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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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counitio hi --an se good sunday morning to you. your time now is 7:00. let's give you a live look outside. that is san jose this sunday, march 19th, 2017. thank you so much for waking up with us. we'll get a check of that forecast right now because it's wonderful to have you and some big changes coming. >> this is the last full day of winter and for those who wanted to see the spring-like weather like we had last week, beginning to see some changes outside. one of the changes, drizzle and light rain north of the golden gate. 56 degrees and a pretty sunrise. 54 in san jose right now. dublin 51 degrees as you wrap up the st. patrick's day weekend
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festival, the 5k fun run and walk this morning, you'll see numbers in the 60s but there's also some green on the radar this morning. in the north bay some light rain at times. that's probably where it's hanging out for most of today but you see the wide angle view here, more storms starting to line up. so mostly cloudy. highs near mid-60s in the north bay. we're tracking really two fairly moderate storm systems as we go through the next seven days. how much we're expecting in terms of rainfall and snow. another busy pattern sets up in the bay area. >> but mostly dry today so folks can enjoy the festivities. >> showers are really light. most of it north of the golden gate bridge today. well, the white house is investigating two security scares this morning that happened within hours of each other on saturday. here's what we know. late last night a man drove up to a secret service check point around 11:00 east coast time. he reportedly told agents he had a bomb in his car.
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no word on whether authorities found anything, but the secret service says the investigation is ongoing. now, that security scare happened less than two mile from the white house and earlier many the day a man nearly made it on to the white house grounds. that man jumped a bike rack outside the white house and tried to get into the fence. secret service security guards arrested him though before he could make it on to the grounds. the president was not in danger from this breach. he was at his resort in florida during both of yesterday's incidents. nine days ago a man made it past two white house barriers and reportedly made it to an entrance. we are now learning that it took agents nearly 20 minutes to catch jonathan tran. he was carrying mace. a taller fence is set to be built next year. it was an emotional night in the south bay as people gathered to honor the life of a beloved little league coach stabbed to death outside a downtown san
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jose nightclub. hundreds of people poured into gateway hall to pay tribute to 35-year-old frank navarro. also known as poncho, he was the president of the east ridge little league. although he had no kids of his own, friends say he was a father figure to thousands of little league kids in san jose. a coach who drove kids to practice, helped them with their homework and held them accountable. >> he would coach and take care of his kids at the same time. he would be over there dragging the field at the same time and he was on our kids. he praised them when they did good and he got on them when they were making mistakes. >> navarro worked as a security manager at the icacantina in downtown san jose. he was stabbed to death after confronting a patron about a false id. now one woman and five men from a family have been charged with his killing. continuing coverage now of
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that chaotic police shooting in san jose on friday. police tell us the suspect remains in critical condition this morning. the man led police on a chase that ended in a busy shopping center. before the incident, that man apparently went after a mother and some children in his nearby neighborhood while he was naked. that woman is still shaken by the ordeal. she says she didn't know her neighbor, but never thought of him as dangerous. >> of course, kids never see that. just crying, screaming. i just met him one time and he was looking okay. >> no officers were hurt in the shooting. the police chief plans to provide an update on the investigation tomorrow. an elderly woman in critical condition this morning after a fire at a long-term care facility in san jose. that fire started about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. it was contained to one room, but firefighters evacuated more than 100 patients as a
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precaution. right now no cause has been named. >> a man is under arrest accused of carrying out a robbery spree across multiple cities many the east bay. richmond police say he held up several vick tims at knife poin. he then targeted people in hercules. none of the victims were hurt. some say one of his best albums was reported right here in the bay area. chuck berry is being remembered this morning. the 90-year-old died yesterday. today in the bay's tom jensen has more on the life of a rock 'n roll icon. ♪ >> one of the greatest albums was live at the fill more. he paid tribute to that.
