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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 18, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. you're watching "today in the bay." we're showing awe live look right now of san jose. we're about 15 minutes from the sunrise and a beautiful start to the day. good to be with you guys. on bigad shaban along with rob mayeda. keira and vianey enjoying well-deserved time off this morning and rob, we could have rain pretty soon. >> a nice week of weather we had. temperatures in 70s and 80s. not as warm starting the weekend, but, yes, a chance of seeing a few showers. how about that view? clouds on the increase.
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52 now. clo mostly cloudy from the south bay into the north bay. and lunchtime, temperatures upper 60s to near 70 going through the afternoon. but the clouds eventually here on your forecast may bring a chance of isolated showers. especially around the middle part of the day and clearing around 7:00 tonight. the radar, the scans going again this morning. a few returns offshore. a lot of clouds, but not necessarily a lot of rain just yet. the weekend has a couple of these weaker systems coming through followed up by a bigger punch as we get into monday and a stronger storm approaching the second half of next week. the timing and how much rain wee expe we're expecting and the storms coming up in about 15 minutes. >> rob, see you then. thanks. [ gunfire ] you can certainly hear the barrage of gunshots there. san jose police officers fired into that black truck hitting the man inside. all of this while terrified witnesses looked on. officers say this whole ordeal
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began in a quiet neighborhood just a few miles away from that shooting. neighbors say they called police when a man took off his clothes and began chasing small children. officers say when they arrived, the man jumped in his truck hitting another truck, and then leading police on a chase that went to a traffic shutdown of stevens creek boulevard. that's near a safeway parking lot -- near lawrence expressway. this video was shot by a man who wants to remain anonymous. >> so the first series of shots they told the suspect to get out of the car. he didn't. and then again, like i said, i heard a pop. so maybe they reacted to that and they shot him in the vehicle. again, they asked the suspect to get out of the vehicle with his hands up, and he didn't. again, i guess for their safety they shot into the vehicle one more time. >> officers were eventually able to pull the suspect out of that car. he was take ton a local hospital where he remains in critical condition this morning. french police say a man was
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shot dead after trying to grab a gun off a soldier patrolling the airport in paris. authorities say the man was able to snatch the weapon before security forces shot him. about 3,000 passengers were evacuated from the airport which is the second busiest in the country. some flights in the warpt suspended. others diverted. there were concerns the man may have been wearing an explosive belt but a sweep for bombs at the airport came back clean. the country remains on high alert after attacks by isis militants killed dozens of people over the past two years. a state of emergency is in place. at least until the end of july. and also this morning a fire broke out at an apartment building in san francisco's chinatown. crews are still there on the scene at the 100 block of war waverly place. the two-alarm fire broke out around 2:30 this morning and on the third floor of an apartment
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building causing extensive damage there. police rescued one elderly man who suffered smoke-injuries. no word on how many live in that building. a professional dancer is a victim of a hit-and-run in san francisco recovering now from serious injuries that happened at the corner of market and 16th in the castro. that intersection can be especially dangerous and needs to be changed. surveillance video of the driver hitting 30-year-old nick steadenbed from the crosswalk sunday night, there on the left-hand side of your screen. steadenbed says he had the green light. it looks like the black car made a right, and hit him and sped away. leaving the professional dancer facing an uncertain future. >> i love being -- fed, love teaching people how to be fed, being out doing art using my body. without being able to do those, it's really hard. >> we got across the street and
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it's terrifying. >> people that live and work in the area say the six-way intersection is chaotic and are demanding change. they haven't changed the timing of the lights there and added signage and crosswalk stripes but more changes and studies are coming. a dog is dead and a felon back in custody after a chase. it started with a traffic stop around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. police say the driver made a run for it eventually hiding on top of a home on kansas back lane, just a few blocks away from an elementary school. officers went into the backyard and say a pit bull came rushing out attacking think police canine named court seen here. fearing for the canine's life, police shot and killed the pit bull. neighbors say the dog was a stray. police tell us the suspect, anthony gordon seen here, had an outstanding warrant and was arrested. and a grisly discovery in
