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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 31, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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immunity. that's what fired flynn wants. in order to tell his story, but immunity from what? >> reports of a third white house official publicly named as the pressure surrounds intel chairman nunes and surveillance. a massive inferno, a major interstate collapses as georgia faces a long-term transportation crisis. did spacex do something to accelerate traveling to the stars for the rest of us? >> it may be the world's strongest coffee, but is it safe? >> why did these major leaguers hit the deck? is early today starts now. >> happy friday. >> great to be with you. i'm frances rivera. >> a development in the trump
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russia development. immunity. that's what the former security adviser michael flynn is offering in exchange for his testimony, reaching out to both the house and senate intelligence committees and signaling his cooperation in the russia investigations. flynn's lawyer saying flynn has a story to tell and he very much wants to tell it should the circumstances permit. the question is what would flynn need immunity from? here is nbc's national security analyst jeremy bash on the important development. >> this shows that the jeopardy of criminal liability extends all the way to the top, that's how serious this development is. the image i have in my head of the white house is a runaway train, the brakes are out and you pull your last best hope, the emergency brake. the great congress of the united states, and the handle literally breaks off in your hand. that is how much trouble we're in. >> you recall flynn championed
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the "lock her up mantra" became the national security adviser, resigning in february after misleading the vice president and others about his conversation with russia's ambassador. looks as though flynn wants his chance to tell his side of the russia controversy with flynn's lawyer insisting immunity is vital writing this. no reasonable person who has the benefit of advice from counsel would submit to questioning in a high politicized witch hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution. here is what flynn said to "meet the press" moderator chuck todd back in september on the issue of immunity. >> the very last thing that john podesta said is no individual too big to jail, that should include people like hillary clinton. five people around her have been given immunity to include her former chief of staff. when you are given immunity, that means you've probably committed a crime. >> here is trump in september with words that could come back to bite him when he railed
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against hillary clinton and immunity. >> her aides took the fifth amendment and her ring leaders were given immunity. if you're not guilty of a crime, what do you need immunity for? >> were flynn to get his immunity deal, he would join paul manafort and senior aide and son-in-law jared kushner as current or former trump confidants testifying on the russian scandal. since stepping down from his post we learned russia paid mike flynn $45,000 for a moscow speech and registering a foreign agent for half million of lobbying work before election day. work that may have aided the turkish government. the latest as the u.s. senate held its first public hearing on the russia investigation, one saying russia agent saying targeted then candidate trump, likely parroting their talking points whether knowingly or not.
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>> part of the reason active measures have worked in this u.s. election is because the commander-in-chief has used russian active measures at times against his opponents. it's the developments on the house side, that's the other big story we're following this morning as new reports identify the sources behind gop house intel chairman devin nunes' claim that the president was, quote, incidentally surveilled during the transition. "the washington post" reporting overnight it was, in fact, three white house officials that played a role in nunes' stunning allegation nine days ago when he claimed the president was surveilled. >> it was a claim the president later said he felt vindicated by. "new york times" then identifying two sources sciting several u.s. officials. it came just in time for sean spicer's daily press briefing in which he deflected questions about the report. >> sean, are you saying that "the new york times" report today was not correct -- >> i'm saying in order to comment on that story would be
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to validate certain things i'm not at liberty to do. >> nbc news has not confirmed both of the reports, however, spicer did announce this letter inviting bipartisan leaders of the intel committees to the white house to review new evidence that may show information collected about americans with quote mishandled or leaked. >> we are willing to provide them with the information that we have the materials that we have come across. and i think that is important. >> the top democrat of the house intel committee accepted that offer while his senate counterpart said evidence should be brought to capitol hill. georgia is in a state of emergency after a massive fire caused a bridge to collapse on interstate 85 in atlanta. more than 75 firefighters were on the scene combatting the blaze. officials say no one was hurt. however, rush-hour traffic was brought to a standstill. the interstate is a major artery for the south running through the heart of atlanta. it carries 250,000 cars per day. now the department of
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transportation says it is closed indefinitely as authorities assess the damage. >> even parts of the bridge that have not collapsed has damage to the concrete. so that's going to have to be checked out before we let any one on this interstate. >> the fire is now under control and the cause has not been determined. officials are focusing on the possibility that pvc piping may have ignited. >> a major advance for out of this world travel as spacex successfully launches and lands a recycled rocket taking off from the kennedy space center in florida. this is a major first for spacex. the company's founder and ceo elon musk says the busters account for 70% of the cost. this could mean cheaper, more accessible space flight.
