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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 30, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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==is/oxe= nbbayrea risancz. it . ncdj live in concord ju re governor brown made his opening pitch so to speak to the public. hit, this tax plan is not something we've seen for a while. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. this would be the first gas tax hike for california drivers in 23 years. just moments ago governor jerry
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brown and other state leaders wrapped up a mini rally here in concord. they came here to sell this plan in concord, admitting that this is not, quote, an easy lift. in other words trying to get people to pay more in taxes and to convince the assemblymen and senate leaders to vote on this. assembly speaker was very blunt in his assessment of the current state of our infrastructure in california saying, quote, our roads in california suck. the governor said that sacramento needs to pass this bill, otherwise the roads will continue to deteriorate. the plan calls for five billion dollars a year spending in road repair. that would be over the next ten years. now, to pay for this the governor wants a 12 cent increase on a gallon of gasoline, 20 cent a gallon increase on diesel, a 4% increase in the diesel sales tax, a new annual transportation improvement fee on regular vehicles, that would range anywhere from 25 to $175 a year, a $100 annual fee on zero emission vehicles, and just over
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$700 million transferred from the general funneled to repay loans taken out of the transportation fund. now, that money would go towards fixing potholes, other kinds of repairs for highways, bridges and culverts. it would help improve public transportation, walking and biking trails and reduction of traffic on major commute routes. governor brown says proposal would cost drivers on average less than $10 a month and would reduce the cost of repairs to our cars. >> you know, when you get older you deteriorate more. did you know that? you got to go to the doctor more often, you got to fix stuff. you neglect it, you die sooner. the same thing is true of the roads. you'll crash more, and you're going to pay more. this is pay now or pay later and pay more, and pay a lot more because we can't get it this year, there's no -- why are we going to get it next year or the year after? it's been 23 years. >> we need the roads, so i mean we got to do what we got to do.
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>> you're okay with paying more in taxes? >> well, i mean it's got -- you got to get the money somewhere. >> you have people in droves leaving the state as a result of taxation, myself included. i'm on my way out of the state because i am tired of paying 13% state tax. so, you know, i think jerry brown is completely misguided and they need to get a grip on reality and understand what the average person is dealing with on a day-to-day basis. >> reporter: that driver echos the republican argument and the reason some conservatives are opposed to the governor's proposed gas tax increase plan. they say california collects enough money for transportation, but it gets diverted elsewhere. reporting live here in concord, bob redell, "nbc bay area news." > it will be an interesting debate. thanks, bob. our investigative unit has ntcumented california's crumbling infrastructure, in a eeep dive into state records fteve stock found 472 bridges that are structurally deficient. that's one of our reports from
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stephen stock and his investigation. su can find that at nbc bay >> all right. we are talking about the roads. happening right now, kris, a road block for some east bay drivers. part of a poplar road in castro rolley is closed after a section caved in and engineers believe the whole thing could collapse. eou see a portion on your screen. this is happening at red wood road near the campgrounds. the section is 80 feet long, use than five feet deep in some spots. engineers at the moment are working on a repair plan but ton't have a timeline yet for fixing it. epyone who uses the road as cut through from castro valley to o land should stick to 580. d > to a story we first reported nd breaking news yesterday on this program. a -lence breaks out in san francisco, and three innocent oystanders are caught in the srss fire. bos5 year old woman, well-known in that ocean view neighborhood, is killed. 2h the search is on for the suspects. nbc bay area's pete jeraud is joining us live from the police
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department. where does the investigation stand after 24 hours? >> reporter: i had a chance to speak with san francisco police in the past hour. they say they're looking for one suspect at this time, but in the meantime they're beefing up their patrols in that area where the shooting took place in the ocean view neighborhood of san francisco. let's go ahead and show you some of the video from that scene yesterday when san francisco police responded to a triple shooting near a bus stop at plymouth and broad. now, as you mentioned there were three victims there when they showed up, and all three were sent to the hospital. two of them survived, one did not. that victim is 65-year-old lxu. here lian xiu wu. police say this intersection where the shooting took place had three homicides in the past six months. police tell me this morning they will increase their presence in that area. >> we are looking into different
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methods such as a possible fixed foot beat in that area. we have a team that is focused on looking at violent crimes and looking to see who are those potentially committing these violent crimes. >> reporter: police clearly are taking this matter very seriously and they don't believe that these victims were targeted. they were more than likely bystanders. now, this is still an ongoing investigation. if you have any information that can help out with this case, contact sfpd. we're live in san francisco. pete sirados. >> thank you. this is the last night victims h the fire can sleep at the shelter. that shelter is scheduled to hoise tomorrow. it will be rough for some to itnd housing because the urned-out housing complex was snown as a housing of last riort because it was a hlnsition from prison or momelessness, and some of the
