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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 31, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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rht w a11: hoifyg crh..a sr right now at 11:00, a horrifying crash. a sports car wedged under a semi acuck, and now we know the man taiind the wheel did not survive. the 10-year-old girl in his back eat is at a hospital in the ingth bay. sood morning and thanks for sa2ning us. i'm kris sanchez. a> and i'm sam brock. this happened during the morning clmmute on park avenue and mcevoy please close to downtown nan jose. ue've got a live report from the scene. the car flushed underneath the flatbed. horrifying to see. what do we know now about the little girl? >> reporter: it sure is, sam and kris, and when we first arrived we saw the car still underneath
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the big rig. they have made some progress here. the car has been pulled out from under the truck, and we're told that the dead man's body has been removed from the car. it's such a tragic zone. it happened around 7:30 this morning at park avenue and mcevoy street. traffic investigators are here trying to determine what exactly happened, whether the sun in the driver's eyes was a factor, speed, or what else may have caused the deadly accident. the semi truck driver stopped and is cooperating with the investigation. >> we got a vehicle that was going eastbound on park and struck a semi. it was turning in front of it, a car passed the u.n. neat the trailer. the driver was deceased the at the scene. >> i saw the truck pulling out and all of a sudden a silver car cam in, bang. >> saw three flaggers on the south end of the accident. they waved the drug on to cross the lane as it was crossing up north on this street.
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>> reporter: police say the girl is being treated at a hospital and will be okay. back here live, you can see that the investigators are still on scene working on the semi truck here and the car is still on a tow truck, and we're told, again, that they are still going to be questioning some witnesses out here to figure out what exactly went wrong. reporting live in san jose, sharon katsuda. >> a very tragic scene, thank you very much. bb> a new video to show think morning of a man sprinting on a wet san francisco street. why? police say he's a robber bolting avlm the scene of a crime. orts happened back in february. poceras cask this man taking off down waverly street in san francisco in the opposite direction of a jewelry store he's been accused of robbing. police say the suspect smashed ihe window and stole 100,000 word of jewelry. they are asking for the public's help for any information that gn lead to their arrest.
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>> always cameras watching. r>> a search on now for a man on etninsula what flashed a young woman and young girl two days later. the first happened at westmore irk and the other in a nearby ftreet in a residential area. this sketch of the suspect was lfoeased described as either hispanic or white and about 6 feet tall. police say the suspect exposed himself to a 1-year-old woman at 12etmore park as she was walking mround 6:00 monday evening. thaice believe the same man lxposed himself on went to a 12-year-old girl who was walking along mariposa avenue around 2:30 in the afternoon. both of these locations are near westmore high school and jefferson elementary school and ne may also be driving what appears to be a 2003 toyota yamry with a sticker on the quiver's side near the bumper. iglice say the pictures are not very good quality, but they hope ihat the pictures will trigger something in someone's mind. turning now to your weekend forecast, it's going to be a great time to be outside though you might need a pony tail.
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lots of sun and warm temperatures and some wind. >> what were you using this morning for the wind? >> hair clips, little old lady 's r pins. check out kris's instagram account. on left side of the screen you see at&t park empty and that won't be the case tonight and dublin on right side. sunshine aplenty in both of foose shots. let's bring in meteorologist kari hall. >> take a look at this. a beautiful view of san francisco and nothing but clear skies out there. such a great way to start out this friday, but as you step out you know that it is windy out there, so as kris mentioned maybe a pony tail holder to help keep the hair in check. it's 62 degrees right now, and in oakland 64 degrees and livermore is 60 degrees and 63 degrees in san jose. as you head out and about, there will be some walkingitures going on in san francisco, first, up to 68 degrees with some sunshine and very warm, but we also have as we get a live look outside at
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palo alto some shaky wind conditions out there, so keep a tight grip on the steering wheel as we see the wind staying with us throughout the day. it does calm down throughout the weekend. we will take a look at the forecast coming up bat 11:20. haethanks very much, kari. 11:05 and search continuing for suspects involved in a violent crime that happened in the heart d san jose's willow glen neighborhood last night. a group of men stabbed and beat up a man in his 20s in the parking lot of a popular restaurant. h key which is right there on lincoln avenue, it all happened t 8:00 at night when plenty of cttks were out for dinner walking around. witnesses say they saw the uspect take off and one person helped the victim until police and paramedics could arrive on the zone. people we spoke to pm were pretty shaken up. 7> never robberies or any pcpicious activity so it's a little bit unnerving. >> we have called placed in with san jose police right now. at the moment the department has ent released any more foaormation about the suspect. and in the east bay, another