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>> it means that humanity can be out there among the stars, this is what we want for the future. >> he said it took 15 years and $1 billion to make this achievement. >> police in washington state are asking for the public's help identifying two suspects behind a scary home invasion caught on tape. the two men are seen rummaging through the bedroom trying to open a bathroom door. when they realized it was locked one of them kicked it in. inside a woman starts to scream. [ screaming ]. >> just chilling to hear. police the suspect snatched jewelry off the woman and grabbed other items as they left. any one with information is asked to call the sheriff's office. >> that is terrifying. >> powerful winds are wreaking havoc in the west. wind gusts reached more than 50 miles an hour in las vegas
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knocking down signs, trees and power lines. two semis were blown over. in palm springs, a large tree fell onto a golf course trapping two people, one still in critical condition. >> people are bracing for an april snowstorm. are we looking just as bad in the west? >> not on the west coast. the wind damage is moving through the rockies. big storm in the east, here is the storm that produced all the really strong winds in areas of southern california and nevada as we went through yesterday. for the rest of today, we still have winter storm warnings up here in the mountain areas. we're okay right now around salt lake city. outside park city there have been reports of near blizzard-like conditions. here is additional snowfall. colorado rockies, the denver area could get a couple inches. as far as the west coast goes, high pressure builds in, a nice spring dwsh like day, 72 in l.a., 68 of the desert, 70 in
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phoenix today and 68 in tucson. the rest of the weekend forecast coming up. have you seen the story about the buzzing of the bees? this swarm of bees invaded the infield during the ninth inning of the rockies-padres game? are you going to run, have them chase you or do you just squat and then hit it? they laid flat on the ground. fortunately it appears no one got stung and the game wrapped up a few minutes later. would that be your first insningt. >> no. i am out of there. i didn't know that's what you're supposed to be. >> are you going to run and have them chase you, and you hear frances say, uh-huh.
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>> play dead. >> bill, thank you. just ahead, tearing up the internet with over 30 million hits. in just a few hours, find out how much caffeine is in the world's strongest coffee, and is the president backing away from calling nafta the worst trade deal ever? ke it nice and soft. but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft so we don't have to wad to get clean. mmm, cushiony...and we can use less. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ...and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. remember, that's charmin in there... no wasteful wadding! we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin.
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glaucoma and allergic reactions. do not take with opioids. reduce hunger, help control cravings. contrave. the #1 prescribed weight-loss brand. go to winter is coming in supply. new problem for ""game of throne thrones"" since it was released yesterday. it features john snow, taking a seat on the respective throne. you know the date. it's on your calendar. episode one premiers july 16. >> game of throwns devotees are excited about that one. north carolina lawmakers repealed the state's controversial bathroom bill. not everybody is happy about it.
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that's the sound of angry protesters outside the governor's mansion. add kalts oppose the bill because it bans ordinances until 2020. the democratic governor says this is the best compromise deal he could get in time. ncaa said it would not let north carolina host championship games through 2022 unless the law was changed by yesterday. now the organization is reviewing whether they plan to return to the state. there is startling headline from "usa today", a homicide surge in mexico according to a new report out. last year's arrest of the drug kingpin joaquin el chapo guzman has caused homicide to spike to 21.3 murders per every 100,000 people. that's up from 17.5 since 2015. listen to this. before al chapa's arrest, murder rates dropping for four consecutive years. u.s. and mexican authorities
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hail the capture of el chapo as a water sped moment back in 2016. he's since been expedited to a new york prison where he's been held in solitary confinement. amnesty international is protesting his harsh conditions. if you're up with us this morning, you'll love the next story. if your morning cup of joe is not giving you the kick you need, you're in luck. black insomnia can be bought on amazon. you can buy it even as caffeinated water. who knew that existed. drink with caution. a 12-ounce cup has a whopping 702 milligrams of caffeine. by comparison, 12 ounces of starbucks dark roast is only about 195 milligrams. up to 400 appears to be what is safe for most adults.