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the hills between moraga and lafayette. skeletal remains. yesterday a hiker led police to a spot. the remains found in a rugged area. the bones are being sent to the coroner to determine the person's identity and cause of death. well it was a tense evening in palo alto. a manhunt following a hit-and-run crash. it all started when an officer tried to stop a driver who sped around the corner right into a bicyclist on homer avenue near the whole foods there downtown. two people in the car arrested right after the crash, but another three suspects ran away. officers searched the neighborhood and an hour later found the three people in a shed. the biker is in the hospital with major injuries. well, the problem is getting worse. law enforcement agencies say the majority of our freeway shootings are occurring on highways in one bay area county. the past 18 months there have been 85 freeway shootings and
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nearly half of those were in contra costa along interstate 80 and highway 4. that according to the district attorney there. local leaders asked the state for $2 million to install security cameras and license plate readers. >> to my knowledge, we have no funding by the state or any other organization, and -- i think they should be involved, yeah. >> the meeting is scheduled next wednesday to continue discussions of installing cameras. well, there's much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- the secret service is facing tough questions to just how did a milpitas man go undetected on the white house grounds for more than 15 minutes? plus -- new dangers for those affected by the floods in san jose. we'll tell you why some homes thought to be safe should now be closed off.
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it's just a date. i can stay. i'm good. i won't be late hey mom. yeah. no kissing on the first date, alright? life doesn't always stick to a plan, but with our investment expertise we'll help you handle what's next. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase. so you can. welcome back, everyone. you're taking a live look at a beautiful sky over san jose
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right now. the sun just beginning to peek through. congress is demanding answers from the secret office after a man from milpitas jumped the white house fence last week. turns out he was loose on the ground for longer than first thought. president trump was in the white house at the time. another embarrassing incident for the men and women who risk their lives to protect him. our jessica geary reports. >> reporter: law enforcement officials say it took the secret service nearly 20 minutes to apprehend jonathan twan tran hiding behind a pillar at the white house. it appears he hopped a fence, walked about 1,000 feet and got close to an entrance where he was finally stopped by an officer. tran was carrying two cans a mace, a passport, laptop and book written by the president. officials say he tigered motion detector alarms but the officer on duty thought it was the movement of animals on the ground, which happens frequently. the next day the president said he felt safe. >> the secret service today, do
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a fantastic job. >> reporter: this congressman says his staff has information that tran may have actually tried to open the door. >> this one scares me. the length of time that this intruder was able to be on the white house, hiding behind a pillar and actually going up to the door. that scares me. >> reporter: 2 1/2 years ago a fence jumper managed to get inside the white house. a homeland security review blamed the incident on understaffing, but the former agents are suggesting the secret service is stretched thin. protecting trump tower new york and the president's weekend retreat in florida, plus the extended trump family. jessica geary, nbc, bay area news. and much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, new trouble in the coyote creek flood zone. some are saying the yellow tagged homes should actually be red tagged, which means stay out. and seeing increasing clouds this morning and the radar view shows a few showers here offshore as our weather pattern now turns back to when it's going to involve some rain at
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times and means for the rest of your weekend plans, we'll tell you when we come right back. te aiveookoutse...old ga brge
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welcome back, everyone. thanks for waking us live with us. you're taking a look at the golden gate bridge. water is flowing down the lake spillway, still damaged. the state department of water resources increased the flow yesterday morning. officials say this will help to ease what repairs still need to be done. no flooding is expected, like we saw last month. the problems are piling up. today's state, county and city leaders will take a tour of the san jose neighborhood hit hard by last month's flooding. we'll get a firsthand look at the danger and damage that still remains. "today in the bay's" reporter explains why some say yellow tagged homes should actually be red tagged. >> take out the bottom of the sheet rock. there's mold. >> reporter: the construction signs inside this home on 20th street say it all. crews are cleaning up asbestos
