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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 19, 2017 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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breaking news this morning. a bomb squad bro brought into a san jose school after a backpack is found with some sort of suspicious liquid inside of it. students were immediately evacuated. good morning and thank you for joining us for our midday newscast. i'm sambrook. >> and i'm kris sanchez. >> this is a story developing by the minute, and we've been updating you online in our nbc bay area app. this is going on at bridges academy on mclaughlin avenue very close to 101 and 680, in the franklin mckinly school district. nbc bay area's robert handa was there. robert, so far the police and fire are still on scene. not sure what that liquid was. >> reporter: oh, yeah. that's the mystery they are trying to solve right now, but we can say whatever imminent
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danger there might have been here seems to be clearing up. still some police and fire department activity going on in and around the bridges academy middle school here on mclaughlin avenueñr near phalen avenue, an as you can see behind me officers say that this is an example of public safety eight sis not taking any chances for the police squad and thqi bomb squad and other crews responding to this call quickly, evacuated the school and cordoned off the neighborhood. now, we're told a school custodian discovered a backpack with a 750 mill liter bottle labeled nitroglycerin as well as other chemical and formula references on it. the bomb squad took the backpack and container to an area off the parking lot. students and staff were taken to the cafeteria and experts have taken that fluid and container to an off-site facility and are inspecting the suspicious fluid. >> the bottle or device has been collect by the bomb squad. we have that in our custody and we'll do a methodical search and
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go and to and through every garbage gan in the school to make sure there's nothing going on here. >> reporter: searchers have apparently basically finished their walk around the school and the obvious thing right now is to see the bottle containing the liquid labeled knight glycerine is actually nitroglycerin. of course, a couple of hours before we find that out and if we get any update, of course, we'll bring it to you. live in san jose. robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> meantime, we're preparing for a bit of a heat wave. temperatures we're talking about here 90 degrees and maybe even warmer than that in some parts of the bay area. >> a live look at dublin and at san jose. meteorologist kari hall is the woman of the hour. how hot are we going to get? >> it's going to be hot this
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weekend, feeling like summer. it's a beautiful day with all of the sunshine and temperatures in san franciscoñr 66 degrees, faiy mild and looking across the bay from berkeley, it's 70 degrees, and we see the sun also shining, and it will be warming up. our temperatures up to 81 degrees in oakland and 93 degrees in concord so we'll see some of the inland valleys and in the delta reaching the low 90s while theñr inner bay wl be into the upper 80s and 70s along coast. we may be close to setting some new record high temperatures for the next couple of days. a lot of temperatures staying very close like oakland. we'll be watching that thermometer for tomorrow and maybe tying the old record set back in 2013. we egtake a look at old numbers and more on look ahead to next week. that's coming up. >> now to a sprawling accident scene in oakland hills that led to a major rescue operation just this morning. that car that you're looking at
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from above sped down a hill, crashed in a fence and ended up stuck to a tree. we don't know what caused that accident, but we do know two people had to be rescued from inside the crumpled bmw. it all happened at 3:30 this morning at redwood rose and chriswood boulevard. nbc bay area's bob redell has been covering this story for hours and getting those people out of the car proved very 2uju the first responders. >> reporter: actually took aboui 90 minutes to get at least one of the occupants out.ñi this car was coming down early this morning, as you mentionedñ at 3:30, coming down redwood road when they failed toñi negotiate the turn here,ñi and you look at the images from nbc bay area sky ranger, smashed through a fence and ended up crashed into a tree. one of the passengers, there were four people inside, two men, two women. one of the people in the back was eject.
