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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 7, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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bay. good morning on this tuesday. we're glad you're with us. i'm sam brock. bob is also glad you're with us. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. today it is cold out there. >> the cold front means we're on our way to a warmup. we're going to get a chaps to dry out. temps still in the 40s. 42 degrees. peninsula, 42. and the tri-valley, a very cold 37 degrees. as you make your way outdoors, don't forget to bundle up. san francisco, 45 degrees. east bay, 43. north bay, 45 degrees. the pacific northwest is still seeing moisture. i'll talk about what that means for us in a few minutes. all right, vianey. clear conditions for most of our
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drivers. just the far north a little drizzle. danville, earlier it has been cleared. so has the disabled vehicle that was blocking. they had one cash lane that wasn't open. it looks like it is still closed. tuesday we expect a bigger volume of traffic. mike, thank you very much. breaking news out of the east bay. richmond police say that one of their officers was nearly run down before opening fire on a man. you see the police car and crime scene tape. they are putting down markers on the scene. the city's police department tells pete suratos it happened while responding to a burglary call after 1:00 in the area of
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carlson and santa clara street. at least one officer opened fire on the suspect he was able to get away. it's not clear if the man was actually shot. we can tell you the officers were not hurt. planning for the future of health care in america. do we know how republicans plan to roll this out? we know obamacare was very difficult. >> it was difficult. republicans want to do this quickly. there's been six years of promises from republicans. house speaker paul ryan says he wants this passed and finished, ready to go by easter. >> members debate on the american health care act.
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>> we talk care of people with pre-existing conditions. we don't back to the old days you get excluded. >> it removes the mandate for everyone to have health insurance. it allows kids to stay on their parents's insurance until 26 years old. what's controversial, the current medicaid enrollment for low income would be frozen at current levels. as the bill moves through the house, officers are watching carefully. >> i would imagine it would change a number of times. i'm glad there is a bill now so we can analyze it. they want to use tax credits based on age to pay for it instead of subsidies up front. >> i suspect americans won't like it much. i suspect it will raise costs and cut benefits. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi is calling the plan make
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america sick again. the white house released a statement. they're applauding this. they said obamacare has been proven to be a disaster with fewer options, interior fair and skyrocketing costs. edward lawrence. now back to you. edward, thank you very much. we move to a developing story we have been tracking overnight. if you get a chance go to your tv screen and look at this live footage just coming from western missouri. dozens of homes destroyed. trees uprooted. you don't he really see it from this here. there is wreckage everywhere. you see some of the roofs off the tops of homes. it is is not clear if anyone was reported injured. we will update you as soon as we have information on that. weeks after devastating floods hit san jose, the
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community in recovery mode after all of this water that deluged the city. fema will be visiting homes and businesses to try to get a better glimpse at the damage left behind. back good morning. >> fema and emergency services, both agencies in town to tour neighborhoods like rock springs, neighborhoods damaged by flooding from two weeks ago. they will continue today and tomorrow. the city of san jose's initial estimate is the flooding cost $23 million to public property.
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many residents complained they were not given enough. >> i felt the city did as much as they could. some people had a good idea the day before that there was going to be a flood. but they didn't november us. of. >> no question if we had more staff there would be more to do, better preparation. there's no question we could do better. >> the assistant city manager had to fill in. they were so short staffed the county had to assist with its own eoc workers. they have hired an eoc director who is to start next week.
