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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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mother, they probably wouldn't let me in there. >> she said the principal called an hour before the dance and told her she couldn't attend as gracie's father, but look at that face. the school then apologized and refunded the ticket, but she said it doesn't really replace what her daughter missed. she said she planned to fight to change the policy even if it means going to lawmakers. i don't think i would be turned away if i had to do that for my daughter. >> i would also say the fact she's involved much as a parent, period, is the important aspect there. plus, the ridiculously cute face. >> right now, 6:00, getting ready for a weather warmup. >> we're going to see a boost in our temperatures today. at least ten degrees across parts of the bay area. and it continues to warm up heading into the weekend. a look at the numbers in the microclimate forecast. attorneys for the man accused of killing sierra lamar begin to present their defense. the doubt they're trying to plant in the minds of jurors. >> and it's official. the raiders are moving to.
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the mixed reaction from fans this morning as the team gets ready to move for a second time now. today in the bay continues right now. good tuesday morning and thanks for joining. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. so glad you're with us this morning. one day in the book. tuesday, even better than monday, and as we progress throughout the week, it's going to get warmer and warmer. >> i think the weather makes it worth it to wake up on a tuesday morning and be like, wait, it's not friday yet? it is going to be very nice this afternoon. and a lot of sunshine as we take a live look outside at oakland getting busy out there on the roadways. no rain to deal with, but look at the temperatures only 49 degrees. the highs today will be into the upper 60s and low 70s. even some up 70s for the north bay. and we'll see more weather like this over the next couple of days. we'll take a look at that forecast, including the weekend, that's coming up. heading over to mike, tracking a crash on highway 4.
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>> it's not friday yet. it's tuesday commute. the big one we expect. but right now, still getting an early start. an easy flow around most of the bay. highway 4, typically shows that early slowing through antioch. our concern is bay point. westbound of highway 4, really starting to jam up over the last three minutes. a crash at bailey is blocking one lane, but that's quite an issue as you're heading to concord. we'll track that. hopefully they can clear that lane quickly, keeping the traffic moving into concord a smooth drive. over here toward the bay bridge, a 20-minute drive. highway 4 to the toll plaza and a backup because the metering lights are on. the san mateo bridge, heading to the peninsula, nothing unusual here. back to you. >> thank you very much. happening later today, the trial for the man accused of killing sierra lamar continues as the defense is making its case now before the jury. >> bob redell is live outside the hall of justice in san jose
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with the developments we saw in court yesterday and what we might expect to see today. bob. >> good morning. the defense expected to present more witness testimony here at the hall of justice in san jose to build their case that their client, garcia torres, is not guilty of killing 15-year-old sierra lamar. yesterday, defense called to the stand defense investigator david haquez zrb he testified he looked at surveillance video from buses at the time of her disappearance and found none of the video showed the red jetta he was allegedly driving that day. it appears the defense is trying to plant the seed that maybe he was not driving the red jetta on the day that sierra disappeared. that would be important because the prosecution sierra's dna was found in that vehicle. volunteers who have searched for sierra's body have been at the trial since it began. here's one on her thoughts on why she continues to come here
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day after day. >> it's because sierra became family to us. you know, so we're here to support the family. >> sierra lamar disappeared in march of 2012 while walking to her school bus stop in morgan hill. angalean garcia torres is facing the death penalty if convicted of her murder. reporting live here, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you, bob. >> 6:0. happening today, a mudest ow man who pleaded guilty to a high-end napa valley wine threat is expected to be sentenced. he pleaded guilty to transporting nearly 100 bottles of fine wine stolen from the famous french laundry restaurant back in 2014. two other businesses also targeted in that one. that stolen wine was worth nearly $900,000. federal prosecutors are seeking a two-year prison term. he's set to be sentenced at 9:00
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this morning. >> happening later today, parents and students angry, infuriated over a racist incident on social media plan to show up. hundreds of families joined hands outside albany high school. that's where african-american students and a black staff member were targeted in a racist instagram account. other students started the account, and the principal said some have already been plned. tonight, organizers calling for new programs to address racism and to top bias. >> mixed reaction as the news finally sinks in for fans. you can see the oakland reaction on the left. the vegas reaction on the right. >> slightly different. >> very, very different. a stark contrast, indeed. what will fans do when the beloved silver and black take their act to vegas? a lot of questions still unanswered. >> quite the conundrum, what to do in the short term for fans who feel jilted. if they continue to play in the bay area as they're awaiting
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their new stadium for a couple years, here's we know. the raiders are playing their first season in sin city in 2020, which means they plan to play at the coliseum for the next two years. some say they'll follow them. others they say won't follow them. >> it's like my girlfriend cheatedo moon, my wife cheated on me. >> i just can't go to that stadium and pretend everything is great. i just can't do that. >> i feel for them. i really do. >> we do feel for you. we did a twitter poll overnight asking if fans are going to still go to the stadium this season. the result far, 400 votes. 64% say no, they will not. about a fifth, 22% of fans, say they will. and 14% say they're not sure yet. >> that's like you broke up with your girlfriend and then can't move out until the end of the month. awkward. hillary clinton will be in the bay area today.
