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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 16, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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radar there. that storm is coming in. >> we have several reports for you. we begin with michelle roberts concerning the anderson reservoir which is in the south bay. >> reporter: i'm 20 miles away from the anderson reservoir. but the water overflows, it will flow down coyote creek. we're in san jose right now. and the mobile home park behind me has been vulnerable to flooding in the past when the reservoir over flows. the base of the dam has become a bit of a tourist destination. many are fascinated as millions of gallons of water being released into the creek below. >> i worry about the people below. i wouldn't want to have a million dollar home at the base of this dam. >> reporter: the water district
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is required to keep the reservoir level below 68% capacity. which is why the outcove pipe has been open for at least a week. today you can see the water in the reservoir is reaching closer to a critical spillway. >> the more pressing issue is that the runoff is going to affect coyote creek. >> reporter: marty grimes says this home ores near the creek aren't at risk but downsteam in san jose there are a few vulnerable spots. >> to drive through flooded roads, not to wuk throualk thro flooded roads. >> reporter: earlier this season the water district actually raised the levee here near the mobile home park to protect them from me potential flooding. although there is a large
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homeless population that have set up tents in this area. so they're also concerned about the flooding. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. so the question is when does the rainmaker its next appearance. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the way the storm is moving in. this is moving in a little differently? >> 95% of the storm systems start to originate off to the north and push down across the bay area. right now we're finding the storm system parallel to california, the area of low pressure and cold front. the unique feature about this one as opposed to what we just went, the atmospheric river is going to tap in from the south. we get the rainfall from the atmospheric river to the south and then the cold front and the storm activity to the west. they combine together and that's why tomorrow morning this will move into a more unique fashion with the wet weather first in the south bay, also for the peninsula.
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then as we head throughout 9:00 in the morning, this pushes up into the north bay. we're under a microclimate alert through 11:00 tonight with a wet commute on tap for tomorrow morning. winds could gust as high as 40 miles per hour, may take down trees and also power outages. we have another update at 6:10, 6:19 and 6:48 tonight. the rain is a big concern in oroville tonight where they're watching reports closely. the fear is that another round of evacuations could take place. in 13 minutes we'll take you live to oroville. as michelle roberts was showing us, the anderson reservoir in morgan hill is releasing a lot of water. here's another look kuscourtesy one of our viewers. mark federick took this picture.
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send us your photos by tagging us on twitter or instagram. download the free nbc bay area app. it's a great resource. parents are dealing with an unsettling note from a local high school warning them about tuberculosis. >> there's an active case of tuberculosis at armijlo high school. the patient is receiving treatment and will not be allowed on the campus until cleared by the health department. they will have a town hall meeting sometime next week. a major change for the oakland police department. this is in response to the deadly warehouse fire three months ago. opd will require its officer to immediately report code violations they find at illegal
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parties and unpermitted party spaces. this was not the rule recently. officers had been to the ghost ship warehouse several times before the fire and did not immediately report the code violations. a mass protest today to send a message about the value of immigrants in america from playgrounds to stores to restaurants, millions of people across the country, including many here in the bay area, simply refused to go to school or work as part of what's being called a day without immigrants. damian trujillo is live tonight. >> reporter: well this doors have been locked all day. in fact this entire business district closed shop for the day. and in fact parents kept hundreds of kids home from school today. it seems like a normal recess here, but there are usually a lot more children on the playgrou
