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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 10, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PST

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parents callolice worriedabout r son ki developing this morning, parents call police worried about their son. soon after officers arrive, their son is killed in a confrontation. the question, why did it escalate to lethal force? good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday. i'm sam brock. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we made it to friday. let's just make it through the day. it should be a nice one. >> another day of sunshine. we have a lot of good weather to look forward to, not just today but this weekend. what we are seeing right now are high clouds in the forecast. what that is going to do is bring patchy fog the next couple of hours, especially along the peninsula in san francisco. pretty mild.
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peninsula, 49. tri-valley, 52 degrees. and san francisco at 53 degrees. north bay at 50. taking a live look at the doppler radar, you can see all the high clouds. a slight chance of seeing light rain in the north bay. that's because there is a disturbance sitting offshore. let's go ahead and check in with mike tracking two crashes along the peninsula. >> i was concerned about the crashes because one of them sounded pretty dramatic. the speed sensors not really the problem here in palo alto. northbound 101 and woodside, reports of a vehicle went over on its roof. i thought we would see a lot of slowing, but we haven't. someone reported running from the scene. we're following that as part of the news story as well. the other person hanging out there. it sounds like a minor injury at most. another crash southbound 101 in the same area at the marsh road off-ramp. they are up and standing on the
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shoulder. the off-ramp may have one lane blocked for the time being. slow down heading towards marsh road. a look at your live shot. flash be lights at the top of your screen. see it way up there. that is the northbound crash with activity on the right shoulder. we'll send it right back to you. new this morning as well, chp investigating an overnight crash in the south bay. authorities say it could have been a lot worse. it happened after midnight on southbound 880 near brokaw. a driver lost control and swerved to miss debris. another car then struck the mini van. then a third car crashed into a retaining wall. none were seriously injured, though two were transferred to the hospital. an investigation under way. many questions left unanswered after a rare officer-involved shooting in santa clara. police shot and killed a man
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near scott and monroe, a busy intersection near the expressway. one of the victim's parents called police saying their son was acting erratically. police did not say whether the man was armed or how the situation transitioned. for more than five hours, it was closed between monroe and martin while police below the overpass went over the scene. well, it was a chaotic scene after another freeway shooting in the east bay. city leaders are saying enough is enough. two people are in serious condition this morning after a shooting on eastbound i-80. traffic was brought to a halt. >> we have been lucky. what happens that one day when a young family lose their child.
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>> well, the mayor is one of five mayors who traveled to sacramento to ask officials to free up money to install cameras. >> turmoil in south korea overnight after a court decision ousted the country's president from office. park eun-nye. at least two protesters were killed. president trump facing new legal challenges on his controversial revised travel ban. the state of washington plans to file again, along with oregon and massachusetts. the state of hawaii already filed suit against that ban. the latest executive order has been carefully crafted and say
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it is comfortable with how it turned out. besides removing from the list of countries, the newer version allows those with green cards to enter the country freely and removes an all-out ban on syrian refugees. nbc is learning director james comey met yesterday with key house and senate lawmakers to discuss recent allegations of wiretapping at trump tower. a source familiar with the ongoing trump campaign investigation involving russia said comey met with lawmakers including mitch mcconnell and nancy pelosi. last weekend president trump accused president obama of ordering a wiretap. the white house is offering no evidence supporting that charge. it appears the raiders of las vegas have dealing to do before a move to sin city is finalize said. team executives did not appear at a meeting yesterday. they instead sent a lawyer
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indicating a massive loan is indeed in place. the stadium authority said a lease agreement will likely not be mailed down until after voters hold a vet on the move at the end of the month. they need more owners to approve the move. unhappy with a possible relocation. they are organizing a protest with had they plan on holding a news conference at the hilton airport hotel at 11:30 in the morning. well, this has not liked for hype. opening night finally has arrived. the hottest production in years making its bay area bow. >> some people have been waiting for this. the wait is over for "hamilton." the traveling version tonight at the orpheum theater.
