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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 7, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PST

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republicans repeal and replace. the gop's new floon overhaul obamacare is finally revealed. north korea's bold missile tests have pushed the united states to ship a high-tech antimissile system to south korea. air travelers better be prepared for a much more aggressive airport pat down by the tsa. severe weather overnight including reports of dozens of tornadoes and hundreds of storms from minnesota to arkansas. and from one pregnant giraffe to another. well, sort of. "early today" starts right now. good to be with you. i'm frances rivera. developing overnight, north korean state media just released video of four missiles launching
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these could be the ballistic missiles fired into japanese waters on monday. the united states began employing a fad antimissile system to south korea. defense officials insist it is strictly defensive, a defense system aimed solely at north korea. they are not the only to feel threatened. the malaysian prime minister accused them of holding them in hostage. relations have been dissbi grating since the half brother was attacked at kuala lumpur airport in february. here at home donald trump continues to face questions on his unsubstantiate the allegations that former president obama wiretapped his office during the 2016 campaign. question is not just being lobbed by democrats, but trump's fellow republicans. senator john mccain is asking release of evidence and sharing tough words on the president's allegations. >> it is his obligation to tell
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the american people why he made the allegation that he did, on what basis. i mean, i have never heard -- this is unprecedented. i have never heard of a president of the united states accusing his predecessor or any other president of the united states of violating the law because that's basically what the charge is. >> and here was republican intel committee chairman devin nunez refuting any evidence of wiretapping. >> we've been chasing around a lot of press reports and we have no idea if they are true or not. most of the press reports that we have been having to follow have, in fact, not been true because there is no proof at this time that president trump or his associates were being spied on by anyone at this point. >> and now former house speaker and trump alaw school newt gingrich is telling "the new york times" this morning the president needs to take control of his own bureaucracy saying, quote, he's not going to survive unless he profoundly rethinks what they are doing and how they are doing it. white house aides continue to
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support the president's allegations as they call for a congressional hearing. however, they have yet to point to the source of the president's allegations. after six years of promises house republicans finally rolled out their plan to replace obamacare. despite concerns among several senate republicans after reports allege house gop members were working on the plan in secret. speaker paul ryan says he hopes to pass the new replacement bill by easter but he could face head winds in the senate. and while the bills would keep some obamacare features in place they mark drastic changes in other key areas. nbc'sedward launs joins us now from washington. if you could explain what the changes are, how they'll impact us and where we go from here. >> reporter: frances, right now the debate starts is what's happening. >> reporter: he wants to get it done quickly, in the next five weeks. members of congress start debate on the american health care act, two bills introduced replace
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obamacare and keep two popular features of the affordable care act. >> we take care of people with pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: insurance companies barred from charging more for a pre-existing condition. removes the mandate for everyone to have health insurance. allows kids to stay on parents insurance until 26 years old. what is controversial is medicaid would be frozen. senators are watching closely. >> i imagine it is going to change a number of times. people are concerned about provisions of it. i'm glad there's a bill to begin to analyze it. >> reporter: they want to use tax kreds based on age instead of subsidies. democrats say it's a bad fit. >> i suspect americans won't like it much. i suspect it will raise costs and cut benefits. i suspect far fewer americans
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will get coverage. >> nancy pelosi is calling the plan, make america sick again. the white house applauds the plan, released a statement saying obamacare has proven to be a disaster with fewer options, and skyrocketing costs. >> edward, thank you. while republicans were busy on the health care bill, the president signed his ban. a far cry from the highly publicized event he held in january when he signed the order in front of a crush of cameras and supporters. the president tweeted he had to sign it quickly instead of a bad rushing into the country. now, a complete reversal. the new executive order won't take effect for another nine days. unveil the revised order without
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taking questions. the new rule bars new visas for people from six muslim majority countries, but leaves iraq out and temporarily shuts down the nation's refugee program. there is no longer a blanket ban on refugees entering the united states. a rally at the white house and press conferences convened by c.a.r.e., the aclu and the attorney general for washington who successfully stopped mr. trump's initial order. the administration and several republicans insist the new order is lawful and would with stand legal challenges. tsa is making changes to patdown. now they are replacing the options with a single, universal procedure that is more comprehensive. despite the complaints, they
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insist it is not more invasive than before. the patdowns will be done by an officer of the same gender and include inspection of sensitive areas including breast, groin and buttocks. it will follow stunning 2016 homeland security study. they failed to defect smuggled weapons in 67 attempts. wildfires in florida and texas. mandatory evacuation orders with issued near amarillo. thick, black smoke covered the horizon as it grew to 25,000 acres, threatening 150 homes. in florida, 3500 acres is burning in the state forest. the forest service says the blaze is 30% contained. the new evacuation orders are in place and residents are leaving voluntarily. overnight, severe storms
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passing in the midwest. lightning storms and torrential rains came down on interstate 35 and 70 flooding dangerous roads for drivers. then in topeka, kansas, this. [ sirens ] >> tornado sirens blaring as there was a severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings in the evening. meteorologist bill karins is tracking it and what we are expecting for the west coast. >> tornadoes overnight were more than expected. it was an outbreak. 29 tornado reports in eastern kansas, missouri and iowa. the most significant damage took place in missouri. the oak grove area of missouri is where we have no destruction. the pictures came in and we can't tell what we are looking at, a house, mobile home park. you can see a car flipped, the roof completely removed off that house. 12 injuries in missouri. no fatalities, it is going to be
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scary once the sun is up there. as far as what we are dealing with now, the threat of severe storms. they moved through arkansas and have to go through memphis. ahance c more low elevation sno washington and oregon. in california, showers, also. we'll show you a closer view of the radar in the northwest. people in the northeast complaining about the lack of spring. it's nothing compared to the cold in the northwest and rockies. >> it is nowhere near spring yet. bill, thank you. a turtle is recovering after surgeons removed 900 coins from her stomach. they named her piggy bank.