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and the home hasn't even been yellow or red tagged. >> that's a scary, scary set of circumstances. >> reporter: a lot of amanda hawes neighbor hit by the floodwaters. every home should be inspected for asbestos it's said, mold and lead, before people are allowed inside. >> but this really is a public health problem, and the public representatives need to step up. >> reporter: the city says repair crews need to get inside the homes to repair and decontaminate and the red tag would not allow that. the city has also been referring victims to cleanup companies. some of them nonprofit. >> we really urgently need some sort of temporary housing solutions. >> reporter: catholic charities have been struggling to house floss victims, including those who need a place to stay while their homes are decontaminated which usually lasts about four months. the high rental market is making it difficult. >> it is really, really hard. i mean, if this were almost any other place in the country we
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would have, you know, units readily available. >> reporter: the anonymous owner of his south bay home stepped up donating it to a family for two months while their damaged apartment is repaired. a troubled roadway left a community stranded. it will temporarily reopen in eastern contra costa county. a portion of morgan territory road gave way during last month's storms. it will reopen tomorrow, but only between 9:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon for road tests. since the closure, people have been walking up to 30 minutes every day to get to their cars. a pretty long walk just to get your car. rob is back with another look at our forecast. after a week that saw a lot of drying, temperatures in the 80s in a few spots beginning to see changes. a beautiful sunrise in a few areas and clouds, part of a weather system that will bring at least a chance of finding a few showers at times. right now san francisco, 56
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degrees. mostly cloudy as you see the views there from emeryville overcast skies. 57 degrees and into san jose right now we have the glow of the sun there off to the east. 53 degrees, and we will see temperatures under overcast conditions during the day. climbing through the upper 60s, maybe close to 70 around mid-afternoon and there will be a slight chance of a few isolated showers. now, the view up towards heavenly, interesting this morning. wave-like clouds there. ventricular clouds, the jet stream starts to fire up and winds forcing the air to rise. quick condensation of the clouds and air drops back down on the other side of the crest of the sierras. 34 degrees at heavenly. temperatures around lake tahoe through the afternoon and numbers in the low 50s. a pretty nice day out there and still a chance we think especially north of interstate 80 of finding a few showers for the afternoon. now, hour-by-hour, sonoma and napa perhaps the best bet for seeing showers over the next couple of days. generally areas north of sonoma
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today and tomorrow. you'll see our highs today a little bit more mild around the south bay for san jose. los gatos towards the tri-valley today. numbers near 70 degrees. mid-60s from san francisco to oakland and to the north bay. so the radar view does show you a few returns here offshore. a lot of this is higher up in the atmosphere. still at ground level relatively speaking. the air is pretty dry. first system coming through is a fairly weak system. at least it has managed to kind of weaken that ridge of high pressure. it's now more off towards the east. during the day today we'll see increasing clouds, and at time as stray shower or two is possible and our temperatures are not quite at warm as the last couple of days and into sunday morning. there you go. areas north of san francisco have the best chance for finding showers at times. the futurecast, interesting. you see that move through, but nothing moving really in the rain gauges here. so our short-term weather models, not all that impressed with the chances of real accumulating rainfall out of these first couple of system. likely, though, a different
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story on monday. you can see here an area of low pressure moving in. better lift, better moisture available. so monday into tuesday, plan on seeing a comeback of the rain. maybe an early wednesday and thursday a break here. high pressure giving a break around mid-week and this friday system looks more interesting. you saw it there in the futurecast. more moisture, perhaps briefly a tap of tropical moisture north of hawaii. mountain areas potentially especially with the friday storm perking up two to three inches of rain. watching the second half the week, that could cause localized issues in the mountains towards next friday. the weekend story really is overcast, gray skies at times. temperatures around san francisco staying in the mid-60s. monday plan on some rain. half inch to three-quarters inch of rain north of the golden gate. friday the bigger storm. inland locations around the valleys close to 70 this weekend. mostly cloudy and a chance of showers. nothing too heavy and rain making a comeback looks like for monday into tuesday. mid-week break.