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playground. today absences in frankly mckinney almost quadrupled. >> it is concerning. >> reporter: the district averages 296 absences every day. today it jumped to almost 1200. the jump has been attributed to the nationwide protest called a day without immigrants. immigrants and their supporters chose today to demonstrate against the president's immigration policy. but it comes with a financial hit. franklin mckinney lost $30,000 in state funds because of the absences. >> we will try to do some things to recoup some of it if we can. >> reporter: more than 25 merchants closed their doors today knowing it comes with a cost. >> it's not always about money. if we just go for money, that's not a life. a life is about morals and principles and longevity of a community. >> reporter: across the country,
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thousands of businesses closed and some that opened had to do so without key employees who called out sick. and several other school districts also saw a spike in absences today, including oak grove. we're in san jose, nbc bay area news. the size of the immigrant workforce really becomes aparents. the investigative unit reviewed the number of immigrant workers. 17% of america's resource. it shows there were 26.3 million immigrants work in the u.s. that year and hispanics make up half of the foreign born workforce. a quarter of the immigrants workers are asian and the median salary for an immigrant worker is $681 compared to the average 833 earned by their american
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counterparts. a look now from nbc bay area sky ranger after the construction mishap that triggered evacuation. today this project is still on hold. n nbc bay area's christie smith joins us. they say there's no danger so what's the holdup with the project? >> reporter: what happened today is there was a notice of violation. and one of the steps that it says they need to take is that there needs to be an engineered report explaining the structural integrity of all of the repairs that have happened here. until that is approved, no other work should happen. there are a number of inspectors paying close attention to the top of the building. williams strong with san francisco's department of building inspections says a notice of violation for the high-rise spells out what needs to happen in the next 48 hours. >> beyond the stabilization, they have to dismantle that
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machine that was causing the problems and take that off of the site and then they have to correct whatever the distortion was on that 35th floor. >> reporter: the developer explained that a hydraulic jack failed causing the form to tilt and triggering fears of a possible collapse. it's now secure but the fear caused firefighters to ev evacuate people yesterday. >> everything looked to be safe. >> reporter: the only building under an evacuation order is galvanize right across the street. today they made the best of it just around the corner. >> and we connected to purchase coffee and pastry for all of our members. >> reporter: we're back here live. at this point it's unclear when galvanize might be able to get
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back in. they had to find an alternative location for a small graduation taking place tonight. they were able to do that though. reporting live in san francisco, christie mysmith, nbc bay area news. a firefighter was injured. it was a minor injury. right now the red cross is helping 11 people impacted by this fire. no word yet on the cause. new tactics are in the work to reduce the threat of the damaged oroville spillway. still many people say they don't feel their families are safe. i'm jodi hernandez, i'll have an update from oroville coming up. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. as the new storm arrives on friday, we expect sierra snow, 2 inches in blue canyon to 10
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inches in kirkwood. new evidence from investigators as they look for the person who shot a man in front of his family. a new clue in a road ragekillini
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a new clue in a road rage killing in the east bay. and you're looking at it. it's that photograph of that white van. san leandro police aren't saying how it's connected to the driver
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who gunned down another driver. that death in front of his wife and two kids. thom jensen is in san leandro with what investigators are saying about the white van. what do we know? >> reporter: we know they're saying that they do not know that this is the suspect vehicle. just that it's a vehicle of interest in their investigation. but they believe it could lead to the killer. the van was traveling westbound very close to the 45-year-old's suv. >> we don't know if the people in the van travel in the same direction, if they were also shot at or they witnessed this or they themselves could be suspects in this crime. >> he died as his wife drove him to the nearest hospital just a half mile away. it's the same hospital where the couple's 3-month-old son was born in november. their baby and their 4-year-old was in the car when their dad
