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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  April 30, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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righw >> seven more shots, lots of screaming, lots of people screaming. breaking news out of southern california, a gunman opens fire at an apartment complex in san diego. eight people have been shot within the past 15 minutes. we've learned one of the victims has died. >> the news at 11:00 starts now. dwng good evening to you. >> an absolutely chaotic scene in san diego. police just wrapped up a news conference minutes ago where they say one woman is dead, seven people wounded. several critically after a man started shooting at an apartment complex in san diego's university city neighborhood. a group of adults were attending
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a birthday party at the swimming pool when a white mail opened fire. a police officer helicopter arrived over the scene, and they could see the gunman reloading. three officers arrived. they say the shooter pointed his gun at them, all three officers opened fire, killing him. >> from the screams, you could hear somebody or people were hit. i could see everybody on the balcony just ducking down for cover. and the shots were being fired from the same place, the area where the police were located around the pool. >> san diego's police chief said it's unclear what motivated the shooter. the suspect lived at the apartment complex. at least one of the victims also lived there. for continues coverage of this shooting in san diego, you can head to our website. we're posting the latest. and any facts coming to the newsroom as this is developing, we can post those there on the investigations.
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we'll keep you posted on that nbc bay now to our other top story tonight, manrches and rallies planned across the bay area, marking mayday. organizers say the demonstrations will have a new tone this year, in light of the trump administration's policies. thom jensen is live at the port of oakland, there will be a lot of unusual activity there tomorrow, thom. >> yes, there are dock workers that take part in the mayday events every year, and they will tomorrow. it's a negotiated contract day off for them. hundreds of them are expected to take part in the marches tomorrow. other groups are actually going to stage walkouts. workers groups, and hundreds of businesses in the bay area are expected to close their doors, including many businesses. and another thing that we noticed this year, a lot of young people who are involved, more than usual, according to
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organizers. on a sidewalk in oakland, volunteers prepare signs for monday's mayday march. among them a high schooler who helped them organize hundreds of oakland school kids who will join in the route on monday. >> when you talk to the youth, they care about this and want to know how they can do it. >> reporter: another high school helped organize a movement where people of faith will also meet to join the march. >> i think it's incredible. something very powerful and it's something that should just happen all over the world, because it shows the love of everyone. >> reporter: migrant workers groups are among the most energized. their goal on mayday is connecting with the latino community, which they say, is living in fear of new immigration policies. >> tomorrow, we really hope not only to arm our communities with the tools to defend themselves through training, through being out on the street and through
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showing our economic power through a general strike. we're hoping that businesses close their doors that day, that folks do not go to school, do not shop. >> churches are also helping out in that effort and have gotten members to come out in big numbers. >> we need to have a place where folks feel like they're protected from, i guess the extreme policies. in the la . >> reporter: in the last hour, i heard from a spokesperson for a hotel workers. they told me maybe thousands will be walking off the job tomorrow. also a number of other groups planning walkouts tomorrow. they're expecting thousands of people in oakland, maybe as many as 10,000 or more people in conjunction with all the other marches around the country tomorrow. live in oakland, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. and it's not just oakland, a big march is set for san jose.
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several san jose businesses plan to close in solidarity with me day. men's oz -- mendoza's restaurant in san jose is just one of them. >> we made t-shirts with our logo and a couple of saying, like no one is illegal, or black lives matter, or love is love. >> be prepared for traffic tomorrow. here's a list of some of the mayday rallies taking place. san francisco, san jose, and oakland are expected to be the largest, but demonstrations also in morgan hill, and concord. new at 11:00, a deal to fund the government through september has been reached late tonight meaning the government will not shut down. congressional negotiators had to be working through the weekend, ironing out the last sticking points of a new spending bill.
