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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 28, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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my glfrnd eat on my stomach dropped. like my girlfriend cheated on me. my wife cheated on me. >> oh, man. >> yeah, his wife also a raiderette? fans in mourning this morning. the raiders right now officially on their way out. what this means for bay area sports fans and all those broken hearts moving forward. >> attorneys for the man accused of killing sierra lamar starts to present their defense. the doubt they're trying to plant in the minds of the jurors. >> and back in town. hillary clinton visiting the bay area today. we have details on the conference that she's expected to attend. today in the bay continues right now. good morning, and thanks for joining us on this tuesday. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. we're essentially putting our best foot forward this week as we're watching spring temperatures really start to climb as we move along here. >> yeah, it's going to feel like spring at times, maybe even
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summer by this weekend. because it will continue to warm up. and it will be very nice today. in some spots, 10 or 11 degrees warmer than it was yesterday during the afternoon. once that sea breeze kicks in, it was starting to get cool yesterday evening. now, things have calmed down as far as the wind. we're all dry. a live look at palo alto and the temperature trend for cupertino at 9:00 when many more people are getting up and getting out, it will be 54 degrees. and warming into the low 60s by lunchtime. upper 60s later on today, and i think a lot of us will be hitting the 70s. i'll talk about that and what else to expect as a slight chance of rain rolls in midweek. we head over to mike. >> behind me, there were a set -- was a set of flashing lights which we didn't expect to see, and it cleared in the last three minutes while we were on set. this set of flashing lights cleared. there were no chp reports and no construction work, so it must have been someone being pulled
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over for paperwork, perhaps. nice easy drive as we look at the map across the san mateo bridge. right there in the middle of the screen, and the dumbarton bridge. a new accident around the embarcadero, we'll follow up on that, but no lanes reported blocked in the initial report. >> in the north bay, a deadly crash i continue to follow in vacaville. very far north for most of our viewers and coming southbound 505 from vaca valley parkway. a car went off the road into a tree. the flashing lights might have been a distraction. you do have a smoother drive through vacaville and fairfield. back to you. >> thank you. 5:02 now. continuing coverage of the murder trial of a man accused of killing a teenager sierra lamar, and there's a change in gears. this week, the defense took over and will continue to make their case before the jury today. >> today in the bay's bob redell joining us live from the courthouse with a closer look at what might happen in court today. bob, good morning. >> good morning to you, sam and
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kris. the defense expected to present more testimony today here at the hall of justice in san jose to build theirclase for their client, garcia torres, and present the case he's not guilty of killing and abducting 15-year-old sierra lamar. yesterday, the defense called to the stand the defense investigator named david. he testified he looked at surveillance video from bta buses in the area at the time of sierra's disappearance, and none of that video showed the retjetda that anglean garcia torres was allegedly driving that day. it appears the defense is trying to plant the seed that maybe he was not driving the red jetta on the day sierra disappeared. that would be important for the defense because the prosecution says sierra's dna was found in that vehicle. sierra lamar disappeared in march of 2012 while walking to her school bus stop in morgan hill. anglean garcia torres is facing
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the death penalty. coming up in 60 minutes, we'll hear from one of the volunteers who searched for sierra's body on why she's been following the trial in person since it began. bob redell, today in the bay. >> all right, bob redell following that closely for us. >> 5:04, following a developing story out of miami where a gunman last night ambushed two undercover police officers. the video that you're looking at right here shows the officers being rushed to the hospital in a pickup truck. they were able to walk inside, as you can see right there. they are now said to be doing -- they're said to be in good spirits. investigators say the pair was conducting an undercover gang operation when they were shot. at this point, police have not made any arrests. >> parents and students angry about a racist incident on social media, plan to show up at an east bay school board meeting. over the weekend. hundreds of families joined hands outside albany high school where african-american students
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and an african-american staff member were targeted in a racist instagram account. other students started the account and the principal says some of them have already been disciplined. tonight, organizers will call for new programs to address racism and stop bias. >> well, we already heard some of the reaction this morning from the one guy who said he flt like his wife had cheated on him. mixed reaction as news finally sinking in for raiders fans that the team is moving to las vegas. on the left side of the screen, you see reaction from bay area fans. long faces. destitute faces. on the right side, las vegas fans, they're feeling pretty good about things. so what are the fans going to do when their beloved silver and black take their act to vegas? a lot of questions unanswered. >> many wondering what happens to the team in the interim as they continue to play here in the bay area as they await their new stadium. here's what we know. the raider plan to play their first season in sin city in 2020, which means the team plans to play at the coliseum for a
