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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 15, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a live look at san jose. the temperature trend cooler than yesterday with highs reaching the low 70s. more clouds in the mix. and it will be nice and a little bit cooler as we head through the rest of the week. we'll talk about that. as we head over to mike now, the fog may impact your commute. >> some patches, very, very small patches. overall, they are great. just a little bit of slowing out of the altamonte pass, into livermore, the heart of livermore. slowing toward the east shore freeway. low clouds. let me show you the live picture we have from emeryville. we can't see that far because of the low clouds. you see good spacing. that's why you are at the speed limit. 14 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza. no backup yet. a twitter surprise overnight. thousands of people and major
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businesses hacked. now the investigation begins into who is behind it. >> sharon katsuda has a closer look at the companies impact. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, sam and laura. the lights are on here at twitter. and i just received an e-mail from twitter. it says that the company quickly located the source of the issue, which is, quote, limited to a third-party app. we removed it immediately. no additional accounts are impacted. so the company today will be looking into the these hacked acts. hundreds of twitter acts of businesses, media outlets and celebrities such as justin bieber were branded with a turkish flag and pro turkish messages. one showed a swastika saying nazi germany and nazi holland. it appears to be in support of the turkish president after rising tension between turkey
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and the netherlands. many accounts were taken back into control. a third party was hacked. that's why we are hoping to get more information from twitter. i am in contact with a company spokesperson. so we will get the latest for you in the next live shot. sharon katsuda, today in the bay. >> all right, sharon. thank you very much for that. we have what is believed to be the first look inside president trump's federal tax returns, at least a portion of them. they are 12 years old. they show a big writeoff with a tax rate lower than many people are earning a lot less for. in the last hour he tweeted, does anybody really believe that a reporter who never ever heard
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of went to his mailbox and found my tax returns? @nbcnews. fake news. tracie, what's the latest? >> reporter: that reporter that he is talking about, david k. johnson, of d.c he saided it showed up in his mailbox and he shared it with rachel maddow. concern those numbers and talking about the return before we even put it on air. $38 million. that's what president trump paid if taxes in 2005. according to this return mailed to former "new york times" reporter david k. johnston revealed by msnbc's rachel maddow. $150 million with a $150 million
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writeoff. >> 20% discount. would you like to have a 20% discount on your taxes in. >> the president had a responsibility to pay no more tax than legally required. >> he didn't pay any federal income tax. >> that makes me smart. >> during the campaign, mr. trump promised to release his returns after an audit. a white house adviser later said he would not. he is facing tax questions as he heads to michigan to announce he is rolling back obama fuel standards and nashville to support the tax plan. >> he wants to make insurance available to everybody. yes, that's what he intends to do. >> the congressional budget office says 24 million people would lose coverage. >> fewer people buying coverage. when they do, they buy skimpier
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coverage. stk >> the white house challenging both. and we are continuing to watch what happens with both of those stories, including that tax return today that, by the way, does not tell us where the president's income came from. and it doesn't tell us what he has paid or hasn't paid in the last 11 years. back to you. >> tracie potts live from washington. thank you very much. a day before his revised travel ban is to take effect, the executive order will be scrutinized in federal courtrooms across the country today. the justice department filed papers in seattle arguing that the new ban is drastically different than the original. a u.s. district judge will have to decide. the new ban now impacts six mostly muslim nations instead of on seven. washington and several other states are trying to block this revised ban.