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anibbing in a public venue. inis time in a walmart inside ve bathroom. at happened had a little after 9:00 last night in antioch at he walmart on lone tree way and till crest. the two people were involved in some sort of a fight outside of the store. one chased the other person snside and officers were able to arrest the suspect at the scene no. thsd what kind of weapon was used in the stabbing or the everity of the injury. e>> a temporary reprieve for victim's of this week's massive apartment complex foyer in hockey land. phe shelter where many of them have been staying will stay open pamough the weekend instead of closing today. nbc bay area's peter suratos has more. >> reporter: good morning to you, back in the newsroom and, yes, we've seen an outpouring of support from folks in the ru=munity after people were displaced following that massive building fire that took place earlier this week. now we do know that this west oakland youth center will remain open as a shelter for the displaced residents through the weekend. as the city works on finding permanent housing for the residents we're learning what
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may have caused this fire. let's show you some of that video from the scene earlier this week during that four alarm fire that took the lives of four residents. the city of oakland is saying that this fire was accidental and was caused by a candle in a room. i know when i was on site earlier this week, a woman who was displaced mentioned that as a possibility and now that has been confirmed. we know that close to 80 people were displaced as a result of this fire. 10 of them were children, so we've seen schools come in and pitch out and here's a principal talking about that work. >> there was a node for something more, to help them with housing and to get back on their feet so we started a gufnd campaign called hoover family recovery fund, and in 24 hours we've raised a little over $6,000. >> now this apartment billing on san pablo and meade avenues had several complaints including mold, a lack of heat in the
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building and not providing basic fire equipment for the tennants. the majority of this building was used as transitional housing for those who are mentally ill, the homeless population or for those getting out of prison. they do have a lawyer representing those tennants and they will hold a news conference so talk about the building conditions and the that news conference will take place at 3:00 p.m. >> pete suratias, nbc bay area news. moiee people eskind an early morning five recall but their duplex is pretty much gone. rhe fire happened in a neighborhood east of coyote creek. firefighters arrived at 12:30 and asked homeowners nearby to edave their own homes as a precaution. after half an hour fire fight khe fire was out, but most of those units were damaged. w nat will you the three people living there were not hurt. this is what it was like when the fire was over early this morning. crews got to work boarding up
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those windows to help keep people out. asanwhile, investigators will continue to look for the cause. >> krrks now that north carolina ias officially repealed its controversial bathroom law san n ancisco is considering letting city workers once again travel oo the tar heel state on business. laty employees were barred from traveling to north carolina last year after that state egislature required a law requiring transgender people to use a bathroom corresponding to o-l sex on their birth certificate. hat's also a law that prevents anti-discrimination laws in certain cities. d> the "bathroom bill was repealed yesterday but many say it's not going as far enough. >> a live look at the at&t park dhere even the seagulls are taking a break for the moment. ahead of sunday ice major league maseball opening day the giants
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n yed their first have i braj tydies, the giants 307b9 3-0. tom the series moves to the coliseum. >> and then on sunday the games count for real. that's the saturday of the major league baseball season. >> are you going to be there? >> i don't think i'll be there because they are in arizona i believe. eamthat's true. hhen they come back, i'll be there. .>> president trump's former national security adviser asking for immunity. the deal that michael flynn is ushing for before he tells what he knows. >> and ready to work? when employees might start working here. >> and bumble bee bundle. >> we've recovered over $500,000 for our viewers. if you want call us at =ks/2ot=app wi ke a ry
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all right. that is a look from the nasdaq this morning in some mixed trading so far today. the nasdaq is down about 3.25 points. the s&p down about 3.5. the dow jones has dipped 54 points. >> so apple is going to keep a very close eye on a visit by the chinese president next week. >> yeah. scott mcgrew, president xi jinping will be visiting mar-a-lago on thursday. >> reporter: yeah, not the white house, and that's not unusual. president reagan hosted poet margaret thatcher and mick hail of gorbachev at his ranch here in california instead of in washington. the reason apple and other high-tech companies are concerned about the visit is the tone that our president, president trump, is striking ahead of the visit. prunchlgs as you know, has threatened to slap huge tariffs on products made in china. thursday, our president tweeted the meeting next week with china will be a very difficult one in that we can no longer have massive trade deficits and job
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losses. american companies must be prepared to look at other alternatives. iphones, of course, are made in china. what's mysterious is what does the president mean about alternatives? does he mean bringing manufacturing back to america or just not manufacturing in china? we'll find out more next week. we reported last week cheerios launched a marketing campaign that took its bee mascot off the cereal box to focus on the lack of bees in america. a biologist at colorado state university says the seeds may do environmental damage because of several of those place are invasive. one of the plants listed on the packets is the chinese forgotme-not. that's a weed and general needs says the seed supplier has assured that seed is not in the pact and says the rest of the seeds are what you would find in any pact in any garden store. guys. >> who knew.
