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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 20, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good driving conditions but in san jose and concord -- san jose first, this pickup truck, a heavy-duty pickup truck was pulling a trailer, jackknife situation there, and it sounds bike a busted axel. they'll have trouble moving the two vehicles. the brokaw road off ramp is currently closed right now. so that will be an issue possibly until 5:45. that's the initial estimate by saism. 880 will take you north to brokaw. the on-ramp located. 87 coming up past that scene as well. you should be fine as you pass by sjc. the rest of the south bay moves very well. we'll take you now back um toward the rest of the east bay. some activity across the bay bridge and i'm check to see if there's a stall on treasure island. not showing slowly but we'll track that closely. over here, southbound 242 coming off highway 4, we have a crash as well. southbound at concord avenue. we had two lanes blocked for a short period of time. now one lane is blocked.
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you see the slowing developing. folks usually take 242 as a cut-through to cut the cornerback between this and 680. instead, folks taking highway 4 towards 680, south towards the merge with 242 and everything should be just fine. two crash, concord and san jose. dirt bikes and atvs taking over the bay bridge. nearly 30 vehicles took over the lanes last night in what chp is calling a scary sideshow. pete suratos join us live near the bay bridge. an all too familiar scene hept except this time finally an arrest. >> reporter: good morning, scott. a very familiar scene indeed. as you mentioned, there were about 30 atvs and dirt bikes traveling east bound on the bay bridge last night participating in this sideshow. we want to show you two of the dirt bikes that were impounded. according to chp they say these atvs that were taking part were evading police and distracting
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drivers and there were several folks that were detained as a result in oakland and san leandro. the sideshows on the bay bridge, back to july of 2016, a sideshow seen in this video, doughnuts on the bay bridge in the mustang pap year before that, november 2015, oakland police impounded a dozen cars related to a sideshow occurrence in the city. more arrests could be on the way. live near the bay bridge, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. thu nu this morning, looking at video of an rv fire in concord. left one man in serious condition. witnesses called 911 after hearing an explosion. the rv obviously engulfed in flames. firefighters say the man ran out of the rv and had burns all over his body. the fire started here at buchanan circumstance until pacheco just before 11:00 p.m.
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the victim is being treated at the local burn center. >> we arrived to find an rv fully involved and a burn victim that suffered second and third degree burns over 80% of his body. >> the fire is now out and still under investigation. but we know a gas can is somehow involved. developing overnight, wildfires sent people fleeing from their homes as flames became too close for comfort. more than 400 homes being evacuated near boulder, colorado, this morning. emergency crews expect that number to grow as conditions worsen. wildfires normally 20% contained right now. so far an investigation is still under way, looking for a cause. in nebraska, crews worked overnight to find a rash of raging wildfires there. firefighters say the fires are contained but they're still burning this morning. roughly about 800 acres have been destroyed and several hopes were lost in those flames. fire authorities speculate this fire was human caused but they have not yet said exactly how it
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started. your commute could get a little smooth they are morning through the east bay. we have new video of an on-ramp set to open today in san pablo for interstate 80. transportation officials say it hopes this new ramp will reduce congestion, make it safer for bikers and pedestrians to cross. san pablo dam road. here is a map showing the location of the new ramp. once it opens they'll close the old ramp. happening today, a piece of history will take flight across the san francisco sky. a restored bomber from the second world war will take to the air around 11:00. it's a b-17 flying fortress. look for it in the sky. it is 5:04 on this monday morning. not a lot going on right here on the radar, but we are starting to see some wetter weather moving into the bay area and that will be the case as we head into the next couple of days. looking at the time line, mostly cloudy skies through at least
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lunchtime. but still have a lot of rain, only a few pockets of some showers early afternoon and then this evening, the rain stars to become more widespread and a little heavy at times where we could see some of that rain moving in also a slight chance of some thunder and lightning. that will continue into tomorrow. going to see some rain moving through. you'll have to be prepared for just changing weather as we go into the rest of the week. it is going to be constantly changing over the next several days. we'll talk about that and how much rain to expect in five minutes. as we head over the mike, we are also looking at what to expect as you head through the weekend, road conditions you're facing as you head out the door this morning, tracking a couple of crashes around the bay area. mike? >> we're following concord right now. two major issues. concord, there's a second crash here so we'll focus on that first. southbound 242, the improvement, one lanes instead of two lanes blocked so southbound starting to show better speed coming off
