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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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right now at 4:30, uncovering the truth, a live look at the capitol where in just a few hours fbi director james comey is expected to testify. what we could learn about the investigation into russia, hacking of the presidential election, and president trump's claims of wiretapping. something light to start your monday morning. hope you're coming off a great weekend. good morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> let's get your monday started right. the first day of spring with karen. >> it is. finally spring is here. we'll start to see showers moving into the bay area. here's a look at the wider view and the storm system.
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we'll be having spotty showers the next couple days. this morning a couple sprinkles but for the most part still dry. grab the umbrella because we will start to see some rain starting to become more widespread. especially this afternoon into the evening. looking at a wet start to this weekend, several storms moving in. mike has a crash in san jose. >> came in just a couple minutes ago. i will talk about hayward, but first, northbound 101 at first street, reports of a crash involving a pickup truck and at least two of your middle lanes are blocked. no slowing yet, but we're watching this. sjc, highway 87 and 880. the rest of the south bay moves well. we'll know this incident in the south bay. the trivalley, a smooth drive out of the altamont pass.
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happening today, the start of what is going on a critical week for the trump administration. in less than three hours fbi director james comey and national security chief mike rogers are set to receive before the house intelligence committee. this hearing will be the first opportunity for the public to hear whether there is any direct evidence of contact last year between russia and the trump campaign. the hearing will also likely address the president's allegations that trump tower was wiretapped and that the obama administration was involved. so far we have not seen proof. among lawmakers, opinions slit down party lines. >> there's no evidence of collusion. >> it was a reckless statement. he charged the former president with a criminal act. he had no evidence to support it. >> also this morning on capitol hill the judiciary committee starts confirmation hearings for neil gorsuch, the court nominee
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to replace justice scalia. if confirmed he would be the youngest justice on the court. stay on top of today's hearings with nbc news. the coverage of the hearings continues at 7:00 on the "today" show. that's when the hearing is expected to begin. in just a few hours we're expecting to hear more about what went wrong during a chaotic and bizarre police shooting in san jose friday. it began with reports of a naked man chasing a mother and child and leading police on a car chase. it ended when police shot him. kris sanchez live at the san jose police department. the department will have a news conference this morning. what are you expecting to hear? >> reporter: we no that the police department is reviewing the video that comes from the officers' body warn cameras. we hope to hear about that this morning and maybe something about what the investigators found at the scene, both scenes. before we roll the video, some of you might find it a little
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jarring to watch this morning. take a listen. shots fired after officers say that suspect led them on a chase out of a neighborhood nearby where investigators say he stripped make and was chasing that woman and child. officers fired for a second time after the man appeared to prove and the truck he was in lurched forward. all of this happened in a busy grocery store strip mall in west san jose about 50 miles from people inside a restaurant and a cell phone store. >> what i saw of him, yeah. >> from what i could see, i think he was. because when he chased the lady from here with the kids, yeah, he was endangering her. >> reporter: that's what witnesses told us when we asked hem whether or not that man appeared to pose a threat to the public. the incident happened in the west san jose neighborhood about
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four miles from where the shooting happened. when we know when the press conference will happen here at san jose police, we will let you know both on air and online. in san jose, kris sanchez. >> thank you very much. authorities this morning have not yet revealed the identities of a father who shot his daughter then himself in a murder/suicide in capitola. a heart breaking story. it unfolded yesterday in a parking lot at the capitola mall. a woman called 911 saying her husband was at the mall and was suicidal. the man and girl were found inside the car. each died at the scene. it's 4:35. coming up, the monday bluings could have more oomph today if you had your bracket busted. we'll highlight yesterday's march madness surprise. and uber is looking for a new driver. wi reeda n pride. "jf jes"ustui
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uber's president is
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resigning. >> the president said he'll start searching for a c.o.o. to help run uber. some said that would have meant a demotion for president jones. how's your bracket doing? is it bust already? you're not alone. >> the first round of the ncaa tournament pretty much held to form the second round over the weekend left some brackets battered. some top seeds yesterday moved through with ease including kansas roaring into the sweet 16. for a while michigan state stayed close. dramond green was watching that. the spartans were down by one point with 12 minutes to play. kansas cruised from there, though, outscoring michigan state 19 points to win 97. the michigan wolverines managed to do what their rivals could not, take down a top seed. second-seeded louisville led by nine in the second half but couldn't hold it. the wolverines got hot down the stretch and held on for a four-point win. everybody talking about duke going down in flames.
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south carolina man handled the blue devils 88-81. pac-12 teams did well, including oregon and ucla. they both won their games last ninth circuit. including arizona pb there are three pac-12 teams in the sweet 16. >> there we go. we'll keep following it. coming up, be our guest, be our guest, "beauty and the beast" breaking movie records. the crazy amount of money the film made this weekend.