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was murdered. the most promising lead that investigators have right now is the van. >> this van that we have now is to distinct as opposed to any other vehicle on that roadway that night that we believe it will be easily recognizable. >> reporter: they believe it's american made with two distinct details. the most significant, a unique roof that sticks up six to eight inches above the tops of the windows. >> it could be a van that has been converted for someone with a handicap who may be in a wheelchair. we're not sure. >> reporter: the van also has black rims that stand out, likely aftermarket. clues that police hope will bring justice to the familiarry and the rest of the community. >> hopefully a quick resolution to bringing a killer to justice. >> reporter: police say they want to hear from anybody who knows own that van, anybody they know who drives the van or even if you've only seen it. they want to hear from you. call your local police
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department who will then pass along the information to them. they also say this is an important reminder not to get into an argument with an aggressive driver because you never know what that other driver is capable of. thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> you can't hear that warning enough. thank you. backup the data on your laptop also a good advice but especially important around uc berkeley campus. four laptops have been taken in the last two weeks. two of these have been at cafes near the campus. some of the thefts involve suspects literally ripping them from the owner's hands at the ca cafe. officers told students to be extra careful if they're using their laptop in public and to remind them to make sure they have everything backed up. >> i understand having been a student how important the research is on that laptop. that also brings up the importance of backing up your
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files, whether you're saving it to the cloud or an external hard drive, make sure you're saving that information. your life isn't worth the cost of the laptop. >> the robbers were carrying guns, no shots fired. no one was injured so far. well despite the all clear, many people in the oroville area are still concerned about their safety. so much so they're staying away for the weekend. emergency crews are trying new tactics to reduce the spill. jodi hernandez is live with the latest. >> reporter: i tell you, people here are still feeling very uneasy. we're standing on the banks of the river. now this river runs right through town. so you can understand why people here are so nervous. now though experts say the situation has stabilized, many people say they're not sticking around to find out if they're right. ♪
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on first glance it seems that things are getting back to normal in oroville. but with huge amounts of water still waging over what experts call a damaged by stabilized oroville spillway. me don't feel things are close to normal at all. >> i'm just trying to stay daca and not be too stressed out. >> amber is packing her up belongings and taking them to higher ground. she and her family are staying at a friend's house. >> i'm terrified and i feel like i'm going to lose everything. >> it's too unpredictable. things can go wrong at any time. >> reporter: the department of water resources is now decreasing the flow over the spillway to give crews a chance to remove debris from the pools below. they say their emergency repairs are working. still an evacuation warning remains in place. >> we're comfortable where we're at for the storms that are
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forecasted. >> my number one priority is protecting the people in my community. >> reporter: amber warren and her family aren't waiting for another evacuation order to head out. the new landscape shifted their sense of normalcy. >> we're trying to get into something normal but not at h e home. >> reporter: we're back out here live. the department of water resources reduced the flow quite a bit today. they're hoping to get boats on the water tomorrow so the crews can fish out the logs and deb s debris. but again, many people here say they do not feel safe, especially with more stormy weather on the way. reporting live in oroville, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. tomorrow what can we expect? >> i think the worst of it is going to roll in around 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning. towards oroville. they could see 1 to 1 1/2
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inches. so residents still concerned with the evacuation warning in place. everyone is going to be watching closely as jodi mentioned, they've reduced the outflow pap at my last check it was 79,000 cubic feet per sect as opposed to the 100,000 they were releasing earlier. current level 865, way down in the peak of 902 feet. tomorrow they will get it down to 860 feet. so a lot of room for the next storm to move in and for them to get a look at any kind of damage. i want to take you to the time line of what we expect tomorrow. rainfall from the south, moving in from the west. it really converges in for wet weather to arrive in the south bay. in the santa cruz mountains first and then spreads up to the north bay at 9:30. once we get past that i think we're more in a scattered rain selection for friday afternoon and saturday morning. if you're doing a road trip here throughout california, look at this bright red and magenta near los angeles.
