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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 6, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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i'm in for laura garcia-cannon. i feel out of sorts. >> it's a monday. it's nuts. >> you have guys been looking at this, this is a treacherous last 24 hours in the bay area. eye-opening as well this is video just in from berkeley. these are snowflakes in berkeley. forecaster, vianey is in for kari hall. those are words we usually don't put in the same sentence. >> this cold front was on track to bring snow to lower elevation areas. we saw hail. you see that snow in berkeley. they got just under an inch of rain. but last night, as that cold front swept in, that rain quickly turned into a snowy mix. that's how we turned out with that crazy video. i know especially considering that we're in march already, guys. but look at this doppler radar now, it's showing a lot of activity, scattered showers expecting to push through the north bay, half moon bay.
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the good news is is that as the storm is expected to make an exit, we are on track to see a drying trend in the forecast. however we're still seeing snow in saratoga, mt. hamilton as well, and lake tahoe saw just over 13 inches of snow. we are definitely expecting the chance of possible hail and sleet over the next couple of hours. that's going to make for an even more dangerous commute, paired with colder temperatures. for a closer look at how commuters are doing on the road, let's get a check of mike. >> wet roads around the bay behind me. ice, snow and sleet as well. it will be slippery for a number of reasons around the bay. definitely cold outside. those conditions are rife for other issues, as far as freezing up in the north bay. looking over at the traffic frozen, it's not because of the wind, though there's an advisory for the bay bridge. let's look at the live shot from
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emeryville. we had a crash reported on the top of the incline, another disabled vehicle in the backup. they have one of those removed. the second incident, i think, they still have to have another traffic vehicle removed from the roadway that had the toll plaza completely filled in now a half hour early with a slow drive. the bay bridge is a tough one. back to you. this rare sight of snow and hail had a lot of folks on social media this weekend. katherine sent a picture of hail on south 280 in san francisco last night. we wanted to see more of your photos and videos. tag us on twitter, instagram or share them on our facebook page. you can check ours out as well. e-mail your pictures and videos. >> keep them coming. a busy day in washington, d.c. on tap after weeks of delay president trump is expected to sign his new executive order on the travel ban today.
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this as the president demands a congressional investigation into his claim from this weekend that the obama administration wiretapped trump tower. we have a travel ban and a tweet storm over the weekend. edward lawrence joins us live from washington where everything stands right now. >> reporter: the travel ban will remove iraq from being a country in that ban. and it will allow folks who currently have visas to come back into the country, which will help universities around trying to get their professors back. the president offered no information about what happened in terms of his phones being tapped, but this sent the intelligence community scrambling. >> reporter: president trump returns to washington after asking congress to investigate claims of wiretapping ordered by former president obama during the election.
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mr. trump made the allegations on twitter over the weekend, but offered no proof to back up the claim. >> lets find out. let's have an investigation. if they're going to investigate russian ties, let's include this as part of it. that's what we're asking. >> nbc news has learned fbi director james comey asking the justice department to publicly reject the claim that former president obama ordered the wiretap. the former director of national intelligence says there was no secreted court order to tap mr. trump's phones. >> i can deny it. >> there's no fisa order of anything at trump tower? >> no. >> democrats argue this is a diversion. >> this president is the deflector in chief. anything to change the subject from where the heat is. >> reporter: deflecting from revelations that attorney general jeff sessions met with the russian ambassador but failed to disclose it. >> i'm not going to be part of a witch hunt but also i'm not
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going to be part of a cover up. >> reporter: republicans focusing on repealing and replacing obamacare. >> that travel been is expected to be signed at the department of homeland security later today. from washington, edward lawrence, back to you. we're about to see some history being made in the north bay this morning. the golden gate ferry service is expanding for the first time in four decades. >> some history being made today. we go live to the terminal with details on what will now be a daily event. folks in tiburon are saying finally. pete suratos, good morning. >> reporter: that first departure set for 5:00 a.m. at the tiburon ferry landing it will be the first ferry from tiburon to san francisco. they'll make history. the first time in four decades that they're expanding into marin county. all of this started back in 2015 with discussions between blue and gold fleet and the golden
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gate ferry. blue and gold fleet were handling those commute runs between san francisco and tiburon. two weeks ago the board of directors approved a sublease agreement to take over this line. the ferries play a huge role on reducing traffic congestion on the golden gate bridge and highway 101. blue and gold tickets will be accepted for now, the ferry plans to bring the clipper fair system as well. in a half hour, the first ferry will beparting behind me. live in tiburon, pete suratos, "today in the bay." commuters today will have a chance to offer their ideas for easing congestion through western contra costa county. the committee is gathering input for solutions on congestion on busy interstate 80 along with bu bus and train traffic through richmond. this is the second of six meetings that will be held between now and march 21s.