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president trump backed down on asking for money to build that wall. but wanted $3 billion for border security. the bill gives just $1.5 billion to that cause instead. democrats also demanded no cuts in funding for sanctuary cities. the deal includes a additional $12 billion in defense spending, which is a lot less than the president requested. nancy pelosi said the democrats eliminated more than 160 -- >> both president trump and vice president pence spoke out today. last night the president skipped the white house correspondents dinner, marked a campaign style rally in pennsylvania. mr. trump said a new warning to north korea. >> i would not be happy if he does a nuclear test. >> does that mean military action? >> i don't know. we'll see. >> the president and vice president promised that those
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with pre-existing medical conditions would be covered. and as for the tax reform plan, both highlighted it would grow the economy, even if it would initially expand the national deficit. democrats say they'll fight on both issues. in less than an hour, hundreds of sunnyvale employees are planning to strike and that's expected to have a big impact on people who live there. marianne favro has the details. >> reporter: well, the city says police, fire, and dispatch services will not be impacted by tomorrow's strike, but this library and many other city offices will definitely be short-staffed. nearly 400 people are expected to walk off the job tomorrow, leaving little staffing at most sunnyvale city offices. union employees say after years of negotiations, they've hit a
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stalemate with the city, and the strike is on. >> mainly we have not had a pay increase in over five years. we've been without a contract now for two years. we've been at the table for two years. and we reached a stalemate and there's no more on the table is what the city says, and it's not acceptable. >> reporter: but the mayor of sunnyvale told us today the city has a generous and fair offer on the table. >> it includes a 10% raise for them. it has generous health care benefits, and even as this last week, we've added a $6,000 per employee signing bonus to try and get this deal made. >> reporter: the mayor says while police officers, firefighters, and dispatchers will be on the job, service will be limited at this library, city parks, and the planning department. that concerns nan who has been waiting for a building permit for a mother-in-law unit. >> the contract has received an e-mail saying it could be further delayed by the strike that's going on. >> reporter: the city says the
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strike could last as long as three days and has filed an injunction to make sure critical public safety jobs are covered during the walk-out. the strike will also not impact garbage collection service. reporting live in sunnyvale, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. an alert sent out to the stanford university community after police say a man exposed himself to people on campus. the three victims were on the east side of campus when a man got out of his parked car, exposed himself and then drove off. this is the second time this month police have investigated a flasher on the campus. back on april 19th, a man exposed himself in front of the university residence hall. napolitano will take heat this week, an audit shows
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interference with the previous audit. napolitano is appointed head of the university of california four years ago. tavged with winning back the state funding that was lost during the recession. you won't believe this. a big change in the forecast coming, including a warm-up, and maybe rain. rob, are you serious? >> yeah, is it possible to go from summer to winter in the span of three to five days? we're about to find out this week. 60 degrees in san jose. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see highs approaching the mid 80s in san jose, probably upper 80s south of downtown. some of the hotter spots, could be sonoma and napa, highs in the upper 80s, close to 90 degrees. may begins feeling more like july. as temperatures tread warmer through wednesday. could see a heat advisory posted by mid week. if that's too much for you,
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check out the second half of the forecast. the other side of the coin. we'll look at a big cooldown. and a chance of showers and a chance also of seeing air cold enough to support some sierra snow. good news short-term, no drama for your morning commute. cool temperatures to start off the morning. you'll still need a jacket at least through 8:00 a.m. before temperatures ratchet upward. we'll show you how hot things will get in the seven-day forecast, plus, what to expect next weekend coming up in about 12 minutes. a former worker at the ship yard is blowing the whistle on possible radiation again. up next, we investigate the navy's response to allegations about contamination near new construction. plus, a controversial invitation. president trump inviting another country's president to the white house. why is it leading to outrage. >> and a record sierra snow pack melting fast, the danger it poses for yosemite national park this week. more questions tonight about the
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cleanup of the hunters point shipyard, a former well, more questions tonight about the clean-up of the hunters point shipyard. a whistle-blower is telling our investigative unit that he detected radiological
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contamination on a part of the shipyard where he didn't expect to find any. he's speaking exclusively to liz wagner, hoping what he has to say will prompt the government to take swift action. >> this former worker has questioned the shipyard clean-up before, but this time he's speaking out about radiation he fount on an area of hunters point that now belongs to the city of san francisco, right next to land already being developed. >> i hope they do something about it, because if not, it's really going to bother me. >> we're overlooking hunters point with anthony smith. he's pointing to where he said he took a questionable soil sample years ago. >> right by that light pole. >> reporter: he started testing the navy's land for commission after decades of use as a radiological research lab. in 2009, he needed to collect what's called a background sample from a clean part of the shipyard. >> against that concrete wall. >> reporter: smith says he took one on this hill because he was