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everybody is different. >> a little asterisk saying, if you're throwing that back, be ready for heart palpitations. >> shaking, sweating. just ahead, donald trump's 2007 ferrari is up for grabs. it's an all-out price war between amazon and walmart. who will reign supreme? you're watching "early today." "let life in with new herbal essences
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nchts fast forwarding into friday. president trump expected to sign two executive orders aimed at what he see as trade abuses. deterring the dumping of products on the new york market. >> a ferrari once owned by mr. trump goes on the auction block. it will fetch up to $350,000. >> >> and tom hanks and tracy morgan among the celebrities that take part in stand for rights, a telethon to benefit the civil liberties union. facebook live tonight beginning at 7:00 eastern. a major price war between two of america's biggest retailers as the nasdaq hit another new all-time high. could president trump's tough trade talk be turning soft? let's ask cnbc's landon dowdy. >> very good morning.
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the president talked tough on trade during the campaign vowing to label china a currency manipulator and renegotiate deals such as nafta. commerce secretary wilbur ross is taking a more cautious approach. the order comes days before trump meets china's president at mar-a-lago as state. ammon aazon and walmart's b. walmart forcing brands to cut wholesale prices in exchange for better distribution. that's costing money. that comes as amazon is being more aggressive in matching or beating prices from other sites and stores. verizon is buying streaming rights from major networks as it looks to launch its own online tv service this year. the company plans to sell a package with dozens of panels. verizon would join a crowded market with at&t's, directv now and dish network's sling tv
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he wants to get back with me and i be like no, no, no! >> what he give you? >> a bracelet. i'll take the bracelet. i won't take you. >> hold up. hold up. say what? >> the sad with these two girls. inseparable kindergarten sisters going viral after that. the mom shared some of their dating drama chats. the girls have racked up almost 80,000 views on just one of their instagram videos. they need a whole youtube channel dedicated to these girls with just the head thing alone. >> hold up, hold up. i love it. >> i'm sending that video to all my exes so for all of you forgetful folks who left something in an uber. the company released their lost and found index. everything passengers left behind last year. uber says the most forgetful day
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in 2016 the day before halloween. october 30. they also revealed the most unique items, a lobster, invaluable nordic walking polls, an intend dough a. who leaves a lobster. >> takeout, a little doggy bag, i get it. but live lobster? >> what do you call a beyonce statue made of cheese? it's right there. how about breyonce. >> david bradley modeled the work of art after the twin announcement. despite the name, it's carved out of blocks of cheddar. can't say ched echederonce. just ask listerine® users.
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weekend forecast time. we have the storm in the east today and the storm in the rockies in the middle of the country. beautiful weather throughout much of the west. a weak system going through the northwest. not going to rain all day, but there will be clouds and showers around. unfortunately the onshore flow could lead to showers around seattle and washington as we go into sunday. nice weekend, phoenix warms up after a cool start this morning. >> bill, thank you. the oldest space woman set a new record. this is the story, peggy whitson has done the most space walks by a woman, eight in her career with 53 hours in total. the 57-year-old is outside the international space station with
4:27 am
fellow american shane kimbrough. the walk lasted seven hours, a debris shield floated away by mission control came up with a fix. what happens when you lose a bet? if you're friends with these guys, you get duct taped to a traffic shine. he lost a bet on a basketball game. his buddies attached him to a yield sign. of course, they taped the whole thing. when police arrived, they threatened to tase a man with a knife. friends explained they were trying to cut him down. the cops helped free him and even gave him a ride home after that. what kind of a bet is that? how do you come up with that? it's ripping the tape off in certain parts, that's going to hurt. >> most people might go running at the sight of a poisonous cobra, but this man came out of hiding in a village presumably looking for something to drink.
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look what one man did, have a sip of my water bottle. he offered it to the snake and the snake was like, sure, i'll have some. snake sipping from the bottle. paying no mind to anybody else around him. i'm good. i'm good. sorry all your animal lovers out there, i would never offer a snake any water whatsoever. tomorrow is april fools' day, as you plot your pranks, you might wonder why do we celebrate this holiday? an article in "usa today" traces the history of the holiday back to france in the 1500s. this the 19th century the day was considered a miss cheech yous children's holiday. the crazy and creative tricks started around the world in the 1900s. today companies use april fools' day to connect with customers using humor and fun adds like the toothpaste tasting like a whopper. >> everything you see here, real
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deal on goodoingay ea-thligs a spkli in,
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good friday morning, bay area. the lights are sparkling in san francisco as we get ready to welcome the weekend. there are signs of spring everywhere as soon as the sun comes up. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. we've talked to a lot of people in the bay area who say they felt light shaking about an hour ago from an earthquake. >> this was about a 4.0 magnitude quake. >> it hit shortly before 3:55 a.m. it may have startled some people out of bed. we spoke to our sister station


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