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tv   Today  NBC  March 31, 2017 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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have a great weekend. that's what's happening on "today in the bay". >> see you again at 7:25 with a live local news update. g breaking overnight a massive fire causes on overpass to collapse on one of the nations busy best high ways. >> it couldn't have happened at a worse time. >> a state of emergency declared in atlanta. no one hurt. but the highway shut down indefinitely. >> ready to talk. michael flynn tells congress he'll testify in that russia investigation about what he knows if he's granted immunity. his attorney declaring he has a story to tell. will lawmakers agree to the deal. we'll ask house minority leader nancy pelosi. >> flightening fall. a performer injured during a
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swing act. this photo shows her flying through the air moments before the accident. >> ladies and gentlemen, due to an injury on stage, the show has been temporarily interrupted. >> how she's doing this morning. >> and the grand finale. after breaking records on four college campuses, al has reached the last stop and he's making it an extra special one today. friday, march 31st, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthre. >> good morning everyone. it is a friday morning, a rainy one. can you believe those pictures coming out of the atlanta? >> there is no other way to describe this situation in atlanta other than than absolute nightma nightmare. it is going to cause major problems for commuters there for the foreseeable future. we'll go live to atlanta in a
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moment. >> we'll start in washington this morning. a major development overnight tied to the congressional investigations of russian interference in the election. michael flynn, who was ousted as president trump's national security advisor is now offering to testify if he is given immunity from prosecution. we've got two reports. we'll talk to nancy pelosi. but let us start with nbc's peter alexander. >> the latest potential bombshell in the russia investigation. president trump's former national security advisor, michael flynn, one of his closest aids throughout the campaign and transition saying he has a story to tell and very much wants to tell it. his demand immunity to avoid prosecution in a federal investigation that's deepening by the day. new this morning the president's ousted national security adviser michael flynn saying he'll testify in its russia investigation in exchange for
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immunity, a congressional source has confirmed because of what his lawyer describes as the highly politicized witch hunt environment. on "meet the press" last september, flynn discussed immunity for aids to mr. trump's opponent, hillary clinton. >> when you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime. >> it comes as the trump administration is deflecting questions about a new york times report that two white house officials played a role in giving classified information to the republican head of the house intelligence committee devin nunes. the times identifying michael ellis a white house lawyer who worked on the white house intelligence community staff and a senior director at the national security council. and the washington post identifying the top lawyer for the national security council as a third official who handled classified intelligence files shared with nunes. nunes has denied his source worked for the white house.
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nunes is refusing to reveal his source, but if it was a white house official, it would be a dramatic twist that started in an effort to back up the president's ub substantiated claim earlier this month he was wiretapped by president obama. on march 20th, the fbi director confirms the russian investigation while refuting the claim. >> i have no information that supporting those tweets. >> on the 21st, nunes makes that secret trip to the white house grounds to review those documents. >> returning to the white house the next day to brief the president after briefing the press, making this stunning allegation. >> the president elect and his team were i guess at least monitored. >> the president saying he felt indicated. >> i somewhat do. i must tell you i somewhat do. >> the following day sean spicer dismiss allegations the information came from the white house. >> i'm not aware of it but it doesn't pass the smell test. >> i'm not going to get into any further details on this.
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>> the senate intelligence committee launched its first public russian hearing saying president trump used russian tactics to his advantage. >> part of the reason active measures have worked in this u.s. election is because the commander in chief has used russian active measures at times against his opponents. >> and noting russians killed in the last three months. >> follow the trail of dead russians. >> this morning the president weighing in on twitter writing mike flynn should ask for immunity explaining this is a witch hunt by media and democrats of historic proportion. with democrats questioning the white house transparency, the white house announced it invited the bipartisan leaders to view newly discovered evidence that may show information collected about americans was mishandled and leaked. the senate intelligence committee asking the white house to direct the agencies behind
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those documents to send the information directly to them. >> all right, peter alexander starting us off. do we need a lawyer this morning? so the president just said michael flynn should ask for immunity. to be clear, just because someone asks for immunity does not mean that they believe themselves to be guilty of a crime. the problem for michael flynn is he has said in the past that very thing. when you are given immunity, that means you have probably committed a crime. he said that about mc. >> he did. luckily he does not have to lively the flynn standard, which would suggest he's guilty in this moment. but that is not the standard. it is possible that given everything going on, they are looking for extra assurances. it is worth noting that several other people wrapped up in this are not asking for immunity in exchange for their testimony at this time according to public statements. >> so what goes into the decision of whether to grant general flynn immunity?
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how will he decide. >> the decision relates to whether he himself is a target, whether he has actual information that's helpful to congress from a policy level or helpful to investigators. >> and the department of justice wants in on this discussion, don't they? because if congress grants immunity that would affect a prosecution down the road. >> it is a great question that goes to what we don't know, what type of immunity? are they only interested in testimony? is this about one narrow thing or the larger russia questions. >> all right. always good to have you. thank you. >> we have nancy pelosi with us exclusively. good morning. good to see you. so this is a tangled web. we were just watching how this has all come about. according to the facts as we understand them right now, it appears that this information about potential incidental surveillance came from the white house to chairman nunes of the house. do you think donald trump was part of all of this? do you think he knew all along that that information was in the
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white house and that he was part of this kind which he is trags of getting it out there. >> the white house -- the trump administration certainly was. and it is very bizarre. i have a long experience in the intelligence community served with republican and democratic chairman. i've been the top democrat there myself. i've never seen behavior this bizarre on the part of the chairman. >> do you think president trump was in on it? >> well, he wittingly or unwittingly, but he has not disassociated himself from it. and you take that and then you have flynn asking for immunity, we really have to really take some steps back and hope that in the administration there is some adult someplace who can say, this is not fair to the american people. >> on general flynn and this question of immunity, is it more important to find out precisely what he knows or is it more important to potentially build a
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case against him? >> well, it depends as was indicated. usually the prosecutor or the committee, as the case may be, would have to get some idea of what information he has. now, in the past we saw in iran contra, coronal took an immunity bath. we don't want to see that. this is about flynn, his perhaps violation of the law and what that could lead to. i really don't want to think that it is about flynn to get the president. this is about flynn and flynn. >> one of the things that the president has been criticized for is making an allegation against the obama administration by not offering any proof something you say a lot and have said a lot is that you think that the russians have something on president trump. you say what do they have on him? you're asking the question.
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do you actually have information to back up that question, or are you just speculating? >> no. i just wonder what the russians have politically, personally or financially on president trump because this is about a national security issue. why would the president of the united states just come in and start to flirt with the idea of lifting sanctions on russian in terms of their behavior in eastern europe? why would the president of the united states question the star treaty? why would the president of the united states put putin on a pedestal and diminish the greatness of america in that there is something wrong with this picture. >> you are asking these questions but you don't have underlying facts. >> there is nothing i would suggest here, but i would say this. let's have the outside independent commission investigate all of this. and i don't know how many more days where new news connecting the trump campaign to the russians needs to come forward because for the republicans in congress to say let's get to the truth. the american people deserve the truth.
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why are the republicans protecting the president? why don't we just have the truth? so you see a behavior -- i think both of the committees can do some kind of investigation. i don't think the chairman of the house committee, he should recuse himself because some of this investigation is about what happened during the -- >> you don't think he should recuse himself? >> i think he should recuse himself. he should not conduct the investigation because he was part of the transition. he was part of the transition. so for that and other reasons, his bizarre behavior, why would the chairman of the committee go to the white house to get information that they could have conveyed to the president, bring it to the president and then take it to the press. >> but to that point, you have just laid that out, do you think devin nunes knew he was part of this or do you think he was an unwitting participant? in other words, was he used by the white house? >> of course. he duped. now let's just get -- that's the
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most innocent, most benign characterization, that he was duped. but he should have known better. when you are chairman of the committee. this is a small committee with a responsibility to the caucus, to the congress, to the country to protect our troops. it is about having intelligence so that we can protect the american people, not protect the president. >> if the election were held tomorrow, let's talk about the democrats really quickly here before we let you go. if the election were held tomorrow, which democrat could beat donald trump. >> well, the election isn't tomorrow. it is four years away. four years in advance he didn't know it was going to be barack obama. four years in advance we didn't know it was going to be bill clinton. >> two names. two names. >> i'm not doing that. what i'm saying is let's get a check on president trump by electing a democratic congress in 19 months and there is a lot of enthusiasm to do that right now.
