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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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survive. plus, the record-breaking numbers we're expecting from today's sierra snowpack. in the bay continues right now. and a good wednesday morning. 6:00 on the dot. glad you're with us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> it is the first day of march. >> we call it meteorological calendar. we're on the up and up heading into the weekend as we start out with clear skies. it is is very cold. bundle up as you head out. we will get sunshine so you will be peeling off some of the layers today. it is going to be in the low as you step out in oakland and palo alto. 33 in santa rosa. san francisco at 46 degrees at 8:00 by lurch time. upper 50s today.
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we will see mid-60s inland. we will talk about that. and rain ahead for your weekend in eight minutes. looking at san jose. we have another crash. got the all clear. we have another crash which had more backup. we are seeing more slowing the last five minutes for this stretch of the pay shore freeway near san jose. we see more folks take 280 north to 87. we will track that. over in the tri-valley, no major problems. no ripples there. moving over towards dublin. back to you. >> we to follow a developing story. the ntsb is investigating aly plane crash that left three people dead and two others critical injured. you see the explosion. the plane headed from southern
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california to san jose when it crashed in a riverside neighborhood. >> we are learning more about the people board. the family sharing this photo with us. on the left is dana hygazi on the right. her daughter stacy pierce survived but is credit can cal condition. >> we have new information we're learning about the victims on board that flight. kris? >> reporter: sam and laura, we know life will never be the same even for the two people who survived a horrifying crash. once again, stacy pierce gave us the photo. she is fighting for her life right now has third degree burns over 90% of her body. her mother died and so did dana's husband noori, who was the pilot. the teenage girl died in the crash and a woman was ejected and also at a riverside hospital.
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stacy's sister-in-law said all they wanted to do was support their children. >> you see these things on tv and you don't think they will happen to your family. it is surreal watching it knowing these were members of our family. >> the national transportation safety board is looking at video of the cessna crashing into the four homes as part of their investigation. they are looking at a debris field as long as 150 feet. we showed that video to a palo alto flight instructor as well. he suspects that one of the two engines failed and the pilot had to react quickly. the five people on board were returning from watching the union middle school cheer team take first place in their division at a competition at disneyland. they have grief counselors on site helping children make sense of something that just doesn't make sense. >> very tragic. thank you, kris.
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it is 6:03. happening today, the wife of the world nightclub shooter will know if she will be released from jail as she awaits trial. she is accused of helping her husband, omar mateen, and for allegedly lying to investigators. prosecutors argue that releasing salman would create a danger to the public. also happening today, oakland police chief will lay out her plans for the public. she was sworn in as the first female chief. during the ceremony she spoke about making it her goal to improve safety in oakland. developing this morning, trying to get to the mom of break swroupof breakdowns at coyote creek. they are trying to figure out why so many people were caught off guard. the first hearing happened march 9th. some flood victims say right the
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city should be focusing its attention on the basics instead. >> get the power and the gas on. p g and e say they are waiting for the city. come on, city, help us. >> city council members did make it official ratifying an emergency declaration. it will help to free up money approximate resources for flood victims. happening today, we are expecting drought busting numbers on the snowpack. they are conducting its monthly snowpack survey for the sierra. just yesterday electric monitors showed it was at 186% of normal for this time of year. it is crucial as it provides one-third of california's water. happening today, looking for ways to reduce traffic on highway 10. it can be a huge bottleneck. tonight people will gather for
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community meetings to alleviate some of the grid lock. it take place san mateo public library at 6:30. all right. to the president's first 100 days. and day 40 yesterday was a very important one. this morning reaction to both houses pouring in. >> edward lawrence joining us live from washington to show us the speech and the response we're getting this morning. >> experts are saying it sounded more presidential. in this speech he talked about his america first issues. >> mr. speaker, the president of
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the united states. >> we are a country condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. >> the american people heard his heart. >> vice president mike pence said we heard agrees plans for jobs, infrastructure, immigration. >> president trump stepped up, told the american people where he wants to go. >> it lacks specifics. >> he directed the department of defense to demolish the terror and ended with a call for unity. >> we are one people with one
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destiny. we all bleed the same blood. >> the speech had mixed reviews. they can't ignore his past divisive language. >> the volume was slightly lower but the rhetoric was the same. >> we have seen that the speeches and the reality don't match. >> republicans believe the president hit the mark. >> the president also defended his temporary travel plan last night as necessary. the new owner is expected to drop iraq as one of the countries on the banned list. the signing of the new executive order will happen later in the week. edward lawrence many back to you, sam and lawyer la. >> thanks so much, edward. bay area democrats also reacting to the president's congressional address. jackie spears tweeted it was repackaged campaign tweets. >> you have a lot of just kind of i would say armchair thoughts. he has a lot of tweets.