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highway 4. a lot of folks use that as the cut-through, but i say use the highway toward 680. clear roadways. highway 4 over here is an issue, just getting to the scene in the last couple minutes. we have a report here west bound highway 4, two lanes affected by this crash and this could be a big problem coming out of pittsburgh and bay point. that's the first area to show the commute out of antioch. we'll watch this corridor south of the venetia bridge. the rest of the north bay coming into the east bay and throughout the east bay looks really good. we're talking about no major problems here for the trivalley. we'll get back to the map. there we go. san jose crash. northbound 101, we still have that crash blocking two lanes. 545, there will be slowing just north of 880. back to you. >> busy there and in washington as well. finally happening today, fbi
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director james comey a hearing in front of the house intelligence committee, testifying about the russian hacking investigation as we look at the capitol. comey is also expected to talk about whether or not president obama wiretapped trump tower. nbc's jay gray is in washington for us this morning. good morning to you, jay. let's start it with a hearing today. will comey put this wiretap issue to rest? >> yeah. good morning to you, laura. most people think, yes, he'll finally have some definitive answer on this. it will be the first time we've heard mickly from the fbi director since that this began, not only talking about russian hacking and possible interference in the election but also whether or not the trump inner circle, president trump's inner circle was somehow involved or at least had an association in some of those people from russia involved with all of this. look, the president tweeting this morning that that is not the case and saying that it is,
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quote, fake news and everyone knows it. also talk ak president trump's allegations of wiretapping at trump tower. leaders from both parties have said there's no solid evidence of that. the white house, though, not backing down at all. they say there is evidence and it needs to come forward. >> jay, much more happening on capitol hill as well. always busy. the neil gorsuch hearing also happening today. >> yeah. and he should face some pretty tough questions from democrats on the panel there as this nomination process or confirmation process really gets under way. but also look for them to take some of their questioning to outlying concerns with the trump agenda as it moves forward. they'll ask him how he plans to deal with situations that could be a part of that agenda. look, this is going to be a process that will likely last throughout the entire week here. it is a one-shot deal. the only chance these senators have to ask these questions so they want to make sure that they
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are very full as far as getting all the information that they can here. look for them to also wonder about how he's going to deliver justice. will it be equal justice? and again, that will lean on some of the things the trump administration has done over the last couple of weeks. he likely will play it close to the vest, not wanting to say anything that may affect future rulings should he be approved. >> interesting to watch. jay gray, thank you. of course you can stay on top of today's hearings throughout the day with nbc news and our coverage of the hearings. continues at 7:00 this morning on the "today" show. that is when the hearing is expected to begin. 5:09 coming up. a must-see monday morning video. do you know what your kids are up to all night? these toddlers going viral for their antics.
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it's 5:12. time to get up and moving. er getting ready for some changes around the bay area.
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looking at the average rainfall in san jose for the month of march, we normally get about 2 inches of rain, and so far we've only had 0.3 inch. look at how that rainfall drops off as we go into the next couple of months and some of the computer models are hinting at a decent amount of rain between today and wednesday. we'll talk about how much rain to expect all around the bay area and the time line coming up in five minutes. we're looking at your south bay map. northbound 101 a big crash in silicon valley. we have northbound 101 at brokaw, two lanes blocked. i'll tell you when it's expected to clear. looks like i got a new update here. all right, mike. >> amazon wants to make sure you look good. the internet giant has a new way to help you dress. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell, landon dowdy is live at cnbc headquarters. good morning. >> good morning.