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but i'm certain that many excellent people will put themselves forward. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi. good to have you here. thank you very much. >> now back to that chaotic commute that's playing out down in atlanta after a massive fire caused part of an interstate to collapse there. the road is one of the busiest in the country. it's shut down until further notice as officials try to figure out what to do next. gain gutierrez is in atlanta. >> reporter: good morning. incredibly this massive fire is still smoldering. that is a chunk that is missing right now paralyzing the morning commute. georgia's governor has declared a state of emergency and some area schools are shut down. the investigation into what caused this fear row shous fire gets underway. . at the height of the evening rush hour, an inferno erupting near downtown atlanta. this morning one of the city's
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main arteries is shut down. >> it ignited real fast, real fast. at that point you can hear the bridge falling, popping apart. >> the thick black smoke seen for miles after burning for about 40 minutes, an elevated section of the free way collapsed. >> we were aware of 85 collapsing. if there are units that can start to put stuff out, i guess, to block off entrance ramps so nobody can get on 85 northbound. >> reporter: overnight traffic at a standstill in one of the country's largest cities. >> at this point i don't have the ability to tell you how long this incident will take to correct. >> we've got spring break traffic. we've got the first braves game coming into town. so it couldn't have happened at a worse time. >> investigators are now working to find out what caused the fire. the area underneath the free way was used to store plastic. >> i do not know for sure. the speculation i heard it was
7:15 am
some pvc products that caught fire. >> reporter: around the country, there are about 56,000 structurally deficient bridges, including 2,000 on interstate high ways. this section of '-85 is not on this list. unlike previous bridge collapses such as in minnesota in 2007 and washington state in 2013, no vehicles were on the section of the road this time. that's because traffic had stopped minutes before when drivers first saw the flames. >> it's frightens. thank goodness no one got hurt. >> reporter: remarkically, no one was hurt. engineers right now are inspecting this part of the road to see how much of it has been compromised. it could be months before this section of highway is repaired. >> my goodness. gain, thank you. >> now to a freightening accident. a female performer was taking part in a swing to swing act when she fell and landed on her back. this picture was taken just
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seconds before the accident. the show was immediately stopped. medical personnel attended to her. she was carried off on a stretcher but thankfully did not offer any serious injuries and is expected to return to the show in the near future. >> meanwhile, it is going to be a big weekend for basketball fans. the men's final four tipping off tomorrow night with a few surprises in the field. nbc is at university of phoenix stadium in glen dale, arizona. >> good morning to you. you can say there are three surprise cinderella stories here and then of course there is north carolina, which is trying to rebound from that heart-breaking ending last year in march madness. every loves an underdog, and this year's final four is a bracket busting multiple choice test for fans without a pooch in the fight. two schools dancing for the first time. south carolina and top seeded gonzaga. that's in washington state for all of you asking.
7:17 am
at long last, their 15 minutes of hoops fame are finally ticking. >> we know we're a great team and we're amongst great teams. we know we have earned the right to be considered a great team, playing at this time of the year. anybody who is still playing is a great team. >> just got to beat them by one. that's all you got to do. you got to beat them by one point and then you advance. >> for oregon the ducks are quaking with excitement, too. it's been nearly 80 years since they have been on college basketball's biggest stage at the very first ncaa tournament, back in '39, which they won. >> that he is definitely motivation to get another trophy. >> while there are butterflies to go around, the men in carolina blue felt that way after falling to villanova after falling in this championship game with this dramatic buzzer beater. the buzz this time around, traditional powerhouse, a number
7:18 am
one seed, once again an odds on favorite to win it all. >> we can only be happy if we come out of here with that trophy. >> 64 teams gone. four still going. three left to exit the stage, leaving one to shine in the moment. >> how about this for an intriguing matchup. a battle of the carolinas, one of the four pivoting possibilities for the championship game on monday night. tip off tomorrow. back to you. >> which team are you -- remember -- >> you already told me, i'm game cocks all the way. >> just making sure. >> yes. this is an officially nonneutral zone. >> let's go over to al. he is wrapping up at a place that is very close to his heart. hi, al. good morning. how are you holding up? >> hey, guys. i got to tell you we're at the student center on the ice. we've got all these folks here. we are going to try to set the stage for the record today.
7:19 am
we will tell you what that record is coming up. but it has nothing to do with ice and speaking of ice, we have to worry about snow and ice in the forecast. as you look on the radar you already see we've got a lot of rain. but to the north making its way into up state new york we are talking about snow. so we've got not only -- this is springtime. we've got flash flood watches possible. also winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings. this is crazy stuff. as you can see, we will have heavy rain, strong winds into tomorrow as you get to the north heavy wet snow mixed with sleet. we're talking about in some areas in up state new york and new england, 15 inches of snow. boston could see two to six inches and then rain fall amounts we're talking some areas between new york and into pennsylvania locally three to four inches between washington, d.c. and new york city.
7:20 am
a crazy time. happy friday. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have breezy winds still kicking up out there. it will be windy throughout the day. up to 69 degrees in san francisco and up to 70 tomorrow. we'll see this weather continuing into in the case week. not a drop of rain anywhere in this forecast. by tomorrow we'll have some of the warmest temperatures, up to 79 in the inland areas.
7:21 am
some spots may hit 80. we'll see more of that as we head into next week as the sunshine continues. a sgld and that is your latest weather. guys, the word record we are going to try to set on the ice here. the world's longest conga line on ice. that's right. can we do it? we'll find out in the next hour. that's right, baby. it's coming up. >> the world's largest conga line on ice. >> what is the previous record? they're trouble. they're trouble. >> thank you, al. we'll check back in. coming up the grandmother trapped for five agonizing days in her car. she was stranded in snow. now she's telling her story and revealing what she did to survive. >> and we are saving you money the next time you rent a car. what you need to know about all
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those fees and fuel charges so you never get sticker shock again. but first this is today on nbc. ♪
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it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®. a very good morning to you, it's 7:26. there's a huge effort in oakland under way for victims of this week's deadly fire in a low income housing development. four people died in the fire which firefighters say was caused by a lit candle. residents will be able to stay through the weekend at temporary housing. schools are leading a donation drive to help at least ten schoolchildren who lost every. let's hope for better news in the weather department this morning. checking in with kari. >> it is breezy as we start out, a beautiful day. temperatures in the low to
7:27 am
mid-50s as you step out the door, 44 in the north bay, cooler there. this afternoon, making it into the low 70s as winds pick up at times to 25 to 35 miles per hour. san francisco, expect a high of 69, east bay up to 72. also the pollen count really high for trees. grasses are moderate. we have oak, mulberry and pine, take the allergy medication before heading out the door. first, check in with mike. >> that's right, kari. a lot friday drive, a lot of folks are staying indoors. no lanes reported at 92. i did see a tow truck drive towards the high-rise, maybe another stall. 880 southbound toward dunbarton bridge as an alternate. no drama here, in the middle of your screen, 280 at the interchange, a standard flow there, a build on 85. back to you.
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i'll be back with another local news update in half an hour, see you then. in our suvs,
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7:30 now, it's a friday morning, march 31st, 2017, and check out oswego, new york, al is there, it is the final day of roper con iii. al, take it away. >> reporter: we're on the beautiful shores of lake ontario, at oswego, it's my alma mater, i have come home to the land of oz, as they like to call it.
7:31 am
i am here, back in oswego, and we are going to set the world record, the guinness world record for the longest conga line on ice. the old record about 350 people in london, we have got over 600 folks who are going to take part in this attempt. it is going to be awesome, savannah, a big finish for rockerthon iii. starting the madness. >> i think you set another record this week, most college students up before 7:30 a.m., for any reason, ever. we're looking forward to it, al, thank you. let's get a quick check of today's headlines. former national security adviser michael flynn is now offering to testify before congress about the trump campaign's possible ties to russia. but his attorney says the retired general wants immunity from prosecution first. flynn was one of mr. trump's
7:32 am
advisors before being appointed national security advisor. he served for just three week w. part of interstate 85 collapsed, that road is one of the country's busiest. the cause of the fire sis under investigation, but police say terrorism is not suspected. and spacex successfully launched a rocket from kennedy space center last night. it took about four months to refurbish. and now more on a survival story we first told you about on thursday. an 85-year-old woman who spent five days stranded in her car in the colorado mountains. now she's speaking out about
7:33 am
what happened. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: savannah good morning, this great grandmother did everything right after making one wrong turn, she not only beat the odds, she beat the elements, surviving when few thought she could. this morning 85-year-old ruby jean stein is back behind the wheel. the great grand mother surviving in her senta after being stuck in the snow and ice. ruby and her cat spent five agonizing days and four freezing nights. stein used safety p-- to ration the food she had to make it more than 20 hours in the cold. >> people asked me, what did you
7:34 am
do? what do you do in car for five days, nothing. i just had to stay calm, i had to figure what was best. there wasn't a lot i could do about it. >> reporter: headed to her grand daughter's house, ruby was looking for i-70. but she drove 20 miles the wrong way. flyers were passed around all over town. but it wasn't until two hikers stumbled mon ruby that he was later reunited with her granddaughter. >> it was amazing and sad, but just great at the same time. i was just so thankful. >> very, very grateful, yeah. that we were able to bring her home to you. >> reporter: after a road trip she'll never forget, ruby and her nicky are back home beating the odds together. >> it's out of this world, it
7:35 am
is -- it is something i am starting to think i was never going to have again. >> reporter: they say cats have nine lives, maybe nicky had to few to spare. >> ruby tells us she actually left her granddaughter's house to try to get ahead of that storm. for now no big road trips in her immediate future, but one thing's for certain, ruby knows how to make the best out of a bad situation. >> she's amazing. we're so glad she's doing well. let's get a check of the weather from al up in oswego. >> today's weather is brought to you by nondrowsy claritin. >> reporter: and good morning, everybody, we are being sa sarenaded by the oswego team. let's show you our pollen map,
7:36 am
very high from the southwest, northern texas, much of oklahoma and into atlanta. southwest and southern plains serving. hard to believe we're talking about pollen and also a major storm in the rockies. a big old storm system bringing heavy snow from salt lake on into aspen, pugh web low as well. 24 inches of snow predicted for denver. we are talking about anywhere from 6 to 12 inches of snow. that's what's going on around we've got sunshine and warm temperatures around the bay area in store for the weekend. 69 degrees today. it will still be windy, and then the winds calm down tomorrow. 70 degrees, more sunshine on sunday. up to 79 for inland areas. a few spots, especially in the north bay, may be hitting the low 80s tomorrow. by sunday, 77 degrees.
