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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 28, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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unrwain kla.wh we fire investigation under way in oakland. what we're learning about the flagrant violations found in the building just la week. good morning, and thank you very much for joining us on this tuesday. i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. we want to get a look at your forecast in case you're headed out the door at 4:30. k ark kari, mild to start. >> yeah, a little bit of a distance, you notice a difference in the temperatures. as you step out, bundle up. we are go to have anywhere from 45 degrees in the tri-valley to 55 degrees in the peninsula. 51 in san francisco, and 46 now in the north bay. as we head into this afternoon, look at how these temperatures warm up into the upper 60s, even
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some low 70s. it won't be as windy as it was yesterday. still a little breeze in san francisco. up to 76 degrees in the north bay. temperatures continue to warm up. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike has a deadly crash now in the north bay. >> that right. while traffic flow is very light recognize now and as we look at the inner bay, a nice smooth flow of traffic on 880 and 580. it's far north, for moe of our viewers, way up north in vacaville. southbound 505 at vaccy valley park way. it's on frontage road. someone drove off the road early this morning and hit a tree. sounds like the investigation continues for another 20 minutes. this should not affect interstate 80. a smooth drive forvel times, buconstruction slows at hilltop drive. back to you. >> thank you very much. later today, the search
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continues for more answers into what caused a massive inferno at an apartment building in oakland. >> we broke the news on today in the bay yesterday morning right around this time. pete suratos was one of the first reporters on scene. he's back there at the scene with developing details for us right flow. peelt, at this tile yesterday, we didn't know if this was a fatal fire. now, we know three people died in the fire and there's still one person missing. >> good morning to you. yes, we do have that information. and it's a much different scene this morning, but that investigation continues. i want to show you this apartment building in west oakland. we know oakland police is still on the scene. we expect fire investigators to join them later today. this was a much different scene yesterday. we'll show you the video of those flames. they could be seen from the nearby freeway as we were driving to the site here in west oakland. the massive fire taking over the apartment building on san pablo and mead avenues.
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here's the latest numbers. they tell us there were three people who died as a result of the fire and at least 15 people were rescued. four sent to the hospital for injuries and one person is still missing. this building had its fair share of issues. here's what one of the residents said. >> the building was no good. no kind of protection from the fire. we had rats in there, roaches, bed bugs. >> now, infire is under control, but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. however, we do know that this building had a history of complaints and had a building inspection a few days before the massive fire. i'll break down the complaints in the next hour. live in oakland, pete suratos for today in the bay. >> a litany of violations there. pete will tell us about itting up. thank you, pete. >> in the meantime, raiders fans, if you're just waking up this morning, it wasn't a bad dream. your team is now on the move to vegas.
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all right, picture the sound of fireworks. we see them there. nfl owners followed the money in voting 31-1 to approve the raiders stadium deem in los angeles, setting off celebrations in sin city with football fans believing they hit the jackpot. raiders owner mark davis said he started getting wandering eyes when he couldn't nail down a long-term deal in oakland. city leaders feel like they didb get a fair shake. >> i do think that the manly thing for him to do is to at least admit that we had a viable plan and that he made a choice. >> we're going to raise the rent three times on you. at that point, we ended up signing the lease anyway, but then decided we had to start looking elsewhere. >> well, las vegas did end up ponying up $750 million in public money for the new stadium. that's a record. the raiders plan to play at the coliseum for at least the next