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she ate coins thrown in her pond for good luck. look at the x-ray. they successably removed the coins and piggy bank is expected to make a full recovery with an empty stomach. just ahead, ben carson tries to explain calling slaves immigrants. plus, a rapper did something extraordinary for chicago's kids. you are watching "early today." the right look is whatever makes you feel beautiful. wear that shade. wear that shade. throw shade. nice. no makeup monday or definitely makeup... it's monday. go natural. go big. go bold. ladies, don't let anybody tell you what makes you beautiful. at walgreens, we've got the beauty products to help you be you. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. now buy two cosmetics or nail products and get the third free. in stores and online. you may be muddling through allergies.oned with...
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what took you so long? i know, i saved a ton of money on car insurance. that's what i'm talking about! geico also gives you 24/7 access to licensed agents! booooyah. good game, you really crushed it. no son, geico crushed it. ♪ ♪ ♪ get your nails polished, a pilot for your mileage ♪ >> better known as chance the rapper, yesterday, he set the extraordinary for the children of chicago. take a listen to it. >> today, i'm proud to announce that i am donating $1 million to cps -- [ applause ] >> -- to cps to support arts and
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enrichment programming. >> what a heart. he attended chicago public schools himself. he's calling on other corporations and celebrities to join him. leading the news this morning dr. ben carson is making headlines after he made the startling comparison between slaves brought to the united states and immigrants when speaking at hud for the first time. >> that's what america is about, a land of dreams and opportunity. there were other immigrants who came here in the bottom of slave ships worked even longer, even harder for less. but they, too, had a dream. >> the comments offended many and lit up across social media. carson defended his remarks during an interview on the armstrong williams show. >> people need to actually look up the word immigrant. whether you are voluntary or involuntary, if you come from outside to inside, you're an immigrant. whether you are legal or
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illegal. >> but the uproar continued from politicians to activists to celebrities. carson clarified his remarks on his facebook page documenting the difference. this morning we are learning the cause of death of actor bill paxton. according to his death certificate obtained by e news, he died from a stroke on february 25th. 11 days after surgery to replace a heart valve and repair damage to his aorta. the face of turner classic movies died. robert osborn was 84 years old. casey anthony, the woman acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter opened up. now, she's finally saying her piece, insisting she doesn't know how the last hours of her daughter's life unfolded in an interview with the associated press. >> i'm not certain, as i stand
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here today what happened. >> to your understanding, how did she die? >> i don't know. >> something about drowning, possibly? >> everyone else had their theories, i don't know. >> your parents had her? >> my dad did. >> next thing you know, she's missing? right? >> i did what i was told. i don't remember too much of what happened. >> still to come here on "early today," talk of impeachment is heating up. charges are pending after a care worker shoves a 4-year-old down the stairs. we'll bring the startling details just ahead. per roll more "doing chores for dad" per roll more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent,
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fast forwarding into tuesday, public tours at the white house resume this morning. for the first time since donald trump was inaugurated. alabama lawmakers are meeting to discuss impeaching governor robert bentley, this comes after audio recordings from 2014, the so-called love gov engaged in sexually explicit conversations with one of his former aides. they denied having a physical affair and they have called for his resignation. and i-hop is celebrating national pancake day giving out free short stacks of butter milk pancakes from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. in return, i-hop is asking for
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donations to the children's miracle network hospital or other designated charities for lunch and dinner pancakes for you. nintendo's fastest selling gaming system in history. landon dowdy is joining us. good morning. >> good morning. nintendo's newest game council is the fastest selling in history. nintendo switch is breaking records in north america, according to "the new york times" which spoke to the u.s. president. the success since it released in march. zelda is the best selling counsel. philadelphia's soda tax led to a big decline in sales. supermarkets have seen sales of coca-cola fall 30% to 50%, causing many to cut shelf space. they have seen a 40% drop in beverage sales. philly is the first to tax soda.
