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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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look at these high temperatures today, reaching into the upper 80s inland. a look at the complete microclimate forecast coming up and mike talking about all the lanes closed in oakland at 880. >> the nimitz freeway northbound, your commute direction all lanes of the northbound direction are closed at fifth. this is our shot from the coliseum. look at high street. traffic jammed up. folks trying to get off the freeway between here and that deadly crash that we're reporting in downtown area. we'll show you the map, as we look at most of the freeways, looking good. through hayward this morning from an earlier crash, that may affect some folks traveling south to the san mateo bridge to avoid having to go north to the bay bridge. again, westbound 580 or westbound 92 are your alternates to get across to the peninsula side. back to you. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. >> breaking news to our north. we're learning a strong earthquake just struck british columbia near lask. it was a 6.2 magnitude quake, hitting about 78 miles southwest
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of canada's scag way alaska. not clear if there are any casualties or damage. and a tsunami warning has not been issued. we'll keep an eye on the developments in the story and any reports of damage that we will hear this morning. >> all right, we have more breaking news just in to our newsroom to report to you this morning. this happened within the last 20 minutes or so. strike averted. hundreds of sunnyvale workers are not walking off the job as expected. kris sanchez joining us live at city hall with the reason why. >> good morning to you, sam and laura. it seems that the agreement came at very late hours, very early hours this morning around 3:30 this morning, and the sunnyvale employees association say they're not sure if all of their workers know there was a deal that was reached, and that's why we're letting you know now. so a deal was reached to set off the strike, the strike is now canceled. this is the sunnyvale employees,
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some 400 or so who gathered over the weekend to get their point across. we don't know what the terms of that agreement are because the union has to present it to the membership order for them to ratify it, but we do know what was on the at last check. the city was offering a 10% raise, even a $6,000 signing bonus to try to avert the strike. didn't come until 3:30 this morning or so that the agreement was reached. we know from the union leadership that supervisor chavez was instrumental in getting both sides to the table because there had been a stalemate up to that point. the union leader is here, and we're expecting to talk with him in the nextal minutes. we'll bring you more information and update you on twitter as well. in sunnyvale, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you very much. 6:02 right now. a busy morning already for san jose police investigating an overnight shooting that happens near a caltrain station.
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>> on locus street. they found a man there about midnight. investigators are still looking for the shooter. >> we mentioned it's been a violent start overnight. also new this morning, a man found in his vehicle shot dead in a home depot parking lot. this happened in oakland outside of the store on alameda avenue. police were called there around 11:00 last night, just before that, that's where they found the man with a gunshot wound in a car. the whole parking lot as you see there was blocked off during the search which affected a nearby 24-hour fitness as well as a local mcdonald's. >> new this morning an early crash kills one man and blocked northbound lanes on i-880 in san leandro. one point, shut down all lanes southbound. it started when a ford fusion hit a honda and sent it to the center divide. then a buick struck the conda causing it to strike a big rig. the honda driver died at the
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scene. you see the crash scene. theic driver was taken to the hospital. all lanes did reopen after 4:00. >> happening today, thousands of people the bay area are getting ready to hit the street for may day protests. >> quite a few out there, may day rallies happen every year, but this time around, the tone expected to be a little different. pete suratos is joining us live from san francisco with details on the rally about to get under way, and what where you seeing there? good morning. >> good morning to you, sam and laura. yes, one of those rallies will take place where we're standing at justin herman plaza, set for later this morning. typically, these may day rallies focus on workers' rights. this year, there will be an added emphasis on the rights of undocumented immigrants. that's in response to some of the policies pushed by the trump administration. we're showing you a list of some of the events taking place throughout this morning and through the day here in san francisco. and i want to point out a couple big ones. in a couple hours, we're going
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to have that protest at the immigration and customs enforcement building at 8:00 a.m., where we're going to see protests with a main focus on deportation policy pushed by the trump administration. later this morning where we're standing at around 11:00 a.m., you have a day without immigrants rally starting at 11:00 a.m. in justin herman plaza. that rally will be fighting for workers rights of undocumented immigrants as well as the rights of sanctuary cities which has been in the spotlight, as well as the future of children of undocumented immigrants and their education, and then they're going to march to city hall. as far as security, there will be a big security presence around the city. police are already putting up barricades in front of the i.c.e. building. ly getting prepared for the protests. they want to remind people to express their opinions throughout the day in a peaceful manner. we're live in san francisco. pete suose for today in the bay. >> thank you very much, pete. of course, it's going to be a very busy day of action across the bay area. here's a list of some of the