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two seasons before moving to las vegas in 2020. >> fans are sad, for sure. >> a scary situation inside a bay area mall where dozens of people were evacuated after a harmful substance filled the hair. this happens at stonestown galleria at 8:00 in the evening. people called in reports of some sort of pepper spray or chemical inside. firefighters evacuated the mall and treated anyone who felt sick. at least 15 people complained of some sort of pain and one person was taken to the hospital for evaluation, but at this point, everyone is expected to be okay. so far, an investigation is still under way this morning to find out where that spray came from. a rash of car break-ins in one south bay community has people nervous. police are investigating nine cars broke into on sunday night. the victims of the break-ins says the february of burglaries is closer to a couple doesn't. car burglaries happened in a
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couple apartment complexes. folks coming back to their cars to find this. some of them happened right on the street. victims described the scene they found when they were trying to get to their cars. >> windows were completely broken and then they had taken out the glove box, a couple items that were taken like our gps and then -- >> nobody is here to help you. you feel like nobody is listening to you. >> while sunnyvale police say they are listening, they are aware that there are gangs or burglars that are going from city to city breaking into people's cars. >> coming up, holy cow. an animal farm on an east bay highway. the cow caught up in the fast lane creating a difficult accident. next, we'll show ruhow drivers ensnared in the crash are doing this morning. >> plus, unlikely partners. pg&e and nasa are teaming up. how the drone they're testing out together could keep you safe from a possible emergency. an iestati isndea
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at 4:39 right now, an accident to report on. anything but an ordinary one. an investigation under way this morning to try to figure out how a cow ended up in the fast lane on highway 4 last night. crusee some of the cars flipped over. it caused two separate accidents. a 6-car pile-up. chp got the call, and by the time officers arrived after 8:00 last night, several cared had already hit the cow. you can see how badly damaged the vehicles are.
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one of them there flipping over. luckily, there were not any serious injuries. this happened near martinez. chp says there are a lot of farms nearby with livestock roaming around. >> the ranchers do a great job of trying to keep the fences maintained, but sometimes the cows get out. unfortunate laif it happens out under and it's a black cow. >> a black cow blending into the darkness. one person was taken to the hospital. that person is expected to be okay. the cow unfortunately died at the scene. no word on where the cow came from. >> continuing coverage of the trial of three santa clara county jail guards accused in the beating death of an inmate, michael tyree. yesterday, prosecutors grilled a prosecution witness who is a gang member and a former informant. he testified about calling his mother on the night that tyree died and telling her he believes guards killed an inmate. defense attorneys tried to
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undermine that witness and his testimony, his credibility as well, including questioning the legality of his immigration status. >> pg&e will be using the skies above its training facility in livermore to test a next generation monitoring system, partnering with nasa in the process. last year, they started testing new unmanned drones made with the help of nasa. the drones are supposed to detect gas leaks in hard to reach areas. today, pg&e is going to test fly that methane direction drone over a simulated community at its facility. the event takes place at 10:00 this morning. if you hear buzz, don't worry. just a pg&e drone. >> now you know the buzz. >> here kari hall with a look at a springy forecast. might hear buzzing bees. >> very warm today. warmer than yesterday. here's a look at the temperature trend for evergreen, after a clear start, we'll see some temperatures reaching into the upper 60s to low 70s. we'll talk about how much it warms up and goes through the rest of the week coming up. >> and here's a live look at the
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bay bridge. i'm just focused on that. a vehicle heading toward the treasure island tunnel. i'm tracking, i don't see any problems. we'll give you an update. >> plus, elon musk wants to make a new connection. the way the ceo of tesla hopes to merge computers with the human brain.