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cupertino has seen the spaceship is ready, and that's apple use new campus and 12,000 apple employees will be moving in and for months apple has said it will be in april. tomorrow is april 1stst. the moving--in process is supposed to take six months. that's a lot of biking up. >> you won't see any more rental bikes from bluegogo. they were accused of ignoring city rules and licensing requirements. it allows city residents to use any bike and return it back to any rack in the city. the company says all the bikes will be gone by today. >> all right. thank you, kris. developing story in washington. the russia investigations are heating up with reports that the white house was involved in sharing classified information that the whistleblowers that devin nunes was talking about
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was the white house. plus, one of the key figures fired from the trump white house now wants to tell congress what he knows. we get the very latest from nbc's tracie potts live on capitol hill. >> a congress a.m. official tells nbc that former national security advisers mike flynn now wants to testify in exchange for immunity. >> we don't want people taking immunity back at the congress so the justice department cannot make the case that they may want to make against them. >> trump tweets this morning flynn should seek immunity in what he calls a witch-hunt of historic proportions, this has new details emerge about the russia investigation. the "new york times" reports two white house staffers, a national security official and attorney michael ellis helped congressman nun eds see classified information. >> i'm not talking about anything. >> reporter: "the washington post" named. third, national security counsel lawyer john isenberg.
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>> i have no idea. >> reporter: are these the same white house staff that reportedly discovered them in the ordinary course of business, so why all the cloak and dagger stuff? >> reporter: now the white house wants to show select lawmakers heading the investigations, what is it calls evidence that information about americans was mishandled or leaked. on the senate side lawmakers are learning how russia tried to influence your vote. experts say the president used some of those same methods. >> this is the party that was tough on the, tough on russia an now we have a president that's using russian brand to go after his opponent. and for the accused white house staffers president trump stepped in to keep at least one of them from being fired. tracie potts, nbc news, washington >>the very latest there, thank you. secretary of state rex tillerson is renewing trump administration's pressure on nato partners to contribute more
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financially. secretary tillerson met with nato ministers in brussels. this is his first nato people to make sure he could attend. following the meeting secretary tillerson says they need to finance all the measures to keep things functioning properly. several students allegedly posted racist and offensive pictures online and then were allowed to go back to class rather than be expelled. yesterday hundreds of students at albany high school staged a sit-in as the seven accused students in the cyber bullyingcation snuck out the back door, the side doors after school. >> when we all confronted them, a lot of people spoke out in the crowd.
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called out their names and a lot of those people are covering their faces and some are smiling and laughing. a warning right now for commuters who use the ferry. people who use the larkspur ferry are being warned of jaywalking and for good reason. ferry users have cut across from the fer lending for the overly all parking and there's a bend in the room there so drivers have no one to see this. the quake was centered 20 miles west of holster. the usgs says it was a 4.0 magnitude quake and we did call our folks at our sister station in monterrey and they say it felt like light rolling. >> just a little blip on the seismograph. when you're planning your
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weekend schedule, you're working with some great material, sunshine and 80-degree temperatures. >> you can't do any better than that. >> no. >> i've got some amazing video that will top it off on this friday as we get ready to head out of here. here's a live look from nbc bay area sky ranger over the south bay and it's gorgeous. take a look at this, and this is how we start out our weekend, so it's been pretty windy. i'm pretty sure the pilot had a hard time some of our ram race are shaking. temperatures in the 60s. a live look outside at the east bay in oakland, and it's 64 degrees. we are heading into the low to mid-70s today and the seven-day forecast is coming up in the bottom of the screen. if you have to work this weekend, you'll be missing out on the warm weather. don't worry about it. it continues into next week. we're up to 71 today in the tri-valley.