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clinton, the closing keynote speaker at the 2017 professional business women of california conference in san francisco. the annual event empowers women through inspiring speakers, seminars, and networking opportunities. this will be the first time clinton has visited the bay area since losing the presidential election. it's 6:07 right now on your tuesday morning. the city of san jose may be poised to go after scammers taking advantage of victims of last month's historic floods. council members are debating a proclamation that would authorize the city attorney to take legal action against those scammers. now, at the same time, leaders are also voting to extend the emergency deckler that they made shortly after last month's flooding. that extend would allow flood victims who were forced from their homes to continue receiving mutual aid. >> a live look at the bay bridge this morning as the morning commute gets under way. but what is happening off the bridge will also be noteworthy. crews will be removing the final steel section of the old bay bridge. >> that final truss coming down.
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the pieces will be lowered onto barges and floated to the port of oakland where they'll be disassembled, and it's expected to start some between now and 12:30 this afternoon between low and high tides. we'll tweet out a link where you can watch it live as it's happening. next phase of the project is expected to be completed by the end of next year. the bridge opened in 1936. and was officially decommissioned in 2013. >> that will be cool to watch. it is 6:08, as you get ready to get up and head out the door, we have clear skies. we start to get a little light in the sky over the south bay. in santa clara, expect the temperature trend to go quickly upward, and reaching into the low 70s today, just briefly there, up to 69 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. it will be lots of sunshine, a light wind, not as windy as yesterday, and even warmer tomorrow. so we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. mike is updating a crash out of
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the altamonte pass. >> for westbound 580. the commute direction and where we typically see slowing. the typical build for the south bay, 680, but westbound 580 out of the altamonte pass where we see pronounced slowing, heading for grant line road. the earlier crash, that vehicle went down the hillside, we talked about that. nuwe have a lane blocked as a crew has arrived to help out. we did hear from the driver so the driver is okay after going down the pretty steep embankment there. a build for 680 down through pleasanton. 880 standard slowing. a smooth drive for the transit systems all around or under the water here, and across the water from above water stance, the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> all right, that's slow right there. now we're talking about something that has been fast tracked, the dakota access pipeline soon to be in service. coming up after the break, the major step forward for the controversial project. >> plus, what to do online for
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sale. your data. we'll take a look coming up.
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it is 6:12. we're in for warm weather today, and as you plans for the next couple days, maybe you want to head to at&t park for the bay bridge series preseason game for the giants versus the a's. this thursday, we're looking at temperatures in the low 60s by 5:00.
