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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 3, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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i'm sam ock. kris/2shot=and i'm kris sahez. =4shot= and a good friday morning, our favorite words in the english vocabulary. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> we are going to see changes expecting to move into the bay area. it won't be a total washout. you can get in weekend activities outdoors in between the rain. as we step out right now, another cold morning with patchy frost in the tri-valley. 48 in san francisco. 37 in the north bay. i wanted to show you the satellite imagery you can see the clouds starting to roll in
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and the rain farther north. we will talk about the timeline coming up in a few minutes. mike has major problems for the roads and the rails. >> first we'll start off with major problems from the bart and rails. delays getting the cars out of the station. no trains are running right now through fremont, heading into richmond. we are sending pete suratos out to see what he can find as well in the east bay station. that's it for bart. major delays. it may ripple out throughout the rest of the system. the other major problem is on the peninsula. fine getting off the dumbarton bridge. south of there and embarcadero road, there is damage to the freeway. what happened there, i'll hand it to bob.
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this is a crazy situation, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. as a result of this accident, the number one and two lanes on southbound 101 are shut down just before you get to the he embarcadero overpass. there is a slight divot, a chunk of cop across the street knocked out of the overpass. chp is waiting for a caltrans engineer to arrive from sacramento inspect the entire area of the overpass to make sure it is safe so the lanes reopen. the estimated time not until noon. a dump truck had its bed raised. he dumped his load. he he forgot to lower the bed. it came detached from the cab
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and trailer. it had to be removed. and he he popped a wheelie in the process and broke his nose. chp does not believe drugs and alcohol was involved. as a result, they do have to make sure the integrity of the of the overpass is okay. one lane on the northernmost side is shut down into they are able to come and inspect that overpass. number one and two lanes closed. bob redell, today in the bay. >> bob, thank you for the very latest. now to politics. yesterday was a very busy one. president trump standing by the attorney general jeff sessions. sessions has agreed to recuse himself from all federal investigations related to campaigns for president, including those probing president trump's campaign tries to russia. last night on fox news, sessions
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defending his meeting with the russian ambassador during the campaign session. dianne feinstein accepting nothing short of resignation. >> i think it was hyped beyond reason. and i think it was beyond fair. i'm glad to be able to address it today. >> it has to do with not telling the truth under oath. >> president trump was asked to respond to this criticism. he says sessions will not recuse himself and accused democrats of conducting a witch-hunt he had he should have discrowseded his meeting with the russian ambassador. he insists they had nothing to do with the presidential campaign. mike pence under scrutiny for using his aol account to discuss
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matters while he was senator. he frequently discussed homeland security issues on his private e-mail. pence's office issued a statement indicating that he fully complied with all laws regarding he e-mail use and retention. president trump supporters plan to gather at u.c. berkeley for a march and rally. it is part of a larger nationwide effort called march for trump. this is one of three pro president trump marches for tomorrow for the state of california. it is is scheduled at 2:00 in the afternoon at martin luther king plaza. stacy pierce survived the plane crash but has a long road ahead of her. their children also lost their grandmother and grandfather in
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that crash in riverside. her husband said friends and neighbors are volunteering to help with the four children as the family pushes through this difficult time. >> nothing like feeling you're of the family there. 4:46 now. we are learning the wife of the orlando gunman will remain in the jail in dublin she will not be allowed to go to a family's home while she awaits trial. she is accused of aiding and abetting her husband omar mateen. as we first reported wednesday, in a rare move, an oakland judge released salman on jail. a florida judge reversed it because the charges against her are terror related. >> it could rain on your weekend plans. kari tracking the next wave of rain. >> we will see rain moving in at times. as you step out, it's all dry. dry weather continues with chilly temperatures. more on what to expect coming up. and a live look at 101.
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south through the construction zone. a little farther south there is a problem. it is construction remitted. two lanes blocked from 101. trains having problems in the east bay. we'll talk both issues coming up.