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other may day rallies taking place. san francisco, as pete mentioned, san jose and oakland expected to be the largest. demonstrations also taking place in mountain view, morgan hill, and concord. you can find a complete list of the rallies on our website, nbc bay >> we're following a developing story for you this morning. a woman and dead and seven injured following a mass shooting at a san diego pool party. it happened yesterday in san diego's universal city neighborhood. police say a group of adults was at a poolside birthday party. the shooter identified as 49-year-old peter solis was drinking a beer at the pool before he started opening fire. he killed one woman and injured six others. one man broke his arm just trying to run away. people say that party turned into chaos. >> from the screams you could hear that somebody or multiple people were hit. a lot of screamling. i could see everybody on the balcony just yelling, just ducking down for cover. >> officers shot and killed
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solis when he pointed a gun at them. no word yet on a motive. 6:06 right now. happening later in san francisco, trying to tackle human trafficking. a panel discussion scheduled for 8:00 today with district attorney george gas cone, police chief william scott and other members as well. part of the second annual transnational organized crime conference. it's hosted with the support of interpol by the state department diplomatic security service. all of this happening at the federal reserve bank of san francisco. check before you burn. starting today, cal fire requires a permit for open burning in certain areas. during times of the year with high fire danger, burning dead vegetation at home just isn't safe. the permits will needed in san mateo, santa clara, sonoma, and napa counties. the sierra mountains build up a record snow pack over the winter and it's going to melt. forecasters expect one river to hit flood level as the heat wave
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melts all the snow. the winter brought the most rain and snow in history to the sierras. rivered could be extra cold and will run faster and quicker as the pack is melting. >> as we get a look at the snow pack for the sierra, we know it's been a record season. taking a look at some of the numbers for the northern sierra, still at 196% of average. central sierra at 200% of average. we talked about all of that snow melting. here's a live look outside from heavenly right now as the sun rises and the temperatures over the next few days reaching into the low 70s. so it is going to be really warm. melting that snow and causing some of those rivers nearby to flood. but check this. we'll have a slight chance of some snow this weekend in the sierra. we'll talk more about that. let's get a live look now on the roads with mike. he has progress in oakland. >> progress indeed. bemind me is our shot from the sky ranger. you see that traffic is now
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getting by one lane northbound 880. there's an ambulance trying to help out with whatever issary. they're going to have to loop around the other sigh. northbound 880, one lane is open at fifth. let's show you the map and get you oriented. first, the jammed up traffic starting to break up a little bit as you're traveling north into downtown. but it is jammed solid from the column all the way up to the crash where folks are diverted at fifth. 580 a much better route or the san mateo bridge south on 880 to westbound 92. there's one lane, and just 25 minutes for 580. now, a look at the rest of the bay, everything else is moving smoothly. but the big problem is 880, and consider it basically closed right now through oakland although one lane is getting by at fifth. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> an alarming new study outlining how many sexual assaults are happening at schools across america. coming up in just three
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minutes, the reason school officials are not reporting it and are actually feeling pressure to hide it. >> and a movie about silicon valley absolutely bombs the box office. we'll take a look in business and tech. hey allergy muddlers
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live look out here from our nbc bay area sky ranger over the scene of this deadly crash. northbound 880. one lane getting by, but do not be deceived.
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the freeway is closed before you get to fifth. these folks getting by were stuck in a backup since this crash happened. we'll show you the backup that continues for the nimitz and the reroute that you have as options. as we take a live look outside right now over san jose, it's all clear and the temperature trend starts out in the low 70s by 10:00 this morning. into the mid to upper 80s today. we'll talk about the peak of the heat and a look ahead to the weekend coming up in five minutes. you talk about the heat, kari. thank you very much. 6:13 right now. a fresh reminder that fire danger is starting to elevate. the fight to contain flames burning in southern california going on now. there's a wildfire threatening homes in riverside county. the fire started last night and quickly spread through heavy brush, growing to more than 15 acres there. about 100 firefighters are battling the flames but strong winds right now are making it difficult for firefighters to contain it. the so-called jamison fire is one of just several blazes
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burning across that area of southern california. the opera fire and tower fire charred several hundred acres. >> new this morning, a shocking report about school sexual assault. in the last four years, there have been about 17,000 reported incidents. the associated press analyzed four years worth of crimes reported at the k-12 level, all compiled by the fbi. most reported attackers were males in cases volving both females and other males. the associated press found the list is not complete and some estimates are higher. >> they may be out of sight but should not be out of mind. a serious threat to california's levees that could put our drinking water in jeopardy here in the bay area. >> stephen stock has this preview of tonight's story. >> erosion, earthquakes and rodents all are posing a threat to california's levee system. good morning. according to this latest report put out by the state of california, about half of all of
