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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 2, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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joining us. i'm sabro. laura/2shot and i'm laura garcia cann. =4shot= good thursday morning. thank you for joining is us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. you know what we just heard? 70 degrees possibly today. >> every thursday. >> friday eve, i should say. >> why not? it is is going to be warming up today. we'll be raising the roof to some sunshine today. as you get ready to head out this morning, just so cold. we're still starting out with 30s and 40s out there. hard to believe it will be so warm when you start out at 36 degrees. it is is 46 in san francisco. east bay, 43. upper 60s for the south bay. 65 for the peninsula. there you go, north bay, 70
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degrees today. 61 in san francisco. as we head into the weekend, not only will the rain move in, but it will be much colder. we'll talk about major changes on the way in the next few minutes. mike is tracking a crash on the peninsula. >> we have wet roadways on the peninsula because of a crash. freeway speeds are just fine. highway 101 may be an issue in the belmont area. this is harbor at industrial a block and a half off 101. two blocks to the north. very clear there. over here, oh, my goodness, a busted fire hydrant. that's the result. water shooting up into the area. we have our photographer clearly on scene there. the truck may have hit a couple vehicles. again, this in the belmont area,
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off 101. use ralston to and from. >> we have been following breaking news overnight. an off-duty police officer is shot in the east bay. >> yeah, shot at. bob, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. it happened around midnight. an off-duty oakland police officer three people in a gray ford explorer cut them off. the officer followed until marked patrol cars arrived. the suspect abandoned their suv in a residential area at 55th and brookdale. opd employed an arm orred vehicle. the trail went cold. the search was called off.
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not clear if any suspects were taken into custody. they searched 880 by flashlight for any bullet casings. bob redell, today in the bay. >> thanks for the very latest there. 4:33. this morning, u.c. berkeley looking for a suspect who left a sign put up by campus republicans. two people took it down and shredded it. it happened before. this is video posted of another trump sign being destroyed on tuesday. they are increasingly under siege for their conservative views. >> two individuals came to our table, destroyed our trump yard sign, completing ripping it to shreds. i chased them down. that's had they decided to corner me. one of the individuals on a bike tried to ram into me. >> that is since they invited
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milo yiannopolous this year. video surfaced of him defending relationships between olderer men and teenage boys. he later resigned from breitbart news. he was dropped from his book deal as well. happening today, san francisco supervisor aaron pass kin is addressing too few ambulances. it was first up covered in january. friday night, at least five people were left with no ambulances to transport them in the hospital. some of the shortage had to do with an unforeseen surge in 91 # calls. they are hosting a meeting to look into problems and what to do about it. the widow of the orlando nightclub shooter will likely be released on bail. a federal judge ruled yesterday
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noor salman is not a danger to the public, casting doubt on the federal government's case. she was granted conditional release. she cannot leave her uncle's home in rodeo and will be under house arrest. >> she's going to be with her son. >> orlando police chief calls the decision disappointing and says he has faith she will ultimately be brought to justice for aiding her husband in the orlando nightclub shooting. >> dna evidence is going to be back in question later today in the antolin garcia torres murder trial. the focus once again a single strand of hair found in garcia torres's car. yesterday the defense suggested
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that evidence was planted. the evidence is crucial since garcia torres claims he didn't nola march. lamar's body to this day has not been found. san francisco's ocean beach, a lot of people like to head out there. recreational fire season is resuming after a four-month hiatus. ocean beach has 16 brand-new fire rings installed offering a safer, more manageable way to have a warm and cozy bonfire. it is all first come, first served. >> we might not need something to warm us up. kari, we will be used to this kind of weather. >> yeah. then we get ready for changes. this weekend rain is moving in. cooler temperatures. more as it continues to move south. and the timeline is coming up. there you go.
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good morning. wet morning in the peninsula. this is harbor at industrial. an earlier crash. you see what's happening right there. colorado is leading the nation when it comes to marijuana laws. the new possibility coming for the rocky mountain high.