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no more cutting corners. starting today concord is getting tough on drivers who use side streets to circumvent commuter traffic. drivers are no locker allowed to make turns from clayton road on to four parallel streets. those limits will extend through the morning commute. this following a request by neighbors annoyed by the cut-through traffic. it is 5:07. we are under a microclimate weather alert. i think this is the shot of the santa cruz mountains. it's still fairly dark out. there we're seeing some rain in that area. earlier today we did see some sleet as well. if you have plans to make your drive up there, take your time, go ahead and leave now because we're still seeing chilly temperatures, so there's a chance of hail in the forecast. 39 degrees right now in santa rosa. san francisco, 45. san jose, 42. now near half moon bay at about 46 degrees.
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now, there is still a winter storm warning that will remain in effect through 10:00 a.m. today. that means they have the chance of seeing more snow showers, so those roads are probably not expected to clear up for the next hour. by tonight, we do have some good news on the way. doppler radar showing plenty of activity out here in the north day, san rafael, santa cruz mountains. free monday catching some rain. we'll keep those scattered showers through your early morning commute. unfortunately it's going to keep the wet roads out there. doppler radar showing a little bit of that snow cover coming down in saratoga and also out near mount hamilton. we're seeing some snow on the radar. it was definitely a very impressive weekend. i know you want to know when are we going to be clear from the rain and even the snow? i think people enjoyed it when it came down. driving in it is a different story. looking at about 8:30, the radar starts clearing out.
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we still get a few showers over santa cruz. if we fast forward, we see lingering showers in north bay. the good news is by lunch hour, we should be welcoming a drying trend in the forecast which should last a couple days longer than we've been seeing. mike? >> right now roads are wet, maybe some ice on the road or some frost. we saw snow in the videos we've been showing you. a light flow of traffic. a new crash north 101 in moffitt. wait until chp arrives, we'll give you more detail, plan on slowing right now. if this is your route, the bay bridge, better news and bad news. the better news is that the crash has cleared from the tower, so has the disabled vehicle. we see speeds improving on the span improving already. but you can take b.a.r.t. under the water, even though the sman
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moves we span moves well, the backup at the toll plaza because they turned on the metering lights. metering lights have been turned on a half hour earlier than you would expect this monday. back to you. >> that's a rough started to monday. coming up next, a much anticipated bill about to be unveiled on capitol hill. the details that we're learning about the republican's replacement plan for the affordable care act. the park says you should carry more than your iphone in your pocket. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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good morning, bay area. it's 5:13. we're waking up to a microclimate weather alert. that's because we're still seeing showers. yes, those chilly temperatures remain in the forecast. san francisco, 45 right now. san jose, 42. santa rosa in. 30s. we'll talk more about the snow that's still lingering and also when we're expecting sunshine in the forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes. i have to show this. the rain on the lens is one thing. the metering lights are on. we don't expect them for another 20 minutes. so the backup approaching the bay bridge toll plaza because of an earlier crash on span, the two incidents have cleared but there's the backup you're greeted with. >> do slow down this morning. happening today, east bay neighborhoods may have a solution to a pesky pest problem. those insects are posing a threat to the citrus trees. according to the "mercury news,"
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an insect is affecting the trees, and the fruits are ineatable and the trees eventually die. crews will begin spraying pesticides today. in the next couple of days, republicans will announce their bill which they say will eventually repeal and replace the affordable cair act. nbc news obtained a draft of the bill. it will require a an emplon emp provide healthcare, and americans would receive a tax credit based on a monthly basis based on age. the first official briefing from the state department under the trump administration is going to happen later today.
