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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  April 9, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ how many more children have to die before russia cares? >> targeted on the airfield. ♪ ♪ >> i'd like the public to know i was along with them. ♪ ♪ ♪ good morning, and welcome to "sunday today." i am willie geist. we are waking up to another morning of breaking news. bombings in two churches in egypt, dozens dead on this palm sunday. we'll have a report in just a moment. days after syrian air strikes, tensions rising around the world a russian war ship moves into the mediterranean and now the u.s. sending an aircraft carrier to the korean peninsula.
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we have it all covered and chuck todd is here to talk about president trump's week. later, our sunday sitdown with rashida jones, from roles on "the office" and "parks and recreation" and angie tribeca and using the star power and changing the role of women in hollywood. >> i'm in an industry obsessed with looks and youth and i'm in a town obsessed with youth and looks and i know you have more to give. you can cultivate your skills. you can't cultivate your looks, you
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mark's church and 11 people killed and 33 wounded and isis claiming responsibility for attacks and this was supposed to be a day of celebration the sunday before easter, kicking off holy week and shock across the country over the brazen attacks. the earlier one targeting a coptic christian church in the city of tanta, 50 miles north of cairo. 9:00 a.m. local time and the pews were packed with pham looks, and injuring 26 and injure dozens and horrific footage emerging on social media in the aftermath of the attack showing blood-stained pews and people screaming. an explosive device was planted inside the church and isis claiming responsibility for both attacks. egypt's christian community has been the target of an ongoing
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campaign by isis as well as other islamist groups and today's violence coming just weeks before pope francis was due to visit egypt. the pope this morning condemning the attacks saying he's praying for the victims. willie? >> lucy kavinof, thank you. tensions rising in two places of critical interest of the united states. aircraft carriers led by the "uss carl vinson." the russian government angered by the american air strikes on syria this week stepping up its military presence in the mediterranean just days before the visit of rex tillerson to moscow. nbc's chief white house correspondent hallie jackson is live in west palm beach near the president's mar-a-lago resort this morning. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: hi, will. good morning to you. new reaction now from north
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korea about that syrian air strike with the associated press reporting its foreign ministry calls it absolutely unpardonable. for president trump it's more aftermath from the military action as foreign affairs take center stage. >> far from mar-a-lago where the president's spending a sunny weekend, an ominous signal in the mediterranean. this russian war ship with its own cruise missiles at the ready, vladimir putin sending a clear signal to the u.s. after a syrian strike. he's not worried about russian retaliation. i see no reason that there would be retaliations since the russians were never targeted in this particular strike. tillerson warned by his russian counterpart that the strike plays into the president's hands. the president notifying congress behind the military action to protect vital national security and foreign policy interests. still, critics want more about the administration's long-term
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strategy for syria. the president's strike, a departure from his america first foreign policy. >> america first. remember that. >> reporter: the move triggering backlash from his base, but not from all his supporters. >> i know trump like he said was america first, but sometimes that doesn't always work out. >> reporter: steve bannon, the architect of that populist policy now appears to be quashing rumors he's at risk of getting ousted. a source close to the strategist tells nbc news bannon ain't going anywhere, viewing himself as a protector of the campaign promises fighting the west-wing democrats including jared kushner, but bannon, kushner and reince priebus look to be putting the back playing behind them holding an hour-long meet friday afternoon to, quote, bury the hatchet or at least show the president they're trying and donald trump apparently pleased with where things ended up. >> and this morning secretary of
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state rex tillerson is now wheels up to italy, an overseas trip that would include his first face to face with his russian counterpart when he heads to moscow. that trip, of course, willie taking on real significance in light of these new questions about the u.s.-russian relationship. >> hallie jackson with the president in florida. thanks so much. chuck todd is moderator of "meet the press." good morning, good to see you. >> good morning, willie. >> donald trump was praised not by all, but most congressional republicans after the a air strikes on syria in the response as what they saw the humanitarian crisis and the pictures of children in syria dying this week and he also got his supreme court nominee confirmed by the senate. a lot of people saying this was a good week for donald trump, what did this week mean to him and his presidency? >> well, look, i think he got a big win on the board. he hadn't had a win on the board in a while, and i'm talking about the neil gorsuch confirmation. >> right. >> it was ugly, and it wasn't
