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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 17, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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computers hostage until they're paid off. we are tracking some big changes in the weather forecast. >> we are going to see rain moving into the bay area, but not today. it will be holding off. we'll talk about that timeline of when we will see the showers in the forecast. shots are fired in a residential area. what residents are saying. seeking out. the family of a young man shot and kuilled by santa clara couny say the officer overreacted. thank you for joining us on this dry day. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott muck grew. we're in for sam and laura. fantastic weather. it has been nice and dry. next week, we will see rain
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moving in. willow glen temperature trend will go well above average, reaching into the mid to upper 70s today. average high just 66 degrees. bring it back down as we head in with more clouds. the timeline of that coming up in seven minutes. mike is tracking three incidents. >>, kari. a lighter friday than we expect. the bay bridge, east bay and the south bay. first, let's talk about the bay bridge. we had a stall on the incline that lasted five minutes. it was enough to slow down traffic. no backup out of the maze. lanes look like they have cleared off the incline the last couple of minutes.
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a crash at the y itself. one lane blocked. the connector has youed up. in the south bay, the issue we're talking about is slow drive. north 280, a half mile approaching the 17 interchange. it looks like the tow truck has cleared. they may be clearing them as we speak. we will track this recovery. back to you. new this morning, 6:02, a and shooting in the east bay. it all started late last night in antioch after officers responded to reports of shots fired. >> today in the bay pete suratos has been live at the scene all morning. investigators were there as well. any updates, pete? good morning to you, scott and kris. there are two tow trucks here. one tow truck is here for the antioch police car.
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and then you can see the tow truck, but they are taking away what is apparently the suspect vehicle in all of this. information is very limited. we were able to speak to a resident by the name of manuel castillo who lives not too far away, about a couple of blocks from where we're standing, guys. according to him, he would it was the police chase he he heard around 10:00 p.m. then shots fired. police responded to shots fired in another part of town. when they got to the scene, they fled and led on a pursuit. they are towing these two. there is one victim. it is not known if it is the
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suspect. >> i knew somebody was getting chased in the neighborhood. i knew something bad was going to happen too. just by the way they were going. a live look right now. one tow truck towing the vehicle away. pete suratos, today in the bay. parents of a man shot and killed by santa clara police officers continue to voice their outrage. they say police overreacted. last night family and friends held a vigil for 24-year-old jesus montes.
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officers were responding to a call about a man who barricaded himself inside a home with a gun. he threatened to shoot and would not comply with demands. that's when police fired. here's his father. >> i want this cop arrested for murder. i think, yeah. i think it's murder. he had no weapon on him. he was in shorts. you could see his probably hands. >> a 13 veteran on paid administrative leave. >> we're expecting to learn how san francisco's police department is coming along. chief scott will give an update later this morning. new this morning, a large
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overnight explosion at a home in maryland. these are pictures into our news room. a single-family home. and the people who live there have not been accounted for. it looks like it is just leveled. they describe it as catastrop c catastrophic. a hazardous spill forced evacuations from 20 homes in danville yesterday. this was reported about 4:15 yesterday afternoon on love lane. san ramon fire protection district said the spill started when they ran of a density tool. once crews made sure the material hadn't leak spwaod ted environment, evacuation orders were lifted. the demolition of pfeiffer canyon bridge got off to a rocky start.
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it has been closed for a month you can see what's happening with this weak wrecking ball. it appears to be just too small. the crane is not very effective. that's not going to get the job done. demolition continues today. they don't know when the bridge will be completely torn down. building a new one could take up to a year. happening today, an update on the status of the oroville dam. the spillways failed after winter storms filled up the lake causing flooding and widespread is evacuations. the department of water resources will let us know how repairs on the spillway are going and they are preparing to release water. we will keep you updated as we learn more. 6:07. what to expect today. and as you step out right now, it is 48 in san jose and palo alto. 49 in oakland. san francisco, 50 degrees. it is much cooler than
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yesterday. in some spots, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday tut. a heavier jacket needed. coastline, upper 60s there. stick around. coming up in five minutes, when rain return to the bay area. right now we head over to mike tracking the castro valley drive and san jose. >> that's right. one lane brocked 580 at the split with 280. critical juncture.