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bob redell, today any bay. go to to watch the report on the coyote creek. peninsula leaders are reportedly getting close to approving new restrictions to limit the noise from the san carlos airport. they have been getting an earful bothered by noise from flights into and out of that airport. san mateo county supervisors are considering a nighttime curfew. before it goes into effect, the board will hold a series of meetings between now and july to look at the possible connections. transportation hraoertdz will go over some of the fine point in their shuttle program. mta approved a permanent program
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for the tech shuttle buses. it operated as a pilot program prior to that. the changes, including where shuttle buses can be located. google's plan for a new campus building are making small strides. they submitted plans fort futuristic campus two years ago. here's a look at the rendering. it includes a two-story office. it is open to employees and the public. interstate 880 in the sierra is open after it was shut down and a mess for the last two days. this is video from one of the caltrans cameras. the freeway was closed in both directions from colfax to the nevada state line for nearly 10
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hours. this is video from westbound 80. every driver should still carry chains. good morning. it is 5:09. although we're not expecting snow or rain, we are still feeling the chilly temps. 42 degrees. we don't have a lot of cloud cover. we have high pressure that is building in. and that's going to bring some very nice weather all across the bay area. doppler radar is still showing moisture sitting off to the pacific northwest. we will keep lingering showers in the forecast through sonoma can county. so definitely look out for that driving from the north bay. a check of the road now with mike. all right, vianey. overall, the commute looking really good. it is light. we did see a backup at the toll plaza. some of the cash lanes not open.
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now they have reopened. the last five minutes, they have all cleared. we had improvement. that's the best news you're going to have for the early morning at the bay bridge. metering lights will turn on at 5:30. travel times just building a tiny bit. slowing out of richmond. a smooth flow of traffic on transit as well. no delays on the rails or over the water. back to you. coming up, banning all bans. images protesters for everyone to see as we learn new details about president trump's new travel ban. plus, snapchat falls to an all-time low. that's coming up in business and tech.
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good morning. it is 5:13. i hope you're brewering a fresh pot of coffee. 30s and 40s across the bay area. 42 in san jose. and the tri-valley and the north bay waking up to very cold 30s. we are tracking much warmer temps today than what we saw yesterday. so far i'm happy with day of sunshine. we will follow your report. tri-valley, slowing for highway 84. i'll talk about the changes over there coming up.
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sfo once again in the wake of president trump's newest travel ban. that prevents people from six predominantly muslim countries from entering. images were projected onthe wall there. they plan on fighting the white house anti immigration efforts. you can't normalize the trump administration. we have to be loud and stand up and say it's wrong. otherwise, it will become acceptable. >> if you single out a people because of their religion, we have seen this from. it is what they did to the jewish people. >> the numbers were lower but the message was loud and clear.
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>> the trump administration making changes to the h1-b application as well. >> it is important to remember it is entirely separate except when maybe when they come from syria. they are highly skilled workers. engineers usually. they will temporarily suspend the sped-up process. sort of like the express line. you work at google, you get a job offer at facebook, change the sponsoring company to go through as quickly as possible. so this is not a major change. silicon valley is worried about any change.
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it could be the sign of another change. shares in snap are below the price first offered to the stock market and the trading public. several analysts warned they were too easy to copy and the price was high. i want to point out we said that last week. it doesn't hurt the company specifically. it does hurt people who came to the table late. markets drifted lower. trade deficit numbers. that's a sore spot for the president. nasdaq down 21. kris and sam, you remember that murder case in arkansas. police hope they can get evidence of what was said using the amazon he echo.
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the suspect said go ahead and use anything you want. so we're not going to fight out. alexa is not going to court. we will not find out what rights they have in this case. i'm sure this will come up again. >> they will. other devices, even dolls that record what's going on in the home. >> they're not supposed to be recording information in the first place. ? we don't believe they are recording everything you see in the home. this was going to be the first time where police asked for any kind of records whatsoever from one of these devices. stkph if you were going to order a murder weapon on amazon, i guess you would say, a lex is sa, can you get me a murder weapon this video was shot last thursday. in it you can see a man holding onto the chopper as it lifts him
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from the water. he was living at the bottom of the river bed and rising water stranded him. he he wasn't living in the river but alongside the river. >> that takes a lot of strength to that. >> i never tried that. >> don't try this at home, please. while you're sitting at home, it's chilly out there. >> it is chilly. it's okay. by the time we're off work, it will already be in the 50s and 60s. little no-no traffic on the roads and warmer by the time we come out today. we are seeing the chilly temperatures as we mentioned. south bay, 42 degrees. peninsula in the 40s. waking up to 37 degrees. we're not seeing a lot of cloud cover.
