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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 29, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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you were talking about allergy counts being up there a second ago. a small price to pay for great weather. >> i guess. >> some people it can be a bad time of year and you feel bad so it's hard to enjoy the sunshine, but we'll have more of that as we go through the day. a little bit of rain may help us out too. we're looking live at san jose and we do have a clear start. as we go through the morning going to see those temperatures warming up. our normal high is 67 degrees. tomorrow the cold front moves through and that front may bring us rain. details on that coming up in eight minutes. >> this is near where you saw that slowing for eastbound 580. there may have been a traffic break to close one lane as we look at the bay. we'll zoom in on where the activity is. 580 getting away from the bay
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bridge to eastbound 24. one lane is blocked by activity there. there is a vehicle on scene and someone is reported dead on the roadway. this is a fatality as far as the cps is concerned, but it's a mystery as far as the details. a big concern as someone is found dead on the freeway. the rest of the maze is moving well and no problems on the roadways. a very serious situation. >> we'll continue to follow that. we are following breaking news out of ala mitta this morning as people are told to shelter in place. the crews are working to cap a leaking gas line. this is at the gas plant. we know at about 1:00 a.m. a vehicle drove through the fence and hit a dpgas line. the damage was considered so bad the crews decided the only way
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to cap that leak was to dig down and pinch the line underground. we'll have a live report coming up in our next half hour. a peninsula nursery is cleaning up after a fire gutted five different greenhouses and several storage containers happening late last night on highway 92. as you drive down 92 you see the row of nurseries there. firefighters were stretched thin due to lack of access to water. nobody was injured and the cause of the fire under investigation. could the road be to blame for the cause of this? federal investigators finally shedding light on what caused a deadly greyhound bus crash in san jose last year. >> we are live where that crash happen. we remember this from a year ago. this report is concerning because a lot of people drive that stretch of highway every day. >> reporter: good morning.
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the ntsb appears to be putting some if not all the blame on this fatal crash that took place on cal tran. the ntsb says there weren't enough reflective warning markers on this stretch of northbound 101 before the carpool connector to highway 85 here in san jose. investigators believe that in the dark and in the rain the driver of that greyhound bus became confused and crashed into the concrete barrier. the bus flipped over and ended up on top of the median. two passengers died and 13 were hurt. the concrete divide should have been visible even in bad weather but wasn't since cal tran didn't properly mark the area depicting the two areas of the lanes there. the ntsb has recommended that cal tran add road markers and improve exit signage and it said
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that greyhound should stress the importance of wearing seat belts. we drove that search of 101. as you can see in the video it appears there are now reflective markers, but we're still trying to confirm that with cal tran so we do have a call into them. san jose police are asking for the public's help in solving this young man's murder. the 19-year-old's body was found at a south bay elementary school over the weekend. he went by the nickname smiley. police say he died of gunshot wounds. his body was discovered on saturday at the elementary school in san jose. he played for a youth football team between the ages of 12 and 16. here's the victim's former coach, scott silver. >> he was a great kid.
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the reason why they called him smiley is because he was smiling all the time. he was very respectful. he was very pleasant to be around. >> the last time he spoke to the young man was last year. campus police at uc berkeley are looking for a man connected to a sexual battery case. this happened thursday night at about 10:30. the man was walking with the victim when he groped her without permission. she was able to run away and contact authorities. hes said to be short and wearing a hoodie and jeans. a controversial sex education curriculum failed to pass a vote last night. some parents are calling it a victory. fustrated families packed the
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meeting room. >> i am really appalled that they would take this material and put it for a 12-year-old. most of them who are not even thinking along those lines. why do we want to put that thought in our child's head. >> a sex ed course with required by the state so the school board says it has to go back to legal council to see what it needs to do. anger boiling over at a public forum in sack row men toe hosted by the immigration and customs enforcement. authorities were escorting protesters to the door. you see that happening in that first part of the video clip. the crowd was overflowing with many critical of white house immigration policies while the acting i.c.e. directors says there are lines his agents will not cross. >> we wanted the director to know he's not welcome here in
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sack men toe. >> we don't conduct neighborhood sweeps and arrest people on school grounds and churches and hospitals. >> how can the community, this community specifically, be reassured that your agency will not be asked to enforce the law in ways other than what you expect here tonight? >> this is actually the first time that the new director has sat down in this kind of setting a local town hall typesetting. the the san francisco vintage clothing store owner accused of illegally selling clothes made from endangered species will be back in court today. she's expected to enter a plea on criminal charges. last year undercover investigators found illegal clothing for sale in her shop called decades of fashion. state law prohibits the sale of endangered furs.
