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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 25, 2017 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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francisco right now. a view from belvidere looking southward. chilly, skies clear out. look to the north, pretty nice way to start your morning. take a walk across the golden gate bridge. 53 degrees but san jose still with cloud cover as we have a few lingering showers mainly for the south bay through 9:00 a.m. and the rest of today, partly cloudy skies. highs mid-60s. notice the hour-by-hour forecast. tomorrow, one more storm to deal with that will show up during the day tomorrow. so this will bring a chance of showers. mobile radar doppler not picking up much right now as showers start to move away from the south bay, but this is the system we're watching. we'll show you the timeline of the biggest impact in terms of how much rain we're expecting for tomorrow and a lot more snow possibly to wrap up the weekend in the sierra. that's coming up in about 18 minutes. >> officially spring. more sierra snow. thanks, rob. and a major breakthrough for b.a.r.t. 20 years in the making.
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this morning the new warm springs station in fremont is open. a game-changer for many south and east bay commuters. a live look for you. the new station is sandwiched between 880 and 680, right next to the tesla factory. not everyone is happy about it. several homes are along that route. despite a sound barrier that has been installed neighbors living in the area for years say noise from the trains is a big concern. >> i think that they should have done something as far as technology. i think there's something better out there. >> i think if someone is looking for a job in san francisco where there's a lot of buzz, it's really easy to just -- drive a couple of miles and find some parking, which is a rarity. >> some varying opinions there about the new station. again, the new warm springs b.a.r.t. station in fremont, officially opens this morning. the first train at 7:04. next, b.a.r.t. is moving even farther south, two more stations under construction.
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the new warm springs station will connect to the milpitas station near the great mall and also in north san jose. both could open next year. now to developing news out of sonoma county. one man in custody and a homicide investigation under way in forestville. sheriffs deputies called to a home on river road where they found a man shot. they tried to perform cpr, but he die at the scene. witnesses were able to get a description of a car they saw speeding a way heading towards guerneville. >> deputies responding to the scene found the vehicle parked in a gas station. and ended up contacting the driver of the vehicle. they took him into custody. he had a weapon on him, and we ended up recovering the weapon. >> sheriff's deafties are not sure what led to sthat shooting nor developing news, this in present hills. apartment complex up in flames just our contra costa boulevard near the monument road exit.
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this morning several families are out of their homes. two of those apartment units suffered major damage. no word yet on the cause. police are looking for this man. you might recognize him by his limp. he's been casing cars in the berkeley hills, and homeowners are on edge saying that several times on many different nights the man walked through their neighborhood, trying to open car doors. in plain view of surveillance cameras. neighbors tell us he's been caught on camera at least ten times, and they're getting frustrated he hasn't been caught yet. >> when a problem becomes this severe it become as priority, and it's clearly not being responded to adequately. >> it's a concern to me. i have little ones and am kind of scared about the neighborhood. especially when it happens when we're sleeping. >> berkeley police say the man is now a person of interest in car prowling, and several burglaries all in that same location. police say he often wears the same clothes. call if you recognize him. a bombshell in the
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investigation into the oakland ghostship fire. owners of the building were made aware of electrical problems in the warehouse long before the deadly blaze. according to the east bay times, the man who ran the artist co-op inside the warehouse told the warehouse owner's son electricity flowed through "ancient and violated lines in danger of immediate upgrade." responded in an e-mail in 2015 saying, "the lack of electrical infrastructure was made very clear before your lease began." in another series of e-mails over nearly a two-year period, the owners were alerted to code violations in the adjoining buildings. the e-mails also reveal an unlicensed contractor performed work on the warehouse without a permit from the city planning department. president trump the campaign promise to repeal and replace obamacare has failed. trump admitting he's learned a lot about the inner workings of
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washington, d.c. his own party didn't have the votes to pass their own health care bill. what does all of this mean now? "today in the bay" has more on the political and practical fallout. >> i will not sugar coat this. this is a disappointing day for us. doing big things is hard. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan admits defeat after cancelling the vote to repeal and replace obamacare. republicans vowed to repeal the affordable care act for seven years, but didn't have enough votes to pass their replacement. >> they had seven years to write a bill, and they started it at the last minute. and that messed things up. >> reporter: san francisco republicans are disappointed. >> this makes the party look bad. it makes the president look bad. makes ryan look bad. >> reporter: president trump says he learned a lot about loyalty and the voting process, but he is not admitting defeat. >> perhaps the best thing that can happen is exactly what happened today. because we'll end up with a
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truly great health care bill in the future after this mess known as obamacare explodes. >> reporter: democrats are declares victory for the millions of americans who will not lose their health care. >> today is a great day for our country. it's a victory. what happened on the floor is a victory for the american people. >> reporter: republican voters are hoping the next campaign promise put to a vote is a success. >> that's redemption. it's tax reform, good tax reform is passed. >> reporter: for nbc bay area news. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, left for dead. the disturbing way these puppies were found and the help they need now. and all eyes on a hot ticket in town as the road to the world cup went through san jose. (vo) they say glory awaits at the finish.