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very pretty how it went down in the senate and there are some that argue that the difference between him winning and losing this election was the supreme court vacancy. so that was his win on the board. look, i think the syria question, i think we don't know if we will look back on this and say this was a great week for him or a bad week for him. i think it all depends on what comes next with syria. i think there are a lot more questions than answers here. this was not candidate trump. this was not private citizen trump who was very skeptical of new interventions in the middle east, but this was a very, very limited military strike. it's clear this was president trump looking for something that was more symbolic to send a message, and at the same time, i think, essentially say okay, let's have a debate about what we should do with syria going forward. i think the best way to look at this is this is president trump signaling he's open to being
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convinced to do more in syria, but remember, he's skilltill a skeptic on whether doing more will work. >> the attack is open for business again and syria is flying sorties and going back and attacking same towns that were attacked just earlier this week. so what comes next now? that's the big question. that's not a apology and that's a one-day attack and that was 59, 60 tomahawk missiles. rex tillerson is going to moscow this week. what does he tell russian foreign minister sergey lavrov? >> i think the message seems to be, hey, this was not, you know, you've got to help us deal with this assad situation, but don't use this as an excuse not to work with us anymore. that seems to be its clear that that's the message secretary tillerson wants to carry there. i do think what we will see now going forward is a more open debate both inside the republican party which, frankly,
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is split on this and inside the democratic party which also is split on this, but i think you will have an open debate about number one, should he be given more authority in syria, and i think you will see a bunch of hawks inside the republican party view this as an opportunity to convince president trump to have a world view closer to theirs. so i think you will see almost a rush to convince the president to go further down this road. >> and it would be interesting to see if president trump who likes affirmation if he sees this kind of an attack as something that helps him. let's go inside the white house, chuck. you've been covering this pretty closely. jared kushner, senior adviser and also son-in-law to president trump, steve bannon representing the nationalist side of the party that didn't like the fact that the united states went after syria the other day. who wins here? is it the jared kushner wing or is it the steve bannon wing? what emerges as a stronger force upon president trump?
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>> you know, the old adage, blood is thicker than water and while jared is not technically blood, he's married to blood. i think that it is -- it is -- if steve bannon wants to stay in that white house he has to figure out how to co-exist with jared kushner. jared kushner is not the one who has to figure out with co-exist with steve bannon and reince priebus and that's the issue here and it's about whether steve bannon thinks that if he down plays his public persona a little bit, can he still win the influence of president trump over time? does he have the patience to keep his powder dry to sort of be there, perhaps win president trump when as we know he gets tired of aides every now and then, but do you keep -- do you sort of stay in the outer circle and hope you get brought back in to the inner circle. ask a corey lewandowski who while out of the circle never has fully been kicked out of the circle. he has found his way to stick
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around. bannon has to figure out how to co-exist with jared kushner. >> chuck todd, thank you as always and we'll be watching "meet the press" where chuck will be joined by u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley who had very strong words this week for russia. >> other headlines making news, starting with a man hunt in wisconsin. authorities are searching for a suspect who sent a bizarre manifest onto president trump and allegedly stole 16 weapons from a gun store. the city of sun prairie is stepping up its patrols after a suspicious man requested information about services at a church there. an acquaintance says 32-year-old jacob jacobowski threatened local schools. they're offering a $10,000 reward leading to his arrest. he is considered armed and dangerous. five children hurt after a strong wind blew away two bounce houses at a church carnival near greenville, south carolina. authorities say one of the
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inflatableities flew into a tree and the other into a power line. the children were sent to a hospital with two of the five in serious condition. >> the final round of the masters shaping up to be a great finish. justin rose and sergio garcia tied for 6 under par and garcia hoping to win a major for the first time in his career. right behind him, americans rickie fowler and jordan spieth. spieth hoping for redemption after that disaster in the final round last year. and ladies and gentlemen, frankly, we have buried the lead this morning because dylan dreier is back from maternity leave. >> i've been back for two and a half weeks and i'm finally back with you. >> he's beshe's been hanging ou the this cute little dude. >> look at this guy with his dimples. >> we are so happy for you and mr. cal. >> he's sleeping for you, apparently. >> he's been going ten, 11 hours at night. i'm not home to appreciate it.