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and quickly dipping into the mid 50s. you know how windy it can be out at at&t park. make sure you're wearing warm clothes. not needed for this afternoon, we'll talk about it coming up in about five minutes. >> here's your travel time. just 20 minutes from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. i'm tracking much more. we'll talk about that coming up. >> 6:13 right now. new this morning, the developer of the controversial dakota access pipeline says oil is now in the pipe under a missouri river reservoir and the full line is going to be in service soon. this coming, of course, despite months of protests. two native american tribes have said if the pipeline were to rupture, it could threaten their water supply and important cultural sites. they still have an unresolved lawsuit aimed at stopping the project. the developer argues the 1200-mile pipeline is safe. developing overnight, a story that was anything but safe. crews deciding to suspend the
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search for a man swept out to the san francisco bay. this is video from the san francisco fire department. you see firefighters there responding to the call of someone screaming for help near baker beach in san francisco just before 7:00 p.m. when crews got there, they found a man hanging off the cliff by a rope. he said he was trying to help someone else who had fallen in before he was resed. firefighters spotted the second victim, but the strong surf and under tow prevented crews from getting to him. >> apple knows you probably worried about losing the tiny air pods, so its latest update includes a new find my air pods feature that shows you the last place the wireless ear buds were in the range of your phone so long as they're changed. they also play sounds to help you locate them. again, unless you have run out of battery. a single air pod costs $69, so it could be a handy money saving feature. >> they are prizy. by the way, i was looking to buy one of those for laura. she had a birthday a few weeks
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ago, they're all sold out. >> she knows it's the thought that counts. >> exactly. amazon getting ready to open a big office in san francisco. >> scott mcgrew's giant eyeing a spot in the fascial district. >> 2000 square feet of office space for programmers and kick executives. sam jeamazon already has some presence there. a research center inalto, offices in sunnyvale as well. but reports are that amazon will be in the city. amazon itself had no comments. the dow dropped for the eighth straight session on monday. at one point, down 200 points before recovering. investors are starting to question whether the trump administration can achieve its goals of a trillion dollar stimulus and tax cuts if it couldn't pass health care. health care was supposed to be one of the easier things that trump was trying to accomplish. the administration and congress
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worked for 17 days on changes but was not able to accomplish what it set out to do. as for health care, trump tweeted last night, the democrats will make a deal with me on health care as soon obamacare folds. not long. do not worry. we are in very good shape. but of course, the democrats had nothing to do with the failure of the ahealth care act. they never even got to vote on it. the bill never made it to full vote because republicans couldn't agree on what to do. the senate today will consider a new law that would allow internet service providers like at&t or comcast to continue to look at and sell your online behavior, including your web browsing history. the idea would stop an obama era prohibition that never took effect. i should point out this tv station is owned by comcast, and the house has passed this law. private advocates urging people to contact their senators to get a stop to this. again, what would change is
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essentially nothing because the improvement, if you consider it an improvement, never effect. >> i want to sell my online search history. can i do that myself? i think it would help a sleep company get people to sleep. >> super boring. >> super boring. we're talking right now about going to new heights here. if you have a fear of heights, you might want to be careful. check this out. a daring rescue in southern california. woman whisked off to safety after getting stuck on top of black mountain in san diego. >> she had an injured foot. she was hiking but managed to flag down helicopters for help. fortunately, rescrew crews were able to get to her just in the nick of time, but i do not like watching that video. >> yeah, always keep track of how far up you're going. >> i wonder what happened afterwards. why do we say just in the nick of time? >> if she had been out there much longer, who knows if she had water or food or if there are wolves out there, cougars. >> mountain lions.
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>> you make it sound so appealing. >> let's go hiking. you went hiking last weekend, actually, with your husband. >> yeah. >> i'm assuming you didn't go that high up. >> i mean, that's a good thing. >> i made it, and didn't break my ankle or anything like that. >> good hiking weather today. just don't get stranded. don't hurt yourself. be careful out there. we're going to have a lot of sunshine. mow matter what you plan to do, it's going to be absolutely gorgeous today. we start out with some cool temperatures. here's a clear look at san francisco this morning. and the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen. take a look. it is now 48 degrees in palo alto. 49 degrees in oakland. and napa starts out at 43 degrees. but look at these highs later today. up to 71 in morgan hill. cupertino up to 70 degrees, and heading over towards the east bay, danville, 74. hayward, 70 today, and looking at low 70s for the tri-valley, the peninsula, upper 60s.
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right at about 72 in palo alto. while the mission district at 66 degrees. and the north bay, mid to upper 70s here. so we're going to see the temperatures jumping up quite a bit. but then there's more changes on the way. and we will start to see some clouds moving in late tomorrow. this is with the storm that is expected to bring in spotty showers on thursday. looking at the timeline of this, we'll see some spotty light rain early thursday morning. not expecting this to be a washout. it will be a quick one and done. all that moisture out of here by noon, and we'll bring additional snowfall to the sierra. next week, a couple more systems moving in that may bring in spotty showers. i'll keep updating you on that. if you are going to be enjoying the warm weather along the coastline, it will be dangerous out there for the risk of some rip kurnlts and sneaking waves, also long period waves that may draw you father out into the
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ocean. be careful, be mindful of that, never turn your back to the beach and keep your ieye on everyone around you. santa cruz, temperatures very chilly to start, but jumping up to 70 degrees by noon. lower 70s later on today. the seven-day forecast shows hat slight chance of rain on thursday. other than the, all dry as we will see our temperatures climbing into the low 70s for san francisco this weekend. upper 70s inland will feel a little more like summertime. heading over to mike. >> it will feel slow because they have closed down at least one lane, perhaps two in the east bay, talking about a smooth drief for most of the rest of the bay area as far as your speeds. pretty predictable. but unusual slowing from pittsburg into bay point, toward bailey road. the right two lanes may still be closed by crash activity. no major injuries, but people were inside the vehicle. both are out now. heading to the bay bridge, a
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smooth drive. the east shore freeway looking great right now. the bay bridge toll plaza has a backup, and see that filling in schedule, and we'll talk about the travel times throughout much of the east bay. we'll look toward the san mateo bridge, a lot of folks starting to head west on 92. that's where the slowest drives develop. back to you. >> we can be difficult to talk about end of life wishes, but it's also a critical conversation. coming up after the break in two and a half minutes, the reasonb you have to have these important talks with loved ones sooner rather than later. a simple van rental that triggers a $750 fee. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next.