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always told the area was clean. >> was it clean? >> no. no, it was not clean. it had cesium in it. >> reporter: cesium can increase the risk of cancer. the sample tested up to 25 times the acceptable clean-up limit. he said what happened next stunned him and other workers. >> your supervisor comes back and says this sample's hot. >> yeah. and he said, get rid of it. keep your mouth shut, all four of you and don't never say nothing about it again. >> reporter: earlier smith revealed to nbc bay area his allegations that supervisors at tetra tech, the company the navy hired to clean up the shipyard, instructed him to switch contaminated soil samples with clean ones. >> it shocked them what i told them. >> reporter: his claims caused the navy to launch an investigation, but nearly a year
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after pointing out this alleged hot spot to the feds, the navy has yet to test it. >> go out there and sample it. at least give it a shot, and hopefully the only place it's found is right there, that would tickle me to death, make me feel better. >> reporter: smith says he took the sample on uc 2, land the navy has since transferred to the city of san francisco. it's right next to parcel a, where new construction is already happening. we learned the building where smith says he took the hot sample will become a commercial kitchen. >> will the navy commit to testing this area? >> that determination hasn't been made. >> reporter: derek robinson oversees the clean-up of the navy shipyard. >> right now, we don't think there's any risk to people who jog by or live on the base. >> how can you be sure, if you
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haven't tested? >> we've looked at multiple line sevens to make sure there isn't current risk. >> reporter: he says the cesium is typical in bay area soil and doesn't pose a health threat. but the level he found is well above the navy's own published clean-up standard by up to 25 times. robinson said the navy only has to meet that standard if it's determined that contamination was caused by past navy activity, like the operation of its radiological lab. two feet of soil was removed from the area as part of the general clean-up plan. but we dug through navy records and found no radiological surveys have ever been performed on the spot where smith says he took the sample. >> i'm disappointed. i'm terribly disappointed in the navy. >> reporter: this attorney represents several former workers who blew the whistle on the hunter point clean-up. he organized the meeting between anthony smith and the navy last summer. now he says he's fed up with the
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delay. nge >> they're coming up with a plan to figure out how to test it. that's a mistake when you're allowing people to work there today. >> do you think the navy should be moving with some sense of urgency here because this specific parcel of land is so close to where new construction is already happening? >> because we've looked at this particular area very closely, we don't believe that there's any current risk. we have time to do a thorough investigation. >> reporter: anthony smith says he hopes he can rely on the navy's team to find the full extent of contamination he believes may still exist at hunters point. >> unless you go there and sample, you'll never know. >> the navy says next month it expects its team of experts to recommend areas of the shipyard that contractors should retest. we reached out to tetra tech for comments on smith's allegations. the company says because of its agreement with the navy, it's not allowed to provide details about his work on hunters point.
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>> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or sunday us an e-mail. president trump is taking heat tonight for an invitation extended to the philippines president. during a conversation described as friendly, he invited the philippine president to the white house during a conversation about ♪ ♪ -- about north korea. the move is controversial because duterte's record of drug fighting in his country includes executions. ileanaalate nin has been representing florida since 1989. she said her time in congress has been a delight and an honor. political analysts say her retirement will likely pave the
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way for democrats to take the congressional seat in 2018. hillary clinton won that district by 20% points in november. there are communities in mourning after yesterday's deadly storms in texas. four confirmed tornadoes went through several communities. in this small town, four people were killed, more than 50 were injured. survivors say there was very little warning. >> just happened really fast. i don't really remember much except just watching the walls of the house fall and everything around me being gone. >> just grateful that we still have a house left and we're grateful that we have our life. >> more than 13 people have died in the storms in the midwest and the south. new at 11:00, the merced river in yosemite national park is expected to go roughly a foot over its banks in just a couple days. the wet winter brought the most rain and snow to the sierra, now
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with the snow melting, forecasters say the river will swell over its banks by wednesday. you've been talking about this weeks or months. you knew it was going to happen, something had to give. >> yeah, we're seeing numbers we haven't seen since 2011, in terms of the size, the volume of the snow pack. over the next four days, yosemite valley will see temperatures climbing into the 80s. as you watch the river rise, perhaps going about a foot above flood stage. keep in mind the forecast that's triggering this snow melt. the big warm-up not just here but around the southern parts. yes, the snow pack still supersized. for this time of year, we're wrapping up the month of april, 194% of average, specifically 182% of average in the southern sierra, the highest numbers we've seen since 2011. and to rewind back to that year, run-off issues from snow melt from may into about late june.