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i'm waking up at 4:00 in the morning either way. >> he's sleeping like a teenage boy. >> thank you. >> so nice to be here and i am so happy to be able to talk about warmer temperatures and 15 to 20 degrees above average and all thanks to the area of high pressure and pumping in the southwest wind and temperatures in the 60s and 70s and new york city about 66 degrees and watch what happens as we start off the week. columbus, ohio, 77 by monday and we'll get close to 80 in new york and even boston should get into the mid-70s tuesday and st we are waking up to cold temperatures in the 30s in the north bay and even 40s along most of the area. livermore, 37 degree. santa rosa, 34. san francisco, 46 right now, and san jose, a cold 43 degrees. today, we can expect a dry seasonable day across the bay area. temperature trend should be warming up nicely into the upper 50s and 60s for a mostly clear sunday.
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>> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan thanks. stick around for the highs and lows of the week including the pepsi ad that made you want automatic out and have a coke. soft drinks, supermodels and social justice collides. and dancing, the couple whose moves burned up the internet this week. plus, where do the happiest children in the world live. we'll travel there and tell you society's fascinating secret. all of that coming up on "sunday today." as we go to break, a mermaid
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wait... wait... perfect. at del monte, corn is packed at the peak of freshness with just water and a dash of sea salt. nothing else. so it's all-natural and delicious. ♪ all right. i'm very excited because dylan's here to whip through the highs and lows of the week. >> we got chairs now. >> we've got chairs. >> it's all different. the first high goes to high fashion in a war zone, jared kushner, senior adviser and son-in-law to president trump this week introducing a new category of combat cocktail attire. kushner made a trip with the chairman of joint chiefs of staff to meet the troops with military leaders there. good for him for going but kushner's look struck observer as as eye bit formal.
6:19 am
going with the contact kiss and a personalized flap jacket to pull it together. i think he stepped off the plane and threw on his gear. it just looked like he was on a cruise. >> that's probably what he wears. the first logos to the ill-conceived attempt by a major soft drink key to co-op the social protest. in an ad with kendall jones of kardashian fame, pepsi sent a message between police and good looking americans holding protest signs. ♪ we are the joneses we're going to shine now we're the movement this generation ♪ >> the public reaction to the ad was swift and unkind. social media had a field day accusing pepsi of trivializing political movements many of the
6:20 am
memes placed pepsi like this one in tiananmen square with that. and pepsi pulled the ad and apologized saying clearly, we missed the mark. a man speaking out approached the city's mayor, reached into his pocket and pulled out a pepsi. then he walked away cracking one himself. >> any attention is good attention? but not in this case. i just don't think this one worked. >> are you a pepsi drinker? >> i don't drink much soda. >> the next one goes to the german couple that unwittingly became the most famous pair of dancers in the world this week. ♪ >> 70-year-old dietmar and his
6:21 am
lovely wife elia were participating in a dance competition and they threw down. they won numerous others in the boogie-woogie category. look at the moves. they were stunned to learn their routine had been seen by hundreds of millions of people around the world. dietmar saying, quote, we are quite flabbergasted with the video. >> i wonder if those are their original knees. >> i have a feeling they were replacements. the next logos to the depth one baby in mexico plunged during his baptism. this aggressive baptismal made the priest and baby star as the baby got a full face down dunking in the water during that blessed sacrament. one person on twitter saying it reminds her of the way wings are dipped in ranch dressing. did you do that with cal?