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the levees that protect california's cities from major flooding do not meet modern day standards. and if a levee were to break in the wrong place, it could be catastrophic for all of us here in the bay area. we wanted to see the problem first hand, so we went out with officials from the state department of water resources to take a tour of the most vulnerable levellies on the skrament delta. it could knock out our electrical grid and contaminate our drinking supply, even threaten the frustructure that carries drinking water to the bay area and to southern california. >> a loss of a levee here in the delta could lead to disruption of the water supply services elsewhere in the state that could be measured in months to years. >> this is serious stuff. this is very serious. this is why we take seriously the maintenance and the improvement of the levees out here. we have to protect them so that we can actually the drinking water supplies for millions of
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californians. >> coming up tonight at 11:00, we investigate the challenges facing california's levee system. and we explore exactly what the state plans to do about it. that's tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. >> all right, thank you so much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, 888-996-tips. you can also send an e-mail to >> the president is asking silicon valley tech leaders to join him at the white house. >> the invitation went out, but many may be reluctant. >> he has a few die-hard supporters here. the ceo of oracle, peter thiel, of course. the ceo of intel. but a lot of people have been under pressure to disassociate themselves, including elon musk. they say trump wants a new tech summit led by his son-in-law, jared kushner. kushner has a lot on his plate, including bringing peace to the middle east. on the campaign trail, mr. trump promised to have a blue ribbon
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cybersecurity team in place led by rudy giuliani no later than 90 days into his presidency. but that plan seems to have fallen by the wayside. tech does like the president's tax proposals which would slash corporate income tax and allow a one-time repatriation of funds. companies can bring the cash in that they makeover seas back to america. tim cook has been pushing for that for years. here he is testifying before congress about overseas money and corporate tax. apple reports profits tomorrow, and some experts say they expect apple to say it has a quarter trillion dollars in cash. that would be the biggest cash horde in corporate history. now, not everything in silicon valley makes money. the movie "the circle" about the fictional company by the same name absolutely bombed at the office. second terrible movie in a row for tom hanks, by the way. the circle is about a company, think google combined with
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facebook. based on a book by celebrated author dave eggers from san francisco. hey, guys, how about drones dropping on your head? this is video from the government study that says, you don't really need to worry about drones falling on your head. the faa study said that drones sort of bend when you see this, kind of bend around when they hit your head. they don't hurt as much as a block of wood, which is what is going on on the right-hand side. of all the things you need to worry about, that's not one. >> what about the propeller getting stuck in your hair? >> propeller guards where important. >> don't worry as in it's going to hurt a lot, won't hurt a lot, it will still hit you in the head. >> take a look at this. twin toddlers getting a surprise when they took their toy car out for a drive in new york saturday might. they were pulled over by an officer. yeah, pulled over that little range rover. the officer jokingly gave them a ticket. they weren't in too much trouble. high fiving the officers. the dad alex posted the
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encounter on instagram. cute. slow it down, boys. slow it down. >> you know, i think they didn't have tags on that car. they'll be good to go. >> license, vehicle registration, please. >> we've been driving right through beautiful weather. you could have had your top down this weekend and it would have been awesome. >> you can keep the convertible top down for the next couple days with all this warm weather. then we're still not looking at any rain in the forecast. some more clouds this weekend. here's a live look outside at san francisco. we start out with a beautiful morning, at 6:19, and it feels nice and mild as you head out the door. 54 degrees there. 55 in oakland and palo alto, and napa is dropped down to 48 degrees while fairfield is at 63. a wide range in temperatures starting out today. we'll see the high temperatures in san jose up to 85. for the east bay, up to 87 written walnut creek, the
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peninsula, 78. belmont at 82, 78 in the mission district while santa rosa is up to 88 degrees. it's going to feel like summer. maybe you want to hit somewhere cool. how about hitting the links at half moon bay? it will be a nice one as temperatures stay in the 60s with all of that 9 and no worries about fog today. maybe if you're dpoig to head to some of the hiking trails in the south bay or go to the park, it will be nice and dry. a lot of sunshine. and no worries about getting some mud on your hiking shoes. it will be hot, though, so bring water, lots of water. we'll see the warm weather over the next couple days. you want to stay hydrated. here's a live look outside now at kirkwood. as the sun rises this morning, we talked about that chance of snow in the forecast. and that moves in on saturday and sunday. after a week with temperatures in the 70s there, it is definitely going to cool down. we'll also have a big cooldown in san francisco. low 80s on wednesday. that will be the hottest day of the week.