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former fox news anchor, heather nauer will serve as spokesman for the state department. she had been with fox news for 20 years. she is the second fox news journalist to be hired to serve under the trump administration. the weekend provided no relief for uberment. >> the latest was the news that broke on friday that uber has a program called gray ball. the ceo admitted he needs helping the company. the latest parlor game in high-tech is who should that person and should travis kalanick just quit? greyball is the latest problem for uber. just days before greyball, kalanick apologized for berating a driver.
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then before that, waymo sues uber for stealing technology. the uber vice president resigns and then reports of sexual harassment. that is just for march. the first jobs report of the year comes out friday. rarely fed leaders straight out say they're going to raise rates but janet yellen came close on friday. the federal open markets committee has a meeting this month on the ides of march. in the past, donald trump before he became president praised and criticized the fed for raising rates and not raising rates. doesn't matter what the president thinks, the fed is separate from the government. pope would like to know what would happen to christians if they carried their bibles like they do their iphones. on sunday, the pope said we never leave our home without a
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phone, but what about a bible? yes, i'm sure it occurred to the pope that you can put a bible on an iphone. he also said kids should not have their own computer in their bedrooms. i'm with the pope on that one. what does your iphone look like? mine has a giant cracked screen. >> you need the bible protector of some sort. >> there's an app for the bible. there's 10,000 of them. in a tiny croatian town, they're building a wall. it's meant to help save frogs. too many frogs are meeting their own demise trying to migrate a nearby lake, so nature lovers are putting up a temporary wall equippeded with buckets, then they will transport the frogs that hit the wall and land in the buckets, they'll save them that way.
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seems like a coupumbersome proc. last year they saved thousands of frogs. >> they have frog patrol agents. >> did the frogs pay for that wall? >> no matter how big or how small. >> now you sound like dr. seuss. >> except for mosquitos. >> you don't mind eradicating mosquitos. >> the frogs may have some extra water in their ponds. >> especially after that snow melts. we are expecting the possibility of one, two three more inches today. maybe snow flurries yet again in the santa cruz mountains. if you're just waking up, 42 degrees in the south bay. peninsula still seeingers. in the tri valley, 46 degrees. we'll see periods of on and off again rain throughout the early morning hours. right in the middle of your morning commute. if you have to get to work, looks like that rain will stick around through 9:00, 10:00 a.m.