6:22 am
>> he had a little drip on his forehead, that was head. >> the next high goes to excellence. excellence in the field of promposal, do you know about these? where you go to great lengths to ask someone to your prom. if you saw "la la land," you know it opens on a freeway. a student at arcadia high school went to lengths to ask emma stone to his prom. ♪ you go sainsane ♪ ♪ ♪ emma stone please be the one ♪ >> nice work jacob. stone did decline graciously saying she's working in london
6:23 am
but called it the greatest proposal she's ever received. >> he kind of looked like a young ryan gosling. and the final logos to the missing ball trick. a chicago cubs swings and bounces out of a hit that hits yadier molina. yadier can't find the ball. he looks all around before realizing it stuck to his protector. a little extra pine tar on there or something. the cubs hit a big home run and went on to win the game. that's a lot of pine tar on your chest protector. >> remember that velcro thing with the ball? >> yeah, you could catch it. so good to have you back. coming up next, our "sunday sitdown" with rashida jones. on
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good sunday morning to you. here's a live look outside at the sunrise over san rafael on a very chilly sunday morning. i'm kyra, alongside vianey who has a check of our forecast. it's really cold. >> really cold. so much so that there are a few 30s on that map. even at this hour. and it look like we're going to stay cool for most of the day. at least we're not expecting any rain. there is a freeze warning for antioch, which means you could see patchy early morning frost. santa rosa, 34 right now. napa, 40. san jose, 43. half moon bay also in the 30s at 39, and san francisco, 44. at least the temperature trend is showing up warming up a bit
6:27 am
into the 50s for san francisco. by about 1:00, we should be at 58 degrees. mostly clear skies today. overcast hazy skies in some area. san jose, a very cold 43 right now and should warm up into the 60s. at 1:00, already at 59. we're still going to be on the cooler side of things. not warming up by much, but at least we're not expecting any more rain through tonight. the north bay may see some overnight showers but i'll talk more about that as you head into the work week. >> we'll stay tuned for that. we're following a developing story in the east bay. police are reviewing surveillance video, searching for who shot and killed a man and left him in a running car. police found the man's body in a car yesterday morning in a strip mall in newark. the 28-year-old victim worked at a barber shop just across the street. witnesses found him slumped behind the steering wheel and say they're shocked to see this happen in their city in broad
6:28 am
daylight. >> this is quiet town. stuff like this doesn't happen. >> the victim sustained a gunshot wound to the head and died on scene. >> police tell us this is not a random murder. according to crime data, the city of newark averages just one homicide per year. >> a high school teacher and student arrested for an alleged drug and theft scheme. police say the teacher at vunesia high school was giving her car keys to the student during school hours and the 17-year-old was stashing stolen items in the car. police say marijuana edibles also were found inside the teacher's car. the teacher, 23-year-old rihanna lane, admitted to the crimes and was released on a citation. the student was arrested and released to his parents. >> women at stanford are on heightened alert after two sexual batteries on campus just 20 minutes apart. both attacks happened friday night. the first attack happened alt 10:40 near the freshman dorms, a
6:29 am
bald white man groped a woman from behind while she was walking. 20 minutes later on the same street, a female jogger was groped from behind by a man with the same description. stanford university sent out a text warning students about the attacks. sheriff's deputies and campus department of public safety are doing extra patrols in the area. coming up at 7:00 on today in the bay, keeping visitors safe at yosemite with high-tech. we'll show you the national park's first ever online bear tracker. that plus all your top stories and weather at 7:00. right now, back to the "today" show.
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and can i tell you something, i actually see a lot of myself in you, bill. [ laughter ] >> thank you, mr. president. thank you for coming to my defense last week even though no one asked you to. you even went as far as saying, quote, bill o'reilly did nothing wrong. >> that's correct. >> that's based upon? >> hunch, just a loose hunch. [ laughter ] >> alec baldwin playing double duty on "saturday night live" playing president trump and bill o'reilly. just over a decade ago, rashida jones joined the cast of "the office" which starred steve carell. she made such a splash that the
6:31 am
spoof law and order-style tv dramas they asked rashida to play the title character angie tribeca. rashida grew up in the highest reaches of show business, but she's made a name on her own as one of the funniest, smartest actresses and producers in hollywood. rashida and i got together here in new york for a "sunday sitdown." ♪ >> so, i have to tell you, rashida, that i have a deep connection to "angie tribeca" because a lot of people think i'm on the show. >> it is crazy, you and hayes look-ali look-alike. you're the same size. >> how is that? >> are you 6'4"? >> uh-huh. >> you've got a prominent noggin. >> it fills the frame. >> rashida and my do thauple ha
6:32 am