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new this morning... ==curail== colorado maye poised toake its lelized mijuana law all new this morning a more social state law. colorado may be forced to take its legalized marijuana law one step farther allowing private clubs where people can come and smoke mayor watch that. indoor pot smoking at specially approved clubs. food and alcohol would not be allowed there. this would be the first of its kind law anywhere in the country. it still has to be approved by the full state september colorado house of representatives. a follow-up now. nbc news is learning the supreme court will take on the transgender bathroom case despite president trump's cancellation of former president obama's guidance on the i. they will hear a case from virginia. a transgender student wants to use a boys bathroom.
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the justices will decide whether it violates title ix on discrimination. it is read across america day. st. michael's school. it's going to be fun. hop and pop. all sorts reading events going on right now. read across america falls on march 2nd because it is dr. seuss's birthday. he was and still is that beloved children's book author. >> you have a birthday coming up? >> yeah, i do. >> hey, what do you know?
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marissa myer is paying the price, quite literally. a live look outside at the transamerica building and clear skies. very nice weather ahead in store. pushing 70 in parts of the area. i'll have more on that in a couple minutes. this is gus. someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing
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=mike/trx= a live look at palo alto starting out with clear skies is across the bay area. sunnyvale, 43 degrees and slowly warming up. our temperature trend continues to go up. our average high 64 degrees. as we go into the next couple of days. we'll talk about weekend rain in three minutes. there you go. look at that. over 30 feet in the air. the geyser on the peninsula off highway 101. where you can and can't access the freeway on this portion of the peninsula. all right. we have pete suratos headed over there. thank you very much, mike. more fallout for yahoo!. the ceo will not get her bonus
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because of the massive breach. we turn to landon dowdy live from cnbc's world headquarters. good morning to you both. the markets may take a breather after yesterday's rally. the dow closed above 21,000 for the first time ever. the dow matching the fastest 1,000 point move in its history. just 24 trading sessions. focusing on president trump's speech and the strength of the economy. the dow having its best day of the year, soaring 303 points to 21,115. nasdaq rising 78. yahoo! ceo is giving up any bonus for this year and her annual bonus for last year due to the massive data breach the company suffered is under her watch in 2014. she was to collect $14 million from the awards. the breach affected 500 million
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users. american express will start offering $200 a year in uber ride to platinum card members as it tries to fend off competition. access more airport lounges and special dining and entertainment options. family members will use american express gold card. it kicked off in 1966 and the platinum card in 1984. thanks a lot, landon. new video shows mount aetna erupting. absolutely gorgeous.t. etna erupting. absolutely gorgeous. large fountains of lava spilling into the air. they can last days, even weeks. it has been several decades
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since mt. etna erupted like this. there has been no danger to surrounding communities. people are going to take in the sights. >> it's beautiful, from a distance. >> absolutely. >> right? >> it has been around for a long time. old world italy very, very nice. cool this morning. a live look at san jose. 41 degrees. as we go into the afternoon it is looking much warmer. right now in san francisco, also starting out with clear skies. going to continue to see those temperatures starting out in the 30s and 40s for today and tomorrow. and it's now 36 degrees for much of the north bay. 38 degrees in morgan hill. and san jose at 41 degrees. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen.