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it is 4:45, as you wake up, head out, get ready for a warm day. here's the forecast for russian river valley. it will be in the mid 70s the next couple days. then turning cooler on thursday. with a slight chance of rain. we will talk about when and where we could see some rain. it's coming up at 4:49. and looking at great travel times. the top of your screen, still 17 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge. i'll show you where you'll have slowing early this morning. business and tech news now, merging computers with the elon musk is whipping up new technology to keep up with brains. >> anything that improves our brain functionality in the morning is good. we turn to landon dowdy to joins us live from cnbc world headquarters. i saw you carry the coffee to
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the desk. morning, landon. >> soy, sam. guilty. i could use a brain challenge this morning. good morning to you both. let's gea quick check of the markets. trying to bounce back from monday's losses. they closed well off their lows. investors continuing to react to the failure of president trump's health care bill and what impact that could have on its future policy agenda. data today on home prices and consumer confidence, the dow fouling 45 points yesterday to 20,550. the nasdaq rose 11. a real life matrix could be one step closer to reality. elon musk, the founder of tesla and spacex is creating a new company to merge computers with human brains. that's right, to help us keep up with machines. he wants to develop tiny electroids that would be implanted on your brain that could one day upload or download thoughts to and from devices. more details will be coming in
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about a week. and apple knows you're probably worried about losing your new air pods. its latest update features a find my air pods feature. and it has sounds to help you locate them, in case they have run out of batteries. a single air pod is about $69. a handy feature. >> maybe you can plant an electroid to help you find your bud, and then that solves the problems. >> thank you. >> we move on now to some pretty wacky weather going on. developing in australia, powerful cyclone named debi is battering parts of the northeast coast. they're buckling palm trees and sending debris in the air. hamilton island which is a popular tourist spot, was in lockdown with hundreds of tourists stuck in hotels, evacuated to makeshift shelters.
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and the eye of the storm is still making isway through the coastline right now. that video may be coming from one of those tourists who is probably shooting that outside of their hotel room, terrified, no doubt. >> that was something that was huge on the satellite imagery. you're looking at this storm like, oh, my goodness. this is really going to cause some problems. >> so far no, nobody is hurt. it looks like it's going to be okay. >> looks pretty good as far as no injuries or deaths, which hopefully continues. and everybody stays safe in australia. >> great video. >> the land down under is the land looming large right now. what are we looking at in terms of our weather pattern? you said we're warming up. >> warming up, all nice and quiet. one quick weather system moving in that will bring us a slight chance of rain on thursday. other than that, we will have some more dry weather looking live right now at san francisco. great start to this tuesday morning. and it also feels very cool. so as you step out, make sure you're wearing a heavier jacket.
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it is cooler than yesterday in some spots. looking live now at palo alto as we get the day started. a few more people getting out there and getting up, so make sure you have that coffee and you're getting things moving. 45 in livermore. look a this temperature spread. you have the mid 40s in the tri-valley and then 53 in oakland and 50 right now in san francisco. overall, we're definitely cooler than yesterday. and we're going to see highs this afternoon warmer as we reach into the upper 60s to lower 70s. up to 76, though, in concord, and napa, 78 degrees. 72 in san jose and palo alto and 68 in san francisco. we're starting to see the clouds reaching closer. and this will be a system that will be weakening as it moves in and now as the seven-day forecast comes up on the bottom of the screen, starting in the peninsula, you'll see a chance of rain in thursday's forecast, but that's about it. as this moves in, we'll see an increase in cloud cover and rain holds off, but look at what
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happens. it moves through so fast, it only brings in a few spotty showers. then we may have a little bit of rain early next week, but we're not really counting on too much of that giving us anything that we can really measure. as you head out, it will be breezy today. along the coastline. and we will have the potential of some long period waves, sneaker waves, and some rip currents. watch out for that. this is painly for those west and northwest facing beaches around the bay area. if you are planning to head to santa cruz today, it will be cool to start, in the upper 40s. look how the temperatures jump to 70 degrees at lunchtime. a great day to head over to the beaches or just enjoy your lunch outside if you're working. if you're following me on facebook and twitter, i'll keep you up to date on everything going on. and a look at the seven-day forecast, absolutely gorgeous. we're in for a very nice weekend ahead. 70s in san francisco, and upper 70s, a few spots hitting 80 by saturday. as we head to mike, slowing in
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sab pablo. >> we're looking over here, most of the bian easy nice drive. a little unusual slowing in this stretch. in fact, we had about ten minutes adding on to our commute for the early part of the show, 4:30, things started to move better. we have electrical work blocking a couple lanes, buconstruction starting to clear. a little slowing around hilltop and the mall. no problems near the toll plaza where the metering lights are not on yet. a smooth flow of traffic until they're turned on. a live look out there shows you the bay bridge span. i was watching reports of a disabled vehicle. nothing going on here. easy drive in towards san francisco. fremont camera over towards the warm springs station, the new b.a.r.t. station right behind tesla, no problems in yesterday's commute and we're tracking the tuesday commute. >> how do you know it's tesla? i can't tell. >> exactly. >> coming up, an escalator full
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of people suddenly reverses direction, creating chaos and throwing off passengers. the reason investigators say this should not have happened. >> first, changes to your vacation plans. the cruise ship line holland america no longer stopping in acapulco, mexico. it's going to sail to other destinations because of recent security concerns. >> also, the world's largest humanitarian crisis in stent je 70 years has been declared. a famine is threating the the lives of thousands. at the same time the trump administration is proposing slashing foreign aid. back with more news in two minutes. this is gus.