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but he came to congress i think unprepared today to meet the challenges that people have right now. >> our coverage continues both on air and online throughout our newscast. and you can also read the president's speech on our website for we will tweet out a link to that. click on the top story box. scott grew will break it down at 6:45. >> it's 6:09 now as you get ready to step out the door. very chilly temperatures. clear skies pretty much like it was yesterday. 35 degrees now in the tri-valley. and 33 degrees in the north bay with patchy frost. and heading out in san francisco. it is 46 degrees. going to see highs reaching into the mid-60s. another beautiful day. up to 60 in the east bay. and the north bay, 62 degrees. over the next several days, we're in for some changes. i'll that coming up. and a look at the tahoe in a few
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minutes. updating the crash in san jose. >> we give a shoutout to folks who may have gone to sleep. north 680, no problems this morning. a live look at san jose, 101. starting to move a little bit better. 680 and the crossing there up to about alum rock. a slower drive because the second of two crashes happened in the area. again, i think it cleared to the shoulder the last few minutes skwruplgi judging by that live shot. more folks traveling northbound 280 from that point because they want to get out of that backup and over to 87. a little slowing for 87 cleared north of the capital expressway. smooth drive to the bay bridge.
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thank you, mike. coming up, remembering a fallen deputy. the plans to honor the alameda county deputy killed in the approximate line of duty. coming up in just three minutes. in business news, yet more trouble uber. here we go again. and how about a little inspiration to get out of bed this morning and hit the road for work. a beautiful sunrise. just the beginning of it from milpitas. you are watching today in the bay on this first day of march.
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it is 6:14. we will have clear conditions at squaw valley the next few days. a lot of sunshine with highs reaching into the low 40s there. we have 241 inches of snow at the base of squaw valley. it is all being taken care of by the machines. we have 109 trails open there. as we head into the forecast for the bay area, we are looking at rain for the weekend. more in five minutes. air delay developing north 101, 680.
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a funeral service set for the alameda sheriff's deputy. michael foley died last thursday a day of he was hit by a bus in dublin. a funeral service will be held 1:00 friday at the concord pavilion. deputy foley worked in law enforcement for 30 years, 29 with the can concord police department. a private procession is and burial will be held after the service. 6:15. "consumer reports" is out with its annual list of the top car brands. audi is first, followed by porsche and bmw. g.m.'s buick is the highest mainstream u.s. brand. and tesla came in 8th. "consumer reports" said the german brands grew in large part because of reliability. how many times have we said good morning, scott mcgrew, asking
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him about uber. >> more trouble for the most troubled company in san francisco. >> here we go again. from allegations of sexual harassment, to blocking the entrance, what could go wrong? the ceo arguing and using foul language in an uber. the video from a dashcam was given to bloomberg. you can watch the rest of this at if clear this is a reflection of me and the criticism we have received is a stark reminder i must fund memorily change as a leader and grow up. this is the first time i've been willing to admit i need leadership help, and i intend to get it. it may include replacing himself as ceo. the move is probably overdue. it is is not uncommon for start-uppers to aside and allow
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more experienced, mature leaders to come in and take the company public. and snapchat public shares start trading tomorrow. interesting to see what wall street will do today. president trump delivered a speech that was short on detail. he mention lded stimulus, bed s specifics. last night was the opportunity to reassure everyone this was going to happen. we'll see the open here in 13 minutes? we look forward to that. a lot of people look forward to coachella. lady gaga is coming to coachella. she announced she will be performing at both weekends in april. she took the spot of beyonce, who is pregnant with twins, announcing that her doctors recommend she bow out.
