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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 4, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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a storm just hours away and right now at 5:00, we are in a microclimate weather alert. a storm just coming in now, hitting the bay area again. it has people in the south bay especially nervous. >> plus, president trump levels serious accusations against former president obama. the overnight social media storm that has the country buzzing. but first, a developing story. a rally to support president trump turning violent in berkeley. the news at 5:00 starts now. good evening to you and thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. supporters of president trump are being met by counter-protesters and that has led to punches being thrown and several arrests. >> that's right. we do have team coverage for you tonight. we start with nbc bay area's chuck copla who's been on scene
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all day and joins us now from berkeley where the scene there has changed. chuck? zbl >> reporter: it has been a wild afternoon of politics on display here at berkeley. behind me, you see some of the 200 people that showed up here at martin luther king park earlier today. trump protesters outnumbering trump spotter s trump spotterupporters, not qui to one, but enough to cause several fights to break up, about a half dozen fights, in fac fact. at least three people suffered minor injuries, according to berkeley police, after trump protesters began moving towards trump supporters. fights including pepper spray and smoke bombs. >> we have a right in america to speak our opinions, speak our voice, even if some others might think it's wrong, as long as you're not causing harm to others, i will uphold the right to -- for everyone to speak. >> a lot of talking back and
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forth between the ultra-leftists and the ultra-rightists, neither whom i agree with very much. although i'm very much against the trump administration. >> reporter: you think anything is accomplished today? >> berkeley will continue having a reputation for being full of crazy people who love politics. >> reporter: trump supporters eventually left martin luther king park as a group, marching for several blocks, and followed by the protesters. roughly an hour ago, smaller versions of both groups were returned to the park. police confiscated large sticks held by some of the protesters and assisted the injured to their cars. reporting live in berkeley, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> chuck, thank you very much. and nbc bay area's christie smith continues our coverage tonight with a look at the arrests from today's rally and also the police presence. christie? >> reporter: well, peggy, it is still a tense situation out here at the park, as you can see from chuck's story, but just within the past couple of minutes, we
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saw berkeley police go up on the plaza. that's where the trump supporters were standing and it looks like now the crowds seem to be moving off to the side. it has been a tense situation out here, with trump supporters and anti-trump demonstrators in each other's faces. we've seen bottles thrown, sticks thrown, berkeley police reporting five people have been arrested so far today. just about 45 minutes ago, we saw one man taken from the crowd at the park here. he had on shin pads, he was dressed in black, had a sheet, a helmet, and a jacket that said "basket of deplorables." now, berkeley police have been taking away sticks and shields. that man was put into what looked like an unmarked berkeley police car out here. berkeley police, they're dressed in helmets as well with visors down and gear on. largely, for the most part this afternoon, they had been staying to the side, but within the last few minutes, getting much closer into the crowd.
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again, removing sticks from people. but a much smaller crowd than the earlier demonstration. again, police occasionally lining up, taking -- keeping the signs somewhat away from each other. but then, largely staying apart, as well. berkeley police calling it a very fluid situation. we've seen people with red eyes, heard reports of people being sprayed with pepper spray. again, as chuck mentioned there, three injuries. the crowd seems to move in one direction, then another direction. they were up on the plaza. they are now off to the side. so we'll check in in a few minutes and see if we can get an update on what's going on here. that's the latest from berkeley, reporting live here, i'm christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, we'll look forward to that. certainly, this is the scene in many different cities today across the country. the berkeley march was one of about 50 scheduled across the u.s. today. take a look at the scene here in new york city. here supporters of president trump gathered outside of trump tower. this is on the upper west side.