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she faces four years in prison. stepping into try to help an animal in need. we're talking about a bear cub who was moments away from dying in the oregon wilderness. >> one man saved his life. this is the 3-month-old bear cub. the man was walking along a river monday night when he spotted the black bear off the trail. he says the cub looked dead and was laying on his back with his paws out. he waited for his mother, but when she didn't return, he scooped the bear up and took the cub to a wild life center. >> he was going to die and i think anybody who is a decent human would have picked that bear up and done the same thing i did. >> a modern day grizzly adams. doctors say the cub was hypothermic and dehydrated and small for his age, but he's doing better now since under the
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care of that hiker out there. he's going to go to a rehab center or try to be released back into the wild, which would be interesting to see if the mother will accept him or if he'll go to a zoo for the rest of his life. as you get ready to step out the door, 52 degrees in oakland. 48 degrees in fairfield. a look at today's high temperatures reaching into the mid 70s. it's going to be a gorgeous day and if you're looking for something to do maybe you'll be heading to half moon bay to hit the lake. it will be in the low 50s starting out in the morning rising up into the low 60s. a slow climb in temperatures and windy too. we are going to see a slight chance of rain in the forecast so i'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. mike is updating the crash in
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oakland. >> we have all the activity. the rest of the bay moves well, but getting away from the bay it is the connector eastbound 580 to 24. that's the connector that has one lane closed. one lane of the connector ramp is closed because of a deadly crash. there's a vehicle there. there is an investigation as well so you'll see flashing lights right at the scene. getting towards the bay bridge that commute direction moves smoothly. we have our chopper head inned to the scene. we will get more details to see what the cause was. the impact to traffic and getting over to san francisco out of the east bay is nebl. a strong message the action parents are pushing for after racially offensive pictures targeting a particular group of
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students ends up on social media. we're talking about brexit and this time there's no turning back.
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we have clear skies, chilly temperatures. here is a live look outside at san jose. it's all dry now. we'll see our temperatures going from the upper 50s at 9:00 this morning into the 70s today.
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a lot more sunshine going above our average high temperature of 67 degrees. i'll have a look at the tahoe report and what to expect if you're heading to the beaches coming up in about five minutes. this is what would you expect for the south bay. easy drive times and no slowing for your southbound commute. we are tracking the deadly crash near the maze. we have an update. it's 5:14. continuing coverage this morning, angry parents and students are asking a administrators who posted racial photos. calls for expulsion ranged through the school board meeting last night. parents and students reacting to offensive pictures and quotes on
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an instagram account. some students have been disciplined, people are demanding zero tolerance. >> i would like to see the three boys who created the racist instagram account expelled. >> i'm ashamed, saddened and angry about what's happened in our community and i will do whatever i can to ensure this behavior stops now. >> members said they could not officially address the issue last night because it was not on the agenda. but it will be revisited at the end of the month. just moments ago the united kingdom triggered article l. brexit is officially on. >> not only is the uk leaving the european union. europe may break up.
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>> theresa may announced article l. this will start the process of existing the european union. as of today there is no going back. here's the official letter handed over to the president of the european council. this picture and the official word that article l has been triggered was announced on twitter. ireland, which is its own country and northern ireland, which is part of the united kingdom, were both part of the european union together and peaceful. now there is a boarder which didn't exist yesterday and scotland wants no part of this breakup. scotts like being part of the european union more than they like being part of the united kingdom. lawmakers started the process to vote to leave the uk. this is no average wednesday. you are watching history unfold. back here at home wells fargo
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has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit brought against it. this is a surprise. we expected the bank to fight. the san francisco bank was caught issuing millions of credit cards and bank accounts to people who didn't want them. uber has issued a diversity report. uber is under scrutiny after acquisitions of unacceptable behavior. these are the people who work at uber not counting the drivers. uber is 64% men, 36% women and half white. we can look at those numbers if you want to. this is for the example overall. if you drill down to tech workers the numbers are different. they're different also than other tech companies. intel has far more men and google as well and is more white as well. the question is uber is both one of diversity, but also the
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treatment of its employees. >> big time. >> google and intel have been treating their employees much better. >> right. that's because of culture of uber that we've been talking about. >> they talked about it yesterday in the press announcement and they said we had this culture and it is now damaging us. >> exactly. a motorcycle rider who flew off a highway and that is -- he's daring enough to do it. when we get you that video, which we will, it will show you video from a helmet cam. >> i hope we do. it's amazing. >> there it is. >> that's from his helmet. this is about noon on sunday. the men fell off his bike into trees below.