7:37 am
and it stays nice and sunny with above average temperatures into the start of next week. >> reporter: all right, coming up, guys, in the next half hour, we're going to attempt to set that guinness world record. it's going to be the world's longest conga line on ice. yeah, baby. >> are you going to play copa cabana? >> we're going to get some gloria estefan. the adorable 5-year-old girl who will teach us how to handle a breakup. coming up, we're going to save you money on the rental car, you know when you get the receipt, all those fees? receipt, all those fees? what do turns out things aren't always what you think they are. receipt, all those fees? what do take guinea pigs. they're not pigs at all, nor are they from guinea.
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correspondent jeff rossen is in los angeles. jeff, good to see you. >> spring break is here, so many of us planning trips with and without our kids and you need to rent a car. we have all been there, you see the daily rate, the price looks good so you book it. but then come all the questions, do you want to prepay your fuel, what about the extra influence, and those mysterious fees, the concession recovery fee. all of a sudden your good deal ain't so grade. it's spring break, and the rossen reports team is in action. going on a road trip. >> all right, let's do this. >> reporter: perfect day for this. we're decoding all those rental fees and finally answering the age old question, which is cheaper, prepaying the gas, or filling up on your own. travel expert gary leff. >> let's jump right into the
7:44 am
lightning round here, i have a list of fees, tell me what this means, concession recovery fee. >> the rental company has to pay the airport to rent you a car so they're going to charge you for that fee. >> tire recovery fee. >> tires wear out, you pay them to get rid of old tires. >> parking recovery fee. >> this is my favorite. because when you're not renting the car and they're not renting it to someone else, it's got to park somewhere, and they're charging you for the parking. >> come on. >> it's expensive to park. >> how do i avoid these fees? >> most of the fees stem from renting at the airport, what you can do is fake an uber to a downtown car lot. >> so you can return it to the airport and not pay those fees? >> reporter: great tip, but what about the fuel? should you prepay the gas at the counter or fill it up yourself?
7:45 am
okay, let's find out, my producers and i went to the same place and rented the exact same make and model of car, a 2016 toyota camry se. you paid at the counter? >> i paid at the counter and got a great rate at the gas. >> reporter: i will fill up myself at the gas station and see what i pay. >> i didn't prepay, i'm not going to fill up, i'm just going to return it with what's left in the tank. >> reporter: it's up to you and me to see who pays the least at the end of the bill. and we're going to the grand canyon, great spring break destination. and here we come, driving in a caravan on a two-hour journey. finally making it to the grand canyon. >> this is amazing. look at this. wow. >> reporter: worth the trip for
7:46 am
this amazing sight. but we can't stay long, we return right back around for the two-hour trip back. jovana and josh heading straight for the rental return. but i have to stop and get gas. i'm filling up with gas, right before the rental car center. time for the big reveal. we just returned our cars. remember, we all drove the same distance, about two hours there, two hours back, what did you pay for fuel. >> i just returned it with what's left of the fuel in it. $29.22. >> i only used half the tank, but because i prepaid, they charged me for the entire tank, so i ended up paying $41.65. >> i also used about half a tank, $16.74 i win. so the moral of the story is
7:47 am
unless you're going to drip that tank empty, fill it up yourself. the tips you need to save big this spring break, and if you haven't seen the grand canyon, it's amazing. it's amazing what i'll do to take a vacation on the corporate car. here's a bonus tip, they try to get you to buy the insurance, do you really need it? our experts say maybe not, before you rent the car, check your own car insurance, many policies already cover insurance for rental cars. check on that before you go to the counter. >> and also going to the grand canyon for two or three days. >> on the company. coming up next, cows on the coming up next, cows on the loose, cars get everyday life brings challenges; big and small. but when i feel my best, i am my best. and it all starts with a healthy routine.
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7:52 am
well, we're back, it's 7:52, time to check in with our friend carson. >> good morning, savannah, america, good morning to you. st. louis residents are in for a surprise. big surprise on thursday, when they found themselves sharing the city streets, yes, with six cows. the cattle escaped from a slaughterhouse, kicking off a nearly five-hour very slow speed chase through the neighborhood, through parks and parking lots. they were captured but not before someone created a twitter account. chico writing, who knew that a few cows getting loose in st. louis could cause udder chaos. while residents were relieved to see the cows contained, of course some were concerned about their future. the slaughterhouse owner said he would let the cows go for about
7:53 am
$2,000 per cow. so a gofundme page here, getting a quarter of their goal here to free those cows. >> i got something better. bob yeageyeager? >> those cars were having a ♪ ready. set. go. go. go.
7:54 am
♪ ♪ one way or another, i'm gonna find ya' ♪ ♪ i'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya' ♪ ♪ one way or another,♪ ♪ one way or another, i wanna ♪ ya', get ya', get ya', get ya' ♪ ♪ ♪ one way or another, you're not going to make it. best-selling brand? do you think you can make it? uhh... make it... every time. nice!
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going further to keep drivers moving freely. that's ford... and that's how you become america's best-selling brand. now on the next page you'll see a breakdowhat? costs. it's just... we were going to ask about it but we weren't sure when. so thanks. being upfront is how edward jones makes sense of investing. wx ts ttrai
7:56 am
good friday morning. a live look outside all of our microclimates shows temperatures in the low to mid-50s as you step out the door. also a lot of sunshine. we have some breezy winds. through the day, highs up to 71 in the peninsula as well as the tri valley. south bay, 73 degrees. upper 50s for san francisco. some of those gusts especially for inland valleys, may reach up to 30 to 35 miles an hour. we may have some gusts up to 50 miles an hour. that's mainly in the hills. that could bring down some trees or cause spotty power outages. later today we have the bridge series game 2. cooling down with clear skies and more winds. >> kari, a light traffic flow especially for a friday. the san mateo bridge slows a
7:57 am
slower drive. recovered well after the earlier stall. some live shots, palo alto, southbound away from us toward embarcadero, that's smoothed out but may be one of your slower sections. fremont area, the flag shows gusty winds, but traffic is light. the final shot at the bay bridge toll plaza, light backup but still a backup. back to you. it's 7:57. happening now, willow glenn neighborhood the scene of violence. a man was stabbed last night. see the latest on our home page including what witnesses say led up to the stabbing. crayola fans may be blue this morning after an announcement from the crayon giant, because dandelion yellow is being pulled from crayola's 24-pack of crayons. the replacement is a mystery hue
7:58 am
of blue. on our twitter feed, how fans will have a say in naming the color. >> announcer: get the nbc bay area app.
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maxx you. maxx life. t.j.maxx q. coming up, flynn is in. prum's ousted national security adviser michael plain says he's ready to talk to investigators about russia if he's given immunity. his lawyers say he has a story to tell. so what is that story? and how might it impact president trump and his administration. we're live at the white house. plus the fountain of youth for your brain? maria sh river introduces us to super ages. seniors who are somehow as harp as 20-year-olds. so what is their secret? we'll find out. and roquer than rolls to the finish. al returns to his alma mater for one very cool finale. there's no place like home.
8:01 am
there's no place like home. as one more guinness world record gets ready to fall today, friday, 31st it 2017. we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on the plaza. >> happy birthday, florida! >> it's mom's 75th birthday. >> i'm 40! >> it is 8:00 on "today." it's friday, the 31st of march. oh, my goodness. it's crazy around here.
8:02 am
it's soaked this morning. they look so cute. >> i have freezing cold hands. it's amazing. >> you guys having a good time? >> thank you. coming up, hot chicken in today's kitchen. the trends popping up on restaurant menus all over this country. we are very, very excited to learn how to make this. hot chicken on a day like today. >> zoom in on that biscuit. it's got my name on it. al is closing out roker than three. this has been an amazing week. he's at his alma mater. al you must be having a really good time. >> oh, savannah, i can't even begin to tell you. we're having a blast. we're here at oswego, and by the way, the schools came up with their own guinness world record idea. they came to us, and boy happy schools really delivered.
8:03 am
let's give you a little recap of where we've been. we kicked off the week at the university of oklahoma. then we made our way to northern michigan university. the next stop we went to university of tennessee. and then in knoxville and then we ended up in loyola of maryland and finally here the lakers, oswego state and we want to thank our friends at netjets for getting us here. it was fantastic. they really done a great job. we came in on a zamboni. we've got another zamboni here. it's driven by tiny tim! and let me tell you something, this is one heck of a zamboni. who wants a t-shirt? here comes tiny tim. boom! oh! how's that, baby? a zamboni that fires t-shirts.