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state lawmakers will take a closer look at what they can do legislatively to prevent another fire like the ghost ship fire in december. the warehouse fire in december killed 36 people. 5:06. deputies expected to release new information of a homicide investigation in san leandro. today we could learn the victim's name we brought this to you yesterday morning. deputies continue to search. the victim is a 41-year-old man found shot and stopped to death in a house in the san leandro foothills. investigators are speaking with witnesses who saw the crime take place. days later now. the identity of the man shot and killed by santa clara police sunday night could be released later today. it started when officers were responding to a call of a man in distress. the calls came from that man's
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parents. he was 24 years old. police say when they arrived, he fled through his prbedroom wind. they were warned he could be armed. they ultimately used lethal force. no weapon was found at the scene. the officer involved is now on administrative leave. the group seeking to recall judge robert pe rsky is putting it on hold until next spring. he issued a light sentence to brock turner for sexual assault. opponents sought to hold the special recall this fall. mercury news reporting that they realized that might be too expensive. opponents are placing a measure next june to get enough signatures. >> san francisco's waste
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collection recology is looking to raise its rates. it would be $5 for the first year. a series of seven hearings are taking place between now and may. the second of those take place in may. the new rates would take effect in july. it would be the first rate hike in four years. >> lawrence livermore lab will give the public an up close look to look at two sites with contaminated groundwater. it dates pack to the 1940s when it was a naval air station. cleanup has been going on for years. whatever contaminants are left they say no longer pose a health risk. it is 5:08. as you get ready to head out the door, we are seeing something different. fog across the coastline. in san francisco, it is is clearing up a little bit now, though. you are still seeing wet roads with the mist and drizzle across
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the golden gate bridge. half moon bay, visibility down to 3/4 mile. it is 50 degrees as you step out in napa. 54 in oakland. 55 degrees in san jose. if you are lucky enough to head of to the sierra within the next couple of days, you don't want to miss the forecast. i'll have a look at what's happening at squaw valley and alpine meadows in four minutes. heading over to mike now, slowing for 580. >> nothing unexpected, kari. we want to show it to you. the maps don't show a lot of activity. westbound 580 out of the altamonte pass. despite the slowing, we have a nice easy 25 minutes from grant line road to the dublin interchange. the construction zone as well. we have gotten used to that. that will be there a couple of
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minutes. bart, 41 trains, no delays. muni, across the bay, ace transit without a problem. back to you. thank you, >> considering putting a tax on robots in the hopes of saving thousands of jobs in the bay area. rate hikes are most likely coming today. we'll reserve you a table. oh, dishwasher,
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it is 5:13. a live look at what's happening in the sierra. squaw creek resort, beautiful morning. very cold 27 days. blanket warmup to 48 degrees. a slight chance of showers the rest of the next couple of days warm. we still have 243 inches of snow at the base. and there may be more snow in the forecast heading into next week. we'll talk about that rain for the bay area coming up in five minutes. and we're looking at a good drive across the bay. a tiny slowdown.
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we'll show you what you can or can't see. >> the orlando's largest hack in history. >> yahoo! said it was hacked by foreign governments. >> that's right. state-sponsor state-sponsored. bloomberg is reporting three indictments are against russians. another against a canadian. we believe much of the legwork was done through the san francisco field office of the fbi. an almost certain rate hike we will get out of the fed. quarter basis point. the second rate hike so far in three months. a fed run by janet yellento tem president who is called for as much economic growth as possible.
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this is like a restaurant owner who wants to pass the restaurant and a chef who knows too many cou too experience. we continue our restaurant metaphor. watch solar stock. a solar company filed for bankruptcy. you know this fellow. he created linkedin. he is the most important venture capitalist in silicon valley. one of his first investments was facebook. he owned the patent on social networking. this is important, really important in the south bay. microsoft is not a silicon valley company. they are very different from the culture here than in washington. this ties them much more closely
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to the valley. the next time they want to build a next major something, they may very well do it here stphrfp. >> and keep the connection he has to linked in. >> and bill gates is already having an impact on bay area culture. we're talking about robot tax. this is something we have talked about. recent statements from bill gates have reportedly gotten leaders in san francisco thinking. gates spoke at a recent interview about charging a robot tax on automation replacing the jobs humans have previously been paid to do. san francisco officers plan on holding a hearing on taxing businesses that used machines to replace the human workforce and whether or not that tax might be feasible. >> while the average price of gas is declining, prices in california continue to climb.
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the average price now $3 a gallon, second highest after hawaii. that's an island. it increase by 41 cents last year. it is the highest it's been in five years. prices up 15 cents from last month. a lot of people would say california are our own. >> a yahoo! woman with down syndrome is fulfilling her dream of filling the weather. >> melanie had a dream to do a weather forecast on tv. she posted her own forecasting video on social media. that eventually went viral. france 2 news in paris gave her the chance to be on air. after practicing alongside a meteorologist there she got handed the key he yesterday. melanie says she knows she's different you wants to prove that she can do anything that she sets her mind to.