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the other were freed by rescuers and suffered minor injuries but the driver and front passenger were in much worse shape and they were trapped as well. rescuers had to remove parts of the vehicle to free them. the front passenger was in critical condition but conscious. the driver, the one who took an hour and a half to free, also in critical but in and out of consciousness at the time. theñi battalion chief tells me doesn't believe anyone or everyone, i should shay, was wearing a seat belt. >> last person to be extricated was pinned with his legs underneath the-board. car up on its side under the tree so it required to us dismantle the car around the patients so we could free the legs and get him extricated and to the hospital. >>. >> reporter: oakland police department is looking no whether the driver was under the influence at the time of the accidents. officers do believe the car was speeding. now, if you look back live at this stretch of redwood road
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where the accident happened, the car came down this way, where these cars are coming down with their headlights towards us. you can see it's steep and this turn right here is tight. we spoke with a couple of people who live around other who see drivers routinely breaking the speed limit on this bend. >> they come down this hill really fast. we've had another injury. somebody went up on the bank and rolled over and somebody was killed. >> oh, wow. >> that was maybe, oh, a year and a half ago. >> what do you think could be done to mitigate that? >> i have no idea, but i guess something to slow cars down. maybe another stop sign. >> now, an update for opd, they tell us two people were taken to the hospital in critical conditioned and are critical but doctors have been able to stabilize them. reporting live from the oakland hills, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thank you bob. after a tumultuous week
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president trump is heading overseas for a thine-day foreign trip and controversy surrounding the firing of fbi director james comey and the possible campaign connections to russia are still front and center on capitol hill. nbc's jennifer johnson is live from capitol hill now. jennifer, an important meeting today with a deputy attorney general? >> reporter: oh, that's right. the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein was, again, back at capitol hill, this time briefing the full house. yesterday he briefed the full senate, these meetings behind closed doors and afterwards lawmakers were talking. president trump tweeting about his first foreign trip. we'll be strongly protecting american interests, that's what i like to do. as investigations move forward on possible trump campaign ties to russia and the firing of fbi director james comey. today deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, who appointed special counsel robert mueller, briefed the null house behind
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closed doors. >> will a special prosecutor have the ability to follow any and all leads? i was satisfied that that was answered with no recitation that the director will have that ability. >> yes the president called the investigations a witch-hunt. >> i think it's totally ridiculous. everybody thinks so. >> reporter: republicans hope the trip will get the president back on track. >> and it's also an opportunity to reset on some of these issues. the president, i wishçó we coul take twitter away from him and discipline what he said obviously way more? and today new questions about what vice president mike pence knew as head of the transition team. mike flynn revealed he was already under federal investigation before being hired as national security adviser. >> were you kept in the dark about mr. flynn, mr. vice president? >> pence had previously denied knowing anything about flynn's secret activities. now, president trump is leaving any minute to go on that
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overseas trip. hisçó first stop is to saudi arabia and he indicated he owes close to picking a new fbi director. that is looking less and less likely. again, he's leaving any minute for that overseas trip. cristian, back now. >> quite timing for going abroad as jennifer just mentioned. first stop on the president's first foreign trip here is saudi arabia, a key u.s. ally. while there, president trump is expected to announce what could be the largest arms deal ever between these two country. there are reports that the sales could add up to $350 million other ten years. it should also be noted that the obama administration worked out deals. nearly half the exports go to saudi arabia and all new at 11:00 though, anthony weiner faces more than two years in prison as a possible sentence. the former congressman pleading