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so a sneak preview of what we'll see over the next eight weeks across california. 56 right now in san francisco. we'll see 70s a little bit later on tomorrow. still 60 in emeryville, winds beginning to change direction outside. 61 in dublin, with a north breaz. san jose, currently 60 degrees. wind is part of the story. earlier today, a late day sea breeze. this is changing as high pressure builds in. locally gusty winds tomorrow morning. notice what they're doing, warming sinking air aloft, bringing in drier air and already 5 to 11 degrees warmer than the same time last night. should still see 40s in the wind sheltered valleys. by the afternoon, highs in the mid to upper 80s around the santa clara valley, from downtown san jose into morgan hill and gilroy. trivalley temperatures in the upper 80s. again, this looks like july, not to start the month of may.
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87 in concord. for the peninsula, less of a sea breeze influence, mid to upper 70s, low 80s around the peninsula tomorrow. and downtown san francisco should make a run at the mid to upper 70s with a bit of a north to slightly offshore breeze during the afternoon. for the north bay, upper 80s and close to 90 degrees. the temperature trend tomorrow, a summer-like day for the afternoon. upper 70s around the bay. mid to upper 80s inland and the temperatures continue to climb tuesday afternoon around the bay should see 80s and very close to 90 degrees. wednesday looks to be the hottest day, when high pressure keeps things toasty. could have a heat advisory there for wednesday. the opposite of this pattern is a cold area of low pressure. this is going to drop down the coast friday into saturday. big time cooling on the scale of maybe 20 to 30 degrees cooler by next weekend. the question is, just how much moisture is it going to have to work with. the air is going to be cold enough for snow showers in the
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sierras. after all the snow melt we're talking about the first half of the week, for san francisco, that 80s mid week, 60s for the weekend and valleys singing from the 90s on wednesday, mid 60s by sunday. so, yeah, summer, winter, and back again in seven days. >> exactly. >> thanks, rob. just ahead, changes coming to the bay bridge. people who love riding their bikes, they're about to love this even more, more access to the bridge. details coming up. >> and that's the bridge they'll be riding and walking across. not going to be open late at night. >> no. >> but it will be from early in the morning. we'll have the story right after this. ==peggy/1xvid == celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up!
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enjoy the weather by it's been a very busy weekend on the bay bridge bike path. hundreds of people came out to enjoy the weather by walking, jogging, or biking the bridge. all beautiful ways to check it out. many of them celebrating a milestone, because starting on tuesday, the path will be open from 6:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night, every day, instead of just on weekends. >> i guess this gives them more opportunity even to the weekdays to do their biking and exercise. >> i just like being outside. it's a good excuse to be outside. >> if we're going to pay millions of dollars to live here, we may as well be able to ride our bikes over the bridge. >> i like that one. >> she's got it right. >> caltrans blocked this part of the bridge during construction due to smoke and fumes. the san jose wants long lost books back. the library announced that late fees will be waived.
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starting tomorrow in a first ever fine forgiveness program. the program runs for the entire month of may. borrowers can return those books, dvds, cds, any materials you've got. you got it in 1976. it's been a long time. you can bring it back, no problem. even better than that, they don't even need to be returned to the same branch. bring it back to any branch, all is forgiven. >> i hope my library does the same thing. uc berkeley students are getting the best value for their money. 300 schools were ranked including quality of education, alumni earnings, also median student debt. several other schools in california rank among the best. stanford made the number seven slot. and uc irvine and uc davis came in eighth and ninth. turning it over to mindi
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bach with a look at what's coming up in sports. >> coming up, it was a marathon game at at&t. we have the highlights of the giants/padres rubber match. plus round two of the nba playoffs is set. draymond green gives his keys to success. that's coming up during sports.
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the warriors now know they'll face the jazz in the second round of the playoffs. reserve shaun livingston and matt barnes are likely to return from injury because the team had a week off. still no decision if steve kerr will be on the bench due to complications from back surgery. whoever's on the court, draymond green said the focus should not be on scoring. >> it all starts on the defensive end with us. we're locked in on the defensive end, we'll score enough points.
