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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 3, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>> from the break room. >> i will definitely get it for you. >> you need the coffee to help warm you up. it is is so cold as you're ready to head out the door and get this friday started. we're looking at temperatures in the 30s and 40s. it is 37 degrees in livermore. and santa rosa, 35 degrees. morgan hill, 39. low 40s elsewhere. live look at san jose. i'll let you know the timeline coming up. we head over to mike focusing on the crash in palo alto. >> it is. as we expect, a lighter volume of traffic. metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are seeing slow and go in this morning's commute because of roadway damage.
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left lanes blocked by a crash that happened. i'm going to zoom out for a second. i'm going to show you these areas. i'm monitoring carefully. bob redell will talk about why this will not clear in the short-term. >> reporter: good morning to you, mike. the reason is there is damage embarcadero overpass. you can see the chipping there. a section of concrete missing there. what's happening is chp shut the road down because they are waiting for an engineer from caltrans to come from sacramento to come here, get on a flat bad, scissor-lift and make sure the overpass is still structurally sound. the estimated time to get it reopened, southbound 101, the approach to the embarcadero, not until noon. this is the result of a vehicle
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accident just before 11:00 last night. a dump truck driver just finished dropping his load at a work site on 101 when he forgot, according to chp, to lower the dump box. that became detached from the trailer and cab, wedged between the pavement and the overpass. that had to be removed. believes he popped a wheelie. as a result, the driver smashed his face into the steering wheel, broke his nose. he was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay other than the fact has a broken nose. chp does not believe he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. he made a mistake by not putting the bed down. your headlights heading southbound 101.
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number one and two lanes, the far two left lanes are shut down. there is some slowing. i'm going to guess looking at the rate of flow of traffic this is not terribly significant. they will get the structural engineer to see if is sound and if not they can fix it at a later date. bob redell, today in the bay. thanks, bob. breaking news overnight on the east coast. this is new video into our newsroom showing a massive fire that burned several buildings along the jersey shore. high winds in the area made it
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tough for firefighters to get the fire under control. and at one point the fire was so intense it caught a nearby condo complex on fire. we just learned moments ago two firefighters have two minor injuries. we will continue to bring you any updates as they come into our newsroom. >> in the meantime, we are following a developing story it of stockton. the fbi involved in a case against that city's former mayor, anthony silva. a warrant is out for his arrest, but he's out of the country. you may remember he was arrested last august after he was accused of eavesdropping on at a youth camp and giving alcohol to under-aged kids. the fbi searched his house yesterday and the kids club that he run. they were seen carrying boxes of documents from his location.
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>> i saw cops running in saying we have a warrant for this house. >> silva is currently vacationing in colombia but will cut his trip short and return early next week because of the arrest warrant. bad news if your weekend plans are heading to yosemite. big oak flat road has a massive gap in the pavement. they found a contractor to make repairs. but highway 140 is the only way to get to yosemite valley. helicopter crews monterey county will begin an unusual airlift. it is helping isolated in big sur that are now cut off because of a collapse on highway 1 during recent storms. a mudslide took out pfeiffer canyon bridge. today crews will deliver food, fuel, and mail to stranded residents and pet food.
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we are getting ready for another rainstorm to move in this weekend. kari was talking about that. we sent a crew to the reservoir overnight. this is new video showing companies right now. the anderson reservoir is at 99%. more potential flooding for people who live in morgan hill and san jose. they levels really do need to drop more. the reservoir is only supposed to be at maximum 68% because of structural concerns in the event of an earthquake. and now to the president's first 100 days. this morning president donald trump is defending his attorney general jeff sessions. we are looking at a live picture of washington, d.c. right now where it is 9:00. president trump is calling the controversy a witch-hunt. >> a very clear pair for the capital. it all comes as jeff sessions
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announced he would recuse himself. edward lawrence joining us live from washington to unwraful this story. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning, sam and kris. new, the russian foreign minister out of moscow saying almost the same thing that the president did, that this is a witch-hunt. the russians deny any involvement in meddling with our elections and deny any involvement in trying to influence this administration. now, democrats, they don't buy it. they're asking for the resignation of the attorney general. attorney general jeff sessions defends him, he should have disclosed his election season meeting making an important distinction about the conversation. >> let me be clear.