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residents are battling mental health problems. rh happening today, the sierra snow pack survey is happening right now actually. the department of water ansources is on facebook right now. they are going to be broadcasting the survey live. u can see it is not up quite yet, but they are getting ready to put it up there. as soon as they do, we will mroadcast it for you. kris, i know you're all about that. >> i know, i love it. >> when it comes to water pupplies, this is actually the most important survey of the year. after a long winltder of 16perful storms the snow pack is well above average. ==ectronic measurements are saying 164% of normal. ra,t's the highest level since 2011. >> i got to go in person one time years ago. maybe that's why i get jazzed about it. >> was it a lot of snow? > it was, because it was before mhe drought. tried not to fall off snow soe it. xe had a little of everything. at 5:00 i got rain, at 6:00 wind. drivers probably feeling the
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same thing. >> this was the worst nightmare for your hair this morning. here is a live look at richmond on the left side of -- excuse me, left side right side of the creen, fremont on the left. ve see the american flag flapping a little bit. >> it will be windy throughout the day. if you are out there you are noticing all of the flowers and the pollen floating through the air. in some parts in parts of the bay area we are going to see winds close to 45 miles an hour. here is one of those areas i will be watching, woodside. with this still camera we do see it is bright and sunny. in sonola it is $60 degrees. our temperatures feel a little warmer. all of the sunshine, also for mill valley as we get a view of mt. tam. it is going to go from the 60s now into the mid to upper 60s today, and we talked about those winds. now that that cold front and that weather system that moved through this morning that did bring a little bit of some spotty light rain, the biggest impacts will be the winds later on today that could bring down some trees and also have some
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power impacts, especially in these areas shaded in brown along the coast and in the hills. heading into the next couple of days, the wind starts to calm down and then the temperatures r wup. i will talk about it coming up in micro climate forecast in less than ten minutes. thank you very much. new video just into our newsroom. a dramatic rescue of two hikers stranded on a river. ihat's video of them being pulled up. angst guard crews responding to rel river in trinity county early wednesday morning. rse hikers say they were sight seeing along the river and got lost after sunset and river flow ecame intense enough that round responders couldn't get io them. that's when the humble coast y.ard was called in. ohat crew flew in by helicopter a you see and hoisted the hikers to safety. lae pair was uninjured thanks to rescue efforts. a contentious law in north carolina officially repealed. eawmakers in the tar heel state voted about 30 minutes ago to pull back that bathroom law in a thll orchestrated by the
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imocratic governor there. thoking live at the state house right now where folks are reacting to that, the legislature is still in session and folks -- folks are speaking. it is a deal that comes after several other failed attempts. now, the so-called bathroom bill stluired transgender people to use public restrooms corresponding to the sex on faeir birth certificate, but the repeal deal faces heavy criticism for leaving the state in charge of regulating bathroom access. l r state faced economic pressure to act. the ncaa yanked several event ecause of the law and is hreatening to cancel more. ngo over week's bart posted method of inclusion on trains in ayo spirit of bay area rides aogether, now four friends are pelsing money to buy ad space to post messages of their own. the east bay women want a he-called bystanders guide to give people a plan of action should they see islamic harassment or other hateful
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behavior. it starts with supporting the ru=tim and ignoring the harasser. > i think most want to push back and defend someone they see being threatened or harassed but might not know how. > right now the four friends rnosed enough money to buy 40 of these ads on bart, but they're still working at it. they want to post twice as many. all right, kris. right now at 11:00, coming up lext, it is time to investigate meddling of russians in the election. this as the russian president says he is ready to meet president trump. sotyou can rideshare a solo trip ou.share your rideshare. we will show you something new nhat lyft is trying. plus, what goes up gets to go up again. we'll take a look coming up in business. nbc bay area respond. we recovered over $500,000 for our viewers. if you want help, call us or visit nbc bay he's livlooat e oaandolium. whe
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mere is a live look at the oakland coliseum where the a's
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are proudly clairing they are rooted in oakland. they even have a banner saying as much. now, maybe it is a dig at the raiders who are leaving for las vegas. what do you think? the bay bridge series, speaking of baseball, gets under way preseason style. fans meet at the coliseum at 4:30 and take bart en masse to san francisco's first gate at tas park. >> there is some green and gold pride there no doubt, kris. by the way, today is the a's media day. we will show you what they have there when we find out. the a's will be hosted the giants, as you mentioned, on sunday. markets up across the board so far in trading this morning. the dow jones is up 64.5 points, the s&p 7 and the nasdaq 15. what goes up must come down, but sometimes it goes up again. >> scott mcgrew is going to explain. he says spacex is ready to relaunch a used rocket.