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60s for the weekend. 90 inland on wednesday, and then you see how the temperatures take a nose dive heading into sunday. as we head over to mike, an up on what's happening on 880. >> it does appear we have at least one lane and possibly a couple more. sky ranger checking out the scene of the deadly crash, northbound 880 at fifth. this is our live camera at the coliseum. we see from the bottom of the screen, from 66th past high street, 23rd to fifth and oak, that's where the deadly crash continues to have at least three lanes blocked in the last shot we saw from our sky ranger helicopter over there. that will remain the situation for quite some time. getting you out to the maps, we'll show you how things are shaping up. everything outside of oakland is all right, but that also has a ripple effect. because 880 is so constricted, you're going to wand to use 580 as an option or the san mateo bridge. let's take you to waze to show you exactly what we're talking about. getting up on the blue line there, that will take you up
6:22 am
through downtown oakland. that takes overtwo hours out of san leandro. if you take the 580 reroute and then go through the maze, that's still over an hour. or an hour as well. you see the wazers, that's the team to be a part of. we can share that traffic information to give you the edge from wherever you are, whenever you leave. >> thank you very much. >> 6:22 right now. >> tough drive in oakland this morning. >> closing for good, the reason a popular bay area restaurant chain is shutting its doors today. >> the recurring fee shouldn't have been charged in the first place. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. stores prepares to close shop.
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after nearly 100 years in the bay area, a small chain of italian stores is preparing to close up shop. a.j. ferrari wants to shutter its four delis in san francisco and oakland. this was founded in 1919 by geovany ferrari. sales were not a problem. they wanted to expand distribution and the cost of operating in the pay was just too much. >> the classic part of the bay area. >> i love that store, by the way. >> 6:25. nbc bay area responds to a livermore man paying a monthly fee for an account he says he never signed up for. >> he had been paying for it for about four years every single
6:26 am
month. heally reached out to us for help. chris chmura brings us the story. >> last fall, thomas noticed a charge on his credit card for $15.99 from after digging around, he found he had been paying the monthly fee for four years totaling $751. thomas says he's never used and doesn't remember signing up. so he called and asked for a full $751 refund. he says the company only offered to refund him $300. he didn't think that was acceptable, so he reached out to us. told us that thomas' wife might have opened the account by accident. not realizing she had committed to a recurring monthly fee. so, thought a $300 refund was fair. you can certainly argue a refund going back four years might be unreasonable. but after we reached out, agreed to a full refund of $751. the company declined our request
6:27 am
for an official comment. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips or logon to >> thank you very much, chris. >> 6:27 right now. coming up next on today in the bay, breaking news. major backups on an east bay freeway. mike is tracking that, plus, weather whiplash. this week's forecast is a mixed bag. >> it will be a warm one today as we take a look outside, 101 and san jose. all clear skies overhead and the temperature trend going way up this afternoon. a look at the temperatures coming up next. >> some worker groups could block the port of oakland entrance, how that stoppage could affect you today. find ping-pong. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing!
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i )m laura garcia cannon. =sam/2shot= good monday morning to you. thanks so much for starting your day with us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. not the best way to start a monday if you're trying to commute through oak right now. major delays on the nimitz. you're getting some conflicting information. >> first, this is because of a deadly crash this is horrible information for at least the family of the people affected by this directly. and also for the folks who are driving in the area. the conflicted information we're getting from chp is we're told on the chp report that the two middle lanes are open at the scene, but obviously from our picture from nbc bay area sky ranger, we have only the fast lane open. at least that is open. that's why you have us and our
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chopper overhead. this backup continues back to the coliseum, so there's quite a stretch of the nimitz. let's show you on the map the effect of that. that is jamming up the freeway from san leandro up in the area, through oakland. 580 is a much easier route, but because of the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, that adds on to your commute, and a smoother drive but slower across the san mateo bridge as well. those are the routes affected and the ripple out of oakland through hayward and the rest of the east bay. oakland and the approach to the bay bridge. the rest of the bay, south bay and peninsula, are looking good right now. and kari, i think the forecast isul also looking good. >> we're looking at clear skies and comfortable temperature as as you get ready to head out the door. here's a live look at san jose. as the sun rises this morning, it's all bright with temperatures in the upper 50s, heading up to 85. after this nice start, it will be warming up quickly today, and the rest of the week, we'll see