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welcome back. a very good monday morning to you. doesn't it look beautiful out there? you know, on the first day of spring, a little christmas cheer. that is live look at redwood ci city. i like when cities leave the lights up like that. it's pretty at night. good morning. 4:43. a look at weather and traffic together. change in the forecast, kari. >> a lot of changes. it's been dry and warm but we're in for cooler and wetter weather for spring. kind of flipped around. san jose, we start out with dry conditions this morning. as you step out, it's breezy. spring just starred about an hour and 20 minutes ago. and the rain returns as we go through the day. some gus ti winds possible. you can already feel some of the breezy winds now, and then we'll also have a chance of some thunder and maybe some small
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hail as we start to see more showers and storms moving in. we'll talk about the time line. getting a look at the temperatures now in the mid to upper 50s and the seven-day forecast is now coming up at the bottom of the screen, you will see that we will have some rain pretty much every day except thursday in the forecast. so going to be a very wet week. and looking at highs today reaching into the mid-60s, it's already windy in the peninsula. and we'll see times of rain today in the trivalley, up to 67 today, 60 in the northbound and san francisco up to 65 degrees. going to see those cooler temperatures in the north bay where we start to see the rain moving in a little earlier. a look at that big storm system that will start to work its way in. and it will bring in some spotty light showers starting out. that's about all we've seen so far, but just that reminder that you will need the umbrella as we go through the day as we continue to see more of this rain moving in. so looking at the hour by hour outlook, not a whole lot going on here before lunchtime, but
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then we will start to see some spotty light rain move thing into the north bay this afternoon and it gets heavier as we go into this evening with pockets of heavy downpours and the potential of some thunder and lightning, maybe even some small hail as we go into tonight as well as tomorrow, off-and-on rain. once again at times it will be a little heavier but there will be some breaks in between. heading into tuesday in the afternoon, going to see at time some rain passing until wednesday, when we start to see this storm system winding down. but we are expecting three storm systems this week and the potential with this first round bringing us anywhere from an inch and a quarter to two inches of rain in pockets in the north bay and for-spots like san jose up to half an inch of rain and much higher for the santa cruz mountains. this is the first storm system. the second moves in as we head into wednesday. the third one moves in on friday and continues into saturday. so once again looks like only thursday will be the dry day of the week and we'll still see some active weather heading into
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next week. as we go through that seven-day forecast, once again that slight chance of some showers, thunderstorms, and possibly some lightning for tomorrow. some showers on wednesday, cool and dry on thursday and highs in the upper 50s for most of the week. so as we officially start spring, it will feel more like winter around the bay area and more active weather. heading over to mike, now, calling out hayward and san jose. >> that's because that's where we have our traffic activity. san jose is a bigger issue. northbound 880, hayward, an earlier crash on the shoulder that will be a dris traction. not a problem towards the north san mateo bridge. to the south bay, overall things are looking good but 101 by sjc, this is still blocking the two right lanes. i'm told there's a bigger pickup truck with a bust ee eed axel
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blocking the right two lanes. it's also affecting the brokaw off ramp. 880 north taking brokaw over there, that will get you past the scene. we'll get a little more detail. that was northbound 101 at brokaw. over here, the trivalley looks like an easy drive coming in west bound. something we saw from our live camera, i didn't notice this before but it's very clear. look at the top of your screen. you can see off the altamont pass. it's clear right here. clear toward livermore. amazon wants to make sure you look good. the internet giant has a new way to help you drisess. >> for more on that, landon dowdy at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> you guys give me tough competition. futures are lower this morning and the markets are coming off a positive week, although it was a
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mixed session on friday. home sales and durable goods, fed officials speaking after the fed hiked interest rates last week. the dow falling 19 points friday. the nasdaq up a fraction to 59 to 1. amazon wants to rate what's in your closet. it has a new feature for prime members calmed outfit compare. here's how it works. you upload photos and a real stylish will help you. only staffers can remove the photos and it removes copies of images when you delete the photos from the app. airlines for america, an industry trade group, is projecting about 145 million passengers will fly globally on u.s. carriers in march and april. that's up 4% from last year. and it translates to an extra 9,0
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89,000 daily passengers. they're adding 100,000 additional seats. 4:48. never mind the mixed reviews, a disney film made history over the weekend, where it counts, at that box office. ♪ >> the live action version of "beauty and the beast" brought in nearly $170 million in its first weekend. a new high mark for family films. blowing the past record holder out, "finding dorie," $135 million. it also marks hollywood's largest march debut ever. "kong: skull island" took second and "logan" came in third. cheerios taking the buzz out of its boxes. why the famous little bee has flown the honey nut hive. france wants to protect cultural sites. international donors are gathered for a conference at the
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louvre to raise more money. the goal is to create a network that will store endangered artifacts. in the fall, if you're climbing mt. ech rest, you have to play fair. installing gps devices on climbers to make sure reaching the top is actually true. this is gus.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers.
