thanks to us for brings this to their attention and giving the company the chance to make the situation right. if you have a consumer complaint, call us, 888-996-tips or online at $3600, that's a lot of roses and chocolate. >> we don't know what happened but we know you fixed it. >> greg has money now to splurge on the wife for valentines. >> a lot of fine print there. >> i imagine you skip over all of that stuff. yeah, you really shouldn't. did you see this, that mysterious light just before dawn, if you looked up in the
6:47 pm
sky, a lot of people who were up early saw this light and they were buzzing, what the heck was it. the navy confirming two off-shore missile flights, one around 3:00 a.m. and another around 6:00 a.m. and people saw it from up and down the state. both reteen tests of the missiles were conducted entirely over the ocean and the navy adds the missiles were unarmed. okay. happy valentine's day. as you know, valentine's day is big business for restaurants and flower shops but also the busiest day for the county clerks. a lot of people chose to say i do. plenty of love and romance. >> ten years, a long time. >> what took so long? >> we had been putting it off. life happens. you get busy. no reason. today is valentine's day, let's do it. >> on a normal tuesday some 50
6:48 pm
couples might be married at the clerk's office. today this number jumped to 75. these newlyweds have no excuse for forgetting their annivers y anniversari anniversaries. >> they have to remember. >> look at our wardrobe selection, we need to celebrate a little. we have no red, nothing celebratory. >> underdoing it just a little bit. >> check back in at 11:00. rainfall on the way. we've got much love for the rain at least when it came to get rid of the drought. now that that is done we could use quite a bit of dry weather. it's not going to happen. we could have some flood issues here over the next seven days. way tonight reinforce what we're excepting with abtotal of four different storm systems. the next one thursday morning, a second chance with a storm on friday morning, another possible 10:00 madelein meppeli 10:00 p.m. on sunday and then
6:49 pm
the fourth on tuesday. you can get your specific forecast for your microclimate. tomorrow morning, the biggest change no doubt is you don't need to sunglasses at all. overcast skies will move in ahead of the storm system. 49 for the tri-valley, 571 in the south bay. so little mild. 52 in san francisco and the east bay also at 53. let's go ahead and get you into the microclimate forecast as we head throughout your day. and you can see it will still stay mild despite the fact that the clouds are moving in. 71 for downtown san jose and 71 in los gatos. east bay looking good here, 65 in antioch and 68 in livermore. but again the clouds not only for the east bay but up against the coastline, 64 in san mateo. north bay we have the clouds with us, 6 4 in santa rosa and
6:50 pm
61 here for mill valley. storm system does start to bring in rainfall close to california on 11:30 on wednesday night. the orange and the red is heavier intensities of rainfall. we think the first wave of wide spread wet weather by thursday at 7:00 a.m. but the big change about this storm as compared to so many other storms we've had in the past couple of months, it's going to move out of her relatively fast. by 2:00 p.m. on thursday we'll have seen the worst weather moving out. most of the bay area is in this yellow color around the bay and that's going to be three-quarters of an inch. the orange zone is one and a quarter cinches. san jose, likely less than half of an inch. on the extended forecast again, rain chance on friday. see a break here in the wet weather for the weekend, nothing in terms of heavy rain. then by 10:00 p.m. on sunday
6:51 pm
into monday we get the wet weather returning. san francisco temps stay in the 50s as the storms arrive. for the interior valleys, we're also in the upper 50s to low 60s. rainfall totals over the whole duration look to be at 2 inches for the lower elevations, 4 inches for the higher elevations. great news tonight is that the river levels do not look like they'll hit flood stage. so folks in the russian river can breathe a little sigh of relief. >> at least for the next 48 hours. >> you got it. back to work with new and familiar faces. we're going to check in with the giants at spring with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline.
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only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. baseball is back.
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workout of the spring traininto.
6:54 pm
take a look. it just feels nice, doesn't it, to see this, baseball is back. the giants pitchers and catchers holding their first workout at spring training today. there's matt cain, madison baumgartner and some faces that won't be around anymore, sergio romo is gone to the dodgers while javier lopez retired. the a's first workout is tomorrow. >> a lot of stretching going on there. he's an icon not just at his university or among fans but all of the baseball coaches in the bay area as well. >> this is the grand finale, the final season for stanford ears mark marquis. here's colin resch. >> reporter: it was titled the bay area baseball media day. but this was all about stanford head coach mark marquis who is set to 'embark on his final
6:55 pm
season. >> the players that are in this room don't understand how great coach more quest has been throughout his career and i want you to understand that before you leave this room. that's the model of greatness. >> if e wwe're going to preach consistency, we have a model for that. you're one of the greatest coaches in the history of college baseball. >> being behind the scenes, being a player for him, coaching with him, against him in intersquad games and then coaching against him for real in real games, those are the things i remember. >> he's got six college world series appearances since i've been here as a coach at usf. 14 total. >> that means a lot to me. i'll have a lot of time to think of that after this year. i'm going to focus on this year. it won't be nice when you're trying to beat my brains out. we all know what it's about. >> i feel blessed as a senior i
6:56 pm
get a chance to say i was on his last team an i'm hoping we're going to look back and say i was on that team when he did this. that's the way we're looking at it. >> 13 post season appearances, 29, 29 on his own throughout his career. >> last but not least, two national championships and there's still time for one more. at stanford, colin resch, nbc bay area. well tonight at 1 is:00, mystery solved. the chp is closing to understanding what's damaging dozens of cars os busy bay area freeways. what they've ruled out and why the rain is making things worst. we'll have that for you tonight at 1 is:00. >> that's going to do it here for us at 6:00. have a great evening and thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. see you then.
6:57 pm
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the first black bachelorette. rachel lindsay's first interview. >> and why she has a super fan in jennifer aniston now on "extr "extra." ♪ extra, extra the woman america's talking about today. >> congratulations, rachel. >> newly named bachelorette rachel lindsay as she makes history. >> i'm honored to have this opportunity. >> today everything you never knew about the 31-year-old attorney and what bachelor nick thinks of the pick. then, from "extra" new york -- newly pregnant and a hannah jeter, a.j. lands her first and only tv interview about her baby on the way with


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