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wall street could start the week off in the red. futures slightly lower this morning and the markets are coming off a positive week, although it was a mixed session on friday. information this week on home sales and durable goods. several fed officials are speaking after the fed hiked interest rates last week. it will tow falling 14, the nasdaq up a fraction. amazon has a new feature for prime members called outfit compare. you upload photos and real stylists will judge your clothes based on fit, how colors complement you and what's on trend. to address privacy concerns, amazon says only staffers can see the photos and it will remove copies of images when you delete the photos from the app. the friendly skies will be very crowded this spring. airlines for america, an industry trade group, is projecting about 145 million passengers will fly globally on u.s. carriers in march and april, up 4% from last year, and
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translates to an extra 89,000 daily passengers on average. to accommodate demand, airlines are adding more than 100,000 additional seats. back to you. >> there you go. sounds like a lot of people are traveling. a little basketball this morning after kind of a rough weekend for bay area teams. how's your bracket doing? if it went bust already you're not alone. >> the first round of the ncaa tournament pretty much held form but second round, that's when the brackets went to heck. top seeds yesterday moved through with ease including kansas, roaring into the sweet 16. for a while michigan state stayed close. the spartans alum and current war yar draymond green was watching carefully. spartans down a point with 12 minute s kansas cruised from there, outscoring michigan state by 19 points to win. the michigan wolverines mapged to do what their rivals could not. they took down a top seed. second-seeded louisville led by 9 in the second half but
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couldn't hold it. the rovl reens got hot down the stretch and held on for a four-point win. everyone talking about duke, second seeded, went down in flames. seventh seeded south carolina man handled the blue devils 88-81, busting more brackets in the process. pac-12 teams did well including oregon and ucla. they both won their games last night. including arizona, there are three pac-12 teams in the sweet 16, which stars thursday. the gales are out. >> gales are out. saturday night. >> purdue and iowa state was exciting. iowa state was behind a lot and came within two points. >> sam's out. you're out. i'm out. but that turns our -- >> mike's in. >> -- to his bruins. >> very fortunate because we have an amazing team this year but i'm still worried because as we've seen, anything can happen in march madness. >> true. those games have been really good. >> they've been great. >> going down to the wire. no matter when you catch the
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game, kind of throughout the weekend doing different things and tuning in, it seems like they're always a hard-fought -- >> you can't beat college sports. just fun. >> hard to stay inside and watch the game when we've had such beautiful weather. all of that coming to an end. you can come back in and focus on the march madness as we'll see more rain rolling into the bay area. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, come on over an take a look. a live look outside at emeryville on this dry start to the week. some changes in the works as we also get a view of san francisco. just a few clouds hovering overhead right now. it's 50 degrees in napa, 53 degrees in napa and fairfield as well as san jose and 56 degrees now in san francisco. so as you step out, it feels mild, and warming up into the mid to upper 60s today, up to 67 in mill pea toes and east san jose. 66 degrees in danville.
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daly city 64 and 65 in the mission district today. north bay seeing some low 60s there, santa rosa up to 60 today. we are already starting to see that rain moving into far northwestern california as we go into the rest of the day. this will start to fill in. a few pockets of some rain moving in today as well as tomorrow. but we also will have the chance of some thunder and lightning along with some small hail and some of the stronger cells that will be moving through starting later on this evening. and for tomorrow, it looks like we'll see that rain off and on. the second storm system moves in on wednesday afternoon. we take a break on thursday. another storm system moving in this weekend. so coming off of a dry weekend, this weekend coming up does not look as nice, and we'll even have more active weather heading into next week. so going back to winter as we officially start spring, of course. looking at between today and wednesday, up to about an inch
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and a quarter to two inches of rain for the north bay. a few pockets of some heavier rain. the possibility up to 2 inches of rain for the santa cruz mountains while the south bay and some of the valleys will get up to a half an inch of rain. more rain in the forecast throughout the week. if you're following me on facebook and twitter, i'll keep you up to date. let me know how much rain you measure at your house as we go into the rest of the week. the only dry day in the forecast it looks like thursday and then again on sunday, but temperatures will stay cool going from the upper 60s today to 60 degrees on wednesday and still that rain moving in. now as we head over to mike, let's get an update on how the roads are moving through san jose. >> we'll start in san jose but also talk about concord. those are the two areas with crashes. the rest of the area looks great as you'd expect but north 101 past the airport is slow. you can take 87 past the scene because the crash is on the bay shore freeway at brokaw road.
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we have another crash reported north 880 just past that scene and that is one of your alternates as folks will take 880 up to brokaw and join up again. 87 takes you past the scene right by the airport. 545 slated as a time when you will get these lanes clear, but the backup starting before that, 101/880 interchange, so it's proving to be a sizable issue for san jose. concord, an easier drive now, southbound 242, barely any slow eight preaching concord avenue. they may have cleared that second lane. all lanes may be cleared now. you can take the cut-through, a but a lot of folks are coming up here so that may be helping out with the slowing at concord. chicago highway, that's where that second crash is having an impact on folks out of antioch, pittsburgh, bay point. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza shows you we just have the cash lanes off to the right starting that backup and getting ready for the metering lights to be turned on probably in the next five to seven minutes.
