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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 10, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> we are not going anywhere for a couple of hours either. you mentioned spring. it is really starting to feel like spring. >> i welcome it, as always. i love the warmer temperatures. i think anyone who is from california knows all about the weather. it is is going to feel like a cali winter/spring. we are still in winter. if you're just waking up, you're not going to need a scarf. definitely no gloves. peninsula, 49. tri-valley, 50. what we are seeing is high clouds. we will see patchy fog that might get dense in the later hours. be careful on the road. san francisco, 52 degrees. let's get a check of traffic with mike. >> watching for the effects of any fog. no problems. we're watching the peninsula.
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north 101 at marsh road. an overturned vehicle. someone ran from the scene. be prepared for a knock on your door. we'll give you a live look at eight minutes from now. a lot of snow in the see air a lot of folks headed to tahoe. other local news right now. violence to report. a search is on for a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman at the avenue caltrain station in palo alto. >> very concerning here. police are warning passengers to on the lookout. rick boone is in palo alto with the details. >> reporter: information for people to be alert for this friday morning. police say these two assaults happened within hours of each other right here in this area.
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police are still not certain if it handled by the same suspect. police say it could be. one person connected with both of these assaults. the first attack happened 9:00 wednesday night on university avenue. the woman got away unhurt. the suspect ran off. hours later, a report of another sexual assault just a few blocks away here at the caltrain station on university avenue. police did release a sketch of the suspect. look very closely if you know this person. also authorities today are indicating the suspect is likely sneaking up on women distracted by their electronic devices. the biggest advice this morning, be alert and be aware and know your surroundings. we're if palo alto, rick boone, for today in the bay. >> rick, thank you very much. the battle continues on capitol hill over the future of the nation's health care system. the american health care act has cleared two major hurdles, two
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committees. but the debate will be going on quite a while. edward lawrence is live in washington with growing concerns among both republicans and democrats. both parties agree they don't like it. good morning. >> reporter: yeah. sam, members of both parties, republicans do say they like it. they know democrats certainly don't like this plan. it has passed the house ways and means committee and energy and commerce committee. still, it does not mean it will be smooth sailing. >> the american health care act cleared two important hurdles setting up a showdown in a powerpoint presentation, they defended the vote. >> they are telling us if we tkpoepb what's going on come late spring, we will have massive premium increases and pullouts and you will collapse the individual markets. >> reporter: more conservative members has been a top down job
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with president trump leading the charge. >> the president has been very committed to talk to go members of congress. >> i want people to be able to afford insurance that works for them and their families. >> the democrats add the more they read the more they don't like. >> they even put in a provision that provides tack cuts for the bonuses that insurance companies pay to their ceos. >> it doesn't lower costs. it doesn't improve benefits. it doesn't expand access. >> the congressional budget office will put a price tag on it early next week. both the president and vice president will hit the road the next five days to try to convince the american people. live in washington, edward lawrence, today in the bay. thank you very much, edward. 5:04 right now. one of the rock star equivalents continues her bay area tour
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today. sonia sotomayor will appear at stanford law school. yesterday she addressed law students at cal. there she spoke in general terms how the selection of supreme court justices have become so political. sotomayor will speak at memorial auditorium 1:30 this afternoon. >> she has quite the life story. a lot of people interested in that. >> getting to the bottom of what went wrong. a grueling six-hour meeting between city leaders and flood victims. many of them angry over the bungled response to san jose's worst flood in decades. most victims continuing to ask, where is the warning? >> someone knocked on my door at 9:30 in the evening, a fireman in a beet. he said we're evacuating, jump in. that was my first notice from the city. >> wow. a city manager said data before
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the flooding was flawed. the water district will hold its own public meeting next month. we're awaiting another status report in east bay community after recent storms. this weekend, another public meeting will be hell in hopes of getting some answers for people living on morgan territory road in clayton. a mudslide broke a water lane taking out much of the road as you see there. they voted for an emergency declaration for the county to speed up that process. >> the search is on for more suspects wanted in connection to last phao's violence on the u.c. berkeley case. police are hoping for help nabbing more of the suspects. some of the photos are unclear and hard to out. the protest turned violent after a scheduled appearance by breitbart milo yiannopolous.