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crews ended up air lifting that rider to a hospital. he's okay. he suffered a broken shoulder in the process. there's the air lift. his bike ended up stuck in a tree. >> he is lucky to have survived. since more and more drones are taking to the skies, many are wondering what happens when one fails and falls on you. a drone, researchers took that question straight to their labs. they're dropping drones from 25 feet in the air from different angles on to dummies below. drones are being dropped on meat. the ongoing study is looking at the damage a falling drone can do. researchers are hoping their findings can improve drone design. >> we can give guidance is minimize sharp parts on your drone. maybe if your drone is going to fail, you can design an
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aerodynamic capability that would allow it to fail in a more safe way. >> i am not doing "saturday night live" news. we have yet to release official results, but i'm wondering who funded that. >> the meat industry of america. from the sky to deep in the ocean, the search for this giant ghostly okay to pus is reenergizing again. this is the 12 foot creature captured near hawaii. it has been spotted in the last three decades. scientists say they're back out looking for similar giant animals roaming the depths of the ocean. we'll be watching to see what else they turn up. >> reportedly his name is hank. from finding dory.
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>> thank you. we're not going to be exploring too deep in the oceans today, it's not that warm yet. >> we have a beach hazard statement in effect. we have choppy conditions today and the risks of rip current. here is a look at the high temperatures today. it is going to be absolutely beautiful. up to 75 degrees in the tri-valley and 70 degrees in the peninsula. the seven day forecast starts you out in the peninsula as we see rain moving in tomorrow. if you're heading over to tahoe, we will have rain mixing with snow over the next couple of days and tomorrow we'll see that wintery mix and by friday, saturday it clears out. temperatures will be warming into the low 50s.
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we still have 247 inches of snow at the base and the surface is still well groomed. there will be more snow in the forecast as this system moves in. it will bring in a little bit more snow of this year before the weekend. we're looking at hour-by-hour outlook. this is tomorrow early morning with light rain moving in. we won't see much out of this system, but we will have clearing right after that. we'll go back to our nice weather. if you are planning to head out to the beach, we will have that coastal hazard statement in effect. waves for the west and northwest facing beaches. rip kushts are possible. beautiful and sunshine and more of this as we head into the weekend. ba
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everything is clear in the south bay, the peninsula. we see slowing. i'm checking on the 101 clearing about now, but over towards the maze it was the connector that was closed. it has reopen. the investigation from the deadly incident over there the person found on the roadway is just off the freeway so it sounds like it was an off ramp from eastbound 24 and the connector from eastbound 580. clear for traffic. heading toward the bay bridge everything moves well through the maze. we see a little bit of backup forming in the cash lanes. mass transit is a good option if you don't want to drive. >> thanks. where do you want to spend your golden years? coming up next a report ranks the best states to retire in. find out if california made the cut next. >> it's pretty expensive. >> that's the problem. in our suvs,
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you feel every mountain we've ever conquered. in our sports cars, you feel every podium we've ever climbed. and now, they've come together to create something you've never felt before. introducing the glc coupe. part suv. part sports car. all mercedes-benz. so:
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not so much lighting at at&t park, but it is going to be lit up with people later. real soon. baseballs regular season about to get under way on sunday. >> are we excited. >> the giants open up that night on the road in arizona, but a little later today there will be plenty of people at at&t park. the giants are holding their annual media day. the pizza and sandwiches and it gives the team a chance to show
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off the stadium and debut drink items and new food and improvements for the park. today's event is for the media. if you want to see it the giants are holding two spring games before the start of the season at at&t park tomorrow and friday. >> that is a lot of fun to check out. there's a break down of the best states they say to retire in. >> we have to make it list. i understand it's expensive in california, but according to a new study new hampshire is the best place to spend your golden years. >> they looked at factors like the cost of living, health care, crime, the weather and many others. new hampshire scored low on weather, actually pretty high on the list for quality health care and low crime. the remaining top five include colorado, maine, iowa and minnesota. >> i like your midwest accent and i appreciate that.