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couple more years. some fans say they'll support the team no matter what. others, though, say they won't follow the siland black anymore. >> my stomach dropped, like my girlfriend cheated on me, my wife cheated on me. >> i just can't go to the stadium and pretend everything is great. i just can't do that. >> we know it's one of the best, most loyal fan bases anywhere in the country. we did a twitter poll overnight asking fans if they'll still go this season despite feeling jilted. the results so far, out of 400 votes, 64% say no, they will not. 22% say yes, they will attend the raider games here. 14% say they're not decided as of yet. our coverage on the raiders move is far from over. head to to see the full statement from roger goodell and mark davis. >> no matter what your team is, you have to sympathize with the fans losing their team. >> so hillary clinton will be in
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it bay area today. clinton will be the closing keynote speaker of the 2017 professional bsz women of california conference in san francisco. the annual event empowers women through inspiring speakers, seminars, networking opportunities. this will be the first time that clinton has visited the bay area since losing the presidential election. and a live look at the bay bridge this morning as the morning commute starts to get under way. in a few hours, crews are going to remove the final steel section of the old bay bridge. those pieces will be lowered onto barges and floated to the port of oakland to be disassembled. this is expected to happen between low tide at 6:00 this morning and high tide around 12:30 this afternoon. the next phase of the project is expected to be complete by the end of next year. the bridge was open eed in 1936 then was decommissions in 2013. >> all that history just coming on down. >> 5:07, the city of san jose
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may be poised to go after scammers taking advantage of the victims of last month's floods. council members are debating a proclamation authorizing the city attorney to take legal action against scammers. they're also voting to extend the emergency declaration they made shortly after last month's floods. it would allow flood victims forced from their homes to continue to receive aid. >> developing overnight, crews decided to suspend the search for a man swept into the san francisco bay. this is video from the san francisco fire department. firefighters responding to calls of someone screaming for help near baker beach in san francisco. this was around 7:30 last night. when crews got there, they did find a man hanging off the cliff by a rope. he said he was trying to help someone else who fell in before he was rescued. firefighters spotted the second victim but strong surf and undertoe are preventing crews from getting to him. >> that's a story we covered last night live at 6:00.
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right now, check this out, a daring rescue in southern california. a woman whisked off to safety after being atop black mountain in san diego. >> she had injured her foot while she was hiking, but flagged down a helicopter for help. fortunately, rescue crews were able to get to her just in the nick of time. >> very tight harness she's got on there. kari hall watching the weather for us. >> 5:09, as you get ready to step out the door, it is cooler than yesterday at this time. now, dropping down to 46 degrees in san jose. it's 44 in livermore, and san francisco, 49. oakland is at 53 degrees. heading into this afternoon, we're going to see the highs a lot warmer than yesterday. up to 72 in san jose, livermore, and palo alto. 78 in napa, and in oakland, up to 68 degrees. if you're following me on facebook and twitter, i'm keep you up to date on everything going on, especially as we head into the weekend as you make the
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plans. let me know what you have going on. coming up in three minutes, a look at some temperature trends around the bay area, but now, as we head over to mike, a crash heading through the tri-valley. good if you're heading into the tri-valley out of the altamonte pass where we originally saw slowing anyway, we're seeing an issue on the chp report. we'll take you all the way out to westbound 580. a report that a vehicle went off the roadway and down the hillside. we're checking on the status of the people. westbound 580, no lanes blocked, but as crews arrive, this will be a distraction. coming in through livermore, still doing well. just a 24-minute drive right now from that scene all the way to the dublin interchange. back to you. coming up next, taking a swipe at president obama's climate change legacy. the action expected from the president that could change the u.s.'s stance on global warming. >> plus, elon musk creates a new company to create new connections to your brain. we'll take a look coming up in business.
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it is 5:13. as you get ready to head out, err all clear. you'll need some layers today. cold this morning but very warm this afternoon. here's the temperature trend for evergreen. at 9:00, we're at 53 degrees. lurchtime temperature of 64. and reaching into the upper 60s by 3:00. low 70s for the high. as we head into the next several days, still going up and down. we'll talk about that.