play in from movies like "airplane" and "the naked gun." >> i'm sure you checked the harpoon serial number against the harpoon database, right? >> it's this kind of comedy where we're ruthless about telling jokes. there's like ten jokes a minute. we'll do anything for a joke. and the more serious we are, the dumber the jokes are and that friction is what's funny. >> the show isn't rashida's first comedy, of course, she got her big break playing karen on "the office"? >> what are you doing there? >> from there, she spent six seasons alongside her friend amy poehler on "parks and recreation." >> i'm way overdressed. >> you look great. we look great. everyone is looking at us. >> but with "angie tribeca"
6:33 am
rashida takes center stage. >> wait for my signal on five, four, three -- ten. >> is that scary to be the center? >> yeah. i'm the character. it was a little scary, i didn't want to fail. it's a hard thing to hit the bull's-eye with, this kind of comedy. ♪ >> ow! >> you had tons of amazing cameos, angie tribeca, including your mother. >> mom! >> what? you never call me. and i thought it would be fun to do something together. >> how did you get her to come on the show? >> it was really hard. it was really hard. her quote was high. she was difficult. she kept swinging for a couple times. it's been fun, she's been on a couple times now. we get to play with the idea
6:34 am
that she's my mom. >> rashida's mom is peggy lipton who starred on the "mod squad" in the '60s on the same paramount lot where "angie tribeca" is filmed. lipton later married quincy jones known among other things as producing michael jackson's "thriller" album. >> what did you want to be when you were growing up. >> i wanted to be the president and/or a judge and/or a lawyer. something where i was an enforcer. >> it was difficult to ignore show business, though. during a childhood spent hanging around close family friends like michael jackson. bubbles the chimp, michael's pet chimp once bit you in a pretty vicious way. >> that's true. >> it is true? >> yeah. >> really? >> yeah. >> when you were a kid? >> yeah. >> what happened? >> he grabbed my hair band and i
6:35 am
opened the cage to get it back. and he like got out. he started like throwing things at me. and i went up, no, don't do that, he grabbed my hand like a sandwich. >> he bit your hand. >> yeah. >> a scar still. >> that's legit? >> that's legit. >> rashida survived the bubbles incident, a few years later she made good on a declaration she made to her parents at the age of 4. she would go to college at harvard. setting aside the law school dreams for the grind of auditions. >> the other thing that i think people probably assume about you given that your parents are so well-known, is that you could walk into an addition and say i'm here for the lead role and they could help you through the process. but it seems to me that was almost the opposite? >> i wish. if somebody had given me handouts because of my parents i definitely would have taken that. it's hard out there.
6:36 am
>> so what was that audition process like? >> i kind of fell in the middle somewhere. because i'm biracial. so i'd go in for parts where i'm supposed to be black. they would go, you're too light. what are you doing here. then parts like i'm supposed to be white and the lead girl. they thought i was quirky and not quite the lead. i just kind of fell in the middle somewhere. >> those audition has arashida. she's become an outspoken advocate that women should focus less on looks. >> do you say to young girls and women don't invest on your looks, they're a diminishing aspects? >> i think in some ways i'm telling myself that, too. i'm in an industry that's obsessed with looks and youth and i know that i have more to give. i want to make sure i don't feel limited by the way other people see me. you know.
6:37 am
it's part of our culture to self-brand and to represent on social media and all this stuff even for like really little kids. so, i think there has to be an opposing message. like you can cultivate your skills. you can't cultivate your looks, you know. >> rashida has been cultivating her skills for writing and running shows. she's the executive producer of the new tnt show called "claus." and chosen to co-write "toy story 4." is there a story that you wanted to follow and say i wanted to be like that person? >> well, mike nichols is a mentor of mine. he's exemptary of the ability to remain through all of that stuff. >> i really -- support -- my mom
6:38 am
is like, why don't you tell me you're on stuff. i have to find out from other people. i have to tell her. >> sunday, this sunday. >> i'm on the show, mom. >> it's too late. this doesn't work. >> yeah. >> she'll catch you on the next one. >> yeah. >> season 3 of "angie tribeca" starts tomorrow night 10:30 on tbs. and yet another project the netflix series "hot girls wanted" on april 21st. you'll hear more stories of rashida's star-studded youth including the one time she asked robin thicke to a dance and then stood him up. next week the one and only julia louis dri-dreyfus sidle u the bar and talking about "veep" and mump more. dylan is back with another look at the weather. >> hey, willie, we've got severe
6:39 am
storms through the southern plains. nothing too widespread. isolated tornado. mountain snow out west. as we get to the middle of the week, we're going to start to seat cold front move to the east a bit. out ahead of it temperatures will warm up, out behind it, it certainly cools off. another round of showers late in the week as another system wakes its way into the pacific northwest with more mountain the bay area is waking up to some cold temperatures, especially along the coastline and the north bay. antioch currently has a freeze warning in effect. 34 degrees right now in santa rosa. napa, 40. san francisco, 46. half moon bay, 39. and down near the south bay, also waking up to the 40s. now, today's temps over all will be climbing into the upper 50s. lower 60s. expecting a mostly clear sunday with seasonably warmer temperatures and a dry weather pattern ahead. and that's your latest forecast. >> she called it a big noggin.