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i never had meeting with russian operatives or russian intermediaries about the trump campaign. >> he recused himself from any investigation into russian meddling. during his confirmation hearing, sessions did not disclose his communication with the russian ambassador to the u.s. >> i did not have communications with the russians. >> in a statement, president donald trump said he could have been clearer, but this is a total witch-hunt. >> i think it was hyped beyond reason. and i think it was unfair. i was glad to be able to address it today. >> democrats don't buy it, calling the new attorney general a liar. >> i don't think it has anything to do with confidence in the attorney general. i think it has to do with not telling the truth under oath. >> the attorney general is the top cop in our country lied under oath to the american people is grounds for him to resign. >> now we are learning that the son-in-law of the president area kushner and michael flynn
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met with the russian ambassador in trump tower before the inauguration back in december. that meeting was more of the equivalent of a 15-minute meet and greet. live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you, sam and kris. thank you, edward. president trump supporters plan to gather tomorrow at u.c. berkeley for a march and rally. this is part of a larger nationwide effort called march for trump. it is one of three pro-trump marches planned for tomorrow in the state. it is scheduled at 2:00 at martin luther king plaza in brooklyn life after kevin durant. we are getting a look at what that is like. it doesn't appear to be too pretty. that is matt barnes, the former warrior signed to come back and fill the spot on the warriors roster. the first full game they have done something they have not done in almost two years. back-to-back losses in the regular season.
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it wouldn't be such a big deal. barnes trying to help fill a void for durant the next couple of months. bulls win 94-87. he is going to be out at least four weeks. 6:10 on this friday with clear skies. a nice sunrise. again, very cold. you get ready to step out the door in palo alto, 45 in san francisco. fairfield, 40 degrees. and still dry out there. if you're heading out this evening for first friday in oakland, it will be in the upper 50s. still cool as we go throughout the evening with a mix of clouds and also clear skies at times. heading into the weekend, i'm helping you make some plans. we'll talk about that as we go into the forecast in three minutes. as we get ready to head out to the roadways and an update on the rails.
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>> so far the bart issues we had earlier have all cleared. we have bay bridge metering lights. palo alto, we are now seeing problems. this is for the crash that the bob redell reported a dump truck slammed into the overpass at 'em darrow. i'm watching 280. 101. i'm watching 880237. some folks might avoid the dumbarton bridge. look at this southbound just over the last seven minutes. there is that shopping mall with ikea. that's where it is slowed. a of a mile approaching the embarcadero. >> narrowly avoiding a martian moon. new overnight, the preventive nasa sat is light from colliding with one of mars's moons.
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it's 6:14. as you make plans for the weekend, ready to head to the sierra, this storm system will bring in snow. and we are looking at the potential of the possibility of a couple of feet of snow this weekend. and you want to get out on the roads as soon as possible take the tire chains. i'll let you know how much this
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will bring as far as the bay area coming up. rough time on the peninsula is slow. the last few minutes we have seen build from 101 to university. details coming up. mike, thank you very much. the satellite was circling mars and had to avoid crashing into one of the two small moons. it was circling mars and had to move to avoid crashing into one of the planet's two small moons. may haven spacecraft is studying mars's atmosphere. it had to steer clear of the martian moon. mike could have controlled this
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traffic situation. nasa regularly monitors for possible collisions. meanwhile, your costco membership is about to get a little bit more expensive. they are raising fees in june by $5 to 60 bucks a year. costco's executive membership, which offers 2% rewards is going up $120 a year. costco hasn't raised member fees since 2011. >> we're going to call this the first day of the rest of snap's life. it is is the parent company. it has to figure out how to not be the next twitter. twitter roared ahead in its first days. now isn't even worth its own ipo price. 26-year-old evan is worth $5.3 billion. ben murphy picked up $4 billion yesterday. i do want to point out a few minutes ago nbc universal which owns this tv station bought a half a billion dollars of snap at the ipo price.
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now we are a part owner. shares in snapple were higher yesterday. it is called the dr. pepper snapple group. i wonder if some people confused the stock yesterday. high-tech companies trying to fight harassment. one of the world's leading experts spells out what companies need to do and how employees can use social media to inspire other women to speak out. well, i don't think it's ever easy to come forward when you have been discriminated against. a, it's a personal decision. i think you have to take into account your family and the impact you as a result on a socioeconomic standpoint. i don't ever want to suggest that it is is easier. >> we will look at general motors new program called may haven that allows you to rent
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cars by the hour. like the cadillac and new chevy volt. it is is one more reason not to own a car. it is fascinating that general motors, who makes cars, is getting into the thing that allows you not to own a car. if we share this car, we don't need that many cars out of detroit. cutting the ribbon on a new entertainment complex in memphis. a 200,000 square foot complex across from elvis presley's home. it was dedicated to the king's early years and a showcase to his cause.
