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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 7, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the midwest. at least two tornados reported overnight. the widespread damage left behind this morning. federal and state authorities to tour the neighborhoods ruined by the san jose floods. the amount of disaster relief that could be coming to the south bay. today in the bay continues right now. >> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> this is the best kind of news you get to deliver. thank you. >> i only take responsibility for the good weather. so we are going to see a nice mix of sun and clouds. we've still got some left through the day. tomorrow will be even better. but today let's set up all the parents for a win. bundle up early on. as you be make way whether to do a dropoff, taking the kids to
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school. by recess time, i still am going to call the temps a little chilly. upper 40s, lower 50s. so i don't think they will be needing to take off their sweater or anything. hopefully the mud has dried out for them to be able to enjoy the outside. a warmup by 1:00. by the time you pick up the kids from school, you will have a much better commute. parents make their way out on. a check of the roads with mike. another build at 6:20. tri-valley and east bay, a build is as well. 680 is okay.
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238 and 880 off the castro valley y. there it is all the way on the right. visible and helping out. one vehicle there. no lanes are blocked. back to you. thank you, mike. we are following breaking news out of the east bay this morning. shots fired overnight at richmond police officers who were investigating a possible burglary in the 1900 block of carlson near the intersection with santa clara street not far from 880. it is known as the richmond annex. a driver tried to run over officers a car as they were investigating. and those officers returned fire. today in the bay pete suratos is there right now talking with investigators to get to the bottom of what happened. he will bring us a live report coming up at 6:30. right now, chris, a developing story that we have been tracking overnight. this is new video just coming in
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from western missouri. that is what it looks like after two tornados tore through the area overnight as well as parts of kansas. dozens of homes were destroyed. some were ripped right off their foundation. trees uprooted. there is wreckage everywhere as you see. no doubt they will be out assessing the strength of those tornados. no reports yet of anyone injured. and we're having our own weather issues here at home. state and federal phpbemergency officials will survey the damage from last month's flood. >> today in the bay bob redell joining us where the cleanup is still under way. it will be a long process to explain what doing for flood victims today. bob? the cleanup is still under way. it is still a mess here sam and kris. today fema and the california
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officer emergency services will be touring neighborhoods to assess the damage and figure out how much disaster assistance. the estimate is the flooding two weeks ago caused $23 million to public property, $50 million in damage to private property with 140 homes suffering major damage. 399 homes with minor damage. on thursday, the city will hold its first public hearing about what went wrong with the flooding. this was historic flooding. many residents complained they weren't given enough to evacu e evacuate. >> i thought the city did as much as they could. i think some people had a good idea the day before that there was going to be a flood. but they didn't notify us. >> there was no question if we
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had more staff there would be more to do, better preparation. there's no question we could do better. >> the job for director of the city of san jose emergency operation center, eoc, has been vacant. the city's eoc was so short staff staffed, they had to hire their own director who will start next week. bob redell, today in the bay. thank you, bob. our investigative unit uncovered new documents that show how much the santa clara water district is paying an outside public relations firm in the way of coyote creek flood. happening today, a show of support for women participating in a day without women. tomorrow is international
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women's day. and the same group that organized the march on washington is calling on women to take the day off from work. it is an effort to call attention to the economic power and significance of women. santa clara county supervisor chavez and others are holding a news conference in a few hours at 10:00. they will announce that the county is supporting a day without. it has been a nuisance for some neighbors. now they are getting close to limiting the noise from san carlos airport. they have been given an earful of those bothered by flights into and out of the airport. san ma take county supervisors are considering a nighttime curfew. the board will hold a series of meetings between now and july to look at all the possible actions. plans nor a new campus is making strides to becoming reality.