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getting one child to sleep can be a challenge. >> when have you ever tried one? too never. >> trying to put twins to bed can be more of a handful. video of andrew and ryan, 2-year-olds from new york. i assume this is sped up, but, laura, this might be real timed. >> yeah. >> beneather in the mood to sleep so they decided to play around. their parents shared a two-minute video made from seven hours of mayhem. >> look at that. >> this video has been viewed millions of times. >> the thing is they probably slept all day. >> oh, absolutely. >> you know? >> building a fort. >> having a good time. >> uh-oh. >> now it's light out. >> wow. the energy of kids. and those video monitors, that's classic. >> common for baseball players to lob balls at fans as souvenirs. >> i want to catch them but not so common to see fans go tumbling for them. the anaheim angels were playing the white sox down in florida. bottom of the sixth inning, fouled a pitch down the first-base line.
5:22 am
the first baseman tossed the ball out for a fan to take home. but whoa. yeah. he botched that catch and ended up flipping over the wall. took a blund we are a bow and a smile. his son. thank you very much. taking a bow. his son got the ball in the end. got to be a good sport about it. well, it's 5:22. coming up, battling lou gehrig's disease, former 49ers dwight clark opening up about his future, what he thinks the role of football played in his disease. he closes his account in good standing, but then a debt collector comes after him. i'm consumer investigator.
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former 49ers wide receiver dwight clark known for the catch cat candlestick park, says he's been diagnosed with als, better known as lou gehrig's disease. moo the emotional announcement was followed by an outpouring of support from friends and family and fans. clark said he got the diagnosis after visiting six neurologists and three als specialists. he wrote about the symptoms on his blog saying he can't run, play golf, or walk any distance. fans expressed support for clark in response. >> i feel bad for him, he's great player, but he'll get through it i'm sure. i always reb him making that catch.
5:26 am
>> who won't. ? niz blog, he says he suspects his years of playing football may have led to the diagnosis. 49ers ceo jed york said in a statement clark will receive the full support of the team. more details now about 6,000 people diagnosed with als every year in the united states. people typically develop als between the ages of 40 and 70. studies show military veterans have twice the risk of developing als, especially if they served in the gulf war. other former nfl players have also cited their sport as a factor in developing als. 5:26. nbc bay area responds to a mountain view man who says t-mobile sent him to a debt collector. even though he says the company had nothing to collect. consumer investigator chris stood up for him. >> roy said he closed out his t-mobile account back in 2015 so he stopped the auto payments from his credit card. but he says t-mobile kept trying to charge his card. those charges didn't go through
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since roy had turned off the auto pay, but t-mobile later sent him to collections for return payment fees. roy says he tried to work it out with t-mobile but got nowhere. so he reached out to us and we contacted t-mobile. next thing you know, roy says he gets a phone call from the company president's office saying his balance was now zero. and the collection notices, yeah, they would finally stop. roy said the company also confirmed it cleared up his credit report. t-mobile didn't respond to our request for comment. if you end up in a situation like roy's, it's imperative that you check your credit report to confirm that there aren't any red flags on there. you can do that free of charge at federal law requires the three big credit bureaus to give you a free copy of your credit report once a year but only when you request it at this address. do you have a consumer complaint? let us know. 88-996-tips or logon to
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nbcbayar coming up, fbi director james comey in the hot seat. what will he say about president trump's allegations that president obama wiretapped trump tower? what you should look out for during today's hearing. opening arguments in the trial of a man accused of killing a 9-year-old east bay boy. the argument his attorney will use in his defense. you're watching "today in the bay." adib ve ctu =laa/4
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welcome back and welcome to monday morning. a lot going on at our nation's capitol today. fbi director james comey will testify at the house intelligence committee, one we'll closely p following. hope you're coming off a great weekend. 5:31. good morning to you. thanks for joining. i'm laura garcia-cannon. look who's in for sam. >> sam's extending his weekend. i'm scott mcgrew. the first day of spring as well. let's get your monday morning forecast. >> it will be a nice day, but there will be a few more spring-like showers moving in, then we'll head back to some winter weather with our temperatures and the rain. looking at this storm system that will be rolling in as we go through the day. and mostly a try start for the bay area, but a few spotty showers initially then heavier rain later this evening. getting a closer look at the radar now, not a lot of activity here, so as you get up early this morning, about to wake the kids up, we'll be starting out in the 50s. mild and dry weather, but some peeks of sunshine today and some
5:32 am
breezy winds. a few showers will start to work in by early afternoon. we'll talk more about that rain, what to expect as we go through the week coming up in seven minutes. we have live pictures of a crash now in san jose, right, mike? >> that's right. these pictures, our photographer has arrived on scene, northbound 101 at the brokaw off ramp. it's affecting the off ramp. they've closed it. this tow truck has arrived. there was a pickup truck pulling a trailer, a jackknifed situation there. two lanes are blocked. we'll follow the situation closely. as we are on scene, take you out to the map and to show you the traffic. an easy drive except for concord and san jose. i'll talk about concord in the next report. that is affecting highway 4. 101, exit 880 and get up to brokaw but you have to travel through the backup which stars back at mckee. a slower drive from mckee on 101 up to the scene.