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buildup of good, high pressure. a nice drying trend across the bay area. if we zoom into the north bay, it is is sitting just offshore in the pacific northwest. that is going to move in the next couple of hours, bringing good rain chances to santa rosa and maybe even the napa area. they are expect to go see that exit the next couple of hours as well. which leave you today's forecast, in the 50s and the 6 0s. san jose, 62 degrees. santa cruz in the upper 60s. by tomorrow, we could see 70s in the forecast. and i know some folks might have gotten stuck in the tahoe area.
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might catch rain by 32 degrees. it clears out nicely into the 40s and 50s. very good warmup. 64 degrees. 67 by thursday. tomorrow the road conditions might be better after all that chaos of the snow is cleared from the roads. green sensors pretty much everywhere. no green highlighting. this is 580 to 680.
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westbound from vineyard toward highway 84. that will be closed as they work on a widening project on the junction. that might be why you see more traffic flow through this area. it will be congested the next couple of days as folks reroute and get used to that. a couple months we're told for the project to continue and move to the next stage. hayward and the castro valley. no delays towards dumbarton or san mateo bridge. eastbound coming toward us, fine off to the peninsula. westbound, no problems. tuesday, we should see a lot more storms. closer to 7:00 is when things start to slow down. south bay, no delays. san jose, a live look shows you. just underneath the 680/280 overpass. >> thank you, mike. very unsettling video. a day care worker caught on
5:22 am
camera shoving a young child down a flight of stairs. details we're learning about the woman accused and how that child is doing next. clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but can it fix this teen's skateboarding mishap? nope.
5:23 am
so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things.
5:24 am
care worker pushing a chd up next, video that may shock and upset you and make it hard to drop the kids off this morning. >> a pennsylvania day care
5:25 am
worker pushing a child down a set of stairs. the day care worker going down the stairs and flying into a wall. she looks up there and realizes there is a camera. police say the day care just installed them a half hour before filming the incident. the woman was arrested. the child suffered only minor injuries. casey anthony, that florida mother who was acquitted six years ago of murdering her own little girl, breaking her silence. she is speaking out in an interview nine years after the death of her2-year-old daughter kayly. anthony says she still knows many know she killed her daughter and she understands why people feel that way. she said she has no idea how the last hours of her daughter's life unfolded. a little boy is being called a hero after saving his own mother's life. he called 911 as his mom
5:26 am
wasn't able to breathe. turns out this is all just in the nick of time. >> and your name? >> rocco. >> how old are you, rocco? >> i'm 7. >> is that your mom coughing in the background? >> umm, yeah. >> rocco sprang into action and got medics to his house when he realized his mom wasn't able to breathe. he stayed on the phone with dispatchers almost nine minutes, remaining calm. >> when i got to the hospital and explained exactly what had happened, i started sobbing. >> well, the incident, rocco still went to school after that. save your mom's life in the morning, then go to school. >> perfect attendance is very important at that age. >> it is. coming up.
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an e. coli outbreak. an officer-involved shooting. what police are saying the suspect did that led to the shooting. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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looking live in san francisco. it is a chilly start to the day. and if you are headed outside any time soon whether on your morning run or out for work, you'll want to layer up. thank you for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> your morning run. you're very ambitious. >> i'm not going. i'm here. >> i'm not going. early at 4:00 a.m. there is always a ton of people running rain or shine. shoutout to you guys. wear your reflective gear. always be safe. half moon bay, 41.