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let's take a look at bay area event. >> two demonstrations tied to the dakota acce pipeline. also today, a party celebrating the recent international women's day, which was wednesday. it starts at 6:00 at san francisco's ywca. it is great weather. that is going to continue here. it should be perfect for the return of san francisco's sunday street event. if you don't know how this works, the city picks a stretch of roadway, closes it off completely to vehicle traffic. the closures from 11:00 to 4:00. pedestrians, cyclists, bikers, maybe even a unicyclist can all enjoy it.
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don't forget to bring your pogo stick, our producer wants you to know. >> i actually did as a kid. >> did you really? >> i know, weird fact. san francisco getting an early start of st. patrick's day tomorrow. the 16 he 6th annual st. patrick's day parade. more than 100,000 people are expected to attend. the parade starts at 11:30. it goes until 5:00. plus, you have a full six days to celebrate after that before the official st. paddy's day arrives on friday. >> good morning. it is 5:08. the only thing you need to worry about is bringing enough water to stay hydrated. by lunch hour, we will still see
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clouds in the sky with combination of sunshine. at least the temps will be nice at 67 degrees. san jose, 54 degrees. we're also expecting to keep clouds in the forecast through the lunch hour. we should be at about 66 degrees in san jose. if you're wondering about this weekend, we do have high clouds that will bring patchy fog as well the next couple of hours. as we fast forward to 1:30, we will see patchy fog in the south bay. tomorrow morning as you make your way outside, expect to see early morning patchy fog. tomorrow the temps will be in the 70s. >> great. you'll continue to bring us great temperatures throughout the weekend. thank you, vianey. palo alto. a live look shows you we see flashing lights. all lanes are clear past that marsh. it is pushed to the shoulder.
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as i understand it, two people from the earlier crash have been detaped by police. we'll talk about the delay for the bart system as well. you have a 10-minute delay traveling lieu berkeley, ashley, mcarthur. late maintenance work was going on. everything sounds like it is in recovery mode. that's good news. thank you. >> all right. coming up next, a deadly outbreak linked to cheese. what you might need to toss from your fridge this morning. >> las vegas might become a little more green. the changes you could see inside clubs during your next trip sin city.
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low travel times in the tri-valley. we'll focus on the rest of your commute coming up. thank you very much, mike and vianey. a live look at the beautiful golden gate bridge this morning. if you're planning on taking a nice stroll, got to make different plans. east side walk will be temporarily closed this weekend for a roadway late replacement. it will be closed from 5:00 in the morning until tomorrow morning. >> a different vibe at the club the next time you're there. lawmakers in that state now considering a measure that would allow marijuana in certain public locations. the deposit can offer permits to casinos, clubs, possibly even massage parlors. nevada offers it but only in private homes. the state senator believes it could spark new revenue streams for the nevada tourist industry.
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with spring around the corner, starbucks unveiling its first spring cup. there are hand-drawn designs. that looks like a bunny or an umbrella. they will be available next thursday at participating starbucks for a limited time. >> so your barista has to be an artist now as well. >> i don't know if the baristas are making those. >> maybe. that's interesting. they have to get your name right. good health news. it turns out more americans are drinking bottled water more than soda. >> we turn to landon dowdy. live from cnbc world headquarters. good morning, landon. >> reporter: sam and laura, good friday morning to you both. markets on thursday ending down. snapping a three-day losing streak. the dow gaining just two minutes to 20,858.