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and then friday we'll track some rain that will probably be at least three quarters inch of rain to an inch and a half of rain for most of the bay area. mountains locations could pick up two to three inches of rain. meantime, before the storms roll in, clouds and overcast skies. temperaturewise, not bad. nothing in the way of outdoor plans for the weekend. back to you. >> rob, thanks. still much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- a special bond between two teachers. also benefiting students. it's the story that makes us bay area proud. deleng vidds r ainlve
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our next story is about a cross-bay partnership delivering dividends for all involved. involving pretty complex academic topics but also about the simple power of friendship. "today in the bay"s garvin thomas has this morning's "bay area proud." >> reporter: you could easily make a quick list of the ways kenneth scott and sam savidge or different, but the big thing they share in common, a love of
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teaching, is all that matters to them and a benefit for more than just their students. >> most people don't understand how long this really takes. >> reporter: dr. sam savidge, an expert in the field of uncertainty and risk. >> i quoted that saying -- >> reporter: a stamford adjunct professor who corporate memphis grizzli grizzlies -- manages to make companies smarter and safer. >> extreme views verdict it's a complex field that sam tells his audience he's discover add simp discovered a simple way to teach. so simple, eighth graders could learn it. how does sam know? well, he's done it. just a few months ago sam made his first visit to west oakland middle school. >> how do you add uncertain numbers together? >> reporter: he went there to prove his point. he ended up finding a partner in crime. >> first time i walked in his classroom, like we had been
7:24 am
teaching together for years. >> reporter: kevin scott teaches engineering at west oakland. he wasn't about to say no when sam came calling. >> the first time i looked at his resume, i was like, whoa. who is this guy? >> reporter: kevin knew his students would benefit from a visit by such a highly regarded academic. what he didn't know is how well the two would hit it off. >> and let me show what you i mean. give me the dice. >> i think ultimately more than anything, it's -- it's unwritten, unscripted but it's amazing to watch him captivate the room with his energy and who he is and his knowledge, and then i get to be like, the color commentator. i get to come in and be like, hey, you guys. there's a trick up my sleeve. it's called knowledge! >> reporter: in many ways it is an unlikely partnership benefiting all involved. the students gaining not just knowledge but confidence with every visit by sam. >> i wish i had time to play how
7:25 am
you kids got so smart and know all this stuff. >> reporter: and sam, enjoys teaching perhaps more than any other time in his 40-year career. >> a live contest. >> reporter: sam is excited to share his experience in middle school with other experts in his field. but if there's one lesson we can all learn from these two inspiring intellectuals, it's that sometimes teaching probability is all about the chemistry. >> sam and kenneth have also been able to link up their two classrooms through videoconferencing. sam says his stamford students were just as impressed with the middle schoolers as he was. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. and much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, president trump's budget could hit hard in the south bay. what's in the works to make sure that one spring station isn't the end of the line for the b.a.r.t. to san jose project. also, parents are not invited. why two schools are telling moms