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also, if you're planning on heading to the preseries giants and a's game on thursday, i'll have a look at that forecast coming up at 5:19. >> these are great travel times for the north bay. no major delays. smooth drive, novato into san rafael. we're tracking on the other side of the bay that popped up for the east shore freeway. >> thank you very much. >> happening later today, coal min miners, russia, and a secret trip to the white house. a lot going on in washington, d.c. this morning as we take a live look a the capitol dome from our nation's capital. today, president trump expected to take a major swipe at president obama's climate change legacy. >> all this as new details emerge how the house intelligence chair got top secret information about the russia investigation. today in the bay's tracie potts is live in washington monitoring all of these developments happening this morning. and tracy, it is yet another busy day for the white house. >> exactly. and this time, it's really
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centering around this russian investigation and the chair of the committee that's doing the investigation, how he got that classified information, who he gave it to, and who he didn't. after his secret trip to the white house grounds, top democrats want the house intelligence committee chair to step down from the russia investigation. >> just has too much called to question whether he has the objectivity necessary to oversea this investigation. >> he saw classified information that could not be brought to his committee. and that it had nothing to do with russia. >> nobody was sneaking around. all it was was just a place where i had to go to be able to review this information. >> we don't know what mr. nu is talking about, and it seems more than suspicious that he's somehow going to the white house. >> nunes briefed the president, fought his colleagues. the senate intelligence committee now to talk to trump's son-in-law about his ties to russia during the transition.
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>> he met with countless individuals. that was part of his job. that was part of his role. >> president trump tweets, the russia story is a hoax. today, he's shifting focus. signing an executive order to create more jobs for coal miners and review president obama's policy on carbon emissions. focusing on energy as questions mount about the russia investigation. and we have also learned that there was supposed to be a hearing today on russia. with the fbi, the cia, the intelligence committee, but it's one of those meetings that chairman nunes canceled. back to you. >> he's most certainly facing heat today. tracie potts reporting from d.c., thank you very much. back a home, bay area mayors are keeping a unified front in the face of threats from the white house to crack down on sanctuary cities. yesterday morning our time, 10:30, jeff sessions threatened to pull billions of dollars in federal grant money in cities
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that defy immigration law. a gathering of mayors, mayors from the bay area were among those who vowed to fight those threats. >> the president's failure to pass health care, he's going to get more trouble getting tax cuts through congress. >> we continue our coverage from here. >> you'll remember wall street was on fire, as investors expected all kinds of things to change out of the white house so far, very little has changed. the dow dropped for the eighth straight session on monday. at one point, down 200 points before recovering. investors are starting to question whether the trump administration can achieve its goals of a trillion dollar stimulus and tax cuts if it couldn't pass health care. the administration and congress worked for 17 days on health care changes but were not able to accomplish what they set out to do. trump tweeted last night that democrats will make a deal with me on health care as soon as
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obamacare folds -- not long. do not worry, we are in very good shape. but of course, the democrats had nothing to do with the failure of the american health care act. republicans dominate both the house and the senate. the bill never made it out of committee because republicans could not agree on it. elon musk is making lots of news this week as he proposes yet another company to connect the human brain to computers. it's in its very early days. he's going to call it neuro link. he told vanity fair the technology is four to five years away. the senate will consider a new law that will allow internet providers to continue to look at and sell your web brousing activity. it would stop an obama era prohibition that never took effect. i should point out the tv station is owned by comcast. >> the house has already passed the law. privacy advocates are urging people to contact their l lawmakers and facebook has added a new feature to make that
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easier. here is mine. sam liccardo is my mayor. and there's my congresswoman. governor, i know that one. some i was less familiar with. school board members and that stuff. the cool thing is you can click on a contact button and it will hook you up with the e-mail or phone number. >> people feel mobilize ed right about not. that's good. >> it's good getting back in touch with you. >> i was on research with our mexican friends looking into -- >> you were doing a lot of research. thank you. something you were talking about a couple weeks ago here to stay after all this, the statue of the little girl staring down wall street is not backing down anytime soon. >> the fearless girl statue is now very popular since her installation earlier this month. the mayor of new york city says the artwork has fueled a powerful conversation about women in leadership. the statue was supposed to be coming down on april 2nd, but
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now she has a longer term permit to allow her to remain through february 2018. >> that statue is never coming down. >> i don't think so. >> that's going to be iconic. part of wall street. >> you remember the bull was an art installation, too. >> anything you can do, i can do better. i love that girl statue. >> i have seen that stance facing me. i would be the bull, i guess. >> you have an 8-year-old girl. >> we would all like tans like scott was sporting. we might have a chance. temperatures climbing up to the 80s. >> a lot of people hitting the beaches over the next several days and especially this weekend. we're talking about some upper 70s and even low 80s for the inland areas. but not so much this morning. take a look at how cool it is as you step out the door. it's 44 degrees in the tri-valley and 50 in the peninsula. and our seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen starts out in the peninsula right now. as we're going to see the temperatures going from the low 50s now, warming up well above
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what we were feeling yesterday. in some spots, 10 to 12 degrees warmer. and it will be up to 73 degrees in the tri-valley. 66 degrees today in san francisco. so we are going to see some changes as we through this week. we'll see the cloud cover increasing late wednesday into earl thursday. as the system moves in, looks to be a fairly weak one. only a few spotty showers starting out on thursday morning. a quick one and done by noon, i think it's out of here. and not all of the bay area will see rain. we'll have another chance of showers early next week. other than that, we're in for some mainly conditions. looking at the sierra snow pack, we are right now 163% of average. even with some of that melting. looking fairly good. on thursday, we have the preseason giants and a's bay bridge series game. and it will be nice for that. once again, that chance of rain early in the day. by the evening, it will be cool and breezy.