6:32 am
the heat peaking on wednesday and then cooling down. we'll talk about the weekend forecast coming up in seven minutes. thank you, kari. >> 6:31 right now. happening today, marches and rallies about to get under way across the bay area for may day. this year,s are expected to participate. >> rick boone joining us live from the port of oakland with details on a protest starting in about a hour here, and the ripple effect expected from it. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning there, sam. we're still waiting for some folk to show up here, but right now, the port, this is one of the entrances, trucks going in and out. this will be a day where dock workers will take part in this, and they will not be showing up for work. part of a negotiated day for them. but other work groups are going to stage walk-outs and some area businesses will be closing their doors in protest. this is video of last year's march and rally in the fruitville district. demonstrations organized by the labor district are meant to highlight working conditions, but in recent years, especially
6:33 am
this year, may day rallies have taken a political turn, focusing on immigration and a living wage and the proof the trump administration. protests at the port will have a trickle down effect. this, by the way, is one of the largest ports in the country moving goods from ships to truck and reverse, with a protest and dock workers not showing up for work, it could cause a real trickle down effect for people who are waiting for those goods to get to a lot stores and locations here throughout the bay area. also, another trickle down effect that will be happening with the may day rallies and marches here, especially at the port of oakland, if you're driving around this area, jack london square, just inches away from where i'm standing, that's a busy area for a lot of pedestrians who want to shop or enjoy a day at a restaurant. expect delays because if this is a work stoppage, trucks will be backing up, traffic will be crazy in this area. we're live in oakland. rick boone for today in the bay. >> 6:33. happening today, as may day
6:34 am
protests get under way, concerns over immigration laws and deportation are prompted pittsburg city leaders to take action. they'll consider a community outreach program and a possible open letter to the community discuss the importance of diversity. tonight's meeting is at the civic center. >> and today, teachers want to show support for immigrant students across the bay. at 7:00, a news conference hosted by the california teachers association president will talk about keeping immigrant students in school. at noon, another news conference held by teachers, school board members and superintendents will declare safe havens for the students. at 3:educators from newark and fremont will march to show unwavering support for all students. >> some tragic news to report out offa cruz and mystery surrounding it as well. a man was found dead sunday morning near volleyball courts unsanta cruz on main beach at 108 beach street. witnesses told police he had been arguing earlier with someone over alcohol.
6:35 am
police say he wasn't shot and he wasn't stabbed. now, police have made one arrest that we learned. the beach near the courts is closed until about noon while they continue the investigation into the man's death. >> more reports of a man exposing himself to people on stanford campus. the victims were on the east side of the campus about 2:00 a.m. sunday morning a man got out of his car and exposed himself. he then drove off. this is the second time in recent weeks police have investigated a flasher on campus. uc president janet napolitano will be in the hot seat tomorrow after a state audit found her office allegedly hiding tens of millions of dollars. the new state audit reportedly found the office of the president accumulated secret reserves of $175 million. they're also reports the office intervened with a previous audit. the uc head will face the panel of lawmakers tomorrow. napolitano was appointed head of the university of california four years ago and tasked with
6:36 am
getting back state funding lost in the recession. >> happening today in alameda county, the existing plastic bag ban there is expanding to include all retail stores, all restaurants and food trucks. the reusable food ordinance was adopted in twen 13 specifically engineered for grocery stores, but since the law was put into effect, the county seen a more than 40% reduction in plastic bags found in storm drains so they're expanding it. stores, of course, will charge 10 cents for paper bags. >> a live look at the bay bridge this morning where come tomorrow people can enjoy the new bay bridge bike path every day instead of on the weekends. hundreds of people came out to enjoy the weather by walking, being, or jogging on the bridge. many celebrating a milestone set for this week. starting tomorrow, the path will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day. >> excited about it. this gives them more opportunity even on the week days to do their biking and exercise.