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commi good morning, everyone. you're watching "today in the bay." a live look now of san jose. a nice, crisp morning. no rain yet, but that could change. good morning. thanks for waking up with us everyone. i'm sbigad shaban along with ro mayeda. >> clouds are filling in. the big st. patrick's day parade taking place a bit later on this morning. you got early morning sunshine right now. 51 degrees and the hour-by-hour forecast goes, mostly cloudy, and we might see a sprinkle or two maybe early afternoon. overall, not bad. temperaturewise looking good around dub lirn lalin later tod. showers most likely along the
7:29 am
coast towards the north bay and temperatures in the mid-60s to near 70. notice hour-by-hour, chances of showers staying north of san francisco. at least for now, but obviously seeing changes. radar picks up a few showers happening right now offshore. part of a pattern shift back to much rainier weather. the seven-day forecast really tracking two storms. one has a potential of bringing two to three inches of rain for some coastal mountains. a close are look at the timeline on that and other changes ahead in the seven-day forecast coming up in about 12 minutes from now. >> initially i thought your tie was for st. paddy's day but it matches the rain on the map. >> green on the radar. >> rob, thanks. appreciate it. [ sirens and gunfire ] you can hear the barrage of gunshots there. police officers fired into that black truck hitting the man inside. all while terrified witnesses looked on. officers say the ordeal began in a quiet neighborhood just a few miles from that shooting. neighbors say they called police
7:30 am
when a man took off his clothes and began chasing small children. officers say when they arrived the man jumped in his truck, hitting another truck, and then leading police on a chase that throwed a traffic shutdown of stevens creek boulevard. here in safeway parking lot there on lawrence expressway. the video was actually shot by a man who wants his identity concealed. >> the first series of shots they told the suspect to get out of the car. he didn't. then again, like i said, i heard a pop. maybe they reacted to that, and they shot him in the vehicle. again they asked the suspect to get out of the vehicle with his hands up, and he didn't. again -- well, i guess for their safety they shot into the vehicle one more time. >> officers were eventually able to pull the suspect out of the car. he was take ton a local hospital where he remains in critical condition this morning. french police say a man was shot dead after trying to grab a gun off a soldier patrolling the
7:31 am
airport in paris. police say the man was able to snatch the weapon before security forces shot him. about 3,000 passenger was evacuated from the airport which is the second busiest in the country. some flights from the airport were suspended. others diverted. there were concerns that the man may have been wearing an explosive belt, but a spokesperson for the french interior ministry says a bomb sweep at the airport came back clean. the country has been on high alert after attacks by isis militants killed dozens of people over the past two years. a state of emergency is in place at least until the end of july. also this morning -- a fire broke out at an apartment building in san francisco's chinatown. crews are still on the scene cleaning up. there at the 100 block of waverly place. fire officials say it broke out around 3:30 this morning. firefighters say the two-alarm fire started at the third floor of the apartment building, and caused moderate to extensive damage there. crews rescued one elderly victim
7:32 am
who suffered smoke injuries. they're not considered life threatening. so far no word on just how many people lived in the building. professional dancer, a victim of a hit-and-run in san francisco. he's now recovering from some serious injuries. it happened at the corner of market and 16th there in castro. locals tell us that intersection can be especially dangerous. this is surveillance video now of the driver hitting 30-year-old nick steadenbed. there on the left corner of your screen. he was in the crosswalk sunday night. he says he had the green light, but it looks like the black car made a right, hit him and took off leaving the professional dancer here facing an uncertain future. >> i love being -- love teaching people, being out, using art, using my body. without being able to do that is really hard. >> we got across the street, and it's terrifying.