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>> he knows american music. >> american music and he's the american day beethoven. >> he grew up with berry's so s songs. he remembers his first of three live chuck berry concerts. in connecticut in 1972, the police insisted people remain in their seats. >> he says i don't want to hear any of that. kick the chairs out. and the cops came in because there was supposed to be no dancing. he launched "johnny b. goode." >> fans remembered his contributions fondly. >> he also brought such a gift of music and witness through that. >> he's sort of one of a last era of musicians that really paved the way for so many different types of music. >> things changed after this guy showed up. >> for mel it will always be a
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little more personal though. one of his good friends played with chuck berry in providence where ash worked as a journalist at the time. >> it was a thrill for him to be playing with the master, you know, a legend. >> he said chuck berry was very gracious. he always enjoyed it. nbc bay area news. well, the tributes are pouring in on social media for chuck berry. former president bill clinton tweeted chuck berry's life was a treasure and a triumph and he'll never be forgotten. apple's ceo tweeted he could play the guitar just like ringing a bell. we will miss you, chuck berry. and bruce springsteen summing it all up. chuck ber we rus rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist and the purest rock 'n roll writer who ever lived. a tremendous loss of a giant for the ages. our coverage of the death of chuck berry continues across our digital platforms.
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go to our website to read more about his life and career. coming up, rethinking the ink. why one bay area city is seeing more and more people getting their tattoos removed after the election. and bringing down the bridge. the dramatic end to this popular stretch in monterey county and what's set to be built in its place. oh, dishwasher,
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sun is up and that's a live look outside communications hill in san jose and as rob was saying we're going to get a few scattered showers today, but still a good day to get out, get things done because we have a round of showers heading our way. several storms and rob will be by in a moment with more details on what to expect this work week. police in palo alto have released the mug shots of five people charged in a hit and run. four of the suspects are 18
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years old. the fifth is 20. when officers tried to pull over a driver, he sped around the corner and hit someone on a by sickl -- bicycle. officers found the suspects in a shed about an hour later. the bicyclist suffered major injuries. a lot of uncertainty and fear in communities over the president's proposed travel ban. the city of san pablow said it is see ago spike in the number of people wanting to remove their tattoos. the city holds a clinic every third saturday of the month offering tattoo removals. they say in the last six months they've seen more people wanting to rethink their ink. some fear tattoos could make them the victim of racial profiling and possibly lead to deportation. >> we've seen a double of clients basically. this clinic, today we had over 70 people here today that were able to use the service. >> well, the tattoo removal will
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cost you $50 if you live in the area. $80 if you live outside the city. still ahead on today in the bay, a mission almost accomplished. the space x dragon cargo spacecraft is headed back to earth this morning after dropping off supplies to the international space station. where it will land and what it's carrying. and a lot of gray skies and this looking back to san francisco as green has returned to the radar, especially in the north bay this morning as we watch a series of storms here, starting to line up over the next 7 days. the impact on the rest of the weekend and the week ahead when we come right back. s jo fr
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the time now is 7:14. another live look outside at san jose. rob says we're going to get some scattered showers today but it will be dry enough to get outside and get some things done before you hunker down because another series of storms is
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headed our way. let's give you some new video of the space x dragon cargo spacecraft leaving the international space station. according to nasa it delivered about 5,500 pounds of cargo. the space x launched last month from kennedy space center and arrived at the iss four days later. the capsule is expected to land in the ocean where it will be retrieved. the cargo ship isn't coming back empty handed. it is carrying science samples from human and animal research and various studies. the space x dragon is the only space station that can return to earth intact. >> that's incredible video you're looking at. that is what's left of the phifer canyon bridge. crews managed to destroy most of it yesterday leaving a huge hole leading to highway 1.
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demolition of the bridge which was damaged because of a landslide will begin tomorrow. if the weather is good enough, the bridge will be gone and debris will be cleaned up by the end of the week. that's astonishing they can do it so quickly. thanks to the recent heavy rains nature is making a comeback. the bay area hasn't seen vernal pools in the past few years. now they're back. we tag along with biologists searching for the species that live in these pools. >> it's a unique place. oh, i love it. >> in nature, beauty is often fleeting. it's just off the mall parkway. the rain filled winter has left vast temporary bodies of water known as vernal pools. >> they are seasonal. it's a place that you can discover things every single day. >> reporter: these temporary
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pools have reappeared each winter for thousands of years, but not during the recent drought. >> for one year there were no pools. >> reporter: with this year's rain, the pools have returned. u.s. fish and wild life biologist is up to her knees in science. >> so far looks like it will be a great year. >> reporter: these unique pools have their own unique residents. endangered tadpole shrimp and federally threatened california tiger salamanders. >> today we're assembling in the pools. >> reporter: so she and her team set out to take inventory of the pool's creatures. >> like churning butter very g vigorously in a pond. >> we measure them. >> 29. >> got one.