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>> very impressive! kari, you're lucky that's in france. >> my job is in jeopardy. people are always like, hey, how do you know where to point? >> we'll do it again this morning. >> there is a monday tore there too. >> the magic of tv. we'll have magical weather the next couple of days. and it will bring in a chance of showers over the next couple of days as well. so we'll talk about that. a live look outside over san jose. we are starting out with mostly clear skies, cool temperatures. but it is very nice and comfortable. it will be cooler the next couple of mornings. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen. come over and take a look. temperatures will be holding steady. kind of going up and down. in the 60s for the next several days. right now 54 degrees in palo
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alto, oakland. 55 in fairfield and san francisco. 53 degrees. san francisco and oakland, 65. concord, 69. more clouds in the mix. we will see this cold front moving from the north. also bringing in a slight chance of showers for the north bay. we are starting to see that move in a little bit closer. a lot of rain will be fizzling out. not expecting a lot out of this. it will bring in more clouds than we have seen yesterday. for the weekend, we'll have a better chance of rain. this is saturday night and sunday. rain especially for the north bay moving in. and the rest of the bay area looks to stay dry until monday into tuesday. more heavy rain moving in for much of the day on monday, tuesday, and wednesday. and with that we could see the potential of at least an inch of
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rain. so we're not completely done with the showers in the forecast and the wet weather as well. as you make plans for the weekend, on saturday you have the phrblossom festival in saratoga. i'll keep you up to date on everything going on. hopefully you're following me and sending me what you're seeing outside your window. and also love those sunrise pictures. looking at some six in san francisco. not much of a change in temperatures there. definitely cooler today with cloudy skies. slight chance of rain in the north bay. again on sunday into early next week. over to mike. do we have any major crashes? >> no. we have a pleasant chp report. no major crashes. the speed sensors are looking good. this is wednesday. we're easing into the commute a
5:21 am
little slower. right there. this one section for 84. we know about that portion of isabel with that widening. easy drive toward hayward and the castro valley y. the north bay, hearing about fog around marin county, golden gate brid bridge. a look at our bay bridge camera. a layer of low clouds. north baker's cyst san rafael looks good as far as your drive. fog hovering around the golden gate bridge. lower clouds along. coast as well. >> a smooth s curve. an alarming new study. the number of women who have limited or no access to vital services. an electrician charges $1,000 for a job that fails on day one.
5:22 am
i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. ♪ when i got into my accident i broke almost every bone in both my legs. when i came home from the hospital i needed to be able to recover. tempur-pedic allowed me to do just that. because i don't have the average body type anymore i feel like my tempur-pedic really conforms to my body shape. power is not giving up, it's choosing to thrive. tempur-pedic. this sleep is power.
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welcome back, everyone. 5:24 on a wednesday morning. a popular gaming accessory recalled by thousands due to overheating concerned. look at the xbox 1 2x smart charger.
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dozens of gamers said the chargers overheated which could burn the user. anyone who owns one of the chargers stop using it and contact performance design products for a full refund. were many women across the country encounter in fertility. some may not be getting the assistance they need because of where they live. 40% of women have limited or no access to fertility clinics. another 6.5 million have only one clinic in their area. this morning nbc bay area responds to a berkeley family who had $1,400 worth of trouble with an electrician. >> consumer investigator chris chmura is here with their story. >> ed guard contacted us on behalf of his aunt. she hired mister sparky, including a charging unit for
5:26 am
her new electric car. she paid mister sparky $1,400 job. after the tech complete the work and left, she realized the charging unit didn't work. they sent out another tech and noted a refund was due asap. why? miswiring. this was back in october. yeah, october. tkpwar's aunt never received her refund. she called several times, left several messages but never got a call back. so she asked edgar to call us. in a statement the company said that was an unfortunate misunderstanding between both parties that has been resolved. if you have a complaint, call us at 888-996-tips or online at
5:27 am a health care at an east bay elementary school. the possible outbreak of the nor row ru norovirus. =laura/live=ad libive picre this is gus.
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welcome to wednesday morning a peek at san francisco there. nice start to our day. a little cooler this morning. just a tad. you have to take the spring. i guess we're getting spoiled. 5:30. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> st. patrick's day is this friday. >> did you have a shamrock shake yesterday? >> i did. i took my son, so not cheating. >> i thought we had a thing going. >> we'll have him here too. >> as we head into the day, it will be cool to start.