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no jumping around on the stage. she is scheduled for next year's performance, though. coachella will be quite the warmup. the world tour will make its the way to at&t park august 13th. >> i've been before, by the. it is teeming with people. >> come o. lady gaga. >> wearing meat. >> who is hungry? >> it is not a meat dress kind of money. >> yeah. you need more clothes than that. it is very chilly. a live look outside. it is 38 degrees now in pap that and in jose. 41 in oakland and palo alto and
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san francisco 44 degrees. a live look outside at san jose. with the sunrise, great start to the day. and the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. there's more sun in the forecast until the weekend of course. in evergreen temperatures starting out in the low 50s at 10:00. then making it into the low 60s today. it's a little bit warmer than yesterday with all the sun and reaching app average high of 64 degrees. east san jose 64 degrees. danville, 63. 60 in san mateo. 64 in sonoma and santa rosa. we have dry weather. it has been steered well to the north of us. that is where it will stay a little while longer before it dips to the south. we start to see the rain moving into far northwestern california
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by saturday morning. expecting it to arrive in the bay area by late saturday afternoon, early sunday. a fairly quick moving system before we dry out for the first part of next week. some of the models showing the potential of half an inch of rain. there may be up to an inch and a quarter. this will bring in at least a decent amount of rain. as we get a current look at our reservoirs, anderson reservoir still close to capacity. no longer spilling over. uvas $101%. lexington and chesbro in the 90s. i'll keep you up to date on what to expect as the weekend moves in. we'll see the temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s. and rain for both saturday afternoon into sunday.
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and clearing early next week. as we head of to mike, another crash in san jose. >> highway 101. the third crash of the morning. we'll show you how things play out. a wide look. san jose, highway 101. northbound at alum rock through this stretch. it looks like clear lanes. chp has not confirmed that. we have seen a little bit smoother drive north of there. traveling south into that same area, reports of a crash at the 880 interchange. if you are familiar with this, very tight loop. we will let you know whether or not lanes are affected or if they can clear it from the area. a smooth flow of traffic in the northbound with just a gentle build for the tri-valley. the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic flowing smoothly. metering lights on. a look at your speed. travel times getting into the east bay.
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no major surprises. back to you. coming up after the break in just three minutes, more young adults being diagnosed with a certain type of cancer. what could be behind the concerning new trend. your four-legged friend fun but also a contractual obligation? i'm consumer investigator chris qaa more. we'll explain why next. in medical news this morng-- a
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startling new trend amongcolore
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people over age 50-- but aew a startling new trend among colorectal patients. most cases are diagnosed in people over 50. risks increase steadily among adults. the american cancer society reports people this their 20s and 30s have double the risk of colon cancer and quadruple the risk for rectal cancer as the parents generation it did the same age. >> the risk of colon and rectal cancer for millennials, born around 1990, has escalated back to the people born in the late 1800s. >> unfortunately there's no clear explanation to why this is happening. but experts parallels the obesity epidemic. it is is possible high fat diets are to blame. warning signs, unusual cramping and change in bowel habits.
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most adults scatter screenings at age 50. given this new research, the guidelines might have to be reevaluated. so important to get the screenings. pets are so playful but they are also big business. pet owners need to keep that in mind. chris chmura swroeupbs joins us. good morning. you probably don't think about your dog or cat being bound by a contract. but you might need to, especially if you're considering pet insurance. don't is about a dog named tik. they took out a wellness plan to cover her medications over the years. she eventually passed away but the policy did not. tink's owner was required to continue making payments even after tink was gone. an attorney weighs in with advice for the rest of us pet owners. also what happened when the response team asked for an exception. if you have a consumer
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complaint, let us know at 888-996-tips on or >> 6:27. >> on your wednesday. coming up next, parachuting off a-story building. that is what police say landed these two men behind bars in san francisco. the charges they're facing this morning and the third person police are still looking for. warriors kevin durant hurt during last night's game. could miss some of the playoffs. you're watching today in the bay. taking a live look outsid- a
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beautiful sunrise in milpitas. we're off to another chilly sta =cover shot= =laura/4shot= good morning and thanksor joining us. i'm laura garcia cannon.=sam/4s and i'm sam brock (toss kari) good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> it is the first day of meteorological spring. >> all that means is that from this point on we start to see temperatures on average warming up. >> there we go.