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coming up, kari hall taking a few days off. today is her birthday. she's probably sleeping in. vianey, another nice one ahead. >> enjoyed a very nice week of sunshine. 53 degrees at this early morning hour in san francisco. i'll have a closer look what you can expect for your friday. plus a look ahead at your weekend in a few minutes. i have our live camera. i zoomed in as best i can you can see the activity. palo alto and redwood city impact. mike, thank you. a little farther north near cesar chavez. 15 minute on bitter bikes surround a car and attack the driver. it grabbed national attention. now we are learning about the
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possible ties to a well-known gang.
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caughtn camer- involving agroupr chp is investigating a violent road rage incident caught on camera involving a group of dirt bike readers. >> it happened on highway 101, cesar chavez in rush hour. motorcyclists are driving erratically and then they beat up someone who got out of the car. the driver suffered a broken leg
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in that altercation. and the bikers part of a well-known gang known to pull similar stunts in the past. >> the level of what they are doing, the level of has risen exponentially because they are continuing to get away with it. >> investigators is say catching those involve is difficult because they can maneuver off road within seconds. well, police are reaching out to the public in hopes of finding a man accused of sexual battery at a berkeley campus last month. it happened february 20th at berkeley city college. he is suspected in at least one peeping incident. police say the man is known to frequent college campuses he was last seen wearing bright orange athletic shoes. >> we hope that it is friday light out there on the roads. if you're dealing with the bumper to bumper grid lock, take
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to the skies. where this kind of technology is beingen troe duesed today.
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good morning. it is 4:44. hype clouds lingering over the bay area sky. we are waking up to mild temps. 54 degrees in san jose right now. san francisco at 53 degrees, which means our day is only going to get warmer. i'll have all the details and
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exactly what you can expect this upcoming weekend in a few minutes. great travel times for the east bay. i'm tracking on the peninsula. highway 101 coming up. >> mike, vianey, thank you very much. business and tech news along with the latest political happenings. secretary of state rex tillerson accused himself from the keystone xl pipeline project. let's check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: sam and laura, did friday morning to you both. markets on thursday ending the day about where they started. dow and the s&p 500 barely breaking a three-day losing streak. still on track for their worst week so far this year. investors watch for the laser department's february jobs repo report. a strong report could increase chances that the federal reserve will raise interest rates coming
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out of the meeting next week. the state department says is secretary of state rex tillerson recused himself of any deliberations around the keystone xl pipeline. the department making it in a letter to greenpeace thursday. >> $1.4 billion in damage to exxonmobil. damages ordersed after former president hugo chavez nationalized ventures including projects operated by exxon. back over to you. landon dowdy, thank you very much. why not just call a drone to pick you up, take you away in a pod. probably won't happen the next time you're caught up in traffic. one european company is
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unveiling their job at the geneva auto show in switzerland. passengers would travel in a joan. the idea may be 10 days away. >> i knew a guy with air traffic control who said it was so stressful. >> you get to where the headset and all that pointing around i think would be cool. >> hard enough maneuvering the roadways. >> eyes directly in front of us because it's friday. and i believe that makes tomorrow saturday. good is job. >> exactly. for those with the day off like you guys, it's going to be beautiful. that's really what we have been seeing all week long. we have seen 30s and 40s.
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this is feeling more like spring. 54 in the south bay. 49 peninsula. we are seeing some lingering high cloud. also, we are expecting to see more fog the next couple of hours. east bay, 55 degrees. san francisco, 53. north bay, 50 degrees. so definitely not going to kneeled a heavy jacket today. let's talk about the fog. this is visibility in miles. the fog is still pretty patchy. not as bad as it typically can get here. the next couple of hours, this is definitely going to be something to keep an eye out for. we are definitely expecting high clouds to remain in the forecast. that's going to keep us partly to mostly cloudy at least through the early morning hours. let's talk about what we can expect in terms of the weather. the high pressure will continue to dominate. as mentioned, the high clouds and the patchy fog are all we are looking out for.