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but what about the start? the strength it takes to begin, and sometimes begin again... you just gave birth to another human. (distant cheering and clapping) talk about a comeback. (distant cheering and clapping continues) get your start with under armour, now at kohl's. welcome back to you. it is 7:08 on your saturday morning and this is a live look at the warm springs b.a.r.t.
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station. the first train left about four minutes ago, just hoopened this morning, the very first time. 20 years in the making. the warm springs b.a.r.t. station in fremont. a serious health warning now for some high schoolers in the east bay. contra costa public health officials advising members of the swim team in orinda and the water polo team to take preventive antibiotics for meningitis. they may have had contact with a person who tested positive for the bacterial disease monday. so far only one case identified. three puppies are being cared for in vallejo after abandoned near a dumpster. someone spotted the strays in a dog bed left out in the cold. we're told two of the puppies look like hound dogs and the third likely is a chihuahua. all around 3 months old. they've been turned over to pits r us, a local rescue. pits r us is asking for supplies to help care for the animals.
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if you'd like to help, we have a link on our website, and forced to move out of a san jose shelter due to flooding. more than 50 people have been living there since last month's flood, but the center is scheduled to close on april 10th. city leaders are working with community groups to find more housing. the city says it will pay anyone who can help house those victims. the drought may not be over for the entire state, but some water officials say governor brown may formally declare the drought over in the coming week. "today in the bay" has more on the concerns some of them have about what that declaration could to do the effort to conserve water. >> reporter: the santa clara water district announced customers conserved water as an impressive 27% rate in february, and many people we talked to including sally ashton say that couldn't have been easy. >> i think it's just really a difficult thing in california. we just depend on pools and green lawns, all that kind of
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stuff. >> reporter: leaders meeting at the state capitol say they're concerned too much rain will wash away the water conservation. >> how can we share this resource and work together to make all californians better prepared for these severe drought conditions? >> reporter: local water district officials agree wholeheartedly and campaigning hard to get the public to stop thinking about this drought and focus on the next one. >> we're looking at water recycling, looking at potential storage projects. we're looking at expanding groundwater, recharge, et cetera, et cetera, but water conservation is a baseline plan. >> reporter: sally ashton is hopeful but skeptical. >> people are really, with this much rain, you just feel like, oh, the problem's over. thank goodness. i'll get back to my, whatever careless ways, maybe, that e were all adopt. >> reporter: the local water district will also face a test of its own when it decides whether to low are the public
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water restriction level of 30% in may. in san jose, for nbc bay area news. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, the last-ditchest for oakland to keep the raiders. we'll show you the latest plan laid out by mayor libby shaft. and still cloudy skies. san jose right now, 53 degrees and slow clearing heading into the afternoon today, but don't get used to the clearing skies, because off to the west we have a reason why you'll want to stay tuned to the sunday forecast. agents more ra a little more rain before the end of the weekend. the timeline of the next storm when we come right back. ==ra/ve=
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welcome back at 7:14 on your saturday morning. a beautiful look at the golden gate bridge. we are going to be seeing a drier day today as opposed to tomorrow when an afternoon storm will join us. meteorologist rob mayeda will be along in just a bit with that forecast. the oakland colosseum is the current home of the raiders, but come monday, the nfl owners
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could give the team the green light to head to vegas. so this morning at 10:00, oakland city leaders are holding a rally at the coliseum. a look at the last-minute pitch from oakland the mayor. "today in the bay" has details. >> it lays it all out. it answers all the questions. >> reporter: closed doctor do-d dealings now made public. >> will the raiders choose oakland and stay home? >> reporter: the mayor, libby schaff, says a last-minute proposal was sent to roger goodell this week. >> this plan is a better plan for the raiders and the league than the plan in las vegas. >> reporter: 55 acres south of the colosseum, land she says is available immediately, rendering a possible $1.3 billion stadium with $600 million secured through private funds. from the fortress investment group and hall of famer ronnie lott, as a cost that could be $700 million less than building in nevada. >> because of our great weather,