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it will grant tpwaog google they to move forward with the project. >> getting a little shade there. we were talking about all the snow in tahoe. interstate 880 is back open after what was a mess. this is in truckee. it was close d colfax to the nevada state line. west bound # 80, to soda springs. every driver should still carry chains. yeah. and we are seeing most clear skies here across the bay area. so at least they are getting a
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chance to dry out where they might catch a few sprinkles. 43 degrees. we are expecting to keep some nice weather on the way. but if you're just waking up and you're heading outdoors, here's what you can expect as you step outside. palo alto, 43 degrees. livermore, 37. napa area in the 30s. san francisco in the 40s. san jose, 41 degrees. you definitely want to bundle up. you will be able to shed a few layers throughout the early afternoon. we just got word that sir francis drake has reopened at whites hill. that was affecting the locals through the area. farm from 101 as far as your commute goes. the mudslide was cleared. south bay, no major problems. more traffic building the next 20 minutes over san jose.
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a build for sinole. 880 off the y and hayward. typical patterns right here for the east bay, toward the san mateo bridge. under half an hour. 24 minutes from highway 4 on the roadways. bart, that's a good option through richmond. back to you. thank you, mike. up next, new details are coming into our newsroom about the death of actor bill paxton. the newly released report on his cause of death. new updates on computers taking your job is and snap judgment on snapchat.
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>> good morning bay kwraeufrplt . 6:12. a check of your school day forecast. 30s and the 40s. definitely bundle them up. by recess, still a little bit chilly. we will see a combination of sun and clouds. by 1:00, should be warming up quite nicely. upper 50s and 6 0s inland areas. it will definitely be a good day for you. >> here's the tri-valley. highway 84.
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i'll show you a reroute. thank you very much, mike and vianey. new this morning, we're learning new details about actor bill paxton's death. his death certificate said he died from a stroke. he died february 25th. the document says paxton was korea mated. he was known nor blockbuster films including "terroriste "tw "titanic" and "aliens". protesters chanting hate, no fear and welcoming international travelers walking out of customs. video images were proplged kwrop
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to the walls there. >> we can't normalize the trump administration. so every time he does something we have to be loud and stand up and say it is wrong. >> if you single out a people because of their religion, we have seen this before. it is what the nazis did to the jewish people. >> the first time the president signed his executive order banning travel, thousands of people protested at is sfo. happening today, los angeles is fighting over what it should become in the future. voters will weigh in on who their mayor should be as well as a proposal that would restrict taller and more strict development in the city of los angeles. eric garcetti is facing 10 little known challengers. they are hoping to hold him below the 50% line which would force a run-off election. he has been considered a likely
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conditioned date for higher office as well, including california governor or perhaps the u.s. senate. >> it is 6:14 right now on your tuesday. happening today, san francisco transportation leaders are going over some of the fine print in the recently approved shuttle program. they approved a permanent program for the tech shuttles, sometimes called google buses. today's meeting will cover changes to the program, including where the zones can actually be located. >> so is tech shuttle buses will probably stick around. >> but there is a catch here. >> bus drivers likely don't have a bright future. automation. let's take you out to the east bay where a french company wassing an automated shuttle bus. it is is caused easy mile. it is legal for some companies to test automated vehicles.
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and of course self-driving shuttle on the campus university in the south bay. this one is a little bit different. while there is no driver, there is a human on board monitoring the systems. that's why they can drive them around campus. the french bus isly driverless. shares in snap hit an all-time low as on the public markets. snap is the parent company of snapchat. they roared ahead hitting an all time high near $30. snapchat is too easy to copy. markets drifted lower monday. we have trade numbers a short time ago. 48 1/2 billion in january. that's a soft spot. a sore spot for the president. organization for economic cooperation and development. we're talk building a wave of nationalism. in france. you had sweden has rein stated the draft. germany is bulking up its
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military. they are generally not good for economic growth between countries and free trade. and the group that i just mentioned is really about the recovery. >> and britain, by the way, brexit. all kinds of movements going on. >> thank you. i am super jealous of new mexico teenagers. they are taking a different approach when dealing with sleep deprived high school students who nod off during class. they decided to let teens sleep it off in a nap pod. teens need nine to ten hours night but only a third are sleeping more than eight hours. a lot of high schools have tried delaying start times. the nap pod is a new idea in the high school realm. they rest into an alarm wakes them up after 20 minutes, which is the optimum time for a nap.