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>> they live in these extreme environment. >> reporter: these animals lay eggs and remain in the land even after the pools dry up. >> so this cycle makes this place extra special. >> reporter: she says without these vernal pools, all of these species would vanish from the earth. but as beautiful as the pools are, they'll soon fadeaway. >> they're only here for a short amount of time. >> but if you come here in summer you will not recognize the landscape. >> reporter: as the season turns over, so does this unique landscape, at least for now a reflection of the rain. nbc bay area news. >> and we were just saying what a beautiful day it was out there for joe to get those images. >> it's been interesting the month for the most part, first half of the month has been dry. last week 70s and 80s. very pleasant weather but we'll
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see some changes as we give you the monthly outlook around the bay area. you notice here all the way through, the areas you see there in yellow, relatively dry days without rain, so not a very rainy start to march. but now let's jump you forward to this week and the end of the month. now you're starting to see some changes out there. as you can see the week ahead does include more rainy days and less dry days over the next 7 to 14-day outlook as we look out toward the end of the month. so again, today you can see we've got clouds, mainly some light rain and drizzle for your morning run here around ocean beach. 54 and overcast skies and that's a view we'll see for most of the day today. unlike yesterday, we had clearing skies at times. today probably stuck with mostly cloudy conditions. if you've got allergies and the sneeze index feels very high, tree pollen very high. now grass pollen you might have noticed that has also picked up this week, so the good news with these chances of seeing rain,
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hopefully at least short term we can knock down some of that pollen. look at the view from the observation deck around the sierra, 30 degrees we're having mostly cloudy skies and we'll probably see a few showers at times today. snow levels pretty high. monday and tuesday close to 7,000 feet. we'll see snow levels dropping down to 5 or 6,000 feet later in the week. hour by hour, notice mostly cloudy skies. showers at times around the north bay. we've been seeing that this morning. areas north of san francisco. temperatures around san jose even with the clouds still thinking close to 70 degrees so fairly mild but mostly cloudy to wrap up the weekend. notice here in the future cast, a lot of the showers up here around the north bay, but things begin to change tomorrow now. notice the rainmaking a comeback. especially for the second half of monday, so what we're going to see tonight, more areas of light showers heading into monday morning's commute. we'll see a little bit of light rain at times from the peninsula
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to the north bay and just after lunchtime now, 3:00 into the evening commute you're beginning to see more rain crossing through the bay area. so rainfall projections as we add everything up between now and tuesday night so about 48 hours or so of some weather here. maybe 1 to 2 inches in the mountains of the north bay. generally a third of an inch to a half inch around the central bay and another rain bulls eye. one to two inches expected through tuesday. here is the system responsible. may get some thunderstorms too. cooler air aloft tuesday into wednesday. the second storm of the series begins to arrive as we get into looks like friday and then saturday. we begin to see a little bit of clearing here so how things shape up in your 7-day forecast, you'll see again, a chance of rain picking up as we get into monday. tuesday some scattered showers at times. wednesday into thursday, a bit of a break and you notice as we get into the end of the week that friday storm, some rainfall projections there could get up to three quarters to an inch and
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a half of rain. i know it's not what you want to see out of the 7-day forecast considering spring begins tomorrow morning but over the next seven days looks like rain will become a little more steady for monday into tuesday and the strongest storm we'll have to watch out for with the snow levels arriving. >> today in the bay is back after this short break coming up. >> what i wanted to do is i wanted to restore dignity to people. i wanted to improve health. >> how an engineer came up with an idea to spread his faith one wash at a time. it is a story that will make you bay area proud. [bullfighting music]
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[burke] billy-goat ruffians. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ innovation is in our day in the area. as we have learn it also extends far beyond that. we recently heard about a man that has come up with an innovative way to help the homeless.