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it definitely feels like winter. 38 in san jose. livermore, 35. clear skies. warming with all that sun. >> a bids one here. we talk about the crash cleared at alum rock. improvement for your speed here.
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the crash cleared the last few minutes. some build for the valley. travel times towards the bay bridge, just shade over highway 4, richmond, and to the bay bridge backup. >> thank you very much. 6:32. new, two people behind bars after police say they share chuted off the top of a 46-story hotel in san francisco. good morning to you, sam and laura. a very dangerous stunt. they got the call from hotel
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security around midnight left night. three people using parachutes to jump off behind this hotel here on the ellis side of the hotel. two men and one woman. about 46 stories p. an officer in the area at the time saw one of the men as he was landing and the other picking up his parachute. no law preventing off a building. but the individuals were arrested fortress passing. as you mentioned, they are still looking for the female suspect. if you have any information, contact sfpd. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> pete, thank you very much.
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any chance you caught the dubs game in washington? everyone anxiously awaiting news after kevin durant grabbed his knee. how badly was he injured? we'll find out. a fellow warrior fell into him. bob redell joining us live from oracle to explain who will try to replace him and what we are expect to go learn about his condition today. good morning. >> good morning to you, sam. "comcast sportsnet" will be bringing on matt barnes. the durant injury so serious he could out for some time, not just weeks, possibly months. take a look at tv screen. you can see how he got hurt last night. the kwrors againwarriors againss
6:35 am
just got started. pa chulia fell into his knee. he was given an mri last night. warriors expecting to release that and a prognosis sometime later today. he could miss some of the playoffs games which start in is six weeks. matt barnes indicate he is coming back to play for golden state. he posted instagram this picture when he played for a team between '06 and '08 with a caption that read in part, coming pack to where it all started. barnes is a free agent and veteran forward who most recently played for the sacramento kings. the warriors on the verge of signing him. live outside oracle is and oak land, bob redell, today in the bay. >> all right. thank you, bob. 6:35. nbc news reporting president trump will not sign his
6:36 am
executive order today. it is is being delayed until later in the week. it is not clear why it is being delayed. his staff is working to improve vet procedures. the first executive order banning travelers and refugees from seven restricted countries. >> anything will make you be arrested. being arrested means death for you. this wouldn't be your -- a life that you would like to live. >> in the meantime, bay area lawyers signing up for shifts at sfo anticipating more chaos when the new order takes effect. back in court now. ing continuing coverage of the
6:37 am
ant lynn garcia torres case. he is accused of killing sierra lamar. it was suspended yesterday after a juror fell ill. mercury news reports the testimony focused on how the evident was collected. lamar's hair was found on a rope in his car and dna found on the same clothing she wore when she went missing. they were found in a bag a few miles from her home in morgan hill. garcia torres claims he didn't even know lamar. in just a couple hours, the official ground breaking for the new rapid transit bus corridor along van ness happens.
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it won't wrap up until 2019 at the very latest. it is 6:38 on this wednesday morning. making plans for the weekend. there are changes you need to know about. heading into saturday for the bay and inland areas, rain moving into the north bay. by early afternoon and into the evening as drop back to the mid-50s. on sunday, temperatures starting out veriy. off and on showers at least for the first part of the day. so the best day to head to santa cruz or some of our area beaches will be on saturday as it will still be mostly dry, especially farther to the south. and temperatures reaching into is the low 60s but not a lot of sun i will talk about what to expect with the temperature trend in san jose coming up in four minutes. heading over to mike now, a new crash in oakland.