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some parents were skeptical. but they say it is crucial that kids get their sleep. >> why are they not in science class or math class? well, they could be there but they wouldn't be listening or paying attention. and so this way we can get them to go back to class and focus. >> the pods cost about $14,000 and were paid for through health grants from the state. >> do you impress upon them the importance of a good night's rest. >> yes. if you have junk field, you feel like junk. if you have junk sleep, you feel like junk. we all have blackout curtains and sound machines. >> i'd be lucky if we get six hours. >> that's the beauty of this
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shift. that's okay. we enjoy waking up with you guys. take a gorgeous look at lake tahoe. look how beautiful this looks. yesterday when i showed you this shot using our weather underground sky cam it was a little more gloomy. now you can see that lift is probably going to have a lot more the next couple of hours. keep them coming. 41 in san jose. by mid morning, we should be warming up quite nicely. doppler radar shows activity up there. we have a system that is sitting off to the pacific northwest. a chance of a few lingering showers in santa rosa. today's forecast all in all will
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be fairly nice the majority of the north bay. mostly cloudy. warming up nicely into the 50s. 60 in napa. san jose, expect a high of 62. so it is going to be a combination of sun and clouds. we do have pure sunshine on the way. that's all thanks to high pressure that is going to build in. so let's talk about it. if you take a look, tuesday my 3:30, we still see the storm system over the north bay. that's what is going to keep the north bay cloudy with a few lingering showers. but by afternoon through today, we should see peeks of sunshine in the north bay. fast forward through wednesday, a ridge of building in. that is going to warm us up night nicely. here's a look at what you can expect the next seven days. by thursday, i think that's going to be the sunniest day of
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all with 64 degrees in san francisco. and inland areas in the 70s. 71. mike, how are the roads looking? >> looking great, vianey. great driving conditions right now. it is tuesday. we expect a bigger volume traffic. it looks like we are holding off as far as the big burst through the valley. a slight build. over here, the closure i told you about, it happened yesterday. vallecitos. here's what's happening. folks coming down through the city. they jump on 84, blending with the folks off 580. it will continue for a couple months. the rest of the tri-valley shows a standard flow of traffic. same for 238 and 880. slowing is typical heading towards the san mateo bridge.
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30 minutes. exactly half an hour from highway 4 to the toll plaza. it looks like our live shot over there. no major problems. fast track moving. no other problems throughout the bay. i'll do the camera work. you can make out the northbound southbound traffic. all right. we do have breaking news out of redwood city where we are just learning police surrounded a neighborhood near the 500 block of harrison avenue near mckinley middle school just off el camino real. some intersections are shut down including harrison and clinton and james and dwayne. we don't know yet what led to this incident. we know redwood city police are asking people stay away from that area. bob redell is headed that way. he will bring us a live report as soon as he gets them. move over, disneyland. the happiest place in the u.s. is apparently in the south. the happiest and healthiest
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cities in the country. we'll tell you which california cities made the cut. new this morning... the li of ts
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happie and hethiest citiesis oud two california citiesa it in the top 10. ==vo+rail== naples, flida ranked rst overall for the second yr in a row-- with barnstablmassachusett number two. wii like to complain about a few minutes here like taxes and housing. but today the list of happiest and healthiest cities is out. nape el, florida ranked first
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overall for the second year in a row. barnstable, massachusetts at number two. santa cruz ranked three. rounding out the top five, honolulu, charlottesville, virginia. san pwaou waoluis owe pweubispo. if you are planning to sell your home, you might want to hold off for a couple of months. according to zillow, a saturday in early may found may be the best time to sell your home faster and for more money. homes listed from may 1st through may 15th sell nine days
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faster and for nearly 1% more than the average listing. listings that appeared on a saturday had more views than early in the week listings. >> all right, kris, continuing coverage right now. it is is looking more and more like the end of this month may mark the beginning of a new chapter for the oakland raiders. right now, though, it is looking like that new chapter could be centered in sin city instead. mark davis has secured a $650 million loan from bank of america for a new vegas stadium. oakland mayor also appeared at the meeting in florida and reportedly did not impress owners. at least 24 owners will approve the plan to move to las vegas. a south bay boy got very sick from a peanut butter substitute. the urgent message to the public coming up.