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by 1:00, we will start to see the clouds move down south, which means it will clear out in san francisco and along the peninsula area as well. pushing in the south bay. as the high clouds move out, we will get sunshine in the south bay as well. as we fast forward saturday, 8:30 a.m., expect to see early morning patchy fog as well. expect to see partly to mostly cloudy skies. it is going to stay along the coastline. if you have plans to be at the beach, it will be very warm. you may catch a few overcast skies. today we should be hitting the 70s. the temperature trend looking good. 53 degrees as we fast forward through the lunch hour. 65, 67 degrees in san francisco. take advantage and head outside for a nice walk. were san jose, 54 degrees now. by 11:00, we will be at 64 degrees now that is a temperature trend i can definitely look forward to. we're just a few days shy of
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spring. mike, i hear the roads are looking pretty good as well. >> overall, looking great. we told you about crashes in redwood city. just affecting part of an off-ramp. not a major problem. northbound south of woodside. north of marsh we have an overturned vehicle. i have been tracking north 101 towards marsh. flashing lights still there. quarter mile for the off-ramp. flashing lights off on the distance. no major injuries. traffic still light. minor backup on the approach. we talk about your transit systems. 24 trains on time.
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no other rails reporting delays. back to you. we're already counting down. 4:51. raising taxes on alcohol. would you drink to that? proposed raises by california lawmakers. we're learning pope francis is considered married men becoming priests to help combat the roman catholic churches short a little of clergy. plus, staying on top of the developing story it of south korea where protests turned deadly. at least two people so far have been reported dead.
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surviving thwild crash.. itooks like scenom new video out of arizona. a driver is just luck cancer to be alive after surviving a wild crash. look at what is going through his windshield right there. sheet metal from a flat-bed truck crashed through the windshield of an suv. the driver's injuries don't appear to be life threatening. very scary scene. >> can you imagine seeing that come at you? frightening. a developing story out of germany to tell you about. chaos inside a train station after amen went after seven people with an axe. police say at least three people were seriously injured in that attack. it at dusseldorf's main rail station. the attacker eventually caught after he jumped from an overpass. police say it appears to be a case of dom violence. >> happening now, u.s. marines
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are officially in syria supporting local forces in the battle for raqqa, the capital of isis. >> they are backed by heavy weapons. it will push in the isis-held city. 4:55 right now. california lawmakers are making a new push to repeal a tax on feminine products after governor brown vetoed a similar measure last year. the governor repealed taxes on items including tampons and diapers. democratic lawmakers announced a new proposal that would offset losses with higher taxes on alcohol. the bill would need two-thirds approval to pass. >> jurors in the anotlin garcia torres set to resume on monday.
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he is accused of killing sierra lamar in 2009. yesterday a safeway executive took the witness stand. he is in the asset protection department. that's where garcia torres pfpld some of the items used in the kidnapping and murder. 4:56. an alleged serial burglar behind bars. the suspect connected to at least four different burglaries. police say the tips from locals are what helped them to put 32-year-old evan underwood in handcuffs. he is facing theft and burglary and on probation for attempted burglary too. all the incidents are still under investigation this morning. so anyone with information is urged to contact police. >> coming up, vianey is in for kari hall. the all important weekend forecast.
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>> even though there's clouds, you can still get a sun burn. another good day of sunshine. i will have all the details of what you can expect for saturday and sunday coming up in a few minutes. >> here's a peek at the dublin westbound 580. that's your commute and direction. we're talking about getting away for this friday. we'll give you the forecast for that as well. >> thank you very much, mike. also, a warning from police. commuters heading to a cal train station. watch out for a dangerous man who could be targeted women. what you need to know about the warning up next. palo alto caltraistation..
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the warning passengers aer a maviolent fright epping moments at a palo alto caltrain station. a man violently sexually assaults a woman. moving forward with the new health care bill. several potential setbacks. live in washington with a breakdown of what's next for america's health care system. take a live look outside at san francisco. picture postcard there. will the spring-like continue? today in the bay starts right now. >> i should say continues. we have been on the air since 4:30. come on. let's get the day going. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon.
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>> we are not going anywhere for a couple of hours either. you mentioned spring. it is really starting to feel like spring. >> i welcome it, as always. i love the warmer temperatures. i think anyone who is from california knows all about the weather. it is is going to feel like a cali winter/spring. we are still in winter. if you're just waking up, you're not going to need a scarf. definitely no gloves. peninsula, 49. tri-valley, 50. what we are seeing is high clouds. we will see patchy fog that might get dense in the later hours. be careful on the road. san francisco, 52 degrees. let's get a check of traffic with mike. >> watching for the effects of any fog. no problems. we're watching the


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