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the family of a 12 year-d boy is suing bart - accing the ency of laxecurity .. er a family of a 12-year-old boy is suing bart, accusing security of lacks security he was the target of an armed robbery. it happened last year at the el serito bart station. they failed to equip the area where he was robbed with a camera. >> hopefully through the lawsuit we will be able to change that attitude on bart. >> here's a statement bart released. station surveillance is robust. if we had found video evident, we would have shared with law especially forcement agencies. a top nonprofit executive david lang is accused of being in possession of child pornography. he is the ceo at the bill wilson
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center. he has been associated with that center since 2004. the ceo says he is confident no kid were affected at that center. >> let's get to news around the bay. here's what we're tracking right now. timeline is expanding service from berkeley to san francisco. the new service was launched for two days a week. now it will run monday through friday. san francisco mayor ed lee will raise the irish flag at city hall. another first friday in oakland. the theme is girl power. a street festival with food and drinks. doing something they haven't done in six years. people go there to get deals, samples and save some money will
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want to pay attention to changes coming this summer. where do babies come from?
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4:44 on this friday morning. a live look at san jose. we will have chilly temperatures as you head out the door. low 40s. but then rising quickly into the low 60s today. but the clouds will be rolling in. don't expect it to be a bright and sunny day. i'll talk more approximate about
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the rain that will follow coming up in about three minutes. and look closely. folks walking around on the platform at the oakland bart station. they're waiting a little while this morning. there is a chill in the air. hopefully they will get back. if you would like to get a good deal and that means buying in bulk, get ready to shell out more for your costco membership. spotify hitting a new milestone. we turn the our favorite play list, landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning to you both. wall street could end on a down note after stocks fell on thursday. having its worst day since late january, falling more than 100 points. closing above that 21,000 level.
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janet yellen and stan fisher for clues about the timing of the next interest rate hike. some traders say we could see four hikes this year. the nasdaq down 42 to 5861. meanwhile, your costco membership is about to get a little bit more expensive. they are raising fees in june by $5 to 60 bucks a year. costco's executive membership, which offers 2% rewards is going up $120 a year. costco hasn't raised member fees since 2011. spotify hits a new milestone with 50 million paid subscribers. it extends a lead over its closest rival apple music. they have yet to profit but they are considering an ipo. last year americans streamed
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more than 430 billion songs. sam and chris, back of to you. thank you very much, landon. a major traffic situation. we'll start with with weather. it is not going to affect you this morning. >> no, not this morning. maybe this weekend. maybe making alternative plans for some of the outdoor activities. in san francisco, a nice, quiet start. but as you step out the door, pretty much like every morning this week, you'll want to make sure you're wearing a heavier coat or jacket. 45 degrees with chilly temperatures out there now. 38 in napa. 37 in santa rosa. san jose starts out at 45 degrees. as we head into the south bay first, a 67 in morgan hill. 62 in livermore. concord, 65 degrees. and 59 in oakland. 59 also at half moon bay. and san francisco reaching 61
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degrees. and novato today up to 62 degrees. seven-day forecast now coming up at the bottom of the screen. you'll see we will have rain in the forecast for the weekend. it won't rain the entire time, but we will at times have showers moving through. it is because of this system to the north of us starting to dip south. and back behind that cold air. this is the way it plays out. for today, we'll start to see more clouds moving in. spotty sprinkles moving in. the rain will get more widespread and heavy wrer through the d heavier through the day. over toward walnut creek, downpours. off and on rain saturday night and early sunday it will be spotty and light. you may be able to get in some outdoor plans sunday afternoon as all of this moves out.
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it will be much colder. keep that in mind. rainfall totals for the weekend, parts of the south bay will get a tenth to 0.2 of rain. a few pockets getting more, up to half an inch of rain. as you make plans to get out and about this weekend, napa valley, 64 degrees. much cooler for both saturday and sunday behind the rain. heading over to lake tahoe, it will be in the upper 40s today. 40 on saturday. auto at how the temperatures drop off on sunday as the snow moves in and gets a little bit heavier. monterey looking at a big drop. you'll be dodging some of those showers, especially during the afternoon in monterey by tomorrow afternoon. you can send me your weather pictures. a love those. as we head over to mike, looking
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at bart first. >> literally looking at the bart station. oakland bart station, there you go. you see somebody here. a couple other folks have been waiting. ht trai the trains should be coming soon. covering because they are able to get the trains out of the yard still a major delay right now. 20 minutes for the first train coming through. we should see improvement quickly as everything gets moving. it is friday and early. but this will be a problem. we know that from early on because of southbound 101 at the oakland embarcadero. a trump truck smacked into the overpass. two lanes are blocked.