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one thing clears and another continues following a shooting in the east bay. the latest in that investigation next.
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showers in the nor bay-- t there's a big shift in tweather weekend. =cover shot= =lau/4shot=good morning and tha joininus. i'm lra garcia cannon. sa right now at 6:30, live look at downtown san jose. a bit of haze in the distance. most of the clouds are gone. we are still tracking showers in the north bay. but there is a big shift in the weather as we head towards the weekend. good morning. thanks for joining us.
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i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we're glad you're with us on national pancake day. we will talk hot cakes. who doesn't like that? the news you need. >> it is is not that hot. >> it will get hotter. thursday is when we're tracking the chance of a solid warmup. right now we are seeing low lying clouds. we are expecting to keep is sunshine in the forecast. 42 along the peninsula. and a cold 37 in the tri-valley. it is still overcast in the north bay. we have lingering showers up there. 44 degrees in san francisco. and mostly clear in the east bay at 43 degrees. but, yes, we will be climbing into the upper 50s and 60s for today.
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>> no real surprises. no major jams. we are following a couple of issues for breaking news this morning. redwood city, i want to show you the perimeter. i've circled this area. it is around dwayne and hiarrisn by mckinley school. that's where we are concerned. el camino real. again, this is near mckinley middle. there's police activity. we will bring you more updates from that side, from redwood city. jump over to the east bay. that's where the commute is building. no surprises here for 680. build past the san mateo bridge. it will will slow over the next 15 minutes. >> we are following breaking news out of the east bay this morning. shots fired after a police officer was almost run over by a sroebg.
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so today in the bay pete suratos has been out on the scene. he was watching this morning as they were casing that neighborhood in richmond. he is going to bring us update from the intersection of carlson and santa clara street where he was earlier. breaking news out of france this morning. a massive avalanche in the alps overnight. these are new photos from the scene into newsroom this morning. within the last two hours, we learned search and rescue operations have been called off. usually that's a bad sign. they were off because all the skiers were found safe.
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kim jong-un overseeing yesterday's missile launch. north korea fired four missiles into the sea of japan. tensions have been rising in south korea. they can travel 600 miles. meanwhile, harsh words from china this morning as the u.s. and south korea begin deploying an advanced missile defense of system. u.s. launchers and trucks arrived for terminal high altitude defense system. it may be up and running by the end of the year.
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the chinese foreign ministry says china will take its own measures and response is and even more about consequences. a nationwide e. coli outbreak hitting home. a child in the south bay is recovering contracting it from a peanut butter substitute. he ended up suffering complete kidney failure and was hospitalized a month. his family is suing the maker of that product. >> we want the public to know we want this stuff off the shelf because it's dangerous. >> eleven other children have been hospitalized after eating that soynut butter. the company has removed it from store shelves. but in case you bought it before it was pulled, check your refrigerator and your cabinets. all right. back to our breaking news out of the east bay. we told you about this a couple minutes ago. shots fired after a police officer in richmond was almost run over by a vehicle. >> today in the bay pete suratos moved to several locations trying to track down the latest information. where are you now?