5:33 am
87 coming through downtown right now because it's so early. if this clears by 6:00, we should still be okay. if it lasts much longer, there will be problems. we'll track them closely. >> it's 5:33. in just a few hours we're expecting to hear more about what went on during a chaotic and bizarre police shooting in san jose friday. it began with reports of a naked man chasing a mother and child and then leading police on a car chis that ended when police shot him. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is live at the san jose police department. kris, the department this hold a news conference this morning about that shooting. what are you expecting to hear? >> reporter: we know that the department is looking at the video taken by the officers' body worn cameras. they were rolling at the time. we expect we might hear something about that.
5:34 am
before we roll the video, some of you might find it a little jarring to watch this morning. take a listen. shots fired after officers say that suspect led them on a chase out of a neighborhood nearby where investigators say he stripped make and was chasing that woman and child. officers fired for a second time after the man appeared to prove and the truck he was in lurched forward. all of this happened in a busy grocery store strip mall in west san jose about 50 feet from people inside a restaurant and a cell phone store. witnesses said he seemed to be a threat to the public. >> what i saw of him, yeah. >> from what i could see, i think he was. because when he chased the lady from here with the kids, yeah, he was endangering her. >> reporter: the whole incident started in this west san jose neighborhood about four miles away from where p the shooting happened. investigators say he stripped naked and started chasing a woman and several children. coming up at 6:30, we'll let you hear from that woman about what it was like to be confronted by a naked man in her neighborhood in her front yard in front of
5:35 am
children at 2:00 in the afternoon. it was very bizarre and we'll hear from her at 6:30. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> strange story there. thank you very much. 5:35. today opening arguments expected to begin in a gruesome murder trial that captivated headlines across the nation. the fate of a teenager who admitted to killing a discovery bay boy will now be in the hands of jurors. "today in the bay' "today in the bay's" bob redell has details on the disturbing case. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, laura. those opening arguments expected to begin at 8:30 this morning in contra costa county superior court in martinez. 20-year-old william shults, who was 18 at the time of the crime, stands accused of murdering 9-year-old jordan until 2015. shults had been sleeping over at the house with jordan's older brother who was shults' best
5:36 am
friend at the time. the next morning shultsz allegedly used a hunting knife to stab jordan several times as he slept. jordan's family rushed him to a hospital where he was pronounced dead. in a jailhouse interview a few days late we are the contra costa county times, shults continue fetsdsed to the murder. he said he wanted to see what it was like to kill somebody before the world came to an end, which he was convinced would be happening soon. shults own family had been concerned about his mental health in the weeks leading up to the murder. the day before a deputy visited his home and convinced shults to go to the hospital for an evaluation. a doctor, however, determined he was not a threat to himself or anyone else and darmged him. shults' attorney has indicated his client's mental health will be key to his defense. the prosecution contends that while schutz might have mental health problems he knew what he was doing when he allegedly killed his friend's younger brother. reporting live here in martinez, bob redell, "today in the bay." 5:36. authorities this morning having not yet revealed the identities of a father who shot his daughter then himself in a
5:37 am
murder/suicide in capitola. this was yesterday afternoon in a parking lot at the capitola mall. police say a woman called 911 saying her husband was at the mall and was suicidal. the 36-year-old man and his 8-year-old daughter were found dead inside the car. police say each tied right there at the scene. >> we do know based upon our investigation the family was together for a portion of the day at the mall prior to the tragic outcome here. >> authorities are only saying that the family is from watsonville. asking for more federal aid. governor jerry brown again asking the trump administration to help california rebuild after this winter's powerful storms. yesterday brown requested aid for contra costa and solano counties, which are in good company. nearly 50 other california counties remain in a state of emergency from those storms. brown is also requesting aid to rebuild the oroville dam, which is now just releasing water again after nearly collapsing
5:38 am
last month. a live look at the capitol for you. this is where house lawmakers will hold an open hearing on the investigation into russia's involvement in last year's presidential election. fbi director james comey is expected to speak as is mike rogers. he's the director of the nsa. comey is expected to answer whether or not president obama wiretapped trump tower. that's a separate issue. the hearing to cover both starts at 7:00 a.m. our time. the "today" show will cover today's hearing immediately following our "today in the bay." you can get the nbc bay area app and find the latest headlines throughout the morning. president trump will hold a rally at the kentucky exposition center in louisville. the rally expected to be campaign style like his rally in nashville last week. last week he pushed his replacement plan for obamacare and criticized a federal judge's ruling that prevented his second travel ban from taking effect. this morning we have good news for drivers stuck with parking tickets. leaders in sacramento will