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starting in the peninsula with dry weather once again today and tomorrow. as we go through the day, highs reaching the upper 60s in morgan hill and east san jose. 68 in danville and concord. over towards the peninsula, 63 in san mateo. san francisco up to 61 degrees in the marina district and mill valley 62 degrees. after a day of 6 0s and everyone a few spots hitting the low 70s, we will start to see clouds moving in by tomorrow. so that will bring in slightly cool temperatures for a few spots. but the rain will hold off until saturday. as we get a look at the timeline and what to expect, once again clouds moving in on friday. here we are starting off early saturday morning. we will start to see spotty showers early in the day. then it starts to advance to the south. moving into san francisco around dinner time saturday and getting even heavier for the east bay
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peninsula and south pay late saturday night. as we go to sunday, there will be a slight chance on the back end of this we could see snow showers near 3,000 feet, especially for the north bay and also for mount hamilton. we may have lowell vacation snow early next week. in her from half an inch to an inch and a quarter. maybe lighter for spots near sacramento. as we look ahead to the weekend and make some plans, it will be cool. highs reaching the upper 50s, low 60s. cooler with low 50s throughout the day. heading over to now, what about the geyser on the peninsula. >> still here, kari. my goodness. this is not naturally occurring. take a look to the bell mount area. we'll show you where it is on the map i will step over to the map. overall, freeways moving well. this may be an issue to and from
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highway 101. adjust your route by a few blocks. this is just off the bay shore freeway. some folks use harbor to cut through toward industrial and the bay shore freeway. a geyser busting up into three stories high, into power lines. pete sur is rat toes is getting more details. this is between el camino and bay shore freeway. it takes you down the long on-ramp. don't use harbor. over to the bay shore freeway. el camino is fine. it affects local businesses. we'll track that. easy flow of traffic to the bay bridge. no backup at the toll plaza. no problems for the mass transit systems. coming up, a third world problem right here in california. >> we investigate why hundreds of thousands of californians
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currently don't have access to fresh, clean drinking water. >> all right. first happening right now. north korea says the half brother of kim jong-un died of a heart attack not a nerve agent. plus, michael jackson's neverland ranch is back on the market. the property near santa barbara has been renamed sycamore valley ranch. the asking price, $67 million. that's a big cut than the $100 million it was listed for last year. while most of us may take ifor
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4:54 right now on your
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thursday morning. most of us may take it for granted. thousands of our neighbors don't have access to safe, reliable, clean drinking water. good morning, guys. we're not talking about some third world country, but we are talking about right here in california stofdiscovered 300 communities exposed to contaminated water, even dry wells. california formally recognized the human right to clean safe drinking water. our investigation discovered for many rural, poor communities here in the state, communities like eastporterville, that promise is yet to be delivered. 3,500 california households reported having wells that are dry. another problem nearly 700,000 people are exposed to
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contaminated water at home or at school. the tainted water contains nitrates from dairy farm runoff and arsenic. the actual number of people drinking contaminated water could be closer to 1 million people. to see our full report and the certificate's response, go to guys, back to you. thank you, steven. if you have a tip for your investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to >> coming up, let the good weather continue. at least a couple more days, kari hall? >> we will hold on to it as long as we can. a beautiful afternoon on the way. more of this weather tomorrow. then rain this weekend.
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more on all of that coming up next. and look at that. wow. storage and geyser. free cash washes. a van busted up after the impact. and power lines in this picture as well. more details from pete coming up. >> and calls for one of the cabinet members to resign. jeff sessions is facing accusations of lying under oath about his contact with russia. for joining us.
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i'laura gara-cannon. a man hunt under way in the east bay. a suspect who shot at an off-duty police officer. what we know at this hour. plus, calling for a resignation. overnight developments out of our nation's capital. the new link the justice department is unveiling between russia and one of president trump's cabinet members. and a live look right now at washington, d.c. details still unfolding this morning. we'll have much more from the nation's capital. the driver of a u-haul truck loses control in belmont, hits a fire hydrant. the result what you're looking at right now. details coming up. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have been talk building flooding on city streets. that has nothing to do with the
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weather. >> we'll check in with pete in just a moment. in the meantime, a nice chance to dry out from all the rain. >> yes. if we don't hit any fire hydrants or anything. that would be a good thing. yeah, we are starting out with dry conditions. now more sunshine today. and temperatures will be even warmer this afternoon. it is still that same old start we have had all week long. 36 in the tri-valley. some patchy frost. also frost in the north bay. 46 degrees now as you step out the door in san francisco. highs today reaching the upper 60s in the south bay. 70 in the north bay. mike, you're tracking the impact of the commute. >> that's right. the impact is affecting some commutes. this is the fire hydrant over on the peninsula. great start. coming through belmont, a problem towards 101. harbor boulevard. we will show you what's going


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