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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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shots at an off-duty police officer. preventing abuse. the steps twitter is taking to stop is people from harassing other users on the social media site. today in the bay continues right now. good thursday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura tkpwar garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. i have a feeling we will see warmer temperatures here than in d.c. it is nice to say that. >> cool start to the morning but what a great finish. >> thursday makes it easier to get up and get moving. if you can keep warm because it is so very cold you step out the door. and clear skies will lead us into sunshine later today. 40 in san jose. san francisco, 44 degrees. here's a live look outside over san jose. the sun begins to rise. evergreen, mid-50s by 10:00. a quick warmup throughout the day.
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highs reaching the upper 60s. a few spots may hit 70 degrees today. but all of that changes this weekend. i'll talk about it coming up in 10 minutes. mike is tracking a crash in the south bay. >> slowing over in hayward, tri-valley and 101 and 87 through san jose. all standard flows, which is starting to show the build here. slow 237 approaching north first street. a slow drive off 880. the speed look like things are improving getting close to the scene of the crash. the crew there to assist may have i cleared the area. they were doing a medical check to make sure everybody was okay. over on the peninsula, the freeways are moving well. there may be an issue for harbor boulevard. head to ralston between el camino and 101. there is a busted fire hydrant with an earlier crash. if you have storage in belmont,
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folks will want to listen up. yeah. good morning to you, mike. we're getting details from cp. i want to show you guys, you have chp starting to block off one lane on harbor road. behind them you can see what they are talking about. the driver of the u-haul van loses control of the car and hits the fire hydrant. you see the water shooting up 70 feet in the air next to the storage facility. chp told me some storage units in that storage facility are flooded as a result. there may be water on the second floor. we have a number of agencies on the ground. you have chp, belmont water and the water district as well. there were no injuries. the driver they are saying dui or drugs did not play a part in the crash. he said he was traveling down haar approaching industrial road.
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he claims he was trying to avoid is an animal in the street, eventually hitting the fire hydrant. we know one man in a nearby van heard the accident and called 911. you can see the water shooting up in the air. it has been going since 3:00 a.m. it has been quite some time. they are trying to shut the water off. if we get anymore updates, we will bring that to you in the last half hour. pete suratos, today in the. it is 6:03. the search is on for the person who fired shots at an off-duty police officer in oakland. police say it started when an officer in an unmarked card was driving on interstate 880 and was cut off by a gray ford explor explorer. the driver then fired at the officer's car. the officer was not hit. but police approximate later found the suv abandoned the 55th and brookdale. bob redell is at the oakland police department right now
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asking investigate orgs for aor. >> new details and problems a new clue to help solve a deadly shooting on the san francisco waterfront. that happened last august at the aquatic part. calvin riley was a former student in san mateo. he was playing pokemon go when he was killed. police have issued new videos of a car. it is is a white four door hyundai sonata. riley was a former sarah high school athlete playing college baseball in stockton. the president's first 100 days. a busy day on capitol hill. a live look at washington, d.c. this morning. president donald trump will speak about his plans to boost the military today. >> all of this coming amid breaking developments overnight after a possible bombshell first reported by the "washington post". an article says attorney general
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jeff session had conversations with the russians last year during the campaign from a sessions aide confirming he did speak to the russian ambassador twice last september but never disclosed it when he was asking during confirmation hearings. here's what sessions said under oath. >> if there is any evidence that anyone affiliated with the trump campaign communicated with the russian government in the course of this campaign, what will you do? >> senator franken, i'm not aware of any of those activities. i have been called a surrogate a time or two and i did not have communications with the russians. >> sessions said he spoke to him in the senate armed services committee not as representing president trump in the campaign. michael flynn did sign because of his calls to the russian
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ambassador last year. here are the other top stories out of d.c. at this hour. the president will talk about military spending on the uss gerald ford today. the full senate will hold a vote on dr. ben carson. he is expected to get the simple majority to get confirmed. and vice president mike pence talking about efforts to repeal the health care of haul during visit he makes to ohio. george w. bush is in california speaking at the ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley north of los angeles. he recently made statements on the corrupt nature of power. many took them as criticisms of president trump. he said he was speaking generally and not necessarily about the current president. >> laura, one man who is going to change many, many people's lives.