11:33 pm
even on an offnight, we'll score enough points if we're locked in on the defensive end. that's the most important thing. if we're locked in like that, i think we can beat anyone. i don't care who it is. when we have that type of focus level, i think, no matter who you put in front of us, it's over. just my opinion. >> the deciding game seven, jazz on the clippers' court. this game decides who will play the warriors. and hgordon hayward in the thir quarter drives around the screen, gets the runner and the one. hayward had a game-high 26 points. just dominated this one. again in the quarter, driving, missing the lay-up. derrick favors is there are if the tip-in. favors had 17 points and 11 rebounds. jazz get their first playoff series win since 2010. they win big. so the warriors play host for the first two games with tip-off at 7:30 on tuesday and thursday.
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tune to nbc sports bay area for an hour's worth of coverage on golden state before and after every warriors' playoff game. how about the rubber match between the giants and the padres. giants in line to win only their second series. up by two, top of the ninth. mark melancon gave up the shot to hector sanchez. this is now a tie ball game in extra innings. the top of the 12th, it is that man, wil myers, he's been a giant slayer. he goes deep for a three-run shot, his seventh home run of the year. giants, they can't wait until may. they lose, 5-2. >> really, we gotta find a way to get some runs on the board. i can't always produce in the bullpen. you score two runs and one of them your pitcher knocks in, you're just not doing it offensively. you know, you're just not leaving yourself any margin of
11:35 pm
error, and that's the case with us right now. i mean, occasionally, you gotta break out and score a bunch of runs and we're not doing it. we're not driving the ball. and it's catching up with us. rubber match for the a's/astros. astros leading by one in the fourth inning. evan gattis, jesse hahn, short left field wall, he doesn't clear it, but still a run comes in, a double for gattis. but the real hero of this game was the starter for the astros, one dallas keuchel. he was amazing, back to his cy young form of 2016. struck out nine over 7 2/3 innings, one earned. he's now 5-0 on the season as the astros wins 7-2. a's have monday off and then wrap up their road trip with a three-game set with the twins. giants open a three-game series tomorrow night against the dodgers. more news after the break. work with.
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a bay area woman turned to our investigative unit after imagine being secretly recorded by someone you work with. a bay area woman turned to our investigative unit after discovering a hidden camera in the bathroom. >> at her workplace. a growing number of women are being victimized by these video voirs, sometimes with little or no recourse at all. here's vicky nguyen. >> you're watching video of women recorded at work by a peeping pervert. these cases are on the rise because cameras like these have gotten smaller, better, and cheaper. she never imagined she'd see video of herself recorded in the rest room at her job. she's worked at alma electronics
11:38 pm
for the past 13 years. how many times do you think you may have been captured on video changing clothes or using that rest room? >> i have no idea. it could be so many time already. >> reporter: until this day when a colleague discovered a tiny camera stuck to the towel dispenser. >> what did the camera look like? >> it looked like a hook, really small. >> reporter: the video showed both women using the bathroom. they called human resources who called police. the officer took the camera and memory card as evidence. then she waited more than two years for police to find the peeper. only to discover they weren't even looking. >> i feel really, really disappointed. >> reporter: we learned the officer closed the case just hours after it was reported. the company's hr director told him about a hundred people had access to the bathroom. but she says, only 15 work on
11:39 pm
her floor. >> did the police talk to any of the other workers on your floor? >> no. >> why didn't the officer question any of the 15 or so people who work on the floor with access to that bathroom? >> we have to make sure we don't make this into some sort of witch-hunt. say we had a burglary, we technically by your explanation, we would talk to every single neighbor in that neighborhood in order to just be figuring out what occurred. >> you might talk to the next-door neighbor or the across-the-street neighbor. >> it seems like the officer dropped the ball and didn't bother asking anyone questions that may have helped lead to a suspect. >> he did pursue who handled it. he did view it. when the human resources personnel told him there were over a hundred people, he had to make a decision, what is it that he can do to be productive. >> police don't do hr's job and
11:40 pm
hr shouldn't do the police's job. >> karen is the deputy district attorney in san mateo county. last year, her office filed 11 cases with peeping toms. she said prosecutors depend on police to do a thorough investigation so they can bring charges. >> it's amazing what people know if they're asked the right questions. a lot of people may not even know they have information until they're questioned by a trained questioner. >> and you can't find a suspect if you don't ask questions. >> exactly. the message that the victim gets from that is that, i was violated and nobody cares. >> reporter: we found suspects do face justice when police catch them. santa clara, alameda, and san francisco county prosecuted 29 peeping tom cases last year. they've seen cameras in restaurant trash cans, store dressing rooms, even people recording roommates in a shared bathroom. alma electronics declined to answer our questions and they
11:41 pm
tell us they were unable to determine who placed the camera. the company said it advised employees and continues to closely monitor all rest rooms for any suspicious activity. >> they didn't tell anyone, you know, they don't tell any, you know employees. >> reporter: meanwhile, vien says she feels little of that at her workplace these days, not knowing if the perp who placed the camera still works there, or still has videos of her. >> now i'm feeling nobody help me at all. you know, even police, even my company, no one help me. that's why i want to speak out and let everybody know to be careful. >> sergeant cortes said he will speak with officers at the fremont police department about how this case was handled and review best practices with officers. investigators say, be aware of your surroundings, and if you see a camera or a phone recording you, don't touch it,
11:42 pm
or you'll taint the evidence. instead, call police. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, called 888-996-tips.