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that's possibly 2 1/2 to maybe 3 inches for the low elevations. flooding threat high down into southern california. now for us i think by this weekend we'll just have some intermittent showers left on saturday and sunday, a third storm system arrives on monday for rain and wind and then maybe a fourth storm next wednesday. we know a lot of kids have the week off next week. some of you are lucky enough to head up to the sierra for ski week. chance of new each and every day. bring the snow gear. stay warm. a tech giant changes things up and heads south. i'm scott budman, just ahead, why happen l's announcement has san jose seeing green. retired vice admiral robe
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harward has turned down theoffea happening now, retired vice ad mere robert harward has turned down the offer to be president trump's national security adviser. the white house says he rejected the offer because of family commitments. an our home wage, scott weiner of san francisco proposed a bill that would allow cities to push back closing time for bars. last call would go from 2:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. apple is moving its wodwidedeveo
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okay. if are your gps south apple is moving its worldwide developer conference from san francisco to san jose. >> the tech giant yearning to get closer to its south bay
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campus. scott, big one for south bay businesses. >> reporter: yeah, that's definitely the plan, jessica and raj. think about it, an entire week with thousands of techies come here to san jose con convenience center to tinger with apple devices and stimulate the local economy. every year apple's worldwide developers conference brings thousands of techies together to create new ways for you to use your devices. this year wwdc is moving south. >> silicon valley's urban center is in downtown san jose. >> the convention center will, come june, be filled with app makers, programmers and tech fans. apple says it's moving the week long tech fest to be closer to its cupertino home. >> this is going to be a great event for downtown san jose. it brings thousands 0 people throughout the world. so our hotels and our restaurants. >> reporter: restaurants like
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mucho which says moves by apple, facebook and comic-con means big business. >> it's big business. yeah. >> reporter: the geeks are good for business? >> geeks are great. we love them here. >> reporter: and as to how long apple will stay here in jees, the mayor would only tell me he is talking with the company to try to keep wwdc here as long as possible. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. the school let me down immeasurably. >> he says classmates bullied him because he's black and teachers failed to stop it. i'm liz wagner. we review the missteps at a north bay high school that led to a federal investigation. a white house press
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conference like we've never seen before. president trump one on one with reporters for the first time since taking office. the blame game the president defends himself and praises the job he's done so far. the fiery exchanges with the press corps next.
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th exacopposit runs :09 ==jess/take vo== i turn on the tv, open the newspapers and i see stories of chaos. chaos. yet it is the exact opposite. >> right now at 6:30, the president sharpens his attacks
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against the media as he calls his administration a fine tuned machine. the president unloaded as he went one on one with reporters for the first time at the white house. >> a fiery one hour and 17 minutes. regardless of your political stripes, it was hard to turn away. let's bring in janelle wang with more. >> raj and jessica, ranting and the media and raving about himself. the president did not hold back. >> i inherited a mess. it's a mess. >> in a hastily called news conference, president trump said he's doing a good job. >> this administration is running like a fine tuned machine, despite the fact that i can't get my cabinet approved. >> for about an hour, a combat i back and forth with reporters, accusing them of deliberately undermining his presidency. >> the tone is such hatred. >> president trump is upset with the media in an effort to short
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circuit his foreign policy, denying any contact between his campaign and russia. >> i own nothing in russia. i have no loans in russia. >> the president spoke about his decision to fire national security adviser mike flynn who administration officials misled the vice president about conversations he had last december. >> he didn't tell the vice president of the united states the facts. and then he didn't remember. and that just wasn't acceptable to me. yes. >> and as for the president's travel ban put on hold by the courts. >> we're issuing a new executive action next week that will comprehensively protect our country. >> the highest ranking democrat in congress, senator chuck schumer is pushing for a criminal investigation into the trump's administration possible tie to russia. he says the justice department should look so into it. and new attorney jeff sessions should recuse himself. a new twist today in the
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court battle over president trump's travel ban. the federal government asked san francisco's ninth circuit court to stand down on a full court review. the justice department says the review is not necessary since the administration will release a new narrower executive order on immigration next week. the three judges on the ninth circuit unanimously rejected a motion to reinstate the ban last week. less than two hours ago the court agreed and will not ask for a full panel to rehear this appeal. president trump opened today's news conference with the announcement he's nominating alexander acosta for the labor secretary. if confirmed, he would be the first hispanic member of his cabinet. currently he's a law school deen in florida. acosta was nominated at the president's nominee andy puzder
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was withdrawn. we'reup dating our digital platforms with news about the administration 24/7. tonight we investigate. he says his classmates took his dignity and a school failed to act. the high school student says he was subjected to a long pattern of harassment because of the color of his skin. >> his parents tell us the district is failing him now. what's happening now, liz? >> we found their claims aren't backed up by other students and a federal investigation. tonight the family is telling its story because a year and a half later they feel like there's still no resolution. as a kid, football meant everything to evan mack and he couldn't wait to play at analy's high school. >> it held the promise of making my life better. >> but mack says the school made
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his life worse. >> all i got from the day i showed up on that campus was nothing but disappointment after disappointment. >> students made race ik comments, teachers overlooked it an administrators failed to act in a district where black and by racial students making up just 6% of the population. kids used racial slurs and in class they called him the n word. >> and i would say could you please not do that. >> around campus he noticed the confederate flag on clothing and cars. and in the locker room he says he once overheard some teammates singing this david allen coe song. ♪ [ bleep ]. >> he tells us the language happened within earshot of school staff but no one intervened. >> it was the kind of thing that you can't talk about, for one. or if you did talk about it, that one really cared.