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we don't need to build a roofed stadium or have air conditions. >> reporter: but it might be too late. >> it's frustrating we have to come to this. >> reporter: fans fear rumors the nfl owners will approve the raiders relocation to loss ve l when they gather and vote on monday in phoenix. >> normally you wouldn't call a vote if you didn't know you have the votes. >> reporter: for nbc bay area news. a big week report in the south bay. not only the ncaa tournament at the pavilion but a huge soccer match for team usa at avaya stadium. dazzled a sellout crowd with a win over honduras. now the world cup is within reach. >> we're really excited, but this game gives us a lot of confidence. it's always nice to come up with a win but a whole new game, whole new battle, going to be a tough battle. >> and as you heard, next up for team usa, a game against panama in panama city on tuesday.
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the u.s. needs a win to bolster chances at the 2018 world cup in russia. the calendar says spring but the sierra is olding on to winter. a record-setting year, good news for snowboarders and skiers. >> i'm super happy about this snow season. lovin' it. lovin' it! a good time in the summer. a lot of waterfalls, everything. >> that's a positive spin. i doct i-80 open in both directions. check in with rob mayeda in for vianey arana with a look at the weekend forecast. >> very pleasant putting on those chains. isn in the sierra still seeing chains on vehicles. and a view looking back from lake tahoe this morning. see the fresh snow. notice the trees coated in snow that fell last night. another view from our squaw valley alpine meadows camera.
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snow on the lens. 30 doctoregrees there. a few snow showers today. chances or find more snow on the increase again later tomorrow and into monday. so the ski season continues. we continue to add maybe another foot of snow in the higher elevations of the sierra by the end of the weekend. right now 53 degrees. clear skies around ocean beach. same story heading down south, half moon bay. 48. on the coast today, eventually clearing skies. partly cloudy we think around santa cruz. temperatures low to mid-60s. exception to the rule in terms of clearing this morning, san jose. still seeing a few scattered showers. storm ranger mobile doppler radar, the red scan showing not a lot around san jose or san francisco as we did have showers within the last couple hours here. drifting off to the south and east. partly cloudy skies heading through the afternoon. then off to the west, the reason why we'll see a change-up in the forecast tomorrow. not as much rain as we saw yesterday, but still mostly
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cloudy skies to finish the weekend with more rain before the time we head into sunday evening. so high today, low to mid-60s around the bay area and hour-by-hour we go from the few showers around the south bay to some partly cloudy skies by mid-afternoon. but during the many evening hours tonight, we begin to see clouds on the increase. there you see clearing through about 1:00 to the early evening hours, around the bay area, and then later on tonight, we begin to see clouds fill back in. so the hour-by-hour outlook for your sunday planner, mostly cloudy start to the morning and then light to moderate rain probably returning right in the timeline from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. for tomorrow. so tomorrow morning, back in the clouds again as you see the rain in the north bay around 3:00. pushing south. 10:00, probably the main event with the second storm system coming in, and we should see rapid clearing into monday morning's commute now. it does not look like we'll see as much rain. kind of like we see now outside. maybe a stray shower or two into
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monday morning. rain expectations, looking at most places in the blue, indicating a a quarter inch or less. some of the coastal mountains, though, may see a third inch of rain out of the system. after this, notice what happens. high pressure, changes in the seven-day forecast. the high holding its ground for most of the week ahead. so temperatures are going to start to climb. kind of a cool finish to the weekend, as you see with chances of rain here to wrap things up sunday, but san francisco, upper 60s by wednesday, and valley locations should see highs approaching the low 70s, maybe mid-to upper 70s by wednesday. so here you go. it's a spring seven-day forecast. roller coaster ride, temperatures going down and rising back up middle part of the week. forecast trending dry likely the next ten days. the high coming back, once we lose rain showers to wrap up the weekend, spring weather make as comeback towards the middle part of the week. kira, back to you.