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temperatures dropping back into the mid 50s. now, as we head over to mike, checking on the east shore freeway. >> we did a report of a crash. we also have slowing for the construction zone. same area, it sounds like everything is unrelated, though. as we look at the speed sensors, nice, evie drive. still tracking the crash off grant line road. over here, heading toward ri richmond parkway, one vehicle in the slow lane. that's one reason we see slowing as crews alive. we'll track that. there's a reference on the map. as we get to the bay bridge, a smooth drive. 17 minutes through the slower zone, and a nicei easy drive don the east shore freeway. an earlier crash involving a dump truck is on the shoulder. that's not those flashing lights. that the construction. back to you. >> thank you very much. coming up next, we turn now to technology to prevent serious falls. computer game senior citizens are using tohopefully keep their generation healthier. >> i'm intrigued. hopefully kee
5:23 am
their generation healthier. >> i'm intrigued. tnsut it'posblecouteg
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5:25 now. turns out it is possible that computer games may be used for more than just fun. they may improve safety for older folks. >> you can do all this on your ipad or computer. at least that's what some health workers believe. the theory being the same computer games that help seniors stay sharp may also improve balance and cognitive function.
5:26 am
>> it may help seniors from potentially dangerous falls. that's just a theory, but it is a theory that the university of washington researchers are now studying. graduate students are using sensors to measure sway and wobbling to see if a particular brain game helps. so far, they are not testing madden '17 or grand theft auto. >> would love to see my grandparents playing those games, though. >> nbc bay area responds to a family on the hook for rental car damage they say they didn't cause. >> they called for help settling that disputd, and chris joins us with their store. >> last summer, roger and his family relocated to the bay area from the east coast. at the same time, they were sending their son to college in indiana. they rented a van from budget, which roger's wife drove to drop their son off at college in indiana. now, while in indiana, someone at a gas station pointed out that something was wrong with the rear tire.
5:27 am
so, the woman drove to the nearest budget office, explained what happened and simply swapped out the van. two months later, the man spotted a $750 charge on his credit card statement from budget. he says budget was claiming his wife was responsible for $750 worth of damage to the rear axel of that van. roger disputed the claims and the charge unsuccessfully. so he asked us for help. when we contacted budget, it reversed the $750 charge. we asked budget what had happened, but the company didn't respond to our request for comment. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-996-tips or online at >> all right, chris, thank you very much. coming up, nearly a dozen break-ins in just one day. the south bay neighborhood on edge as police continue to search for a suspect. you're looking at video of the scene 24 hours ago.
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that deadly apartment building fire lighting up the sky over west oakland. what we're learning this morning about the building's condition and if that fire could have been prevented.
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good morning. bay area, 5:30 right now. traffic ticking right along. what is that going on over the cause there on the san mateo bridge. do you believe in ufos?