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states like arizona, nevada and florida didn't make the top ten. that's surprising because people will tell you that california is the most beautiful state in the country. breaking news that we're covering in the east bay. a gas line ruptured overnight forcing crews to scramble to cap it. we are live at the scene. >> san matteo county is the healthiest county. we'll see what is going right and wrong with our young adults. adib ve ctu-- ldega brge
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rise and shine here for the bay area and how about this a nice clear look of the golden gate bridge to wake up to this morning. >> let's get this wednesday started. halfway through our work week. the weekend on the horizon. >> i'm glad you feel better and back and for everyone out there waking up laura is back. >> isn't that slick. >> we are going to have a beautiful day and as we start out with some clear skies also cool temperatures and this is what you're dealing with right now as you step out the door. it's 48 degrees in fairfield and
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liv livermore. as you step outside there's a need for sunglasses today. >> you need a hoodie. t-shi t-shirt. >> did she help you with this? >> fancy heels. we'll need that today. we'll talk about what else to expect as we go through the forecast coming up in seven minutes. the backup starts at the bay bridge. yeah, i have low heels. over at the bay bridge we have the backup. around the bay the rest of the freeways are moving well. the activity over there near the interchange has completely cleared. no impact to your morning commute. the toll plaza is where the impact is because the lights were turned on and there's a spider on the lens.
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the backup typical at the bay bridge. back to you. >> thank you very much. we have breaking news to get to out of the east bay. a situation still developing right now. a gas line was ruptured after a car crashed into it overnight. >> pete is live at the scene with an update on the effort to cap it. we understand the shelter in place has been lifted? >> reporter: good morning. yeah, a couple of updates for you. i was able to talk to the police and they tell me that the shelter has been lifted in the surrounding areas of this plant in alameda. it's because pg&e crews were able to fix this gas line. you can see crews still here on the ground and it started when the driver of a car crashed through this fence and then hit that gas line. it happened around 1:00 a.m. when crews arrived they had no
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choice but to open up the ground to fix the issue. >> the originally technician arrived to evaluate it and attempted to shut off the supply line, but unfortunately where it was severed it's on the supply side not the discharge side. >> reporter: the cause of that crash is under investigation. crews working on that gas line. one person was in the car when police arrived and that person was sent to a hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. this is a temporary fix they have in this area so crews will be here for a few hours working on that gas line. >> good they stabilized that situation. we have more breaking news to get to from across the country. that's one of the busiest airports anywhere. laguardia international airport.
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three people were treated after they were exposed to hazardous material. our sister station reporting a 911 call came in at terminal b involving an issue with luggage. we learned that the scene was cleared and the incident stemmed from a food substance. there was no impact on flights. a look at firefighters taking down an apartment fire in concord. the fire department just posted these photos. the complex is off clayton road a few blocks from ellis lake. the fire broke out about 12:45 in the morning. firefights took control of that blaze within a half hour. we'll keep you updated as more information comes into us. happening today, residents in san francisco's sicnking
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millennial tower will lay out their claims. this is a story nbc helped uncover last year. homeowners hoped to force developers to come up with a fix for the sinking tower. owners hold out hope for an out of court settlement. this morning there are concerns growing among the survivors of the massive apartment fire that we were covering earlier this week in oakland. more than 50 of them living at one evacuation shelter could be without a place to stay. the shelter could be closing later this week and despite that news there are donations powering into the shelter. >> i'm here for the people that need help. >> such a rush to give aid in that community right now. the red cross is continuing to collect donations. the cause of monday's fire at
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the building continues. four people died in that four. the raiders are reaching out to season ticket holders this morning two days after news broke the team is moving to las vegas. we have a look at the team's new website. season ticket holders being asked if they'd like to place deposits on seats at the new stadium but for many fans that's a tough pill to swallow. one fan tweeted the ink is not dry and our hearts are ripped out and you're asking for money. green gave his opinion saying he feels bad for the city of oakland. >> if i was the fans, i wouldn't attend a game for the next two years, but that's just me. that's ridiculous. >> the raiders are expected to stay in oakland for two more seasons, possibly three, while the stadium is being built. >> a lot of fans not feeling
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very good right now as a result of that move, but we are a healthy state as a whole. how healthy is your county? a new report just released shows many koepcounties in the bay ar are taking the top spots for that category. >> the county that took number one. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's no secret that an matteo is a beautiful place to live. it is that physical environment that was a criteria that researchers used to rank the counties. there are health influencing factors and it includes jobs and access to care and people's own behavior. you see the bay area counties are in white, which means they are in the top 14 in the state. with all of that rosy news, here