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much more ahead on "today in the bay" coming up. if i had known what i was getting into, honestly, i don't know if i would have had the guts to start it. >> the number of cats euthanized in shelters going down in one lobel community all because of a rescue organization and its cat cafe p cafe. a story that will make you "bay area proud." thatimp id isehi arery
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you can't judge a cat while it's in a catch. that simple idea is behind a remarkably successful nonprofit in oakland. there are many who work in the field of animal rescue, but very few who can point to numbers like you're about to hear. "today in the bay" garvin thomas has their story and a secret in this morning's "bay area proud." >> reporter: a background in social work, helping in the field of public housing, to be exact. perhaps that has more than a little to do with the success she's found in her second career. still finding homes -- just not for humans.
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>> her coming back here, i mean, i think she's just really a different cat now. >> reporter: ann dunn, the first to tell you -- >> even the first night. >> reporter: the last one you'd expect to run a cat rescue. particularly if you knew her in college. >> my closest friends were all doing cat rescue, and i could not have cared less. i could not have cared less. >> reporter: all that changed, however, one day when ann crossed paths with a single stray kitten. >> there's this little orange tabby and i always say, my heart grew three sizes that day. oh, i'll keep him. >> reporter: that rescue led to another and eventually ann began volunteering at the oakland animal shelter. it was there ann saw firsthand that the cats who could handle the caged and noisy shelter environment were easily adopted. but those who couldn't, those who withdrew, or became aggressive because of it were considered unadoptable and most likely killed. ann and other volunteers were
7:25 am
determined to help them. >> we see that these cats are imminently adoptable. they just need to be in the right environment. somebody just needs to give them a chance and get them out of a small cage surrounded by barking dogs. >> reporter: at first, they focused on fostering in homes but ann knew exposure was a barrier to adoption as well. so two years ago they opened the country's first cat cafe. a storefront, no cage adoption showcase, and coffee. the success has been staggering. thanks in part to cattown and ann's team of more than 200 volunteers, oakland animal shelters euthanasia rate has dropped from 42 to 14%. >> the thing i'm most excited about is, we have some really small spaces and we have larger spaces. >> reporter: things are going so well, cat town is expanding. giving more people, ann hopes, a
7:26 am
chance to judge a cat, not in a cage, but with a cup of coffee. another secret to cat town's suction is how well they work with oakland animal services. shelters and rescue groups don't always see eye to eye on the best way to help animals, but these two work together so well, they've been able to help 1,500 cats in just six years. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. and we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, a vintage clothing store owner in san francisco who's being accused of trying to sell illegal fur coats. she says she's doing nothing wrong. we'll hear her side of things. plus, an armed burglary at a well-known las vegas hotel and casino. we have the latest this morning. kias
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welcome back. it's 7:28. a live look outside. cloudy skies, but, boy that is one green hillside!