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san francisco at 44 degrees. north bay, a cold 39 degrees. in the east bay at 46 degrees, which is making for the very slick road conditions out there. doppler radar now, you can still see a lot of green on the map. we wering some snow in the mount hamilton area. it looks like that's falling apart for now. that doesn't mean we'll rule it out entire. san francisco expect to see more showers over the next half hour. san rafael, half moon bay and the fremont area, also seeing some showers. santa cruz mountains, this is what we're keeping a close eye on. it looks like there will be another chance, another go of seeing snow flurries up there. i know we do have the chance of seeing snow also in mt. hamilton. we're seeing some snow as well. that will bring another threat of possible hail over the next couple of hours. today's biggest thing will be the winds as well. 15 to 25 miles per hour. that's why they have extended that winter storm warning
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through the 10:00 a.m. hour that doesn't make for good road conditions out there. monday at about 9:00 a.m., you can still see the lingering line of showers pushing through campbell, morgan hill. but then if we fast ward to the 1:00 mark, we see that rain making an exit and leaving behind cloudy conditions. that's when we see a drying trend that begins tonight into tomorrow and then we welcome come a lot of sunshine into the forecast over the next seven days, also a much needed warmup well. this cold front left us feeling the chill in the early morning hours. we warm up by wednesday and thursday into the 6s. how are the roads looking? >> we had the rain coming through, and there was snow on local mountaintops. be careful if you're heading towards higher elevations. there may be some slick roads because of overnight frost or some ice. looking at 101 in moffett, that
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crash never materialized into a major problem. just some wet roads throughout mountain view and east bay. the earlier crash cleared, a good recovery on the span for westbound bay bridge. the toll plaza had theup because metering lights were turned on early. the b.a.r.t. system, everything running on time. this is san jose, we still have the wet waroadways. we have that smear that happens after the rain that dirt that mixes on the car. >> can we get a car wash now? >> reallying right? co . what researchers are saying about soy on a woman's breast cancer risk. income tax returns slower this year than in years past. we'll find out who is to blame next. sl
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many people looking forward to getting money back during tax season. now nbc bay area is looking at a slowdown involving income tax refunds. >> but the irs is not the cull mi culprit. >> we dove into the irs numbers and found that ons millions of people are not filing returns as
5:25 am
they have in the past. through the middle of february, 42.5 million returns were filed. at this point a year ago it was up to 49 million. same for 2015. 49 million. the data doesn't give 6.5 million people in between a good reason to wait. more than three quarters of us are getting money back. and the average refund has risen. yet we have millions of families letting uncle sam sit on there 3,000. why? we don't know. if you rush to complete a 1040 close to the deadline, you run the risk of making an aie ing a. the most common mistakes are missing a signature, a bad social security number or math that doesn't add up. electronic filing is statistically more accurate. the irs says forms filed on paper are 20 times more likely
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than electronic returns to have errors. most families can file electronically for free. check the irs website to learn how. if you have a consumer complaint call 888-996-tips or >> that's a lot of responding in that report. 5:26. in medical news, soy foods may be good for patients with breast cancer. previous research raised concerns about soy products increasing cancer risks. women were told to avoid these food bs but not anymore. soy may even be beneficial for those with breast cancer. coming up, we are under a microclimate weather alert. where winter weather is slapping
5:27 am
the bay area. vianey is tracking the storm for us. >> that's right. we are seeing a lot of green on that map. that's because those scattered showers will carry over through your monday morning commute. we're also expecting a chance of seeing snow at lower elevation areas near 2,600 feet. i'll talk about that timeline and where we're expecting to dry out in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. i'm sharon katsuda, we're seeing slick roads, possibly icy roads. more on the commute coming up. ♪
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we're seeing a triple that across the bay area. right now we're in a microclimate weather alert. we're seeing a triple threat across the bay area. snow, hail and rain. it could make for aious commute this morning. this is a live look at san mateo bridge this morning. we have live coverage to get you where you're going safely. i'm sam brock. >> i'm chrkris sanchez in for la garcia-cannon. we have some wild weather and folks will be hitting the rain this morning. >> areas that have seen snow, now they're seeing slush. that's what you're dealing with. it looks like showers will continue through the early morning commute. and the temps, peninsula, 43 degrees. east bay, 46. san francisco, 44.
5:31 am
and north bay, 39. like yesterday where we saw peeks of sunshine and folks thought they were in the clear from rain, bam, hail hit the forecast. doppler radar still showing rain. let's check the roads with mike. >> over here looking at the roadway, wet, and we did have some snow and ice in patches around the bay. it's west for pretty much every roadway we're watching. no problems south of the bay bridge or north of the bay bridge. it is the bay bridge that the problem. metering lights were turned on about 5:00 this morning. 30 minutes earlier than you would expect. there's the backup off to the berkeley curve. we have rain drops on the lens. there's rain coming through the area. a bigger backup early in the commute for the bay bridge and that rain, some folks will be in a rush. slow it down, everything else is okay except for the toll plaza. back to you. >> all right. so it's wet and slushy. this late winter blast in march
5:32 am
could impact your morning commute. we're talking about snow in the south bay. >> sharon katsuda is in the thick of it. earlier we saw you with your hood on because was raining, now you have the hood back on. rain or snow? >> reporter: that's right, sam and kris. you just don't know. i put my hood back on, but it's just very light, the rain here. i had to stick my hand out to feel it. in the light it almost looks like snow. but the photographer, henry and i, we were definitely saying, no, this is too warm. it's rain. but you can see the traffic coming up along highway 17. on the way up we saw signs that said icy roads, respeed duce sp. it has turned into a slight drizzle. that's what people are concerned about. how long will the ice and snow stay up on the higher elevations?