5:31 am
san francisco, 42. oakland area at 43 degrees. in san francisco, 42 degrees. taco tuesdays on the patio. a great drive around the bay right now. it is tuesday. the volume heavier. we can tell that. the approach for the toll plaza suddenly building. 17 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:32 am
phraoerting lights were turned on. >> mike, thank you. new details breaking news. richmond police say one of their officers were almost run down. >> how the investigation is unfolding right now. what are richmond police telling you. >> reporter: good morning, kris and sam. that scene just cleared out 10 minutes ago. they took down the crime tape. there were a number of police cars behind me. we'll show you some of the video from the scene. one of the main cross streets. they are telling us 1:10 a.m., police were responding to a burglary call. police say as he walked up to
5:33 am
the location, a car tried to run over the officers. the car and suspect fled the scene. they say the officer is okay. it is is still an ongoing investigation. pete suratos, today in the bay. thank you very much. breaking news out of france this morning. a massive avalanche in the alps. we learned that the search and rescue operation was called off, which is actually good news because all the skiers are safe. it is unfolding at the alpine ski resort of tignes. the resort is now shut down. this is not far from a deadly avalanche that struck a month ago. north korea releasing photos
5:34 am
of kim jong-un overseeing yesterday's missile launch. tensions have been rising with recent u.s. military. they believe they are traveling more than 600 miles. three of the four landed within a couple hundred miles of the northwest coast. also happening right now abroad. harsh words from china this morning as the u.s. is and south korea start deploying an advanced missile defense system. they arrived today in south korea for the terminal high altitude defense system. it may be up and running by the end of the year. the chinese foreign ministry china will take its own measures in response and warns about consequences. here's a story you need to see before you pack lurches today. a nationwide e. coli outbreak is hitting home here in the bay area. a child in the south bay is recovering after contracting the
5:35 am
bacteria from a peanut butter substitute. an 8-year-old boy maate a sandwh with soy nut butter and went into complete kidney failure and was in the hospital a month. >> we want the public to know we want this off the shelf because it is dangerous. san jose police officer in trouble with the law, accused of stealing marijuana during a domestic violence arrest. that happened last november when officer julio morales worked as a patrol officer. he has been with the department 21 years. he was ultimately acquitted in
5:36 am
that case. supporters president trump and others clashing in the streets you can see it there. people on both sides are pointing the blame at berkeley police. this is kyle chapman from daly city. he is a supporter of president trump. that video of him clashing with protesters is viral. people are dubbing him alt-knight. happening today, another bay area city is debating the call to action against america's newest president. alameda city council are considering a resolution calling on the congress to impeach
5:37 am
president trump. that resolution cites alleged white house ties to russian leaders. and the president's ongoing business conflicts alameda is not the first city to call for his impeachment. richmond city leaders also packed a similar resolution. neighbors are up in arms about a new marijuana dispensary in san francisco. the owner is a former oakland mayor. they are hoping to open a pot dispensary. >> with the marijuana there is more crime, more car accident. and this is a peaceful community. they stopped two other dispensaries in the area from
5:38 am
opening their doors. >> environmentalists are organizing a march today in downtown oak land. they are dental traiting against white house policies on climate change. organizers never pulled a permit so there is no specific route for the march. the oldest park in san francisco is preparing to reopen today. we know they love their parks. >> they have undergone months of renovations. the city will begin celebrating its return. it is closed back in september. a new play structure is in place which looks like a piece of art. the celebration starts at noon. dogs are welcome. it is a good thing this week and not last week. >> that's right. they had a chance ton dry out overnight. they will have at least five more days to dry out again.
5:39 am
42 in the south bay, peninsula. tri-valley, 37 degrees. san francisco, partly cloudy skies. northbound in the 40s as well. what we will notice is as we zoom in, it is off to the north. sonoma has a chance of seeing showers move in the next hour or so. what that means is they could have a good chance of keeping those overcast skies unfortunately through the evening hours. no fear, north bay. your change is on the way as well. it comes in the form of upper '60s is and 70s. but first let's get a check of much dryer roads with mike. we have the and maybe 70s. folks tend to squeeze them out. 65 most of the upper speed limits around the area. a tiny bit of slowing.
5:40 am
the area gets a lot of traffic. it may change the flow. off vineyard, you have to take vineyard to highway 84. typical pattern. no major surprises. metering lights are on. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. coming up, a blind dog spending more than a week in the santa cruz mountains all alone and lost. how he was tracked down and brought home to safety. and a new name coming out of washington this morning. it will be an important one on
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the kind of deep sleep i can only get on my tempur-pedic. it adapts to me. my shape, my size, my body. tempur-pedic. this sleep is power. good morning. rise and shine is on the way. partly cloudy skies across the majority of the bay area. we are on tap to see a drying trend ahead. we're welcoming 60s and 70s is for the next several days across the bay area. a closer look at that and your day planner in a few minutes.