8:04 am
>> al, you get on that thing and ride it home. we want that. >> we are bringing this back for the rockefeller ice rink. >> yes! >> you're a giant! >> yay! >> al, standing strong at the end of the week. we'll get more to al in the minute. let's get the top stories. here's your news at 8:00. >> good morning, i'm hallie jackson in washington. new this morning, it looks like ousted former national security adviser mike flynn wants to break his weeks long silence. he's offering immunity in exchange for his testimony in front of the senate intelligence committee according to a congressional source. and now flynn's getting backup from his former boss, president trump this morning saying mike flynn should ask for immunity and that this is a witch hunt. after all but disappearing since his dismissal last month,
8:05 am
president trump's former national security adviser mike flynn now seems ready to talk. according to his lawyer, flynn has a story to tell, and very much wants to tell it should the circumstances permit. but those circumstances apparently include immunity. if he gets it, flynn told the senate intelligence committee he will testify according to a congressional official. his attorney didn't elaborate on details, but in a statement said, no reasonable person would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized witch-hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution. senator mark warner is the top democrat on that committee. >> we're not going to comment on specific witnesses. what we will do or won't do. a lot of the names that have been mentioned we want to talk to at an appropriate time. >> flynn was one of the president's top advisers during his campaign and transition, privy to inner circle conversations about foreign policy, and national security. his request for immunity comes some six months after he slammed
8:06 am
staffers of hillary clinton for seeking their own immunity during the fbi's server investigation. >> when you are given immunity that means you probably committed a crime. >> now it's one of flynn's proteges in the spotlight. ez named by some papers in an incidental communication involving members of the trump transition. >> i'm sure people had no idea i was there. >> but two other white house officials were also reportedly involved in getting nunes that information. lawyers michael ellis, and john eisenberg. nbc news has not independently verified that reporting. this morning, nbc news cameras caught up with both men. >> i'm not talking about anything. >> i have no idea. >> now the president's declaring war on the house freedom caucus an ultraconservative voting bloc accusing them of hurting the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team, and fast.
8:07 am
we must fight them and democrats in 2018. >> most people don't take well to being bullied. it may allow a child to get his way, but that's not how our government works. >> lots for president trump to juggle today. he is also expected to sign several executive orders later on regarding tougher enforcement of trade laws. savannah? >> all right, hallie, thank you. the governor of georgia declared a state of emergency overnight after a massive fire caused part of a bridge to collapse on interstate 85 in atlanta. that is one of the country's busiest stretches of roadway. nobody was hurt there but thousands of drivers were caught in a rush hour traffic jam, and this morning commuters are facing what the mayor calls a long-term transportation crisis. the cause of all this still under investigation. but officials are focusing on plastic construction piping scored under that bridge. they think it may have caught fire. just ahead here this morning the so-called super agers, those
8:08 am
who could be unlocking a fountain youth. >> and then the two burger war between two fast food giants sparked by a single tweet. and al. >> that's right, guys. get ready to conga. the world's longest conga line on ice a new guinness world record? we'll find out after these messages.
8:09 am
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8:14 am
shriver. >> yes! i'm back. >> we had a good talker at the top. "the post" recently did a profile on karen pence the vice president's wife and started a great discussion in our newsroom. in the article, we learned that mike pence has a policy, you know he and his wife have been married for years now, here's his own personal policy. he says he doesn't dine alone with a woman unless his wife is there. and that really -- >> dine alone with another woman. >> and it got a lot talking in the newsroom. what do you think of that policy? >> old school policy that mike pence would be on board with. >> i think it makes some sense. like i don't know if i would -- i don't think i would ask my husband to have that policy but i think it's like probably wise. >> is she -- >> i don't know. i'm not sure. >> what's the question -- >> i think from his point of view the easiest way to resist temptation is to avoid it. you know, i'm not -- >> men and women can't be just friends it goes back to that whole story. >> we're not going to have
8:15 am
dinner. we're not going to have dinner. we're not done -- >> you can -- >> he's out to eat with another woman, not because -- >> i don't know. >> what's the -- >> i know -- >> i think it -- i don't come down either side of it but i do think it's interesting. i had a friend whose father told him when he got married. i'm going to give you a piece of advice. don't get yourself in that situation. don't let yourself get in a situation where you're tempted and you'll be in good shape. i think that's what's that behind that idea. >> the satirical newspaper the onion had fun with this story. the head line, mike pence asks waiter to remove mrs mrs. butterworth from the table. >> just remove the situation. >> oh. >> so there's some burger wars brewing again now. mcdonald's announcing it will again making the signature quarter pounder burgers with fresh beef in most of their restaurants. other burgers such as big mac
8:16 am
those will remain froze. the change is expected to be complete next year. the rival wendy's. well, they had some beef with the news. they tweeted in response, so you'll still use frozen beef in most of your burgers in all of your restaurants. >> oh. >> -- i'd rather have frozen beef than beef that's been sitting around awhile. >> that's a good point. >> just in the fridge for three days. >> look at dylan taking up for frozen beef. >> i'd like to have them both here to see if i could tell the difference. >> we tried -- >> gave up beef for a month. >> i've been beating lots of beef since. >> yeah. >> and burger -- >> i like burgers. i try not to eat a lot of red meat. although i ate one yesterday. i really like burgers. and i really like fries. and i really like everything that i preach you shouldn't eat. i like. and i actually eat it. >> of course. >> okay we all know breakups are hard. no one is handling it better than the little girl we're about to show you. this is dana.
8:17 am
she's 5. and she hilariously tells the tale of her kindergarten relationship drama. >> so i'm at school, right? and my boyfriend -- me. he proposed actually to a fourth grader. what you doing? -- propose to me. me! me! >> dana, i hear you. this video went viral, of course. so what happened, we have to know what happened that day at school? dana's ex wanted to get back together. take a look. >> what did he gave me? a bracelet. >> so you said you would take the bracelet? >> i take the bracelet. but i won't take you. >> say what?
8:18 am
>> they need -- >> they probably will get a show. >> probably. >> already. >> adorable. >> what? >> nice bracelet. >> that's true. >> you ready? pop start. yesterday here in pop start we told you about the baby names that amal vetoed. george, who owns a tequila company jokingly said he wanted to name the twins casa and amigos. an early birthday gift. there's the personalized photos. >> that's cute. >> very cute. >> tango and cash another good one. it's a big weekend for nbc. we want to start by saying congratulations to our friends at "dateline." happy silver anniversary to them. 25 years. incredible in-depth stories. you can catch an all-new episode tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central here on nbc.
8:19 am
and dylan making her return to "weekend today." >> following maternity leave. >> last weekend i was off, it was the bapt touch. you're stuck with me tomorrow. >> that's tough. >> calvin's been sleeping. this is his third night eleven hour straight in a row. you should be rested. >> -- new baby we're like -- >> 3:30 in the morning for this. >> -- benadryl every night. >> what's your secret? >> benadryl baby. >> whatever it takes. >> something on the gums there. >> let us go out to al in oswego for this final rokerthon record attempt. hey, al. >> hey, guys, thank you so much. also congratulations "dateline" as well. my wife deborah roberts was one of the original correspondents. all right, it is now time for rokerthon 3. we want to get things started. we've got michael, who is our official guinness world records
8:20 am
adjudicator. and dr. stanley the president, longest running president in the system. so besides the world class organization, beside the fact that oswego has the second best one of the second best sunsets in the country. >> second best? >> oh, but we're trying harder. you -- this first class student group okay so you're -- >> -- your people, al. we wouldn't let you down. >> are you ready to get this started? >> the world's longest conga line. they've got to do it for five minutes, right? >> all right. >> let's go. five minutes up on the clock. start the clock. >> let's go. >> here we go. all right. the old record about 350 people, and we have over 600 folks in the conga line. let's get it started. ♪ all right. while they get it started that's what's going
8:21 am
we have sunshine and breezy winds. still a little bit cool as you step out the door. we're heading up to 69 degrees today in san francisco. tomorrow, another nice one, up to 70 degrees inland areas. we'll see those highs reaching near 80 degrees for tomorrow, and also for sunday as well. we continue on with more dry weather. good time now to go ahead and wash the car, as it will be sunny and breezy for the next several days. our temperatures stay well above average into the middle of next week. rokerthon 3 is sponsored by netjets. the worldwide leader in private aviation. >> all righty. so far so good. let's get a world record for world's longest conga line on ice. here in oswego, where i went to school. so it was like coming to home sweet home. it's been a long, exciting
8:22 am
week, but there was one more school i had to stop at. >> there's no place like home. there's no place like home. there's no place like home. >> my alma mater, oswego, better known as oz, a rowdy welcome complete with a yellow brick road. it was time to hit the campus, but not before grabbing a bite at one of my favorite spots during college. >> how are you there, boy? >> how you doing, man? >> you still look good. >> i wish i lost weight like you do. holy cow. >> you hear about the freshman 15. i did the freshman 45. you know i think i'm going to try the meatballs. i haven't had the meatball sub in a long time. that's the way i remember it. the only difference is, i ordered two at a time. being an alumni of distinction, i thought it would be a good idea to meet with some prospective students. you know, give them a little bit
8:23 am
of a my wisdom and insight. save yourself some time, this is it. the other thing is once you become a graduate whenever you come on campus you have people like us following you around. it's great. >> then i stopped by a senior meteorology class where a familiar face was waiting to say hi. you seem a little old. he was one of my communications professors back in the day. we had radio, tv, and carrier pigeon. now that i was in full nostalgia mode it was time to visit some of my old haunts. i used to work back here in the dining hall. this was my room. i don't recognize it because it's actually clean. >> let's give it up to al roker for being back. >> thank you, thank you. >> how does it feel? >> it feels great. >> but there was still the small matter of setting a guinness world record. >> okay
8:24 am
>> the conga line. how many people are coming to the ice rink? >> you're a good looking man. cha-cha cha-cha cha-cha! >> they're going to be in trouble. i have a megaphone and i will use it. >> let's see jazz hands. luckily it's not for the fastest conga line. you feel ready? >> yes. >> are we going to hit the ice? >> yeah! >> anybody going to find out? >> no. >> let's go this oswego. >> all right. so, the conga line is continuing. how are they doing, michael? >> they're doing great. they still have about two minutes left so they're still going. >> this is very exciting. the world's longest conga line. what was the record? >> 353.