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>> you can say that. >> stay that way for a while. a break in the rain, but, oh, a surprise for tomorrow. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. meteorologist rob mayeda joins us with our microclimate forecast. you have a lot going on. >> all sorts of conditions, clearing in san francisco. patchy, dense fog in napa, outside towards hillsberg. a tour along the coast. half moon bay, there's a nice inspirational start to the morning. piller point looki pillar point, and ocean beach, 53. san jose, stuck in the clouds. you can see there. 53 degrees. still a few showers trying to clear out of the south bay. you see cloud cover for areas basically south of the san mateo bridge this morning. off to the west, though, is a lot more cloud cover as we head into sunday we will see a little more rain here to wrap up the weekend. so a quick view of what we're expecting going into tomorrow. notice the rainfall map here. blue and green means generally less than one-third inch to a
7:30 am
quarter inch of rain. see the maps, red and purple, meaning two to three inches of rain with the storms. not as much rain but timing impact the second half of the weekend. we'll show you more coming up in about 15 minutes from now. >> wow. one week into spring. >> it's still snowing, still a little more rain. one more storm to get through, though, we'll stay tuned for your forecast, rob, thanks. a major breakthrough for b.a.r.t. 20 years in the making. the new warm springs station in fremont is open this morning. a live look. you see the train go off. the first one left about 7:04 this morning. it's a game-changer for many south and east bay commuter. the new station is sandwiched right between 680 and 880, right near the tesla factory, in you know the area. not all are excited. residents along that area, neighbors living in the area say noise from the trains is a big concern. >> i think that they should have done something as far as
7:31 am
technology. i think there's something better out there. >> i think if someone is looking for a job in san francisco where there's a lot of buzz, it's really easy to just drive a couple of miles and find some parking, which is a rarity. >> all right. so some varying opinions there about that new station. again, the new warm springs b.a.r.t. station in fremont, officially opened this morning. some developing news now out of sonoma county. a homicide investigation is under way in forestville. sheriffs deputies were called to a home on river road and found a man who had been shot. they tried to perform cpr but he died at the scene. witnesses were able to give a description of the car they saw speeding away towards guerneville. >> deputies responding to the scene found the vehicle parked in a gas station and ended up contacting the driver of the vehicle. they took him into custody. he had a weapon on him and we ended up recovering the weapon. >> sheriff's deputies say
7:32 am
they're still not sure what led to that shooting. more developing news now in pleasant hill. an apartment complex up in flames. it happened just off contra costa boulevard near the monument road exit. this morning several families are out of their homes. two units, we're told, suffered major damage. no word yet on the cause. and do you recognize this man? he has a limp, and police are looking for him. he's been casing cars in one east bay neighborhood. homeowners in the berkeley hills tell us they're on edge. they say that several times on many different nights the man walked through their neighborhood trying to open car doors in plain view of surveillance cameras, by the way. neighbors tell us he's been caught on camera at least ten times and they're frustrated he hasn't been caught yet. >> when a problem is this severe is become as problem and clearly not responded to adequately. >> it's a concern to me. i have little ones and am kind of scared about the neighborhood.
7:33 am
especially when it happens while we're sleeping. >> berkeley police say the man is a person of interest in car prowling, and several burglars all in that same location. police say he often wears the same clothes. next, to b.a.r.t. again. b.a.r.t. is moving even farther south. we just showed you the warm springs b.a.r.t. location, which just opened about 30 minutes ago this morning. after 20 years to get that working. well, two more stations are under construction. the new warm springs station will connect to the milpitas station, near the great mall, and then the station in north san jose. both of those could open next year. now to what some people are calling a fashion historian, and some people are calling an endangered species violator. a san francisco woman charged with trying to sell illegal furs says she wants to set the record straight. so she invited us into her store, because she says she has nothing to hide. "today in the bay"s christie smith has more.