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nasdaq up one to 5838. futures are point to go a stronger open on wall street. investors watch for the u.s. labor department february jobs report. economists expecting steady job growth and slight uptick in wages. they could raise interest rates coming out of their meeting next week. canada stepping up pressure to discourage the u.s. from imposing border tariffs. the foreign pheuminister on a p call that such tariffs would hurt both countries. americans are now drinking more bottled water than soda according to a new report by beverage and marketing corps. this amid growing concerns over the health effects of sugary drinks. sam and laura, back over to you. >> here's to your health,
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landon. >> thank you. this is amazing. 4-year-old girl walks up the stairs and gets carried away by wind. whoo! they got home earlier this week. the little girl opens the door to go in and, swoosh, the strong winds swung the door open while she was holding onto the handle. she was pinned between the house and the glass door. she is actually fine and started laughing about it like a little ride. she is planning on taking up flying now as a haobby. we have been hearing about a lot of winds out of ohio. >> we have a report of a truck that was tipped over by the wind in toledo.
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what the heck is going on in ohio right now? >> we don't have those winds here. >> it is allergy season. we are starting to welcomer temps in the forecast right now which is going to bring us nice days ahead. we are still seeing the high pressure keeping us nice is and dry and warming us up into the 70s the next couple of days. 54 degrees in south bay. peninsula, 49. a few lingering high clouds in the forecast. san francisco, 52 degrees. north bay, a nice 50 degrees. and in the east bay, also in the 50s at 53 degrees. for the first time in a while, i was able to leave work very early in the morning without needing a sweater. that's a nice change of things. let's check out your microclimate forecast. it is tpreufplt i kn it is friday.
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70s are on top. palo alto, high of 71 degrees. we have been keeping this number the past couple of days. we are expecting to hit that again today. half moon bay, 65. san francisco, 65 degrees. even in the north bay area, also in the 70s. napa, 72. santa rosa 73. head up to wine country for wine tasting this weekend. you may want to find out what the pollen report is. we are keeping it at medium-high. is reporting that. we won't see much in terms of grass, mold, or weeds. but we see big changes in the weather pattern. you definitely want to look out for that before heading outside. a quick check of your weekend forecast. by tomorrow we should be waking up to the 50s. early morning clouds as well. by noon, 63. inland, 67. we warm up nicely into the 70s yet again.
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partly cloudy skies. locally breezy along coastline areas. by 7:00, into dinner time, we will keep 50s, 60s, and 70s in the forecast. overnight lows have been in the upper 40s and 50s. so the temperatures haven't changed by much. how are the roads looking? >> is a welcomed change. the crash over there, men low park on the shoulder. wrapping up i can tell. we will track for little distractions. no delays. a later build. earlier build getting out of the area maybe eastbound 580. popular. a lot of snow there. traffic flowing very nicely. cash lanes showing a little slowing.
5:21 am
525. back out to the system we're talking about travel times. minor delays from a recovery through berkeley. they are less than 10 minutes now. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, heavy rain to now all of this sunshine. the bay area has been up and down in recent weeks. could it be impacting your health. what research is telling us next. >> i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. straight ahead, the case closed and a reminder for everyone when nbc bay area responds. (burke) at farmers, we've seen almost everything,
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a live look outside right now in san jose. some people taking a yard or two moving right into the weekend. no yawning. up and at 'em. get the day started. >> you are energetic. >> we have all said the word before when we have been under the weather. >> one family health experts says. germs tend to spread more indoors than outdoors. in colder weather, some viruses replicate more easily. >> the colder weather causes
5:25 am
people to go inside. as far as just becoming sick, the weather doesn't. >> allergiey sufferers tend to feel it more. talk about a magical day at this tampa hospital. that is a unicorn. a fairy and her unicorn brought smiles this week. billy the union corn showed his magic the minute he stepped off the elevator. he is from the company unicorn hugs. they hope to spread joy. nbc bay area responds right now
5:26 am
has made several people quite happy this week. consumer investigator chris chmura with how we resolve complaints. >> we saved our viewers a couple thousand dollars. a few cases we closed here. roseann in burlingame settled a dispute with her alarm company. and she was charged fees by the police department for false alarms. the alarm company is sending her a $750 check. and in san ramon, aaroi tangled in her hospital and debt collector. we saved her2,657. the next step, making sure it doesn't appear on her credit report. check your credit report. if you have a consumer complaint, check with us. 888-996-tips. or online at nbc bay
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area/responds. have a great weekend. you too. a deadly east coast listeria outbreak being tied to cheese. four have been hospitalized. investigators have tracked the listeria to contaminated cheese made with raw milk. a local creamery out of new york produced it. it is is distributed nationally. the product is a soft cheese called vulto. when and where you can catch it next. >> live in santa clara. we are learning more about an officer involveding of a young m man.