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guilty friday to sexting with a 15-year-old girl which means for sure he'll have to register as a sex offender. weiner was in a new york courthouse hours after turning himself in and was very tearful. federal prosecutors are seeking 21 months as a minfor the congressman. you may remember the fbi came across e-mails from his now estranged wife handin', one of hillary clinton's top aides and then director james comey held a news conference weeks before the election to announce the discovery and its possible link to the clinton e-mail investigation, and, of course, we found out most recently agents had already revealed those e-mails. >> we should learn more today about the driver of this sufficient who led police on a chase that ended in a crash on the avalrado on ramp on i-82 southbound. 15 officers on scene said they tried to pull that driver over
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for a traffic violation and then took off at unsafe speeds. the driver tried to take the off ramp and instead plowed through the grassy area along the freeway and crashed on to the on ramp. the driver was taken to a hospital. no word yet on what charges he will face. right now san jose police are investigating the city's 12th homicide of this year. it's something we brought you as breaking news this morning on "today in the bay." police say several people called 911 reporting gunshots right around 10:00 last ñrnight. it happened ñioutside a weern schnitz -- wienerschnitzel restaurant. >> a ruling on prince's death. >> and one day away from one of the weirdest and whackiest areas. where to go if you're a reveler. >> and facebook has been on
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market for five years and a cool video to show you as well ahead in business and tech. >> carrie needed help fixings up her home. >> every year i did a project hon my house. >> she used a well-known site to fimd the contractor. >> he should have been vetted. who are you letting on your site. >> the critical thing you should do before you hire. >> this could easily happen to anyone. ad-lib numbers
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members of the armed services there at the new york stock exchange this morning as we take a look right now at your stocks which are bouncing back after quite a bump in the road this week with the comey memo coming out. the dow jones up 160 points today to 20,3823. shares in shook afacebook a higher this morning. if you bought it when it ipoed you would have a pretty good return on your investment. at the time it looked like a terrible investment. right, scott mcgrew? >> reporter: yeah. most of us have probably forgotten what a disaster facebook's debut was on the market. let's go in the way-back machine to five years ago, technically five years and one day. facebook goes public opening the nasdaq right on its campus. the biggest tech ipo of its time and technical problems with the
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nasdaq caused delays in trading and facebook's stock price actually fell below its ipo offering. now it's since recovered mightily. to celebrate this big milestone of five years on the public market, edward zuckerberg is showing us some video as his son, mark, opened an e-mail to see if he would get into harvard. >> so you want me to open this? >> does that sound like it. >> what does it say? >> put it away for a second. >> i can't see it. >> oh, man. >> yay. >> i got accepted. >> are you serious? >> yeah. all right! >> reporter: that's dad's voice there at the end there with the all right. mark a simple yay, i got accepted. go figure. >> he is very tempered in his reactions. facebook wants to take you out to the ball game. the social media giant reached a
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major deal with major league baseball to live stream 20 friday night games starting this season starting with tonight's matchup between the crookies and cincinnati reds for free. you can watch for free and facebook has a deal to stream major league soccer games if that's your sport. the ride-sharing program is paying off for san francisco international airport. supervisors this week detailed nearly $40 million collected from uber and lyft in the year and a half since the airport ride-share permits were first approved. most of that money goes back to airport services. the numbers were laid out during the hearing where supervisors approved extending that deal covering how fees are collected for airport ride share trip. >> all new this morning, we have new details to share with you. a minnesota judge has ruled that prince's sisters and five half siblings are going to be the heirs to his estate. prince left behind no known will when he died of an accidental pain killer overdose last year