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another 10 minutes approaching 280 at 17 and 880. a look with the camera. the rest pretty standard build. >> coming up, today in the bay, tense moments. the injury that had a lot of fans worried the steps being took to bring us closer to another championship as well. in just three minutes, aetna continues to erupt. >> a live look from our emeryville camera. traffic moving into the city on a friday. you're watching today in the bay. =ikerx=(me alib
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good friday morning. 6:12. we start out with heavy jacket weather. what you can expect coming up at
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6:16. >> northbound 280. the crash that was there is cleared. we'll show you the backup. new video showing italy's most aetna as it continues to erupt. that spewed lava into the air for the third straight day. it unleashed an explosion because of the molten rock hit snow creating a seam explosion. that in turn rained down on tourists and journalists and scientists all caught on camera as they escaped. access is allowed with a guide. bart trains up and running in the east bay after a night of problems that led to major delays. and it didn't have anything to
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do with the tracks. a light fixture above the tracks that came loose and was hanging. it was brushing against the top of the train. a bart supervisor said he saw sparks and smoke. crews fixed the problem. should the federal government get a warrant to obtain a person's cell phone records? ninth circuit court of appeals is taking up that question today. they are appealing a lower court ruling that says they do need a warrant u.s. versus gibson. it is the first of its kind. the ninth circuit will hear that argument on whether the fourth amendment requires the government to show probable cause in these situations. the hearing will be live streamed. >> 6:14. in business and tech news wall street could end the weekend. stocks fell kwroeud.
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health care and utility stocks slumped. data today on manufacturing, consumer sentiment as well. dow down 15. nasdaq up a fraction at 5900. shares of nintendo rallied after "the wall street journal" reported the company made more than double the production of its game console, the nintendo switch. it can be played at home or as a hand-held device. wii hit stores, a decade ago. nintendo wiiu didn't very well. ditching the five-star system with a simple thumbs up or thumbs down. more data from netflix with this
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feature. it shows how good a match the movie is for you. >> if you can't decide what to watch, how can you decide between one and five? >> right. there's so many options. >> it was a nerve-racking night. for 15 minutes, warriors star steph curry gave a scare. >> he came back and they went on to dominate. orlando magic in town. he tweaks his ankle and heads to the locker room. right. watch him hop there were. he did come back. they beat the magic, 122-92. they officially clinched their third straight division tight. head coach steve kerr tweeted out after the game, steph is okay.
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>> you want to pinch me. green for st. patrick's day. this is the exact same color as the dress. i'll show you the reason why i cannot wear this in front of the green wall. make sure the kids are wearing green so they didn't get tortured all day long at school. a live look at san jose. we start out with nice, mild temperatures. as we go through the day, going to see it warming up very quickly. if you're wearing a jacket early, you will definitely be taking that off as we go through the day. looking at sunshine. enjoy it because we will have changes. if you have been out there, you know we do have a lot of pollen. so here we go. i am here. you have that coating of yellow on your car today. and it's all because of the tree pollen. it is medium to high. it is mostly pine, juniper,
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cedar, and ash. we will have rain moving in. green on the radar. it is showing rain approaching far northern california with this storm system approaching for the weekend. it starts out with cloudy skies. we go through the day with sunshine. clouds roll in tomorrow. a few spotty light showers possible in the north bay tomorrow. most of us staying dry. don't expect it to rain this weekend for a long period of time. as we head into next week, this is when the more widespread and heavy rain arrives starting out monday afternoon. tuesday, heavy downpours. then going to see it lingering into wednesday and rolling out on thursday. there may be more rain by next weekend. looking at the potential of of two inches for parts north bay between sunday and friday. and for the south bay, up to an
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inch and a quarter. i've been sending out events going on around the bay area. make sure you check that out. going to see the high temperatures reaching into the low 60s for san francisco by next week. really cooling off as the rain moves in. nice weather for the near term. now an update for san jose. i have a little green on. but it is a different green than the one kari showed. if you visited the station, kid, you know that secret as well, the green wall. castro valley and san jose. northbound jammed around meridian. look at the live shot we have.
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. we'll zoom out to show is the rest of the south bay. awe nice easy drive throughout the valley. we do have a crash. three vehicles is on the shoulder. allow yourself breathing room. over towards 880 where things about over. back to you. special delivery. how transit officials helped a woman who went into labor during last week's nor'easter. a military makeover. rebranding itself as it tries to recruit more young adults.
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6:23 now. new this morning, the marine corps. is trying to rebrand itself and is launching a new recruitment ad campaign aimed at millennials. the campaign is called battles won. it features tv ads and unloading toys for tots boxes and real videos of mas, veterans tack willing an armed robber.
