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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 29, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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recalled last year. we're all about this weather. another beautiful day in the bay area. there are changes coming though. >> we will see cooler temperatures moving in, but a clear start this morning. we'll talk about the dip and rise in temperatures in the forecast. the ntsb has determined the cause of a fatal greyhound bus crash here in the south bay. the reason cal tran might be to blame. greenhouses gutted. the overnight fire that caused damage to a bay area nursery. today in the bay continues right now. good morning to you. it is nice to hear those words. lgc back right now. we have the full team together. >> i was under the weather. >> we always feel bad when
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you're out and we are going to have more beautiful weather in the forecast. more sunshine. we are going to see some changes too so we will talk about all that coming up. here is a live look outside over san jose. a little bit of light in the sky. you can tell it's clear though. here is the temperature trend at 11:00 it will be 63 degrees. we will be warming up through the morning fairly quickly and then into the low 70s today with a breezy wind. it will be cooler tomorrow. i'll talk about the chance of rain coming up and six minutes a new crash in heyward. we are looking at 880 for the new incident. south bay holding steady with light traffic. no problem on the peninsula side. 880 southbound does build down from heyward at industrial boulevard. there is a crash off the right
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hand shoulder. a little extra distraction as we see the volume coming up. a build here out of pittsburgh. you can cut through. it's 602, but we have the build heading over there and towards the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on. no problem if you want to take ba bart. a peninsula nursery cleaning up after a fire gutted five greenhouses and several storage containers. it happened late last night at half moon bay nursery. firefighters were stretched thin due to lack of access of water which had to be pumped in. no one was injured, but the cause is under investigation. this morning we're learning what caused a deadly greyhound bus crash on highway 101 last year. >> the report was just released
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and inadequate highway markings caused that crash. >> this report was very specific. we have a closer look at the report and the questions about highway safety. >> reporter: the national transportation safety board appears to be putting all if not some of all the blame on to the cause of the fatal greyhound bus crash in san jose in january 2016. investigators say there were not enough reflective highway markers before the carpool connector. investigators believe in the dark and rain the driver of that greyhound bus became confused and crashed into the concrete barrier. the bus flipped over and ended up on top of the median. two passengers died and 13 others were hurt. the concrete divide should have
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been visible even in bad weather, but it wasn't because cal tran did not properly mark the area. the suggestion is cal tran add road recollection maemarkers an signage and it's recommended to wear your seat belt. we drove that stretch this morning where the accident took place. it appears there are reflective markers on the road. we have reached out to cal tran this morning to confirm whether or not they have replaced those since this accident took place. reporting live here above highway northbound 101 in san jose, today in the bay. >> thank you for the update. san jose police are asking for the public's help in trying to solve a young man's murder. the 19-year-old's body was found at a south bay elementary school over the weekend.
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police say he decide of gunshot wounds and investigators don't have a suspect or motive. the body was discovered on saturday. he played for a youth football team between the ages of 12 and 16 years old. here's the victim's former coach. >> he was a great kid. the reason why they called him smiley is because he was smiling all the time. he was very respectful. he was very pleasant to be around. >> the coach talks about him sadly. he says the last time he spoke with him was last year. it is 6:05 right now. anger boiled over at a public forum last night. authorities escorted some protesters to the door. the crowd was overflowing with many critical of white house immigration policies while the
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acting i.c.e. director says there's lines his agents do not cross. >> we wanted the director of i.c.e. to know he's not welcome in sack ro meant toe. >> we don't arrest people on school grounds and churches. we don't arrest people in hospitals. >> how can the community be reassured that your agency will not be asked to enforce the law in ways other than what you expect here tonight? >> this is the first time the new director has sat down in a local town hall type setting. voted down a controversial sex education curriculum failed to pass a vote last night. some parents are calling this a victory. families spoke out against the curriculum. many said they thought it was too graphic for seventh graders.