8:25 am
i know they've got a lot of people here today. they still need to keep on going though. they're working on it. >> they're doing a great job. >> when you have to get something like this, besides going five minutes, what are the other things they have to worry about? >> i need everyone holding their hands on someone else's hips. no falling and no touching the floor. everyone's doing a great job but they need to keep that movement going. >> did you -- i mean i don't know what the official count is so far. but are you surprised at how many people there are here? >> i'm not surprised. everyone is really enthusiastic to have you here today and try to break the guinness world records title. >> this is amazing. i mean we've got we started at the university of oklahoma. we had the world's largest letter. we had the world's largest freeze tag game. how we doing so far? >> everyone's doing great. a lot of -- oh, i see a little bit of a break there. maybe take some deductions but everyone's doing a great job. al we've got 15 seconds left. >> 15 seconds left. michael is going to go through everything they need to when we
8:26 am
come back we will find out if oswego has set the guinness fr thcitof kla r longesti'm . = good friday morning, i'm sam brock. in the city of oakland, people are simple trying to help out. there is a huge effort to help victims of a deadly fire at a traditional housing development. four people died in the fire which firefighters now say was caused by a lit candle. some victims are now living at the oakland youth center. they'll be able to stay there through the weekend while the city works to find permanent housing for them. at the same time, schools are leading a donation drive to help at least ten schoolchildren who lost everything. now a look at your traffic with mike. >> the rest of the bay moves so well, it's easy to spot the unusual patterns.
8:27 am
eastbound 580 and south 238. there may be two incidents going on, getting off of the castro valley. the commute direction is moving just fine through that area. northbound 680 in san jose, a crash. the speed sensors are improving. 87, around kerna. back to you. >> generally a friday light. mike, thank you very much. we'll be back with more news in 30 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
wore taking the show to orlando. come join us. >> next week. and tonight he has samuel l. jackson with facebook -- >> shaming me. >> plus ed sheeran performance. "the tonight show" on nbc. >> well, it's 8:30, it's a friday morning. 31st of march, 2017. do not sugar coat it, it's a wet one. rain is coming down in midtown manhattan. i'm almost embarrassed for them to come in and show up here. but we stayed inside for this particular segment. good to have you along. nice, warm and dry here. >> nice, warm and dry. coming up we're going to -- we're going to be chasing a hot chicken trend back to its roots. finding out how to make this
8:31 am
delicious dish at home, as well. >> first we want to mention, too, at 80 junior golfers from all around the u.s. and canada are gearing up for the drive, chip and putt national finals. you can catch them, showing off all their skills from the great famed augusta national sunday morning on the golf channel starting at 8:00 a.m. eastern. we have kids who want to take part in next year's event, just head to it's an incredible deal there. >> that sounds cool. now let's go to al in oswego because we need to know. did you break the record, al? >> well, let's turn to michael, our official guinness world records adjudicator. michael, what say you? >> the record was 353 people doing the longest conga on ice. today in oswego we had 593. a new guinness world record. congratulations. >> way to go oswego. >> simply amazing oswego.
8:32 am
>> maybe allison can take this out on the ice. thank you so much. you were terrific helping us get all this together. really amazing. okay. now, by the way, we're not done yet. not done yet. okay, hold on a sec. we're going to take a couple of these out of the hat. first of all, from our friends at pure point financial a check for $5,000 for a lucky student. dr. stanley would you do the honors, please. >> sure will, al, with gusto. >> what's the name? >> emily notaro. >> emily notaro you are the recipient of a purepoint financial $5,000 check. come on down and while you're doing that, dr. stanley, you guys at oswego state have matched that with another $5,000 check. >> we have, al. we couldn't be outdone by any of
8:33 am
those other schools you were at. they did a great job and we will too. >> what's the name? >> jasmine gomez. >> jasmine gomez come on down. for your $5,000 check. again, one from purepoint financial. the other from the state of the sunni oswego and we also want to thank all of our friends at netjets for getting to all the schools, just a terrific job. this has been spectacular. we've had a fantastic time. and thank you, michael from guinness world records. boy, what a week. rokerthon 3. that's what's good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. nothing about sunshine across the bay area. and still some breezy winds. a live look outside at san francisco. we see the sunshine, even the flag waiviving on top of the building. as you step out the door, mid- to upper 50s.
8:34 am
it will continue to warm up fairly quickly. 71 in oakland, 73 in palo alto and san jose. expect winds up to 30 miles per hour. all right. thanks so much, guys. also want to thank all of our fabulous producers who really worked it. just take a shot of everybody. sicilia and jackie, sean and all the gang who helped us all over the place. it was wonderful. we have had such a blast doing rocker than 3. guys, back to you. >> al, excellent. >> can't wait for rokerthon 4. >> yeah. >> now to more of our ongoing series brain power today. have researchers now found a way to unlock our brain's fountain of youth? >> maria shriver is back with more on that. we hope so. >> we hope so. most of us associate getting older with losing our memory and lots of aches and pains. but now there's growing evidence
8:35 am
that these ailments are actually preventable. you're about to meet some seniors whose brains are stronger and their bodies healthier than ever before. at 74, nancy has the brain of a 20-something. >> just keep doing things mentally and physically. they all come together. >> this massachusetts grandmother is part of a special club of seniors, known as superagers. in memory tests their brains are as sharp as people in their 20s. >> their memories are very youthful and they show no evidence of memory loss. >> neuroscientist lisa feldman wanted to know why. so in a recent study she scanned the brains of more than a dozen superagers. and got the shock of her career. >> we found a whole set of regions which are much thicker, and much better connected, which means they are more youthful. and, in fact, when you look at superagers' brains and you compare them to young people,
8:36 am
they're indistinguishable. so >> so what keeps these older brains so young? >> the word boredom has never been allowed in my house. >> researchers say superagers like nancy challenge their brains and bodies on a regular basis. exercise daily, and pushing themselves to master new skills. in the last year, nancy's learned how to play piano, chess, even pool. >> one of the things that they seem to do is push through discomfort. if you cultivate that feeling of yuck, at least once a day and kind of push through it. >> cultivate yuck. >> yeah, that feeling of i can't do this. it's really hard. i want to stop. but you just do it anyway. >> and it's not just our brains that can defy older age. at nearly 80 years old, these women move like kids. playing on jungle gyms, even climbing trees. do you actually believe that people in their 50s, 60s, and
8:37 am
70s can be moving like they were in their 20s? >> maybe even better than. >> in their new book, dynamic aging, fitness expert katie bowman and her client, joan, laura and joyce, reveal the simple movements that have boosted their brains and cured their aches and pains. >> it's move in a different way than you have been for the last 20 or 30 or 40 years, because all of those tiny shifts in movement, they do the same thing as the movement that you do in the gym. you adapt to them. >> by changing the way you walk. >> yes. >> changing the way you stand. >> yes. >> by changing the way you move through life you avoided surgery? >> yes. exactly so. >> bowman says one of our worst habits is sucking in our stomachs to appear thinner. over time she says it can cause constipation and other health problems. so learn to relax it. >> can you let the abdominal wall in the front drop down
8:38 am
towards the floor. >> another health trick, strengthens our legs by changing how we move up and down from chairs. many of us use momentum as a crutch. >> less momentum and less falling both on the up and on the down. >> steps to turn back the clock, and make what's old young again. >> okay. another key to super aging is a kind of stress in your life. experts say constant taxic stress, from relationship to work environments can be very harmful to your brain. but occasional bouts of stress can actually be good for it, as long as you stay hopeful and positive. and another thing they talked about is walk around in bare feet. get used to that stretch your muscles out, constantly be moving. we become way too sedentary. >> that was so fascinating. >> a great tv show. >> superagers. >> i've got a new job. >> what about their diets?