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>> yeah, good morning. spacex has been waiting for this day forever because today is the day it gets to launch a previously used rocket, proving it can be done. so we've shown you the video of these first stages landing back on their landing pads. sometimes successfully, sometimes not. there you see the drone propeller in the picture as well. this afternoon spacex will relaunch one of those first stages to put a satellite in or bit. around 3:30 our time this afternoon, from kennedy space center in florida. samsung is hoping for a safe launch of its new galaxy 8 phone. the company revealed the phone for the first time in new york on wednesday. the most notable feature is a screen that wraps over the top. it is all screen. obviously, the big question here is, is the battery safe. we assume it is, but then again we assumed the battery was safe on the galaxy 7. police in arizona have released their report following the roll-over crash of a
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self-driving uber in tell pe over the weekend. the report says the car drove into an intersection legally under a yellow light, under the speed limit when a human-driven car coming the other way turned in front of it. so not uber's fault. back to you. thanks, scott. lyft is testing a new fixed-route shuttle service in san francisco, also in chicago. you will see a shuttle option for line rides on the lyft app, but only if your pick up and drop off locations are close enough to one of the test routes. that service is only available during the morning and evening rush hours, but fares are set at a fixed rate so people can avoid surge pricing during the busy times. sam, kris. san francisco is suing forever 21 for allegedly telling employees they were only allowed to speak english at work. the san francisco department of fair employment and housing filed the lawsuit on wednesday. the suit claims when three employees at the union square store protested that english-only policy, management
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was hostile and even cut their hours. we reached out to forever 21's corporate offices for comment. they have not responded. sam. >> kris, crushan president vladimir putin says he is ready to meet with president trump. while speaking at an event in russia today, he said he will meet trump in finland if that country is willing to host an arctic leaders summit in may. putin did add he would wait longer if needed. he went on to say he is waiting for the situation to normalize in the u.s. and become more stable, and that russia is not interfering with anything. putin also emphatically denied allegations russia meddled with the u.s. elections. speaking of those accusations of russia's election hacking and possible ties to president trump's circle, the investigation moves into the senate. with the process in the house stalled out amid many people calling for an inld panel to take over the entire process. nbc's jay gray joins us from the capitol with the latest. >> reporter: as the senate
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begins its investigation into russian election hacking and possible ties to president trump's election team, lawmakers are promising it will be a comprehensive and bipartisan effort. >> the vice-chairman and i realize if we politicize this process our efforts will likely fail. the public deserves to hear the truth about possible russian involvement in our elections. >> while it helped one candidate this time, they're not favoring one party over another and consequently should be a concern for all of us. >> reporter: a much different tone than in the lower chamber where the probe has collapsed after weeks of political in-fighting. as the senate moves forward, lawmakers say they've already reviewed an unprecedented number of intelligence documents and requested interviews with at least 20 people including president trump's adviser and son-in-law jared kushner and former national security adviser mike flynn. >> we are talking about an overall investigation by congress but also talking about whether there will be any prosecution for criminal activity. >> reporter: with links many
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believe directly to russian president vladimir putin. >> he is an authoritarian. >> reporter: this morning putin told reporters he looks forward to meet with president trump and again denied his country made any effort to influence the election. >> watch my lips. i said no. watch my lips. >> reporter: going on to call the u.s. allegations fantasies and lies. back to the house intel committee for just a minute. embattled republican chair devin nunes and democrat adam schiff, the vice chair, they're expected to meet face-to-fails later today, the first time they've done that in days. as it stands right now, there are no future meetings scheduled for their committee. jay gray , nbc news, washington. well, another controversial conservative speaker is coming to uc berkeley. the question now is could violent protests shut down this speech as well. social and political commentator ann coulter is set to speak at cal next month. berkeley college republicans invited her.
