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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 24, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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see yo president trump issues an ultimatum to congress. vote on health care today or obamacare stays. new details on the american killed in a london terror attack and the injuries sustained by his wife as thousands turn out for a candle light vigil. millions of americans are in the path of severe hail, thunderstorm, and even possible tornadoes. it's called the big bend, and it could be the future of the new york city skyline. and when the player is actually the fan. we'll introduce you to the ring bearer. "early today" starts right now. happy friday, everybody. the weekend is here. good morning. >> i'm frances rivera. we made it to the end of the
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week and what a week it was. now an ultimatum from the white house. negotiations are over. vote for the gop's health care bill or obamacare stays. the president demanding a vote this morning on the republicans' plan to repeal and replace president obama's signature health care bill after failing to cobble together enough votes to pass that plan last night. and it was a day of chaos in capitol hill as lawmakers scrambled after canceled votes postponed press conferences and closed door meetings on both ends of pennsylvania avenue. it included a late-night session as gop lawmakers searched to find a path to get to the finish line. and here was house speaker paul ryan shortly after that conference. >> for 7 1/2 years we have been promising the american people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it's collapsing and it's failing families and tomorrow we're proceeding. >> do you have the votes? do you have the votes? do you have the votes? >> ryan then spoke on the telephone for 45 minutes with president trump, a call described by sources as, quote,
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entirely positive but no word if they're any closer to actually getting the bill passed. still overnight, word that even more lawmakers are jumping ship. >> there are not enough votes as of 1:30 today. >> what are the concessions the president is offering? >> there were no new concessions. i don't think there can be a vote tonight because they don't have the votes. >> i am still a no at this time. i'm desperately trying to get to yes. >> nbc news analysis now has the number of republicans against or leaning no on the bill at 32, while new polling shows just 17% of americans are in favor of the gop's plan with 56% opposed. >> joining us now for more is nbc's tracie potts. will we see the votes they need and if not, where is the finger pointing going to go? >> reporter: we don't know. the white house says the president is not taking the blame for it. it's up to how the lawmakers vote. is it going to be muenough to g
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it done? let's look as the rules committee gets under way. once their work is done, they will decide approximately when the vote will happen. one of the things that may be swaying lawmakers, the cost of the bill. the congressional budget office weighed in, yet again with the revisions made. still 24 million people expected to lose health care. now, half as much savings as originally projected for this bill. they are not saving as much money. still a lot of people losing health care. that seems to be the concern. the sticking point for the president, he did not want to budge on insurance companies covering pre-existing conditions. keeping them on with their parents until 25 years old. a block of conservatives deciding whether or not they are going to support it.
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tracie potts, thank you. more arrests this morning. kirk and his wife were on the trip of a lifetime celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary on a tour of europe before they returned home to utah. last night in a moving tribute to the victims, adele asked her fans at her concert in new zealand to turn their cell phone lights on to send a beautiful message of support. we are in london this morning. what is the latest with the investigation? >> reporter: good morning. in this fast moving investigation, we are learning more about the man who carried out these terror attacks in london. the 52-year-old was born adrian russell born in the uk. he was a 52-year-old man with a string of offenses for petty crimes, in and out of jail for
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non-terror related crimes. they said he was on the periphery of their radar and not part of an ongoing investigation nor did they have intelligence he was planning an attack. police arrested three women and five men on suspicion of terror related activities. today, police arrested two more people on very serious charges. we are waiting to see if they are related to him. that information is expected to come out in the course of the coming hours and days. isis claimed responsibility, but didn't provide evidence for it. authorities are saying he acted alone and he was inspired rather than recruited. the very broad investigation is trying to ascertain whether he
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has associates or whether he was influenced. >> thank you. the state department ordering american embassies and consulates to ramp up their visa screening. they're supposed to come up with new ways to determine what type of foreigners deserve extra scrutiny before being allowed to enter the united states. they will also start reviewing social media accounts of visa applicants who have suspected terrorist ties or visited isis-controlled areas. the administration's new travel policies are leaving some wary of traveling to the u.s. the toronto school board just announced it will no longer book trips to the u.s. it worries students might have trouble at the border. devin nunez has formally apologized to members after breaching protocol and going public with his report that trump may have been incidentally surveilled during the transition. while some members of his own committee are calling for nunez to step down, house speaker paul ryan says he has full confidence in the chairman.