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69 degrees today in san francisco. so one way to enjoy all of this beautiful weather, how about heading out to at&t park preseason game between the giants and the a's. this is game two, and it will be in the upper 60s as you are most likely driving to at&t park just stuck in traffic. . you know how slow it can be and going throughout the evening going so see the temperatures hold and bring layers and something to bundle up in and we do the wind advisory and other areas where we see the shades of brown this is where we have wind gusts up to 50 miles an hour. we've seen that already and as this expires i do expect that it will still stay breezy with the winds blowing offshore. 3:30 in the afternoon and winds blowing in at 15 at times up to 20 minutes.
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look at half moon bay. later on this evening we'll have the winds blowing around a lot of pollen hand now we're also seeing a moderate level of grass pollen so that's something new that you'll have to worry about and may keep you sneezing throughout the weekend. if you're planning to head to santa cruz weekend, tomorrow, we'll start out through and then after seeing the temperatures reaching into the mid-70s and the sunblock and you most likely won't need a jacket until you're later on this even. that's coming up a little bit later, kris and sam. >> all things weekend. >> thanks. california's failing rodways
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have been in the this week. and in georgia a massive fire brought down a huge chunk of freeway and the long just approved a multi-million dollar settlement and that means president trump will have to pay out to several who brought charges and the two used an internet chat room to catch thousands before being caught.
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a massive fire in atlanta burned right through the freeway causing a fire on the roadway below, and would you believe nobody was hurt. >> that is hard to believe. >> isn't it. the impact will be so great that the governor there declared a state of emergency. >> and as you can fell tell from that video this won't be a quick fix. either the atlanta mayor says they expect a long-term transportation crisis for the region. nbc's gabe gutierrez has more. >> reporter: incredibly this morning the mass i ever fire is still smouldering. that's the chunk of i-85 that is missing. georgia's governor has declared a state of emergency and some area schools are closed. at the hoyt of the evening
11:27 am
wojer. >> on the intercess this the a huge, huge fire eruptedner been tune and thick black smokes and an elevated section collapsed. >> you had can hear. >> the country at a standstill in one of the countries's largest cities. we've got spring break traffic and the first braves game that's coming into town so it couldn't have happened at a worse time. >> reporter: investigators are now working to find out what caused the fire. the area underneath the free which way used to store plastic. no veers were on the section of the road this time. that's because traffic had stopped minutes before when drivers first saw the flames. >> remarkably no one was hurt. gers are now inspecting this section of the road to see how
11:28 am
much of it has been compromised. it could be month before this section of the highway is repaired. gabe guite reds, nbc news, atlanta. >> as gabe said, a high-volume area there to begin with. thank you. a live look at the bay bridge and all clear heading to the toll plaza, but that's often not the case in the morning commute or evening commute. if you drive through that area you know how painful it can be to get over the bridge and a new poll out by the bay area council finds that more than 80% of people in the bay area have reached a cries level. 70% said they would support new taxes or anything for that matter to help fix the product. >> a warm spring station is wrapping up its first full workweek and now there may be luv for thetation that nisled years ago. the talks keel about ten years
11:29 am
and city leaders voted to re-evaluate that station because of new funding option. it would create a new stop between the new warm springs station and the fremont b.a.r.t. station. >> more options now for commuters. that would be nice. robbed at gunpoint in a city not used to making headlines. come up, folks in the quiet east bay down of miraga are hurt. what we know about the victims that make this crime so shocking. thromen aexcsiveasbacit anldey a
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robbed at gunpoint an elderly couple recovering from the traumatic experience. >> this happened not far from the country club in moraga. >> the wife screamed really
11:32 am
loud. >> reporter: when ivan heard screaming he knew something was wrong. his wife came out and saw the neighbor in a tug-of-war with her purse. >> one guy was crabbing her purse and the robbery happened around 10:30 in a drive way of a home on indian wells street in moraga. >> there was a basketweave struggle with the male victim and one of the suspects and the other suspect was reportedly armed with a gun. >> both men in their 20s got away. this armed robbery is one that turned violent last year when a woman was shot and her husband pistol whipped in the driveway of their home. in this case the couple was not hurt. tonight neighborhood patrol is keeping watch on the community. police say people who live in these safe cities should not feel they are immune to violent crime. >> make sure we're aware of our surroundings doing basic crime