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>> mack kept quiet for two years until he showed his parents these online exchanges. >> just because you're a [ bleep ] doesn't mean i do and i will punch you in the [ bleep ] mouth. >> his parents brought the threats to the high school district. officials spoke with the students and according to the letter warned one of them about any continued harassment. the other left the school. they discussed with the koich ways to ensure that all players feel supported. then the principal closed the case. >> how would you describe the school's investigation. >> there wasn't one. >> no, there was no investigation. >> so they sent a complaint to the u.s. department of education office for civil rights here in fran. it investigated and last fall issued a 20-page report noting the district's failure to follow its own grievance procedures and finding its investigation was not appropriate. it amounted to a civil rights.
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they created an anti-harassment statement, provide training. the district told the feds that the climate for african-american students were welcoming and friendly. >> they would say the n word all of the time. >> but these kids say they felt like out cidsi outsiders. they tried to call it a single situation saying it was just him. it was not just him. they treat other kids of color like that. >> do you feel like the administrators at your former high school had your back? >> no. >> when their parents pulled them from the school, they said that the school leaders never followed up. we wanted to ask the district why it took a federal investigation for them to confront an apparent racial divide. they declined an interview request citing a lawsuit that the mack family filed last month. the superintendent says they're following the agreement and
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driving to provide an environment free of harassment and discrimination for everyone. >> there needs to be a much call culture of respect. >> evan mack will graduate from a new high school this year. but parents want accountability for all students. a district in a city where people want to get rid of racism, not promote it. the department of education's finding signals serious action. last year the feds received 2500 racial discrimination complaints th they resolved 57 cases nationally, 17 in california. >> if you have a tip for the investigative unit, call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. a pregnant woman canceled her travel plans over zika virus fears. but the airline didn't give her a refund.
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nbc bay area responds.
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a new arrest in a shootinginves frcisco muni ne. take vo a new arrest in a shooting investigation on board a san francisco muhney line. 29-year-old anthony ray was arrested on tuesday, accused of shooting a man in the head last tuesday on the rail. after ray opened fire, a witness tried to grab the gun. the fight was caught on surveillance camera. he's now facing charges of attempted murder. wet roads may be to blame for an accident that backed up traffic for hours on 880 in oakland. the driver of a big rig lost control after going through standing water, then hit a car,
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another big rig and then overturned. the driver in fact seriously hurt and it took hours for crews to clear that scene. well san francisco's summer of love anniversary concert did not get any love from city officials today. it has been five decades since the gathering of the flower children when hippies turned the eyes of the world to san francisco. the celebration became known as the summer of love. the city marked the 40th anniversary with a free concert after golden gate park. but today the city's park commission denied a permit for a similar event this year marking the 50th anniversary. the commissioners have safety and traffic concerns but they did invite promoter to reapply if they get better organized. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're heading to ski week for the kids next weekend. >> pack the snow gear if you're headed um to tahoe next week.