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a billionaire philanthropist is throwing a life line to people in the the flood relief fund. he wrote a $5 million to the flood relief fund. he owns a health care and nutritional company and a vineyard in napa. he immigrated from vietnam in 1973. he said he felt a kinship with the vietnamese community. >> make sure that people, if they need another apartment, can get what they need. >> imagine the difference this is making. san jose leaders are calling this one of the largest private donations in the city's history. they are promising to direct every penny to flood victims. happening now we are waiting to get a status report on the emergency repairs after an east
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bay community was cut off by last week's storms. a mudslide broke a water line taking out much of the road. 90 homes are without water. residents have to use a narrow service road to get in and out. tonight's meeting take place at 6:30 at diablo view middle school. it is 6:08. as you get ready to get out the door, let me show you the current conditions now and what you will feel as you step out. 37 in the north bay with patchy frost. a tkpworpbgs day. 66 in the tri-valley. 61 in san francisco. east bay up to 64 degrees. into the weekend, though, big changes headed our way. i'll get you ready to me to do
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sierra in five minutes. a little extra slowing show up the last couple of minutes. we're just tracking west 580 at 238. a lot of slowing at the junction. so far no problems there. a little build at 680. moving smoothly towards berkeley and the bay bridge. no wind is advisories. treasure island. all good between san francisco and oakland. to you. all right. up next, the mystery continues police still looking for a woman
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who jumped off a 46-story hotel with two other men in san francisco. those two were arrested. the information we're learning about those men. >> meanwhile, the trump rally on wall street continues. the dow roared ahead. we'll take a look in business and tech.
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it is 6:12. it will be a great weekend for skiing in the sierra. at squaw valley, alpine meadows, 230 inches. this winter, 575 inches of snow.
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we will see temperatures cooling down for the weekend and more snow showers. i'll let you know how much more additional snow is expected and how much more bay area will see in five minutes. a live look, look go. this is the you can avoid harbor boulevard. pete suratos is talking about the impact of a hydrant. i'll talk about your commute. >> pete talked to the truck driver who hit the high brant. thanks, mike. a daring b.a.s.e. jump off a san francisco high rise hotel. we brought you this yesterday morning on today in the bay. brendan stein and joshua glovac jumped 500 feet off the hotel. they happened to land right in front of police officers on patrol. >> the officers happened to be
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in the area, coincidental. as they were landing, they were observing people that swrufpjumf a building with parachutes. >> the police officers made two arrests. there is still a mist because a woman who jumped along with them got away and still has not been found. 6:14. american express will offer $200 a year in uber rides as well as other new perks to platinum card members. access more airport lounges and special dining and entertainment options. family members will use american express gold card. twitter is taking steps to protect users from hate and harassment. the company released new tools to root out abusive content. twitter is work to go identify accounts abusing people even if
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nobody has reported them. until now abuse had to be reported before twitter could do anything. they will place restrictions on abusive accounts. tweets will only be available to followers or others who serve for them. this is big. you'll be able to filter your timeline. >> you can rid feed of any comment you want. >> when the giants play, he tweets play-by-play. i like the giants. now i can throw out any mention while he is tweeting and you can filter out people who didn't confirm their phone number or he e-mail. chances are they will be abusive as well is. parent company of snapchat starts trading on the stock exchange. they roared ahead wednesday following president trump's speech. the dow crossed 21,000 for the first time ever, up 300 points. new documents filed by yahoo!