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glad bag, full of trash. what happens next? nothing. only glad has febreze to neutralize odors for 5 days. guaranteed. even the most perceptive noses won't notice the trash. be happy. it's glad. good morning, bay area. a live look outside right now of the san francisco skyline there. that is a look at soma. people will be out parading for st. patrick's day a early. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> sam o'brock. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. a look just a bit. great weather, vianey. >> i think it is is one of those things where you you didn't go out this week, you will have this weekend. today, tomorrow, and into sunday. if you're just now waking up,
5:31 am
you're not going to feel cold because the temps are mild. east bay, 53. san francisco, 52. north bay, 50 degrees. you're going to notice it is a bit cloudy out there. we are still seeing lingering high clouds. of course we have the high pressure keeping us nice and dry and warm. here's what you can expect your afternoon. expect to hit the 70s. and then by sunday, 80s might be on top. mike, how are the roads looking. >> friday we talked about a lighter traffic flow. no problems for the rest of the rails. looking at a nice flow of traffic along the east shore
5:32 am
freeway. 15 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. you saw the backup. the rest of the bay moves well. back to you. all right. new, police in menlo park are looking for hit and run driver they say caused this early morning rollover crash. here's a picture just into our newsroom. it all happened a little before 4:00 on marsh road. two cars were involved. witnesses say one of the drivers took off on foot and jumped a fence. chp says there were no serious injuries. a developing story right now. many unanswered questions this morning after police opened fire killing a man in santa clara. there was the scene yesterday. the deadly cop frontation happened near scott and monroe. >> today in the bay live in santa clara where what police are saying. good morning, sharon. >> good morning, sam and laura. i just got off the phone with the police captain. he tells me all the police officers do wear body cameras. that will be handed of to the
5:33 am
district attorney's office. one young man was shot to death. the young man described in his 20s was shot and killed by santa clara police. one of the victim's parents called police saying their son was acting erratically. several people showed up. >> kind of dangerous. >> during contact with the officer, the incident transitioned a situation where the officer had to use deadly force. one officer fired his weapon. >> police did not say whether the man was armed or how the situation transitioned but added a nonlethal option was used and a taser was deployed. west side was closed between monroe and martin while police went over the scene several yards from deborah drive. the body was actually located a
5:34 am
little bit of a distance away from the initial call. nbc bay area news. thank you very much, sharon. 5:34. chp investigating a crash in the south bay. authorities say it could have been a lot worse. it a little after midnight southbound 880 in brokaw, san jose. chp said the driver of a mini van lost control and swerved. another car struck the mini van. as this happened, a third car crashed into a retaining wall. two were transported to the hospital. >> 5:34. a chaotic scene after yet another freeway shooting in the east bay yesterday. city leaders are saying enough is enough. two people are in serious condition this morning after a shooting on eastbound i-80 near
5:35 am
san pablo in richmond. it brought traffic to a halt for five hours. three people are detained in connection with that shooting. they are angry nothing has been done. >> what happens that one day when a young family loses their child. >> mayor romero is one of five mayors who traveled to ask officials free up money for cameras and license plate readers. police are reefing out to the public in hopes of finding a man suspected of sexual battery last month. the most recent happened on february 20th at berkeley college. he is suspected in at least one peeping incident. he is known to frequent college campuses and well-known by u.c. berkeley police as well. he was last seen wearing bright orange athletic shoes. investigators have not yet identified the man but would
5:36 am