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now, other rallies took place today in major cities including washington, d.c., columbus, ohio, and also, des moines, iowa. now to the president's travel ban. two senior administration sources tell nbc news that the president is expected to sign a revised order on monday. the original version currently on hold because of appeals. this is video right here from mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida, that the president is spending the weekend, but not whiteout controversy. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us now from our newsroom. marianne, the president leveling some very serious accusations against former president obama. >> he certainly was. in his tweets, president trump called the alleged wiretapping mccarthyism. today the president is visiting his home in palm beach. early this morning, he sent several tweets, saying he had just found out that his predecessor had his wires tapped. president trump offered no evidence to support his claim. lieutenant governor gavin newsom says the tweets are keeping the american public from focusing on important matters, including the environment. >> now we're distracted about
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another tweet, a trivial tweet, after the condemnation of trivial things during his state of the union speech around arnold schwarzenegger and then a blockbuster accusation against the former president of the united states, with absolutely no substantiation and nothing to back it up. >> several members of congress have reacted to the tweets, including maxine waters, who says there's something wrong with this president, and added that president obama could not order a wiretap on trump. trump did not talk to reporters today. he just waved to a crowd as he was finishing golfing in florida. other legislators, including dan ki killdee from michigan called the accusations serious and said they need to be investigated. president obama has denied claims he was wiretapping trump tower in new york city in the 2016 election. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thanks a lot. not just mr. obama, the president also took on the
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former california governor, arnold schwarzenegger. donald trump tweeted that arnold schwarzenegger is not voluntarily leaving "the apprentice." he was fired by his bad, pathetic ratings. schwarzenegger quickly responded by tweeting back at the president, you should think about hiring a new joke writer and a fact checker. the former governor of california announced yesterday that he would be leaving the "celebrity apprentice" because of negative baggage the show has now that mr. trump is president. continuing coverage on "nbc nightly news" coming up. change in airport security checkpoints in the u.s. "nightly news" begins right after this newscast at 5:30. and our other top story tonight, oa microclimate weathe alert to tell you about. a storm moving into the bay area just about now. brings with it rain, maybe some thunder and colder temperatures. let's take a live look outside at the san mateo bridge. this is where we're not seeing raindrops just yet, but boy, those dark clouds are bit ominous. meteorologist rob mayeda has been tracking the storm. what are we looking at here, rob? >> beginning to see rain on the
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west approach of the bridge right now. around tiburon, you can see light rain falling. 55 degrees. san francisco right now, 57, and into san jose, still sunshine, 60 degrees. if you're going to head outside this evening, even though you've got sun for the moment, you'll want the umbrella for what happens here between 9:00 and 10:00 this evening, as the rain makes a comeback into the south bay. right now, radar pretty dry around the south bay, but you can see from the pieninsula, towards the north bay, those rain showers beginning to move on through. the main event with the storm coming in a little bit later on this evening. and look at all this cold air in the gulf of alaska. that's dropping our way, as we wrap up the weekend. so we're talking about rain at times tonight, snow levels, check that out. 3,000 feet and locally lower in the north bay as we head towards tomorrow night. a chance of some thunder, showers lingering, and then a huge roller coaster ride ahead in the seven-day forecast, as quickly as things cool off, a big warm-up also in the forecast. the timeline on this latest weekend storm coming up in 12 minutes. >> rob, thank you for that. and after last week's historic flooding in san jose, a
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very close eye is being kept on the situation in coyote creek. the santa clara water district says the anderson dam and reservoir is about 99% accuracy right now. it is not currently spilling over. the water districts does not expect coyote creek to flood again, but officials there are watching that situation and the conditions very closely. meanwhile, cleanup is underway from the devastating flooding in the past month. people were out picking up debris at kelly park and east san jose. >> and where we're standing right now was under about 6 feet of water. so during the height of the flood, so everything, all the histories around us had litter all the way up above our heads. >> now, organizers say that they have made a lot of progress, but they still have a lot of work to do. they say about 350 volunteers came out today, just to clean up parks around san jose. >> and you can track the incoming rain with our free nbc bay area app. just click on the weather tab, to find our live doppler radar or to get a detailed forecast for your neighborhood. new at 5:00, they say their
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concord apartment building is unlivable. today residents went to where their landlord lives to protest. residents say the complex and plagued with black mold, water damage, and cockroaches. they claim instead of fixing these problems, john and brian lung increased their rent by $300 a month. the protesters took their complaints to the owner's home in hillsborough and spoke with someone through the door, but no one came out to meet with the group. some say the especially wet winter is making things even worse. >> they have kind of bad conditions right there, in the bedroom, as well, as well as mold, like black mold and mildew that shows up in the bathroom from the water damage. and you know, as many as rent increases as they pay, they haven't improved anything. >> we have reached out to john and brian lung. they have yet to comment. still ahead at 5:00, jumping into action. the quick-thinking officer who helped save a tourist's vacation in san francisco. plus, coming together to fight breast cancer. the event held in the bay area today and the message that younger women want to get across about the disease. and right now, we're
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starting to see the rain arrive out around ocean beach, as we track not just rain, but a chance of some lowering snow levels around the bay area and a chance of some thunderstorms in the mix, as well, as we wrap up the weekend. the hour-by-hour outlook when we come right back.
