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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 7, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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i'm kris schez in -for laura garcia cannon.==sam/4shot== and i'm sam brock.=4shot= ad lib toss to weather =vianey//cu ==mike//traf h set== it is still cold. we will be slightly warmer than we saw yesterday. here's a quick check. as you make your way outdoors, south bay, 42 degrees. peninsula also in the 40s. and the tri-valley always on the chilly side with 38 degrees. san francisco waking up to 46 degrees. east bay, 43 degrees.
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in terms of the rain, the majority of the moisture is sticking off to the pacific northwest, which means there will be a slight chance of lingering early morning showers near sonoma county. for the rest of the bay area, we are anticipating a drying trend ahead. first, let's send things over to mike. >> it is is early, so a light flow of traffic is the theme for most of your bay. a crash off 680. the one on the live camera is of here off the east shore freeway. the arrow shows the westbound commute direction. the issue i have is eastbound. slowing is blocked and has been for at least 45 minutes. it turns out there was some sort of crash there. one vehicle remains. chp is staying out until the tow truck arrives. they have the flares out. stay away from the right side
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because it's at the off-ramp. 680 commute coming up. back to you. thank you, mike. breaking news out of the east bay as well. we have been tracking this overnight. a lot of police activity in richmond. >> pete suratos is live on scene on carlson and santa clara street. pete, what do we know so far? >> good morning to you, sam and kris. it is what is called the richmond annex area. i'm just getting information from a text message from richmond police what led to the scene. you can see behind me placing the markers in this officer-involved shooting. they're telling me at 1:10 a.m., officers responded to a possible burglary in 1900 block of carlson boulevard. that's the green car you're looking at on the screen. they walked into the location, a car tried to run over the
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officers who returns fire. the car and suspect fled. they ended up here on carlson and santa clara street where we are standing. the officer, they're telling me, is okay. the investigation is ongoing. back out here live. officers placing markers here. guys, no word as far as when they will reopen. the next update in the next hour. live in richmond. pete suratos today in the bay. >> thank you for the very latest. breaking news in france, a massive avalanche in the alps overnight. we have just learned the search and rescue operation has been called off. all skiers there are safe. this is happening at the alpine ski resort of tignes. it's not far from the deadly avalanche that struck a month ago. several skiers were caught in the avalanche stkpwhraofp.
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north korea releases a series of pictures of kim jong-un overseeing yesterday's missile launch. tensions srs riare rising there. the missiles are capable of traveling 600 miles. three of four landed within 200 miles of japan's northwestern coast. meanwhile, harsh words from china this morning as the u.s. and south korea begin deploying an advanced missile defense of system. u.s. launchers and trucks arrived for terminal high altitude defense season is. it may be up and running by the end of the year. the chinese foreign ministry says china will take its own measures and response is and even more about consequences. a nationwide e. coli
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outbreak hitting home. a child in the south bay is recovering contracting it from a peanut butter substitute. he ended up suffering complete kidney failure and was hospitalized a month. >> we want the public to know we want this stuff off the shelf because it's dangerous. >> eleven other children have been hospitalized after eating that soynut butter. the company has removed it from store shelves. >> in of the people arrested in this violent protest in berkeley over the weekend will be in court. it started with supporters of president trump and protesters. pepper spray was fired. people on both sides are pointing blame at the berkeley police department. they said officers in riot gear stood there and watched this unfold. ten people were arrested.