11:33 am
prevention techniques like locking your doors and looking around your surroundings and making sure you're new york city followed. >> police tell shared hurd they want the neighborhood's help in solving this case and are looking for surveillance video from anyone who lives in the area. >> we have new details in the quadruple killing in sacramento that has ties to the bay area. the man accused of killing four people initially confessed to his cousin and the cousin then called police. 56-year-old salvador vazquez is accused of killing his wife, their two kids and his niece last week. he was later found and arrested in san francisco. >> four people are behind bars accused of being part of the infamous burglary ring. that group has been involved in several incidents including burglaries at pricey union square stores. this happened after a robbery and a chase. police estimate that these thieves allegedly stole upwards
11:34 am
of $1 million statewide. >> continuing coverage right now and today the abilityin garcia torres murder trial takes a day off. he's accused of killing morgan hill teenager sierra le mar. yesterday defense lawyers poked holes in the evidence in that case. the defense has been claiming that a strandch le mar's hand found on rope in garcia torres' car was planted. to prove that they showed two photos one from the crime scene which their photography expert said showed no hair and then another photo was taken months later which showed hair. prosecutors counted that the hair was invisible because of the camera lens used to take the picture. >> new details we first broke on today in the bay wednesday morning. a suspect sunday arrest in connection with the fire at the money than mushroom farm. sheriffs say gilbert flores, a transient intentionally set the fire. the fire ripped through five greenhouses and storage containers there and luckily no
11:35 am
one was hurt. >> english only at forever 21. that's troubling accusations made against the popular chain. the trendy retailer forever 21 is accused of telling employees that they can only speak english on the job. nbc bay area's kristi smith has that story from san francisco. >> reporter: outside forever 21 in san francisco you can hear many languages but a lawsuit suggests that wasn't always the case for workers. >> one day they were speaking from management and someone from management came and said english only and that was implemented not only during the work day but when they were on breaks, too. >> reporter: it involved three workers who began as maintenance associates. >> when they were hired, they were asked to speak english. >> reporter: two at one point may have served as cashiers, but they all ended up at la raza central legal telling they were told they could only speak english in the store. a discrimination complaint was fired with the department of fair employment and housing and then the lawsuit. >> you can only apply these
11:36 am
rules if you have a clear business and if not you can't implement this kind of rule and you have to explain to the employees you implement this kind of rule and when are the times you cannot speak only english. >> reporter: forever 221 released this statement. while we do not comment on pending litigation forever 21 committed to diversity and inclusion in all of our stores and does not have any policies with regards to the language spoken in our stores. tailed shoppers told us they wouldn't expect such a rule. >> we were conversing in spanish inside a store and an employee asked us in spanish if we needed assistance so i felt welcomed as soon as she asked that so i'm really surprised. >> reporter: kristi smith, nbc bay area news. >> and now we have breaking news right now for b.a.r.t. riders. a big problem for the transit agency this morning and b.a.r.t. is now warning it's experiencing
11:37 am
major delays for all trains headed to and from peninsula stations including sfo because of an equipment problem. >> to try to help out riders what b.a.r.t. is saying they are working with samtrans and caltranz but it's a 30 to 40-minute delay if you're planning on making b.a.r.t. >> that's enough if you're headed to sfo so make sure you make other plans. today is march 31stst, caesar chavez day. the california labor leader is being honored and civil rights activist. in oakland the alameda county food bank is hosting hundreds of organizations and community volunteers. the volunteers met at 8:00 this morning and ever since then they have been sorting and packaging food for local families. also happening today, a push to employ more young people in the bay area. san francisco mayor ed lee is
11:38 am
launching his annual youth jobs initiative in just a few hours. he and the united way in the bay area will challenge private and public service sectors to hire youth workers for summer and year round positions. they will officially launch that initiative today. >> all right. a south bay high school student is feeling motivated right now after facing off with thousand of singers in a virtual audition for nbc's "the voice." >> he came away unsuccessful, but that is not stopping him. the 17-year-old gilroy teen was a finalist in the tv show's snapchat video competition and the entry was pitted against other contestant videos for a spot gwen stefani's virtual team. this is a new twist, right? >> i think so. >> and he says the experience gave him a lot of confidence to pursue his singing career. we had some video of him. i don't know if we can pull it up right now but here's what he had to say. >> i still feel like i won because this experience is really eye-opening and it showed