7:34 am
>> there seems to be controversy i have a secret back room. >> reporter: sicily hansen allowed cameras into a special area in the back of her vintage san francisco clothing store. she says where certain vintage furs and other items are stored because of concern about theft and rough handling. >> if you are serious and not yanking my clothes, and you have a budget, you're allowed in the back room. you don't have a secret handshake. >> reporter: she says there's nothing underhanded about her clothing and knew what was fair to sell. >> the known rule was always, pre-72. >> reporter: after receiving an anonymous tip about possibly illegal fur sales, wardens went undercover at her store. the d.a. spoke about it wednesday. >> during that operation they tried a $4,500 coat, that was followed by a search warrant. that recovered 150 items. >> reporter: hansen was charged with nine misdemeanor counts of
7:35 am
illegal sale of an endangered spaces, she says the items were decades old, some personal and recently sold at the store. >> i've not sold one endangered species fur in this store. >> reporter: she says she deeply cares for animals and wasn't aware of a 2016 law. >> the possession of a body part of an endangered species for sale with the intent to sell is against the law. >> she's done nothing wrong. and you know if there had been a grace period here, 90 days, this new law is in effect, take care of it. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. this morning, las vegas police are investigating a robbery at an upscale retail store inside a casino. police say the robbery happened at a high-end jewelry shop inside the bellagio hotel and casino around 12:50 this morning. multiple robbers broke the glass doors and went into the jewelry shop. this is cell phone video showing police and all the commotion outside bellagio. inside, cell phone video show what's appears to be a person wearing a pig mask leerching l
7:36 am
leaving the casino. the bellagio was on lockdown about 30 minutes. the store was not open at the time of the burglary. 7:36. much more ahead. warriors keeping the good times rolling. going for their sixth straight win last night taking on the sacramento kingses at oracle. aosteem unir.thwarorsverwer
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it wasn't very close. it almost seemed unfair. the warriors overpowered the rebuilding sacramento kings at oracle arena. hello, kevin durant! and to steph curry, looking like raiders qb derek carr with a touchdown pass to iguodala. they were crushed. but up by more than 20 at one point and remain the top seed in the conference with ten games left in the regular season. we have a slight problem with the sharks. they've now lost five games in a
7:39 am
row. their biggest losing streak of the season. last night in dallas the stars beat the sharks 6-1. hmm. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, historic flooding damaged entire neighborhoods in the south bay. now as people in san jose try to put their lives back together, we investigate why a nearly 20-year-old plan to prevent this from happening never was implemented. right now, sta are trting t clearing skies. 53 degrees. showers move on from most places this morning. don't get used to that picture. you see another storm on the way over my shoulder. the timeline on the rain and sierra snow when we come right back.
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7:41 this saturday morning. a look back at the month of march. most days in the tan or gold indicating dry days this month. so far 15 compared to 10 rainy days. today, technically a rainy day.