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they have major flooding threats over the next three days. in the next 24 hours we could see from the same storm that's going to hit us, boss by 2 1/2 inches in downtown los angeles. i'm tracking the forecast in five minutes. her doctor tells her don't fly, uncle sam says don't fly but the airline imposes a fee for a refund of her ticket. i'm chris. bay area responds next. to a pleasanton woman who cance
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vacation... fohe tonight we spond to a woman in pleasanton who cancelled her
6:45 pm
much anticipated vacation for health reasons. >> she thought he would get a refund from her airline but it wasn't the case. she reached out to chris chmura th . >> this woman's situation was unusual so she thought she deserved a refund and we did too. last fall karen and her husband booked a trip to mexico. >> we wanted to relax by the beach and get some sun. >> but a routine doctor's appointment changed their plans. >> and the nurse comes out and she says positive. and i look at her and go, are you sure? >> he was sure all right. karen was pregnant. once the surprising news settled in, karen realized she had to cancel her upcoming trip. >> we couldn't go because of the zika virus. >> pregnant wemd were warned not to travel to mexico. karen says the hotel and tours she booked understood that and
6:46 pm
gave her full refound. but her airline, united, wasn't as generous. karen used miles to purchase her tickets. now united agreed to a refund with her miles but she had to use them within a year and may a $200 per ticket penalty. >> everyone gave us a refund except for united airlines. >> united decision for karen's mileage ticket contradicts the zika virus. consumers advised to avoid the affected regions can change their destination without a fee. concern's doctor wrote a letter on her behalf saying she couldn't travel but united didn't budge. >> i didn't think it was fair. >> so karen reached out to us for help. we contacted united and the airline deposited karen's miles back into her account with no fee and no restrictions.
6:47 pm
>> i was very happy. >> concern is looking forward to her baby. she'll plan another trip to mexico some day. >> we'll have a little run running around when we go. the more the merrier, i guess. >> united tells us it offered zika related refound for tickets purchased before march of last year. as for unexpected situations like karen es's united says it makes those decisions on a -- case-by-case basis. i have a rule of thumb with airlines. if you don't like the first answer, hang up, call again. sometimes the second call will get you what you want. >> you said a case by case so there's room for discussion there. a lot of heart on the field at at&t park today. literally. five-foot tall hearts designed
6:48 pm
by artists. matter of the hero and hearts luncheon. honors the local he roes that inspire and improve our community. it's always so beautiful to see the hearts. they're all gorgeous. >> it brightens your day. >> jeff, how are we going looking into friday? we do have another storm system on the way. we can get through this one. it's not going to bring us several inches of rainfall. that's the good news. but the commute is definitely going to be slick. we have storm ranger out right now, positioned in southern california and that's due to the very high flooding threat we have from friday right through sunday's forecast. currently it's dry throughout san diego and most of l.a. basin but the rainfall is beginning in santa barbara and l.a. the bay area tomorrow through 4:00 p.m., just over half an inch in san francisco. downtown los angeles 2.39 inches.
6:49 pm
that's probably close to a third of what they should see for the entire rainfall season. so if you were planning on heading to los angeles for tomorrow, be ready for some flooding issues that may crop up. now the reason why southern california will get so much more rainfall than us, they're close to the atmospheric river which looks like it's going to set upshot throughout southern california. we'll see the cold front for us combined with the atmospheric river. two different weather elements combining together to bring the entire state rainfall. tomorrow morning, it's wet again. you need the patience, the um bra la, the jacket. it's going to be slow going. tri-valley 53, peninsula 56 and south bay at 55. san francisco 54 and for the east bay coming in at 57. future cast shows the setup we just talked about. you can see this huge zone of rainfall towards southern california and right back here towards the west we have our cold front. both of these areas converging
6:50 pm
together to help bring rainfall to the south bay first around 5:00 a.m. and then we'll see it push up into the north baby 9:30 with heavier pockets of wet weather. the morning is going to be the worst of the rainfall. transition into the afternoon it's going to be more of a scattered rainfall and that will stay in place until saturday morning as well. tomorrow morning looks like the worst of it. rainfall totals, highest for the coastal mountains, the north bay elevations. you can see the pops of orange color. that's good for 1.25 inches. most of the areas around the bay, east bay peninsula into san francisco in the green, that's less than half an inch. that includes san jose. if you're traveling over the santa cruz mountains you have have more mud slide threats. weekend is shaping up well. intermittent showers on saturday and sunday.