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who could have given nunes the information that led to his announcement tuesday. >> did this come from the white house? >> as you know, we have to keep our sources and methods here very, very quiet. >> did any of this information come from the trump administration? >> i'm not going to -- look, at this committee, we're not going to ever reveal sources. if not, who's ever going to come down to the committee? >> the chairman continues to contend there's no proof the president was ever wiretapped. president trump, however, when asked about whether these unsubstantiated claims are harming his own credibility told "time" magazine, quoted, i can't be doing so badly because i'm president and you're not. all right. fireworks are being blamed for a fire in new mexico that torched dozens of cars. it shows fires going off from a nearby building and landing in a parking lot. it ignited a huge blaze,
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engulfing almost 60 cars, and the structure above them. firefighters were able to put out the flames in less than an hour. the property manager says the cars were burned down to their frames, but luckily nobody was hurt. a wisconsin high schooler is being called a hero today after he saved a choking classmate. there were cameras, of course, arnds capturing it. ian brown noticed his friend was choking on his lunch and immediately sprang into action. he wrapped his arms around his friend and started the heimlich maneuver. after about three pumps, brown was able to dislodge the food from his buddy's throat. brown said he learned the technique from a police training program, and he's just glad his friend is alive. it makes you really want to think and remember. we all took our classes. >> so important to know cpr in that situation. all right. sticking with wisconsin, by the way, severe weather ahead today. intense thunderstorms produced damaging wind and hail that sent a line of strong storm storms ripping through the state. today, a big storm soaking the west coast.
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>> here is nbc meteorologist bill karins. a wet weekend for the west, will? >> we may sneak in a decent saturday. storms are lined up in texas, oklahoma, arkansas and louisiana. one storm is spreading rain. here is sunday's storm in the pacific. that's moving in. as far as today goes, rainfall heavier this morning toward san francisco, sacramento, a break saturday, then more rain into sunday. snow levels are pretty high. one storm after another with one decent day i northern california and moving to the south this morning. we'll give you the whole weekend forecast coming up. maybe we are sneaking one good day. >> bill, thank you.
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turbotax agent: in your case, yes! humpty dumpty: ooh aren't you helpful. it's so difficult to find good help these days. leading the news this morning, hearings of neil gorsuch have ended and did so in dramatic fashion. chuck schumer promising to filibuster or block the expected confirmation with a number of democrats expected to join schumer in the blocking. it requires 60 votes to overcome a filibuster. republicans hold 52 seats. they need at least eight democrats to vote in favor of him. they are vowing to confirm him even if it means blowing up the rules. israeli police just arrested a suspect in the bomb threats and hoaxes against jewish community centers in the united
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states and around the world. here he is covering his face with a sweatshirt at his first court appearance. authorities did not name the man but said he's a 19-year-old with dual u.s./israeli citizenship. they're not sure of a motive just yet. the team's public defender says he has a brain tumor, which could affect his cognitive function. the court agreed to give him a medical exam. while republicans on the hill were dealing with health care, president trump was busy welcoming trump drivers and executives to the white house to talk health care and about jobs. it made for a truly incredible photo-op as you can see here. he's pretending to drive an 18-wheeler in full trump fashion, of course, seemingly enjoying every single second. twitter went crazy. this one, mad max. this one in reference to the health care plan, let's ram this bill through. then this clever play on rules,
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simply rigged. >> new york city has an amazing skyline, but how about adding this? you have one architect who's bending new york city's height restrictions by proposing this. that's a u-shaped skyscraper that would go long and over instead of tall. it would be curved into two towers and measure 4,000 feet long. that's taller than any building in the world stacked up. it will be on manhattan's billionaire's row and feature an elevator that can travel through the curve. the renderings show an image of a man in the building. you have an older man in the buildi building, then all around him stacks of money. that's what it's going to take to live there. >> can you imagine living on the curve? i don't know about the curve. a lot of money and courage to be that high up. >> just ahead, flying cars may be here sooner than you think
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in today's quick hits, disney's ceo says carrie fisher's scenes in the next star wars will not be changed. nor will she be replaced by a hologram. she had finished filming before her untimely death last december.