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the same group that invited milo yiannopoulos last month. that event was cancelled after protests. coulter commented about her trip saying, quote, i hear there are nice people at berkeley and expect a pleasant evening and stimulating exchange of ideas. >> all right. i'm sure you can expect heavy security ahead of that event. a live look outside now at the bay bridge. you see that camera shaking around. it has been blustery all day. >> yes, very breezy and certainly we are wondering how long it will last. >> it will be windy for a little while longer. hey, we doll have the wind advisories about to kick in here within the next 40 minutes, and that's when we do expect the winds to increase as we go through the rest of the day. here is a live look outside right now at san jose, and we are going to see the winds really causing a few problems across parts of the bay area. but as of now, things are looking pretty good out there. and looking at those temperatures, well, we are in
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the upper 50s, low 60s right now, so it is a little cooler than yesterday at this time. we're going to see those temperatures that will be closer to average for this time of year. right now at about 60 degrees in livermore. also 60 degrees in san francisco. as we go through today's forecast, expect it to be in the upper 60s today. san jose 69 degrees and san francisco 63 degrees. now the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. expect all things to clear out over the next few days. we had a few sprinkles earlier this morning, but then we are in for some much dryer weather. the big story will be those winds. and look at the wind forecast for today. looking at the winds rushing in from the north behind that cold front that moved through this morning, and for the valleys we are up to about 15 to possibly 20 miles an hour. the biggest concern will be along the coastline where we will see the sustained winds at 25 to 30 miles an hour, but there could be some higher gusts
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that could bring down some trees and possibly some power lines. look at 7:00 this evening. we still have those winds rushing in from the north at about 36 miles an hour at half moon bay. we are going to still see those winds breezy overnight and throughout the day tomorrow. this is as we transition from cooler temperatures now and low pressure to high pressure that may also cause some choppy beach conditions. looking at stinson beach, 57 degrees today and the risk of some sneaker waves, also rip current at ocean beach and 60 degrees there with some sunshine. heading down to half moon bay, 58 degrees. you are noticing these temperatures are much cooler, winds rushing in from the northwest at about 34 miles an hour, and santa cruise will be up to 63 degrees for today. as we go through this forecast, we're going to see much more dry weather over the next seven days. we don't see anything that should affect the bay area or change things up too much. our temperatures hold steady, and then we will see a lot of
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the weather systems staying well to the north of us as we go into early next week. we will talk about what we can do this weekend to enjoy all of this nice weather. i have a few ideas. that's coming up in the next microclimate forecast. kris and sam. >> i would love her to plan our weekend. she has the best weekend. >> this is the problem to have. carrie gets out and does school stuff. coming up next, a camera controversy. san jose's police chief and officers at odds. his request that's causing a stir. first happening now, united airlines is celebrating the launch of non-stop flights from san francisco to tel aviv, israel. they will hold an event tonight at 6:00 to celebrate the first airline to connect those two markets. and we are just learning in the last hour that the brazilian congressman who led impeachment efforts against the country's president last year is headed to jail for 15 years. that lawmaker was found guilty of corruption, tax evasion, money laundering and an oil scandal case. more news in two minutes. live-stream your favorite sport
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we know our san jose police officers wear body cameras but the question is, is the camera actually recording? when it is not, the san jose police chief wants the district attorney to tell him. in a story you will only see on nbc bay area, david trujillo tells us why the chief's request angered the police union. >> reporter: san jose police officers began their training
11:27 am
last july on the use of body-worn cameras. the duty manual says they must be on most of the time. >> i need to ensure that the officers are adhering to that policy. >> reporter: so the chief asked the d.a. to let him know when a prosecutor came across a case where the officer's camera was not turned on, and that angered the police union. >> it condemns the relationship, the good relationship we have with our district attorney's office in asking attorneys to get involved in administrative complaints. >> reporter: sergeant paul kellie says it already happened to one of his officers who was sent to internal affairs after a call from the d.a.'s office. it turned out the officer's camera was not working properly. >> it is a problem because it makes us officers look like there's a problem that we're not turning on the cameras, and that's not the fact. >> reporter: sergeant kelly highlighted 23 reasons in the policy where the cameras can be off, including when officers are inside of a hospital.