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it's 6:24. now doubt it's a difficult conversation to have. but a very important one. drawing up a living will or medical power of attorney is extremely important and it's critical that loved ones understand end of life wishes. a new study shows just 1 in 5 designated surrogates have not talked in depth about what their family member or friend wants when it comes to quality versus quantity of life. only 30% of those who did have a conversation completely understood their loved one's desires. experts say that doctors and other health care workers need
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to be more active in encouraging patients to have those very difficult discussions before they have a health crisis. >> nbc bay area responds to a san francisco family that was on the hook for rental car damage they say wasn't their fault. they called our consumer investigative center for help to settle that dispute and consumer investigator chris chmura tells us how it. >> last summer, roger and his family relocated to the bay area from the east. at the same time, they were sending their son to college in indiana. they rented a van from brujt which roger's wife drove to drop their son off at college in indiana. while in indiana, someone at a gas station pointed out something was wrong with the rear tire. so the lady drove to the nearest budget office, explained what happened and swapped of the van. two months later, they spotted a $750 charge on his credit card statement from budget. he says budget was claiming his wife was responsible for $750
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worth of damage to the rear axel of that van. roger disputed the claims and the charge unsuccessfully. so he asked us for help. when we contacted budget, it reversed the $750 charge. we asked budget what had happened, but the company didn't respond to our request for comment. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-996-tips or online at >> thank you very much. when you come back to your car, windows shattered, items stolen. up next, the south bay city that's keeping a close eye on the streets this morning after a rash of car break-ins. take a look at this video from 24 hours ago. a deadly apartment building fire lighting up the sky in west oakland. the new information that we're learning about the building's condition and what residents inside are saying about it. =kr/4st=go moing anthas f joing/
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6:29 now. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm sam brock. we have been talking about the fact that spring has sprung, and now it's starting to feel like that, you said with a mix of summer in there by the end of the week. >> by the end of the week, inland areas will be talking about lower 80s. upper 70s across the bay area. we're looking at some 70s today, even though as you step out the door, it doesn't feel like it. it's 48 degrees in palo alto.
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49 in oakland, and 51 degrees in san francisco. as you get ready for the school day, getting the kids ready, cool this morning, and lots of sunshine. by recess, we'll help warm up the temperatures and a great spring afternoon. we're talking 70s here for the inland area. upper 60s along the coastline. and i'm getting you ready for the weekend. coming up at 6:38, a look ahead to the weekend forecast as we head over to mike now, tracking two crashes in san jose. >> i am. so while we're looking a a pretty standard flow of traffic for most of silicon valley, i want to take you to the bottom of the screen, northbound 85, a lot of slowing from just about coddle over here all the way up toward the merge, the split with highway 8587. two crashes were reported in that area over the span of a half hour. a lot of speed-ups going on now. it looks like the lanes are clearing after chp did have one lane blocked for a short period of time. we may so more of the traffic flowing toward saratoga.