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fentanyl. more than 45 people filed claims to be a relative of prince and filed lawsuits to try to get a piece of his estate. many of those cases, almost all were rejected, but some of them have beenñi appealed. a minnesota judge says he's going to reconsider today's decision if the appellate courts rule in their favors so we have to see. >> wikileaks founder julian assange is no longer under investigation for rape in sweden. that investigation was only dropped because prosecutors there say they can't get assange to sweden in a reasonable time frame. he was accused of rape by two different swedish women. assange works denies the allegations, has been living in ecuador's embassy in london for past search years to avoid extradition to sweden and he's also wanted here in the united states for publishing leaked military information. this is assange speaking from the embassy's balcony earlier from today. >> there is nothing nefarious
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and no hidden fundçó in uc's president janet napolitano's office. the board approved an $813 mill yoj budget f million budget for the university yesterday. they are disappointed they did not hold off the tuition hike because of the extra cash but she said that money was already earmarked for other projects. >> thousand of runners and non-runners are getting ready for one of the wilest races. bay breakers takes place sunday morning and they are expected about 40,000 runners. tutus and tight and all those
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costumes and the 40,000 figure is for who haveñi registered. plenty busy around the route. some street closures and some start on saturday. the race begins at the embarcadero at 8:00 a.m. and then the finish line 12 kilometers away at ocean beach so it spans the city. toss to wx. >> people like to shed their costumes, even when it's cold, but it's going to be nice and warm, kari? >> it's going to be beautiful this weekend, and, sam, were you talking about you're going to get up and do some training in the morning. >> i'm preparing -- >> by the way, can we use the words shed. >> like they will be wearing -- >> he's wearing clothing. >> wear some clothing. for the beta breakers this weekend it's going to be very nice, but our temperatures do start out cool in the morning. low to mid-60s at 8:00 and by 1:00 in the afternoon, by the
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time the race is done, people are just kind of hanging out and people watching. it will be in the mid-70s so we do have some beautiful weather. as we take a live look outside and woodside and looking closer, we are going to see a lot of this. sunshine throughout the day and the next several days and in san francisco, a view of the golden gate bridge. as you get out and about, you're making plans for the weekend. this is what it feels like now as you step out the door. 74 degrees in napa and santa rosa. it's 64 now in palo alto while san jose is at 77 degrees. can you see that wide range in temperatures. the south bay will be up to 89 degrees in east san jose and 90 in los gatos and 90 in livermore and also 90 in walnut creek. while the peninsula will be cool along the coast, go on the other side of the hills, driving up and down to 80. it will be in the upper 80s for today and 73 degrees on the embarcadero while the north bay and santa rosa will be at 90 degrees so all you have to do
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is drive a short distance and you'll have a very much different climate that you'll have to deal with. you're looking at san jose and the temperature trend for the rest rast day. upper 80s by early afternoon and this evening will be so comfortable after sunset and we also have another big event going on in santa rosa. the rose parade tomorrow, and it starts at 10:00 in the morning. we'll be at 72 degrees with some sunshine, and temperatures jumping up several degrees each hour. by 1:00 we're at 85 degrees and eventually hitting 89 with all of the sunshine. heading to santa cruz this weekend, a lot of people are, it's going to be very comfortable especially right there along the coast and downtown santa cruz will be much hotter and the ocean breeze will bring those temperatures up to 75 today. 79 tomorrow and sunday up to 82 degrees. much hotter temperatures also in the valleys and by sunday a river valley will be up to 90 degrees and over the next several days san francisco will
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start to cool off next week, but the inland areas, the cooldown will be much more gradual and we'll be in the low 90s for today in monday and then some upper 70s by the end of next week. i'll talk more about this and we'll check out more events going on a little bit later. kris and sam. >> breaking news out of san jose. you see the smoke in the distance. fire crews are on the scene of a house fire at summer court. we know at least part that have home has been gutted by the fire. no word on a cause or whether there's any injuries but the fire is throwing out a lot of smoke which you may be able to see from some of the more roader roadways. nbc bay area's robert h ha nda is now headed in that direction and will continue to update that story on air and online as we get more information. up next, a brutal attack at a popular park in san francisco. the police now describing this beating.