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elton john will celebrate his 70th birthday. it will be hosted by rob lowe and featuring lady gaga. happy birthday to him. how close are we to flying to work? no flying car or jet pack. the technology you have to see to believe. the university of kentucky faces ucla in a sweet 16 rematch tonight in memphis. >> it's the unlikely friendship between a kentucky player and a 10-year-old boy with a rare genetic disorder that's grabbing headlines this morning. nancy cox explains. >> reporter: when derek willis popped the question his girlfriend on senior night, he nearly brought the house down. and when the couple planned their wedding party -- >> they wrote this really nice poem. >> reporter: they chose a little boy with a lot of reasons to feel different and made him feel special. >> we know you will be perfect
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and make a lasting impression. will you be our ring bearer. >> reporter: you've met zach before. he's one of 17 people in the u.s., the only one in kentucky, with the genetic disorder often called the ageing disease. keely happened to read the story and reached out to them. >> she has a soft spot in her heart for special children. i think it rubbed off on derek. >> reporter: the three became fast friends, not because he wanted a headline. he wanted a buddy. >> he's been to a few of the games. when he goes, you know, keely just trots him around like he's a celebrity. >> reporter: right after derek made it official, the couple made their own proposal for zach to be their ring bearer. >> it's just great that, you know, somebody's actually willing -- or has the heart kind enough to do that for him. shows how good of a guy he is.
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>> when you sing along, you can actually stay alive or help somebody stay alive. new york presbyterian hospital released a cpr play list on spotify, so every song about 100 beats per minute, which is the number of chest compressions you need to do when performing cpr. some of the over songs on their play list that made that list as well, "cecilia" by sei monoand garfunkel, "sweet home alabama" by lynyrd skynyrd and justin timberlake's "rock your body." it's a panic situation, things are awkward. grab a girl. >> sweet home alabama. so sorry for singing to everybody in the morning. >> but if you save somebody's life. sweet news for candy crush lovers. the blockbuster mobile game has over half a billion downloads, but this summer it's coming to television as a game show. the new host announced the news on instagram.
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>> so excited to be hosting my brand new project. it's called "candy crush," a new live-action game show based on the mobile game. we're about to start taping our very first episode right now. so get ready for a sweet summer starting sunday, july 9th, on cbs. >> so somebody said we mentioned we never played candy crush. others are saying you have to try it. >> i know! now we are going to get insights to start candy crush. some not so sweet news for girl scout cookie lovers. one of my favorites, thin mitts and samoas, fall flat at the bottom of the list with the highest amount of calories, fat, and sugar. they say, just eat one or two. my tip, freeze them. the best ever. >> i love thin mints. keep it here, you're watching "early today." so we don't have to wad to get clean.
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here is a look at the forecast as we go throughout the weekend. obviously the rain today, heaviest this morning in areas of northern california. it will improve this afternoon. then a decent day on saturday. sneak your outdoor plans or hike outside, l.a. looks okay, cool for you. 61 in san francisco. sunday, more wet weather coming in here especially from northern california up to oregon and the pacific northwest. it has been a wet late winter, early spring in the northwest. >> 69 in l.a. is looking good. >> we'd take it. >> thanks, bill. the white house forgot a key part of social media. optics are everything. the vice president tweeted this photo of meeting with the house
4:27 am
freedom caucus to discuss changes to maternity leave an contraception coverage. he faced a backlash with people pointing out the lack of women and minorities in this photo that you see here. among those speaking out, senator patty murray sweeting, a rare look into the gop women's health caucus and samantha b. saying delaying the vote to figure out what a woman is. lifelong dream coming true today. a 29-year-old marine war vet lost both his legs. he is graduating from the police academy in new york. the clearly athletic man completed the training program with flying colors. he will be one of the first double amputees to serve as an active police officer. love that. >> inspiration. new census data. the chicago area is losing more
4:28 am
residents than any area. they are leaving the cities blaming the crime rate. rounding out the top three, detroit and baltimore. where are the areas that grew the most? phoenix, houston and las vegas. >> you know the saying, where have you been living under a rock when you haven't heard something that made the news? how about living in the wilderness. a whole new means after living in the middle of nowhere. this is a reality show. the ten remaining contestants returned home this month. they might experience reverse culture shock. while they were out there struggling to survive, their show was axed, canceled after a few episodes. the broadcaster says the rest of the season will be shown. when they had no idea what was happening in the world. donald trump was elected president here, britain leaving the eu. >> you are deprived of all these things, then the show is
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