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>> yeah, kari. this is a concern. this is right where we start to see the build through the area. we are looking at another issue north of the coliseum. it is starting to build as you travel north. travel times towards the bay bridge, no major problems. what i'm watching is this. north 880 jumped up two more minutes the last couple of minutes because of the slowing. a clearer route 580. thank you, mike. 6:39. breaking international news this
6:40 am
morning. suicide bombing overnight in kabul, afghanistan. the terror grouping responsibility this morning. the president tweets out thank you after a very presidential speech gets good reviews on day 41. the dow jones has broken 21,000. you were talk building how investors would react to president trump's address last night. apparently very positively. trending up 200 points. -just gonna do a little cut. -jim?
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6:43 on this wednesday morning chilly out there too. we're at 48 degrees at 9:00 this morning reaching near the average high of 64 degrees. dry weather the next couple of days. a live look past the coliseum. traffic building even farther than the last time. a crash around 29th is blocking a lane. breaking news from kabul, afghanistan. one person has died. nearly 40 others injured after two suicide bomb attacks today. the happened at a police station after a suicide car bomber rammed a car into the station guts. it was then followed by a gun battle. the second attack outside the
6:44 am
offices of an intense service. the taliban claims responsibility for both attacks. facebook is taking steps to prevent people from committing suicide while using facebook live. facebook will launch suicide prevention tools starting today, including live chat support from the crisis text line after two people live streamed their suicides on facebooking back in january. plus in sunnyvale are looking for this man. officers he was involved in a burglary last friday. earthquake experts shed new light on the dangers of man made earthquakes. the first time last year. the usgs, magnitude 5 earthquake
6:45 am
in an area with no natural seismic activity. and the latest today sighs size pholgss will list a new were map. legislation being introduced would require parking spaces be be ready for installation of electric vehicle chargers. it would require sports to be ev flexible. no word when the full board will take up the legislation. quarter to 7:00, happening today, is ash wednesday. enter faith ceremony at 11:45 and a procession through the mission district.
6:46 am
it ends at the st. john the evangelist church. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days. today is day 41. >> the president tweeting out a simple thank you. >> the president getting lots of compliments from last night. a shift in tone. tens of millions of watched. if you missed it, tack a look. everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. every hurting family can find healing and hope. our citizens deserve it and so much more. so why not join forces and finally get the job done and get it done right? >> now, that point and that look was to democrats who sat on the
6:47 am
president's right. president trump stretches the truth. he had a few. he talked about immigrants and cri crime. he brought that up. immigrants commit less crime than american-born citizens. he took credit for fiat and intel bringing back jobs, jobs can companies had already announced. and one he repeats that got my attention, 94 million americans are out of the workforce. >> tonight, as i outline the next steps we must take as a country, we must honestly acknowledge the circumstances we inherited. 94 million americans are out of the labor force. >> this is true in the literal sense. it is called the biggest pinocchio by the "washington post". 94 million includes every single retiree, every student, stay-at-home mom and dad. if you include that, then it is a 42% unemployment rate. that's just not the case. was he specific enough?
6:48 am
keep in mind as the president calls for unity it came roughly 11 hours after he went on fox and friends and called pelosi in competent. sam, you had mentioned the stock market going over 21,000 on the dow. clearly investors liked what they saw. >> they are bullish this morning. scott, thank you very much. scott will be looking at president trump's tweets, executive orders. he would like to hear from you. share your thoughts with him on twitter. now to something a little lighter. alicia keys was on jimmy fallon. >> here is the singer mimicking adele while singing the alphabet so song. ♪
6:49 am
>> it was ream musical impressions game that he likes to play with a lot of his musical guests. >> i've never heard adele sing the alphabet song. look at this scene. the car hit the gully and starts flying. an inmate at a prison work release stole employee's pickup truck and led the police on a high-speed chase.