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yeah. good morning to you, kris and sam. we are still here on carlson boulevard. we just moved a block east. this was the scene that was in place roughly 1:10 a.m. this morning. we'll show you some of that video of officers putting markers down, checking those casings. we're told bill richmond police it happened at 1:10 a.m. police responding to a possible burglary call at carlson boulevard. as they walked up to the location of this call, a car tried to over the officers who returned with fire. we're told the car and suspect is fled the scene. the officer is okay. once again, i want to point out
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we reached out to police to get more information on this case later this morning. pete suratos, today in the. we know you will be tracking that for a while. 6:3 now. to the president's first 100 days. republican leaders live in washington, d.c. within just the last 45 minutes, his first tweet reads "don't worry. getting rid of state lines which will moat competition and will be in phase 2 and 3 of health care rollout. he tweeted, i am working on a new system where there will be competition in the drug industry, pricing for the american people will come way down. it is repeal and replace that the republicans are gearing up for here in washington.
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edward lawrence is in d.c. to walk us through all of these major changes. it is complicated. there is a huge debate. he is going to try to increase competition among insurance companies. that would in turn lower costs. at least that's the idea. paul ryan wants to move on this fairly quickly. he wants them passed in the next five weeks. members of congress start debate on the american health care act. two bills introduced in the house would re-obamacare and keep two popular features of the affordable care act. >> we take care of people with pre-existing condition. we don't go back to the old days where you could get excluded. >> insurance companies could not charge for pre-existing conditions. it allows kids to stay on parents's insurance until 26 years old.
6:39 am
once controversial, medicaid enrollment would be frozen at current levels. as the bill moves through the house, senators aring carefully. >> i would imagine it will change a number of times. i'm glad there's a bill now to analyze it. >> republicans want to use tax credit based on age to help people pay for insurance instead of subsidy up front. this is a bad fit on the american people. >> i suspect americans won't like it much. i suspect it will raise costs and cut benefits. i suspect far fewer americans will get coverage. >> nancy pelosi is calling the plan make america sick again. and the white house applauds the plan. they released a statement yesterday saying it is proven to be a disaster with fewer options, interior care and skyrocketing costs. edward lawrence, today in the
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bay. good morning. it is 6:39. if you're waking your way outside in san jose, 41 degrees. hazy skies. the next couple of hours you'll notice a change in the forecast. we are starting to see clouds roll in. peeks of sunshine. 56 degrees by 11th. fast forward through 1:00 in san jose. we will be at 59 degrees. we are expect to go climb into the 60s. 62 in san jose. san francisco a combination of is sun and clouds. 43 degrees. fast forward through the lunch hour. as the high pressure continues to build in, we are tracking a lot of sunny days ahead. let's get a check of the roads with mike. >> all right. this tuesday we expect to have your volume of traffic. nothing dramatic on the roadways. san jose, northbound routes show it. not a major problem heading into
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the silicon valley. it may mean problems for couper teen as folks are getting there more easily. a smooth drive for the rest of the bay. metering lights are on. just 35 minutes. not bad for the upper east shore. bay bridge toll plaza showing an approach, the lanes off to the left are looking a little bit lighter right now. fast track is slowing down. so there is that build. back to you. coming up, this morning, casey anthony breaks her silence. coming up in three minutes, what she is saying about her daughter's death and her life since her murder trial. >> everyone is getting along at the white house on today day 47. a live look at the big board. this morning the dow jones industrial down 32 points in early trading. we are also updating breaking news for you from redwood city
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and richmond. more information coming up in just two minutes.
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==trffimaps full ==kris//cu== city news o of redwood we're just learning pole have s 6:44 on this tuesday. beautiful sunrise. we are tracking a drying trend ahead. your day planner in just a few minutes. >> here are your tri-valley travel times. 84 at the bottom of your screen.