7:42 am
light rain in san jose this morning. moving forward the rest of the month, wrapping up the weekend into early next week, still a couple more chances for finding some rain, but the end of the month into april now looks dry. high pressure builds in. seeing changes in the seven-day forecast bottom of the screen. for this morning seeing clearing skies around half moon bay. 46 degrees, but chilly. heading out to the coast for the afternoon, should see highs eventually down towards santa cruz climbing into the low to mid-60s with clearing skies later today. no clearing just yet around healdsburg. 40 chilly degrees, and napa visibility down to a quarter mile this morning. should clear by mid-morning. highs around sonoma and nap ta, mi pa, mid-60s. showers beginning to clear out of the south bay as our storm ranger mobile doppler radar really not finding much. still a little drizzle and mist around the foothills south of
7:43 am
downtown into san francisco. clear right now. so the red beam there scanning not much to find there on the d radar seeing breaks in the clouds offshore. the next storm system shows up late tonight into early tomorrow. seeing mostly cloudy skies. meantime, partly cloudy. a little breezy at times today. northwest winds, 10 to 20 miles per hour. partly sunny skies. low to mid-60s. nice saturday shaping up and by 7:00, beginning to see more high clouds on approach. so hour-by-hour we go. partly cloudy skies. maybe a hilltop shower around highway 17 around 1:00. 6:00, showers are gone, and then heading towards sunday, more changes on the way as you see in the sunday forecast here. mostly cloudy, and rain chances increasing. so really sunday is the opposite of the forecast we're seeing today. once we get into the afternoon, rain make as comeback starting in the north bay. mostly cloudy skies to start. by early afternoon beginning to see showers pushing out of the north bay and then by 8:00, 9:00
7:44 am
and 10:00 tomorrow evening, there's the main event of the next weather system that should clear getting into monday morning. so the pattern ahead, the reason why things are changing up for the end of the month, you saw in our calendar forecast, high pressure builds back. that's allowing for a warming trend that really will begin to take shape around tuesday, wednesday into thursday and at this point next weekend, too, does look dry. for san francisco, rain to finish off the weekend into tomorrow evening. monday, maybe a few showers. probably not a big impact for the morning commute and tuesday and wednesday, downtown san francisco should see highs close to 70. now, a bigger roller coaster ride for the valley temperatures. low 60s to near 60 tomorrow. kind of a cool finish to the weekend with rain for sunday and then monday a lingering shower perhaps south of san jose. tuesday and wednesday, temperatures on the rise. waiting for springlike weather, good news. once we get past monday. 70s in most spots going through the upcoming week. back to you. >> something to look forward to, rob. look goods.
7:45 am
thanks. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, we investigate -- >> this home in san jose is unrecognizable after the recent flooding. for some communities in the city, the second time they've been under water in 20 years. i'm bigad shaban. coming up, why plans to protect this community stalled and could still be years away.
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welcome back. it's just shy of 7:48 on your saturday morning. you can see the sun shining down
7:48 am
over the bay bridge as we look towards san francisco from emeryville. you can even see the transamerica pyramid right there. meteorologist rob mayeda tells us to enjoy a drier day today before a storm comes in tomorrow afternoon. but good news -- spring weather is on the way later this week. it has been one month since the san jose floods. many of those same communities flooded 20 years ago, but plans to better protect the area went nowhere. investigative reporter bigad shaban has been digging in to why. >> reporter: we discovered millions of your tax dollars were spent on designing projects to prevent this very kind of flooding, but those multimillion dollar plans were never used. we investigate why better protection for the area is still years away. eureka is 77 years old. she's lived most of her life in
7:49 am
this home. >> reporter: you don't recognize it anymore? >> absolutely not, no. i come here just to see that everything is doing, everything i have to throw into the garbage. suddenly in less than one hour i end up homeless. it's -- heartbreaking. >> reporter: she was living in this small home with ten of her relati relatives. mostly children, when the water came rushing in. >> it was like a river inside. >> reporter: a river? >> yes. >> reporter: eureka is now trying to salvage what's left. >> so gross. >> reporter: while her daughter surveys the family van. >> stinks. >> reporter: that still hasn't dried out. >> i came to see what i was going to take out, but not much, really, because even the car seats and everything have started growing mold. oh. see? water still dripping out. >> reporter: the floodwaters
7:50 am
left month left san jose with $68 million in damage. more than 500 homes took on water and some of those very same neighborhoods suffered similar flooding 20 years ago. since then, the santa clara valley water district spent $8.10 million planning and designing flood projects. for neighborhoods between montague expressway and highway 280. some of the projects scheduled to be built by last year. >> not a single project was actually constructed? >> no. >> reporter: melanie richardson is an interim chief operating officer at the water district and says plans including new flood walls were put on hold so engineering could study weth proje whether project the further upstream could provide this as a less price. >> lessen the flow downstream. >> reporter: otherwise it could cost between $500 million and $1 billion to build those previously planned projects
7:51 am
along coyote creek. but only $36 million has been set aside for the work, and nearly $11 million of that was already spent on those designs that the water district now wants to re-do. >> reporter: wasn't that a waste now? >> i believe most of that we will probably be able to use and just update it. >> reporter: some you'll now have to do all over again? >> perhaps we'll have to update some of it. >> reporter: water district reports we obtained show that new planning process isn't scheduled to begin until 2019, and even partial construction won't be done until 2025. >> reporter: so for an area that just flooded, had similar flooding 20 years ago, they may now have to wait another eight years before getting protection? >> you're right nap is not acceptable. >> reporter: how do you look people in the eye who live in those communities right now and tell them they may have to wait eight more years? >> it's very difficult, and i feel so bad for those people.