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proudly caring for northern california, it's 4:54.
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scary moments to show you in a shopping mall in hong kong when an escalator malfunctions there. this video is disturbing. cell phone video showing the packed escalator suddenly reversing direction and picking up speed, except going down. you see all the people filing out of the bottom of it. doesps of people were thrown to the floor. one victim right now is in the hospital with a serious head injury. 17 oers were also injured. experts say that two safety gears malfunctioned at the same time. the shopping center spokesperson said the escalator had just passed an inspection only a few days prior to the accident. berkeley has had it with the butts. tonight, they're considering a new plan to stomp out some of that litter. city council members will debate launching a new pilot pral program to reduce cigarette butt litter in areas where there's heavy smoking. they're talking about putting heavy receptacles in front of three schools and a bus stop where there's smoking despite the city's ban. if the pilot program works, city
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leaders will consider expanding. >> hopefully telling your kids not to smoke. >> 4:55. water customers may pay higher rates as the first of two public hears to talk about a possible rate hike. the city of san mateo wants to boost revenues to make improvements there. to do that, sewage treatment costs will go higher by more than 30%. tonight's meeting takes place at 6:30 at the king center. >> with tax day fast approaching, a warning from both the irs and california franchise tax board. beware of an expensive tax scam going around. a scam that federal agents tell us has already cost taxpayers millions of dollars. tonight, our investigative team pulls back the curtain to show us just how those thieves pose as criminal investigators and trick victims into sending them retail gift cards to pay off their tax bills. state tax officials say these scams have become so sophisticated, sometimes they even fool the experts. >> with the amount of
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information these scammers have, they're filing returns that it's hard to differentiate between a scammer and the tax filing. if you compare a fraudulent return to an authentic return, in some cases the fraudulent return is more accurate, contains less errors. >> later tonight, steven takes us inside the latest scam step by step and talks with investigators in washington, d.c. about what you can do to avoid becoming a victim. that's coming up tonight at 11:00 right here on nbc bay area. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send an e-mail to >> talking about taxes which means the deadline is right around the corner. almost in april. >> i cane believe it. time is flying. >> we had plenty of showers in march, kari. >> the next round of rain expected on thursday will only bring very light amounts of rain and not everyone will see it. we'll talk about what to expect
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and the warm temperatures we'll see today. that's coming up. and a live look at the san mateo bridge. flashing lights on the westbound side. i'm scanning the reports and checking a couple sources to see if anybody will tell me what's going on. we'll give you the update coming up. plus, the defensive turn in the murder trial of the accused murderer of sierra lamar. facing the death penalty. the tactics the defense is using in the courtroom. my glfrnd eat on
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my stomach dropped. like my girlfriend cheated on me. my wife cheated on me. >> oh, man. >> yeah, his wife also a raiderette? fans in mourning this morning. the raiders right now officially on their way out. what this means for bay area sports fans and all those broken hearts moving forward. >> attorneys for the man accused of killing sierra lamar starts to present their defense. the doubt they're trying to plant in the minds of the jurors. >> and back in town. hillary clinton visiting the bay area today. we have details on the conference that she's expected to attend. today in the bay continues right now. good morning, and thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we're essentially putting our best foot forward this week as we're watching spring temperatures really start to climb as we move along here. >> yeah, it's going to


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