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look what's happening now. 53 more cases of norovirus being reported at santa clara county schools, and the number of schools with cases has now gone from 14 to 17 campuses. as we've been reporting, students started getting sick more than two weeks ago. remember to wash your hands. go to nbc bay area to see if your child's school is affected. also right now in san francisco, city leaders and animal care officials are launching a joint effort to get pet owners to pick up after their animals. the outreach program is called poop and meant to address pet waste on sidewalks. back in two minutes with much more news. one ofn
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we're learning more this morning about a severe attack in one of san francisco's most popular parks, and it's a story we first reported. the sf gate is detailing how that victim was beaten, and it was with glass bottles, a golf club and then the victim was stabbed with a knife. police suspect that this was a gang-related incident and that some of the attackers may have been minors. the violence happened at an early time yesterday around 5:00 in the afternoon in front of dozens of people. that attack has many who visit or live near delores park alarmed. >> the a vicious attack like that at 5:00 in the afternoon. yeah. i think it's a little bit of a wake-up call. >> police say the victim is not
11:27 am
able to talk to investigators yet to even describe those attackers. at last check he was still in critical condition. >> san francisco police right now looking for the suspect who attacked an 11-year-old boy near his elementary school this. happened last week only a few blocks away from inner itch monday. sfpd said the suspect tried to take the boy's wallet and when he refused he hit the boy and called him a racial slur. a lot of parents right now are very angry that they were not told about this attack. >> i think the principal should tell the parents, you know. leave a call, text message, anything. let the parents know. >> that boy is okay, thankfully, an suspect has not been caught. developing news this morning in vallejo, the effort to get some answers about a recent gruesome find that animal lovers and even non-animal lovers will say is shocking n.february a woman walk her dog discovered about a dozen dead dogs wrapped
11:28 am
in bags down an embankment along columbus parkway near lake herman road. this week a mutilated goat was found in the same area. some people are so outraged they have been packing city council meetings demanding that this case get more attention. >> we really feel that there's an apathy around this case, that people don't -- that the authorities may be thinking that it's not important because it's animals. >> several animal groups are now offering a reward to try to catch that person who maybe is doing this. the reward is now up to $10,000. >> definitely don't need to be an animal lover to know that that's pretty screwed up. >> children making very adult choices. coming up next, we investigate. >> do you feel like you're a little bit a boy in. >> a small bit butñr a twinge. >> what if your 4-year-old son tells you he feels more like your daughter. how early is too early for medical treatment? coming up, we investigate the debate on how toñr best case fo transgender kids. =kris/2-shot=
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it )s a growing debate at schools, at home and within the it's day one of we're playing zombie tag! i'm tired, but i'm teaching them hopscotch. i'm starting a garden with my neighbors so our kids can eat better.
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and we feel happier! i have more energy at work. i feel stronger! small changes you make today can make a big difference in how you feel.... and may help prevent obesity, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. start now to turn today into a better day. it's been a month, and we feel better!
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too you what is a growing debate at schools, at home and within the medical community, and that is how young is too young for transgender children to undergo medical procedures? >> no question, a complicated question here. should young people, young kids, be able to start transforming their bodies before they even reach their teenage years? investigative reporter bigad shaban joins us was that story. >> reporter: when it comes to treating transgender kids, even the brightest medical minds are at odds. parents are torn, but the kids themselves seem convinced about who they are. >> i'm kind of terrified, but the most excited i've been my whole life. >> reporter: this 12-year-old was born a girl named sophia but today is taking a major step towards becoming a boy called jack. sixth grader is about to have a
11:32 am
tiny medical device implanted in his left arm. jack's dad and mom are at his >> oh, geez. >> reporter: implant stocks female puberty and will keep jack from growing breasts. >> there you go. >> it was last year when sophia cut off all her hair and decided she was really a he. what would you say to people who think kids are just too young to make this kind of decision? >> sure. i'm a kid, but it doesn't take a genius to realize that i'm not a girl. >> reporter: an estimated 1.4 million adults in the u.s. identify as trans, 150,000 teens, but figures for younger children areñi largely unknown. here in the bay area there are at least six clinics for transkids that currently treat more than 550 children. some kids started therapyñi at 3 years old to transition socially which mean changing their names and wardrobes to
11:33 am
match the gender they choose. >> as young as 3? >> as young as 3. >> this pediatrician has treated hundreds of tr ha ns kids at the head of the children's center at ucsf hospital. >> we see the kids ñireappear wh a body that matches their gender identify. >> reporter: this doctor and an international team will release new guidelines for transkids ani for the first time will favor early transition and allow hormone therapy for kids under 16. >> this couple pact children worldwide. >> i feel it would be malpractice to withhold that kind of treatment. >> reporter: before jack started his transition, he says he couldn't even stand his own re. >> exwhen you look in this mirror now, what do you see? >> me. i sigh me. >> i used to have a girl and now i have a boy. >> juliana is jack's mother. >> what do you see when you look at old photos of jack? >> that's hasf, yeah.