11:28 am
but the chief insists he needs to make sure that the cameras are working properly and that the officers are using them properly. >> we certainly don't want to wait for a critical incident to occur to find out someone's body camera wasn't activated for whatever reason. >> reporter: the d.a. did not want to make a comment for our report, and e-mails from the d.a.'s office obtained by nbc bay area, an assistant d.a. told supervisors today to let her know whenever an officer, quote, purposely failed to turn on the bad owe cam, not necessarily to file criminal charges against the officer but the union says it is to alert the chief of police. damien trujillo, "nbc bay area news." who dropped the ball when it came to informing san jose neighborhoods there was a threat to their safety? the city and water district have it out. >> coming up after "nbc bay area news" at 11:00, ""access hollywood" live" followed by "day also of our lives." at 1:00. e
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truji welcome back. right now 11:30 on your
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thursday. after more than a month of finger pointing it came to a head between san jose and the santa clara valley water district. who is to blame tore the flood remains the key question. >> while politicians wrangle over that, families still feel the rap. nbc bay area's ian karl has the story. >> reporter: for the past three weeks they have been staying at the best western, a relief from the shelters and multiple trims to the hospital since their home flooded. her daughter got the worst of it. >> she got an infection on her lungs in her the rest because of the contamination of the water. >> reporter: they landed here with 23 other flood victim families, their rooms paid for by the victims' relief fund and catholic charities, trying to place them in affordable housing. >> we've been working with great landlords in the area, and we would love for moreland lords to come on board. >> reporter: all of them are angry, saying there was no warning of the floods.
11:32 am
that was the main topic at the santa clara water valley district meeting with the mayor today. each pointed fingers on who to blame, the mayor saying the district's data was wrong and saying they should at least admit it. >> then that leaves us with no choice but to hire our own hydrologists and engineers and try to figure it out ourselves. >> reporter: a shaky truce was made, both sides agreeing to better communication. >> let's resolve whatever the conflicts are and move on. >> reporter: back at the hotel, victims say what they need more than answers is help, money for food, a place to call home again. >> everything is so expensive. there's nothing. >> that was ian cull reporting. the average affected household is getting about $7,000 from that fund, but these people say that rent, car replacement, clothes, food, all of it adds up and they have seen nowhere near that kind of money. >> yeah, such a difficult, heartbreaking situation there. well, an investigation
11:33 am
underway right now after an explosion and then a fire ripped through an apartment in pleasant hill last night, killing an elderly man living inside there. firefighters say what happened was the man turned on a propane tank and that it exploded, causing that fire. nobody else was hurt. the search continues for a hit-and-run driver in san francisco who sent a woman to the hospital. police say the woman was walking along filbert street near washington square park when the car hit her. the driver fled the scene right after it and at this point police don't have a detailed description of the car. we are following a developing story. ntsb investigators are trying to figure out what caused a pickup truck to slam into a bus along a texas rural highway yesterday, killing 13 people and most of those killed were seniors coming home from a church retreat. nbc bess's jacob rascone is in texas. >> reporter: overnight investigators combing through the horrific aftermath, twisted metal and scattered debris along
11:34 am
the road in texas hill country after a pickup truck slammed into a church bus carrying senior citizens. >> for reasons unknown the truck veered into the south bound lane and struck the bus head on about. >> reporter: victims were members of the first baptist church, about 120 miles from the crash site. the group headed home from a three-day retreat when tragedy struck. >> we are used to working fatal crash scenes, but first time we've ever seen something like this happen with so many confirmed dead at one time. >> reporter: a heartbreaking loss for the small church whose members gathered to grief and pray as news of the crash spread. >> our church families are doing what church families do. they're coming together. they're -- they're crying together, they're praying together. >> the members who were on the bus have been a part of this church for a long time, and it is just a trag die for everybody involved. >> reporter: as the community mourns, investigators now work to figure out what caused the driver of the pickup to swerve into oncoming traffic.