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this could be the shot of the lifetime. this is the portland trail blazers. a thunder player makes this three quarters court. >> deflection. he did it! >> he throws it. that is about approximate as hard of a shot as you can make. sadly for the thunder, despite the theatrics, they end up losing this game. >> well, i think he's hoping they will talk about that. >> nothing else matters at this point. it is going to be nice.
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clouds will start to roll in. the rain holds off. as we get started, 43 in san jose. great start to the weekend. 45 degrees in palo alto and san francisco. 36 in santa rosa. as you get ready to get the kids out the door, it will be cold. heater is on in the car or waiting for the bus to arrive. you will be needing the jackets. it won't be as sunny. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, it won't rain the entire time. take a look at the timeline. we head through today. starting to see spotty light showers. especially for the north bay. and then that progresses to the south in time for dinner for of the south bay, east bay, and the peninsula. and it continues to roll on
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through with waves of rain early sunday morning and throughout at least the first part of the day with much cooler temperatures. looking how much rain we can see, most of us getting a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. where some of the pockets of some of theier downpours set up, a half an inch of rain. no flooding. if you're going out on saturday morning for little league opening day, it is going to be starting out in the low 50s. throughout the day, seeing the highs at 60 degrees. once again, it will be dry. so great day for that. going farther to the north, russian river valley. it will be cooler saturday. looking at the traffic jam in palo alto. >> especially on the peninsula. willow all the way down to embarcadero.
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hitting the brakes. only two lanes up embarcadero road. i'll show you on the maps. this is south 101, embarcadero. two lanes blocked. bob redell will get more updates on that. 280 a good option for you. stay on on the dumbarton bridge. 237. we'll track the rest of your commute. no for the rails. that's good news. back to you. still ahead, good news if you have allergies. coming up in three minutes, the new drug that could provide major relief for certain kinds of allergies. in medical news this rning...
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relief coulde on the way r peopleith allgies. the f-d-a approved n drug to welcome back on your friday morning. 6:25. relief could be on the way for folks who suffer from allergies. the fda approving a new drug to treat allergies from dust mites. it is a once a day tablet that dissolves underneath your tongue and is an alternative to allergy shots for people over 18. it effectively reduces naval congestion and eye infection. heads-up for moms and dads. more than a half million plastic rattles like these are being recalled because of a choking
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hazard. it covers the oball rattles. the clear plastic disk can break releasing the small beads inside. so far there have been 42 reports of this happening, including two where bead were found in the children's mouths and three reports of children gagging on those little balls. the rattles were sold basically everywhere. target, walmart, other retail nationwide, as well as several websites online between january 2016 through last month. the target store at fremont. people are lining up with their blankets. this is all for the new nintendo switch gaming console that goes on sale today. gamers are enthusiastic about the switch. it is a home console and handheld device.
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some of those folks as you see have very particular -- thumbs up to you. no doubt die hard fans. what they had to say just a short time ago. >> the hole culture has been a big part of my life. >> i got off work at stanford. i'm a respiratory therapist. i've been waiting for this to come out since they announced it. >> a lot of us remember having game boys. this is the new real dole. the last guy is a pediatric respiratory therapist. he will take that game for his young patients to enjoy. the entire package including games is pretty pricey. $430 to $450. scott says the games are pricey. coming up next on today in the bay, once again, still ahead the
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reason one family says bart is partly responsible for annan armed robbery that targeted a young boy. a dump truck with an overpass slowing down part of the morning commute. the reason it could be several hours before this section of 101 is reopened. you're watching today in the bay. right now at 6:30...a moing com
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==kris/li== right now at 6:30, it is a morning commute mess.