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a typical build around highway 17 and also 101 and 87 as you come up toward where they cross over with 280. we'll take a look at the travel times over toward the bay bridge. a smooth drive, just 26 minutes. under a half hour from highway 4 to the bay bridge toll plaza but the metering rights are still on. >> thank you so much. 24 hours ago at this time, we were looking at images like these. in oakland, a building on fire there. now fire crews are headed back out to that oakland apartment building that was destroyed in this massive fire yesterday morning. we broke it to you as breaking news. >> here's where the situation stands right now. three people are confirmed dead in the fire. one person is still missing, and the search has continued this morning. a total of 15 people had to be rescued. some of them plucked from fire escapes. four people are in the hospital. today in the bay's pete suratos was the first reporter on scene yesterday. he continues the coverage live this morning with a long list of safety violations that were found at that building just
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before the fire started. >> good morning to you, kris. quite a different scene here this morning, 24 hours after that massive fire. but we did obtain some city records that show that this west oakland apartment building had several violations. in fact, a fire inspection took place just this past friday. i want to set the scene for you to show you where we're standing right now, you see the oakland fire engine is in place as they conduct their investigation throughout the morning and into the afternoon, and then you see what's left of this apartment building. the charred top following that massive fire. but let's get to some of these new pictures that we're getting. this coming from an attorney who is in a legal dispute with the landlord. now, per the city records we were able to obtain, we know there were 20 code enforcement complaints. seven of them are still under investigation. and complaints include mold, lack of heat, leaky pipes and issues with rodents. now, during this past spection on march 24th, inspectors found plenty of issues with smoke
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detect detectors, the sprinkler system and exposed extension cords. something many residents told me yesterday following the fire. we know there were more than 80 people who lived in this apartment building. a majority of it was used as transitional housing. here's what one resident had to say about the conditions inside. >> the building was no good. we had no kind of protection from the fire. we had rats in there. we had roaches, bed bugs. >> back out here live, you're looking at the oakland fire engine back on the scene as they search for more victims. they will do so with the help of the alameda county sheriff's office. i want to point out, the fire is under control, but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. rr live in oakland. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> such a difficult scene there. thank you very much for that update. all new this morning, the chp right now is investigating a deadly single-car crash in vacavil vacaville. mike has been reporting on this all morning. happened before 3:00 on southbound interstate 505 at the
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vaca valley parkway off ramp. officers say the driver lost control of his car and went off the road, threw a fence, and ended up split in two. this was a fatal accident. the driver died on scene. chp so far has not determined with drugs or alcohol might have factored into the cras. >> continuing coverage of the trial of three santa clara county jail guards accused of the beating death mentally ill inmade michael tyree. yesterday, defense attorneys grilled a prosecution witness. last week, that witness testified about calling his mother on the night that tyree died and telling he believed the guards had killed an inmate. defense attorneys yesterday tried to undermine that witness and his testimony, including questioning the legality of his immigration status. >> what were people breathing -- first, a rash of car break-ins that has one south bay community
6:35 am
very nervous. sunnyvale police are investigating what they say are nine cars broken into sunday night. the victims of the car break-ins say the actual number of burglaries from their vantage point is more like two dozen. they happened in two separate karment complexes. some happened on the street as well. victims sdriek the scene they found when they were trying to get to their cars. >> windows completely broken. they had taken out the glove box from the glove box, a couple items that were taken like our gps. >> you feel helpless. nobody is there to help you. ufeel like no one is listening to you. >> sunnyvale police say they're listening, they're aware of the situation and aware of gangs or burglars going from city to city breaking into people's cars. back now to a scary situation inside of a bay area mall. dozens of people were evacuated after some sort of harmful substance filled the air at the stonestown galleria last night
6:36 am
at about 8:00. a very popular area there. multiple people were calling in reports of some kind of pepper spray or chemical inside. firefighters evacuated the mall. they treated everyone inside. at least 15 people complained of some kind of pain. one person was actually taken to the hospital for evaluation. today, everyone is expected to be okay. so far, an investigation is still under way this morning to find out where that spray came from. >> this morning, it might feel like a bad dream for raider fans, but it was not a dream. the raiders are now on the move to las vegas. nfl owners followed the money in voting 31-1 to approve the raiders stadium deal in las vegas. that set off celebrations in sin city with football fans believing they hit theiacpot. raiders owner mark davis said he started getting a wandering eye when he could not nail down a long-term deal in oakland. oakland leaders say they feel like they didn't get a fair shake in the raiders end-around.