7:33 am
>> reporter: people who live and work in the area say the six-way intersection is pretty chaotic and are demanding change. they've changed the timing of the lights, and added signage and crosswalks twice but tell us more changes and studies are coming. well, a battle over courthouses. san francisco's top attorneys are now joining california's top judge to issue a warning to u.s. customs agents. the attorneys are calling for customs agents to stay out of california courthouses. trying to track down undocumented immigrants. it comes as isis is becoming more aggressive in undocumented arrests. san francisco's d.a., the city attorney and public defender have all supported a letter tos u.s. attorney general from california's supreme court chief justice. she suggests i.c.e. is overstepping its authority and making it difficult for those undocumented to report crime. >> if victims and witnesses don't want to work with local law enforcement, that is a problem that stands far more
7:34 am
than just immigrant communities. >> u.s. customs acting are standing behind their tactic saying their targets are only criminals. president trump retreated to his weekend white house. he's back in florida at his mar-a-lago estate. the president, first lady and his son barron arrived in palm beach last night. it's his fifth weekend there since taking office in january. he's expected to meet with business leaders and physicians to discuss reforms to veterans affairs. yesterday he made international headlines after meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. joined in a roundtable meeting and discussions at the white house. the relationship isn't warm. during the campaign, mr. trump criticized the chancellor for admitting syrian refugees. a joint news conference, the president remained under fire for his unproven claims that president obama wiretapped trump tower. when asked about the situation, he pointed to merkel and referenced a 2010 wikileaks claim that u.s. intelligence
7:35 am
tapped her phones. >> at least we have someone in common, perhaps. >> laughter from the press. awkward exchange. the president was also vocal on health care saying he convinced you a dozen republicans doubting the plan to now vote yes. the b.a.r.t. battle lines have been drawn. washington, d.c. versus san jose. the bay area has been waiting decades to see b.a.r.t. roll into downtown san jose, but now the money is in jeopardy. $1.5 billion set aside for b.a.r.t. and vta are not in president trump's budget. san jose mayor is already planning ways to get it back on track. >> many of the component parts in the b.a.r.t. system are manufactured in districts throughout the country. so we'll be talking to those members of congress who know that jobs in their districts depend on this project happening. >> so what does this all mean? construction from the warm springs b.a.r.t. station towards
7:36 am
downtown, san jose is now on hold. stay home. that's the message hundreds of east bay parents got regarding their children's graduations this year. the school district has decided to nix the tradition to help save a few bucks. "today in the bay's" tom jensen went where the parents and middle school kids are up in arms. >> reporter: parents at this school remember past graduation at their kids' middle school. >> this circular area, a podium is set up. >> reporter: oakland unified school district just informed students and parents its two middle schools starting this year families can no the come to graduation. they have to watch it online. >> it was like, i'm not going to see her graduate? i'm going to be there. >> reporter: the superintendent told nbc bay area he decided to hold the ceremonies during the school day in an assembly and live stream the event. he said it saves the district money and they avoid headaches
7:37 am
of setting up and breaking down and shuffling custodian schedules. students and parents say they think it's worth the time and money to have a public graduation. >> one day a year for an hour after school isn't asking too much. >> she won't hear us clapping, being happy for her, her family there to watch her. >> reporter: a meaningful celebration, lost for these kids before moving on to the unknowns of high school and futures as adults. >> last year everyone, all my friends got to do it. now we can't. >> i feel like i missed out on something while they get to do it and i don't get to do it. >> i was looking forward to my dad watching me graduate and working hard since sixth ra grade to make it this far. >> my grandfather passed away and won't see my gradeways. what if someone else's grandparent passes away? they won't get to see it. even that your parents will go to. >> reporter: tom jensen, nbc bay area news. a new era two two peninsula schools. on friday a school board in palo
7:38 am
alto voted unanimously to rename jordan and turman middle schools. they were maimed after two prominent local scientists invofrlted in pretty controversial studies of sterilizing people with undesirable traits all to improve the human race. the community was split on whether to change the names. ultimately the board decided it was the best move. a new name for the schools, though, have not yet been selected. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up -- the giants were back in action on nbc bay area. let you know how their st. paddy's day went down in desert. t waiorlooto tenthr wninstrk tt gas tigh--
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welcome back, everyone bp a live look outside oracle arena. looking to extend their winning streak when hosting the milwaukee bucks. ready for baseball? proud to begin our ninth season at the broadcast home of the giants.