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trip r becoming nightmarein sann a quick-thinking national park officer helped save a tourist's trip from becoming a nightmare in san francisco this afternoon. the officer chased down a
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suspect after he had broken into a tourist's car and stole her purse. it happened near baker beach. a tourist from philadelphia said she hid her purse in the car underneath the jacket while she and her friends went down to the beach. but they came back to a smashed car window and missing purse. and that's when the officer jumped into action. >> the officer came and he chased the person that he thought might have stolen it, because there had been suspicious people kind of casing the parking lot. >> during the police chase, the suspect's car slammed into a nearby tree, but the suspect got out of the car and got away. fortunately, the stolen purse was still in that car. >> how about that? well, fighting against breast cancer. less than two hours ago, the cancer prevention institute of california wrapped up its annual conference in san francisco. the research group says that more than 200 breast cancer patients and medical professionals attend the conference every single year. one breast cancer survivor said she wanted to tell her story and tell others that anyone can be diagnosed with breast cancer,
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even young women. the program provides people with the latest information and trends in breast cancer treatments. they also help to understand treatment options and making their health-related decisions going forward. and we're tracking a winter storm warning in the sierra, where we could see 3 feet of snow by the end of the weekend. meantime, mt. diablo with lowering snow levels could wake up to some snow showers at times as cooler air moves in. your hour-by-hour forecast when we come right back. this is gus.
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because that's what we do. we do health things, and we do those things for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. and we do those things for northern california, and welcome back.
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as we take you live outside right now, if you haven't been able to get up to the golden gate lately because of all that rain, here you go. >> this is close to being there, except for the fresh air. >> look at the flag whipping around. it is a little chilly out there. >> you can see the clouds roll in and some rain now, some showers at least starting to cross over san francisco in the peninsula and the story of this storm, cold air. we've got snow levels at least for tonight, close to 4,000 feet, but could drop as low as 2,500 feet to 3,000 feet by the end of the weekend. a reminder that it's still at least officially winter outside. right now, 60 in san jose. not too bad. and obviously on the radar, things are looking pretty dry around the south bay. as you get closer to san francisco, pacifica, approaching ocean beach and into downtown san francisco right now and half moon bay, you're seeing a few scattered showers out there, closer to san francisco, a few raindrops ton downtown camera lens. 55 degrees, currently, and san francisco, we'll take you up to the north bay, scattered showers right now. light rain around healdsburg, and we do think the heaviest
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rain with this storm will start to cross the coast right around 8:00 tonight for the north bay and then push south, as we approach midnight in san jose. but you can see these popcorn-like clouds offshore. that's a lot of cold air aloft. this is a gulf of alaska storm, which will bring down our storm levels and we could get some instability with some of those showers which may allow for some hail and brief showers. tomorrow morning, we'll be waking up to low to mid-40s and highs in the low 50s for most of the bay area, from the south bay to the tri-valley. pleasanton, about 56 degrees, only 53 in livermore. 55 degrees in the san mateo and low 50s from san francisco downtown, into the north bay, a high of 52 to finish the weekend in sonoma. so rainfall expectations, given that it's a colder storm, you can see the areas here in yellow, really less than an inch of rain, higher totals in northern sonoma county into the santa cruz mountain, san jose expecting about a quarter inch or less. look at the snow accumulations, we think around the north bay hilltops, as low as 2,500 feet.
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and for mt. hamilton, could get a couple unchs of snow by the end of the weekend. for the sierra, this is a winter storm warning through the day tomorrow. look at the snow levels, close to 3,000 feet. could see chain controls in the sierra foothills there, as we go through the day on sunday. 11:00 tonight, south bay seeing the heaviest rain of the storm, and changing over to some scattered showers, as we go through the day on sunday, and probably seeing a few more showers into monday. but here's the big change mid-week. strong ridge of high pressure keeps the stormy pattern off to the north. so you'll begin to see these changes ahead in the seven-day forecast. notice how temperatures around san francisco go from the low 50s of showers into early monday. and into our inland spots now, 70s. roller coaster forecast from winter to spring-like temperatures. it's going to be tough to keep up in terms of the shorts and the jackets, as we go through the week. but warmer changes wednesday and thursday. >> how about that? from 50 to 70. >> thanks, rob. all right, still ahead at 5:00, it seems like something everyone should have access to, but we investigate why hundreds
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of californians currently don't have fresh, clean drinking water. - grocery outlet is the home of "wow" savings.