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you're looking at a live look at highway 101 at embarcadero. the overpass in palo alto. two lanes still closed after a late night crash involving a dump truck. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. >> bob redell is out there. a live report from him in just a moment. kari hall, you do these facebook lives every single day. people ask for my weekend plan, am i okay? >> yeah. i'll be doing facebook live at 9:00. once you get to work and settle in at your desk without the boss looking, of course, tune in to facebook live. at times there will be showers rolling through. i hope you make some plans. 37 degrees in the tri-valley. very cold to start patchy frost in spots. and in the north bay, check out that sunshine. 36 degrees right now. as we head through the day, going to see temperatures reaching the mid-six.
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not as warm as yesterday. more clouds. that's ahead of the weekend rain. now as we head over to mike, tracking all the issues on the roadways. >> that's right, kari. most are focused on palo alto. everything is standard backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. build over the san mateo bridge. unexpectedly slow for 101. monitoring 280. 880 and 237. i'll show you how they play out in terms of your alternates. the crash blocks two lanes at embarcadero road. i want to show you the extent of this friday backup. we look at the palo alto camera, there's ikea and home deshopping center. look. traffic now coming almost to a complete stop except for the folks in the fast track lanes southbound. they will have to shift over as well. south of university. bob redell has this problem.
6:33 am
two lanes blocking because of a dump truck crash overnight. >> we are getting an extent now with the light the extent of the damage. you see the broken piece of concrete. well, that's the initial point of impact. if you look to the left and the right, you see a 27-foot-wide crack which loosened that section of concrete. the reason the number one and two lanes are backed up. it will still be another five and a half hours. they're waiting for a caltrans engineer to get here to see how structurally sound the overpass is.
6:34 am
this accident happened just before 11:00 last night. a worker just dumped his load at a site on 101. according to chp, he forgot to lower the dump box. in the process of colliding with the overpass, chp believes it popped a wheelie. the driver ended up smashing his nose into the steering wheel, broke his nose. he was taken to the hospital. chp does not believe alcohol or drugs was involved. headlights southbound 101
6:35 am
through palo alto, embarcadero overpass. lanes will not be reopened until noon. the backup appears to be going back a little further to where it was earlier, university avenue. southbound 101, bob redell, today in the bay. >> not exactly friday like. thanks, bob. a family of a 12-year-old boy who was robbed on bart is now suing the agency accusing it of lax security. t a gunman robbed him in a stairwell and bart failed to equip the stairwell with a camera and failed to provide adequate police presence. >> bart's attitude was, what do you expect us to do about it?
6:36 am
hopefully through the lawsuit we will be able to change that of attitude on bart's behalf. station surveillance is robust. if we had found video evidence we would have shared the images with surrounding law enforcement agencies. a top nonprofit executive david lang is accused of being in possession of child pornography. he is the cfo at the bill wilson center. he has been associated with that center since 2004. the ceo says he is confident no kid were affected at that center. what are we expecting tore
6:37 am
today, pete? >> good morning to you, sam and. we expect to see family and colleagues remembering the life of sheriff's deputy michael foley. he was involved in the bus accident last week that eventually took his. he is an eight-year veteran of the department. as you guys mentioned he was hit by a jail transport bus. he was walking behind the bus when the bus driver backed up and hit him. visibility may have been low in that area due to the weather. as a result, he suffered traumatic drain injury he was on life support and eventually succumbed to the injuries. eight-year veteran of the department. he worked for concord police nearly 30 years. >> pete, thank you very much.
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mourners saying a final farewell to a police officer killed n line of duty in southern california purchase a gunman shot and killed kevin boyar as he was responding to a traffic collision. investigators say he had just shot and killed his own cousin in east los angeles. here are more stories we're tracking arounded bay. expanding service from berkeley to san francisco. the new launched last month will now run monday through friday. san francisco mayor will raise the irish flag at city hall to celebrate irish heritage month and st. patrick's day later this month. the theme tonight is girl power for the oakland first friday. there will be a festival with food and drinks, exactly what girls. no official word yet, but it appears colin kaepernick is ready to sever ties with the
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49ers and become a free agent. espn citing sources calling it a done. it is 6:39d. n scattered showers and cooler temperatures for both tomorrow and sunday. heading over to yosemite. the main road is closed. if you find alternate routes it will be beautiful. and snow showers coming down. highs in the upper 20s for tomorrow. then looking at sap ta barbara for the weekend. showers don't arrive until sunday. and the warmest temperatures today and also early tomorrow. we'll see the cool weather staying with us. and basically moving from north to south with some cold temperatures and some rain. i'll detail the timeline for the bay area coming up.
