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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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from k-y ultragel. a san francisco building. the p takesot today fes hd -- tru asking all citens to i am president trump's "conessionalr address" drawing rave reviewthit have so far proved so contentio? lra/vo the warrior's leading scorgoes . now.y in the bay starts rht goodorning - d thanks for joini ==sam/2shot== ia cannon. and i'm sam brock. =4shot= ad l tosso weath
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chilly out there. 36. patchy frost. 45 in san francisco. bundle up as you get this day started. and then later today you'll be peeling off layers. we'll be comfortable in the south bay. north bay, 62 degrees. 59 in san francisco. i am talking about some rain. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. we head to mike starting with a crash in hayward. >> we have a few. the one i'll focus on is hayward
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past 880. it is clearing from the rod way. eastbound 92 at santa clara in hayward on the east bay side. a smooth drive at the toll plaza. smoother drive northbound 680. all lanes cleared. mission boulevard for over 12 hours they were working on this giant pothole. they opened just before 10:00. a little slowing southbound. so far no other construction projects reported right there. a nice drive for the rest of the east bay. and 680 through pleasanton is looking good. more on the east bay coming up. back to you. 4:32. a daredevil stunt in san francisco overnight lands two min jail. hotel security says surveillance caught a man and woman in the air. police are still looking for the woman. our cameras caught the men
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getting arrested. one blowing a kiss as officers took him away. first the speech. now the reaction. after the president addressed both houses of congress last night, politicians are responding this morning. >> many are saying he won bigbie using more restraint and an optimistic approach. the president of the united states. >> president trump opened his first address to congress with a softer tone, speaking of recent threats to the jewish community and pledging unity. >> we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. >> there was one of a few times both sides agreed. a divided congress as mr. trump urged lawmakers to support him
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on immigration. >> we will raise wages, help the unemployed, save billions and billions of dollars and make your communities safer for everyone. >> also detailing specifics. switching away from this current system of lower skilled immigration and instead adopting a merit-based system, we will have so many more benefits. >> mr. trump insisting congress replace obamacare, letting americans choose their own health plans. >> it must be the plan they want, not the plan forced on them by our government. >> the former kentucky governor promising to fight for obamacare. >> in 2010, this country made a commitment that every american deserved health care they could afford and rely on. we democrats are going to do everything in our power to keep president trump and the republican congress from
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reneging on that commitment. >> you can read the speech for yourself on click on the top story box. we have posted the full transcript of the president's address. and a live report from washington coming up in the next half hour. the warriors and their fan base holding their collective breaths. they are hoping-case scenario f durant. you see it spotlighted right there. he pulls up his knee. he did hyper extend that knee. there are fears that he could be out for months. the results of the mri are not known yet. former warrior player matt barnes is being brought back.
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the team lost 112-108. police in is sunnyvale looking for this man he is suspected of being in a home burglary last friday. someone stole electronics on azalea drive. another nice day across the bay area. good morning, kari. good morning. we are all enjoying the sunshine and dry weather. we'll talk about how long that lasts and what's coming down the pike as we head into the weekend in a few minutes. and a live look at palo alto, 101. the bright lights at the top is the construction area by university. traffic flows smoothly. more crews are out there. a crash in the east bay coming up. why president trump is not signing his immigration executive order today.
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in his speech to congress st be to improve vettingt mentioned hg procedures. h fit executi order refugees from 7 mostly musl nations was struck down the cou a sian rugee livi in the bay area is hoping the new oer will be less restrictive. he sa are desperate to get out. sot sot 4:55:05 aled turkmani/syrian refugee say "and it wouldn't be life you wou
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like tlive cont. vo to ve trt:=13 antime, bayrea lawye are signg up for ifts at s- . >> being arrested means death for you. it would appear that you would like to live. >> in the meantime, bay area lawyers are signing up for shifts at sfo anticipating more chaos when the new order takes effect. attorneys offered free legal services for travelers caught up in the first ban. happening today, earthquake experts plan on shedding light on the potential dangers of man made earthquakes. the usgs assessed risks not only from natural quakes but the ones induced by drilling and fracking. the state of oklahoma reported a magnitude 5 in an area with no seismic country. the latest information is today they are releasing updated maps on the areas most vulnerable to
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man made quakes. cleaning up dirt and debris from lake oroville. you may recall this spillway was damaged three weeks ago when the emergency spillway was put into use. it was in favor of spilling. the water level has risen more than three feet, but water levels are 60 feet below the emergency spillway. imagine standing there. we continue to track the anderson reservoir in morgan hill as well. as of 10 minutes ago, it is 99% full. that is down from 103% from earlier in the week. water has stopped flowing from over the spillway. this is the video from the height of the runoff last week. it is only supposed to be 68% full due to structural concerns. it is a sight to behold.
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>> people were flock to go see that. it might be time to celebrate. they may be easing up on the sideline spectacles.
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skpwhro is 4:44 on this wednesday morning.
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you know the nfl's reputation about being the no fun league. when it comes to celebrations. it might stand for not for long. >> ezequiel elliott got a for jumping into the salvation army kettle. they are looking to scale back the penalty.