5:33 am
this is some video we have from berkeley that came in from overnight. definitely in berkeley, the weather did allow some snow to come down. it got cold enough over there. yesterday you didn't have to travel very high up in places throughout the bay area including saratoga and the east bay. you can just go in your own backyard and hail and sleet come down. thanks to viewers, we have some beautiful chores pictures of sn mount deab biablo. the chp warned drivers last night along highway 280 about icy, slushy road conditions causing some traffic and some accidents out there. back here live, some kids in the bay area do have the day off. so they may be heading to the mountains. parents, be careful out on the roads. you may see some icy and slushy roads. i'm sharon katsuda, "today in
5:34 am
the bay." >> if you have a break and are head fl heading into tahoe, there are some major road closures out there. you can see that with the apnbc a nbc bay area app. >> live in the tiburon area, some history being made. golden gate ferry service expanding for the first time in 40 years with newly runs between tiburon and san francisco. golden gate is taking over for the blue and gold ferry line. eight runs will happen every day with the first departed chore from tiburon at 5:30 in the morning. the last run leaves san francisco a little after 8:00. the raiders are trying to run away from the bay area. we'll see if that will happen later today. nfl owners may get a better idea about the possible move to las vegas. the league is holding three days
5:35 am
of meetings starting today in florida. topics include the raiders proposed move to vegas and potential financing for how that would happen. because the key backer dropped out in january. new reports suggested that cowboys owner jerry jones could be trying to help land an investor. nfl owners are expected to vote on the issue later in the month. many drivers will say the roads in the bay area have seen better days. the winter weather has made this problem much worse. today political leaders and groups will pufsh for more stat funding to fix those potholes in a few hours jim bell along with transportation officials will gather in san jose in the willow glen neighborhood. they will push governor brown to pass a transportation package by april to provide more money for road mfixes. the bad roads are costing you money. the group says drivers are
5:36 am
paying nearly,000 as year in $ repairs. two and a half miles of state route 84 are being renovated causing a closure. crews will end up adding two more lanes there. drivers should expected more detours as the closure is in place for the next couple of months. back to our microclimate weather alert. highway 89 at alpine meadows from the caltrans camera. the snow is so bad we can't show you the other cameras because they're down. we've been following this story all weekend long. now this morning another sucker punch, interstate 80 through the see ary sierra is closed again. at the height of the closure, a 70-mile stretch of the highway was considered too dangerous to drive. the ban starts in applegate
5:37 am
because of the snow. we you have some proof on caltrans camera. vianey arana is tracking this snow for us. it's not just the sierra getting blasted with snow, we are seeing some in the bay area. >> yeah. more along the mountain areas, as you were saying in lake tahoe, lake tahoe saw 13 inches of snow, and rose saw over 20 inches of snowfall over the past couple of hours. we have a chance of seeing one, two, three inches more. right now waking up temperatures, 42 degrees in the hayward area, 44. half moon bay, 46. san francisco, 45 degrees. doppler dar right now is showing some activity. over the next half hour, expect san jose to see some rain in the forever cas forecast. right now just overcast skies. we do still have a chance of seeing some snow flurries in the
5:38 am
santa cruz mountains. we will keep an eye on that. we have a crew out there. higher elevation areas have flue next couple of hours we will start seeing snow chances go down. however there is still a winter storm warning that will remain in effect through the 10:00 a.m. hour, that's because there are still dangerous driving conditions, we're seeing gusty winds in some areas as you make your way up to tahoe. still not ideal even though it may not be snowing over the next couple of hours. there's still a good chance that you might catch some slick roads. hour-by-hour outlook, if you notice by 9:00, the majority of that rain does begin to trek out. minute by minute we start seeing peeks of sunshine. folks are looking ahead and forward to it. i preeappreciate the weather vi. >> we are dealing with wet roadways.