11:43 pm
on september 9, 2010, pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno.
11:44 pm
while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline, adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation. today. beaches were also packed. a weekend with no rain in sight. just bright warm sunshine. that was the scene in sausalito today. beaches were packed. how long will it be here?
11:45 pm
rob has the answer and even has something next weekend. he can tell you about it. >> i want to find those people with the boat. >> that would be great. that's going to be a good spot to be, especially towards the middle part of the week. but maybe not so much by next weekend. we'll have almost all the seasons covered here i think over the next seven days. short-term, we're starting off the month of may on pretty hot temperatures. especially over the next three days. right now, 55 degrees. belvedere, no fog for you right now. san francisco, 56 degrees. san jose, temperatures close to 60. what's kind of interesting, in the last five hours, we've seen the winds kind of shift directions, leading to a mild night for some areas in the hilltops. now speaking of mild conditions and breezy conditions, the pollen count has jumped up for grass pollen. with rain in the forecast next three to four days, that could be an issue if you have allergies. now onto the winds, winds were on a strong on-shore push this
11:46 pm
afternoon, but they're changing direction now. out of the north. and look what it's doing to the temperatures here in the north bay and east bay. and specifically napa, watch the wind speeds in the forecast hour by hour. 6:30 a.m., may see some gusts here. close to 20 to 30 miles per hour. so in these hilltop spots, you may wake up with 60-degree temperatures in the morning. but wind sheltered valleys closer to santa rosa could wake up closer to the 40s. interesting morning. breezy and warm in the hills. low-lying valleys, 40s and 50s to start the day. then by the afternoon, dry and warm everywhere. mid afternoon temperatures, mid to upper 80s. south of downtown san jose, out towards the trivalley and east bay. oakland 79 degrees. san francisco, mid to upper 70s. north bay, dry north breezes mean you'll see temperatures having to reach close to 90. around sonoma and santa rosa, if we don't get there tomorrow,
11:47 pm
we'll get there tuesday and wednesday. hour by hour trend tomorrow, 5 to 8 degrees warmer than today. bay temperatures mid to upper 70s, mid to upper 80s inland. bay temperatures close to ache degrees on tuesday. upper 80s in the forecast for tuesday. wednesday should be the hottest day around the bay area. you can see this ridge of high pressure, if this goes as forecast, it could be one of the strongest ridges we've seen to start off the month of may. possibly a record breaker for wednesday. may see a heat advisory too. but everything changed thursday to friday. this cold area of low pressure which may set up across central california, friday and saturday. so if it takes more of an over-ocean path, it will take more moisture. or if it travels down the coast or inland, may be dryer, but both solutions will be cooler
11:48 pm
for next weekend. stay tuned. we'll see how much we'll have in the way of showers or potentially sierra snow showers by next week. through wednesday, highs as warm as 80s and 90s inland. and next weekend, 60s and 70s again. almost 30 degrees of change in three to four days. >> wow. >> thank you very much. just ahead, feeding the hungry. a teenager took it upon himself to start this charity. the impact he's creating, that's coming up next.