like to hear from you if you have seen him. jurors in the antolin garcia murder have the day off today with testimony set to resume again on monday. he is accused of murdering sierra lamar in 2012. yesterday a safeway executive took the witness stand. he is from the assets protection department. prosecutors right now are trying to establish that's where garcia torres purchased some of the items used in the kidnapping and murder. >> it appears raiders in las vegas still have dealing to do before a possible move to sin city. the raiders sent the board a letter indicating a massive stadium loan is indeed in place. the stadium authority says the lease agreement likely will not be nailed down until after the league voters hold a vote at the end of the month. they are unhappy with the possible move. they are organizing a protest of sorts on sunday when they plan
5:37 am
to hold news conference at the hilton oakland airport hotel at 11:30 a.m. california lawmakers are repealing a tax on feminine products after governor brown vetoed a similar measure last year. women's groups were outraged when a repeal including on tampons and diapers. they said it would cost too much money. democratic lawmakers introduced a new proposal for a bill on alcohol. opening night has finally arrived. the theater world's hottest production will open tonight. you know what i'm talking about? >> i do know what you're talking about. good morning, rick. >> reporter: laura and sam i have to tell you before this live shot even begins i'm not
5:38 am
doing any sing issing. don't even ask. it's not going to happen. starting tonight, this is preview night of hamilton. the american musical. this is the orpheum theater. two weeks or so, a preview show. then the whole thing kicks in later this month. it will be running until early august. tickets, as you know, going anywhere tpreu from $99 to a little bit more. folks just handing out in front of the theater. a lot of them i talked to earlier are plan see the show tonight. it is expected to be a very full house. people have had a chance to jump on some tickets. i'll tell you about that coming up in a little bit. but "hamilton" an american musical. the best way to describe it is
5:39 am
like a hip-hop version of history. i guess that's the best description right there of "hamilt "hamilton." you can pretty much imagine people interested in. it may have a political angle to it. you may remember vice president elect, soon to be vice president mike pence went to the play in new york on broadway and got a little taste of the cast and his impression of today. "hamilton" is in town. how you can get discounted tickets ahead. rick boone for today in the bay. 53 degrees in san francisco. the next couple of hours, we are quickly going to warm up.
5:40 am
so we're going to go right into the six at about 9:00 a.m. 59 degrees. by lunch hour, topping out into the upper is 60s. not just for san francisco, but san jose, north bay, east bay, really all across the bay area will enjoy very nice weather. 54 degrees in san jose. we feel see an increase in that cloud cover. that's because do have the high cloud cover coming from offshore. that is expected to move to the south bay from the north bay. expect to see clouds in the forecast. warm at 67 degrees by lunchtime. here's on tap. today's forecast is going to be in the 70s. don't forget to spring forward sunday as well which means we jump an hour ahead. i'm ready for spring. i'm sure a lot you are. although folks with allergies, maybe not so much. at least we get to enjoy a lot of sunshine. this is keeping the roads nice and dry, making for a much more
5:41 am
pleasant early morning commute. >> instead of rain on your car, you have to watch for ponding. over towards the roadways, an easier friday build. santa clara northbound. word of a single car crash. the vehicle facing the wrong way. it sounded like it spun out after hitting the center divide. heading towards san jose, folks traveling through the area. no delays towards the bay bridge. we have a little build for the upper east shore freeway. back to you. thank you very much, mike. >> coming up next, shocking video on a bay area freeway. the search for a dozen dirt bike riders accused of beating up a on highway 101 in san francisco. this made it nationally. new details on what might have prompted that attack. new technology that could
5:42 am
help you avoid the grid lock in a very unique way. and one place that is no stranger to grid lock is this stretch of palo alto on 101 as you see traffic starting to pick up. much more news and weather. mike will keep you updated on the roads right after this.