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pictures of women marines were posted without their skoepbt on private facebook page used by others. 6:23. hayward man is charged with making harassment calls to police. he allegedly made several calls saying he had escaped from awe mental institution, had weapons, but he wouldn't hurt anybody if the dispatcher listened toeufpl. he was released on bail on the condition that he not make calls to the police department. >> prince william and duchess kate are visiting paris 20 years after the death of princess diana. it is the first official visit as a couple. it is the first time he visited the stu since his more was killed in a car crash there. she was just 36 years old died in a crash in a traffic item in
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paris. also happening today, the ship boaty mcboatface will chart some of the ocean's deepest and coldest waters. serious business. i understand why they, you know -- >> little yellow submarine. a premature baby was born in a blizzard and it took a medical team to get the help she needed and the help of a state transportation department. >> baby vivian was born on during the blizzard in connecticut. she was having trouble breathing. she needed service 30 miles away doctors knew it was going to be
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hard to get her there. so the department of transportation stepped in and cleared the roads and kept highways clear for the baby vivian to get through. >> we take it very seriously. we wanted to get out to help this baby. >> we had to let her two. that was hard. that was the hardest part. >> i bet. each day she gets better and better. mother is still in rove but also doing well. >> coming together across party lines. still ahead, the rare showing of bipartisan championship over accusations that president obama wire tapped him during the presidential election. a 17-year-old boy shot twice in san jose. the one cause that is already ruled out. >> a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza lit up at 6:26.
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a full check of traffic and weather in two minutes. it is st. patrick's day. hope you are having a good one. you are watching today in the bay. =ks/4ot=go moing anthas f joing
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south bay, recovery for the stretch of 280, approaching 88. no injuries reported there. smooth throw transit. and the rest of the system. so that's great as you get to take a ride today. developing story out of the south bay. another shooting on a bay area freeway on highway 101 in san jose. >> bob redell is live along highway 101 at story road to explain what led up to the shoot skpwg wheth ing and whether there is a danger for the rest of us. >> reporter: last night's shooting on highway 101 was at a
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case of road rage. but chp has not said what they believe did in fact, lead up to the shooting. it happened 6:45. two people, both males,ing in a northbound direction in a black acura integra when a white dodge charger pulled up to the side. someone fired shots into the acura. the driver was not hit. but his 17-year-old passenger was, twice. shot twice. the boy was able to get out of the car on his own and walk over to paramedics despite his injuries. >> is he looked normal. i didn't realize he had a gunshot wound. >> taken to the medical center
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for treatment. northbound 101 was shut down between story and actually. chp says the suspects in the shooting are both male, hispanic, wearing black bandanas. the white dodge charger has the word "hemi" written on it. chp estimates 80 shootings on bay area freeways. overnight shooting in a popular part of leaves one man hurt. this is 19th street, not 19th avenue. this is a block away from mission street and several restaurants and bars there. lease were called after several shots were fired in that neighborhood. no word yet on the condition of the victim nor a description of
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the suspect. we are following the story. we will update you with information as we get it. >> happening today, we're expecting to hear more chp about east bay freeway shootings that left drivers scared. a man was shot and killed on i-08 some richmond. the shooting was targeted. a mountain view police officer is recovering this morning after police say two car burglary suspects rammed the officer's control car. this was is sent by the mountain view police department. officers were investigating a rash of car thefts when they spotted the suspects. two are in custody. no word on the officer's injuries. learning now that the
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16-year-old antioch girl killed by undercover police was pregnant. the teen was in a bmw with those suspects and another woman. when officers tried to approach the car, one of the suspects rammed the officer's patrol car. officers opened fire. she was in her first trimester. they have all suspects in custody. a man who was working with hundreds of children faces child pornography charges. he will be in court this afternoon. he tells us he is innocent. john morrison is charged with possessing and distributing child pornography. he was director of education at the california film institute for nearly 20 years and worked with kids in workshops and also in schools. nbc bay area reporter gina caught up with him at his home
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yesterday. >> are you guilty of what you're accused of. >> absolutely not. >> absolutely not. >> internet crimes against unit children traced child pornography on an app to morrison's home and there found hundreds of images. the film institute is cooperating. happening today, animal control on the peninsula will will walk off the job. officers are going on a one-day strike today in response to what they call unfair labor practices. the organization is refusing to agree to a fair contract by denying them a cost of living wage increase. following breaking news just into our newsroom. our photographers arrived at a
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fire in union city. this is a live look. you see the spotlight shining on dow avenue in union city. >> about news, we don't see a lot of flames and smoke at this point, at least not to the rooftop. no word yet on any damage or what the cause might be of that fire in that warehouse. there are still crews on the scene. you see them on the rooftop and on the ground as well. we will continue this and bring you the latest as soon as we get it. >> a two-day immigration conference kicks off in berkeley. a conference call borders and identity. it will will explore immigration in terms of race, kul customer, religion and even sexuality. >> 6:37. a show of bipartisanship. there is no evidence president obama ordered a tap on trump tower during the presidential campaign. >> the white house is pushing