11:34 am
and i think that is i think the hardest part for me. >> as his mom, do you have doubts? >> i do, i do, but i can only do what i know right now is the right thing to do. >> reporter: still, juliana and leading doctors worry that the medicines that block puberty can weaken bones and cause other unknown side effects. >> i think it's putting a lot on the shoulders of the children. >> reporter: this pediatrician is the chief of medical genetics at ucla. you think far more children are transitioning now than maybe should? >> that's correct. children say a lot of things. if they decide if i behave like a girl therefore i am a girl that's not necessarily true. >> reporter: telling a child to wait to transition, sort of the modern day version telling a gay person that it's just a phase?
11:35 am
>> i don't think so. people are telling me that these boys who behave like girls are in fact girls inside. so i'm saying where is the girl? is there a brainñr difference? are their genes different? i still have not seen that. >> so which kid transition and when? no one knows for sure. so that's about to change with your study. >> we hope so. >> reporter: the first of its kind research is being done in seattle where 300 transkids from around the kid were studied and tracked for 20 years. do you feel like you're a little bit a boy? >> a small bit. >> reporter: 7-year-old maya is part of the study. she was born brodie, but began identifying as a girl at just 3. who is brodie? >> no one. >> reporter: doesn't exist anymore? who is maya?
11:36 am
>> me? >> reporter: other studies show transpeople are more likely to commit suicide, but three years into the study she found kids who were allowed to traps its socially aren't any more depressed than non-transkids. >> i would have a transdaughter than a dead son. >> reporter: megan is maya's daughter. >> to have her say, mom, i'm really a girl. at first, you know, it was kind of -- it's hard to swallow, but really it's this child's happiness. >> there you go. >> reporter: back at the hospital, jack's life is about to change. >> it went really well. >> i didn't feel anything. >> reporter: soon after jack does start to feel something. >> i'm real, really happy. >> reporter: effects of the implant are largely reversible, but for now jack is saying good-bye to sophia. >> bye-bye. >> bye-bye, estrogen. >> bye-bye. >> bye, estrogen. >> reporter: doctors recommend
11:37 am
kids get off that puberty blocker by the time they are 14 for health reasons. that means in two years jack will have to decide whether to start taking testosterone to blend in more as a boy or get off the drug to restart puberty as a girl. clinical guidelines for how to treat transkids haven't been updated in nearly a decade, but the new recommendation will likely go into effect by the end of this year. with the investigative unit, i'm bigad shaban. >> certainly a fascinating conversation. thanks very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips. always send an e-mail to theunit@nbc bay area president come. fire crews are on the scene of a house fire at summer court and we can tell you that at least part of the home is gutted, but the fire appears to be out. still no word yet on a cause or whether there are any injuries, but the fire was at some point throwing up a lot of smoke, creating a distraction for drivers, but now the fire is
11:38 am
out. robert h ha nda is there and we'll continue to update the story as we get new information. tough to see those fires as the temperatures start to rise. >> we'll be talking about fire season more and more, esabout legsly as we get into the 90-degree days. >> very hot and drive. a look outside at palo alto and temperature trend quickly making it into the mid to upper 80s and feeling very nice late they are evening. more temperatures and events going on around the bay area then coming up. >> the service offers to connect you with a professional contractor, but some consumers say they were connected to crooks. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds next. >> first, today's big battle on the hardwood. i'm not talking about oakland, not even over in san antonio but fremont where the battle of the badges charity basketball game between the flowment police department and the firefighters continues today.
11:39 am
washington high school is the site for this benefit for the special olympics. also a chili competition and food and fun and i know at the bottom of i listed the police wednesday i'd so i wanted to show the firefighters as well. brids bain for the fire hydrant painting and restoration weekend. there's really hystericial and always historicalñr painted fir plugs. if you would prefer not to do the outdoor stuff -- an offbeat art exhibit i. the sacred mountains in the east, him lay yaz, advice the him lay ann fair this weekend. check out their music and fresh dumplings, those there and other nepalese and indian foods.