5:39 am
discuss new legislation to create payment programs for those parking tickets. that's designed to help low-income driver who is get caught in the downward spiral of late fees, eventually losing their car's registration as a penalty. spacex's new mission is a complete success. its cargo ship returned yesterday after making that delivery to the space station. when it splashed down, earth got a delivery as well. the cargo ship landed just off the coast of long beach. nasa officials say the container was filled with scientific experiments like stem cell research and equipment that one day serve as satellites. the capsule had been at the space station for the past month. how happy are you on this monday morning? united nations world happiness report is out and a new country is crowned number one. norway took the top spot from denmark this year. it's based on factors like income, freedom, health, and good governance. in the meantime, the u.s. is 14th, down one spot from last year. the report says america's reduced happiness isn't from
5:40 am
economic trouble. it's from failing social support and increasing corruption. jeremiah wright's 5:39 on this monday morning. welcome to spring. all clear sacrifice as we get a look at the south bay. we are starting to see clouds moving into parts of the bay area. it's been spring for a whole two hours and about 20 minutes. rain will return as we go through the day. gusting winds as we go into this afternoon and even a chance of some isolated thunder and small hail. this is what we'll be watching for as a storm system starts to roll into the bay area, already going to see some clouds later on this morning. early afternoon, some spotty light showers moving in through the north bay where you see the yellows, the reds, and the orngs, shows a little more of an intense rain. heavier downpours and once again that will be the chance that we'll see or the time we'll see that chance of some lightning and thunder. we will talk more about this, a look at the allergy report coming up in four minutes as we head over to mike.
5:41 am
he's been keeping us updated on what's happening in san jose. >> that's right. i had to do a last-minute change because we had our photographer matt out at the scene with the trailer and the pickup, but they just got cleared about 90 seconds ago and he was asked to move from the scene, i believe. so that's why we abruptly lost the shot. this is northbound 101 at 680. this is the beginning of the slowdown and the first burst of traffic that we typically see, both happening at the same time throughout san jose. let's show you what's going on. i believe they just cleared the tow truck and the trailer and all lanes northbound 101 at brokaw, but the backup here, this is where our camera is, they're blending together. they cleared those lanes by 6:00, we should be all right, i think we'll get some recovery as some are traveling north on 880, also 87 takes you past the scene of that crash. i do believe all the lanes just reopened seconds ago at brokaw road, so that should be a better drive but we'll track the silicon valley commute carefully. the rest of the bay, there are no real surprises, getting close
5:42 am
towards the bay bridge. metering lights are on at the toll plaza. a lot of traffic has held up out of pittsburgh, antioch. we still have three lanes blocked by this crash that happened early in the morning. there may be a second crash around 242, the interchange, and that has been a busy section of the east bay of the morning right now. off the venetian bridge, you're all right. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. coming up, the changes behind the wheel at uber this morning as the ride share company looks for a new chief driver. and be our guest, be our guest. "beauty and the beast" breaking movie records. the crazy amount of money the live action made this weekend. ♪ bonjour, bonjour, bonjour ♪ there goes the baker
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5:45 am
welcome back. there's a lot of poll en in the air. oak, mulberry, pine, and sycamore, but this is something that may help us out ashs storm system moving in to wash a lot of that pollen out of the air, and your car, too, that layer of pollen you see there. we will see more rain in the
5:46 am
forecast through the week. a look at the time line in five minutes. look at these travel times. 101 at the top of your screen, although all lanes just cleared at brokaw, the impact of that crash shows twice as long of a commute from 101 where it splits with 85 to where it meets in mountain view. >> thank you, kari and mike. the case of a bay area man once on the run for 15 years is coming to an end. closing arguments in the trial of former fugitive frank montenegro will happen in just a few hours. montenegro was an elementary school teacher in fremont who was accused of molesting two students for several years. the fbi said he escaped to mexico and was at large for 15 years. they arrested him after getting a tip he was living in los angeles. uber needs a new president. jeff jones quit just after six months on the job. this announcement made yesterday and it comes as the company deals with a range of controversies including allegations of sexual harassment and a recent video of the ceo,