11:39 am
me like -- it just gave me a lot of confidence. >> look alternate smile. he has every reason to be confident. the high school student says that his friends encouraged him to send in a video entry at the last minute and even though "the voice" is now behind him, he says he's going to continue sharing his talent. >> all right. i would love to hear that. right now an amazing story of survival. an 85-year-old woman spent five case stranded in her car with only a few items in the colorado mountains. >> one of my biggest fears. she's now speaking out about that ordeal and nbc's miguel almaguer has her story. >> this morning 85-year-old ruby jean stein is back behind the wheel after the ride of a lifetime. >> look at my poor car. >> reporter: great grandfather surviving in her sentra after become stuck in the snow and ice. >> everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: ruby and her cat nikki spend five agonizing days
11:40 am
and four freezing nights at the end of a lonely road trapped in the mud out-of-gas and with no cell service. stein used safety pains to fasten a blanket from clothes and scooped up and melted down snow to stay hydrated and rationed the food she had to make it nearly 120 hours in the cold. >> people asked me what do you do? i said what do you do in a car for five days, you know. nothing. but i -- i just had to say call. i had to figure out and not a lot i could do from it. >> headed home from her grand daughter's house ruby was looking for i-70 and instead turned down a small country road driving 20 miles the wrong way. flyers were soon plastered all over town but it wasn't until two hikers stumbled upon ruby. >> i heard a voice coming from the back seat of the car, very faint. >> that she was later reunited with her grand doubter.
11:41 am
>> it was amazing and sad and just great at the same time. i was just so thankful. >> very, very grateful. >> yeah, that we were able to bring her home to you. >> after a road trip she will never forget, ruby and her nikki are backs home beating the odds together. >> it's out of this world. it's -- it's just -- that's something i'm starting to think i was never going to have again. >> they say cats have nine lives. >> and maybe nikki had a few to spare. >> oh, my goodness. >> miguel almaguer reporting, and we can tell sheer's obviously loved by her grandchildren a lot and by nikki the cat. >> i'm just glad. she actually left her granddaughter's house early trying to get ahead of that snow storm when it happened. >> all right. >> no more road trips. >> no big road trip in the future and one thing for certain that ruby knows is how to make
11:42 am
the best of a bad situation to be resilient to keep your pets and companions around. >> don't scare us like that again. >> coming up, are kari is tracking your weekend. you shouldn't have any weather problems as you're making your way around town. >> keep a tight grip on the steering wheel. a live look outside at oakland and getting bugsy on this friday. we'll take a look at some weekend plans and what you may be doing and the weather for that coming up in less than five minutes. >> we have had another successful week putting money back in people's pockets. i'm consumer investigator economies camorra. nbc bay area responds next. logd i fi-thsanth compinthiseek
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you think you hear a lot of complaining in your life and nbc bay area sports with its 5,000th complaint this week. >> and a lot of complaining at the dinner table. consumer investigator chris camorra joining us with a look at some of the cases that he's causing, chris? >> reporter: you're team hit the 5,000 mark on touts and now our consumer investigative center is averaging about 25 new cases per business day. here's some of the most recent success stories in the south bay. she asked for help with a 2,200 medical building error and with one e-mail we helped sort it out and saved her the $2,200. john in san francisco wrote us about a fiasco involving a car warranty. we spoke up and helped john recover the $1,400 he says he was owed. and a local shoe store returned $200 to anne in campbell after
11:46 am
we stepped in. she spent $200 on a pair of shoes and never received them or a good explanation why she didn't get them. if have you a consumer complaint let us know. the number is 888-996-tips or online at >> i was looking at one of your post, kari, about the wildfires -- not fire but wildflowers. they are really taking off. >> beautiful, and they are -- you're kind of finding the airs yaz of absolute beauty because of all of the rain that we've had. >> now behind the cold front that we had yesterday take a look at the wind speeds absand is drive across the san mateo bridge there's a sign that says hi gust on the ridge and the gusts right now at about
11:47 am
$20 miles per hour. here's a look at the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. a lot more sunshine temperature rise and low to mid-60s as you head out the door. you're going to seat high temperatures today reaching 62 degrees at half moon bay and 73 degrees in palo alto and san jose and 76 for the high in concord. planning to head to the beach. looking at the high temperatures today reaching 61 degrees and the risk of some of those sneaker waves coming in. the winds are coming in from the north northwest at 22 miles per hour and then we head down to ocean beach with a high of 67 degrees and the risk of some rip currents there. just make sure you never turn your back to the water and bring lots of sunscreen and cool temperatures and a little bit warmer in santa cruz and it will be even warmer tomorrow so that will be a better day to head to