6:37 am
>> i do think that the manly thing for him to do is to at least admit that we had a viable plan, and that he made a choice. >> we're going to raise the rent three times on you. at that point, we ended up signing that lease anyway. but then decided we had to start looking elsewhere. >> las vegas will pony up $750 million in public money for that new stadium. the raiders plan to play at the coliseum for at least the next two seasons before moving in 2020. could be awkward, fans. >> i would say. by the way, what is all that money get you, kris? almost $2 billion. we showed you the rendering. you're looking at newly released animation of the facility, complete with fireworks showing what it's going to look like when it's completed in 2020. the stadium will be right off the las vegas strip hind mand allay bay near the airport. a couple of highlights here. state of the art retractable
6:38 am
doors and a glass domed roof. so for those who do decide to put their grudges aside and travel to las vegas, that's how you'll be taking in the games. open roof kind of nice. >> or have to sit in the blazing sun because it's retractable. >> yeah, it gets like 110 degrees there. i don't know. we'll have to look ahead to the weekend. right now:38, and we're making plans on this tuesday for the weekend. looking at the valleys and inland forecast. we start out on saturday morn at 56 degrees. by lunch time, we're up to 69. and we continue to warm up from there. so all of that sunshine will make for a beautiful weekend. more of the same on sunday. 60 degrees as we start out at 9:00. then short sleeves needed throughout the day. most likely some shorts and all of that sunshine continues into sunday as well. now, if you want some cooler weather, how about heading to yosemite. it will be in the upper 30s on friday. making it into the upper 40s for
6:39 am
saturday and sunday. as we continue on with our clear weather. if you can hang out for five minutes, i'll have a look at today's high temperatures coming up. mike has a check now on highway 4. >> that's right. we have been following this crash in the bay point area coming out of pittsburg and antioch. most of the bay shows a pretty typical bay. the south bay starting to kick in for san jose, the northbound routes, and in the eastbound, slow south 80, and slow west building across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges. this is excessively slow, before you get to concord, you have this crash at bailey road. this has blocked two lanes. two folks were in an suv, they have been taken to the hospital. they were sitting on the shoulder and they seemed like they were okay from the initial report. the pass will help get you over to 6 and down to walnut creek. same thing for the east shore freeway. back to you. >> all right, california's known for iconic beaches. but they could wale disappear.
6:40 am
coming up after the break in just three minutes, the alarming new study that looks at the risk of erosion along the california coast and the steps we have to take now to save our beaches. plus, new concerns this morning. those investigating the white house are in too tight with the white house on day 68. and scott, wall street investors are watching to see what developments, if any, may come out of washington with president trump's agenda. tax reform on tap right now. you see the dow jones industrial average up 5 points in early trading.
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it is 6:43. i want to get you out the door quickly with what you're facing as you step out and what to expect as we go through the day. right now, 53 in the peninsula, but 43 degrees in the tri-valley. 46 in the north bay, and 50 now in san francisco. for the south bay, looking at highs up to 72 degrees today. upper 60s along the coast and also for parts of the san francisco area, and for the north bay, inland areas up to 76 degrees today. east bay, 72. for the next couple days, more changes ahead. we'll talk about a thursday chance of rain coming up at 6:49. and i'm talking about a big slowdown for highway 85 if you have a choice through san jose, we'll show you which way you should get to mountain view, 49 minutes at the bottom of the screen because of a third crash in that same area.
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>> all right, thank you very much. >> 6:43 right now on your tuesday morning. and all new this morning, more than half of southern california's iconic beaches could be gone by the year 2100. that's according to a new study just released this week that looked at effects caused by the rise of sea levels and changes in storm patterns from climate champsh. the research found with limited help from new policy as as 67% of the beaches could vanish over the next eight decades. the lead author of the study says more work is needed to preserve the beaches. >> also new this morning, staying in that part of the state, urparts of southern california under a high wind warning right now. this morning, crews working to restore power to thousands of homes. you see broken trees there after strong winds caused trees to topple over night. forecasters say the winds are the result of a dry front passing through the region. >> an investigation is now under way athis morning to find out
6:45 am
how a cow ended up in the fast lane on highway 4 last night, causing a six-car pile-up. chp got the call around 8:00 yesterday evening. by the time they arrived, several cars had already hit the cow. vehicles were badly damaged. one person to go to the hospital. all happened near mar 10 ez. chp said there are a lot of ranches nearby. >> the ranchers do a great job of trying to keep the fences maintained. sometimes the cows get out. it's unfortunate it happened at night and it's a black cow. >> the one person who had to go to the hospital is expected to bow okay. the cow, though, did die at the scene. no word yet on where that animal came from. berkeley has had it with the butts. tonight, they're considering a new plan to stomp out some of the litter. city council members will debate longing a new pilot program putting special resecticals or ash drays in front of three