7:41 am
meaning even spring training games. scottsdale stadium, a lot of green. fans celebrated st. patrick's day. the giants taking on the rockies. longtime giants pitcher, the future with the team remains uncertain. he's now just trying to stay on the team. pitched into the fifth inning and gave up three runs. rockies beat the giants 5-1. to the giants biggest stars, two have switched teams temporarily. they are playing for team usa in the world baseball classic. last night in san diego, despite the home field advantage, team usa lost to puerto rico. usa still has a chance to advance, though. they have to beat the dominican republic tonight. and still ahead on "today in the bay" -- the city of oakland is paying one media executive hundreds of dollars per hour to run its p.r. campaign after the ghost ship warehouse fire. one city councilman call it is a
7:42 am
waste of money. and increasing clouds this morning, and after a warm and dry week, seeing showers offshore. who will see the best chance of rain for the weekend when we come right back. special edition? because, actually there's five. ooohh!! aaaahh!! uh! hooooly mackerel. wow. nice. strength and style. it's truck month. get 0% financing for 60 months plus find your tag and get $5500 on select chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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at 7:44, your saturday morning starts with mostly cloudy skies there in san francisco right now. temperatures in the mid-50s. rain-free for the moment and as we head towards heelsberg now, 49 degrees. mostly cloudy. temperatures around sonoma, napa, north bay today overcast skies and probably the best chance of finding showers around sonoma county going into the afternoon. san jose right now, 53 degrees. seeing temperatures climbing out of the low 50s to close to 70 around 2:00 and 3:00 this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies and take you out to lake tahoe. gorgeous view from the observation deck out at heavenly this morning. 34 degrees. highs moving into the afternoon climbing into the low 50s. again, not a lot of precipitation expected out of the systems as we go at least
7:45 am
between now and tomorrow afternoon. but you can see on radar view, showers offshore that are approaching the coast, but, again, this is a fairly weak system. a lot of clouds, but not necessarily a lot of rain. at least for now as you can see here, high pressure giving us warm weather moved off to the south and east over towards the desert southwest. during the day today, mostly cloudy conditions and at times a slight chance of finding a few showers, though. a better bet of that around the north bay during the day today. 5:00, may see partial clearing approaching sunset and then tomorrow morning, once again begins with more clouds and perhaps a better chance for starting the day off with a little bit of rain at times into sonoma county sunday morning, and then mostly cloudy skies through 2:00 and again showers on the increase, we think, from monday into tuesday. so the estimated rain here over the next 24 hours. you can see that bull's-eye here, mainly up into sonoma county. not much elsewhere out of any of the showers we see moving through during the weekend. but as we move into the beginning of the workweek, begin
7:46 am
to see changes here. first of two storms in particular we're watching. monday, you can see the rain makes a comeback. more so the second half the day into tuesday and likely a few passing showers. a slight risk of thunder maybe towards the middle part of the week. right now in terms ftd workweek, the driest day to be thursday. brief ridging of high pressure out ahead of the stronger of the two storms. we think that will arrive on friday. and that second storm would drink two to three inches of rain in the mountains. we'll have to watch to see exactly how long the storm takes to cross through the bay area, because it does look like it will get some tropical moisture drawn in, boosting rainfall rates the second half of the next week. rain making a comeback in the seven-day forecast. you see san francisco and coastal temperatures at the warmest for the weekend. seeing a chance of a few scattered showers monday late into tuesday. and again on friday, the main event. inland locations. highs pretty mild this weekend. upper 60s close to 70.
7:47 am
best chance of showers for the north bay. monday the rain makes a comeback. maybe as much as three quarters inch of rain in the wettest locations, showers into tuesday, and early wednesday and stay tuned on that second storm for the bay area at least. three quarters inch of rain to an an and a half of rain. overcast conditions. mild temperatures, not as warm as we saw earlier this week. back to you. >> all right, rob. thanks. well, still ahead on "today in the bay" -- the city of oakland hires a prity p.r. firm saying to reduce the risk of lawsuits for the city. we investigate why a consultant is getting paid $500 an hour when the city already has an in-house communications team earning six-figure salaries. o institivuniis reali nedetls oc
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
our investigative unit is revealing new details this morning how the city of oakland tried to manage a p.r. crisis after the deadly warehouse fire. it cost 36 lives, but well before it started. we're learning the city is paying a p.r. firm big money, and you at home are paying for it. >> and the time of a crisis, why would you have done that? >> reporter: oakland city councilman walked with us along the now shuttered ghostship
7:51 am
warehouse. he lives nearby and represents the district and says he was shocked to learn that oakland hired a private p.r. firm to handle press following the fire. he says he didn't even know the deal existed until we told him. >> i think that was a misuse of appropriation and a misuse of public funds. >> reporter: the city hired a media consulting firm based in san francisco. the cost -- up to $90,000 for six months of p.r. that bought the city a three-person media team including one executive who gets paid $500 an hour. that's in addition to oakland's full-time media relations staff, who are already earning six-figure salaries. >> should we retain someone at $500 an hour to manage p.r.? >> the answer is, no. that's really unexplainable and inexcusable. >> reporter: according to the kral contract, the press shop was paid to develop media strategies and communications relating to the warehouse fire.