6:51 pm
10:00 p.m. on sunday the next storm system arrives but it's really going to impact monday morning at this point. then farther out, possibly some wet weather with another storm system by next wednesday. there's good news on the very extended forecast. once we get past next thursday i think we could be in for a five to seven-day trying period and that would certainly be good news. a bonus for you tonight, five second left on the clock. anyone heading up for ski week next week, expect snow each and every day. pack the snow gear. the hot and the gloves. you got to have it. >> i like when we get a bonus forecast. >> you called for it. okay. something is happening at san jose state that hasn't happened in decades. colin resch talks with the man being credited for the turn around. that's next. with the xfinity tv app, anything with a screen is a tv. stream 130 live channels, plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies,
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all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. download the xfinity tv app today. around here..
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but t this ason. san je state is turning things ounon ts well they often get overshadowed here, but not this season. san jose state is turning things around on the basketball court. >> the coach just named national coach of the week. here's colin resch from the campus. >> they've never won here so a lot of people told me not to take the job. >> reporter: friends and colleagues warned dave about san jose state. they said he couldn't win here. that's all the motivation he needed. >> i'll be honest with you. that's what really stoked me, that's what really got me going. when somebody tells me i can't do something, that just lights my fire more. >> he is really turning that program around at san jose state. >> woojic hasn't just turned it around, he's pulled it out of
6:55 pm
hibernation. >> i really think our kids have put themselves and put this program on the map. >> in this his fourth season at the helm, the spartans are 14-1 is, considering two seasons ago they finished 2-28 and somehow wojic convinced well itch and brian clark to commit. >> it's hard to explain to people, it really was. but the coach has has vision, and it was a vision of really what we have right now. >> if we can just keep it going, et can get better for us. >> those guys believe in what we're trying to do here and that was the big deal. it is amazing how far we've come in those two years but it's a tribute to the players. and they're still young. we're still preshmen and
6:56 pm
sophomor sophomores. the future looks bright for us. >> something they haven't been able to say about san jose basketball in a long time. colin resch, nbc bay area news. tonight at 1 is:00, monkeys are used in medical testing but do the breakthroughs outweigh the medical issues. we investigate the medical testing happening in a primate lab mere in california. that's tonight at 11:00. final word, as we go into the evening. >> 5:00 a.m. the next storm system arrives, hits the south bay and santa cruz mountains first. the worst will will be in the morning hours. by friday afternoon, scattered rainfall and then that chance of maybe some hit and miss showers lingers into the weekend. i think we're all good throughout saturday and sunday. another storm system sunday night into monday. hard to keep track nowadays. >> thanks, jeff. thanks for joining us here at 6:00. >> we hope to see you at 11:00.
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regis and kelly secretly at war? >> kelly faces the camera today and regis reveals they no longer speak. now on "extra" ♪ extra, extra regis and kelly, their top-secret falling out. >> she took it personal? >> yeah, i think so. >> regis with larry king claiming he hasn't talked to kelly since he left. now kelly responds today. harrison ford boarding a plane again, taking on questions about his near collision with a 737. >> are you okay? all your fans are worried about you. mariah's first performance since new year's eve. where we spotted her after the show with boyfriend bryan tanaka.


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