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>> reporter: anyone who has spent a little bit of time on youtube knows there are plenty of videos you'd be wise not to emulate. but ron powers saw a video that sparked an idea in him. a way to not just help the homeless but put his faith into action. >> so what i did is i got a van, did everything on craigslist. got everything used. >> reporter: he's a mechanical engineer by profession, which explains the question of how he was able to pull off such an out of the box idea. >> and then i have -- >> reporter: turning a used van into a mobile laundry mat. complete with two washers and driers, hookups with power and water when it's available a generator when it's not. >> i put a tv on a garage door track. >> reporter: he fashioned an outside of the van entertainment system for the clientel of this free service. the homeless of santa cruz.
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>> i saw a need there. what i wanted to do is i wanted to restore dignity to people. i wanted to improve people. >> reporter: but the question of why ron who has a day job at apple is spending a few days and nights a week driving around the city offering his clothes cleaning services? that question, ron says, is just as simple to answer. >> it's one thing to wash someone's clothes to feed them and help them but it's another to feed the soul. >> reporter: he's someone his whole life who has spent a lot of time studying his faith but realized he wasn't putting it into action. >> what it did is it just changed me. i realize i must have missed a turn somewhere early on. >> i'll put you in for a load right now. >> reporter: so when he came up with the idea of loads of love his mobile machine washing ministry, it was a perfect fit not just providing a needed service but one with some built-in down time. >> to have something like their
7:27 am
clothes you've got them for an hour or two hours and so what happens is i'm here already, i'm not going any place, we might as well have a conversation. >> reporter: whether that conversation leads to any kind of conversion, ron isn't so concerned. either way, he knows by the end of the night, a load of good will have been done. ron says his loads of love isn't just associated with one church because he wants it to be available to many churches. also, he welcomes people to come along with him any time they want experiencing the good from both sides. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. you're watching today in the bay. up next, millions of dollars headed to bay area roads for upgrades and repairs. we'll show you what stretch of freeway will get the bulk of that money. and an indepth look at rock 'n roll icon chuck berry. a stay with us.
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good morning. let's give you a live look right now in the skies over dublin there. really pretty sunrise. enjoy the dry weather while you can because some changes are ahead. 54 degrees out there right now. good morning. thank you so much for waking up with us this sunday. we're going to get a check of that forecast as well. you're pulling a long stretch for us but working just as hard and a lot of new weather changes coming up. >> last week was so pleasant. we had 70s and 80s, like a preview of spring. next seven days, not so much. i wish i had other news to talk about. one of the best spots for finding showers right there around the north bay. you see the low clouds, mist over the golden gate bridge and overcast skies, a lot of gray skies around the bay area today.
7:31 am
we'll see temperatures climbing actually close to 70 as we head towards the afternoon but you see around santa rosa, areas of showers. temperatures around the north bay will probably have the best bet for finding showers today in the upper 60s as you saw near 70 in san jose but progressively wetter and windier weather ahead as we track really two storm systems that will have a big impact on the work week ahead. time line on those storms coming up in about 15 minutes. >> april showers so we still have a lot of rain headed our way. >> that's true. well, the white house is investigating two security scares that happened within hours of each other on saturday. here's what we know this morning. late last night a man drove up to a secret service check point around 11:00 p.m. he reportedly told agents he had a bomb in his car. no word on whether authorities found anything. the secret service says the investigation is ongoing. and that security scare happened just about two miles from the white house. earlier in the day, a man nearly made it on to the white house
7:32 am
grounds. that man jumped a bike rack outside the white house and tried to get over the fence. secret service security guards arrested him before he could get too far. the president was at his resort in florida during both of yesterday's incidents. and just nine days ago a man made it past two white house barrie barriers. we are now learning it took secret service agents 20 minutes to catch jonathan tran. a taller fence is set to be built next year. officials in france are investigating a possible p terrorist attack. this happened at the orly airport. the man was immediately shot and killed by other soldiers. investigators say that same man shot and injured a police officer north of paris earlier that day. then stole a car and drove to the airport. a terrorism investigation has
7:33 am
been launched based upon what the man shouted. >> translator: according to statement from the soldiers he said i quote, put your arms down, put your hands behind your head, i am here to die by allah. whatever happens, there will be deaths. >> the man apparently has a long criminal history. france has been on edge after a series of attacks over the past year and a half. one of the kings of rock 'n roll has died. chuck berry is best known for his colorful lyrics inventive guitar playing and stage antics that helped make rock 'n roll music an international obsession. more on his life now from chris clakam. >> reporter: johnny b. goode is one of the four songs on the voyager spacecraft. that's how good he was. born charles edward anderson berry in 1926 in st. louis