5:44 am
and these travel times. if you know the numbers, the top is 16 minutes. that's a tad slow. the volume builds. 101 and 680. the rest of the bay and the standard pattern as well. a look coming up. >> new, a very happy end to what had all the makings of a heartbreaking story. a blind labrador named sage wandered away from her home and got lost in the mountains. the effort to find her went viral. eight days later on saturday sage was found two weak to walk. so a neighbor out hiking hoisted her onhis shoulders and carried her home. he turned down a $1,000 reward. i'm going to cry. he asked instead that it be donated to an animal welfare group. i would be beside myself. >> sage put on his back.
5:45 am
what an amazing story. let me tell you something else that's going on. shocking video into our newsroom. this is an assault of a woman working at a hotel. it is caught on camera. this is from omaha, nebraska. it is security video. he attacks the female employee. then you see her running. he forces her into the hallway where he allegedly assaults her. he runs off. he comes back for the mask while she's calling 911. the police have since arrested the attacker. developing overnight right now, a big win in the fight against isis. >> u.s.-backed iraqi forces fought their way into the heart of mosul, taking back a government complex. a senior iraqi military commander the advancing troops hoisted any flag on the complex and hailed the federal police as heroes.
5:46 am
it has been a major blow to the extremists who once controlled nearly a third in iraq. happening today, san francisco supervisors holding a second reading on the muslim registry and ban. supervisors passed an ordnance based on religion, national origin or ethnicity it prevents city funding of such efforts or city participation. the election of president trump is prompting a new one person, one vote push in california. supporters of a new ballot measure are calling fto elect b popular vote.
5:47 am
the measure asks california's elected officials to advocate for reforms to end the electoral college. they began collecting they began collecting signatures for the 2018 ballot. a u.s. attorney from maryland. he has been nominated to be second in command at the justice department. and his confirmation hearing is today. normally don't care that much about second in command. but remember jeff sessions has reaccused himself from any investigation into the russian connection, which means decisions like should we investigate or should we appoint
5:48 am
a special prosecutor fall to rosen stein, assuming he's confirmed of course. and senators will ask about donald trump's claims that the obama administration tapped his phones. something obama has denied the head of the national intelligence at the time publicly defended. the fbi has reportedly denied. and president trump provided no evidence. president trump has claimed 3 to 5 million people voted illegally in the elections. many secretaries of state have denied. the author of the report, which president trump cited as evidence said his own report does not say that. jeff sessions will remain in charge at the rest of the justice department. there's a lot to watch there in cases watching police oversight, voting rights, all kinds of things. you see senator al franken. the testimony that got sessions into so much trouble.
5:49 am
sessions on monday clarified that inaccurate testimony saying he didn't think it covered meetings with the russian ambassador when he said i did not have communications with the russians. back to you. >> all right. scott will be looking at president trump's tweets as executive orders and speeches throughout the first 100 days here on today in the bay. and of course there's always a lively interchange to be had. you can find scott on twitter. @mcgrew. >> nintendo's newest game console is the fastest selling device in company history. sales of the switch breaking records in north america.
5:50 am
the new legend of zelda is the best-selling launch title of any. it is national pancake today. this is ihop in santa ra. get a free short stack all day long. they are hoping you will donate to itsal fund-raising drive, sideliners children hospital, and leukemia and limb foe ma society. they have raised $24 million for charity by giving the short stack for free. >> it is a win-win situation. you're helping kids out and eating pancakes. i don't know if it gets better than that. >> and if you're going on a run. >> run from the car there. >> what kind do you like? >> i keep it classics. whenever they add the cookies and cream or whatever, i can only take two bites.