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show the leaders knew about the hack of the company but did not take action right away. they had the top leaders knew about the massive hack in 2014 that exposed hundreds of millions of customer accounts but failed to properly comprehend or investigate. the top lawyer resigned over those accusations. the board will withhold bonuses to the ceo marissa myer. former yahoo! employees have taken to twitter to voice their anger that myer did not take more responsibility in all of this. not clear if laws were broken. california, for instance, requires that customers be notified as soon as possible their accounts were hacked. the nintendo switch goes on sale tomorrow. it works with your large screen tv. you can play it as a hand-held either bay. and it's getting really good early reviews. now, guys, the game comes with
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the little cartridges that you put in the top. they're about the size of a postage stamp. they are concerned children can swallow them. so they have coated them with a terrible tasting. so people are going on youtube and tasting their cartridges. >> do you know how much the units cost? >> i don't know. i had a nintendo gameboy back in the day. if this was around then, oh, boy. >> i think i still have my gameboy. my son plays it. ? old school. i like it. >> hey, alec baldwin has become so well-known for his impress n impressions of donald trump. he is teaming up with an author to write you can't sell america without me. my fantastic first year as president donald j. trump.
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it will be released november 7th, a year after trump was elected president. >> how do you write a book about donald trump and don't use the world huge? >> less than 140 characters. >> can you imagine books on tape hearing him. >> his book of twitter tweets. 6:18 right now. it is going to be a huge forecast of modest proportions. up to 70 degrees. >> big league sunshine today. we are going to see a lot of that as we go into this afternoon. san francisco, golden gate bridge, beautiful sunrise if you're able to get up and get out the door. it will be very chilly out there. if not, stay inside and enjoy your hot cup of coffee and continue watching us. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. come over and take a look. we will see the temperatures
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continuing to go from the very chilly start in the 30s and 40s now to the 50s. 60s and even a few spots hitting the low 70s today. and it is now 34 degrees in livermore. 37 in fairfield. oakland starts out at 42 degrees. looking around the bay area, going to see the highs today reaching into the upper 60s. 69 in walnut creek. 65 for belmont. mission district at 61. and 68 degrees today for the high in novato. and then getting ready for the rain been across the pacific northwest starting to slide south ahead of a cold front. with that we will start to see the cloud cover increasing throughout the day on saturday. and the north bay will see the rain most likely in the morning. approaching san francisco, slowly moving south. a quicker progression across the east bay, south bay, and peninsula late saturday night into sunday is. the estimated rain with this system, most of us could see
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half an inch rain. maybe a little bit higher in a few spots. looking at the sierra snowpack, yesterday the surveyors went out and they measured that the snowpack is at 185% of the state average. that means snow fall totals have gotten up to 48 feet. we are still looking at more snow in the forecast. if you're headed in that direction, take the tire chains. there could be another foot of snow. if you're staying here at home and starting to go on the roadways look at what's happening in the south bay. >> i was hoping to bring folks good news at 237. a little build for the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. pushing west. that is a typical pattern for the thursday commute. a little extra slow. fire crews still on scene. helping out with minor injuries from what i understand. fire crew blocking the slow
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lane. over on the peninsula, we talked about this. the fire hydrant by belmont storage. pete suratos on scene. he was tweeting they are getting lanes cleared in the area. look at all that water there. take ralston to the north. ape commute for the rest of the bay. no major problems towards the bay bridge. he missed three trains. he is about a half hour delay. nothing official, though. >> thanks so much. >> coming up next, it affects a lot of families. opioid addiction. the steps california lawmakers are trying to make sure people get treatment. a careful review of the cable bill revealed a $25 a month charge that is not supposed to be on there. i'm consumer investigator chris
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chmura. nbc bay area responds next. overdose...
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a califoia lawmak wants to start taxing oxy-contin another addiction and rehab program ==vo== a n assemblyill would cree a one-cent-per- miligram tax on opioids.the sacs
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state to enact such a tax.he es last year-- the government sd oe or aids. ==laura/topvo== for harbor seals. for visitors reyes national seashore. it means a new advisory fm rangers: stay at least 100 yds awfrom see are now closed to visitor about 20-percent of califoia's seal population breeds and raises theirups at point reyes. the restrictions will sy in effect through june. ==sam/2shot==nbc bay area respo. >> it is officially birthing season for harbor seals. it means a new advisory from rangers. stay away at least 100 yards from seals and their pups. parts of the shoreline are closed to visitors. 20% of the population breed and raise their pups at point reyes. restrictions will stay in effect through june.