5:31 am
51 in the tri-valley. this is what it feels like during the summertime in the morning. mid-50s to start. 48 in the north bay. as we get a look at today's highs, going to reach the low 70s. you may notice it won't be as warm as yesterday. we were hitting 80s there. san francisco reaching 65 degrees. a slight chance of rain this morning in the north bay. wetter weather for early next week in a few minutes. tracking the changes at the bay bridge. >> they are predictable changes. as far as your traffic flow goes, no problem. a little build for san jose. and west bound 580. a little longer travel time. 17 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. it is more gradual.
5:32 am
low clouds over there. university avenue is a racetrack. all the lanes are spelling in. back to you. mike, thank you very much. a deadly police shooting that turned into a massive manhunt. the last few hours, we are learning new details about the search to put an entire neighborhood on lockdown for several hours. >> the actually investigating. fremont police opened fire. 5:20 last night fremont police detectives attempted to stop a detective. they believe this was a stolen
5:33 am
vehicle wanted in connection with a number of armed robberies in fremont and other part of the bay area. the driver of the vehicle drove into the fremont police car and both detectives. they opened fire at the driver anded up hitting a woman in the vehicle. it's not clear if she was the driver or passenger. the vehicle continued driving but eventually crashed. she was transported to the hospital where she died of her injuries. police took into custody a man and woman in the suspect vehicle and a fourth person, a man in the vehicle, did escape, prompting a manhunt and shottsh in place. they were treated and released. the district attorney's office is investigating this officer-involved shooting. bob redell, today in the bay. 5:33 right now.
5:34 am
happening now, a possible norovirus east bay has a lot of people concerned. dozens are showing symptoms. what parents need to be aware of. this is concerning, kris. >> reporter: this is concerning, laura. this really is a cautionary tale for anyone who has young children. we know as parents and educators like this one can spread like wild. there is one diagnosis here at dublin elementary school. three dozen kids stayed home from school yesterday. when there is a highly infectious bug going on here or anywhere, the county health department gets involved and
5:35 am
instructs staff,000 disinfect. vomiting, diarrhea, be abdominal cramps, pain, low-grade fever and headaches and muscle aches. you can find me @krisnbc. if you suspect your child is sick with norovirus, contact the doctor. but after they stop showing symptoms, them home to clear up. it takes a long time to get a bug like this out of a big place like a school. >> investigators now believe foul play is behind the death of a woman whose remains were recently found. she disappeared back in december 14. she lived in penn grove. she had been going through a divorce when she vanished
5:36 am
without a trace. they are calling it a homicide investigation. we spoke to her husband kerry bailey about the growing speupbg suspicion. >> i couldn't stand her lifestyle. antidepressant and marijuana. and they do not go. >> we're going to go back and collect any possible evidence left behind. >> authorities are calling kari bailey a person of interest. >> more witness testimony is expected in the antolin garcia murder trial, the man accused of killing teenager sierra lamar. he is charged with attempting to kidnap three other women. one of the women testified yesterday.
5:37 am
garcia torres got in the car. her attacker eventually ran away, leaving the stun gun behind. the weapon had garcia torres's finger prints on it. >> it is not a done deal yet, but you may need to book an before going to one of the windiest streets in the world. it is causing heavy traffic for neighbors there. yesterday transportation leaders approved a study trying to look at some of the solutions to solving it. some include advanced reservations and a toll visit the attraction. so far none of the changes have been formally approved yet. rescue operations are continuing for a sea lion who is stuck inside a pipe in vacville. crews had to stop recovery efforts as it was getting darker outside.
5:38 am
live pictures from new york times square. some of the streets being cleared. a weaker than expected nor'easter that moved through the city yesterday. several inches of snow did fall in many places back east. lots shoveling going on right there. some activity at times square as well. boston, new york, d.c. voided a direct hit. many places from pennsylvania to new jersey got 30 inches of snow. they were not fortunate. flooding closed businesses from washington to maine yesterday. law enforcement are out in full force this morning telling folks to stay off the road, which are still dangerous.
5:39 am
the storm did turn deadly. a plow and killed a man near hartford, connecticut. a teenager died after her car slid off a road and slammed into a tree in new hampshire. airports will try to make up for thousands of flights canceled yesterday and a backlog. 5:39 on this wednesday morning. get ready for changes today. it won't be as form as yesterday. low to mid 50s. watch out for patchy fog. we have seen that in san francisco and along the coastline. reis assess, kids will enjoy mild weather, a mix of sun and clouds. more comfortable with some peaks of sunshine.