7:34 am
missouri, but the world knew him as chuck. >> i came with the blues and that was sort of raunchy then. >> reporter: he developed his own style and it was muddy waters that helped him get a deal with chess records where he had his first big hit "maybellene." >> i came in right at the right time when african american music was stilling over into the main stream of pop. >> reporter: berry's guitar playing was matched only by his instinctive showmanship. a string of hits in the 50s like "rollover beethoven" established
7:35 am
him as a star and pioneer of a new american music genre. he received a grammy lifetime achievement award, was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame and rolling stone magazine named berry the number sixth best guitarist in history. >> if you really have good intentions some of your ventures may be wrong but i think you come back. >> reporter: chuck berry continued to perform well into his 80s and said it was the music that kept him going. nbc news. >> tributes are pouring in for chuck berry. bill clinton tweeted chuck berry's life is a treasure and his life will never be forgotten. and the boss, bruce springsteen summing it all upperfectly. chuck berry was rock's greatest practitioner, guitarist and the
7:36 am
greatest pure rock 'n roll writer who ever lived. our coverage of the death of chuck berry continues of course across all of our digital platforms. go to our website to read more about his life and career. it was an emotional night in the south bay as people gathered to hon more the life of a beloved little league coach stabbed to death outside a downtown san jose nightclub. hundreds poured into gateway hall to pay tribute to 35-year-old frank navarro also known as poncho. he was president of the east ridge little league. alto he had no kids of his own, friends say navarro was a father figure to thousands of little league kids in san jose. he was a coach wo drove kids to practice, he helped them with their homework and he held them accountable. >> he would coach and take care of his field at the same time. he would have his kids running drills and he would be over there dragging the field at the same time. he was on our kids. he praised them when they did good and he got on them when
7:37 am
they were making mistakes. >> navarro worked as a security manager in a cantina in downtown san jose. he was stabbed to death after confronting a patron about a false id. now one woman and five men from a family have been charged with his killing. >> continuing coverage now of the chase that ended in a police shooting in san jose on friday. police tell us the suspect remains in critical condition this morning. that man led police on a pursuit that ended in a busy shopping center. before that incident, the man apparently went after a mother and some children in his neighborhood nearby while he was naked. that woman is still shaken by the ordeal. she says she didn't know the man, but never thought of her neighbor as dangerous. >> of course kids never see that kind of stuff and just the crying, screaming. i just met him one time and he was looking okay. >> no officers were hurt in the
7:38 am
shooting and the police chief says he plans to come up with an update on that investigation tomorrow. state and local leaders met directly with homeowners yesterday morning to assess the damage from last month's historic flooding in san jose. jim bell and other leaders met with victims and toured some of their homes. some of the flood victims said simply, they were unprepared for last month's flooding. >> nobody ever said oh, you should be, you know, preparing for a flood or anything. so -- yeah. so i just assumed when i saw the water coming down the street that we were in trouble. >> walmart is one of the latest companies now donating supplies to victims at the seven trees community center. the power plant at the troubled dam is back up and running. the department of water resources which took over control of the flood control spillway restarted the power plant friday night. it is a step forward in managing
7:39 am
outflows from the lake which was so full last month that the dam nearly failed. tens of thousands of people downstream were evacuated as a precaution. they're now asking the public to avoid the river for the next week as it releases more water to make room in that reservoir. it has been a slow journey for california's high speed rail project but officials are committed to making it a reality. the mayor tried to seiease concs in a community forum. some of those concerns were noise and how it could affect people's property values. >> we know there are noise impacts. some people don't like the aesthetics. we're listening, we have an opportunity to change and this is the time to do it. >> federal funding for that line is still an uncertainty. the trump administration recently with held a $647 million grant that
7:40 am
officials say would have helped the project along. california drivers and riders are about to get a smoother ride. state transportation leaders have allocated more than $200 million to upgrade roads, bridges and rail systems. one of the big bay area projects is interstate 80 between the county line and state highway 4. more than $40 million is headed to that stretch of road for improvements including pavement and guardrails. highway 1 is also getting some funds. $3 million will go toward a new retaining wall and improving drainage north of muir woods road. >> still to come on "today" in the bay steph curry and the warriors working to make it three and could he get his groove back from three-point range? we will show you next.