6:50 am
>> getting away. >> no get aways here. great weather so far this week. >> so far this week. a few changes this weekend. i wouldn't make plans to get out just yet. listen to this. a live look outside right now. we are starting out with some dry conditions. this is the weather we have seen all throughout the week here. fremont as we will have chilly temperatures. warming up nicely today. the seven-forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. we start at the peninsula. it is 41 in palo alto. 41 in oakland. san jose, 38 degrees. highs this afternoon reaching into the mid-60s. mill valley up to 60 degrees. changes heading into the
6:51 am
weekend. this is the way it pans out. early saturday morning, rain moving from north to south. by the afternoon, the timeline has definitely moved up. we could see this rain moving in by saturday afternoon and continuing into early sunday morning before that rain moves off to the east we get clearing late sunday night and early next week. the potential of half an inch, inch and a quarter throughout much of the bay area. even though we are expecting a little bit of rain there, should not aggravate any flooding. and also our high reservoirs and creeks and rivers. following me on facebook and twitter, i will be sure to keep you up to date. as we look at the weekend forecast, going to see temperatures holding steady in the upper 50s to lower 60s. rain late sunday, clearing out early next week. it will be nice and mild for the next few days. that chance of rain for the
6:52 am
forecast may have you changing some of your weekend plans. right now we have breaking news coming out of the midwest. 22 reported in the midwest. this tornado outbreak extends into mostly missouri and illinois. we're getting a look at some of those images of the destruction. it progresses now into the east. this system because of a strong cold and drastic drop in temperatures still causing the potential of more tornadoes as we go through the day. more updates on that. as we head over to mike now, tracking the crash and slowing for oakland. >> that's right, kari. everything else in the bay area calmed down. getting back to normal commute for the south bay and across the san mateo with the build.
6:53 am
you see the build already. a lot more slowing the last few minutes. 580 a good option for you. jammed up once you reach the coliseum. some folks might see this here. head south toward the san mateo bridge. westbound starting to build as well. you have your traditional slowing now. prepare for more. you can get to the alternate at the peninsula. 92 across the span. coming up next, the top stories on nbc bay area. that includes a deadly plane crash in southern california. the new information we're learning about the victims this morning who are on their to san jose at the time of the crash. and at 6:53, happening now,
6:54 am
we're just finding out the dollar amount the obamas will be paid for their memory mores. random house will shell out $65 million for their memoirs. and budapest will not bid for the olympics. that leaves los angeles and paris. we'll be back here in just two minutes.
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it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan,
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but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. at 6:57, welcome back to you. before you head out the door, the top stories on nbc bay area. >> we start with the ntsb investigating the plane crash that left three people dead and two others critical injured in southern california. the twin engine cessna was heading into san jose when it crashed into a neighborhood setting several homes on fire. two women survived but are in critical condition. a look at some of the people on the plane. the family shared this with nbc bay area. that's dana on the left side and her daughter stacy pierce on the
6:58 am
right. stacy died in the crash. pierce survived but is in critical condition with burns over 90% of her body. two people in jail and police looking for a third who parachuted off the hilton hotel on oh, farrell treat. surveillance captured the men and a woman in the air. our cameras captured the men getting arrested fortress passing in restricted space. police are still looking for that woman. warriors nation right now bracing itself this morning as we await an update on how star player kevin durant is doing after an injury last night. you see his knee buckle last night in washington after his teammate fell on him one minute into the game. durant hyper extended the knee. we are await the results of an mri.
6:59 am
there are reports that he could be out for months. former warrior matt barnes instagramed saying he would be replacing durant. all right. we put up big numbers on the court. right now big numbers on the stock market. dow jones crossing 21,000. very colorful event for the first time. >> that's right. big numbers on wall street. >> it is very cold as you head out. 34 degrees in the tri-valley and the north bay. highs reaching the mid-6 0s. it will be a very beautiful wednesday. >> good to hear that. thank you very much. mike, tracking a crash in oakland. >> the day's commute shows a standard pattern. jamming up from the coliseum. the slow lane blocked by a noninjury crash. they are having trouble to clear the roadway. that is the build for the
7:00 am
commute. expect more traffic across the san mateo bridge. >> we will be back in a half hour for an update. >> and join us for news at 11:00. have a great day. the reset? >> believe in yourselves. believe in your future. and believe once more in america. >> president trump strike as decidedly different tone in his first address to congress. >> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> is this new version of mr. trump here to stay? is his agenda heavy on jobs, health care reform and national security ambitious or overpromising? >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. >> this morning reaction from bothes


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