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>> i am appalled they would take this material and put it for a 12-year-old, most of them who are no the thinking along those lines, why do want we to put that thought in our child's head. >> the school pooboard has to g back and see what it needs to do to have some kind of curriculum. facebook is adding more snapchat type features to its app. more people are posting more photos and videos. >> imitation is the best form of flattery. you can tap the app to find more snapchat like features. >> we'll have to check out your facebook live. >> i did a facebook live talking
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about the weather and i had this fruit basket on my head. everybody is like what is going on. let's look at these temperatures. we have upper 40s at 6:08. 53 degrees in san francisco. today we'll see another gorgeous day with highs reaching the mid to upper 70s. along the coast line we have upper 60s. maybe you want to head to the coast line for golf. at 7:00 we'll be at 51 degrees. it will be gorgeous as we see the highs today reaching into the low 60s there and the winds kicking up to about 15 to 20 miles an hour. we will talk about the forecast for ta hoe coming up. 880 we'll see that volume start to trend south from 235
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down to heyward. the earlier crash is on the shoulder. no problems south of there. that crash at industrial out of the labones and we see a slow fw there. tracking south towards freemont, the volume of traffic holding steady. i did see flashing lights about three minutes ago past warren. we're talking about drive times toward the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on. you'll hit the brakes toward the toll plaza. >> thank you. finally free, the reason a california man was wrongfully given a life sentence for attempted murder, now that he's free what what he's leakiooking forward to.
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we're talking about brexit again and this time there's no turning back.
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if you're heeding over to the sigh arree era, a mix of ra snow in the morning and then clearing up and temperatures warming up for the weekend. a little bit of fresh powder, but we have 247 inches of snow at the base and it will be a nice weekend for skiing. as we head into the forecast, also for the bay area looking at a little bit of rain. we'll talk about it coming up in
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five minutes. >> comparing your east to west bridges the bay bridge has the flow on the volume and the backup at the toll plaza got a little smoother. >> it is 6:13 right now. the california inmate who was the first in the u.s. to have taxpayer funded sex reassignment surgery has access to a razor. she complained she was growing facial hair. rules filed with state regulators this week will allow transgender prison inmates to have bras, cosmetics and other items that correspond to their gender identities. an innocent man is out of jail this morning after serving 20 years. you hear the crowd erupt with the decision. a judge reversed that conviction yesterday and allowing the man
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to go home. attorneys say he was misidentified as the person who tried to rob a gas station. look at the hug with his wife right there. this happened back in 1996. the clerk was severely beaten in that attack. hugging his family and no doubt the warmest hugs will happen as he reconnects with his loved ones. >> 20 years behind bars. a san francisco vintage clothing store owner made from selling clothes of endangered species is back in court today. last year investigators found illegal clothing for sale in a back room of her shop. state law prohibits the sale of exotic or endangered furs. hanson faces four years in prison. ads encourage drivers to stop by fast food chains.
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the navigation apple whi is add new feature letting you buy coffee and food to pick up along the way. if the test is successful waze intends to team up with other stores. it may feel like an extraordinary wednesday, but there's history being made today. >> britain is leaving the european union and there's no going back. >> lots more history could be made today, including the break up of the united kingdom itself. let me take you over to london. this is video from this morning. theresa may announced article 50. this is the start of the official process of exiting the european union. now, the negotiations could take several years, but as of today there is no turning back. here's the official letter handed over to the president of the european council. a sign of the times this picture and the official word that
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article l has been triggered was announced on twitter. ireland which is its own country and northern ireland which is part of the united kingdom were both part of the european union, but now there is a wall there. the dow is up today. investors liked the better than expected report on consumer confidence. worry continues observe the white house's ability to push legislation. wells fargo has agreed to settle one of the class action lawsuits brought against it. this is a surprise. we expected that bank to fight. it was caught issuing millions of credit cards and bank accounts to people who didn't want them and didn't know they had them. i thought you might get a kick out of this. this is a photograph from a company that has installed a new
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red stoplight. you see it right there. we'll take away those words off the screen. you'll see the red light again on the sidewalk. it's for pedestrians who are looking down at their phones. >> modern day stuff there. let's look at the oakland colosseum this morning, home of the oakland as and the team getting ready for baseball action. you can get free coffee today. >> stop by the pete's coffee in oakland. it starts at 8:00 this morning. there will be giveaways and you can meet stopper. the a's have opening day monday
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and they're taking on the giants tomorrow at at&t park. >> i love baseball. it is here. little league has started already. >> the little league season and the major league season. >> your son is not doing little league yet. >> not yet. he played basketball. that just ended. we went to the park yesterday and it was full of little leaguers practicing. we've had great weather. it will be cooler tomorrow and the wind will start to pick up as a cold front moves through. the sun is rising at 6:18 and we have the official sunrise before 7:00. you'll start to see that sun coming over the hills. a live look outside. it's a beautiful start to this wednesday morning and the
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seven-day forecast is coming up. as the system approaches, we will start to see an increase in clouds, but not yet. we are now in the mid to upper 40s for the north bay and santa rosa is 45 degrees. we have 53 degrees in san francisco and livermore at 47 degrees. going to see the highs today reaching into the mid 70s for oakland and san jose. upper 70s for concord and napa. upper 60s along the coast line and in san francisco. as you get the kids ready it will be clear this morning, but chilly. then they'll be taking their jacket off today so make sure the name is on the tag as they may lose at it at school. breezy this afternoon heading home from the school day it will be in the 70s. we'll be watching these changes move in. going to see an increase later
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tonight especially for the north bay and san francisco and then we see a little bit of spotty rain tomorrow morning while you're about to head out the door and then we'll see clearing as we go through the day. looking at nice warm weather heading to santa cruz. we have a risk of rip currents today and sneaker waves. otherwise absolutely gorgeous day to enjoy area beaches. as we head over to mike, a great drive, but there is some slowing. pretty predictable. we heard about a delay in san francisco. there are power lines down around 3rd and main. i'll check on more detail and bring that to you. the roadways are moving well around the bay and you're expected slowdown is typical throughout san jose. we're looking at no major problems, but let's look at our live camera. you see that build, a little more volume there.