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=vianey/ck=aney weatherease
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=mike/trx= mike traic tease you know winter is coming to an end when we see consecutive starts of 50 degrees. we're talking about the warmup and what you can expect heading into saturday and sunday. plus, i'll have a look what you can expect on the roads coming up in a few minutes. on the roads, vianey, looking at slowing for 101 to san jose. typical pattern. lighter traffic. i'll show you more. all right, guys, thank you very much. breaking news, scott mctpwraou is o mcgrew is off, so i'll handle business news. 235,000 jobs were added. the labor department says unkpwroeupu unemployment fell from 4.8 to
5:46 am
4.7%. it was likely boosted by unseasonably warm weather in much of the country. >> arizona where a driver is certainly lucky to be alive after surviving that wild crash. sheet metal from a flat-bed truck crashed through the windshield of that suv. the driver's injuries do not luckily appear to be life threatening. investigating a violent road rage incident that involves a group of dirt bike riders. you have probably seen that tip. it all unfolded on busy 101 near cesar chavez. it happened during rush hour. they surround that white camry.
5:47 am
>> the level of what they're doing, the level of danger, how brazen they have become has risen exponentially because they are continue to go get away with it. >> investigators say catching those involved is difficult because the motorcyclists can maneuver off road within seconds. a developing story this morning out of germany. chaos inside a station after a man went after seven people with an axe. at least three people were seriously injured in this attack. it handled at dusseldorf's main rail station. the attacker was eventually caught after he tried to jump from an overpass. police say it appears to be a case of random violence. >> turmoil in south korea overnight to tell you about after a court's decision there to oust the country's president from office. that decision comes after the president was impeached by parliament in a corruption scandal.
5:48 am
park broke the law and betrayed the public's trust. it led to at least two protesters who were killed. critics are raising new questions about a state bill they believe would strip students and teachers of their privacy rights. it is designed to protect students from cyber bullying. critics argue it would override the protection other californians have that vents law enforcement agencies from searching data. it is is still working through the committee phase. >> innovation to try to get around traffic is not coming from silicon valley. if you want a way to avoid grid lock, this could be part of the future. dial a drone to pick you up and lift you away. this probably will not happen the next time you're in traffic or any time in the near future. the idea here is that passengers would travel in a self-driving
5:49 am
capsule on the road that could then attach to a drone for liftoff. they say the idea is still maybe 10 years away. you guys think that's about right? >> we'll see. i don't know. meet george jetson. >> unveil the idea? sure. >> show me the drone. we're heading to the weekend. you had less desirable weekend forecasts. you get to be the nice messenger today. >> that's because we have a change coming. ing a new season pretty soon. you get to go shopping, ladies. i know i take advantage of that. i hit the mall or online shopping. either/or is a good time. 59 degrees in san jose. half moon bay, pal lo alto in t
5:50 am
50s san francisco, already nice at 53. it is only going to get nicer. by 111::11:00, 63 degrees. a lot people will be out and about for celebrations outside. 54 degrees in san jose. by 10:00, 11:00, warming up nicely in the 60s. san jose is expected to hit a high of 73 degrees. so definitely feeling that warmup and those temps. 73 degrees in san jose. half moon bay, 65. san francisco, 65. santa cruz, 73 degrees. and if you're getting away and you're going out to maybe napa or monterey or maybe lake tahoe, they are expect pretty pleasant condition as well. your day planner for tomorrow. as you get your day started, it has been similar to what we have been seeing. inland by 12:00. 63.
5:51 am
67 inland. by 3:00, look at that. partly cloudy skies. 73 degrees. all right. back over to you. it's a good thing that you did. because traffic not always the most enjoyable process. >> the driver has started like any other drive. and yet this was different. let's see how it unfolds together. shall we? make a u turn. this case is changing direction. >> do you recognize that voice? none other than nbc's "dateline" keith morrison. he is contributing his voice to the ways app to help you maneuver out the door this morning. it would be nice to have him leave your voice mail message. that is kind of cool. >> april 2nd.