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careful review of the cable bill reveals a $25 a month charge that is not supposed to be on there. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds the a san jose woman who is not a sports fan but somehow ended up paying for a bunch of extra sports channels her cable bill. chris chmura said our team called foul on this one and helped her out. >> nancy vieira spotted a $25 sports package charge on her at&t cable bill. nancy says she doesn't watch sports and never ordered the package and she had no idea how long she had been paying for it. she called and asked for a retroactive refund. she said the company declined saying she should have noticed it when it first appeared on her bill. she said at&t, however, did offer her a three-month credit for premium channels. but nancy said that simply was not good enough. so she reached out to us. we called at&t and they sent nancy a check for $270. in a statement at&t said, we worked with the customer to resolve her billing concern and apologized for the inconvenience. if you have a consumer complaint call us at 888-996-tips or
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thanks so much, chris. 6:26. up next on today in the bay, a startling find on one u.c. campus. the mental aimed at the muslim community that has of students upset this morning. water towering in the sky here in belmont after the driver of a van hit a fire hydrant in the area. why crews are having a hard time trying to shut the water off. it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright?
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and later when you're joking with beth... even when most cough medicines stop, delsym is still working. delsym. the #1 12-hour cough medicine.
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downtown san jose. welcome to thursday morning. let's take a look outside downtown san jose this morning. it is is cold out there right now. you know what, it is going to warm up with a lot of sunshine today. that's a good thing. good morning to you. thanks joining is us. i'mgarcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we could hit 70 degrees today. we cannot say that enough. >> is going to be gorgeous. so making plans to get out there, eat lunch outside, or keep the window down. it is going to be nice. everything is rolled up. and the heater is on. look how cold it is in the tri-valley. 34 degrees. definitely seeing patchy frost in spots. bundle up. then you will be peeling off layers today. highs in the upper 60s. 70 in the north bay. that's where the temperatures will be the warmest today and coldest this weekend once the cold front moves through.
6:31 am
i'll talk about what to expect as the rain arrives coming up in a few minutes. heading over to mike now, tracking quite a few issues out there already on the roads. >> that's right, kari. more traffic flow. i'm going to focus on the south bay. the crash is still there at north first street. reported in the last few minutes, word of a power outage along this portion of highway 87. that's not the reason for the slowing. there may be a delay on the trains. we're tracking this. freeways moving well. don't use harbor boulevard. use ralston heading toward the 101. that's just east of el qaa phaoemean know. a geyser from what i know. pete, what do you have? good morning to you, mike. i'll just touch base quickly. one eastbound and one westbound on harbor road.
6:32 am
we have water shooting up from that fire hydrant if you're going about 3:00 a.m. according to chp this all happened when the driver of a u-haul hit not only the fire hydrant but several cars in the area. shooting up 70 feet towards the power lines. chp telling me more information. this is in front of a storage facility i want to point out. as a result of all of this, there are storage units on the first floor that are flooded. the parking lot nearby starting to see flooding. it may have reached the second floor. no injuries were done to anyone as a result of the crash. the driver was not under the influence. chp, and the mid peninsula water district on the scene. spoke to the driver of the u-haul van, he claims there was an animal in the street. that's what he was trying to avoid when he hit this fire hydrant. a man in a nearby van heard all of this and called 911.
6:33 am
here's what he had to say. >> i heard this crashing sound. unbelievable scary sound. it was coming closer is and closer. it sounded like it was ripping everything away. i heard a big metal object by on the ground. >> it looks like the water is starting to come down as we speak. it knocked out a transformer in the area. that's why power is is out. the water district officials are here on the ground. they're working on trying to shut down the water. it looks like they found something as the water starts to drop. if we have any other updates, i'll bring that to you throughout the show. >> thanks for keeping tabs on that for us, pete. 6:33. a story we have been following for hours overnight. police are looking for the person who opened fire on an off-duty police officer in oakland overnight. the shooting happened on interstate 880.