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trump supporters say they plan to have another march like this one in the future. we are learning more details about one of the protesters who was arrested. kyle chapman is getting arrested in this video saturday. he is a supporter of president trump and video of him clashing with protesters is now viral. instead of the alt-right some of them all right dubbing him alt-knight he is expected in court today. for most people, not everybody, but for just about everybody, drying up here. vianey arana in for kari. >> that's right. we may not be seeing rain on the radar in most of the bay area. but we are seeing the chilly temps. 30s and 40s. i'll talk about how much we are expected to warm up today and what you can expect for the drying trend in a few minutes. and a live look at the san mateo bridge. clear view. no problems crossing the bay at this point. we'll show you what's going on,
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though, over in the tri-valley. >> and and iraqi flag flying over a building in western mosul. it represents a is significant victory in the battle against isis.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. u-s bacdraqi forces fght their way into the hea of
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western mosul-- taking bk a developing story over23450eu9. a big win in the fight against isis. taking back a government complex from isis. senior iraqi military commander saying they hoisted an iraqi flag on top of a complex of buildings examine hailed the federal police heroes. it has been a major blow to the extremists who once controlled a third of iraq. iraqi forces declared eastern mosul fully liberated back in january. a san jose police officer is behind bars accused of marijuana during a domestic violence arrest. that happened last november when this officer was working as a patrol officer. he's been with the department 21 years. morales is on administrative leave since february. sources tell nbc pay area the same officer faced allegations
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of tpopbld elling an 18-year-old back in 2008. he was acquitted of that case. before noon 12th street and broadway. the city says organizer never pulled a permit. so there is no specific route for where the march is going. the oldest park in san francisco is getting ready to reopen today. south park has undergone months of renovations. the city will celebrate the return of the park. the park in south beach closed back in november. voters approved a $3.8 million bond to fund the project. the play structure is now ready to go, which itself looks like a piece of art. the celebration starts at noon. all right. good weather today. check out in a out as well. coming up next, a journey into the alaska iditarod race is
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officially under way. this year there is a new challenge for the mushers. live at the golden gate brid bridge. nice and calm this morning. lots of clear skies. vianey says south of the golden gate bridge. when we lose the clouds, we lose our blanket and that means cold temperatures.
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good morning, bay area. it is 4:45. and the radar is showing a lot of moisture. it is sitting off to the pacific northwest, which means the north bay could see a few lingering showers the next couple of hours. but for the reminder of the bay area we are talking sunshine. yes, even warm temps on the way. a closer look in just a few minutes. and this travel time is the only way we see any delay and it's minor. construction through livermore. danville year we have a crash coming up. to business and tech news. the nintendo switch is the fastest-selling console in nintendo history. >> lucky for the people who were able to buy one so far. we turn to landon dowdy live from cnbc's world headquarters. good tuesday morning to you. >> reporter: sam and kris, good
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tuesday morning to you both as well. wall street could start in the red. consum 20,954. nasdaq down 21 to 5849. the newest game console is the fastest selling in anyone ten tkpoe company history according the success is pretty impressive since it launched in march versus the holiday shopping continue. the new legend of zelda is the best-selling launch title of any. radioshack could file for bankruptcy as soon as today. this is the second time in two years. the owner of the consumer electronics chain already started closing about 200 stores but still believes a smaller
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group can survive. they want to reduce radioshack's brick and mortar footprint. sam and reus, back over to you. thanks, landon. the white house is opening its doors again to tourists. white house speurbls day they are typically put on hold during presidential transitions but usually resume pretty quickly. the first ladies offense said there was a delay because of needed mountain along the tour's route. hitting the ground running. mushers start the world famous iditarod sled dog race. the ultimate goal is to reach nome. the winner is expected to cross the finish line a week from now.
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you see them with their scarves and hoods. >> that was yesterday. >> yeah, it was. everybody was outside yesterday. in fairbanks, it will be no concerning winter conditions. just minus 35 degrees. >> it is a dry cold. >> i'm a california girl. i lived in boston for a while. the winter was no joke. the snow we had, at least it took to the mountains in the bay area. we have clearing conditions on the way. a lot of folks want to know when is the sunshine coming and how long will it stick around for? before we get to the is sunshine, let's talk about how you need to dress as you make your way out the door. in the south bay, cold 38 degrees. it's clear in terms of the sky. san francisco, 46 degrees right now. north bay into the 40s at 45
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degrees. these will be climbing into not just the 50s but the 60s. let's talk about that rain we have seen the past couple of days. we do still have moisture on the radar. but if you notice it is is sitting off to the pacific northwest. what that is going to do is stick up there for the next couple of days. it's going to bring a few lingering showers to sonoma county into the early afternoon. as that approaches, the north bay does have a chance to see some of those stray showers. in terms of your highs for today, get ready to head outside and enjoy good outdoor times. san jose, expect a high of 62 degrees. lowe's gatt dose, 61. morgan hill, 62 degrees. looking at pretty pleasant conditions. oakland, 60 degrees. walnut creek, 61. along the peninsula, into the upper 50s, half moon bay, 58 degrees. in san francisco, also expect a nice warmup with partly cloudy
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skies and lots of peeks of sunshine. midafternoon 59 degrees. 61, novato. mill valley 58. if you don't take advantage today, have no fear. a drying trend is expected as the high pressure builds in. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> all right. with the dry roadways, most of our drivers are doing just fine. i want to take you over as we talk about to danville. we have a crash. they have been working on it for a while. southbound 680 at sycamore valley road. did i spell that correctly? yeah, i did. it's early. a smooth drive toward the tri-valley and the dublin interchange. the bay bridge, easier light drive. 14 minutes from highway 4 to the span itself. we'll show that to you. a live look here.