11:35 am
grief counsellors will be at the church to help anyone who needs it, and the lone survivor from the bus is in serious but stable condition. jacob rascone nbc news, texas. >> a huge tragedy there. local news in the bay area and the newest hov express lanes getting a little closer to going live. for proof, drivers only need to look up. test messages are posted along the northbound between san ramon and wall nut cream. the black strips will come down. the messages are expected to continue into the spring. happening today, leaders take a look at the station. as you might be aware, not only is bart expanding into san jose, but california's high speed rail is also moving forward as is the caltran lek trif indication project. deerdon station will be the major south bay exit.
11:36 am
the strum administration is ex tending the deadline for companies to bid on contracts for the southern border wall. the bids were due yesterday but companies have until next tuesday. the extension was granted after bidders submitted dozens of questions before the deadline. the extension gives companies time to get the questions answered. trump is calling for a wall that is 30-foot tall, six feet into the ground and wants the wall to be also aesthetically pleasing. kris, secretary of state recollection tillerson is in turkey today meeting with that country's president erdogan to talk about fighting isis. this comes a day after turkey ended military operations in northern syria. the united states and turkey have often butted heads when it comes to including kurdish forces in the fight. leaders did not reach an agreement today, but they are going to continue to discuss their options. tillerson says they must make, quote, difficult decisions in the fight against isis. iraqi troops continue to battle for control of mosul as controversy grows over the u.s. coalition air strikes that killed more than 100 civilians.
11:37 am
here is matt bradley. >> reporter: iraqi troops are slowly surrounding an important mosque in west mosul. it is where isis leader al-baghdadi announced the establishment of his so-called islamic state caliphate back in 2014. shortly after isis took over mows el, which is iraq's second largest city. if they manage to take the mosque in days or weeks, it would deal a major symbolic blow to the islamic state, but american air support has been controversial. a few weeks ago several buildings collapsed killing dozens, maybe hundreds of civilians. the u.s. acknowledge coalition bombs struck the same area around the same time. the american military has op-ed an investigation into the air strike, but it is unclear where part of the civilian casualties were due to islamic state booby traps or use of human shields. general votel, commander of the
11:38 am
u.s. central command, gave a careful statement about the incident to congress yelled, saying there's a fair chance that u.s. troops or coalition troops might have contributed to that carnage. >> so now we have moved to the investigation phase. so it will be a more formalized approach to really look into the details as much as we can, to establish what happened, establish what the facts are, identify accountability, and then certainly identify the lessons learned out of that. >> reporter: for isis, mosul will be a major showdown. american and iraqi military leaders expect isis militants there to fight to the death. back to you. all right. thank you very much. i have a very important question for you on a big event going on. >> all right. >> are you ready for a voyage, mate that's about as good as it is going to get. >> let's walk the plank together. we'll head to the kwar to check out cool ships. washington state's official tall
11:39 am
ship, the lady washington, and her companion vessel, hawaiian chief tan are docked in oakland. you can take dock side tours starting at 4:00 today. the ships will be around through april. >> very cool. they call it living history experience. tickets, kris, for the weekend long outside lands music festival are on sale. they've been on sale since about 10:00 this morning. it is the 10th anniversary of the festival. it takes place every year in the city's golden gate park. tickets were released at 10:00, but the lineup has not been released yet. former headliners include radio head and tom petty. >> why didn't you invite me to that? without knowing who is there? >> happening right now, steel head trout are running the alameda creek swimming upstream to spawn. the rare fish need a lot of help. about a dozen volunteers of the alameda kpreek alliance and several public agencies are working together toelp the threatened fish get past a concrete barrier underneath the bart track. that helps the fish continue
11:40 am
their swim upstream to their awning groundsn niles canyon. >> we have a limo and dating service going for the fish here until the fish ladders get in. >> that is so funny. eventually there will be a state of the art fish ladder in place allowing the steel head to vigate the blockage on their own. i bet when they get to the canyon they will be, what happened here, after all of the storms. it has to look different. >> i'm sure it does, but it will be a good experience getting there. they won't notice anything. two little girls -- you want to talk about a crazy experience? you have two girls. >> i do. >> would you let them come face-to-face with a bear? >> no, i try to avoid that at all costs. >> you would think so, right? >> yeah. >> here is how it went down. a black bear making itself at home on this family's patio. >> oh, my goodness. a dad took the video just behind the sliding glass door of their home, which the bear could have made quick work of by the way. the girls say hello to the bear. it walks up to the glass, as if to say hello as well. the dad tried everything to get the bear to leave.