6:34 am
police later found the september's car at 55th and brookdale. bob redell live at the oakland police department to bring us up to speed on the investigation so far. bob? >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. this happened around midnight last night. this off-duty oakland police officer was in an unmarked car heading southbound on 880 when cut off by three people in a gray ford explorer. the driver of that explorer started firing at the off-duty officer, fortunately missing that officer. the officer followed the explorer, waited for a marked patrol unit to arrive. that unit started to chase thor into the residential area of oakland. as youed, the suv, the suspects dumped it in a residential area at the intersection of 55th and brookdale. they brought in at least one canine to help find the suspects. the trail eventually went cold
6:35 am
and the search was called off. opd sevened 880 by flashlight to look for bullet casings. bob redell, today in the bay. in florida, police near pensacola trying to figure out how a second story balcony collapsed seriously injuring several seniors in their 80s. luckily, all of them are expected to survive. a similar event happened in berkeley two years ago. internment notices were issued in berkeley. a flyer hanging inside a dorm called fort evacuation of
6:36 am
members of islamic faith living in san diego county by april 8th. students say they are outraged about the flyers and the tone that they took toward japanese internme internments. an e-mail from a person who claimed responsibility said they weren't anti-muslim and were meant to shock and anger people by using the japanese internment as a back drop. >> happening today, the california supreme court will decide whether e-mails and text messages government business are public records even if they're on private phones and accounts. the issue gained nationwide attention during the presidential campaign when hillary clinton was criticized for using a private e-mail center. kris sanchez joins us live outside san jose city hall how the case is actually connected
6:37 am
to the south bay. good morning, kris. >> reporter: well, good morning to you, laura. the spotlight is definitely on the city of san jose and some dealings from back in 2009 when city leaders used personal devices to send e-mails and techs related to the redevelopment of san pedro square. somebody wanted to see the documents and filed a public records request. then those requests were denied because a city attorney said they were e not accessible under the public records law. ted smith filed that lawsuit. that suit named former mayor chuck reed and city council, including the current mayor who was a councilman at the time, and head of redevelopment agency which no longer exists in the city of san jose. what the california supreme court decide today could close a loophole to keep it out of citizens's view. many consider it part of the public record, even if they're on personal devices. but it is like asking government
6:38 am
officials to hand over their personal passwords is like asking them to hand over their house keys. it would be expensive and couu b cumbersome. the california supreme court will take up the matter today. in case you're wondering, if our city leaders use their personal devices for work-related e-mails and texts today, those are subject to public records requests because in 2010, the city enacted sunshine reform law. agency leaders today are meeting to look at the route scheduling changes necessary once construction finally begins. as it stands, caltrain pushed back the deadline to begin the project the end of june because most of the funding is due to the high-speed rail project, including money for electrification is now in limbo. the trump administration
6:39 am
temporarily pulled the plug on $650 on million in federal funds. 6:38. as we head into the weekend, cloud rolling in. we will start to see chilly occurs temperatures at 9:00 saturday morning. partly cloudy skies. clouds will continue to roll in. and the north bay will see rain during the afternoon. those high temperatures reach into the low 60s. for the bay and inland on sunday, some on and off rain throughout the morning and a few showers lingering into the afternoon. but then some clearing as we go into the evening. one place you might want to check out the russian river valley we will start to see cooler air between saturday and sunday with off and on rain. friday will be the best day of the weekend. as we head over to mike, i have heard of guysers in the north bay but not the peninsula.