5:51 am
>> hrat chip is good. >> strawberries. you'll be able to open your window without worrying about the run coming in. or maybe even seeing sunshine as you make your way outside. i just want to show you how cold it is up there. this is a shot using our weather underground sky cam. i know it's still dark because the sunrise isn't up just yet. look at all that snow still i know there's probably still plenty of people hoping to make their way up there. mike had showers on the way up there. 39 degrees on half moon bay. 45, palo alto. 43 as you wake up. and 37 in livermore. let's go ahead and take a look right now at this doppler radar you can see we are still is expected to see some clouds in the sunshine area for the next
5:52 am
couple of hours. a combination of sun and clouds. a few lingering showers the next few hours. by 9:00 a.m., we should be in the 50s. this is actually still going to be a chance of showers in the north bay. and then fast forward through noon. warming up finally. a sweater will still be needed. into the 50s. at 3:00, we are climbing into the 60s for inland areas. by 7:00, we start to see an increase in cloud cover. that is going to bring a nice drying pattern the next seven days. by wednesday, 65 degrees. thursday, we keep the high pressure rolling in. dominating. that's going to start the drying trend wednesday, thursday, friday. even saturday and sunday. your weekend is looking fantastic. thursday, 71.
5:53 am
friday, 70. so, mike, there it is. you have plenty of chances to head outside and enjoy some fancy fruit on your pancakes. >> fancy fruit pancakes. that's awesome. just get a banana, roll it up in pancake and dip it. no problems on the peninsula. light, easy drive. this is a typical pattern. just a subtle build for the east shore freeway. over here at the top of the screen, 21 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights got turned on five to ten minutes before you're used to. we'll look over to mass transit as well. no delays for any of these agencies the fare to rib ron
5:54 am
started yesterday. i was on it. this buildup will start at 6:30 and then start to slow down. back to you. all right. we will check back with you throughout the morning. coming up next, a big day for tpwaoe google as it plans to build a new facility. happening now and new overnight. tphoerbg banned north korea banned malaysians from leaving. >> plus, disney's new movie beauty and the beast will play in russia despite having a gay character. the film will come out later this month.
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5:57 am
showing a large wildfirburningi. firefighters made j progress overnight battling this fire. it has burn this is in sterlin colora-- which is new video into our newsroom. a large wildfire burning in colorado. it has burned through 30,000 acres of land and three homes so far. all of this coming from sterling, colorado, northeast of denver. 900 people were put on notice. may have to evacuate as a result. no injuries reported. at least check it was 90% contained. part of westbound interstate 80 could be closed next week
5:58 am
while crews install permanent overhead highway signs. it will be closed at green valley road in fairfield. it is is going to run through 3:00 friday. it will be closed friday night through early saturday morning. drivers will be detoured on the off-ramp. >> a couple heading to the polls to decide the fate for parcel taxes. measure x calls for a parcel tax increase. and funds will benefit elementary schools. and the berkeley city council district 4, you have to vote by the today. the city left empty back in november. also happening today, public tours are resuming at the white house. it is the first time that they
5:59 am
have been let into the presid t president's home. the first lady released a statement saying there was a delay because of maintenance that was needed along the tour route. >> the world famous eye it did rot sled dog race is under way in alaska. they are lining the trail in fairbanks for the official part of the race. race fans about 1,000 miles of wilderness. there wasn't enough snow on the normal route. the winner is expected cross the finish line next tuesday or wednesday. have done that in tahoe this week. >> we could have. there was enough snow. >> shots fired after a police officer was nearly run over by a vehicle. this morning the search is on for the man involved. >> plus, severe storms slamming
6:00 am
the midwest. at least two tornados reported overnight. the widespread damage left behind this morning. federal and state authorities to tour the neighborhoods ruined by the san jose floods. the amount of disaster relief that could be coming to the south bay. today in the bay continues right now. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> this is the best kind of news you get to deliver. thank you. >> i only take responsibility for the good weather. so we are going to see a nice mix of sun and clouds. we've still got some left through the day. tomorrow will be even better. but today let's set up all the parents for a win. bundle up early on. as you be make way whether to do a dropoff, taking the kids to


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