6:37 am
>> i just like being outside. >> if we're going to pay millions of dollars to live here, we may as well be able to ride our bikes over the bridge. >> enjoy the free sunshine. caltrans blocked part of the bridge during construction due to heavy diesel fumes. it looks nice to ride now. welcome back, folks. i have to start with unpleasantnies. a deadly crash we're following. this is the second report of a deadly crash for 880 today. we're looking at the lanes blocked north bound with only the fast lane getting by. you recognize the railroad tracks on the northbound side. southbound traffic is dis tracted as well. that's slow from 980 past the scene, but northbound, let's check the oakland coliseum camera. it's jammed from 98th past 66 and all the way up to the scene of the dadly crash. only one lane getting by from our shot from the sky ranger helicopter above the scene. let's show you how that plays out on the map, causing a
6:38 am
significant delay for folks traveling from san leandro to the bay bridge. westbound 580 is one option for you. a slower through hayward continues but we're still moving well across the san mateo bridge. that's another option for you. the rest of the bay does move well. despite the crash in oakland, we haven't seen a ripple anywhere south of the dumbarton bridge. and the peninsula looks good. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. something else that looks good, how about the entire weekend? friday night, saturday, sunday. >> monday. okay, but we can peak at next weekend already. >> absolutely because it's going to be hot over the next few days. if you want something cooler, more refreshing, we have that for you this weekend. let's get a look at the south bay forecast. on saturday and sunday, we'll be right at about 70 degrees. then even cooler on sunday with more clouds moving in for the east bay, in the upper 60s for the whole weekend. and for the north bay, heading to napa valley, it will be 72 degrees on friday. on saturday, 68 degrees, and 72
6:39 am
on sunday. it will be also very cool if you're heading farther to the north with a chance of showers. shasta trinity national forest on friday. then for the weekend, we'll see the clouds rolling in with temperatures right up to 71 degrees. it will be also cooler at posa robles hitting 90s this weekend. we're up to 79 degrees on friday. saturday and sunday in the upper 60s partly cloudy skies. it will be cool in carmel valley, only seeing the high temperatures in the upper 50s. you know when the winds kick in, it will feel cooler than that. russian river valley also with a chance of showers for the weekend. the farther north we go, that's where we have a chance of rain. farther south, we will be staying dry. look these temperatures, reaching into the mid 60s throughout the whole weekend. we'll come back to the south bay, a look at the temperature trend in four minutes. >> thank you very mump, kari. >> 6:39.
6:40 am
coming up, new overnight, a strike averted in a south bay city. we'll hear what the union just had to say coming up next. plus, tragedy in san diego. a woman is dead and seven others injured when a gunman opens fire at a pool party. the moments that led up to shots fired. plus, a very unusual invitation to the white house as we keep track of president trump. >> and if you're just waking up with us this morning, in washington, a deal struck to keep the government going on a short-term spending bill until september. the markets reacting, pretty light trading. the dow jones is up 10 points. we'll have more news, weather, and traffic coming up in two minutes.
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it is 6:43, with nothing but sunshine all around the bay area. here's a live look outside right now over the south bay. bright and sunny now, and that will quickly warm up our temperatures at noontime, already up to 80 degrees and heading into the mid to upper 80s today. it's going to be hot these next couple days. we'll talk about that and a look ahead to a cooler weekend coming up at about 6:50. >> look at this travel time at the bottom of the screen. 1:15 for 880 for the stretch between 238 and the bay bridge. we'll track the reason the lanes are blocked, a deadly crash. two people, we're told, have died from the result of a crash in oakland. i'll show you the backup, the alternate, and the ripple
6:44 am
effect. >> awfully sad start. thank you very much. >> new details out of sunnyvale where we recently learned a strike has been narrowly avoided. kris sanchez reporting on that for us this morning. the story we brought you as breaking news in the last hour, hundreds of city workers were prepared not to go to work today. that did not include emergency personnel, so police, fire, emergency services would not have been affected by this. the leader of the union spoke about 15 minutes ago. he said he's happy with the deal. >> there was a little more put on the table. it wasn't quite what we were asking for, so we like to maybe say we found a happy medium. >> the sunnyvale employee association came to an agreement with the city at about 3:00 this morning. avoiding the full brunt of the strike that would have, as we said, affected people throughout the city of sunnyvale. right now, following a developing story to our south. one woman is dead. seven others injured, after a mass shooting at a san diego pool party. this happened yesterday in san diego's universal city
6:45 am
neighborhood. police say a group of adults were at a poolside birthday party and a shooter identified as 39-year-old peter solis was drinking a beer at the pool and started opening fire. he killed one woman in the process. he injured six others. one man broke his arm trying to run away. officers shot and killed solis when he pointed the gun at them. no word yet on a motive. >> it is quarter to 7:00 right now. busy morning already for san jose police, investigating an overnight shooting in a neighborhood near a caltrain station. new information just coming in this morning. we're also told within the hour the victim is expected to survive. it happened on locust street a few blocks from guadalupe freeway near the caltrain station. police say they found the man about midnight. investigators are still looking for the shooter. also new this morning, a man found in his vehicle shot dead in a home depot parking lot. this happened in oakland outside the store on alameda avenue. police were called there before
6:46 am
11:00 p.m. last night and found the man with a gunshaw wound. the whole parking lot was blocked off durlg the search, affecting a 24-hour fitness and mcdonald's. >> there have been a spate of accidents in the east bay this morning. this is another one we brought you live at 4:30 this morning. all lanes are open near san leandro on 880 following a fatal accident there. you're seeing remains of the cars. it started with a ford fusion hit a honda with enough force to send the honda into the center divide of the highway. a buick then hit the honda causing it to side swipe a big rig. the honda driver, we're told, died at the scene. the buick driver was taken to the hospital. all lanes northbound were shut down for several hours. they were reopened just after 4:00 this morning. >> congress has a compromise budget, a bill to keep the government running through sment. >> it contained very little of what the president was demanding. >> suddenly we're seeing the power of congress. a co-equal branch of the government. setting the agenda for america.