8:39 am
>> they're all very healthy. but they attribute really the fact that they keep learning, keep moving, keep exercising more than average. >> for all of us. pushing thank you the did the comfort. >> yeah. learning -- >> i know. >> hello. >> shooting pool. >> shooting pool. >> binge watching netflix? >> yeah, i know, get out. >> maria, thank you. as always. coming up next we've got a feel-good friday story a chance encounter that changed two lives forever. but first, this is "today" on nbc. y" on nbc.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we're bag, 8:41. >> good morning, guys. this is a story about one man who was living alone on the streets and one woman who decided to stop her car, changing both of their lives forever. >> i was a street person in the
8:42 am
usa, just usually talking to myself and just watching the people go by. >> reporter: 34-year-old victor hubbard suffers from mental illness and fell on hard times. he found himself living on the streets and chose one particular street corner on houston to stay put. >> every day when i drove by i saw him there. sometimes i would go, it's too painful and it's hurting my heart to see him. >> reporter: last june she decided to stop. >> he walked over toward my car and said hello, how are you? so i felt like it was okay and i got out on my car and i said, well, i'm good, what's your name? and he said he was victor and we started talking. he's kind and loving and gracious. >> reporter: she wanted to find out why hubbard was always at this place. >> we talked about what he was doing, why was it that he was there. and he said, well, i just need
8:43 am
to make sure that i'm here so if my mom comes looking for me she knows where to find me. >> reporter: hubbard stood at the street corner hoping she would find him. >> i checked with every agency i could think of, to see, can somebody please help him. >> reporter: she started a gofundme page to raise money for clothing, food and a place for him to say and she give him a job at her cooking business, the art of the meal. >> i enjoy working here and it's influencing me to always do something besides just staying on the corner. >> reporter: last december, sprous and her took victor in their home. he's now living there in a room of his own. >> she helped me with a lot of things, she helped me overcome and to see that i had it inside
8:44 am
of me, but i always had to bury it in my heart that i could get better. >> reporter: and sprous is committed to keep helping hubbard. >> i believe that he was the one that the lord put there on the corner and in my heart. >> i think everybody could lenard something from my story, to know that i had courage to transform and to become a better better than. >> look what i could have overlooked, i have this great, amazing, funny, sensitive human being in my life now. >> and ginger, dave helped victor find his mother who he now keeps in touch with. she's helped him raise more than $30,000 on their gofundme pages >> and he's changed her. >> it's so inspiring for all of us. >> thank you for that. enjoy the weekend. >> you too. up next, we are serving up a
8:45 am
recipe for hot chicken to spice up your next meal. carson
8:46 am
8:47 am
hot chicken, here we come. welcome back. this morning on "today's" food, trending from nashville to new york, hot chicken, breaded, fried and basically with a spicy sauce that will make grown men cry. >> reporter: from coast to coast, fried chicken is heating up. >> it's going to get your attention. your full attention. >> reporter: born and breaded in nashville, tennessee, it's called hot chicken, a breast, thigh or wing that marinaded, floured, fried and set on fire with spice. >> the story goes that there's a gentleman in nashville who is a ladies man and one night he came home pretty late, and his
8:48 am
girlfriend made him some fried chicken and then put a ton of hot sauce on it thinking he wouldn't like it and he did like it and hot chicken was born. >> that gentleman was thornton prince the third and some 70 years later his chicken lives on. nashville's very own original, prince's hot chicken, pairs their own brand of heat with white bread and pickles. biscuit love serves theirs between a buttery, flaky biscuit. and across town, alongside other southern greens, pimento mac and cheese, hattie b.'s serves up more than 7 tons of it a year. so hot that father and son owners nick bishop and nick bishop jr. say it's made grown men cry. >> painful. painful. both today and tomorrow. unbearable in many ways. it's the one item we have on our menu that people will take at risk. >> reporter: according to data from four square city guide, mentions of hot chicken were up
8:49 am
123% in 2016, a number the tech company expects will continue to grow. >> reporter: we have had this explosion of regional foods that get removed from their place of origin and then spread throughout the country. you had the philly cheesesteak, you had the lobster roll from maine and now you have hot chicken. cities like atlanta, louisville, st. louis, and chicago, all spreading the gospel of hot chicken. at howlin race in los angeles, hungry customers can wait more than an hour for the spicy bird. >> it has a nice flavor, it's juicy and everything you can ask for. >> reporter: so if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. >> all right, you can make your own hot chicken at home. the executive chef of root and bone here. good morning we've got our table. >> let's start cooking. you got your ingredients here, we'll show that on the screen. but good chicken. how do you do a quality check on chicken?
8:50 am
>> it's about the bird, you want to start with a good, happy bird, happy birds make happy food. and we're going to talk about brine real quick. it's another word for marinade. i start with cayenne. we're going to see us layering pepper. >> you brine the chicken? >> yes, i've made this brine and cooled it down already. >> like a salt, sugar -- >> that's just pepper, some and sugar, we're going to layer the cayenne through. i've cooled down the brine. >> got the hotness. >> how hot is the sample that you made these guys? >> it's a little peppery. i heard they didn't have coffee, so i thought this would liven it up a little bit. >> we've got the brine. we're going to leave this in the cooler for about a day. overnight. we're going to address it. what's in the dredge? >> we've got peppers, cayenne, paprika, garlic powder and tabasco. you'll see us layer tabasco and peppers in there. this is butter milk and eggs.
8:51 am
and i'm going to take this chicken. >> this is the brine chicken for 24 hours, then you're going to do your bath trick here. >> with the magic of time, we have already brined our chicken and we're going to go from here. tabasco buttermilk. >> dry again. >> you've done this before, right? >> oh, i just like watching you do it. we do a version of this chicken, which you're going to see here. we have dredged it, we have got a lot of flour on it. >> you're in a cast iron skillet and some oil. >> i have this oil at about 350. >> have you guys seen the effects at root and bone of this hot chicken phenomenon? >> some people come in and try to do competition to see how hot they can take it. but yeah, no it's great. >> how's it taste, guys? >> it's fantastic. it's not overpowering. it's got some kick but -- >> it seems like fried chicken just kind of elevated. >> it seems like the flavor is kind of elevated.
8:52 am
>> the kick hits you later. is that on purpose? it's like a five-second delay. >> you've got some butter here. >> brown butter. >> so i've layered the tabasco here again with some cayenne and some other peppers. >> how long is this frying going to take roughly? >> 15 to 20 minutes. >> then we're going to top it off with a little bit of pickles. >> root and bone in puerto rico. root and bone here. you can get it almost anywhere. >> you want this recipe go to we're back in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc. to go, but first is is "today" on
8:53 am
imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding... and 50,000 bonus miles. everything you need
8:54 am
for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. we're back, 8:54. >> take a bite of hot chicken right before i have to do birthdays. but we are celebrating, so let's say hello to some friendly faces. happy 107th birthday to melvin, he actually go business the nickname, uncle dude. enjoy it. ms. linda smith is 100 years old. she's a proud grandma from wisconsin, she and her husband own their own hotel. and michael vesta ran his own custom display business. and harley is celebrating his birthday of over 100 years celebrating his birthday by
8:55 am
playing golf. joseph is 100 years old, from omaha, nebraska, he's a world war 2 veteran and receives the purple heart for his service. and happy birthday to margarite, she's an avid bolger. >> don't forget, tomorrow's april fool's day so don't get got. not all pranks have to be mean. take a look at what happened at the nbc store. >> she's my favorite. >> i think that's savannah guthrie. >> it's like a scene from "psycho." they have the actual "today's"
8:56 am
show desk at the nbc store. it's really fun. so happy april fool's day, everybody. >> my mouth's on fire. >> i know. carson while i was doing the birthdays was looking for a beer poce sajosareookg good friday morning at 8:56. i'm sam brock. police in san jose are looking for four men believed to be involved in a violent dispute in downtown willow glenn on lincoln avenue in the middle of shops and businesses. a group of men attacked a man in his 20s, beating and stabbing him. that is video of police casing the scene afterwards. it happened in a parking lot near the key restaurant. the men involved got away before
8:57 am
police arrived. the victim appeared to be alert and talking to police afterwards but there is no update on his condition. we're talking to police for more on how this happened. police are on the hunt for a man they say exposed himself to a young girl and also a young woman. there could be surveillance images that could help them track the man down, we've just learned. our sharon katsuda will have a live under. three residents don't have a place to live after an early morning house fire. we posted dramatic video of the home up in flames moments after firefighters arrived on our facebook page. thankfully the three are okay. more coming up in just 30 minutes. a lot of
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
country music. so your first album, 1996, streaming outloud? >> yes. >> that's like any of those songs come on and i can just sing along. like "every light in the house is on." >> thank you. >> and "thinking thing." >> i just have to tell you that. so it's your first album, and here we are with your newest album. >> 12. >> do you get nervous?
9:02 am
you seem so calm. >> what i have learned over the years, you should just focus on singing and the music stuff because the other stuff, the business part of it, the album sales and all that, there's not a lot you can do about that. so, you know, just don't worry about it too much. i mean i love these days when the new album comes out, we get to put new music out for people. but i don't get too worried about it. >> it's already number one on the country charts. >> that's huge. >> that's good. >> this morning we came in, and your album has come out. >> that makes sense, a lot of artists actually say that, there's such a business to it, you're the artist, so you just do what you do? >> can't dwell on that, can't worry about it too much. you just drive yourself crazy. >> and we're getting treated to watered down.
9:03 am
>> march 31st has a special meaning for dylan. dylan dryer has a special way to remember the days of the month. >> 30 days hath september, april june and november, all the rest have 31 except february, because that has 28. and then leap year it's 29, but we don't know when that happens. >> we don't know when that happens. >> the song goes off the rails as the end. everybody knows the catchy little song. but the whole rhyming thing falls apart. and nobody knows what the end is. >> i had trouble picking up the melody too. is there a melody or is it more of a chant. >> i'm a bad singer, but i was. messing up any kind of sing
9:04 am
songy -- >> february and fine is 29. >> have you learned the 31 versus 30 really? >> i do fingers, february, march, april, may, june, july, and the only one that doesn't work is february. >> that's the thing, february. >> they're saying i have to explain it. the tops of your fingers are all the 31s and the top sides are all 30. >> i have too many knuckles. >> my fingers are short. >> you know what? that's genius, i have never thought about it. but it's the same concept. >> march is 31 days. >> good for you, you have three methods for your choosing. so last time you were here, we got some of your secrets with your game, "country confessions." it was such a big hit, that america is still screaming to do it again.
9:05 am
are you ready? >> yes. >> country confessions. >> all right. this is -- all right, let's see. >> we fold them up really tight. >> you have to make an album of a different genre of music, what would it be? >> crooner. i want to do a crooner record. >> you do? >> milike make new songs? >> some of those old standards. >> that's a totally doable thing. with a voice like that. >> what song would you do? ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ >> what's the next one? what was your first country music crush? i don't want to tell. >> how about this? >> she already knows. tanya tucker. so she already knows. >> everybody's like -- >> i love tanya.