11:41 am
>> banging pots and pans, stomping on the deck, i had the music up lould. he wasn't phased and he wasn't leaving. >> experts say it is common forbears coming out of hibernation. people though, we'll remind you, are encouraged to do everything they can to scare the bear away so it doesn't get used to humans and homes. i don't think i would have let the girls sit there. >> i mean i just posted this video on my facebook page because it absolutely took me away this morning as well when we saw it earlier. do they realize it is a thin piece of glass between them? >> right. that bear could smash through it. >> those girls are a heck of a lot braver than i would be. >> i wonder if that's why the dad didn't give us his last name? >> maybe you're on to something. >> coming up, carey is tracking what the weekend looks like. >> yes, the weekend pretty much will look like this. whether you plan on staying around town or heading out, we'll talk about the forecast coming up. >> his apartment paperwork contains a signature he says
11:42 am
isn't his. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area respond next. ta s rael n w haa diuteithi
11:43 am
11:44 am
nbc bay area respond to a san rafael man who had a dispute with his landlord about his signature on an important document. >> he turned to our consumer team for investigator chris chmura joins us with his story. >> good morning. last year robert robinson moved out of a san rafael apartment. he anticipated getting back most
11:45 am
of his $900 security deposit. he was surprised when he didn't. >> they said, no, you owe us and were nasty. we were totally blown away because we thought, you know, a check in the mail, definitely not we owe you money. >> reporter: the apartment complex was charging him to replace the carpet because of small stains, but robert argue willed those were there when he moved in. the apartment complex produced a signed document says proves robert was responsible for the damage to the carpet, but robert says the signature on the document isn't his. tonight at 6:00 we'll share that document, what it said and we'll put it in front of a forensic handwriting expert. we'll tell you what the apartment complex had to say. if you have a consumer complaint, call us. the number is 888-996-timms or >> not too many complaints right now in terms of our forecasting because even if it was cloudy this morning, look what it looks like now. >> it is beautiful now. >> kris, you were complaining. >> i was complaining, that's right. >> reality show, right there.
11:46 am
>> boom, rain, right? you can't recover from that. >> yeah. then the next time the rain is gone -- >> did pretty well. >> it was windy. >> and now i'm hot. >> we have all kinds of weather. if you don't like the weather, wait a few minute and it will change. as we look at all of our micro climts right now, 60 degrees in tri-valley. also breezy. look at the sunshine. we know if you were out early this morning, it was not the case. we had a cold front that moved through today, and as we get a look at some of the temperatures now we're going to see the high temperature in the peninsula up to 67 degrees. 68 degrees in the south bay. 69 in the north bay while san francisco will see a high of 63 degrees. getting a look at the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, all of the rain is out of here by now. we are going to continue with this forecast of more dry weather. looking at now 64 degrees in napa , feeling very comfortable there but still cool in half moon bay. it is 55 degrees. when you add in the high wind gusts it does feel cooler, as we
11:47 am
go into today going to see the high there only reaching 59 degrees. 63 in san francisco. in the inland areas into the upper 60s to lower 70s. still going to be above average evenfter this cold front moves through. it has been so warm the past couple of days and it is still producing some light rain and snow for parts of the sierra. so as this weather system spins away from the bay area, we're going to go back to some very dry conditions. really didn't measure that much rain earlier this morning anyway. if you're going out this evening to at&t park for the bay bridge series, the preseason game, it will be 60 degrees at 5:00 as you sit in traffic most likely, and then by the time you get to the game and it starts it will be 57 degrees, and the sun setting into the mid 50s with some gusty winds. be sure to dress in layers. you know how cold it can be at at&t park. looking at the weekend forecast, if you will be spending it in the napa valley, by tomorrow up to 75 degrees.