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- acceptance... and "boooyah." wait for it... "boooyah" has three os. ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ stop by our bar bonanza event and save up to 80%! but that's n the reality r many counities you might take it for granted. fresh and safe drinking water, but that's not the reality for many communities across california. >> it is surprising, a senior investigative reporter, steven stock, looked into this troubling problem. >> we're talking about a place with one of the largest economies in the world. we're talking about right here
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in california. where today, hundreds of thousands of people continue to live without clean, fresh water. >> they bring their truck here -- >> reporter: as she remembers when the well providing water for her family dried up last year. >> it's just, air would come out and no water at all. >> reporter: she lives with her four children in southeastern tulare county, one of the areas hardest hit by california's catastrophic drought. >> basically, we have 16 showers -- >> reporter: down the road in east porterville, thousands of residents haven't had running water in nearly three years, forcing many of them to bathe in public portable showers, set up in a church parking lot. volunteers deliver drinking water in bottles. many east porterville residents have the water trucked in and dumped into tanks, looming like giant landmarks in front yards all over town. >> i go out and the flower that my dad had brought me, my sister, my mom, they're all gone. >> reporter: 96-year-old vicky yorba looks out on dirt and mud
5:24 pm
where once green grass and flowers grew. she's more than just a constituent to california assemblymen devon mathis, residents like her are also his neighbors, because he grew up here. >> it hasn't been easy. >> reporter: for about a year now, state and local official have said hooking up east porterville homes to a nearby public water system, but 800 eligible homes are still waiting. >> yeah, we're in california, the sixth largest economy in the world, but we still have third world conditions right here at home. >> reporter: in 2012, governor jerry brown signed legislation making california the first state in the nation to legally recognize the human right to clean drinking water. but our investigation discovered that for many rural, poor communities like east porterville, that promise has yet to be delivered. as of last month, 3,500 california households reported having wells that are still dry. and newly released state data reveals yet another problem. >> there's close to 300 communities and schools that don't have safe drinking water. >> reporter: laural firestone serves as executive director for the community water center, a
5:25 pm
nonprofit working to expand access to clean water across the central valley. >> as the ground water has become more contaminated, as we started overpumping our ground water sources, it's harder and harder to make sure that the water that people get this their taps is safe. >> reporter: the newly released state data shows nearly 700,000 people are exposed to contaminated water at home or school. the tainted water contains everything from naturally occurring arsenic and uranium from nitrates from fertilizer and dairy farm runoff. >> there are real serious health impacts from some of these contaminants. it can cause cancer and it can cause death in babies after a few days of high exposure. >> are some of these communities in crisis? >> they're all this crisis. one of the most frustrating things is, if this isn't an emergency, i don't know what it is. >> we won't have done inform until we get the job done. >> reporter: the state has made some progress, but admits that more must be done. >> there's a bit out of sight,
5:26 pm
out of mind when the vast majority of the population lives along the coast in large urban centers. >> reporter: california's water board was recently given authority to consolidate some small water districts that can't guarantee safe water and it's been distributing grant money to build treatment centers and other infrastructure around the state. even so, with marcmarcus says, communities still don't have the resources to maintain those treatment centers after they're built. >> the legislator needs to step up and have a fund that help supports these kind of communities and water systems? >> i think the state's going to have to make a decision about subsidizing operation and maintenance for some of these small communities, because it just, the math just doesn't add up. >> that's really the question for people at home, is this acceptable. >> reporter: back in east porterville, esperanza worries that she and her neighbors are being ignored. >> they should come and live a day and see what we're going through. >> now, if you have a tip for our investigative unit, do give us a call, that number is
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888-996-tips, you can also send us an e-mail to the unit at well, rain moving into the bay area. >> we'll get a live look outside over san jose right now and it is overcast yet. storms not here yet, but it's coming. we'll hear more from rob in just a minute.
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in the bay area right now, showing you the outer fringe of rain that will show you showers tomorrow morning, waking up to mid-40s, highs tomorrow, only low 50s. so sun and showers, that's the trend into monday, but san francisco, mid-60s by midweek. and inland, we'll go from the low 50s, showers and low snow levels to 70s by wednesday and thursday. quite a swing ahead in that seven-day forecast. >> what's next weekend? >> the timing not so good on
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weekends. but spring-like weather in between. >> looks pretty good. "nbc nightly news" is coming up next. >> more local news at 6:00. hope you can join us. on this saturday night, where's the proof? the questions many are asking after president trump's explosive claim that former president obama tapped trump tower phones before the election. tonight, the extraordinary accusation and the obama response. getting physical. the new more comprehensive pat downs being introduced during airport security checks, what travellers could now face when they're asked to step aside. piece by piece, a rare look inside the national lab where crime scene evidence is dissected and murders can be solved. and the sweet spot, just why would this 13-year-old bake every day, making thousands of cupcakes? the answer nothing short of inspiring. "nightly news" begins now.


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