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proudly caring for northern california, welcome back on this monday morning. shark tank. you're watching "today in the bay." president trump will hold a rally at the kentucky exposition center in louisville. the rally is expected to be campaign style, just like his rally in nashville last week. at last week's rally, he pushed for his replacement for obamacare and criticized a
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federal judge's ruling that prevented his second travel ban from taking place. good news for drivers stuck with parking tickets. leaders in sacramento will discuss new legislation to create payment programs for tickets. that bill is made to help low-income driver who get caught in the downward spiral of late fees, eventually losing their car's registration as a penalty. a law student's dream, the chance to take on a real case of the nation's largest federal appeals court. the appeals court based in san francisco allows law students to represent clients for free. the school selects cases and the students argue them with a supervising attorney. students say representing someone in court can be daunting but they often spend months preparing and practicing. the court started this program nearly two decades ago. asking for more federal aid. fwof jor jerry proun again asking the trump administration to help california rebuild after this winter's powerful storm. yesterday brown requested aid for contra costa and solano
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countie counties, which are in good company. nearly 50 other counties remain in a state of emergency from those storms. brown is also requesting aid to rebuild the oroville dam. spacex's new mission is a complete success. its cargo ship returned yesterday after making that delivery to the space station. when it splashed down, earth got a delivery as well. cargo ship landed just off the coast of long beach. nasa officials say the container was filled with scientific experiments like stem cell research and equipment that one day may serve a satellite. the capsule had been at the space station for the past month. new this morning, how happy are you? united nations world happiness report is out and a new country is crowned number one. norway took the top spot from denmark this year. it's based on factors like income, freedom, health, and good governance. in the meantime, the u.s. is 14th, down one bump from last year. the report says america's reduced happiness isn't from
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economic trouble. it's from failing social support and increasing corruption. honey nut cheerios launches an effort to bring back the world's bee. >> that mascot buzz. he's gone missing. general mills pulled their mascot to raise awareness of declining bee populations. real bees. recently cheerios began a campaign to send 200 million wildflower seeds to americans and canadians. cheerios shattered their own goal, not enough requests for 1.5 billion. >> looks like grumpy cat with the bee. coming up, there's a storm brewing. kari has a look at the forecast. we are going to see several storm systems moving in this week, which may help out with this pollen count. a lot of tree pollen, grass is moderate, mold and weeds are low. if you are nies sneezing, we'll talk about something that may help clear the air. over here we're looking at san jose.
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a smooth drive on 101 for this portion by 680. a little farther north, we're following a crash here and another in concord. fbi director james comey just hours from testifying. what we're expected to learn about allegations of wiretapping. andirbik --akeverthehosea-- at
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a big day in washington. fbi director james comey testifying today on wiretapping. a live report in just a few minutes. the chp talk about a reckless and dangerous stunt. how the officers tracked down the suspects coming up. a live look outside at san francisco, start ought with some dry conditions this morning, but rain will be moving in. a look at the time line and how much to expect in the microclimate forecast. "today in the bay" starts now. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in ftoday. >> i'm garlaura garcia-cannon. pretty nice across the bay area. some brackets busted. also the first day of spring.
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>> it started this morning at about an hour and a half ago. >> although it will still feel like winter. hanging on today. >> you know what, it will be a little cooler today than we've had the past couple days, but then we'll see some rain moving in. so, yes, it will definitely feel like winter over the next couple days. this is the way it feels now as you step out the door. it's still fairly clear, mild and breezy. 54 degrees in the trivalley and 51 degrees in the north bay. not too bad right now. highs today reaching the mid to upper 60s. this is right where we should be this time of year, but then as that rain really starts to roll in later on this evening, it will bring in some pockets of some heavy rain starring out for the next couple days. that will continue. looking at the bigger picture and the storm system, you can see how large it is and it will take its time making its way through the bay area, so a look at how much rain could we expect? that's coming up in about seven minutes. as we head over the mike, tracking crashes in san jose and concord. >> two sizable impacts for your morning commute.
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a very light commute. good driving conditions but in san jose and concord -- san jose first, this pickup truck, a heavy-duty pickup truck was pulling a trailer, jackknife situation there, and it sounds bike a busted axel. they'll have trouble moving the two vehicles. the brokaw road off ramp is currently closed right now. so that will be an issue possibly until 5:45. that's the initial estimate by saism. 880 will take you north to brokaw. the on-ramp located. 87 coming up past that scene as well. you should be fine as you pass by sjc. the rest of the south bay moves very well. we'll take you now back um toward the rest of the east bay. some activity across the bay bridge and i'm check to see if there's a stall on treasure island. not showing slowly but we'll track that closely. over here, southbound 242 coming off highway 4, we have a crash as well. southbound at concord avenue. we had two lanes blocked for a short period of time.


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