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a smooth flow of traffic on the 101. no major conditions between the south bay and city. 280 moves well also. we're getting out towards the maze and a smooth flow of traffic there. no problems for the freeways there. bart is moving well to the city. we'll bring you more details. back to you. >> thank you. in the meantime, some little known laws can take consumer's money. here is a federal protection for contact lens wearers you don't know about. the doctor is required to give you your prescription so you can take it other places to shop around. send us your consumer questions. and right after the break,
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it is being called a break through in skin treatment. the new life changing treatment for the tens of millions of americans who suffer from eczema. reli cod bon e w fothmilonsf ars
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we have good news for you if
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you suffer from eczema relief could be on the way for millions of americans that could suffer from eczema if you're willing to pay for it. regulators have approved a medicine that would treat the condition. the drug is called dupixent. patients had a 70% improvement after taking it. it costs $37,000 a year for the medicine. the maker of the drug expects insurance companies to help out and pay. >> there are going to be people who say that's just too expensive, what do you want those people to know. >> the important thing is to understand that am cooicoming ua new treatment for a disease that effects so many people doesn't come cheap. >> researchers spent more than $1.5.20 years developing that product. a warning about a popular
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brand of frozen taquitos. there might be pieces of plastic and rubber in them. it was crispy and crunchy versions sold in 60 ounce plastic bags. if you have the product. you need to check for the best buy date of december 30th, 2017 and the usda marked inspection number on them established m 5590. >> pay close attention to that. our network is changing the way you watch next year's 2018 winter olympics. >> live coverage across all time zones. no more spoilers on social media or delay to argz for popular events. the opening ceremony for the winter game set to take place in pyeongchang, south korea february 9th. catching up with social media
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then. >> it has to. the bay area known for its active and healthy lifestyle how does it compare to other parts of the state. >> we're going to break down the numbers released this morning that ranks the healthiest counties in california. a driver recklessly plows through a parking lot fence in the east bay this morning. why it forced neighbors in the area to shelter in place. righnowt 60..the a li aealshowgh
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live aerial showing the damage left behind this morning after severe storms slams texas. look at the homes left in that area. we are tracking a different forecast here at home. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. >> complete devastation in the dallas area there. >> what did i say? >> the week is have moving along. we're glad to have you back this morning. >> it's my monday. >> and you're friday is in two days. >> we're hoping good weather will prevail then too. >> in eanything you want. sunshine and warm weather the next couple of days. a little bit of rain in the forecast overnight. it's 47 degrees in the tri-valley and 50 in the peninsula and 51 degrees in the
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east bay. here's what you need to know before you step out. it will be up to 70. a wide range in temperatures. 78 degrees will be the high in the north bay. i'm getting you ready for the weekend. some activities going on and maybe you're getaway forecast coming up at 6:38. >> the third line likely to be impacted because we have joe ever head wires down. for those of relatively familiar with the system they have the wires attached overhead and they have the power. you can't connect to the wires if they're down there's no power to the buses. notice the freeway. the travel around the bay looking good. the 280 extension is moving well and looking at signaling through the area. we're reporting overhead wires down and there may be a bigger
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impact. the rest of the south bay moves well. mild slowing through san jose. >> thank you very much. we continue to follow breaking news out of the east bay this morning. crews working overnight after a vehicle hit a gas line at the plant in alameda. we've been monitoring the situation since 4:30 this morning. >> reporter: crews have temporarily fixed that gas line issue that you mentioned. i want to show you they're working on it in front of the plant. alameda police lifted the shelter a couple of hours ago that was put in place after this car hit the gas line. this car plowed through the parking lot fence of the plant hitting this four inch natural gas line and crews had to open the ground to shut this line