6:40 am
>> they have shut off the water. there is belmont storage where pete continues to follow this. geyser knocked off from an overnight crash. a few more details coming up along the shore. that's the latest update for you. the freeway showing a normal commute. light rain now. a couple of key spots. west 237. minor injuries. but more impact to your morning commute. south 880 towards 237. it is made worse by one lane blocked here towards pittsburgh. no serious injuries. we'll track that. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:40. the push to stop teenagers from
6:41 am
driving under the influence is ramping up. in just three minutes, the radical new program aimed to prevent drunk driving. allegations against attorney general jeff sessions. the very latest on this day 42. and the very latest from the stock markets this morning. and the dow jones industrial average down after shooting up by more than 300 points yesterday in early trading so far. it has dropped six and a half points. back in two minutes. ==mike/trx==
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(mike adibs) looking at travel times for the east bay nothing surprising. rougher day 580 on the approach. thank you very much, kari and mike. did you feel it least in the south bay, a 2.9 earthquake
6:45 am
centered in morgan hill 6:27. thanks to viewers who were tweeting messages. this is a look at the map. 2.9 not too strong but enough wake up some in the area. of course concerns have been growing with the anderson dam in that area. it is not seismically fit for one over. so this is a lower one but understandable concerning to people in the area. if you felt this, feel free to reach out to us and describe what you felt. we appreciate always hearing from you. drunk driving remains a concern in america. tpor ford is trying to help drivers, specifically teenagers, to realize the dangers of drunk driving through technology. a set of goggles simulate a person being drunk. when they suit that person up in protective gear and put them behind the wheel of a car on a
6:46 am
closed course. ford says it is a good teaching tool for parents and young drivers. you can watch how jeff ross fared. it's on the "today" show at 7:00. all new, the state of colorado could be poised to take its legally marijuana law one step further allowing private clothes where people can consume pot. they did approve that measure which would allow indoor pot smoking at specially approved clubs. food and alcohol service would not be allowed. this would become the first law of its kind anywhere in the country. it needs approval from a full statement senate and colorado's house of representatives. recreational fire season is resuming after a four-month hiat hiatus. you can grab the graham crackers and marshmallows. it has 16 new fire rings offering a safer and more
6:47 am
manageable way to have cozy bonfire. still have to bring a blanket, though. it is is all on a first come, first served basis. it is read across america day. i will be be taking part in this. i will join students at 1:00 this afternoon. lots of great events across the bay area. in san jose, 28 judges are reading at bachradt. people from all different walks of life coming to read to kids. it occurs on march 2nd specifically because it is dr. seuss's birthday. he is of course was and still is children's favorite author. undocumented looking for financial help.
6:48 am
the last day to file an application for the california dream. since the trump administration took control in january, applications have dropped nearly 60%. >> also happening today, oakland unified schooling anim tkpwraeugz fair. it is is at 3:00 this afternoon at melrose leadership academy. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days in office. >> our attorney general met with the russian ambassador during the trump campaign. the trumps contact with the russians have already caused one resignation. nbc cameras cut up with sessions this morning.
6:49 am
>> well, i have not met with any russians at any time to discuss any political campaign and those remarks are unbelievable to me. and anything else to say about that. so thank you. >> now, sessions has said in the past under oath he had no contact with the russians. let's go back and the first part of that sound bite from this morning if we could. >> well, i have not met with any russians at any time to discuss any political campaign. >> so we've got two different things. he added "about the campaign." in early january under he said i have no connection with the russians. this morning he said he didn't talk to the russians about the campaign. let's go to the confirmation. >> i have been called a surrogate a time or two in that campaign and i did not have communications with the russians. and i'm unable to comment on it. >> i did not have communications with the russians and this morning i did not talk to them about the campaign. this morning he said sessions
6:50 am
will almost have is to recuse himself. >> he must recuse himself from any investigation that the fbi is doing from any investigation at all into the ties of the trump campaign to the russians as the russians were interfering with our democratic elections. barney frank on morning joe. this is a developing story that could move quickly. we will watch all day. >> scott is always looking at president trump's tweets, executives orders and speeches throughout his first 100 days on today in the bay. of course scott would like to hear from you. you can share your thoughts with him on twitter. we know we have been in divisive times recently. but this. a pennsylvania gym is no longer going to be hosting. they announced that decision. >> according to the ceo, there
6:51 am
have been several recent violent incidents in the gym. they said turning off the networks will not stop political discussions but will hopefully lower stress levels. although the ban itself is now a source of debate with gym members saying it is an overreaction. >> and i think people go to the gym to lower their stress levels. don't they usually? >> maybe they can institute more boxing classes. >> or maybe namaste. >> if you're going to the gym, take it outside. you don't have to worry about any fights if you're running alone. a beautiful start to this thursday morning. get a look at that. that will help calm you down, right? as we go through the day, we're going to see more sunshine after this chilly start. 44 degrees in san francisco. 34 in morgan hill. or that's livermore.