11:48 am
even warmer on saturday, and then we'll drop back a few degrees on sunday. but still overall a beautiful weekend ahead. if you want to see snow, this is a live look. it is snowing right now in kirk wood, and the light snow showers ending later on today, will be up to 34 degrees tomorrow. saturday 44 degrees and 46 as you drive back to the bay area on sunday. for carmel valley expect it to be cool and breezy tomorrow. saturday will be the best day to hit some of the beaches there. and on sunday, 67 degrees with some sunshine. for yosemite still looking at cool weather but getting a little milder for saturday for some of the daytime hikes, a lot of sunshine, and 48 degrees with breezy winds on sunday. bringing it back home to the bay area for saturday, for the valleys and inland areas we're going to start out at 56 degrees at 9:00 on saturday morning, highs in the mid to upper 70s. on sunday, more of the same. we will have a great weekend here with more sun in the
11:49 am
forecast. back to you. all right. thank you very much. well, cash is king, right? >> pretty much. >> or is it? the new push by banks to go entirely online. wh yooweomee mey. hodo u p
11:50 am
11:51 am
so when you owe somebody some money -- >> i don't. >> he doesn't owe money. how do you pay people you owe? a lot of us the answer is quickly becoming easy. paper mondey, it uses an app on your phone. >> something called vin mail. i'm one of the kids using vin mail these days. it allows to send money over e-mail and text message. it is becoming so big even the nation's biggest banks want in. here is nbc's tim costello with the details. >> reporter: it used to be that cash was king, but in this digital age when movies, car rides and vacations are just a tap of the phone away, it's reign may be ending. >> i don't like walking around with cash on me.
11:52 am
>> people don't usually carry around a lot of cash now days. it is pretty much all digital. >> reporter: leading the refuse lieu, the poplar app venmo. >> cash is the common enemy. i think if you look at the evolution of consumer and their exchange from cash to credit cards to now the digital wallet, it is really taking the hassle out of cash for consumers. >> reporter: since december venmo says about two billion dollars a month was transferred through the app. now, trying to cash in big banks, gearing up to launch a rival money swapping network of their own this year called zelle. >> in is zelle. it is not just a payment system. it is a revolution in the way we move money. >> reporter: created by a financial tech firm own by seven major backs, they say they want their network to go mainstream and reach older users. >> forget about checks. who writes checks? >> reporter: for years customers of banks like chase, bank of america and wells fargo have been able to send money to each other but only with the account and routing numbers.
11:53 am
zelle uses a phone number or an e-mail address. creators say it also expands the old system to 19 institutions, reaching some 82 million customers. the power house venmo saying it welcomes the competition. >> anybody who is encouraging the environment in the marketplace to remove the awkwardness out of cash is welcomed. >> reporter: users of venmo can add emojis to payments, making that sometimes awkward task of asking for money a little friendlier. like google and uber, venmo reaches bird stat us among some millennial also. >> you don't have to feel sums bad about like asking, hey, can you pay me back for that thing because it is just so, like, hey, can you venmo me that. >> reporter: it is not just cash on the way out. your credit cards too. some retailers are now accepting venmo as payment. another sign the future may be cardless, wells fargo this week upgraded all 13,000 of its atms
11:54 am
nationwide to process withdrawals without a debit card, all with an app on your smart phone. simply request a code through the app, enter it an atm plus your pin number and get your money. a new digital world where your wal elt may be a thing of the past. as we mentioned, venmo is not the only player. there's square and circle. can i say -- >> say whatever you want. >> my little daughter got cash from her great uncle and she goes, people just keep giving me this. what am i supposed to do with this? >> what is this foreign object i'm holding. >> we need to have financial education. >> i think it is time. facebook and google wallet have their own peer-to-peer system, and the best part is what emoji goes with the thing you are paying someone back. that's creative. >> i can't way to see it venmo myself right now. we will be back. snah iseamg uwitnbc
11:55 am
11:56 am
11:57 am
. some olympic news for you. snapchat is teaming up with nbc universal to make it the home for the contest for the games in south korea. that deal lets nbc sell olympic-related filters for the first time. nbc is the investor in snap, the parent company of snapchat. >> you like the snap filter, don't you? >> i was doing it a few minutes ago, having fun. >> cute. >> we are seeing things with a clear filter as we're seeing behind me. >> all clear for the rest of the day. enjoy your afternoon.
11:58 am
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♪ stand by, everyone. we're live in five, four, three, two, one. chill at the beach house. >> look at that. >> turn it up! >> whoop there it is. ♪ whoop there it is ♪ whoop there it is >> oh, my gosh. that is so nostalgic right there. >> who is ready for spring break? the king of mtv is here. >> thank you. that was so nostalgic for me right there. just wonderful moments. fun all summer long. you know? >> do you guys remember -- first of all, bill bella


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