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off. here is fire explaining why. >> the original technician arrived to evaluate it. where it was severed is on the supply side line so shutting off the valve didn't stop the flow of gas. >> reporter: the cause of the crash is under investigation. that driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. crews work on that gas line issue. it is a temporary fix so expect them to be out here for the next few hours working on a permanent fix. new this morning, firefighters taking down an apartment fire in concord. the fire department just posted these photos. the complex is off clayton road a few blocks from ellis lake. the fire broke out just before
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1:00 this morning. a hazmat situation at one of the nation's busiest airports. these are images from this morning at laguardia airport. three people were treated after being exposed to hazardous materials. a 911 call came in at terminal b involving someone's luggage. the incident stemmed from a food substance. the scene was cleared and there has not been any impact on flights. residents of san francisco sinking millennium tower are laying out there claim. this is a story that nbc's investigative unit helped to uncover last year. homeowners hope to force developers to come up with a force for the tower. that lawsuit is being filed as homeowners are holding out hope
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for an out of court settlement. concerns are growing among the survivors of this massive apartment fire in oakland. more than 50 of the survivors are living in an evacuation shelter could be soon without a place to stay. that's because the temporary shelter is closing later this week. despite the news donations keep pouring into that shelter. >> there are people who need help. today, tomorrow. >> the red cross will continue to collect donations. in the meantime the cause of the fire continues. four people died in that fire. happening today, the blame game continuing. perhaps some answers about who dropped the ball during last month's coyote creek flooding. members are meeting today, but the board chairman sent out a letter to the mayor laying the
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blame on the city of san jose saying that authorities received plenty of warning from the district and national weather service but failed to evacuate residents who became trapped. some news that has broken hearts and the question what to do next. the raiders trying to smooth things out. reaching out to season ticket holders after announcing the team is moving to las vegas. season ticket holders are being asked it they would like to place deposits at seats at the stadium in sin city. many fans say that is a tough pill to swallow. one fan tweeting the ink is not dry, our hearts are ripped out and you're asking for money to pour salt on our wounds. the fans aren't the only ones frustrated by the move. green gave his opinion saying he feels badly for the city of
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oakland. >> i was the fans, i wouldn't attend a game for the next two years. but that's just me. that's ridiculous. >> the question is what happens in the interim? the raiders are expected to stay in okakland for two seasons or three. >> that's a tough one. let's talk about being healthy. new this morning how healthy is your county? the latest list of the healthiehealth healthiest counties in california is out this morning. >> there are plenty of counties on that list. san matteo is ranked number one. >> reporter: i live in the second healthiest county. there are a lot of criteria that the researchers with the robert
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wood johnson foundation used in their health influencing factors. things like access to care and people's personal health behaviors and they used that to rank the counties. if you look at the map we have you see all of the bay area counties all in white are in the top 11 in the state. with all of that news in the bay area, researchers did find a dark cloud over california. the robert wood johnson foundation provided researcher abby kowski found premature deaths in our young adults and why they're falling through the cracks. >> our country is experiencing an epidemic of overdose deaths among those 25 to 44 years old. nearly 5 million people are not in school and don't have jobs. >> reporter: that's something that a lot of counties will be talking about going forward.
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the hope is from these researchers is that you'll look at that information for your county and find out what you can do personally different and also what you can do to effect change in your own community. i link you to the whole report via twitter. you can look for your county there so you can have bragging rights as well. all around the bay, i'll take you to the south bay where we have a crash that just popped up on the report. it is northbound 87. activity in the middle of the freeway. the parkway jamming up by capital expressway. the issue is because of this crash in the middle of the freeway. we're going to show you the south bay does move well. that's all you needed to see.