7:52 am
all to reduce the city's risk against lawsuits. >> it is reasonable. >> reporter: charles byers is a public relations professor. he says the price of the contract is average for the industry, and says the firm can help city leaders craft their public statement so they're not leaving oakland more vulnerable for lawsuits. >> the burden of any liability is going to fall upon the taxpayer. >> reporter: the oakland warehouse was never permitted as housing or event space, but it had been used for both. and records we obtained immediately after the fire showed city building inspectors and the police department knew about the illegal activity well before the disaster. he says that kind of potential liability is why oakland needs the contract, but tax dollars are funding the deal and says the city must be transparent. >> you owe it to the public to explain what is behind the
7:53 am
engagement, and indeed why it is a good decision. >> reporter: the contract is supposed to outline the responsibilities of the media firm, but 12 different lines have been blacked out or redacted by the administration. the city says that information is privileged, since litigation could be involved. meanwhile, oakland has already paid for $15,000 of work and not even the invoice details what the city got in return. only calling it confidential expert media services. so who's paying for all this exactly? we discovered it's not just taxpayers. here in oakland we're getting stuck with the bill. 13 other cities and counties across the state are helping pay for the contract, since they, along with oakland, pool their money into a single fund that can only be used to manage a major crisis. approved costs include things like counseling, funeral services or even media
7:54 am
consulting. the california state association of counties, or csac manages the money and sort of acts like an insurance company. cities and counties play premium each year, and those tax dollars are then used to pay out claims, like the one oakland submitted to hire that p.r. firm. the councilman calls it irresponsible. >> i don't need any media strategy. i need to take care of the needs of this neighborhood and that's what the taxpayers are paying us to do, and so i think that was a bad choice. >> reporter: do you feel that taxpayer money could have been better -- >> absolutely. no way to get around it or justify it. >> reporter: oakland the in-house media team and that private team hired by the city are getting your tax dollars to deal with the media, but both declined our request to be interviewed. we got a brief statement say the p.r. firm was liared to develop media strategies to lower the city's risk of being sued.
7:55 am
if you have a tip give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the unit at and we still have much more ahead for you on "today in the bay." coming up -- the being called a breakthrough. the new dlaug could dramatically reduce the risk of dieing from a alert attack or stroke. a ockstechostel dghatheharceucae
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a blockbuster cholesterol drug has the pharmaceutical world buzzing. shown to cut levels of unhealthy cholesterol drastically. the drug called repatha lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke by unto 20% and worked by flashing up healthy clegs troll by more than half. it's an injection but pricey. $14,000 a year. a big change now for tesla. the electric car company says it's fremont factory will no longer produce the least
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expensive version of its model s sedan. april 16th will be the last day customers can oofrder the car. the most economical starts at $68,000 and has a shorter battery life. most decide to upgrade. no need to keep manufacturing the cheaper version of the car. former first lady -- first daughter, rather, chelsea clinton, has a new role in the tech world. joining the board of directors for the travel website expedia. the seattle-based company released the news this week in a public filing. chelsea sits on the board of one other corporation, which owns and other websites. that's in addition to the many nonpraf nonprofits he also works with. thanks for joining us, everyone and making us a part of your morning. we'll have a lot more news for you tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. you can also join us at have a great morning. e this symbol you know you're
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