5:39 am
that's an issue. didn't cause the problem at the bay bridge we're still dealing with that. lower the speeds a bit. that's one reason why you have to allow extra time. traveling through livermore, there will be changes in the configuratio configuration. he would have been talking off of highway 84, from time to time you will be rerouted. all those local streets will be an alternate to isabel which will have that widening project impeding driving through that area. that officially starts the next phase through the next couple of months. the next of the tri valley moves well. 680 through pleasantson and through the castro valley y. travel times starting to build. interstate 80 towards the bay bridge, 3 minutes. improvement, oakland, 580 was a lot slower getting over towards the bay bridge that has smoothed out. the bay bridge toll plaza has a little extra build near the berkeley curve. and the early on for the metering lights, we won't
5:40 am
recover from that. you will still have the metering lights on and traditional backups now. >> 30 minutes earlier, just backs everything up for the rest of the morning. thank you very much. coming up, hundreds of mas tang marines tangled up in a scandal. reports of a secret facebook page that features photos of nude women service members. that story coming up in four minutes. and the white house is in full crisis mode this morning as president trump says somebody is listening in. this is day 46.
5:41 am
in the month. many drivers will say the roads in the bay area have seen better days. the winter weather has made this problem much worse. today political leaders and groups will push for more state funding to fix those potholes in a few hours jim bell along with transportation officials will gather in san jose in the willow glen neighborhood. they will push governor brown to pass a transportation package by april to provide more money for road fixes. the bad roads are costing you
5:42 am
5:43 am
good morning, bay area. it's 5:43. we are waking up to a microclimate weather alert. we're seeing 40s and scattered showers across the bay area. we expect the scattered showers to stick around. i'll look at that timeline and have a look at your day planner and temperature trend coming up. look at these travel times for the east bay. looking like a slower drive, 680 typical through pleasanton, and the castro valley starting to jam up. thank you. several dogs and cats are still
5:44 am
missing this morning after this fire ripped through a motel in vallejo. turn around and look at those flames. that was captured during the firefight. dozens of people are without a place to stay. 16 units are now gone. everyone did it out of the hotel safely. three people were treated forin. some folks may have lost their pets in that fire. the cause sunday investigation. dropping now, a former central california mayor is expected in court after authorities arrested him at sfo. one-time stockton mayor anthony silva was taken into custody yesterday after he returned from colombia. he faces felony corruption and money laundering charges. last week prosecutors issued a warrant for his arrest on those charges. you might remember that last year silva faced charges tied to a scandal at his youth camp. prosecutors eventually reduced those charges to misdemeanors.
5:45 am
a developing story now. the marines rocked by a new scandal. an investigation is underway this morning after nude photographs of women service members were allegedly shared among marines on a private facebook group. there's accusations that members posted photos of current and retired marines and other women in various stages of undress. there are more than 2,000 comments on that page along with the women's full names, ranks and duty stations. other pictures were said to be shared through a google drive link. >> to treat fellow marines, fellow service members, people literally willing to do anything to protect this country, even die for this country with such disrespect and disregard. their mothers would be fuming right now. >> those photos were uncovered by the war horse a nonprofit news organization run by a marine veteran. officials are looking into possible charges that could be filed as a result.