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or is there some sort of optical illusion. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> the lights just hit just right. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. this is not an optical illusion. >> i'm just saying, i know what was going on. >> buddies worried about optics for the science olympiad. >> we're going to take you to fifth grade, sam. look at that. >> in the meantime, kari hall joining us, and there's nothing mysterial or eerie about our forecast. >> it look good, and it's all dry. also chilly. you're cranking up the heater inside the car. we start out with a cool morning. here's a live look outside at san jose. and here's the temperature trend. we'ring up to 72 degrees today. it's going to be much warmer than yesterday. and a look at that temperature trend. many more people getting up and getting out at 9:00. it will be 54 degrees. lunchtime, 63. and it continues to climb from there. into the lower 70s by this
5:32 am
afternoon. as we head home this evening, also looking good. we'll talk about what else to expect as we go through the week. i'll have a look at the school day forecast in a few minutes. mike is tracking a crash in mountain view. >> talking about the crash on the shoulder, but now the crews have arrived north 101 on the peninsula, an issue. your slow lane is now blocked. traffic still light. we don't see a lot of slowing at the scene. that's just north of highway 85 andline as you see on the map. taking you out to the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been turned on and they're quickly filling in the toll plaza. no problems out of the maze. back to you. >> thank you very much. 24 hours ago, at this time yesterday, this was the scene in oak. now, we might get more answers today into what caused this massive inferno that engulfed an building in west oakland. we broke the news on today in the bay yesterday morning. we have been checking with the
5:33 am
sheriff's department overnight. here's the latest information that we have. three people now confirmed dead. and at least 15 others were rescued from that apartment building. also, four people were sent to the hospital for injuries and one person is still missing. let's go live right now to today in the bay's pete suratos at the scene with more on the investigation this hour including what we learned about egregious violations found at the building at an inspection just last week. >> good morning to you. according to the records i was able to look at, it looks like this building had a number of violations. in fact, as you mentioned there, there was a fire inspection that took place just days before this massive fire took place yesterday morning. we'll show you what it looks like now. you can see this apartment building on the corner of san pablo and mead. you can see the charred top to the apartment building following that fire yesterday morning. but we'll show you some of these new photos that we got. these are from an attorney currently in a legal dispute
5:34 am
with the landlord, and according to city records, here's what we're finding out. there were 20 code enforcement complaints and seven of those complaints are still open. the complaints, there were many of them. they ranged from leaky pipes, mold, lack of heat, and rodents. now, during the most recent fire inspection from the city on march 24th, there were several violations related to the sprinkler system, smoke detectives, and exposed extension cords that's just to name a few. let's take you back out here live. oakland fire arriving on the scene, not too long ago, as they resume the investigation, and in the next hour, explain what they'll be looking for and we'll hear more from resident inside the building who were able to escape the fire. we're live in oakland. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> thank you very much, pete. new this morning, video just in to our newsroom. the california highway patrol investigating a deadly single car crash in vacaville. it happens just before 3:00 this morning on southbound interstate
5:35 am
505. at the vac ark valley parkway off-ramp. officers say the driver lost control and his car went off the road and through a fence. it split in two. the driver died at the scene. the chp so far has not determined whether drugs or alcohol factored into this crash. >> a rash of car break-ins has one south bay community on edge this morning. sunnyvale police are investigating nine cars that were broken into just on sunday night. >> you say nine cars, but victims of the car break-ins say the number might be closer to about 25. the car burglaries happened at two separate apartment complexes on west remington road. you see the shattered glass. that's what many people came back to when they went to their cars. some of this activity, the vandalism, happened on the street. victims describe the scene that they found when they were trying to get back to their cars. >> the windows were completely broken. then they had taken out the glove box from the glove box, a couple items that were taken like our gps.
5:36 am
>> you feel helpless. nobody is there to help you. you feel like no one is listening to you. >> sunnyvale police say they're responding and aware of gangs of burglars going from city to city right now breaking into people's cars. :36, and a scary situation inside of a bay area mall. dozens of people evacuated after a harmful subsuddenly filled the air. this happened at the stonestown galleria last night, about 8:00. right off 19th avenue in san francisco. multiple people calling in reports of some kind of pepper spray or chemical inside there. firefighters evacuated the mall and treated everyone inside. at least 15 people complained of some kind of pain, and one person was taken to the hospital for evaluation. everyone is expected to be okay. so far, an investigation is still under way this morning to find out where that spray came from. raider fans, ifio rr just waking up this morning, you know it wasn't just a bad dream. your team is in fact on the move to las vegas.