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additional slowing. breaking news out of redwood city where we are learning police have surrounded part of a neighborhood in the area of the 500 block of harrison avenue these are live pictures not far from mckinley middle school on el camino real. redwood city police are telling you to steer clear. they want you to stay away from harrison and clinton and james and dwayne which is north of mckinley middle school. there is another school in the area as well. it's not clear what led up to incident, but that is the command center unit from the redwood city police. that means they will be there for a while. bob redell is headed that way. a live shortly. and new, casey anthony, the florida mother of acquitted six years ago of murdering her own little girl is breaking her silence.
6:46 am
she is speaking out nine years after the death of her2-year-old k caylee. she said many people still believe she killed her daughter and she understands why people might feel the way they do. she said she has no idea how the last hours of her daughter's life unfolded. 6:45. developing overnight internationally a big win in the fight against isis. -backed iraqi forces fought their heart into western mosul taking back a post from isis. the advancing troops hosted an iraqi flag on the building and hailed the federal police units as heroes. a new push western part of the city have been a major flow to the extremists who controlled a third of iraq. they declared eastern mosul fully liberated back in january. new, we certainly have a lot
6:47 am
of pride in our country. but the best country in the world is not the united states. according to new rankings by u.s. news and world report. 80 countries were based on cultural influence and power to quality of life. 21,000 people or surveyed. three-quarters said they had lost respect for u.s. leadership in the wake of the presidential election. so the u.s. ranked fourth in last year's survey. it fell to seven this year. switzerland ranked first on the list. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days. today is day 47. >> good morning to you. reports of in-fighting at the white house not true according to the president. let's go to the tweet. don't let the fake news tell you that there is big infighting in the trump administration. we're getting along great and
6:48 am
getting major things done. things move really quickly in the trump administration. just a few minutes ago i planned to tell you that president trump was sending tweets to fox and friends live while they were on air correcting their reports. fox was pointing out the new republican care bill does not do what president trump promised it would do in his address to congress. we will have to save that issue for time. we have to talk about rosenstein. it may be the first time you have heard that name but it is not going to be the last. we apologize for the quality. u.s. attorney from maryland. he's been nominated to be second in command at the justice department. and his confirmation hearing is today. normally we don't care about second in command that much. but remember jeff sessions
6:49 am
recused himself from any investigation into the russian connection, which means decisions like should we investigate, should we appoint a special prosecutor follow rosenstein, assuming he's confirmed of course. and senators will ask about the claim that obama administration has tapped his phones. he publicly denied it. the head of the fbi reportedly denied it. rosenstein will be in front of the senate at 7:00 a.m. he wants to make sure he will be there on time. >> make a good first impression. thank you very much. scott is looking at president trump's tweets, executive orders and speeches on today in the bay. he would like to hear from you. you see the twitter hand handle @scottmcgrew. a happy end to what had all the makings of a heartbreaking story. it started when a blind labrador
6:50 am
retriever sage wandered from her home and became lost in the mountains. the effort to find her went viral. eight days later on saturday sage was found two weak to walk. so a neighbor out hiking hoisted her on his shoulders and carried her home. he turned down a $1,000 reward. he asked instead that it be donated to an animal welfare group. >> can't top that. >> that's pretty good. it is national pancake day at ihop. live from santa clara. the parking lot is full. you can get a free short all day long. the hope is that ihop will give you the pancakes and you will then donate to the annual fund-raising drive. they give money to the children's miracle network,
6:51 am
leukemia and limb foe ma society and s sh riner's. >> those kids look like they're having a good time. >> i've heard of pigs in a blanket but you were talking about a banana in a pancake. >> the pancake is a holder. >> you like the fruit? >> no. i like the plain. i add honey, butter. i'm not really a sweets person. that is not my weakness. my weakness other things in terms of potato chips. you're waking up 37 degrees. absolutely gorgeous sunrise thanks to our weather. underground sky cams. we are seeing and anticipating much more gorgeous days ahead.