11:48 am
santa cruz. as we get a look at how much know we've had. we ear now at 83.3 inches which beats the old report set back in 1928 so we've had an amazing winter and the average precipitation index in april that was taken so we've got 42 inches there. a live look outside at kirkwood and you can see the clouds lingering and snow flurries and if you're heading over towards the sierras you shouldn't have major travel issues but just alou some extra time to get there and highs reaching into the upper 40s and heading into the beach for monterrey and heading down to the beach it will be in the upper 60s tomorrow and also going to seat high temperatures into the mid-60s and heading to the win
11:49 am
country. it will be breezy and look at how warm it will be for tomorrow, up to 81 degrees and sunday 75 degrees. want to show you the seven-day forecast because if you don't get a chance to enjoy it this weekend it still continues next week. we'll still have upper 60s in san francisco and inland areas close to 80 degrees. i think quite a few spots, pegtsly in the north bay, will be hitting the low 80s and next week we'll see see some well below average temperatures. >> thank you very much, karen. >> stanford grad vowing to bring more diversity into the tech world and coming up the unique way she's connecting grads with companies into today's bay area proud. thy lo toun emsvesouof sins . by
11:50 am
11:51 am
so a lot of non-profits say they would lover to run themselves out of business to fix the problem they are focused on' very few put an actual date on when that would be. >> this seems to be the exception to the rule. a san francisco nonprofit
11:52 am
focused on diversity and tech has done just that. garvin thomas is here with their story in today's bay area proud. >> reporter: laura says code 2040 got its name because 2040 is the decade when minorities become the majority in the united states. she believes it's critical to all of us and our that they reach a similar milestone in the world of technology. >> when laura weidman powers entered the tech world close to a decade ago there were a few things that made her different from those around her. her gender and race were the two obvious runs. >> i just found myself in more and more rooms where i would look around and would be like there's nobody else that looked like me. >> reporter: other thing was different though was laura edesire to do something about it. >> we knew that there were more talented folks from different backgrounds than were getting a shot to succeed, so i think it's important that that is in there. >> qualified black and latino
11:53 am
candidates were out there laura was convinced and technology companies just weren't looking in right places to find them. which is just what code 2040, the nonprofit laura founded in 2012 does. their very first year 2040 worked with just five fellows. computer science students given a crash course in the tech world with summer internships at top companies. code 2040 has done nothing but grow since then. >> well, we started with five fellows which was a five-person community and we have about 35,000 people in our community now. >> code 2040 now partners with a who's who of tech company giving student a color for a taste of the world that for many of them would otherwise seem out of reach. for her part laura has become a sought-after speaker and a movement to get more black and latino technologists into the field.
11:54 am
she says this is an issue critical for all of us, not just minorities. if tech companies want to become big and big parts of our world they will need do a better job looking like the world. laura says it's going to be a necessity in the future for technology companies to cast a wider net in order to get enough employees to keep growing. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> nice to see those efforts there. thank you, garvin. we'll be right back with breaking news right after this.
11:55 am
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okay. revisiting our bringing news. >> a transit agency that would definitely impact you heading to sfo and delays of up to 40 minutes. >> yeah. that was in and off of the penalty larks and i guess that has been an equipment problem that started that, and we're still hearing that those delays are going on and that does also affect all trains trying to get to sfo as well. >> agency says they are working with caltranz and sam tr l.a. ns to provide alternative options for passengers. >> the mornings haven't been so pretty to start but the finish, warm and beautiful. >> we've got more beautiful weather in the forecast today. going to see the highs in san francisco up to 69 degrees. >> does this mean we're going to the weekend pretty soon? >> we are. >> have a great one. >> see you at 5:00. live-stream your favorite sport
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stand by, everyone, we're live in five, four, three, two, one. [ applause ] okay. what a way to start our friday. you've got to feel it. >> oh, that's from sunday's "little big shots." i could not get enough of him. look what i have today. nina parker, scott evans and shagun are here for a little friday action. this is the way we roll.


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