6:40 am
>> big noggin. >> she's right, dylan, we'll see you in a minute. next on "sunday today" -- the happiest kids in the world. what we can learn here in america from children and their
6:41 am
the most recent 89 that seven study of well-being found that of 29 most indust truss
6:42 am
counts in the world the children in the netherlands are the happiest. the authors of the book "the happiest kids in the world" shared their secrets with nbc's keir simmons. >> reporter: rena mia costa lives in the netherlands with her family. it's a mere cry from the hectic pace of many families back home. ♪ >> i'm filipino-american from the san francisco bay area. then i ended up falling in love with a dutch guy. and i'm here. >> reporter: when she became a parent, rena was struck by the differences in dutch family life compared to her pressurized childhood in the states impressed with how happy dutch children seem. dutch children came out as the happiest out of 29 of the world's richest industrialized
6:43 am
countries. america came 26th. rena and her friend michelle hutchinson also married to a dutch man decided to dig in and explore what exactly was producing such contented kids. first -- wait, is that chocolate? children even get to eat chocolate for breakfast? >> for breakfast. not only children, but adults too. it's all about moderation. >> reporter: independent and outside play are nearly a religion for dutch parents. and nowhere is this more apparent than their love of biking. they bike everywhere. ♪ ♪ >> as soon as i, my husband got me a bike and i was on it on all weathers, and children are brought up with that. >> reporter: once they get to school, dutch kids are also excelling there. that same report put the netherlands on the top on education and achievement and participation. that high school might be
6:44 am
surprising to american parents, given that students in the netherlands aren't pushed to read and write at an early age and don't given eat homework until early teens. >> i don't have homework. >> i have no homework. >> we want them to be motivated. the motivation is more important than to push, push and put pressure on them. >> reporter: back in the u.s., child developmental psychologist kathryn thomas lamondo say that the dutch are on the right track. >> a huge number of studies show our motivation to do things, to be engaged to learn about their world goes up when they make choices what about to do. >> do you want do get some flowers? >> reporter: seems like there are other factors too. on average they work a 29-hour week here. and they have something called a mama or papa-dock, which roughly translates into a day to spend with children.
6:45 am
with an intense career with family time with family time taking wednesdays off. you have sacrificed your career to be able to do this? >> no, i don't think i've sacrificed it. i'm still doing my job at a very high level. >> reporter: do you think that this can really translate to if you were a parent back home in the u.s.? >> i think most definitely it can translate. i think there are a lot of things that american parents can learn from the dutch. >> reporter: reina and michelle's top tips for letting children go dutch is letting children be independent, keep school low pressure and enjoy family time. and, of course, don't forget about those chocolate sprinkles. for "today," keir simmons, nbc news, the netherlands. >> aha, it's the chocolate sprinkles. next on "sunday today," the library where you'll find a rough draft of the declaration [phone ring]
6:46 am
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♪ many of the great historical treasures of this country are housed in one place. the massive library in washington, nearly as old as the united states itself. harry smith takes us inside the
6:49 am
labyrinth of the building where you can spend a lifetime exploring. ♪ i've been to washington, d.c. dozens of time but never visited the library of congress. talk about overdue. >> this may be the coolest building i've ever been in. >> oh, it is, it is. >> reporter: our guide is carla haven, the liberian here. she says our forbearers built this place to send a message. >> we are going to make it beautiful. and we're going to make it a temple. a cathedral of learning. and it's important that it's right across the street from the u.s. capitol. >> reporter: the library of congress is the largest library in the world. with more than 164 million items, on approximately 838 miles of book shelves. the collections include more
6:50 am