5:46 am
north korea is testing missiles once again. they fired off four missiles into the sea of japan. some landing as close as 200 miles from the japanese shore. the tests come as a reaction to joint military drills by the u.s. and south korea. the defense department says these missiles pose no threat to the united states, but many experts say it shows the growing tension. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days. today is day 46. >> scott, sources in the white house say the president is hopping mad. >> sources telling nbc news and others they have never seen hem so upset. he left friday for his resort in florida, steaming about the news about attorney general jeff sessions. that he had to recuse himself. then, of course, donald trump made those infamous tweets saturday morning in which he
5:47 am
accused pr accused president obama of tapping his phones while he was at the trump tower. he offered no proof. president obama's spokesperson said all of this is unfounded. and james clapper, the former head of intelligence, a person who would know about taps by the fbi, cia, said it never happened. he even catches chuck todd off guard he was so frank about it. >> at this you can't confirm or deny that that exists? . >> i can deny it thetchlit. >> there is no fisa court order? >> not that i know of. >> of anything at trump tower? >> no. >> that's an important revelation at this point. >> the director of the fbi said it never happened and asked the justice department to come out and say so. so james comey should ask jeff sessions to negate that report but he has removed himself from any of these investigations.
5:48 am
normally it will fall to sally yates, but trump fired her. now it goes to the acting attorney general. we have not heard anything yet. you would think the daily press conference would be a zoo today. sean spicer thought so, too. it was canceled. i' the "washington post" says the president was still in a foul mood as late as sunday. aides tried to cheer him up by showing him the new travel ban, restricting people from coming into the country. he could sign that as early as today. all right. we'll be watching for president trump's tweets, executive orders and speeches throughout the first 100 days on "today in the bay." we would like to hear your thoughts on twitter. this morning we're in a microclimate weather alert. we've seen all sorts of wacky weather over the last day or two. viewers have submitted great weather. but you, kris, got some cool
5:49 am
stuff as well. >> my kids had a pool party, there was hail coming down, we're trying to get the kids out. you can see the video on my facebook page twitter field. we tried to get the kids out, they were saying, no, it's too painful. >> trapped in the pool. what a memorable birthday for little eva nshgevangeline. >> at least this is the end of it. into the early morning we will see scattered showers, fast forward through the afternoon and then a change in the weather patte pattern. it's still cold. if you are just waking up, making your way outside, getting the kids ready for school, pack them with a raincoat. showers will stick around while you take them to school and probably during the early morning recess hour. san jose, 42 degrees. half moon bay, 45. san francisco, 45. santa rosa at 39.
5:50 am
here's a live look at that doppler radar. rain is pushing through. san jose expected to get showers in the next 20 minutes. the north bay will keep those showers sticking around through 11:00 a.m. we're expecting to see a couple more inches of snow as well. here's a quick check of what we're seeing. santa cruz not seeing snow yet. but we have a big change on the way. let's talk about it. all right. the next seven days ahead, this is a look at what we can expect. this rain starts to move towards the pacific northwest. we begin to see high pressure building in. i like to associate high pressure with happy weather. "h" is for happy. as this high pressure builds in, long range models now were showing the arrival of another system as early as saturday. as of right now it's playing in our favor. it looks like it will stick more along the north. what will happen, that heavy rain will stick along the north.