6:47 am
it's astonishing how few things president trump wanted and promised are in the budget. the budget does not have any money for the wall, though it does fund border security to the tune of $1.5 billion. there's more money for defense. president trump wanted that, but there's also money for planned parenthood, something the president had wanted to defund. and it adds money to the national institutes of health trump wanted to slash that budget. it doesn't defund sanctuary cities, and as i mentioned, there is no money for the wall. congress is also working on yet another version of the health care bill to replace obamacare. called this trump care version 3.0, what the bill contains and what president trump thinks it contains seem to be two different things. for instance, the bill gives states the option to charge people with pre-existing conditions more under certain circumstances. but here's the president on cbs' face the nation.
6:48 am
>> they were saying pre-existing is not covered. pre-existing conditions are in the bill. and i mandated it, i said it has to be. we're going to have lower premiums, and before you start there, let me tell you something, obamacare is dead. >> the big talk this morning, though, is president trump's phone call to the president of the philippines, inviting him to the white house. rodrigo duterte is charges with allowing, even encouraging death squads in his fight against drugs. t"the new york times" said the state department was unaware he would be invited to the white house. critics point out two things. if duterte wasn't the leader of his country, he wouldn't qualify for a u.s. visa. two, president trump has business interests in the philippines including a brand-new luxury condo. same and laura. >> all right, and the web thick thickens. 6:48. scott, of course, examining all of the president's tweets,
6:49 am
executive orders and speeches each and every morning. he would like to hear from you as well. you can share with him on twitter. >> it's 6:49. southern california beach expected to reopen today after a woman was attacked by a shark. she's in the hospital now. thanks to the work of beachgoers nearby who saved her. leann eriksson was swimming around the state beach in san diego county when a shark bit her on the thigh on saturday. people nearby rushed in to get her to shore and try to stop that bleeding. >> used the tourniquet and then just brought her to shore as quickly as possible, with as many people as we possibly could, and then get as many towels and apply direct pressure to the wound as we can to try to isolate it. >> her mother set up a go fund me page saying she's a single mother of three. she's expected to go through several surgeries and a lengthy recovery. >> it is 6:49 right now on your monday morning. and we're going to get a check right now of weather and
6:50 am
traffic. there is a lot going on right now in the east bay. mike, you had your hands full this morning. >> that's right. >> all right. >> first, let's get a look at the forecast for this monday morning, coming off a glorious weekend. >> so nice and warm. we have more warm weather in the forecast, if you like that, i have more of it. then as we head into the weekend, it is going to be cooling off. i have a little bit of something for everybody. here's a live look outside at san francisco. absolutely gorgeous from at&t park looking toward the embarcadero. you can see the sun shining there. and the temperature at 54. 50 in santa rosa. napa at 48, while 63 degrees already in fairfield. it's going to be hot there today. we're talking about high temperatures inland reaching into the upper 80s, up to 85 in livermore and san jose. palo alto, 82, and san francisco, 78 degrees. so as you get up, about to get the kids ready for school, no need for a jacket today. a clear and nice, comfortable
6:51 am
morning. and quickly warming up as we go into the afternoon. so at recess, it will be a lot of sunshine. and the kids will enjoy their time outside. then later on today, heading home, our high temperatures reaching into the 80s. so looking live outside the window right now over san jose, you see the bright sunshine and make sure you grab some extra bottles of water and sunscreen. also the sunglasses. dust those off. time for the flip-flops, if you don't have to work and it's a casual day. t-shirt and shorts also in order to keep you nice and cool all of that sun today, you'll need that for the next couple days. maybe you want to head to santa cruz. as we start out this morning, temperatures in the low 70s at 11:00, then already by noon, we're in the mid 70s, seeing the high temperatures soar into the upper. although there may be a nice little cool breeze right there along the immediate coastline. in san francisco, expect a high of 78 degrees. it will be the warmest day on wednesday. and then notice how the
6:52 am
temperatures come on thursday. we're up to 71 degrees. it continues to cool off from there. a couple cold fronts passing by and keeping the rain just to the north of us. we'll bring clouds and cooler air to the bay area. for the inland area, this is where the temperature swings will be the most drastic. up to 90 degrees on wednesday, and by sunday, we're only going to be hitting 66 degrees. check that out. now, as we head over to mike, continuing to follow those major delays through oakland. >> we are. our sky ranger, our chopper over here above 880 shows you the scene of the crash which continues to be an investigation scene. the reason why they haven't cleared everything, although it looks like they cleared most of the vehicles, is because they have to wait until the coroner arrives on scene to do the rest of the investigation and to make sure that all of the paperwork is properly. because of that, they only have one lane open northbound. the coroner waw taken earlier with that incident in san leandro. let's look at the maps as well.