5:47 am
travis, arguing with a new uber driver over fares and wages. he said recently he'd start searching for a chief operating officer to help run uber. that's something the tech insider said would mean a demotion for jones. this is a law student's dream, the chance to take on a real case at the nation's largest federal appeals court. and appeals court based in san francisco allows law students to represent clients for free. the school selects cases and the students argue them with a supervising attorney. students say representing someone in court can be daunting but they often spend months preparing and practicing. the court started this program nearly two decades ago, but what great experian for them, right? >> absolutely. never mind the mixed reviews the disney film made history over the weekend, where it counts, where they make all that money, at the box office. ♪ there goes the baker >> the live action version of "beauty and the beast" brought in nearly $170 million in its
5:48 am
first weekend. that is a new high mark for family films, blowing past the old record holder, "finding dorie," which netted $135 million. "logan" was third with $17 million. >> scary looking beast. >> they could take "finding dorie," do live action finding her under water. >> did anyone see "beauty and the beast" this weekend? >> i haven't heard of anyone, any of my friends. >> our floor director has. he went with his girlfriend. such a great boyfriend. >> or she's such a great girlfriend. >> let's check your weather. it will be a good movie day, starting to see the clouds moving in. even's trying to get caught up on the march madness going on. we're going to see some madness in this forecast too. looking at 54 degrees as you
5:49 am
stem out the door in livermore, 57 in oakland, and palo alto. napa 55 degrees. get a look at the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. we start out in the peninsula, but our live look right now over san jose, all clear this morning, but the clouds will start to move in. by 10:00 we're at 58 degrees and into the upper 60s today. and look at 4:00 this afternoon. you start to see the rain icons there. so the rain will be here, especially for this afternoon. most of the morning dry. wnd''ve seen a lot of the rain lifting to the north over the northern pars of the state. as the storm system approaches we're expecting three storms this week. so as we get a look out there now, not a whole lot going on, just a come of spotty light showers have been moving through, mostly for the north bay. but most of us have stayed dry. we'll continue to see the clouds moving in by lunchtime. not a lot of sunshine today. and only a little bit of some light rain being showed here as we get a look at the hour-by-hour outlook. later on this evening, the radar
5:50 am
will start to fill in. with some pockets of some heavier rain possible. as we go into this evening, we also will have that chance of some thunder and lightning that continues into tomorrow as well. a lit more energy a the storm system moves in tonight and early tomorrow. and then still some lingering showers off and on throughout the day. you just have to be prepared for rain to fall at any point. we take a little bit of a break tomorrow afternoon, and a second storm system moves in between tuesday night and wednesday. and once again there will be three of them this week. so we see the first one moving in for today, and then another one on wednesday. thursday looks dry. that may be the only dry forecast -- dry day in the forecast for the next several days, on friday into saturday, more rain, rolling out sunday before it moves back in late sunday night into monday. as far as how much rain we can see, we're looking at the potential for most of the bay area at about a half of an inch, up to a half of an inch for the south bay and east bay in parts
5:51 am
of the north bay up to 2 inches of rain. we could also see 2 inches of rain in pars of the santa cruz mountains. i'll be tweeting out updates on what's happening in this weather forecast for the next several days. looking at some off-and-on showers, even a few storms in the forecast through wednesday. cool on thursday and dry. friday we see the scattered showers, and on sunday once again much of the day looks fairly dry before we have another storm system moving in, more active weather as we go into the week. and now as we head over to mike, give us an update on the commute through san jose. >> we where we had that big crash. half freeway was blocked. bay shore freeway as reopened for all lanes. down at the bottom of your screen, we still have a problem in concord we'll also touch on. highway 101, the bay shore freeway, all lanes thumbs up over at brokaw. they have cleared the lanes of that crash. we should see some recovery, but look at the live camera we have north 101 just north of 680. there is a big jam-up right
5:52 am
here. and it's not just that first burst of traffic, tallas backup that's recovering toward the irpt. sj skrshgs where traffic improves for 101. 87 and 280 not showing any problems. highway 4 has been a problem through concord. we have all the traffic coming from antioch, pittsburgh, bay point, toward port chicago highway. still three lanes blocked, been like that for over 45 minutes, cutting folks off from 242 heading down towards 680. you'll see more traffic on railroad, kirker pass road, those are all the areas folks will flood. concord toward walnut creek. the walnut interchange and the freeway moving well. the metering lights were on schedule. here's your backup and no problems out of the maze. >> ready for breakfast? honey nut cheerios launches