6:52 am
47 fairfield. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows rain this weekend. as you get up, getting ready, you dover to worry about the rain today you will definitely, though, need hot shochocolate aa hat. it will be quickly warming with all the shine with temperatures making it into the 60s by the time you head home. up to 65 in milpitas. san mateo, 65 degrees. you get it. it will be a beautiful day. we will see the clouds now to the north starting to roll to the south. this is ahead of a cold front. by the time it gets here early saturday morning for the north bay, we will have cloudy skies elsewhere. and the rain holds off mostly for the afternoon. in san francisco, we'll start to see the rain moving in during dinner time and moving into the south bay and east bay with a quick moving round of rain.
6:53 am
that may linger into sunday as well. looking at the potential of at least a half an inch of rain for the north bay. and all the rain we have had this winter really helping to put a dent in the drought. with the latest update just out a few minutes ago shows even less of the state is in the drought now and calculating less than about 13% of the state still in a drought. of course as you know, we have been taken out of the drought. not even abnormally dry conditions for the bay area. as we head back to mike taking us to the south bay. >> the crash we are watch 237. nothing unusual for most of the traffic flow. west 237 a little extra slowing. the fire truck may be clearing the area. helping out with an earlier crash off the roadway. the south bay with your
6:54 am
northbound routes. let's get a look towards the tri-valley and the east bay. nothing unusual. earlier crash off castro valley. a little slowing for 580 on the approach. a quick look at the san mateo bridge. we see a good volume of over to the peninsula. we are watching belmont. the flooding over there pete suratos has the latest. the hydrant has been off. a mess in one peninsula city. mike was just describing this. this was the scene from 3:00 this morning to just 20 minutes ago. water spewing after a u-haul crashes into a fire hydrant. that was the result four hours later. a live update from pete next. first happening now. the 2.9 earthquake in morgan hill. and north korea says the half brother of kim jong-un died of a heart attack, not a nerve agent
6:55 am
asth as malaysian officials have said. >> plus, michael jackson's neverland ranch back on the market. it has been renamed is sycamore valley ranch. new reported asking price $67 million. a big cut from the $100 million price tag it was listed for last year. more news ahead. we're back in two minutes. before you head out the doo-her
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==laura/2shot== weontin to folw breaking a u-haul crashes into fe welcome back. 6:58 on your thursday. we continue to follow breaking news on the peninsula. a u-haul crashes into a fire hydrant in belmont. how is it looking out there now, pete? >> reporter: well, good morning to you, laura and sam. crews finally able to get the hydrant under control. geyser hitting about 70 feet not too long ago. it was a u-haul van that struck the fire hydrant is and several cars around 3:00 a.m. it has caused you flooding at the nearby storage facility. the driver van was not under the influence. pete suratos, today in the bay. thanks so much, pete. new this morning, the search is
6:59 am
on for the person who fired shots at an off-duty police officer in oakland. police say it started when the officer in an unmarked car was driving on southbound interstate 880 and was cut off by a grade ford explorer. the drive of that suv then fired at the officer's car. the officer wasn't hit, and the driver got away. the explorer was later found abandoned. >> all right. 6:59 right now. weather and traffic, sunshine. >> and tomorrow as well. but then this weekend we will start to see changes moving in. scattered rain saturday afternoon, sunday morning. we go back to our dry weather with cool temperatures to start but warming up. of course the bay bridge follow plaza metering lights are on.
7:00 am
what else is new? >> that's what's happening indeed in the bay. >> joining us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. have a great day. good morning. breaking overnight attorney general jeff sessions facing calls to resign over a new revelation that he met with russia's ambassador during the presidential campaign. something he denied at his >> i didn't have communications with the russians. >> this morning sessions addressing the controversy with nbc news. >> i have not met with any russians in any time to discuss any political campaign. >> we're live with the latest. the trump effect. the dow opens above 21,000 for the first time ever after surging to record highs.


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