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spot at the box office. the high powered film continues to rake in the money. ==take vo== over 19 million dollars is what >> there is no driving "the fate of the furious" from the top spot at the box office. over $19 million is what the movie brought in over the
11:51 pm
weekend, to remain number one. but $19 million doesn't sound much when you hear it's now topped a billion dollars in ticket sales worldwide. how to be a latin lover came in second with $12 million. rob lowe and kristin bell star in that movie. more than 13 million children in the united states live in homes that cannot afford to put enough food on the table. but in ft. worth texas, there's a program serving up more than 500,000 meals to low-income kids, and the visionary behind it is the same age as many of the kids that he feeds. nbc's jacob rascon has this inspiring report. >> reporter: members of the frags dinner club understand this is no ordinary feast. healthy, catered and free. the best meal these kids may get all night. >> it's nice to help people in the community and he come and feed us. >> would you like some pasta? >> you might notice the servers
11:52 pm
are the same age. >> frogs is a hundred percent kid-run. i'm the founder and ceo and i'm 14. >> reporter: when will was in first grade, he asked his parents why a man on the street was holding a sign that said "need a meal." >> we explained to him there were people in the community who didn't have enough food to eat and it really bothered him. >> so i got with friends from my school, from my baseball team, and together we started frogs, and set out to change the world. >> does this look even to everybody? >> frogs stands for friends reaching our goals. at first, that meant gathering cans of food. after that, it got bigger, became more complex. sporting events, dodge ball tournaments, and then we started our first national campaign and then the frogs dinner club. >> reporter: after seven years, the frogs program has served more than 700,000 meals. largely without adults. >> but obviously when we need our taxes done to become a 501 c
11:53 pm
3 non-profit, we need our parents to help out with the irs and we're mooleriddle schoolers don't know how to drive. >> in reality, he's done a really good job with us. >> reporter: after dinner club, a chance to pay it forward. >> reporter: a reminder that you're never too young to change the world. >> thank you. >> reporter: jacob rascon, nbc news, ft. worth, texas. >> mature beyond his years. just ahead, problem solving in the south bay. >> some future engineers get competitive in this unique challenge. some things went well. some didn't. we'll show you what they did and why coming up. looking at downtown san jose, nice, warm, some might call it hot.
11:54 pm
forecast coming next few days, next weekend, cooling off. action this weekend.
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
the tech museum of san jose hosted its annual "rock the hundreds of bay area kids put engineering into action this weekend at the rock the ravine ve event. >> our videographer those us the competition. >> teams are working on building devices that will cross multiple ravines, they have to bring all of their pieces across each ravine with them. so that's what makes it really challenging. >> ten seconds. >> she coded our robot and she's used to java, but we coded this
11:57 pm
in the program c, because our controller can't convert java. >> we see teams with a huge variety. some of them have things that work amazingly quickly. a team of fourth grade erds did it in 49 seconds. some of them will be like four minutes and it's not enough time for them. >> time. >> if you don't do it in the time allotted, what do you think? >> you know, it's a challenge for today. they did all the engineering ahead of time, the testing and prototyping, it's impressive that they came here today and made an attempt. >> even though we couldn't make it in time, it was fun building and attempting it. >> with anything, practice really does make perfect, and some will still have more to work on after today. >> and they're very creative. they call themselves the fast and the curious. their robot did fail to complete the task in the time allotted, about you they won a prize for the most complex design. >> congratulations to everybody
11:58 pm
out there. nice warm week coming this way. >> building air conditioning units, that will be the next project. numbers close to 90 inland. through wednesday, much cooler through the weekend, and look at the changes in the sierra going from the 70s around lake tahoe to snow levels near 6,000 feet. so warm across our valleys, even san francisco by the way, some 80s possible tuesday and wednesday. >> amazing. thanks so much for joining us tonight. >> have a great night. have a great week. take care.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
there's people that say you deserve to play for a winner. my mind has always been yeah. and it's in cleveland. and i'm going the bring the winner here. there's no reason we can't do it in cleveland. ♪ >> joe thomas. in his decade-long nfl career, he's been to every pro bowl. played every single snap. and become one of the league's best linemen. >> offensive line are mushrooms. every wants to throw news a dark room and throw [ bleep ] on us every day. >> buts


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