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right around 3rd and green there are downed power lines. >> your messages are so powerful we only need to see half of you. we're halfway through the week and this time of the morning everybody is working for the weekend. >> we're going to have a great weekend. we're talking warm temperatures and there's a lot going on too. the walking tour day at san francisco at 10:00. well start out with cool temperatures but it will be warming up to the low 70s. if you're planning to head to napa, look at how warm it will be on saturday. 81 degrees and just about as warm on sunday. here is a live view as the sun rises. maybe you want to head to lake tahoe looking at temperatures in the low 40s with a high on friday. saturday more sun and it will continue to be warm as we see a
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fresh layer of powder on the ski resorts. for the bay inland area and for the valleys, we're looking at a start at 9:00 on saturday morning at 56 degrees and highs in the upper 70s. maybe you want to head to the beach. we'll have highs on sunday reaching into the mid 70s, but overall it looks like a great weekend on the way. i'll have a look at the forecast for today that's coming up. >> thank you very much. dramatic new video showing a commercial plane catching fire in peru. the major malfunction being blamed for the fire this morning. the white house on the fence on day 69. the big board is looking at some big news right now from britain. brexit is official. you were reporting on this earlier. right now the dow is down 31
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points this morning. we will have news, weather and traffic coming up for you in 2 1/2 minutes.
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as the sun rises on this wednesday morning, we do have a cool start but look at these high temperatures today. 75 degrees will be the high in the tri-valley and the south bay while the peninsula is up to 70 degrees and 68 degrees in san
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francisco and 78 degrees in the north bay. it will be cooler tomorrow. we'll talk about the changes and how to dress for this changing weather coming up. the 101 and 85 is the same drive where they join. we'll show you the problems developing. new video to show you showing a massive fire that broke out shortly after a commercial plane made an emergency landing at an airport in peru. the plane was traveling yesterday and safely landed at a small airport. everyone on board was able to get off that plane before the fire spread to the fuselage. the right wing broke starting that fire. >> that's a lot of smoke and fire there. 6:45 right now. safety is the topic of discussion at a forum in oakland tonight. the new police chief and the
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public safety director are leading that discussion. they're going to be talking about the current and future state of the city of oakland and specifically its safety. the forum starts at 6:00 tonight on broadway. >> happening today we could see what president trump's proposed boarder wall could look like. companies seeking to build the wall are submitting designs today. the wall will be unclimbable and as theeticily pleasing. scott mcgrew has been examining the president's first 100 days. >> it is another day without a congressional hearing into russia. >> the hearings have been suspended by the fellow in charge. republican congressman nunes who is under fire. he is accused of cancelling hearings and meetings because
6:47 am
it's alleged he and the white house do not want former attorney general sally yates to testify. they warned the white house that the national security advisor was lying about his contacts with russia. president trump eventually fired yates, but the insists it is fine with her testifying. when she was asked to testify her lawyer sent a letter to the white house double checking if it was okay. it said let me know if you have a problem with it otherwise i'm going to do it. here is white house spokesman sean spicer. >> the letter that her attorney sent literally says that if we do not respond to you i conclude that the white house does not preside over these matters. >> reporter: the white house sent a clear message it did want
6:48 am
yates to testify when it didn't say anything about not wanting her to testify. if that sounds flustered to you, you're not alone. he accused the media of being too interested in the white house's connections with russians. >> if the president puts russian salad dressing on his salad tonight that's a russian connection but every person -- i appreciate your agenda here, but the reality is -- no, at some point report the facts. >> reporter: the facts are of course not so much the president's salad dressing americans are interested in, it's the growing evidence that not only did the president secretly meet with russians, but they lied about it. we have to figure out what deals if any were made. we'll have to have an investigation. >> thank you. scott will be looking at president trump each morning. lots of you are continuing the
6:49 am
conversation with him on twitter and it's easy enough. his twitter handle at scott mcgrew. pioneering rap group mwa and scully has made it into the library of congress. straight out of compton has made it into the library. >> also being paired with scully one of his calls involving the new york giants. the rivalry continues with the dodgers playing in los angeles and the giants playing somewhere in the bay area. >> can somebody please imagine. >> our producers are telling us the story. i thought they're doing
6:50 am
something there. baseball weather out there lately. >> we're going to have great weather tomorrow. we have some awesome weathers. let's look outside right now. at 6:50 out the window a beautiful clear sunrise. it's 53 degrees in san francisco at half moon bay at 58 degrees to start out. up to 65 degrees there along the coast line. 68 in san francisco. inland areas we're talking about upper 70s today. we're in the east bay and going to see those temperatures going up and down over the next few days. as you look out the window in san francisco, want to know how to dress for this weather. we start out with cool temperatures, but do not forget the sunglasses and a jacket and hoodie to keep you warm.