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maybe remove can kettle. >> i think he raised money for the salvation army. >> that's a good thing. >> youtube the latest to launch a live tv service. >> check in live with landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. sam and laura, wall street could start on a positive note. they slip on the final day of february. snapping its 12-day winning streak. investors giving a cool reception to president trump's speech to congress. reports on income and spending, manufacturing and auto sales. the das dak down 36. snapchat working on a drone that
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could help users take overhead videos and selfies. it is is up clear when and if the device will be available to consumers. it could value the company at $22 billion. and in a bid to attract people who have cut the cord, youtube tv will feature broadcast networks, including nbc and espn and cost 35 bucks a month for six accounts. is subscribers will be able to watch original content from the youtube web channel which features programming by top youtube stars. sam and laura, back over to you. thank you very much, landon. it is 4:47. we are following developing news out of the east where a tornado outbreak has devastated homes and taken lives. these are live pictures. you can see some of the district
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in perry county, missouri. 22 tornados touched down since yesterday, killing three people. look at that what they have to go through now. the worst hit areas are missouri and illinois. >> a few days ago they had record high temperatures. 22 tornados in a day. >> that is not all that uncommon this time of year. today is the first day of meteorological spring. >> wait a minute. >> yeah. it is actually march 1st. for weather people. not astronomical spring.
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>> i'm not getting out my white pants yet. >> not yet. the temperature trend on average starts to go up on this date. we can't feel that. but we will this afternoon. here's a live look outside at san francisco. clear skies. look how cold it is. definitely feels like winter out there. 36 in fairfield, santa rosa, livermore. 35 in morgan hill. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the mom of the screen, the temperatures continue to warm. up to 62 degrees in milpitas and gilroy 65. 65 also for walnut creek. and fremont today 63 degrees. 60 in san mateo. santa rosa looking at a high of 64 degrees. so we are still enjoying our dry weather. just to the north, there has been rain and snow for parts of oregon and washington.
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that will move south slowly as we head through the weekend. that will bring us our next chance of rain. as we see the rain moving in to far western california friday night, it may may be moving into the north bay. the computer models are speeding up, bringing it in, late saturday evening into sunday. we will see scattered showers tapering off sunday and early next week. anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a quarter with the quick can-moving system moving through. follow me on facebook and twitter. facebook live at 9:00. i will answer any questions you may have as you make plans for the weekend. looking at the forecast, going to see highs in the low 60s in san francisco. afternoon rain on saturday.
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sunday, also showers and clearing out early next week. rain moving into the high bay with highs in the low 60s on saturday. as we head over to mike, bart starts with a delay. >> which is hopefully wrapping up. i just got word they are saying the 20-minute delay is at daly city because of track maintenance from overnight. it is is just heldover. we'll track that of course because that could be a big impact on folks making an early morning commute. roadways show a smooth traffic flow. just got this information as well. this crash at the bottom of the screen, i was able to squeeze it out last minute. i just learned we have two, possibly three northbound lanes closed right now. as north 80, 880 approaching 87, the overpass to downtown.
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a crash at brokaw. crash at diablo should be off to the side. the drive to the bay bridge 15 minutes from highway 4 to the toll plaza. thank you, mike. sexual assault and misconduct on uc campuses. newly obtained documents shedding some light on the number of cases across campus. but first happening right now, we just told you about it. we are closely following a story out of the midwest where 22 tornados have torn apart homes and left three people dead. the hardest hit areas in missouri and illinois. >> in budapest assembly, they just approved a motion to draw their bid for the olympics.
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it leaves los angeles and paris as the only candidates. the committee will choose the host city if september. we're back in just two minutes. this is gus.
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in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square. ♪ you can feel good about general mills big g cereals. shedding some light .. onhe recent hioryf sexual welcome back. newly released documents are shedding light on the reason history of sexual misconduct cases across california campuses. this covers a period that starts before the u.c. system introduced new policies aimed at preventing sexual harassment. they investigated 100 cases over a three-year period starting
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since last april. one student says all schools need to be doing more. >> you have people who trust with their children is and their lives. >> they responded these cases were investigated under old policies. in the past two years, the university has drastic steps system wide to significantly change the way cases are hammed. >> while most of us take it for grant our investigative unit found hundreds of thousands don't have access to safe, reliable, clean drinking water. the drought has left them with no matter. new data showing as many as 1 million people living in
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california are exposed contaminated drinking water. >> there are serious health impacts. it can cause cancer. and death in babies after a few weeks of exposure. >> they are in crisis. >> if this is not an emergency, i don't know what it is. >> steven stock will break down the numbers and takes us into the homes where the only water safe to drink is delivered by vol is tears in bottles. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip, give us a call. 888-996-tips. or the kwraoupunit@nbcbayarea.c. i don't think it is too early to start talking about the weekend. >> why, no, it's not. is it ever, kari? >> not even on monday. we're all making plans for the weekend. keep in mind we are going to have some rain.
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as you step out, it is all dry. look how cold it is. we'll talk about more in the microclimate forecast. >> and look at san jose. this is 101. traffic just fine right here. but not far away near the airport we have a crash. 880. the bobtail truck that is involved. plus, a plane bound for san jose falls out of the sky killing three people. new details we're learning about the family on board. president trump lays out h
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we are one people with one destiny. we all bleed the same blood. >> president trump laying out his vision for america to congress. this morning reaction is pouring in. a live report from washington coming up. and we're starting to get a clearer picture who was on board that cessna that appeared to just drop out of the sky in riverside and crash into homes there. the real major impact on a family here in san jose. the reason not everyone is convinced it will help. today in the bay starts now. at 5:00, as you're just waking up right now, welcome to wednesday.


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