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that will be a problem as you head south of the construction zone where you already have the lanes. we might see more folks use 280. some folks might not cross the dumbarton bridge. adding through fremont. it might have a ripple effect this friday. friday has a lighter flow of traffic. we'll see how that plays out over the course of the morning. no delays. that's a pleasant drive. pack to you stphraofp pa back to you. a travel ban could affect americans's travels. first happening right now, as mike was just mentioned, we continue following breaking news it of palo alto after the dump truck smashed into an overpass overnight. download the nbc bay area app to get real-time traffic
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information as you head out the door or return home. following developing news. vandals targeted yet another jewish cemetery adding to the anti semitic incidents popping up across the country. the latest investigation is under way in rochester. cemeteries in other states have also been hit. back in two minutes with more news. you said you wanted to feel better about your cereal. general mills big g cereals hear you. that's why we say "yes" to whole grains as our first ingredient. and "no way" to high fructose corn syrup. ♪ in every honey nut "o". every lucky charms spoonful. and every cinnamon toast crunch square.
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just a few minutes before 5:00. good morning, bay area. you're watching today in the bay approximate on nbc bay area. we look live at downtown san jose on what is a chilly friday morning. little league has opening ceremonies this weekend. we'll tell you how to address the kids for that. the latest effort to improve health care in california's
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prisons involves higher pay for doctors. they have agreed to a new deal for doctors, dentists and psychiatrists as well. doctors working in prison would be in line for annual 15% bonuses. prison doctors right now average about $270,000 a year. 4:55 right now. happening today, we are expecting a file report on suicide deaths of 10 palo alto students. several students took their lives on tracks. the cdc requested specifically about the city of palo alto. it is is expected to include important recommendations for city leaders. the first cluster of suicides began in 2009 with four students from the high school and continued through 2015. union leaders are turning up the heat with a dispute with the
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united states. right now the u.s. refuses to grant access to four states. the e.u. called for american before they enter. some changes right now for hunters. starting today hunters can use lead-based am nation. ryan vehicly revised an obama rule stopped that rule. obama's rule was designed to protect wildlife from lead poisoning. lead-free ammo is too expensive and the secretary zinke agrees. he opened up federal lands to hunters and fishermen. the next extort combines
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hilarity with a dash of mystery. >> as if there is any question what she is trying to do now. this is going viral. it is their grandma celebrating her 100th birthday and getting her groove on to bruno mars's 24 karat magic. according to some reports, the woman is actually named elizabeth coppell. she turned 100, east of riverside california. whoever she is, she knows how to get down. >> my grand the ma was a mad dancer. one time we had a new year's eve party she called at 1:00 in the morning, honey, i lost my cane. >> is that an old school move? >> whatever you want to do.
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coming up, your dance party is probably going to be inside. >> we will start to see some of the rain to the north of us moving in. i'll talk about the timeline and how much coming up. >> and you have to take a shuffle to the right because of this that happened earlier overnight. the dump truck wedged in the overpass of the freeway. we'll talk about what happened there. and what we are watching as far as the ripple effect. this is gus.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. the peninsula --how that did thi
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a dump truck causing a traffic nightmare on 101 and the peninsula. the truck hit an overpass and caused major damage. jeff sessions and his communications with the russian ambassador get louder and louder. we have a live report from washington. and a live look outside at the bay bridge. starting out dry now. we are tracking rain for the weekend. how this could impact your weekend plans. and it's friday morning. thanks for joining us. laura garcia-cannon is off so you are stuck with me i think not. it is a pleasure to have you here, kris sanchez. breaking news with mike inouye. you saw t


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