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in the bay area the researchers did find a dark cloud over california and that is that an alarming of young people are dying too soon or falling through the cracks. >> our country continues to experience an epidemic of drug overdose deaths. it's the leading cause of deaths among those 25 to 44 years old. nearly 5 million people are not in school and don't have jobs. >> reporter: what the researchers hope for is that you will take this information and use it to improve your own personal habits and to see what you can do in your own community. i'm going to link you to that report via my twitter feed. in san matteo county. >> you've been healthy to cover for me when i was under the weather the last couple of days. i greatly appreciate it. >> reporter: i'm glad you're
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feeling better. it's 5:40 right now. it is cool to start. definitely need to stay healthy and grab something hot to keep your hands warm. 52 degrees right now. 48 degrees in the tri-valley and 47 degrees in the north bay as we head into this afternoon. it will be up to 70 degrees today in the peninsula and 75 in the tri-valley and south bay and 70 degrees in the east bay as well. as you get the kids up and ready heading out the door, it will be all clear and chilly to start at recess. another nice day and breezy with temperatures in the 70 by the time they head home from school. coming up, a look at the temperature trend for evergreen and as we head over to mike the commute builds. >> we can't help it from
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building. we're easing on the bridge. 101, typical pattern there and the impact throughout the tri-valley and east bay. the slowing on the peninsula did clear from the area just north. a slow down on the southbound 680. i'll check for activity, but chp has nothing interesting to report. nothing interesting on the rails. san matteo bridge we're seeing a build here and heading across the peninsula without delay. coming up next, this story is interesting and daring. a building burst into flames with someone trapped inside. the quick thinking by firefightere firefighters that save the life of an elderly man. the white house is again on the fence on day 69.
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as you get up and get ready to head out the door it is clear and chilly. as we look at the temperature trend for evergreen it will be 57 degrees. your lunch time temperature at 68 and low 70s today. just as warm as it was yesterday. as we go into the next couple of days a roller coaster as far as our temperatures. we'll talk about it coming up at
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5:49. we're looking at travel times for the tri-valley. a little build for the 580. new video you have to see. a burning apartment there and an old man being carried down by firefighters. this is a dramatic rescue out of massachusetts. some may argue this is why firefighters are heros. we know the challenges they face taking on that job. the firefighter pulled an elderly man from a third floor window over his shoulder carrying him down and taking him to the care he needed. the firefighter and the man he saved are in the hospital getting treatment. the 82-year-old fire victim did suffer serious burns but he's alive. >> modern day hero. happening today, don't be
5:46 am
shocked if you hear sirens in oakland. the city has been working to expand the emergency safety system. they've been testing individuals sirens since january and today they'll test the siren city wide. there will be a 90 second slow wail and a 90 second full wail. senate bill 349 would require more staffing and annual inspections. the centers oppose the measure. they say the centers do follow federal standards. the senator who wrote that bill says that federal standards don't go far enough in protecting patients. more than 60,000 californians
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use the centers. the block on president trump's travel ban could be extended. the judge blocked the ban and the same judge will hear arguments today. the state says the travel ban discriminates against muslims while federal government says it falls within the president's power to protect national security. scott mcgru has been examining the president's first 69 days in office. the hearing has been suspended new. nunes is under fire for his close connections to the white house. nunes has been accused of cancelling hearings because they don't not want sally yates to
5:48 am
testify. she warned the white house the national security advisor was lying about his ties with russia. the white house insists its okay with her testifying about russia even though what she says will be probably be damaging. when she was originally asked to testify her lawyers sent a letter to the white house essentially saying let me know if you have a problem with it. >> the letter that her attorney sent literally says that if we do not receive a response by march 27th at 10:00 a.m., i will conclude that the white house does not exert executive privilege over the matters. i don't think you can be any clearer than that. >> what spicer is saying is that the white house sent a clear message it wanted yates to
5:49 am
testify when it didn't say anything about not wanting her to testify. if he sounds flustered to you he's not alone. he accused the media of being too interested in the white house's connections with the russians. >> if the president puts russia salad dressing on his salad tonight that's a russian connection. but every person -- i appreciate your agenda here, but the reality is -- no, hold on. no, at some point report the facts. >> the facts are not so much the president's salad dressing americans are interested in. it's the growing evidence that not only did the president's and possibly the president secretly meet with the russians, but they lied about it. now we have to figure out what deals if any were made. >> that's interesting. >> scott will be looking at the president's tweets and executive order and speeches throughout the first 100 days in the bay. he'd like to hear from you.