5:37 am
that's how the news was received in vegas. nfl owners followed the money in voting 31-1 to approve the raiders stadium deal in las vegas. and it set off celebrations in sin city with football fans believing they hit the jackpot. mark davis said he started getting wandering eyes when he couldn't nail down a long-term deal in oakland. oakland leaders. though, say they didn't get a fair shake in the raids end-around. >> i do think that the manly thing for him to do is to at least admit that we had a viable plan, and that he made a choice. >> we're going to raise the rent three times on you. at that point, we ended up signing that lease anyway. but then decided we had to start looking elsewhere. >> las vegas will pony up $750 million in public money for the new stadium. something that oakland wasn't willing to spend. the raiders plan to play at the
5:38 am
coliseum for at least the next two seasons beforing in in 2020. we'll see if the raider nation shows up. yeah, we'll see if they hold a grudge in the meantime. >> 5:38. continuing coverage and the moments in the trial of three santa clara county jail guards accused in a beating death of mentally ill inmate michael tyree. yesterday, defense lawyers grilled a key prosecution witness who is also a former gang member and jailhouse informant. last week, that witness testified about calling his mom on the night that tyree died and telling her he believed guards had killed an inmate. defense attorneys yesterday tried to undermine the witness and his testimony. including questioning the legality of his immigration status. >> in san mateo right now, water customers may soon be paying higher rates. this as the first of two public hearings is about to take place to talk about that rate hike. the city of san mateo want to boost revenues to make some capital improvements there, that includes an upgrade to the sewer system. to do that, the treatment costs
5:39 am
could go higher than 30%. tonight's meeting takes place alt 6:30 at the king center. >> berkeley, meanwhile, has had it with the butts. tonight, they're considering a new plan to stomp out some of that litter. we're talking about cigarette butts, of course. city council members will debate launching a new pilot program to reduce cigarette butt litter in areas where there's heavy smoking. talking about putting special receptacles in front of three schools and a bus stop where there's a lot of smoking despite the fact that it is against the city's ordinance. if the one-year pilot program works, city leaders will consider expanding it. happening today, bay area fliers now have a new option for travel across the pond. >> yeah, this is pretty cool. british airways is launching new nonstop flights from oakland to london four days a week. libby schaaf is supposed to beonhand to welcome the first arriving flight. that happens later this afternoon. and it makes british airways the first airline to offer service to london from all three major
5:40 am
bay area airports. >> it is 5:39. and we're starting out with clear skies as you step out the door. look at how cool it is. we're at 44 degrees right now in livermore, and morgan hill at 50 degrees. as we start out the day, getting up and about to wake the kids up, it will be a chilly morning with some 40s all around the bay area. clear skies, and lots of sunshine at recess will help the temperatures warm up. it will be a nice one. a great spring afternoon. you'll definitely want to head outside after getting home, and it will be hard to get the homework done. as we go into the forecast for the next several days. going to see the temperatures going up and down, so we'll talk about it in three minutes as we head now over to mike, going back to the tri-valley. >> that's right. in our house, i don't know if homework difficulties and weather have anything to do with one another. over here, out toward the bay, and a smooth easy drive. conditions great for the drief. a little slowing develops for the south bay. the concern is here, westbound
5:41 am
580, that crash at grand line road, the vehicle went off the roadway, but chp does have a common from the driver, so the driver is okay. just shaken up. that would be of course, because he went down the hillside there. meanwhile, the rest of the drive through the tri-valley moves well, and the east shore freeway, mild slowing. but 19 minutes from highway 4 down to the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you, mike. let's stick with the road right now. coming up next, did not report on this as it happened last night, but it would have made your traffic report. a 6-car pile-up in the east bay. the investigation under way to find out how a cow ended up in the fast lane of a busy freeway. >> plus, people investigating the white house are in too tight? we'll take a look on this day 68.
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good tuesday morning. it is 5:44. all clear you wake up and head out the door in san jose. chilly temperatures too. here's a look at the temperature trend for willow glen. at 8:00, froen 49 degrees. quickly making it into the low 60s by lunchtime. upper 60s to low 70s today going above our average high temperature for this time in march. as we go into the next several days, a little bit of a cooldown, then warming up. i'll show it all to you coming up at 5:50. >> and your average speeds on this travel time here for the south bay, 15 minutes. a little build for 85 to 87 on
5:45 am
the bay shore freeway. standard slowing around the 680 interchange. >> thank you. 5:44 now. all of this happened because of a cow. and now, an investigation is under way this morning to find out how that cow ended up in the fast lane on highway 4 last night. it caused a six-car pile-up. the chp got the call and by the time officers arrived, several cared had already hit the cow. you can see the vehicles were badly damaged. one of them was flipped over. luckily, though, there weren't any serious injuries. this happened near martinez, and chp says there are a lot of farms nearby with livestock roaming around. >> the ranchers do a great job of trying to keep the fences maintained, but sometimes the cows get out and this happened at night and it was a black cow. >> hard to see. one person was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. the cow, though, did die at the scene. no word on which ranch that animal came from. scary moments at a shopping mall in hong kong where an