5:51 am
if we look ahead, we start a seven-day dry trend, with it bringing warmer conditions, finally warming up into the 70s. we're starting to get a peak of spring as early as tomorrow. over the next couple of hours, here's what you can expect. by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, we have the rain in the forecast. by the evening we should see more of that sunshine in there. 45 degrees in san francisco right now. by 11:00 a.m., 55 degrees. by 2:00, also expect to see some peaks of sunshine. mike, how rtd roare the roads l? >> they're wet. they are slippery, be careful out there, but not super populated. the bay bridge, we had an earlier problem and backup. that snow and ice for the morning commute. don't make a special effort to get up to the mountaintops, if it's not safe they won't let you up there. the east shore freeway, the
5:52 am
distribution of the backup starts from berkeley to thely curve. a little extra slowing for 58 to and 880. because we did have the earlier crashes on the span, about 4:45 this morning, things started to clear up as far as the incidents. we had the backup forming because metering lights were turned on about a half hour early. we have a slower drive for the northern parts of the commute into richmond. berkeley you expect the jam and the berkeley curve also. there are your travel times for the east bay. transit is one option for you. b.a.r.t. has no delays, about 45 trains running on time. no problems reported for weather. kris told you about the new ferry for tiburon, that hasn't happened in four decades. 84, there is a construction project. northbound traffic might get rerouted over the next several months. in the south bay, standard slowing, rain on the lens and
5:53 am
wet roads. a young east bay girl is known coast to coast after charming viewers last night on national television. this is 6-year-old lucy zella from pleasanton. she has her top hat and beard. she's a fan of abraham lincoln. so much so she was steve harvey's guest on last night's premiere of "little big shots. question question she recited the gettiesburg address there. she also talked about her admiration for our 16th president. for her efforts they are receiving airline tickets to go see the memorial. >> good job, lucy. coming up, finding a charger for your lek vehicelectric vehicle to get easier. the new program designed to create a network of car charging stations. and a marijuana festival in
5:54 am
nevada goes forward despite a warning from the u.s. attorney's office. last fall nevada voters approve recreational use of pot. but the festival was held on an indian reservation. many expect a fight between the federal government and states over the legalization of marijuana. and there's news that fewer americans are being audited by the u.s. last year a little more than 1 million people were audited. that figure has been dropping for six straight years. and the irs is blaming budget cuts.
5:55 am
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welcome back on your monday morning. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you see some rain drops there on the lens. we're in a microclimate weather alert as we track linking shger showers and low level snow. vianey arana will have a check in a couple minutes. it was a violent weekend in oakland. police are investigating four separate shootings, including one that turned deadly. all of those shootings happened saturday. police only have one arrest in the first shooting. the first one happened around 5:45 in the morning on oral street. about an hour later police responded to a deadly shooting on hilton street. that's where the man was killed. officers responded to another shooting on international boulevard before 1:00 in the afternoon. the fourth shooting was reported
5:58 am
from 11:00 last night on 46th street. something to be aware of this morning as you commuted in to the city from the north bay. crews will be making emergency flood repairs in the north bay. the emergency repair project starts in an hour on green valley road. that project will divert rally from green valley creek so it doesn't flow over green valley road. the bay area quality air management district is creating an electric vehicle charging station network. businesses, non-profits, public agencies can apply to be part of it district managers say they have $5 million to yuf set the costs of buying, installing the new charging stations. if you want to participated, you have to attend a webinar.
5:59 am
ford has tested 3-d printing of large scale car parts. this could open up a world of opportunities for niche vehicle lines and upgrade options. for consumers it could mean your order for customizable parts could come from 3-d printer next time. 3-d printed parts also weigh less, that could increase fuel efficiency. but you were like i'm not sure about that. >> something from a printer in my car. we're seeing all these different weather conditions in full three dimensions now. weren't expecting it. we're in a microclimate weather alert. rain and snow in parts of the bay area. >> yeah. that's right. it looks like the snow is going to stick to the lower elevation areas in the mountains. i know berkeley you a sansaw an impressive snowfall yesterday. >> and overnight, snow falling
6:00 am
in berkeley. that's not the only place. we are tracking the low level snow in our mountain areas as well. there's a new option for commuters who need to travel between san francisco and the north bay. a new ferry line that launched about 30 minutes ago. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thanks for joining us this monday. i'm kris sanches in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we are talking about the snow. >> it's wild. >> the national weather service was saying last night they got the largest reports of hail they've had in a long time. once it started warming up, those reports started slowing down. we got all of those great videos from you this morning. this morning if you're waking up, still seeing chilly temperatures in the 30s and 40s. 43 right now in san jose. and if you're getting the kids ready for school, a qui


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