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back and double down on that accusation. today in the bay jay gray has awe live look from capitol hill. good morning, jay. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday to you. the white house not backing down at all. turn up the heat not only on his wiretapping allegation but on his new budget proposals. >> no, no, no. hold on. hold on. i'm making a point. >> reporter: a high tension political tug of war. >> we have seen no evidence. >> continues on capitol hill over president trump's accusation that president owe bottom ma spied on him during the campaign. even though both committees say there's no proof. >> no evidence from anybody in the intelligent community, from law enforcement. >> citing news reports, sean
6:39 am
spicer accused the media of selective coverage and creating its own false narrative. >> the bottom line is the investigation has not been provided all the information. political analysts say mr. trump needs to step up. >>. >> can't figure out how to get out of the alley of the claims in the specific detail seems to not be true. >> that as they defend their first budget plan. increasing funds for defense, homeland security, including a border wall, and veterans care by almost $60 billion. >> budgets are all tradeoffs. the president proposes a budget. he did exactly what he was required to do by law. the administration is also continuing to battle that
6:40 am
revised executive order that would ban travel from six predominantly muslim counties. federal judges in hawaii and maryland have both blocked that. scott and chris, just a few things to work for on capitol hill. back to you. all right. >> another busy friday. happening today, san francisco's newest weather. the newest professional soccer team kicking off. >> in preparation for their first exhibition games. it will include soccer clinic for kids, giveaways. meet the players for free. check them out in action on saturday as they faceoff against the sacramento republic fc as well. ncaa tournament is under way the only bay area team moving on, st. mary's gales. they face arizona tomorrow.
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6:40 on this friday morning. happy st. patrick's day. in san francisco, it will be in the low 60s by 11th this morning. for the st. patrick's day music festival. and for tomorrow, at the santa clara county fairgrounds, the greatest garage sale on earth. a mix of sun examine clouds. if you plan on heading to saratoga for the blossom festival, upper 50s at 10:00 in the morning. a mix of sun and clouds. we have the st. patrick's day parade happening tomorrow. a mix of sun and clouds all the rain holds off. we may not be so lucky next week. the timeline of the rain and how much to pebgt coming up in four minutes. heading over to mike with the bay bridge. >> a stall reported on the span
6:42 am
itself. it looked like there was something going on right here. traffic starting to move a little better. what chp said the bridge crew did arrive on scene. a crew clearing that towards san francisco. easy drive-through the tri-valley. castro valley wall looks like it has cleared. mild slowing on the east bay. recovery north 280 approaching 17. back to you. caught on camera, a woman gets caught in a fast moving mudslide in peru. coming up in three minutes, the quick thinking that helped this woman escape the raging mudslide. dow industrial up just eight minutes. tillerson has that visit talking about the possibility of military action.
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keep calm. the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable. at&t internet. speeds up to 45megs for $30 a month. 6:45. before you get out the door today, looking at another dry but much warm or temperatures. as we head into the weekend, this storm system will be moving in. it brings initially clouds and a spotty sprinkles. the rain holds off again today. looking sunshine throughout the afternoon. well above average temperatures. we'll talk about the timeline of when we will start to see measurable rain in the microclimate forecast at 6:49.
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>> thank goodness it is friday. lighter commute. we have a crash cleared at the castro valley. we continue to monitor breaking news out of union city this morning. live pictures of a fire at a warehouse dow avenue not far from alvarado road in union city heading towards 880. no word yet on the damage or the cause. there are still crews on the scene. we don't see or smoke at this point. we will continue to follow this story. we'll bring you the latest as we get it. 6:46. wild video showing a mudslide in pe peru. a 32-year-old woman emerging from that mud. crawling and stumbling over the
6:47 am
debris. there she is. she grabbed those pieces of wood and tree branches, tried to build a bridge to get herself out of the mud. by standers were able to grab her. she was taken to the hospital. >> what a lucky lady. >> a massive fire in north carolina under investigation this morning. flames are shooting in the skies above north carolina's capital. new video showing what's left behind. it's not much. the apartment build was under construction you in downtown raleigh last night. at one point flames brought down a construction crane too. it is next to a popular restaurant and bar district. nearby residents and buildings were evacuated. fortunately, no reports of injury. awe troubling report for parents this morning. federal officials say the palo alto unified school district failed to quickly and thoroughly
6:48 am
investigate reports against students and employees. mercury news reports the department of education office for civil rights found at least nine instances where there is no evidence of the district even investigate sexual assault claims. they voted last week to work with the federal government to improve its investigative processes. >> secretary of state rex tillerson is in south korea this morning. the heavily fortified border has been maintained since the korean war. he arrived in south korea earlier in the day on the second leg of his first asian tour in office pose fog for photos. the secretary says he is focused on finding a new approach for north korea after what he described as two decades of
6:49 am
failed diplomatic efforts. he has hypotheticaled that include include military action. a short time ago he tweeted north korea behaving very badly. nobody will be financially worse off despite losing health insurance under the proposal. it is is supported by president trump. happening today, it is st. patrick's day. partygoers who might have had too much to drink later today to get a free tow and ride home as part of the tipsy tow service.