5:46 am
escalator malfunctioned. we have to tell you, this video is disturbing. >> it's disturbing. also happening in reverse. you'll see it here from the cell phone video. a packed escalator suddenly reversing direction and picking up speed as it's going down. you seens of people being thrown to the floor. i know it's from a fair distance away. that's a better look at things as they come push down the escalator. one victim is in the hospital right now with a serious head injury. 17 others were also injured. experts say what happened is two safety gears malfunctioned at the same time. the shopping center spokesern said the escalator just passed an inspection only a few days before the accident. >> emotions high after a south korean ferry arrived into port. that boat capsized and sank nearly three years go, killing more than 300 people. most of them, you might remember, were students on a high school trip. a service was held on a boat near the vessel that is holding relatives of the missing victims prayed for the remains of nine
5:47 am
passengers who have yet to be recovered. >> collaborating to keep you safe. pg&e this morning is using the skies above itsing facility in livermore to test the next generation monitoring system. last year, the utility started testing new unmanned drones and they're made with the help of nasa. that's the partnership. the drones are supposed to detect gas leaks in hard to reach areas, and today, pg&e is going to be test flying its methane detection drone over a simulated community at its facility. that event is going on at 10:00 this morning. >> our secretary of education is going on a field trip today with one of president trump's daughters. ivanka trump. and the secretary of education, betsy devos, will visit the smithsonian institution today with students from the greater washington, d.c. area. trump and devos are also expected to taernd the air and space museum to highlight the importance of young women pursuing s.t.e.m. education and careers. they'll also view hidden dangers to a group of girls studying
5:48 am
science, technology, engineering, and math. scott has been examining the president's first 1 hundreds. today is day 68. >> a disagreement morning over who should be investigating president trump's connections with russia. there are two investigations, as you know. the fbi, led by the justice department, jeff sessions has recused himself because of past meetings with russia. and then there's the house intelligence committee led by this man, devon nunes. he is in a bit of trouble this morning because there are worries he's in too tight with the white house. he cannot conduct an impartial investigation. nunes, you'll remember, was provided secret reports by the white house and spoke out about them without informing his fellow committee members first. well, that's created a huge split between nunes and the top democrats on the committee, adam schiff. shif wants nunes to recuse himself, which is almost
5:49 am
certainly not going to happen. but, this morning, nunes did cancel all of today's committee meetings about russia. president trump today will undo something called clean power plan put into place by the obama administration. the new rules will allow older coal plants to keep running and allow coal mining and fracking on federal land. the president's made several changes in america's environmental policies. this one, while controversial, is technically not a change because the opaum aobama rules trying to undo never took effect. they got caught up in the court. then today's changes to the change will probably end up in courts as well. so nothing going into effect. >> scott, thank you for that report. scott will be looking at the president's tweets, his executive orders and speeches throughout the first 100 days on today in the bay. as we mentioned, day 68. you can share your thoughts with him on twitter. his twitter handle is easy
5:50 am
enough. it is scott mcgrew. >> severe weather going on in the other parts of the country right now. this is developing in australia. you see all that debris flying around, as a powerful cyclone causing it named debby battering parts of the northeast coast right now. as you can see, the powerful winds are buckling palm trees and sending debris into the air. hamilton island, a popular tourist spot, was in lockdown as this was happening, with hundreds of tourists stuck in their hotels or evacuated to makeshift shelters. and the eye of the storm is still making its way through the coast right now. >> we did have some breezy conditions yesterday, especially in the earlier morning hours. today, i think a little bit of breeziness, but not as bad. >> not as bad as yesterday, and nothing like that video we just saw. so some calm weather all around the bay area. looking good, too. as our temperature s continue t warm up. we will highs today reaching into the 70s. we'll get a boost in temps at
5:51 am
about 10, maybe 12 degrees above where we were yesterday afternoon. and as you step out, it is a little cooler. we're at 44 in the tri-valley. 46 degrees in the south bay. and as we get you out the door quickly with what to expect now and throughout the day, 51 degrees in san francisco. the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen shows a few spotty showers in the forecast on thursday. won't rain all day, but as we look at dry conditions today, up to 69 degrees in a pips peninsula, and 66 in san francisco, where the inland areas topping out in the 70s today. and then we turn our attention to an approaching storm this weekend. this one looks very weak. as it moves closer to the bay area, we're have drier air and spotty showers. especially in the morning and along the coastline. here we are, 7:00 thursday morning. a little built of some rain here and there, but not expecting a lot of it. not everyone will see the showers. then we go back to some dry weather until maybe early next