6:51 am
these items do not go together. do not wear a t-shirt and heels, but it gives you an idea it will be a great day for heels because you don't have to worry about stepping in puddles or getting them wet. a t-shirt for the layers you need. you'll be peeling off the jacket and something lighter once it warms up later today. trying to make things easy for you as you get ready to head out. we will have changes looking at this weather system approaching. you can see the clouds extending out into the pacific and spotty light showers. this will not be a huge deal for us. we're going to see the clouds increasing in the north bay later tonight. here we are at 4:00 tomorrow morning. spotty light showers moving through the peninsula and parts of the inland area. by the time the sun rises we'll see a lot of that heading out of here and it does not look to bring anything more than a bit of rain. going to see a cool down tomorrow and a dip in temperatures warming up for the
6:52 am
weekend. more dry weather and the inland areas this weekend up to 78 degrees on saturday. a great start out of the door. how does it look on the roads? >> overall it is great. we have a couple of key spots. one in san francisco effecting the transit system. this may have a bigger effect than highway 87, although the speed is moving better. they may have cleared this activity from the parkway. it was in the middle of the road causing a backup up to highway 85 and that could cause more folks to shift over. we're watching that traffic flow. that ripple might happen for the next half hour. i think they cleared the lanes. they have not cleared the lines here. this effects the muni lines. it does not effect the 280 extension. a smooth drive through san francisco. that's why we have that issue going and a little slowing
6:53 am
through oakland. a disabled vehicle here. back to you. >> thanks. coming up we'll look at the top stories we're following this morning. >> including new details on last year's greyhound bus crash. we know the cause of that deadly accident. happening now, the 2017 noble literature winner bob dylan announced he'll meet with members of the academy this weekend to receive his medal. he won't give a lecture, but a recorded esh haven will be sent later. the travel ban could block hundreds of students especially from iran. we'll be back with more news in a moment. bo yoheaouthe or he artheop orin
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welcome back. it's 6:56. a live look at ata mitta where a shelter in place has been lifted for people living near the gas plant. that is where a vehicle drove through a fence at the plant and it hit a gas line. it happened about 1:00 this morning. the driver was taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries and crews managed to cap that leak by digging down and pinching the
6:57 am
line underground. >>. a peninsula nursery cleaning up after a fire gutted five g n greenhouses. this happened late last night. that fire was more difficult to fight because there was not easy access to water. nobody was injured. federal investigators blaming bad highway markings for last year's deadly bus crash in san jose. two women died in that crash. a new report indicates worn and missing reflective markers led the bus driver to believe he was in an exit lane. instead he drove into a concrete barrier causing that bus to flip over in very dark and rainy conditions. there's new video this morning showing the damage left behind after severe storms ripped through texas overnight. this is from the dallas area where homes were damaged and trees were knocked over. three storm chasers were killed
6:58 am
in the car accident yesterday while following the severe storm. new this morning, here is to your health bay area. new rankings are out listing the healthiest counties in the state of california. san matteo sits at top of the list. solona finished at number 20. those rankings take into account things like life span and premature deaths. you know where you want to be? inside that sap center where the sharks will play in the stanley cup playoff. tickets go on sale two hours from now. the sharks won last night beating new york 5-4 in overtime. they knew they clenched that playoff spot. fans won't know the playoff
6:59 am
schedule until the end of the season on april 9th. tickets go on sale at 9:00 a.m. >> they got so close last year. made it to the finals this year. >> we can do it. >> a live look at a beautiful sunrise this morning. we are looking forward to another sunny day today. >> we are looking awesome today. cool as you step out the door and we will continue to see those temperatures warming up quickly today. look at the numbers now. 47 degrees and 44 in the north bay and highs reaching into the mid to upper 70s. >> thank you very much. highway 87 has cleared up. >> that crash is clear, but northbound 87, but this new crash at 237 may close more slowing as that commute builds. we'll track that as well. >> we're running out of time, but we have breaking news this morning. a live look from the capital this morning that shots have been fired.
7:00 am
you see paramedics on the scene there and emergency personnel. >> crime scene tape and investigators. we'll keep you updated. threat zone today. breaking h silence. a fired-up hillary clinton takes on the new white house. >> these are bad policies that will hurt people and take our country in the wrong direction. >> as president trump tells a crowd that health care is not dead. >> i have no doubt that's going to happen very quickly. >> and makes a surprising comment about what he's now willing to do to get a deal. speaking out. the mother and son at the center of that controversial tsa


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