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clearasil rapid action begins working fast for clearly visible results in as little as 12 hours. but can it fix this teen's skateboarding mishap? nope. so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things. --ut war let's give you a live look
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outside at oracle arena. it is quiet now but it was rocking just hours ago. sold out crowd watched the warriors battle it out with the bucs. the warriors were looking to extend their win streak to a modest three games when they hosted the bucs last night steph curry has been struggling from the three point line over the past few weeks. not anymore. the warriors were down by 14 points early but steph got hot at just the right time. he hit six of eight from way downtown scoring 28 points in only three quarters of work. winning big, 117 to 92 and see what happens when steph is asked about his hot shooting game in the post game interview. >> what's helping you find your zone? >> keep shooting. that's it, really. can't get discouraged on misses. can't get too big headed. >> yeah, can't get too big headed there. green cooling off his teammate
7:44 am
with a full cup of water. we're hoping that steph doesn't get too cool. the warriors will need that hot hand tomorrow night in oklahoma city. st. mary's looking to move on to the sweet 16 taking on the arizona wildcats in solt lake city. they held a one point lead at the half. the second half a different story. arizona taking control of the game and ending st. mary's season. final score 69-60. coming up the gop fight to replace and repeal obamacare facing an uphill battle in its current form. we're joined live and we'll explain why the american health care act is facing opposition from both sides of the isle. replic efrtso realndreacehe afrl
7:45 am
7:46 am
republican efforts to repeal and replace the affordable care act faus a problce a problem. the passage of the bill as it stands means at least 24 million
7:47 am
americans who now have health care would lose it. our political analyst joins us and how can that be? 24 million americans and also that's got to mean some major changes to this bill. >> yeah, there's no question about it. it's going to galvanize the opposition. that's for certain, but it goes without saying that democrats particularly oppose the bill, sure. but the bigger problem, the bigger problem lies with the house republicans where major divisions exist between conservatives and moderates and even if the health care repeal and replace bill gets to the senate enough republicans there oppose the bill in its present form to assure its defeat. >> so the congressional budget office, they come up with this 24 million number. that's a national estimate. do the republicans agree with that number and also what does that mean here in california? >> once we get into the weeds it gets very interesting. we find that many more people are affected than we might have originally thought and consider this. one third of californians are on
7:48 am
medical which accounts for billions in medicare funding. that money could begin to go away as early as 2019 in the current bill is passed. also 1.5 million californians receive subsidies. that's the state's insurance exchange. those bills are also scheduled to go away. so when you add together the medical and privately ensured californians as many as 15 million californians could be affected. >> so we lose those subsidies. what does the new plan do instead? >> well, people would receive tax credit to help offset health insurance costs but in most cases the credit would be 60% of the dollars now committed to subsidies according to covered california officials. that's why the cbo concludes that these credits would not be
7:49 am
enough to keep millions perhaps as many as 24 million people insured. >> some state lawmakers have come up with alternative plans so what are we looking at and what is the likelihood that california could actually see something tailored to this state's health care needs? california state senator lara has introduced a bill that would create a single payer health care system for all californians where one state agency would assure coverage for everyone. like the affordable care act individuals and companies would be taxed to foot the bill. that's where it starts. >> so can we actually afford it? >> bingo. that's the big question. it always is the big question. given the state receives more than $24 billion from federal governments for medi cal, that's the question. there's no indication whether a state run program could raise that much money from individual and employer contributions. as the uncertainty over the
7:50 am
shape of the health care reform bill in washington people there and in california remain in limbo over where it's going to wind up and that's not a nice place to be when you're talking about health care. >> as we look at it, obviously president trump has issued a number of executive orders but this is his first big piece of legislation and paul ryan too. and he's all about winning as we know from president trump. it's all about winning, so he's not going to let this go and the many changes that need to take place, what are we looking at and how long is this process going to take? >> the republicans have been after this for seven years now. president trump needs a win, as you've said. he's also the the negotiator. so the question is how far must he go and how far can republicans go to get the bill passed? the fighting right now is mostly within that party. we know where the democrats are, so the real question is can they cobble something together and if they don't, yeah, it's going to
7:51 am
be stain on both of them. >> what are the biggest changes between trump care and obamacare? >> a lot. for one thing the subsidies. they're so much lower for the average user. they talk about everyone getting access. that's the key word. but getting access is not the same thing as being guaranteed health care. i could have access to a rolls royce. >> but still not be able to afford it. >> right. i could not purchase it and that's the rub. >> thank you as always for your insight. coming up, it is all about the dress. why hundreds of high school students will feel like the belle of the ball just in time for prom season. and sunday morning starting off with a lot of clouds around the north bay. a few showers moving across the north bay as it returns of some rain and wind and maybe even thunder in the 7-day forecast. a look ahead when we come right back.