5:52 am
week. even then, it looks like the rain kind of skips around us. we're getting ready for the april 1st snow pack measurement. we're at 163% of average for the state-wide average of the sierra. but we're still down about 20% from about a month ago. we have seen some of that snow melting, and the forecast for lake tahoe for next couple days, well above average temperatures and warm temperatures above freezing. but we'll see some rain mixing with snow late wednesday night into thursday. if you are planning to head to the beach today, be aware that we will have some long period wave for those west and northwest facing beaches. beware of rip currents and sneaker waves. something to watch out for in the warmer weather. as we head to mike now, tracking some of the roadways and the problems you may face as you head through the east. >> we're looking at debris in the east shore freeway. a couple smaller crashes have
5:53 am
cleared from peninsula and that's better news. we'll talk about that. in over here, a look at northbound 101. that's san jose and your first look, the first burst. we should clear up over the next ten minutes. looking over here, this will set. this is the upper east shore freeway and wood blocking the fast lane at richmond parkway. that's causing slowing off highway 4 and adding to the travel time. now we have about 20 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights are on. no problems. your typical build over there for a tuesday into the maze as well. as we're looking toward the mass transit system, 48 trains including the warm springs station running on schedule. great stuff. tri-valley, we talked about the crash at grant line road. no lanes blocked yet, and palo alto, easy drive up the peninsula or down the peninsula. there's southbound out of the city and into palo alto. easy stretch. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a school shooting plot foiled. coming up, find out how the
5:54 am
parents of the student who was allegedly planning that attack helped investigators prevent it from happening. but first, happening right now, changes to your vacation plans. the cruise ship line holland america is no longer stopping in acapulco, mexico. it will sail to other destinations instead because of recent security concerns. plus, the world's largest humanitarian crisis in 70 years has been officially declared in three african countries. the u.n. says that famine is threatening the lives of 16 million people in nigeria, somalia, and south sudan. we're back with more news in just two minutes. wi x d fa apoacng.a rni th moingromn
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
approaching, a warning this morning from both the irs and california's franchise tax board. beware of an expensive tax scam going around right now. a scam that federal agents tell us has already cost taxpayers millions of dollars. tonight, our investigative pulls back the curtain to show you just how the thieves pose as criminal investigators and trick victims into sending them retail gift cards to pay off their tax bills. state tax officials say the scams have become so sophisticated they sometimes even fool experts. >> with the amount of information these scammers have, they're finding returns that it's hard to differentiate
5:58 am
between a scammer and the authentic taxpayer filing. if you compare a fraudulent return to a real return, in some cases the fraudulent return is more accurate, contains less errors. >> how do you know what to look for? later tonight, stephen stock takes you through the latest scam step by step talks to investigators in washington, d.c. about what you can do to avoid becoming a victim. that's tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. give us a call, 888-996-tips or e-mail us to that e-mail on the screen. >> happening today, a memorial scheduled for an offense was skilled in the line of duty in wisconsin. the detective was one of four people killed in a shooting spree last week. police say the suspected gunman also shot two bank employees and an attorney. a maryland teenager is behind bars this morning after police say she was plotting a shooting spree at her high cool. investigators say 18-year-old
5:59 am
female student was planning a column pine style attack at a high scal that was going to happen on april 5th. investigators recovered evidence from her home that revealed she was actively acquiring the materials she needed including bomb making equipment and a shotgun with ammunition. there's a look at some of it. officials were tipped off about the plot last week after the teen's parents discovered disturbing entries in her journal. >> here's one that might make me cry. single mom in georgia who jumped through hoops for her daughter couldn't fit the bill. she was so determined to make sure her 6-year-old daughter was able to attend the daddy daughter dance, she watched tutorials on how to make the transformation and look like her dad for just one night. >> i was trying to comply with, you know, the rules. being a father/daughter dance, i knee if i showed up at her mother, they probably wouldn't let me in there.
6:00 am
>> she said the principal called an hour before the dance and told her she couldn't attend as gracie's father, but look at that face. the school then apologized and refunded the ticket, but she said it doesn't really replace what her daughter missed. she said she planned to fight to change the policy even if it means going to lawmakers. i don't think i would be turned away if i had to do that for my daughter. >> i would also say the fact she's involved much as a parent, period, is the important aspect there. plus, the ridiculously cute face. >> right now, 6:00, getting ready for a weather warmup. >> we're going to see a boost in our temperatures today. at least ten degrees across parts of the bay area. and it continues to warm up heading into the weekend. a look at the numbers in the microclimate forecast. attorneys for the man accused of killing sierra lamar begin to present their defense. the doubt they're trying to plant in the minds of jurors. >> and it's official. the raiders are


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