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festival goers rejoicing as outside land is returning to the bay area. >> tickets for the weekend go on sale tomorrow. 2017 marks the tenth anniversary for outside land. music lovers will head to the golden gate park. tickets will be released tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. the lineup is yet to be announced. san francisco residents can expect big crowds and less parking during the festival just like prior years. would you buy these tickets for that money sight unseen. >> the thing is it's a lineup of three days and usually there's a great headliner in there. >> we hear you singing every day. >> is that a gift enough? >> it is gift enough, but you're holding out on us. are you going to be performing?
5:51 am
>> there's a big announcement. >> she does do broadway type theater. it's time for weather. >> we have sunshine and it will be beautiful as you get ready and head out the door and cool too. make sure you're wearing a heavier jacket. 45 degrees in the tri-valley and 50 degrees in the south bay. 52. we'll get you out with what to expect this afternoon up to 75 degrees in the tri-valley and south bay. you'll see rain and this is the reason why. we have this system that is starting to approach from the north. you see this cluster of rain about to move into far northwestern california. as it moves closer to the bay area, a lot of rain will be drying out. this is what it looks like on
5:52 am
the hour-by-hour forecast. this takes us into this afternoon. we start to see clouds moving into the north bay, but so far no rain. mostly cloudy as that system approaches and 4:00 in the morning spotty showers are moving through and most of us by the time we head out the door we will see all clear skies and won't know the system moved through. temperatures will be cooler and this could drop a few hundredths of an inch of rain. probably won't help us with the pollen count floating in the air. we're seeing mold levels going down. if you're heading out to the hiking trails today, a beautiful sunrise. temperatures in the low 50s today. we like that trend so
5:53 am
hopefully that will continue throughout the morning. right now nothing unexpected for the peninsula or the south bay or the tri-valley or east bay. we'll show you what these are like. northbound routes, a little bit of slowing right here. 101 from 680. 87 holding up great and 85 and 101 where they split coming out of morgan hill. as we look toward your approach towards the bay bridge, no problems. tri-valley 13 minutes to vargis. a nice flow of traffic toward the bay bridge. a live look at the north bay, no problems. there are the curves. back to you. >> thanks a lot. arrest and jail coming from
5:54 am
scammers. you get scared. >> we investigate a tax scam sweeping the country how it works and how not to fall victim to it. the 2017 noble literature winner bob dylan announced he'll meet with members to receive his diploma and medal. he won't give a noble lecture, but a recorded version will be sent later. universities across the nation say the president's travel ban would block students. witt dafasapprohin- a rni abt au
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with tax day proepiapproach warning about a tax scam involving itunes gift cards. >> steven has the warnings from top tax officials. >> reporter: senior irs officials tell me that growing number of scammers use these type of gift cards to cheat thousands of taxpayers out of millions of hard earned tax dollars. the deputy inspector general tells me his office received
5:58 am
nearly 40,000 calls from victims reporting some kind of phone scam during the last year. that's a sharp increase from about 12,000 similar reports in 2013. his investigators say 70% of those latest scams involve itunes cards because those cards are hard to track, found in almost any store and familiar enough that victims feel comfortable buying them when told to do so by scammers. irs officials remind you that federal agents will never call you up and threaten you with arrest over the telephone. they'll send you a written notice to begin with and they'll never accept gift cards, especially itunes gift cards as payment. if you get a call like this, try to get a phone number and hang up and call the irs public number. if you want to know more, go to our website. back to you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a
5:59 am
call or send us an e-mail. new video right now into our newsroom this morning to show you that house that is the damage that left behind from severe storms that ripped through parts of texas overnight. this is the scene right now in the dallas area. homes are badly damaged. trees were knocked over. almost 200,000 people are without power this morning as a result. it comes one day after three storm chasers were killed in a car accident while going after the severe storms in texas. the accident was not weather related. samsung will unveil its newest line of products during a special event in new york city. samsung expected to showcase new phones in two screen sizes and a voice assistant named dixie. this is the first major launch
6:00 am
since the galaxy note 7 was recalled last year. we're all about this weather. another beautiful day in the bay area. there are changes coming though. >> we will see cooler temperatures moving in, but a clear start this morning. we'll talk about the dip and rise in temperatures in the forecast. the ntsb has determined the cause of a fatal greyhound bus crash here in the south bay. the reason cal tran might be to blame. greenhouses gutted. the overnight fire that caused damage to a bay area nursery. today in the bay continues right now. good morning to you. it is nice to hear those words. lgc back right now. we have the full team together. >> i was under the weather. >> we alwaysee


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