6:46 am
schools and a bus stop where smoking happens despite the city's ban. if the pilot program works, citiers will consider expecting it. >> happening today, bay area fliers have a new option for kravling across the pond directly. british airways is launching new nonstop flights from oakland to london four days a week. libby schaaf is supposed to bow onhand to welcome the first arriving flight this afternoon. by the way, this makes british airways the first airline to offer service to london from all three major bay area airports. >> also today, the secretary of education is going on a field trip with one of president trump's daughters. ivanka trump and the secretary of education, betsy devos, will visit the smithsonian institution with students from the greater washington, d.c. area. trump and devos are also expected to attend the national air and space museum to highlight the importance young women pursuing s.t.e.m. education and careers. they will also introduce a viewing of hidden figures to a
6:47 am
group of firls who are studying science, technology, engineering, and math. >> and scott mchas been examining the president's first 100 days. today is day 68. >> scott mcgrew, disagreement over who exactly should be investigating president trump's connections with russia. >> two investigations that you're well aware of. the fbi led the justice department, jeff sessions has recused himself from that one. because of his past meetings with russians. and then, there's the house intelligence committee, which is led by this man, devin nunes. he is in a bit of trouble this morning because there are worries he's in too tight with the white house. and cannot conduct an impartial investigation. nunes, you'll remember, was provided secret reports by the white house and spoke out about them without informing his fellow committee members first. that's created a huge split between nunes and the top democrat on the committee, adam
6:48 am
schiff. shif wants nunes to recuse himself, which is almost certainly not going to happen, but this morning, nunes did cancel all of today's committee hearings about russia. president trump today will undo something called the clean power plan put into place by the obama administration. the new rules will allow older plants to keep running and will allow coal mining and fracking on federal land. the president's made several changes in america's environmental policies. this one, while controversial, is technically not a change because the obama rules they're trying to undo never really took effect. lastly, president trump tweeted this morning he would have new word about new jobs at ford motor companies. not clear if this is a new announcement. mr. trump sometimes repeats past announcements leaving some people to think it is a new of news. last week, the president praised charter communications plan to move 20,000 jobs to a call center in the united states.
6:49 am
something that charter had technically announced last august. guys. >> all right. scott mcgrew, thank you very much. looking of course to president trump's tweets, executive orders and speeches throughout the first 100 days on today in the bay. we would like to hear from you. you can share your thoughts with scott,@scottmcgrew on twitter. >> a 94-year-old woman from indiana is celebrating 44 years of working alt mcdonald's. lorraine reached that milestone last week. she started working at mcdonald's back in 1973. and she works the breakfast shift on friday and saturday mornings because she says she just can't quit. >> i can't quit. i four children. they're all retired but me. i raised them to get up in the morning. people are all nice. they're all nice. when i see them coming across the drive, a lot of times i know what they want. and i have it all ready for them. >> i want her to know my order.
6:50 am
>> did she say she has four kids who are all retired but she's still going strong? lorraine has been a fixture behind the counter in several locations in evans vm in the southwestern part of indiana. i hope she has a spot somewhere in the hall of fame, black and white picture from back in the day. >> i love that. she gets up at 3:00 in the morning. at 94 years old. now, that's about the time that we get up. wow. lots of coffee. >> remember when the dollar menu was like the 5 cent menu. what do you have for us? >> a great morning for grabbing the coffee, heading out. a chilly start, but it will be a warm afternoon. as you get ready, just keepen mind it's going to be a gorgeous day. i mean, take a look at this sunrise. over san jose, we're getting this tuesday starting off right. here's a look at the temperature trend. we're heading up to 72 degrees today, and it's only 47 right now. looking at what to expect, the lunch time temperature at 63
6:51 am
degrees. we will see it climbing into the low 70s today. and looking at all of our highs this afternoon, going to see it up to 71 degrees in morgan hill. and 74 degrees in danville. hayward today, you're at 70 degrees. 75 in antioch, and 69 degrees today in san mateo. at our sunset, 63 degrees, and novato today, 73 degrees. so comfortable. but there will be a few more changes in the mix heading into the end of the week, looking at an expansive cloud cover moving into the pacific northwest. this will be in the bay area by thursday. as it moves closer, we'll get drier air in the mix and not expecting any widespread heavy rain. a couple of light spotty showers moving through early thursday morning. that could be in time for the morning commute. it's out of here by lunchtime, and then we go back to some more dry weather in time for the weekend. it does show a few spotty showers possible early next week. but we'll be fine tuning the forecast and i'll keep you up to date on those changes. it doesn't look like a lot rain.