7:52 am
>> reporter: but other parts of san jose aren't slated to get any protection. and a single project arooved for the rock springs area which also flooded 20 years ago. back in 2003, the u.s. army corps of engineers denied funding for the area. saying the benefits of protecting rock springs from flooding were not significant enough to justify the cost. >> unfortunately, we didn't have adequate money to do something about the problem at the most vulnerable locations. >> reporter: the water district is now asking the court to reconsider funding the project and is looking into temporary fixes for the entire region, but even those projects are likely years away. >> i would like to be alive by that time. >> reporter: you may not even live to see it? >> i'll try. we are expecting help. when it's going to come, i don't
7:53 am
know. >> reporter: the santa clara valley water district tells us its board will meet in the next few weeks to discuss whether mon from other projects can be diverted to communities along coyote creek. meanwhile, flood victims like this family are still waiting to find out if they'll be eligible for emergency funds from fema. a local charity has been putting them up in a nearby motel, but the family tell us that aid runs out next week. >> bigad shaban for us this morning. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the bay area lost thousands of jobs last month. the once red-hot south bay market started to cool. the state labor report shows the bay area lost 4,400 jobs in february alone. in santa clara county alone, hiring slowed and the tech industry lost close to 1,000 jobs. as for the state, the number is
7:54 am
more positive. overall, california added nearly 23,000 jobs last month, and the state jobless rate fell to 5%. we have much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, clear the shelter segment featuring special guests from pets in need. we'll introduce to you these tiny cuties, next. se sciagues fm ps i
7:55 am
7:56 am
welcome back. this morning, our clear the shelter segment with our special guest from pets in need, executive director here with alexander baggs. percy on the left, periwinkle on the right. seriously adorable. little kittens. alexandria, tell us about them. >> we just got these guys pretty recently. they're siblings. littermates. about seven weeks old, a boy and girl. today are available for adoption and we open at noon. >> wonderful. and you, in case you're not a
7:57 am
regular view eer each week, you spay, neuter, microchip give all vaccines. >> yes. >> they are really ready to go at noon today. >> absolutely. >> al, this is kind of like kicking off the beginning of cat season. is that right? or kitten season? >> kitten season. all shelters, pets in need, included, right around this time of year are usually inundated with kittens or pregnant mommies or mommies with litters, and we need foster families throughout the year, but particularly during kitten season, during this time. the next three or four months or so. >> because you basically need to buy some time in between when you get the kittens and when you can adopt them out. is that right? so you just need these temporary foster homes? >> right. it frees up space in our facility to rescue more animals, and as wonderful as our facility is, it's nice to have kittens grow up in a family situation. >> right. and you can't take anymore
7:58 am
yourself. >> no. my wife and i have plenty. >> yes, yes. so percy and periwinkle can go home for adoption beginning at noon today. if you're not ready for that long-term commitment, you can take home kittens for a short-term foster and pets in need would love to you contact them for that. find out more about pets in need on their website, and alexandra, as always, thank you so much for joining us. the kittens are adorable. i hope they get adopted. they don't need to go to the same home just because they're siblings. thanks, as always. and thanks to you for making us a part of your morning. because of giants baseball, no newscast tonight but more local news and 6:00 and 11:00 and of course all day on we hope you have a great weekend.
7:59 am
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