11:40 am
remember, i'll see you on the other side of thisñi weekend on "mondayñi morning's requested te in the bay." to homeowners who relied on a
11:41 am
11:42 am
popular website to find a welcome back. nbc bay area responds to homeowners who try to find a reputable contractor using the local websites. >> reporter: chris kimura has a loesser look. >> contractors you can trust but that's not always happening. carrie polak used the san francisco-based website
11:43 am
thumbtack and after paying nearly 8 grand he bolted before finishing the job. she was shocked to learn he was unlicensed, and so was the second contractor she hired from the site to finish the job. >> these services are not giving you pros of i would call a pro. i think they are giving you people that are like a craigslist. anybody can list there, put their name up, hang a shingle and there you go. >> thumbtack disagreeing telling us when professionals sign up on thumbtack they agree to abide by the laws including licensing laws but we wondered how many are licensed contractors. >> what we're find is what we find all too often. >> tonight we take our find to go thumbtack as well as the state contracting board to find out what they have to say about consumers getting ripped off. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. the number is 888-996-tips or
11:44 am >> chris, thank you very much. yesterday we had some vips. in honor of asian pass nick heritage month we have a local luncheon to host all those involved. four asian leaders were recognized for their efforts which include fighting human trafficking and providing health care for the poor. highlight of this luncheon is honoring the annual women of the art and essay contest. by the way, the kids will be featured in handa's show at 5:30 this morning so definitely something to check out there. >> must be so excited -- they
11:45 am
god to see all of this in person? >> achievement overload. >> some sunshine overload. >> and some heat overload, too. make sure your body doesn't get overloaded in all of this heat. you'll want to make sure you take lots of breaks and drink some water everyñi chance you g because our temperatures are already starting to warm up. looking now at the south bay. our live camera over san joseñm 77 degrees and the peninsula is 73 degrees. san francisco is at 71 and east bay is looking live at our fremont camera 70 degrees already. this is where we're headed later today. up to 90 in santa rosa, napa and livermore and san jose up to 87 degrees. 88 in morgan hill and alsoñiñr 88 degrees in palg zalto. san francisco not bad. 73 degrees, and if you're going to be in oakland this evening getting the weekend started early at the a's game, it's going to be perfect and right at 72 degrees at first pitch and a lot of sunshine, clear skies even into to the as our
11:46 am
temperature starts to dropñi ba. have a lightó jacket somewhere close by. if it does get cool later on this weekend and tomorrow in oakland we have the jazz arts antonio park. it starts out comfortable in the mid-70s with all of the sunshine. temperatures will be warming quickly. by early afternoon we're in the mid-80s and that's where we'll stay for several hours with not much of a wind so make sure you're drink is lots of water. as we go towards napa valley today, upñi to 90 degrees there 91 degrees there for tomorrow, and on sunday that's going to be the hottest y. 94 degrees, so take it easy there, and you might want to head to somewhere like carmel valley, 80s thereto next couple of days but if you're gth going out on the beach don't forget the sunblock. all the sunshine and temperatures in the 60s and 70s and melting a lot of the snow
11:47 am
and we've been reporting that all of the rivers flowing out of lake it a low like the truckee river have been needing so that's an issue so keep that in mind if you're make recreational plans on truckee river. can't do that right now. temperatures in the low 70s right there so if you're going to enjoy the snow you'll do so with short sleeves on. it will be in the low 70s in san francisco over the next few days and cooling off as we head into next week and for the inland areas, expected to stay in the low to mid-90s and some part of the bray area, it 20 degrees with our temperatures coming back down and looks like it will definitely feel like mid-summer. maybe go to the movies or find somewhere cool to go. that's what we'll be doing until at least monday. sam and kris? >> going to be a long, hot four days. thank you, kari.