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you don't have to be a aaa member. all you have to do is call aaa say you need a tipsy tow. 800-222-4357. we're putting that up on twitter as well. home address, phone number, and your current location. retailers and restaurants rolling out deals for st. patrick's day. krispy kreme dyeing doughnuts. bask in robbins has green ice cream cake. tgi friday's, $3 green beer. jameson whiskey. people will spend on average $38.
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a live look at at&t. it is going to be a beautiful day. but not so beautiful. look how hot it will be in scottsdale, arizona. we are definitely cooler than yesterday. look how much cooler we are than the past 24 hours. 11 degrees in santa rosa, half
6:52 am
moon bay. a heavier jacket needed. our temperatures jumping up quickly as we go through the day. 64 degrees. up to 69 degrees by 4:00 today. and then we will be watching this weather system moving in. it will start out with clouds. and a few spotty sprinkles. nothing to ruin your outdoor plans this weekend. looking dry weather. mostly sunny. starting to see clouds rolling into the north bay with a few spotty light showers by tomorrow morning. that could continue throughout the day. then on sunday, expect more of the same. most of the bay area once again will stay dry until early next week. the rain starts out with the heaviest into the north bay, rolling south. all of us will see rain tuesday. after that next week is looking soggy until thursday.
6:53 am
more rain in the forecast. the potential of at least two inches of rain in parts of the north bay. one of the benefits of a lighter friday commute. overall, pretty much what you would expect on this friday. looking over here, though. castro valley cleared off 580. this is where kris is talking about the warehouse fire. between 880 and dakota, a smooth throw of traffic on the roadway. warehouse fire north of the freeway. we are following that of course. from the east bay to the peninsula, building for the dumbarton. northbound 280 slow because of
6:54 am
this crash we had on the northbound side. take a look at our live camera. easy backup. a nice sunrise. let's enjoy the sunrise. back to you. >> coming up, a look at the top stories on nbc bay area. including a shooting on a business south bay freeway. what we are learning about the srupl and the search for the shooter this morning. 31 people were killed in a boat carrying somali refugees. >> a gruesome discoveries. police are trying to identify victims in a brushfire in florida. police think this is a case of homicide.
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6:57. welcome back. before you head out the door, the top stories on nbc bay area. we begin with continuing breaking news coverage out of union city. live pictures at a fire at a warehouse on dow avenue. >> this is a major road in union city for folks heading towards
6:58 am
interstate 880. you might see slowing on the outskirts of that. at this point, no report of damage or the cause. we are still pestering them for information. a pursuit last night, police responded to reports of a shooting around 10:00 last night. officers spotted a car that may be connected to that shooting. the drive sped off. the chase ends half a mile away with more gunshots. officers fired at the suspect. ant object police are not releasing the suspect's condition. we have been dolling this story all morning long. highway 101 in san jose that started just last night before 7:00. two men were driving down the freeway when a white dodge charger fired on them. the driver wasn't hit. the 17-year-old passenger was. chp told bob redell he doesn't
6:59 am
believe this was a case of road rage. chp looking for what caused that and triggered it. they are looking for the suspect as well. highway 101 is reopen for traffic this morning. >> the budget reflects some problems. it flashes funds from state, agriculture, labor, health and human services, commerce and education. a live look at at&t park. san francisco giants play against the rockies tonight. but in arizona for spring training. watch here on nbc bay area at 6:00. of course stay tuned after the game for a special edition of nbc bay area news.
7:00 am
going to see highs into the upper 60s. inland areas, 78 degrees. very nice. that's what's happening today in the bay. good morning. good morning. digging in. >> he stands by it. >> the white house holding firm on president trump's claim his phones were tapped during the campaign. even though investigators and top lawmakers say, there's absolutely no proof. >> i have seen no evidence of wiretapping. >> if there's evidence out there, we sure as heck haven't seen it. >> this, as the administration finds itself in a fresh battle over its new budget. are the cuts too deep? breaking overnight. a massive five-alarm firelights of raleigh as a apartment building goes up in flames. a fire so intense, the crane collapses.


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