6:53 am
we see the backup thraw oakland and just before you get to the coliseum, up to southbound side distracted by the activity as well. westbound 580 is a good alternate for folks as they travel through the yaarea. let's use waze to show you what times we're talking about. waze reports 1:54, so two hours from san leandro all the way up to the downtown area, past that crash. only one lane gets by. here's some alternates for you. the purple and the green, purple is 580 and that saves you about 15 minutes. the green takes you across the san mateo bridge and that saves you about a half hour as well. good options for you. you want this information now and throughout the morning and perhaps before you you're leaving in the evening to see how long things will take. make sure you're on our time. it's teams like this when information we get from wazers and the community is vitally important to the information we bring you. join nbc bay area wazers through your profile. back to you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. it's 6:53.
6:54 am
coming up, bracing for protests. thousands planning to gather across the bay area for may day rallies. new message protesters are taking this year. >> and we are live right now at the port of oakland with a march about to get under way in a matter of minutes. rick boone is covering that for us. but first, happening right now, abroad, scary moments for people onboard a flight from moscow to bangkok. at least 27 people were injured on a flight when their boeing 777 hit an air pocket midair. several people had to undergo surgery as a result. right now, there's an investigation into severe turbulence. >> plus, a new deal for hollywood writers. the writer's guild of america and the studios appear to have an agreement to avoid a strike. that includes a significant increase for the writers health care fund. back with more news on your monday in two minutes. before you head out the door -
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
here are the top stories on today welcome back. 6:57 right now on your monday, before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay. >> happening now in san francisco, today's rallies will start with a protest right outside the c.e. building at 8:00 a.m. we're talking about may day rallies. then another one begins at justin herman plaza at 11:00 a.m., before demonstrators march to civic center plaza and
6:58 am
another rally at city hall as they express their support for immigrants rights in light of the current political climate. that's where pete will report live for the midday newscast. >> also rallies in oakland and san jose and many other cities in the bay area. stay with nbc bay area for continuing coverage of all the rallies and marches throughout the day. we'll have live coverage for our midday newscast and will be constantly updating through the morning. >> more reports of a man exposing himself to people on stanford's campus. police say the three victims were on the east side of the campus about 2:00 a.m. on sunday morning when a man got out of his parked car and exposed himself then drove off. this is the second time in recent weeks police have investigated a flasher on stanford's campus. >> all right, we got all that snow in the sierra this winter. that was great for skiers and snowboarders. now we're getting a glanls at some of the downside. we build up a record snow pack over the winter and now it's going to melt. forecasters expect at least one
6:59 am
river to hit flood levels later this week as the heat wave melts the pack. the winter's record breaking storms brought the most rain and snow in its history to the sierra. they're warning people that rivers in the state could be extra cold and run more quickly as the pack continues to melt. >> they expect the merced river in yosemite to do exactly that. the waterfalls will probably be spectacular. >> crazy to think there might be more snow in the forecast over the weekend. we'll talk about that. it's going to be warm, though. look at the temperatures around the bay area, up to 87 degrees in the tri-valley and south bay. 80 degrees in the north bay and san francisco. up to 78 degrees. >> all right, thank you very much, kari. mike, it has been all about 880 this morning. >> let's show you the shot from the nimitz by the coliseum. it's jammed before you get to the coliseum to the scene of the deadly crash. we're talking about north 880 at fifth. only one lane still open. the deadly crash investigation continues outside of oakland. >> thank you very much. that's what's happening today in the bay. we're back here in half an hour
7:00 am
with a live local news update. >> a cool shot there. join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. we hope you a great monday. good morning. breaking overnight, mass shooting. [ gunshots ] a man opens fire during a birthday pool party at a san diego apartment complex. at least one person killed, seven others injured, the gunman killed by police. we'll go live to the scene. dramatic rescue. a father and two babies trapped in an overturned truck. floodwaters quickly rising. how good samaritans got them all out alive, as the death toll from those storms climbs to at least 15 people overnight. even more bad weather expected today.


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