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pretty skies with some clouds. about 30 degrees and how about that snow pack as we see to date still way above average. you could see 66% of average. we'll be adding to those totals at times this week and the rain totals around this area. anywhere from 120% to 173% of average. look at santa rosa. 52 inches of rain so far and yes, bay area locations seeing a little addition to those numbers
7:55 am
over the next seven days. overcast skies. 54 degrees. very interesting some precipitation aloft as we like to say, not necessarily reaching the ground and there are times sometimes that radar will scan this before that rain begins to reach ground level. right now a lot of elevated returns there on the radar. you see 56 degrees in san francisco, but some rain reaching the ground in the north bay and sonoma coast. that will likely continue through the day today with a few scattered showers across portions of the south bay but that's the storm we're watching through monday. better accumulations of rainfall during the day tomorrow. today a lot of clouds out there, but not necessarily a lot of rain drops so overcast skies for the afternoon. best rain chances will be in the north bay as we see temperatures climbing close to 70s across some of the valleys and cooling back into the 60s as we head toward the evening. mid-60s from san francisco, the
7:56 am
coast up into the north bay. but things do change tomorrow. notice clouds on the increase. rain increasing after lunchtime tomorrow and we will see the potential for briefly heavier rain at times especially in the hills of the north bay leaving not so much for the morning but right there. 3:00 in the afternoon on monday and into monday night. we will see the potential for the north bay hills and around the santa cruz mountains. the areas in orange and red that could pick up one to two inches of rain through monday and tuesday afternoon. you can see the bull's eye once again around the mountains. scattered showers, a chance of thunder showers with cooler air aloft tuesday into wednesday. thursday right now looks like we could catch a break before this next system arrives on friday. this, we think right now has the potential for briefly heavier rain. friday afternoon, probably into early saturday, but notice next weekend by saturday afternoon we should begin to see some clearing. so kind of a complex 7-day forecast if you take a look at it today. overcast, a few sprinkles at
7:57 am
times. the rain makes a comeback. wednesday afternoon, probably the driest stretch of the work week and then that friday storm, winds 35 miles per hour so a little gusty at times friday. clearing as we move into next weekend. >> okay. thanks so much. well, hundreds of girls received the royal treatment this weekend in preparation for a big dance. princess projects silicon valley donated prom dresses to girls who wouldn't be able to afford a fancy gown. 1,600 teens will receive a dress this year. that's the most in the chapter's 12-year history. today is day two of a four-day giveaway at a pop-up shop in mountainview. they can leave with a dress as well as shoes, jewelry and other accessories. well, thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. more local news for you tonight at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00 and all day on our website.
7:58 am
we hope you all have a great day.
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, credibility crisis. president trump's unapologetic defense of his unsubstantiated claims. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess -- you know, this past administration -- at least we have something in common perhaps. >> did president obama wiretap mr. trump? the former head of u.s. intelligence -- >> there was no such wiretap activity. >> the speaker of the house. >> i have not seen any evidence of this. >> the republican house intel chair. >> we don't have any evidence that that took place. >> the top democrat on the house intel committee. >> thus far we have seen no basis for that whatsoever. >> now fbi director james comey will testify before the house tomorrow on spy claims and


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