9:06 am
>> let's do another one. one more. >> okay. >> we wrote these in extra big font. >> few for that. >> what's your go-to ckaraoke song? ♪ like a virgin ♪ touched for the very first time ♪ ♪ like a virgin ♪ next to mine >> i like it. one more. >> that would be a fun night. >> all right. oh, my god, what is this? this is a paragraph. with your voice, do you think you can make anything sound -- this is not a question. can you sing this line from dr. seuss? ♪ i would not like them here or there ♪ ♪ i would not like them anywhere ♪ ♪ i do not like green eggs and
9:07 am
ham ♪ ♪ i do not like them sam i am >> i just made that up. >> there you go. >> i love that. so everybody these days are doing the big gender reveal, whether you're having a boy or a girl, the ante is really high. >> did you do a gender reveal? >> i did one with blue confetti. >> we're talking about this, take a look at this couple from colorado. they're the cross fans. christian and shaen sahaun is supposed to break the balloon. but i think he topped the zri strings off of it.
9:08 am
there's no idea what he's doing to have. i don't know how this video ends. they hug, but did they explain it later? >> the balloon doesn't come back. >> it would have ended with me running to the truck. >> got to follow the balloon. >> we hear it's a little boy. so that's cute. so they were able to find out. >> these days, it's a cake, it's a balloon, something and you post it for everyone to see. >> i had balloons all over the living room. and i had him pop the balloons. he didn't get home until mid night, so our poor neighbors heard popping balloons after midnight. >> so you found out first? >> i did, yes, and i told him like three hours later. >> that's so sweet. >> i was always there. >> yeah, in the room? >> we didn't do the balloon popping. >> no, no, no. the sonogram thing.
9:09 am
i never saw the thing, i had five daughters. >> you never saw these little -- >> i don't know what this is. >> okay, there's that. anyway, just kidding. you have four girls? >> >> five. >> five girls? >> we have to talk about that next, opening day just around the corner by the way, but during a spring training camp between the rockies and the padres, the team showed they're already in reflex form. >> the field, everybody's playing, game's gone on fine, and they get an unexpected invasion from something. have a look. >> uh-oh. we're getting a swarm out in the field. look, everybody's hitting the deck. the bees again. >> oh, my gosh, i have never seen that. the bees on the move apparently. i have never seen this in my entire life. >> i have never seen that in my entire life.
9:10 am
the padres suffer ee eed a stin 12-5. >> i didn't know stop, drop and roll was the thing for bees. >> me neither, is that what you're supposed to do, lay low? >> i think one person may have laid low and everybody followed. be sure to stay tuned for our huge freebie friday. our huge freebie friday. when l'oreal asked me what i wanted my skin to be... i said bright, smooth, you know, with a little glow. bright reveal from l'oreal. with glycolic acid... what dermatologists use. diminishes dullness and visibly reduces wrinkles. reveals brighter, younger-looking skin in just one week. one week? you can do it. bright reveal from l'oreal skin expert/paris.
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spending the day with my niece. that make me smile. i don't use super poligrip for hold, because my dentures fit well. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. even well fitting dentures let in food particles. just a few dabs of super poligrip free is clinically proven to seal out more food particles so you're more comfortable and confident while you eat. so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. back with more of our ""today's" take." i wish you could see the bonding that took place this morning. al has done it. he has completed rokerthon 3.
9:14 am
and in no better place than his alma mater, oswego, new york, al, how are you doing? how are you feeling? >> reporter: i'm feeling great, it was great to end up here at my alma mater, oswego. i could listen to you just read the phone book. >> okay, we'll do that someday. >> reporter: but it's been exciting, i mean, you know, because hockey, you know, unlike other schools, football's big, hockey is huge here, and i got to ride in on the zamboni, i got to drive the zamboni. which was pretty cool. this is -- in fact it's oswego, and we call this the land of oz. oswego. so the yellow brick road, and the whole nine yards. this one, oswego, this is tiny tim and this is the zamboni that fires off t-shirts during the
9:15 am
game. and it's a little creepy, i got to tell you, but we love it. it's fantastic. and then -- yeah, then the reason -- there it is. look at that. he comes flying in. i mean it's crazy. the crowd goes nuts, and then boom, off goes a t-shirt, which he even waves his little flag. the reason we were here is to set the guinness world record for the longest conga line on ice, and we crushed it. the record was about 350 people, a couple of years ago, well, it ended up being over almost 600 people. setting the record. for world's longest conga line for the "guinness book of world records," we actually started this at the university of oklahoma, by setting a weather related world record, not one but two, we set a record for not
9:16 am
one but two human formed weather symbols, largest weather formed icons ever. which was pretty cool. i did love that. >> reporter: they're telling me to go to weather. so that was a nice transition, let's show you what we have got happening, and here in the northeast, what a mess, we're talking about not only winter storm watches and warnings, but flood watches as well. so in eastern pennsylvania, northeastern new york and much of new jersey we have got flood watches for 11 million people, winter storm watches and warnings for 12 million people. upwards of 12 to 15 inches of snow throughout parts of new england. and upstate new york. and look at the rainfall, anywhere from one to three inches, but we could be talking about locally three to four inches between washington and new york city, a real mess out there.
9:17 am
breezy out there, and as we take a live look outside of san francisco, we are looking at highs today slightly above normal and warmer than we were yesterday. reaching 73 degrees in san jose and palo alto, 71 degrees in oakland, 73 degrees in concord. the winds and the hills and also along the coast will be sustained at times up to 30 miles an hour, so watch out for those gusts. >> reporter: that is your latest weather, a big thank you to net jets for getting us all over the country, and more importantly for getting us home. and sunday, wrestlemania 33, i'm going to be its guest announcer. we'll have all the details coming up on monday. we'll see you on monday. >> power naps, i guess. >> such a fantastic job, thank
9:18 am
you, al. >> so happy for you, al. up next, a huge freebie friday. friday. don't get off of hey there, starting your search for the ri am!used car? you got it. just say show me millions of used cars for sale at the all new but, i don' want one that's had a bunch of owners just say, show me cars with only one owner pretty cool it's perfect. that's the power of carfax® find the cars you want, avoid the ones you don't plus you get a free carfax® report with every listing start your used car search at big and small. but when i feel my best, i am my best. and it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia probiotic two week challenge and enjoying activia yogurt twice a day. activia with billions of its exclusive probiotic helps take care of what's inside
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symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. as you all know, we recently had a chance to visit the beautiful dunne's castle in scotland. and we went to a monument that
9:22 am
you can too. >> and thanks to home away, one lucky winner plus 20 guests will get a vacation at dunne's castle this summer. don't miss your chance. it's also freebie friday, and by the way, we're giving two lucky fans on the plaza, trips to south walton, florida. three nights stay, a beautiful vacation rental and we're giving them round trip airfare for up to four people. let's do it. >> let's go see who wins the trip. how come i don't get to go anywhere cool like scotland. >> you say you want to come with us to scotland. >> can you imagine we do a concert from the castle? >> let's go. i'm ready. >> i was telling trace earlier this morning, this is one of my favorite parts of the show, because i feel like we can change somebody's life, get a way for a minute. >> but 20 friends.
9:23 am
>> in dunne's castle, can you imagine? >> i don't know if i could find 20 friends. >> let's do it. good morning. >> all right. >> here we go, trace. okay, good morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> good morning. good morning. you know what, trace? i'm going to go to you right here, how are you? >> tell me about your son. >> i was here 20 years ago and now i get to come here for my birthday. >> you want to win a trip to florida? >> yes. >> you're going. okay, trace, you get to pick the next one.
9:24 am
uh-oh! >> you're going to go to florida, baby. you want to go to florida? >> yes. >> is your mom here? where's your mom? you want to take her to florida for me? have fun, baby. all right. >> tears on a friday morning, that's priceless. dylan, what about our fans at home? >> we are not going to forget our fans at home, because they still have a chance to win, thanks to home away, and we're giving away one more trip to florida including a three night stay for four. coming up next, photos taking up too much space on your phone? the free app you'll want to down
9:25 am
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9:26 am
ouof n je rht w -thdrir othicam i'm sam brock. we are following breaking news right now. the driver of that kamcamaro wa killed after their bed smashed into a semi truck. their entire car ended up under the truck. a young passenger was injured and rushed to the hospital. he was in the backseat. we don't know the extent of their injuries right now. it happened at park avenue and m mcavoy street. we'll bring you a complete report for our 11:00 newscast. police looking for four men
9:27 am
believed to be involved in a violent dispute right downtown near hollow glen. witnesses say a group of men attacked a man in his 20s, beating and stabbing him. this happened about 8:00 last night in a parking lot near a key restaurant. the men involved got away before police got there. witnesses said the victim appeared to be alert and talking to police afterward. there is no update on that person's condition. coming up right after the break, we'll have a look at your weekend weather and traffic. be back in a minute and a half.
9:28 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a lot of sunshine in this forecast. as you step out the door, temperatures in the upper 50s in oakland, 55 degrees in livermore and 56 degrees in fairfield. we have a wind advisory that still continues today, especially for parts of the north bay as well as the east bay and south bay in the hills where winds may gust up to 50 miles an hour, and that may bring down some of the trees. otherwise we're in for a very nice day and highs reaching into
9:29 am
the 70s. let's head over to mike for an update on the roads. >> look how clear these roads are, mostly. the south bay shows some slowing, really dramatic slowing in northbound 101 as you approach oakland road. jamming up from a crash in that 87 merge. that is the slowest section for san jose. that crash should be clearing to the shoulder soon. the rest of the south bay moves well. a live look outside, show you the scene across the san mateo bridge. there may be gusty winds in the high rise. mike, thank you very much. we'll be back in 30 minutes with more news.