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chicago's cook county has a similar tax that takes place in july. the happiest and healthiest city. naples, florida gets it. it measures how residents feel about their physical health, social ties, financial security. we need to get packing. >> life is good for those who retired in naples. thank you. just ahead, rap time. we'll show you where the three rs are reading, writing and rhyming. you are watching "early today." see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people find clear or almost clear skin.
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every start matters. introducing under armour, now at kohl's. i want to introduce you to this elementary schoolteacher who has a unique way of motivating his students. he tirned them into rap stars whose videos have gone viral. we go i don't understand the classroom. >> reporter: when michael's second grade class failed an exam last year, he knew he had to do something drastic. >> when 80% or more of your kids fail a test, it is not the kids. it is you. and we have to own that. >> reporter: so, he made a deal with his class. >> if you all pass this test, 14 out of 20 pass, i personally will shoot you a music video. >> reporter: and it worked. >> i had to shoot them a real video. >> reporter: tell me what your scores are. >> my score is like 100 or 80.
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>> reporter: whew. his school and a tough greenville neighborhood is partially surrounded by barbed wire. 100% of the students qualify for free lunch. >> that's why i get excited about the video. it's a sign of my kids fighting against that. >> reporter: when their first video went viral, ellen degeneres invited the entire class to los angeles. they made a professional video with rapper, big sean. now they're shooting their fourth video for passing yet another test. how does that feel? >> that feels amazing. ♪ >> reporter: now that's a rap. rehima ellis, greenville, north carolina. charmin ultra soft so we don't have to wad to get clean.
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welcome back. we are in one of those weather patterns where people in the northwest are wondering what the sun looks like. it's been cloudy and dreary for a while. any elevations above 1,000 feet, you could get into snow between portland and seattle. moisture coming into the northwest. here is how it is going to play out, a weak storm coming in. on and off rain today and tomorrow. it will drop off by the time we get to thursday. francis, they get in these weather patterns in the northwest and that's why they get their reputation for being dreary. >> bill, thank you. the debate over the size of donald trump's inauguration crowds may be over as hundreds
4:27 am
of ground and aerial photographs were released. mr. trump boasted of the inauguration crowds. they released images from president obama's 2009 and 2013 inaugurations contradicting the claim of massive crowds. it is the official record of the federal government and hopefully the end of the crowd size debate. a pennsylvania day care worker was caught on tape shoving a 4-year-old down the stairs. the 52-year-old pushed a 4-year-old down the staircase for no reason. they installed a camera a half hour before the incident. after shoving the girl, she looks up at the camera and realized she was being recorded. she is charged with assault, harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. trying to decide which airline to book for your trip. travel and leisure has the best.
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domestic flights, virgin america followed by southwest and american airlines. singapore airlines followed by emirates. millions have their eyes on april the giraffe waiting for her baby to arrive. there you see april. how about aaron, she's obsessed with april. she posted this video to facebook that's gone viral. belly out, giraffe mask on, doing her best april imitation. the video, you are watching it now. the video has over 24 million other views. i know you were asking where she got that. >> it's disturbing. it has nothing to do with her being pregnant. anyone with an animal head is disturbing. dance with spots on, please.
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>> i'm frances rivera. see you tomorrow. when you've got an uncontrollable cough, take delsym, the #1 12-hour cough medicine. it helps control the impulse to cough for 12 hours. which means, you're controlling your cough on your morning commute. and later when you're joking with beth... even when most cough medicines stop, delsym is still working. ♪ and when your days' over, your cough is still under control. thanks to the #1 12-hour cough medicine. delsym. the cough controller.
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garcia cannon.==sam/4shot== and i'm sam brock.=4shot= = ad lib toss to weatherot= = =vianey//cu ==mike//traf h set== it is still cold. we will be slightly warmer than we saw yesterday. here's a quick check. as you make your way outdoors, south bay, 42 degrees. peninsula also in the 40s. and the tri-valley always on the chilly side with 38 degrees. san francisco waking up to 46 degrees. east


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