5:40 am
i'll detail that in four minutes. heading over to mike, a new krrb in t crash in the south bay. a typical pattern for speed sensors, even san jose, which talk about in a second. i just hit refresh seconds before coming over here. southbound 17. all lanes here. a little more slowing toward the summit. everything should be fine as far as the lanes goment northbound 101. typical as you head northbound 101 towards 680. a boost towards the bay bridge toll plaza. a typical 19 minute drive. may be an issue on the stand. i'll check with chp and let you know. a heart-wrenching story of a toddler left to fend for herself inside a southern california grocery store. the mother is now facing charges accused of abandoning her child on purpose.
5:41 am
>> plus, it's day 55. we have to talk about taxes. we promise to get right to it.
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♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ it's 5:43 as you get ready to head out the door on this wednesday morning. clear skies in parts of the south bay. we have been watching fog farther south. as we look at the temperature trend, 9:00, 57 degrees. not as warm as yesterday. you will not have to turn on the
5:44 am
air conditioner today. the next several days, looking at another warmup. and then rain. details on that at 5:48. and these travel times not bad fort tri-valley. highway 84 showed more slowing through the construction zone. i'm tracking an incident on the bay bridge trying to get a good look. i'll show you what i can find. thank you very much, kari and mike. a southern california mother behind bars after police say she abandoned her child at a grocery store. you can see the woman walking in with her2-year-old daughter. the circle on your screen, obviously. the girl wandered off and the mother never bothered looking for her. another customer tried to return the girl to her mother, but the mother told the good samaritan, just leave her. she's then seen purchasing her groceries and leaving the story without her child. when they showed a picture woman
5:45 am
to the little girl she identified them as her mommy. >> it's not everyday someone does this. we want to help mom and figure out what's going on what led up to this. >> the child is under the care of protective services. the investigation continues into the nude photo scandal plaguing branches of the military. on capitol hill yesterday, heated moments. military leaders testifying in front of senators. nude photos of female marines online without their concept. they posted to a 30,000 member group called marines united. kirst kirst kirsten gillibrand has tough words. >> i can tell you your answer
5:46 am
today are unsatisfactory. >> i'm not going to sit here and duck around this thing. i'm not. i'm responsible. >> speaking there was rage ronald green. south carolina senator lindsey graham is calling for more discipline marines calling for scandal. gop leaders are forging ahead on their health care system. government analysts say millions of people would likely lose coverage if the plan gets passed. yesterday president trump spoke with two house leaders about pushing that. press secretary sean spicer said they are willing accept revisions if it means getting more support from lawmakers. we may learn from fbi director james comey what sort of investigation if any his agency is conducting between the president's campaign and russia.
5:47 am
a news conference is scheduled for 830 pacific time. shortly a after that, the fbi is holding its own news conference. it is expected it is tied to the announcement in washington, d.c. >> scott mcgrew has been examining the first 100 days. >> to put it mildly, so much going on in washington right now. good morning. the russian question you mentioned, you have the health care bill. that is still moving forward despite a terrible score from the congressional budget office. and last night react to go rachel maddow. no doubt the most watched maddow. i suspect it was well watched just based on twitter. she teased she had trump's tax returns, returns, plural, and twitter went crazy. turns out to be the two double-sided pages from his returns.
5:48 am
president trump tweeted does anybody really believe that a reporter, who nobody ever heard of, went to his mailbox and found my tax returns? fake news. he's not talking about maddow but david cay johnston. he won a pulitzer so a few people do know him. he received the tax return. he doesn't know from whom, though he suspects it was trump himself they show he paid $38
5:49 am
million. this is a silly point to make. it is like saying you're a safe driver if you take away all the car crashes you've been in. trump would like to get rid of the amt. so would on people in the bay area. we did stories on families who owed hundreds of million dollars. they never saw any profit. but they got hit with a tax. full disclosure works for the same parent company as we do, rachel maddow. and i take every legal deduction that exists. back to you. >> scott mc, thank you very much. scott of course will be looking at all president trump's tweets, executive orders, speeches throughout the first 100 days on today in the bay. he would like to hear from you. you can share your thoughts with scott on twitter. @scottmcgrew. >> see his itemization list
5:50 am
there. one man made history in the iditarod in alaska. became the oldest and fastest champion at 57 years old. he even beat out his son, a defending champion. >> family rivalry there. >> the blizzard cutting through the east coast is not a bad thing for everyone. some people just like to lay out and enjoy it. this polar abouter in illinois loving the snow. taking full advantage by rolling around, scratching his back, playing with it. destroying this snowman. they live best in cold weather. they spend most of their time on sea ice in the arctic. >> just the gold especially bears here.