9:30 am
in case it's not in your hans anymore. we fill you in on all the best ands to download. today it's all by extreme makeovers with lifestyle expert. >> your appy spring. >> let's start with something i'm supposed to be doing. spring cleaning, you call this one tinder for photos. >> i have 8,000 photos in my library, this very morning, i tried to take a photoof my son. eyes closed, i had to take 30 photos and i finally settled on one that's not even that good. so if you're like me, you have
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so many photos. that's why i love in app because it enables you to take all those photos off your phone, you can clear them out, they live in the cloud so you can actually reduce the storage that's on the phone and group all your albums. >> so there is a backup that they go to. >> that's always a backup, that means there's never going to be that moment when you try to take a photo and you're out of storage and it always happens when you're about to get that one. >> you have another app to organize your bills, your receipts, other important documents? >> we're going into file this. we're going into tax season. that's why file this. with file this, you can actually, you can add in all your bank account information, you can put in phone bills that are due, utility bills, everything and here you go. this is, if you're looking at these screen shots, don't get too excited.
9:32 am
that's not my actual bank account, i haven't released my own tax records yet. but you can actually see -- >> you can actually put some of these documents in this app? >> bank level security on here and you can actually see a schedule of when all of your bills are coming due and pay them directly from the app, which is nice. helps keep you very organized so you can run off to your kids to take photos. >> this app that keeps you honest. >> the food fillet. >> i never trust the food in my refrigerator. >> i feel like i'm always doing the smell test. luckily you don't have to do that anymore from food fillet, it keeps a tally of everything that's in your fridge and tells you how many days left until it spoils. if it's not in there, you can choose it's not in there because it's in my belly, or it shows you recipes you can make based
9:33 am
on what's in your refrigerator. >> so if you're shopping from amazon fresh, apple cart, safe way, it automatically goes into the app. >> also home projects, trying to keep those more on track. >> yes, when you go into the app it asks you a bunch of questions about yourself, any pest problems at your home? >> my kids. no, love my children. >> do you cook dinner at home a lot? it will actually start showing you, make after dinner cleanup earlier, it will learn the kind of homeowner or renter that you are. it will show you things, hate spiders, it will show you, okay, pest control. and it gives you a lot of great fun diy projects too you can do, how to color code your keys. >> and cleaning, it makings it more fun. >> and free, as always. >> and don't forget, you can
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bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal. with glycolic acid... visibly reduces wrinkles and reveals brighter skin. all this power in one little pad. bright reveal peel pads from l'oreal skin expert, paris. this morning on "today" food, dinner in 30 minutes. we have got lemon and chile
9:38 am
prawn linguini. >> i have never put on an apron before. for you ladies i'm going to put it on. >> it's a lemon chili prawn linguini. we're going to have a side that's super healthy. if you just want to make the pasta dish, it's 10 minutes from start to finish including the prep. i call them prawns, i know you guys call them shrimp. let's get cooking. let's have one on either side. we have got some linguini. and aalways keep some of the pasta back. and it keeps it from sticking together.
9:39 am
we're going to pop it in there. and then while that's waiting to be done. we have got lovely fresh chile, fresh ginger, fresh parsleparsl want to have some shrimp that's going to override of the of the shrimp flavors. >> why do you leave on the tails? >> that kind of holds the shrimp together. trace, you want to put the lemon juice in? >> genius, well done. >> okay, smell this. amazing, right? it's so gorgeous and so easy. a lot of times when i'm playing around with recipes, i always instagram it as i go long and
9:40 am
post the variations. we're going to put tomatoes in here. i've got lovely lemon zest. and i put that in with the pasta. and flat leaf parsley in there as well. and there we have got the dish and what it looks like. always put your pasta into the sauce to absorb all the gorgeous flavors. >> then it goes right into the pan? >> so easy. >> and the side dish? >>ed asparagus. you rose your asparagus for six minutes in a hot oven or a griddle pan. then you put in your asparagus like that. so gorgeous. >> fresh avocado. >> gorgeous avocado. >> and home made dressing.
9:41 am
>> exactly the home made aspara it comes out looking like this. >> are you enjoying it? this is delicious. >> trace, are you going to make supper tonight? >> they're going to figure this out. >> he's putting on tabasco sauce. do you do that for everything? >> mostly. >> we aren't going to see the best weather up across new england where some heavy snow is possible, especially in the mountains and we could see some strong storms, especially in the middle of the country, large hail, damaging winds a possibility. then on sunday, those severe storms continue to spread
9:42 am
on sunday we continue on with these above average temperatures into next week and more dry weather through at least next thursday. coming up next, our special country music superstar trace country music superstar trace adkins right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it country music superstar trace adkins in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva.
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the city concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> for more than two decades trace adkins distinctive baritone voice has gotten him four grammy nominations and won him a spot in the grand ole opry. >> he's performing his latest single "watered down." trace adkins. >> thank you. ♪ ♪ i don't go all in but i'll
9:47 am
take a gamble ♪ ♪ and i don't burn both ends of the candle anymore ♪ ♪ i take the corners slower and steady ♪ ♪ this chip on my shoulder it ain't so heavy anymore ♪ ♪ we still fly like gypsies ♪ just a little closer to the ground ♪ ♪ and we still love our whisky ♪ now it's just a little watered down ♪ ♪ couple girls i could have
9:48 am
married married someone else ♪ ♪ and these torches i still carry don't burn like hell the way they used to ♪ ♪ the backside of 40 ain't near as crazy ♪ ♪ and sunday morning ain't near as hazy anymore ♪ ♪ we still fly like gypsies ♪ just a little closer to the ground ♪ ♪ and we still love our whisky ♪ now it's just a little watered down ♪ ♪ those old ghosts still chase
9:49 am
me ♪ ♪ but feels like they're losing ground ♪ ♪ yeah i'm still crazy ♪ but now i'm just a little watered down ♪ ♪ watered down >> fantastic. i. >> that's so good. >> thank you so much, your new album "something's going on" is out now. coming up, the man who inspired so many geniuses like bil
9:50 am
9:51 am
9:52 am
we are thrilled to have a comedy legend who's considered a pioneer. robert klein has inspired greats like jay leno and billy crystal. >> i actually saw the very first comedy special that was ever on hbo. >> 1975. and i was also the mean director in hooper. only one broken ankle with 36 stunt men. >> not bad. >> one of the most dangerous -- i just watched, oklahoma. >> now you have a new documentary called robert kline still can't stop his leg. >> a ping-pong display, with the soda, because it's a natural. i think soda, think ping-pong, soda, ping-pong. paddles are by the laxatives. >> robert, good morning, such a
9:53 am
ble pleasure to have you here. ♪ ♪ i can't stop my leg >> all of the nine hbo specials, i ended with it, including in spanish. ♪ >> and for supposedly smart comedians, pretty stupid. i was just the subject of it. if you don't know who i am, you would say what a crazy title. and if you know the gag, then you know. >> i was about to start singing with you. >> i would love to sing jimmy brown. >> t >> for a kid from the bronx, i love bluegrass.
9:54 am
i went to see foggy bottom boys. 300 new yorkers. thank you, neighbors, thank you so much. and it's, you know, i'm american, you know what i mean? >> i have to say i was watching you last night and so many comedic heavy weights are in the film and you influenced them. >> they're all great comedians, they say it, it's heart felt. it's sort of like huckal berry finn and it's my eulogy. part of that is i'm still alive and i'm still working, and i feel good about it. they say great things. but leno, he said when you're a kid in rural massachusetts and you want to go into comedy, people come up to your mother
9:55 am
and say, they say, is jay over that comedy things? and jay is a pretty normal kid, he went to college and he's a comedian. used to be, only the guys with tuxedos are telling the jokes. >> you go on stage without a net, it's just you, i go out there, i got six to seven guys with me. but not you, man. >> you don't need six or seven men, you could take them all on. >> you're still doing standup there? >> absolutely. i have a show tomorrow night in rhode island. it's such a small state, you'll know which theater. >> it's capes me. it's the theater in rhode island. >> thank you so much for being here, your special ocorng cmuttr 30 jakob poeltl.
9:56 am
we still have some very gusty winds out there. hold onto your hats. also temperatures reaching the low 70s. those gusts may top 30 miles an hour, but then winds calming
9:57 am
down this afternoon, and san francisco expected to be another nice one, up to 69 degrees and 76 degrees in the north bay. we'll see more of this weather heading into the weekend, even a little warmer tomorrow. let's head to mike on the morning commute. >> the gusts of wind a warning across any of the bay area bridges. the two incidents i'm talking about right now causing a lot of slowing for 101. the crash in san jose clearing to trimble airport. it's a distraction for both directions. only one lane southbound is blocked. up here in palo alto, northbound 101, slowing coming up near palo alto. clearing up there. in san jose, nbc sky ranger is over a deadly crash between a s car and a semi flatbed truck.
9:58 am
the driver of that car was killed after slamming into the semi and going underneath it. a 10-year-old girl who was a passenger in the car is doing okay. she was taken to the hospital but she was not hurt. we have a crew on scene right now. we'll bring you updates throughout the morning in our 11:00 newscast. k.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news. this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's march 31st. this is craig -- >> it's my last day. i'm in for hoda and then i'm done. i have to go back to los angeles. i feel bad. i feel like our summer romance is over. >> that's -- it was so fun. it was so fun. >> it's nice. >> that's history by olivia holt. i'm sure she's a lovely girl. i'm showing my ignorance. >> i've never heard of her,ut


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