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apparently they didn't reopen the one cash lane like i was hoping. spoke too soon. minor backup on the left approach. take bart. back to you. . coming up, scary moments caught on camera. a hotel worker attacked by a masked intruder. how managed to fight her way free. we are learning north korea banned malaysians from leaving their country as they are investigating the murder of kim jong-un's half brother stpwhraofplt plus, beauty and the beast is going to play in russia after all despite protests over a gay character. the decisions after a russian lawmaker petitioned to ban it there. ad lib live picture-- n
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francisco shocking video into our wsroothi >> a live look outside right now. a city light this morning, san francisco and the bay bridge. part of the soma skyline. much clearer conditions as you can see. not a cloud in the sky. still a little chilly. vianey will talk about that. this morning the assault of a hotel worker caught on camera. you're watching security video from omaha, nebraska. you see the man with a mask enter the hotel lobby checking around. he attacks the woman who was working there and forces her into the hallway where he allegedly assaults her. during the struggle she is able to pull off his mask. he then runs off. he comes back for the mask while she calls 911. police have arrested that
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attacker. clearly they have good video evidence. wow. that's pretty scary sequence of events. >> neighbors are up in arms about a new dispensary in san francisco. the owner is a former oakland mayor. she and her husband are hoping to open a pot dispensary. last night many crowded the sidewalk near the proposed site to protest the opening. >> with the marijuana, there is a possibility of more crime, more car accident. and this is a peaceful community. well, the fate of the business falls on the planning department for the city. unhappy neighbors stopped two others from opening their doors. >> happening today, san francisco supervisors are holding a second reading on on the muslim registry ban they overwhelmingly approved last month. they are barring any white house attempt to keep track of anyone
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based on religion, national origin or ethnicity. the ordinance prevents such efforts from city participation. the election of president trump is propertying a one person, one vote in california. supporters are calling for the president of the united states to be elected by popular vote. as you probably know, president trump lost the popular vote to hillary clinton by about 3 million people. the measure asks california's elected officials to advocate for reforms to end the electoral college. they began collecting signaturings for the 2018 ballot. we warned you it is a little cold. we are going to get warmups at some point. >> yeah, we are. 45 degrees right now in san
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francisco. but we're expecting upper 50s and is 60s. and, yes, even is 60s are on the way. i'll give you a closer look at that timeline coming up in just a few minutes. >> we're taking a live look at the tri-valley. this is 580. headlights going westbound. a smooth flow of traffic. breaking news out of richmond where officers were nearly run over by a suspect, they say. the officers opened fire. we have new information we learned in just the last half hour. pete suratos coming up.
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to replace the affordle careact first, the unveiling, now the action. republicans lay out their plans to replace the affordable care act. but the question now is about how smoothly it will roll out. what's next for our nation's health care coming up in a live report from washington. the midwest walloped. our first pictures coming in after destructive tornados touched down. federal and state officials toured the neighborhoods ruined by the san jose floods. the amount of disaster relief that could be coming to the south bay.
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you're watching today in the bay. good morning on this tuesday. we're glad you're with us. i'm sam brock. bob is also glad you're with us. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. today it is cold out there. >> the cold front means we're on our way to a warmup. we're going to get a chaps to dry out. temps still in the 40s. 42 degrees. peninsula, 42. and the tri-valley, a very cold 37 degrees. as you make your way outdoors, don't forget to bundle up. san francisco, 45 degrees. east bay, 43. north bay, 45 degrees. the pacific northwest is still seeing moisture. i'll talk about what that means for us in a few minutes. all right,


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