6:40 am
heading over to with an update of what's happening on the roadway. >> the issue is not the friday commute volume. the issue is palo alto. the crash at embarcadero road, the two left lanes are closed and likely throughout the morning and into the afternoon. we never see this on a friday. this is from willow, maybe even marsh in the next few minutes, past the off-ramp at university, continuing past the shopping center where you see ikea, home depot, nordstrom rack. past the construction zone. at the map we'll show you how bad it extends. the rest of the bay does move well. a big focus right now. use 880 to 237. the community is rallying around a south bay family impacted by this week's deadly
6:41 am
plane crash in southern california. in three minutes, the heart warming of support for the survivors of the crash and her children. president trump has a very long response on twitter over jeff sessions on this day 43. the dow jones up in early trading. you see the 21 points there on the right side of your screen. snapchat also up again one day after its initial public offering. it is up 1 and .888 points. it's okay to cry, right?
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. it is 6:44. the rest of the bay area seeing it in the afternoon into sunday morning. during this frame, looking at the potential of rain. a tenth of a quarter inch of rain. some spots closer to a half an inch. a look at the timeline and the forecast coming up at 6:50. a look at this southbound 101 approaching university from willow. we never see this on a friday. this is a result of the crash bob redell is following. >> 6:44 now. continuing coverage of this
6:45 am
week's deadly plane crash in southern california that decimated a san jose family. stacy pierce survived the plane crash but has a long road ahead of her. their children also lost their grandmother and grandfather in that crash in riverside. her husband said friends and neighbors are volunteering to help with the four children as the family pushes through this difficult time. a lot of love in the community. we are expecting a final report and finding by the cdc which was requested specifically the city of palo alto. it is is expected to include important recommendations for city leaders. the first cluster of suicides started in 2009. they continued through 2015.
6:46 am
european union leaders are turning up the heat in a visa fight with the united states. the u.s. refuses to grant visas to four european states plus cypr cyprus. that could take effect before the end of the busy summer months. there are still efforts under way to reach some sort of resolution. scott mcgrew has been examining president trump's first 1 hyundais in office. today is day 43. here we go. president trump said about his attorney general on twitter, jeff sessions is an honest man. he did not say anything wrong. he could have stated response more accurately did you it was
6:47 am
clearly not intentional. democrats are overplaying their hand. they lost the election and now they have lost their grip on reality. this is after jeff sessions recused himself from any future investigations into russian connections to our election or our white house. after it became apparent that sessions testified inaccurately under oath during his confirmation hearing. paul manafort stepped down after concerns to his connections with pro russian ukrainian leaders. mike flynn, the national security adviser after he misled
6:48 am
the vice president after his meetings with russians. now of course he is recusing himself. to be clear, he remains attorney. this is rare on twitter. to be frank, it was a slip of the tongue. i didn't have enough coffee. it is important to get it right regardless, guys, of my calf lean level. keep the tweets coming. that one is franken. >> thank you very much.
6:49 am
scott will be looking at tweets, executive orders and speeches throughout the first 1 hyundais on today in the bay. we would like to hear from you. share your thoughts on twitter as you clearly on. and if you see him a lot starbucks make sure he's getting a double shot. >> take a look at this incredible video. it is is proof that not only do you have to keep your eye on the ball but you have to keep your eye on the bat too. he was watching the game from a front row dugout and the bat slipped out and went flying into the mets dugout. >> you see how all the other players are running as fast as they can away from the dugout. and he sticks out his arm. >> i hope he plays outfield. >> yeah. >> he's actually an infielder. you have to have quick hands. lateral quickness. >> i hope he called the ball.
6:50 am
>> they're not the only ones playing ball right now. little league opening ceremonies. >> the rain holds off for the south bay. north bay, not so much. we will have the rain moving north to south as we move throughout the day. getting you out the door with a live look outside at san jose. and it is is very chilly to start. by 9:00, we're at 50 degrees. lunchtime temperature of 62. you see the clouds moving in. it will stay dry, though, for today and part of the day tomorrow. looking at a few breaks in clouds by. early tomorrow morning, spotty light rain into the north bay out ahead of those systems. by 1:30, across santa rosa, san rafael and napa and approaching san francisco by arch. by 7:00 can, this is moving through the south bay and east bay. talk of heavy rain briefly and
6:51 am
rolls through the south with lingering showers start night and early sunday morning the cold air it will mean lowell vacation snow on some of our bay areas including mount hamilton and mount st. helena. still lingering showers sunday evening. looking at the timeline, we will have cloudy skies and peeks of sun. rain starts in the north bay by noon. by 3:00, that rain starts to move to the south into the evening. sunday, rain at times during the morning. then tapering off with chilly temperatures. facebook live at 9:00. let me know what you're doing. we'll tell you about the forecast for that area looking here at home for san francisco. 56 degrees for tomorrow. only 50 on sunday. it will be a chilly weekend. make sure you're all bundled up.