5:53 am
an effort to bring back the world's bees. >> their own mascot, buzz, went missing. he's a familiar face. general mills pulled their mascot to raise awareness of declining bee populations. recently cheerios began a campaign to send 200 million wildflower seeds to americans and canadians. cheerios shattered their own goal, got requests for 1.5 billion. >> he's so popular, i bet they bring him back. coming up, the investigation under way this morning after seven murders across the country, all of them with transgender victims. first, happening now, france wants to protect cultural sites threatened by isis. international donors are gathering for a conference at the louvre museum to raise money. the goal is to create a network that will store endangered artifacts and pay for sites to be restored. and in nepal, if you're climbing mt. everest, you have to play fair. the tourism department will
5:54 am
start testing gps devices on some climbers. it's to make sure claims of reaching the top are actually true. 2 n ♪ at air wick we know the power of that first whiff of your favorite scent. ♪ air wick freshmatic releases timed bursts
5:55 am
of the fragrances you love. so that first whiff feeling never fades. air wick freshmatic. ♪ ♪ [one is the loneliest number that you'll ever do] ♪ nobody likes a dog with bad breath. that's why there's oravet dental hygiene chews. oravet's dual action approach cleans teeth and gets to the underlying cause of bad breath
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by blocking bacteria to help prevent plaque and tartar. for a cleaner mouth everyone can love. ask your vet about oravet chews. serious oral care made simple welcome back. today is the very first day of spring. we take a look at san francisco
5:57 am
and what appears to be a wonderful monday morning. >> at 5:56, developing overnight, wildfires sent people fleeing from their homes as flames became just too close for comfort. more than 400 homes are being evacuated near boulder, colorado, this morning, and emergency crews expect that number to grow as conditions worsen. the wildfires are only 20% contained right now so far an investigation is still under way to determine what caused them. in nebraska, meantime, crews worked overnight to fight a rash of raging wildfires there. firefighters say the fires are contained but they're still burning this morning. roughly about 800 acres have been destroyed and several homes were lost in the flames. fire authorities speculate this fire was human caused but haven't yet said exactly how it started. international news, north korea has conducted a test of a new rocket engine that leader kim jong-un is calling revolutionary for the country. the engine can be used for north korea's space and satellite launching program.
5:58 am
it could also be used to carry a warhead. north korea is banned by the u.n. from conducting long-range missile tests but often launches rockets under the guise of testing satellites. at home, more than 400 people linked hands forming a circle around the muslim community center in santa clara yesterday. this came from all over the bay area, people, to show their solidarity with muslims, immigrants, and people from all backgrounds. participants say events like these are more important than ever in fact after president trump's attempts to implement a travel ban and his promises to build a border wall. >> we're trying to focus less on the politics and more on the communal services to be united, to be supportive of one another, to show that despite the political tension that's going on right now, we're strong as one community coming together. >> more than 40 different organizations took part in
5:59 am
sunday's event. seven murders have the transgender commune worried nationwide. three happened in louisiana. china gibson was one of three transgender women killed over an eight-day stretch. her family celebrated her life with a traditional new orleans jazz funeral. maiya dupree says living in the south hard for people hike her. >> we're scared. you know, we can't even go nowhere, so it's like we prisoners in our own home. >> dupree knew two of the victims. hostility against lgbt people in the south makes it harder for police to even solve the crimes. new orleans police have an appointed an lgbtq liaison to work with the community, but the seven murders nationwide are unsolved. the crimes sparked rallies an protests in support of that community. right now at 6:00, chaos on the bay bridge. an aggressive sideshow lands several people behind bars.
6:00 am
this morning the search continues for more suspects. and amazing video for you to see, and happening today hours away from one of most anticipated hearings on capitol hill. we are live as fbi director james comey prepares to testify about russia's potential hacking of the presidential election. >> and it may be the first day of spring, but that doesn't necessarily mean sunshine in the bay area. meteorologist kari hall tracking not one but two storms on the radar this morning. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. sam brock has the day off. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. first day of spring and another storm. sfa at this point we need it. it's been nice and dry, temperatures have been warming up well above where we should be, so i think it's pretty good that we have some rain in the forecast. it doesn't start out this morning but will be here later on this afternoon. it's all clear as you step out the door. it8


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