5:52 am
they were like who is that? he said you have arrived at your destination. or have you? they said this is weird. thank you, keith. no major alerts from keith morrison or any of your systems. chp is continue to go follow this crash. northbound 101 at lawrence expressway. one vehicle the wrong way. sound like it hit the center divide. they will need a tow truck. no major injuries. the slowia little build. we expect to see slowing out of the altamonte pass. westbound in the morning is your lighter commute. highway 84, the construction
5:53 am
zone. a closure there. we have no more delays. i told you the bart system with digital delays i told you would be clear scene. now they are clear. back to you. >> thanks, mike. we have learned new information overnight about the deadly crash between a charter bus and freight train in mississippi. see the dramatic new video that captures the moment of the collision and find out how the bus may have ended on the train tracks in the first place. our digital platforms, we are learning pope francis is open or considering the idea of allowing married men to become priests. arly34 thousands-u-vs to a 2016 recall to fix i- shaft joints that could il d bmw adding 134,000 suvs to its 2016 recall to fix a drive shaft joint that could fail and cause the vehicle to keep moving. go to our website for more
5:54 am
details. back with more news in two minutes.
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that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet cleans teeth and gets to the cause bad breath. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple
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you can pick up cold & flu viruses from things in your home for up to 48 hours? it's like having a sick family member that you didn't even know was there. and we all know what happens when one family member gets sick. but lysol spray and lysol wipes kill 99.9% of germs including 8 common cold & flu viruses to help protect your home. this cold and flu season help keep your home happy and healthy and lysol that. our golden gate bridgcamera. is goingo be a beautil weekend across the bay aa forecaster vianey arana llhave minute new video isurfacing this
5:57 am
morning-- showing theont into a chart bus in shed we're getting new information and new video surfacing this morning the moment a freight train smashed into a charter bus in mississippi. some viewers might find this video startling there it is moments before that accident in biloxi, mississippi four people ended up dying in that crash. 40 others were injured. investigators believe the bus was not supposed to have taken the road where it got stuck at that rail crossing. the driver may have followed gps instead of using directions from the tour bus company. happening now, firefighters are battling a fire near the coors brewery in golden,
5:58 am
colorado. 75 acres have burned so far. it is one of several grass fires that broke out as the state was hit with unusually warm temperatures and high winds. happening today, members of native american tribes will gather in washington, d.c. to protest against president trump and the dakota access pipeline. indigenous people from several tribes call aggression from president trump on native lands. they say it is a violation of clear treaty law. it caps off four days of protest. a march calling for the president to meet with tribal leaders before continuing work on the dakota access pipeline. it goes from 5 to 9 tonight
5:59 am
outside the federal building. the city launched a new website called choose it helps businesses that want to expand, relocate. it coincides with another new program which brings high-speed, low cost internet service to schools, businesses and public agencies. moving ahead on your friday. 6:00, safety concerns to tell you about near stanford. the search under way for a man who might be linked to two sexual assaults in palo alto. >> still struggling to get support from many republicans. the growing concerns over the speed health care overhaul. and a live look at the transamerica building. expecting a gorgeous weekend ahead. exactly how much we will be warming up and when we can possibly see 80 on the seven-day forecast. all that coming up in just a few minutes.
6:00 am
something to look forward to. 6:00 right now. good morning to you. thanks for starting your friday morning with us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. you might be using the coffee to perk you up. >> before i get to the weekend forecast, i think we should set up parents with month are getting the kids ready for school so they know what to expect for the school day. heaters areal. i haven't turned mine on this past week. mild morning overall. 50s waking up across the bay area. picking up maybe just a light sweater for the kid. a lot of sun and clouds. hopefully by now all the playgrounds are dry from all the storms. by 1:00, the temps will be climbing into the 60s and the 70s.


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