6:52 am
we will peel off layers next week. look how warm it gets inland. 71 degrees on thursday. mike has a heads-up for the peninsula drivers. >> big problem for folks using highway 101 through palo alto because of the damage which will first be assessed and then they will see they can do about the southbound lanes. palo alto, zamming for both directions approaching the embarcadero overcrossing. the overcrossing is damaged. two left lanes closed on the southbound side. looking towards 280 as your option if you're on the peninsula. heading towards mountain view, consider 880 to 237 which is starting to build. over in the sunnyvale area. a heavier volume of traffic as folks try to avoid the jam in palo alto.
6:53 am
again, the university off-ramp. we know the home depot and ikea on the other side of the roadway. back out to your options, caltrans is an option. bart recovering from earlier delays. we do have the bay bridge with metering lights on. that's not bad. under a half hour from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. mike, thank you. coming up next, not surprisingly, on nbc bay area, that one leads the way. we are continuing coverage of the morning commute mess in palo alto. we'll take you back out live with bob redell and give you an update. we are just learning oregon lawmakers are proposing legislation that would require marijuana businesses to destroy customers's personal information within 48 hours. lawmakers are concerned, though, about a nationwide crackdown on legal marijuana under president trump. vandals targeted another
6:54 am
jewish cemetery. the latest investigation is now under way in rochester, new york. cemeteries in other states have also been hit. we're back in two minutes. before you head ot the dr -
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6:56 am
herere the tostories on nbbay a= we continue follow breakg welcome back. before we head out the door on this friday, here are the top
6:57 am
stories. breaking news on the peninsula that could mean a mess for your commute. >> bob redell live along the freeway updating us on the situation. we saw from our traffic cam is backed up. it is. it is friday so the backup is not as bad as monday through thursday. the number one and number two lanes shut down just before you hit the bark darrow road overpass because of a dump truck that hit the overpass. look out to the left and right. you can see thorring. that crack extends 27 feet wide. the reason why this section of the road is still shut down is chp is waiting for an engineer to arrive from sacramento. not expected to be here for a number of hours because once
6:58 am
they get out here they have to inspect it. the estimated time of reopening is now. so about five hours from now. reporting live here in palo alto, southbound 101, bob redell, today in the bay. an emotional day in concord where we are expecting a large crowd at concord pavilion for the alameda county deputy michael foley. he was killed by a jail transport bus in dublin he was walking behind the pus and the driver backed up and hit him. officials say visibility may have been low because of stormy weather that day. the funeral begins at 11:00 today. a real quick check at 6:55 on what's going on with the stock market. the dow jones industrial actually down in early trading. about six and a half points.
6:59 am
and now something that is up, a look at the target store in fremont where folks are up early wait to go get a new anyone tin dough switch which goes on sale today. it is a hybrid console. it ranges from 4:30 to $460. super mario brothers. whatever your choice is. it is cold out there. >> whatever you can do to stay warm. warming up nicely this afternoon. umbrellas up. we start to see some of the showers moving in and warming up next week. the jam southbound 101 at the embarcadero.
7:00 am
>> that's what's happening today in the bay. more local news at 7:25. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. good morning. total witch hunt. president trump slamming democrats who want the attorney general to resign for not revealing his meetings with russia's ambassador. >> the top cop in our country lied under oath. >> but jeff sessions succumbs to pressure, recusing himself from any probe dealing with the trump campaign. >> i should not be involved investigating a campaign i had a role in. this morning, a new controversy for jared kushner. the president's son-in-law and a senior adviser also met with that same russian official at trump tower. breaking overnight, the u.s. launches a new wave of air strikes in yemen, just weeks after an elite navy s.e.a.l. was killed in a raid there.


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