11:48 am
>> that's coming up. >>the so at my lowest point i promised god if he gave me a second chance can, i'd make a difference. >> a brush with death inspired this giants camera man to give cancer patients a way to relax and take their minds off their treatment. bay area proud coming up. >> hey, folks, before we go to break, i want to show you how to join our community. go to the waze app and find magnifying glass. click on that and then your name the top which is your profile. scroll down and find teams and pick ours, nbc bay area wazers. that's how you join the community. that's how we help each other out. back to you after this break. aytime lineup omni!!=
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11:50 am
if you )ve ever watched a giants game on tv -- you )ve seen his work. he )s not well, if you've ever watched a giants game on tv, then you've
11:51 am
seen the work of a very special man. he's not añr player. he's not a coach but part of the giants broadcast crew, and david benzer has quite a story. >> his story stretches well beyond the field and into the cancer wingñi of local hospital. garvin thompson joining usñr wi today's "bay area proud." remember when the giants won in 2010 and everybody called it torture and then david benz learned what real core tour was and vowed to stoppers from going through what he did. >> reporter: the san francisco giants grabbed. >> bases loaded. >> sits sfwrrmt and has for 40 years. >> it's been my passion and pride in my heart to do this. >> reporter: david has been an camera man for the giants tv
11:52 am
broadcasts for more than half his life. next to the visitors dugout is his home away from home. >> being a cameraman out in the elementsñi and feeling that emotion, just one step from that white lane. >> reporter: david's cool job. >> thanks for all you do. >> reporter: with all the cool friends he made along the way meant everything to him. define who had he was really. so you can imagine how great it felt in 2010 to celebrate his first. >> it didn't feel great for long though. feeling ill, david went to the doctor the very next day. >> you've got stage four cancer, throat, tongue and lymph nodes, and i'm like so don't we do a test? he said, no, i see it everywhere. >> reporter: what followed were months of radiation and chemotherapy. it was absolutely brutal, david says. >> because they take you right to death and then bring you back, so at my lowest point i
11:53 am
promised god if he gave me a second chance i'd make a difference. and i have. the whole thing is about distracting it all of that fear that's manmade. >> reporter: from that promise has come this, the strike out near foundation. >> we build hospital waiting rooms. >> reporter: you see in, david's experience, the fear that came with a cancer diagnosis was just as bad as the disease itself. >> because the fear really affects with the cancer. works together with that. almost fuel to us. >> reporter: the money goes to transforming hospital waiting rooms into hopefully less fearful and more hopeful people. since their work. 50,000 cancer patients have been affected. >> david is no longer to be one of them and able to keep doing
11:54 am
his. it's just no longer everything to him. >> the strikeout fear known provide information to cancer patients and think families about the best way to get through the ordeal. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> never know where the help is going to come from, right? >> you don't know what sorts of ordeals you'll have to face. what strength there. thank you, garvin. >> we'll be right back. >> carry needed help fixing up her home. >> and every year i do a project on the house. >> so she useded a popular website to find a trusted pro. >> he ripped me off. >> complaints of a service matching people up with contractors who are not always legit. >> the critical thing to do before you gir.
11:55 am
>> tonight at 11:00, we investigate. deed - saving this standed young
11:56 am
11:57 am
all right. take a look at this video. it's good people doing good things. in texas they are saving a stranded young dolphin. the dolphin was found in texas earlier this week. rescuers with help from sea world san antonio. they tag him and released him in deeper waters. divers believe it was the same dolphin that got trappeded. >> we have a change going on here this weekend. >> temperatures in the low 80s along coast and low 80s inland. head to the beach. >> get out there and enjoy the heat. >> excited for the weekend. >> excited for the weekened. >> excited for the heat? >> not so much. >> we'll see you at 5:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
we're live in new york in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ ♪ we've got to get away from here ♪ ♪ we've got to get away from here ♪ ♪ just stop your crying, it will be all right ♪ >> oh, i love it. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> happy friday from new york city. >> and our last day here in the beautiful city in theig


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