5:51 am
>> only thing we have polar here is the pacific ocean. >> if you have a wetsuit you can do anything around here. we are now seeing it live from san jose. a few more clouds rolling in. we have had conditions for the past couple of days. we'll see changes today. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you'll notice it won't be as warm. we can rest the air conditioner for a while. a live look at the golden gate bridge. all you can see is headlights driving across. dealing with that in parts of the area. also mist and drizzle, 51 degrees in livermore.
5:52 am
55 in san jose. it does feel nice and mild as you step out. the early planner for san francisco will be in the low 50s to start. warming up into the upper 50s by 1. 63 degrees will be the high today. also dealing with a lot of tree pollen. still medium to high. everything else is absent or low. the, juniper, cedar and ash. this is not going to help us out any. warmly when we see rain it wafts some of the allergens out. by the time it gets here, it will fizzle out. a few light showers to the north bay. mostly cloudy skies with cooler temperatures. a better chance of rain in the forecast between saturday night and sunday, especially for the north bay. the rest of the bay area seeing light rain sunday. and then early next week, monday, tuesday, wednesday.
5:53 am
it looks really wet with a more significant weather system moving in. by that point, we'll really need the rain. following me on facebook and twitter, i'll have more updates on that. and a facebook live at 9:00. looking at temperatures staying in the 60s in san francisco. inland areas still going to see the temperatures going up and down. a touch cooler for sunday into early next week. mike has a crash on the bay bridge. >> we'll show you the bay and zoom westbound 80. westbound 80, treasure island, one lane blocked. i see the speed sensors improved. coming up towards the yellow zone. this will be tough to see. we'll look at emeryville, the bay bridge.
5:54 am
low clouds coming through. you can see traffic westbound. get you back out to the maps. >> sounds good. thanks, mike. >> north korea issuing a stark warning over joint u.s. military exercises in south korea. coming up in three minutes, the new threat from north korean dictator kim jong-un and the response from the u.s. military. president trump expected in michigan later today. he's meeting with automotive leaders to fuel economy standards by obama. and questioning park guen-hye about the scandal that ousted her from office. we'll be back with more news in a moment.
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clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but can it fix this teen's skateboarding mishap? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things.
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the goln gate idge th and welcome back on your tuesday -- no, wednesday morning. >> wednesday. don't deny us a day. >> we're springing forward. a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can actually see all the fog out there. we have been noticing changes in the weather pattern. fog and cooler temperatures across the bay area. meteorologist kari hall will have a full forecast in three minutes.
5:58 am
>> such a good sport. north korea threatening merciless attacks over joint military exercises with soeruth korea. it comes as rex tillerson is in asia. kim jong-un called a missile test a test run to hit nearby american base. the u.s. will deport drones to south korea. well, all new this morning, qaa is doing a poor job screening social services workers. that information according to a new report from auditors is that california sometimes allows peel with convictions to work in facilities that care for children, adults and seniors. that audit did not have any specific examples of harm results from the lapses but the state department of justice
5:59 am
stopped providing complete criminal background checks last year. the democratic lawmakers says the findings are disturbing and she may try to change state law. the street car is returning to service. it received some refurbishments. he he became a san francisco supervisor in 1977. he was assassinate two years later with george mass coney. the streetcar will be back in service 10:15. east bay sheriff's office trying to make sure all deputies are equipped with tasers. the board of supervisors approved a plan that would cover the cost for hundreds of new tasers for the sheriff's department. the department is buying 600 to replace old ones. >> right now at 6:00, we are tracking some changes in the weather after a very warm start to the week. >> looking at patchy fog this
6:00 am
morning with our view over san francisco. mist and drizzle. a slight of rain in part of the bay area. we'll talk details in the microclimate forecast. another hacking incident involving hundreds of twitter account users. i'm saner katsuda. h president trump's tax returns and how he is responding. a very good wednesday morning. so much for starting it with us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a lot of changes going on right now. >> yeah. it still feels mild this morning. this afternoon, we won't see a quick jump in the temperature the lastou


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