than 3.6 million recordings, 14 million photographs, 5.5 million maps and more. >> everyone should feel that the library of congress is their library. it's the ultimate public library. and when they visit washington, d.c., they will be, i think, viewed with a sense of pride, amazement. >> reporter: and amazing it is. this is a real library where you can do research and study. even get a library card. when someone across the street at the capitol needs an answer, they call here. >> liberian librarians take sere fact that they're nonpartisan, they're not biased. they are purveyors of information. and it's a sacred trust. this is the concentration laboratory. >> reporter: including some of the most important texts in history. dr. hayden and her staff showed
6:51 am
us some. >> that's thomas jefferson's rough draft to the declaration of independence. >> reporter: i'm afraid to even open it. >> let's open it. >> reporter: there are corrections and crossouts, immortal words edited on the fly. this is jefferson's own hand writing? >> this is it. >> yeah, this is it. >> reporter: the writing itself seems unusually small for words that would change the world. there it is that all men are born equally free and independent. but there's more, the gettysburg address in lincoln's own hand. >> government people, by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth. in his own hand writing. >> i'm sorry i'm -- this is overwhelming to me. >> reporter: we saw a document columbus carried with him on his voyage to the new world. a guttenburg bible.
6:52 am
and a pamphlet printed by gallio after his first look at the stars through a telescope signs that would land him in prison. dr. hayden says part of her job is to find ways to present these treasures to a wider audience. so, the archives are being digitized and even shot in 3d so you can go to the library without ever leaving home. >> how humbling is it to have your job and to work here? >> it's especially humbling for me as a person who is a descendent of people who were forbidden to read. and to be the head of the largest repository of history and information, a temple to learning. it was, i think, an opportunity for me to say thank you. >> harry smith inside the library of congress. this week, we highlight another life well lived.
6:53 am
>> you think insult humor is the easiest to come up with? standing next to you, it is. [ laughter ] >> don rickles earned the nickname "mr. warmth" during a long career of insulting people. nearly all of whom were honored to make his list of targets. as a young comedian in the late 1950s rickles made an impression one night by going after frank sinatra as sinatra sat in the audience. he became a favorite and a friend of sinatra and the rat pack. in 1965, rickles made the first of his many appearances on "tonight show" with johnny carson where he got laughs at the expense of the most delobel tv personality. born in queens, new york, the son of an insurance salesman, rickles served in the navy during world war ii, he was known among his fellow sailors as the class comedian. stand-up comedy made rickles famous but he also acted in "casino" and lent his voice to
6:54 am
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use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next. ♪ all right. dylan is back as we made some predictions for the week ahead. as we told you on wednesday, secretary of state rex tillerson visits moscow in what will be a very tense meeting after those air strikes in syria. and tillerson saying the russians are either, quote, incompetent or complicit in crimes against humanity. we predict the order of
6:58 am
friendship award vladimir putin gave tillerson in 2013 is currently being reconsidered. also on wednesday, the chicago cubs will get their world series rings in a pregame ceremony on wrigley field. we predict every life long cubs fan will go out and get themselves a nice big shiny ring, too. god knows the cubs fans deserve it. and friday begins coachella, the southern california music festival where people wear expensive bohemian outfits and listen to biggest acts around. 9 head liner is lady gaga who replaces beyonce originally on the bill. we predict one star so big he won't be able to hide in with the masses -- you guessed it. gary busey. he'll be front row at the radiohead show friday
6:59 am
7:00 am
it is 7:00, and here's a live look outside as we look toward san francisco from oakland on a very chilly sunday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm in for vicky nguyen. let's check our forecast with vianey arana. it's cold, but at least it's not raining. >> exactly, almost a little fresh out there. any time, the day after it rains, it feels so much cleaner. at least the air does. i'm sure your allergies are probably getting a break after all of that rain. >> they sure are. >> if you're wondering about these temps because it feels cool, that's because it is cool. look at this. 30s and 40s across the board. santa rosa, 34, half moon bay, 39. san francisco at 46. and the mountain view area also in


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