6:52 am
look at all that snow. the calm following the storm. 12 degrees right now in lake tahoe. although i'm pretty sure a lot of folks are enjoying plenty of snow. let's talk about doppler radar. a chance of seeing showers throughout the early morning hours, which is why they still have overcast skies. it begins to push off further north. that is going to bring for a lot of pleasant dry days ahead. 50 degrees. by 9:00 a.m., we start seeing a few clouds rolling in. hazy skies. still a little chilly. fast forward through the lunch hour. 54 degrees. 59 for inland areas. a light sweater in effect. by 3:00, we will be warming into the 60s for a nice combination of sun and clouds. overcast skies by 7:00.
6:53 am
have no fear. we will still be dry. mid to upper 60s on wednesday. by thursday, only is sunshine in the forecast. just a few clouds here and there. warming up nicely into the 60s. inland areas, expect to see 70s in the forecast. possible 80s by mid week. unfortunately we see rain returning by next week. let's enjoy this week. >> it makes your drive quick. nothing slowing you down through the south bay. i want to talk about thatter. vineyard to 84. tri-valley not that bad. hayward, 880, union city, standard flow past the san mateo and dumbarton. sequoia on the other side.
6:54 am
this perimeter the one police are watching. we are looking toward the peninsula. this does not disturb the flow of traffic on highway 101 and san jose. look at the volume of traffic on 680. back to you. coming up next, a quick look at the top stories on nbc bay area including breaking news out of redwood city. there is police activity. a live report from the scene. following breaking news out of the east bay. the reason police officers opened fire on a car in richmond next. >> we are learning within the last hour that singer george michael died of natural causes. michael suffered from heart and liver disease. he died christmas day at the age
6:55 am
of 53. >> tphe beauty and the beast is going to play in russia after all despite protests over a gay character. the decisions after a russian lawmaker petitioned to ban it there. bay area...
6:56 am
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breaking news just intournewsro a neighborhood.. are surunding this is happening right xto mckinley middle school.. =sam/bes= today in theay's bob just got tthecene-- bob whcan y? =bob/live= we're alsoollowing brking welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area, including breaking news just into our newsroom out of redwood city.
6:58 am
police surrounding a neighborhood right near mckinley middle school. bob redell just got to the scene. any idea what this is about? >> well, there is a man who is barricaded in a home at cleveland and jefferson. you can see the san mateo county sheriff's office. police sectioned off this area. they are not letting people in. they have the crisis negotiation unit and s.w.a.t. out here. based on the conversation we have had, he tells us 2:00 this morning one of his neighborhoods became drunk, belligerent. someone dialed 911. when police arrived they tried to take the man into custody. he refused. went into the home. this man who we just spoke with said they heard self gunshots. this man was firing his gun a number of times. they believe the man is inside the home by himself. that his wife recently passed away a couple of weeks ago.
6:59 am
so since then the police and the sheriff's have been trying to coax this man to come out, again, according to the conversation we have had with this neighbor. and so as a result you can see they do have the crisis negotiation unit out here. an indication they are trying to talk this man out of the home. live in redwood city, bob re, today in the bay. >> we know you will stay out there a while. following breaking news out of the east bay. two different crime scenes after a richmond police officer was run down by a burglary suspect in a car. here's what it looked like this morning a couple blocks away. the first crime scene where the officer was nearly struck by the vehicle, that is where the officer shot at the suspect. it is not clear whether that suspect was hit. but we can tell you the officer was not hurt. >> pete is suratos is live on
7:00 am
the scene. and the crime investigation shifted or moved over one block. ==ani= ==map== we are folw good morning. progress as promised. house republicans unveiled that you are long awaited obamacare replacement plan. this morning will anyone lose their coverage? how much will it cost? the president's point man on healthcare joins us and? save now. save clear. refugees are welcome here. >> the white house fiess no protests over night for his new travel ban. havoc in the heartland. more than two dozens tornados strike in four straits. at least fifty injured. and new risk of severe storms


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