6:52 am
we're heading into the april 1st snow pack measurement. so far, things are looking good. still at 163% of average for the whole sierra. and we are down about 20% from about a month ago. some of that has melted, but we're still doing pretty good. as we go thru the forecast for lake tahoe for today. more melting going on. 48 degrees. 56 degrees tomorrow. but then a system moving in will bring rain changing over to snow late tomorrow night and ending on thursday. bringing it back home for that forecast on thursday. a few spotty showers early, and then more breezy and sunny weather in san francisco, upper 60s to low 70s. inland areas, upper 70s by saturday, a few spots may hit even 80 degrees. as we head over to mike now, a motorcycle crash in san jose. >> yeah, and the concern because it sounds like the driver is injured. a note also for folks all around the bay with the warmer temperatures that kari is talking about, we often see more motorcycles on the roadways.
6:53 am
so they're tough to see. be very careful. this is in the south bay. in san jose, north 85. an area we saw two earlier crashes which did clear closer to highway 87. we have two lanes blocked by this motorcycle crash. motorcycle reportedly ran into the back of a truck there. and so now the motorcycle is down. two lanes are blocked, and it's backed up to the split with highway 101. looking at your travel times. if you take highway 85, even though up here it's clear, if you're coming from 101, it's very slow through the stretch. you're betting off taking 101 in toward mountain view if that's your choice you're making. we'll look at also your crash for highway 4 that has cleared from bay point at bailey road. highway 4 recovers out of pittsburg and antioch and a niceies easy drive to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. >> after a break in just three minutes, a quick look at the top stories on nbc bay area this morning. including new developments in the sierra lamar trial. the argument the defense is using to prove that the suspect
6:54 am
is innocent. but first, happening right now, changes to your vacation plans perhaps. the cruise ship line holland america is no longer stopping in acapulco, mexico. instead, it's going to sail to other destinations because of recent security concerns. also, the world's largest humanitarian crisis in 70 years has been declared. three african countries, the united nations says famine is threatening the lives of 16 million people in nigeria, somalia, and south sudan as the trump administration is proposing big cuts to foreign aid. bere u hd o
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
and welcome back. 6:57 on your tuesday morning. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> defense attorneys expected to continue making their case before the jury in the sierra lamar murder case. a defense investigator testified yesterday that he looked at surveillance video a bta bus in the area at the time of lamar's disappearance and that none of that video showed that red jetta that the suspect was allegedly driving that day. it appears the defense is trying to plant a seed that garcia torres was not driving the car on the day that lamar disappeared. garcia torres faces the death penalty if convicted. a live look right now at the scene of the massive fire that
6:58 am
gutted an oakland apartment building. calm now, but that building in flames yesterday as we brought it to you as breaking news on today in the bay. here's the latest. we know three people died in the fire and one person is still unaccounted for. fire crews will be back out there today search for the degree bree. as many as 80 people lived in the building. city records reveal fire inspectors found a long list of egregious violations at that building as recently as last friday. that includes problems with the fire alarms, nonfunctioning sprinkler system, and smoke detectives. >> a live look at the bay bridge. the final steel section of the old bridge will be taken out today. crews will lower the pieces onto barges and then float them to the port of oakland where they will be disassembled. that work could start any time between now and 12:30 this afternoon. that's because it has to happen during low tide. >> you might say sun setting on
6:59 am
the old bay bridge, but in fact the sun is rising on the new bay bridge. >> the philosopher. >> beautiful out there. >> i like to think so. >> no need to -- you know, just use some weird wording for this. yeah, we're going to have warm weather today. even though you can't feel it now, sun is rising, and it's happening as we speak. you see some of the sun icons there. and looking at some 40s, low 50s, going to see the highs today in the 60s along the coast and low 70s inland. >> all right, you might say we're looking for deeper meaning here. >> yeah. >> i will take it. we're going to update you on the motorcycle crash in san jose. better news. highway 85, all lanes cleared after the motorcycle crash. a larger motorcycle, minor injuries bah we haven't heard about anything major. >> good news. >> all right, that is what's happening today in the bay. we'll be back with you at 7:25
7:00 am
with a live local news update. now we go to the desk and watch the link come down. >> there's a live youtube link. check out a piece of history. good morning. should he go? the chairman of the house intelligence committee under fire after admitting he went to the white house to view evidence that showed the trump campaign was caught up in surveillance after the election. information the president later said vindicates him. now growing calls for congressman nunes to step away from the investigation. is he too close to the president? we will ask senator lindsey graham live. a second straight day of damaging storms across the south. more severe weather, including large tornadoes possible today. too much? a young boy being screened at the dallas airport subjected to a patdown that went on at length, nearly two minutes.


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