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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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usher and little big town. also solo performances from jennifer hudson, miley cyrus, and chris stapleton all leading up to the announcement of the winner. >> right now, terror in manchester, the country devastated this morning after 22 people were killed during a suicide bombing at a pop concert. the terror group now claiming responsibility for the attack and the arrest made overnight. >> plus, breaking right now, an early morning fire breaks out at a commercial area in the south bay. the impact this is having on local businesses this morning. >> and high school controversy. parents in the east bay angry that a new high school could be located near a major jail. the action they plan to take to prevent this from happening. today in the bay continues right now. a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> i'm sam brock, and comfort is the key here. we have been sweating it out here for the last couple days. the fog is back, hopefully lower temperatures starting to set in. >> it will be cooler as we go into the next several days.
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today, we're kind of in transition, but at least we're making some change here, as we start out this morning looking live at san jose. all clear as you get ready to head out the door. the temperature at 59 degrees. and heading up to 84, which is lower than we have seen recently and we'll spend most of the morning in the 60s and low 70s. by lunch time, we're already at 76 degrees. it will be a warm day at 82 des at 2:00. as you make plans for the next several days, plan for it to be cooler. i'll have a look at those numbers coming up. mike is tracking a delay now for the bay bridge. >> right, we are concerned about this disabled bus that gets off the skyway and in towards san francisco. the speed sensors show a gradual build. but the bay bridge approach, in addition to the metering lights at the toll plaza, we have slowing just past the island and getting in toward harrison street where the disabled bus still blocking the far left lane on approaching the rest of the
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city, that may be an issue. a bridge crew has just arrived on scene, and there may be other slowing across the golden gate bridge because of the fog. and the recovery continues for the b.a.r.t. line out of daly city. they had overnight track maintenance work. took longer but it is clear now. >> thank you very much. we bewith breaking news overseas. isis is now claiming responsibility for the deadly tack at a mab chester pop concert yesterday. within the last couple hours or so, we have learn that a 23-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the attack. >> here's where the situation stands at this hour. 22 people are dead. 59 others injured after the suicide bomb attack at an ariana grande concert. children are among the. queen elizabeth ii is expressing her deepest sympathy this morning to all those effected by yesterday's attack. >> now police are not providing any details on the man they arrested. another man was also arrested at a shopping center in central manchester, but that arrest is not believed to be connected to
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this attack. overnight, british prime minister terresheresa may and d trump speaking out about the attack. >> and today, let us remember those who died, and let us celebrate those who helped. safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win and our values, country, and our of life will always prevail. >> i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think that's a great name. i will call them from now on losers because that's what they are. they're losers. and we'll have more of them. but they're losers, just remember that. >> ariana grande responded to the deadly blast herself, an emotional tweet saying, quote, broken. from the bottom of my hard, i am
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so, so sorry. i don't have words. we will have continuing coverage of the terror attack throughout the morning on air and online. coming up at 6:30, find out what the department of homeland security is saying about concert venues right here in the united states. >> here at home, we to follow breaking news out of the south bay. firefighters still att the scene of a fire at a commercial area in sunny vail. >> kris sanchez has been live at the scene, talking to fire crews with the developments of what going on. >> reporter: the firefight is now over. it appears. we'll show you what's happening behind us. firefighters have taken off their protective gear. they're starting to rinse down their ladders and wrap up the hoses. the fire was a little one, according to the battalion chief here, but it was a stubborn one. first reported before 3:30 this morning inside one of the suites of this commercial building. from there, it spread to the business next door through the attic. firefighters initially in with hoses but they didn't get far
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before they had to pull out and fight it defensively from the outside. we have reported here on today in the bay on a rash of arson fires in the south bay and in the east bay in recent weeks so we asked the battalion chief greg anderson if this looked suspicious, and he said it did not at this point. fire trucks are still blocking lakeside drive. a few of them have left, but because this is a business park, we don't expect a lot of traffic through here, except for local traffic in the next couple minutes, and it looks like things are starting to wrap up here, so it could be that if this is where you work, you may get here and not even know it happened. in sunnyvale, kris sanchez. >> thank you very much. >> we're also closely following breaking news out of the east bay. these are live pictures from san leandro where police are looking for the gunman in an early morning shooting of a foost food employee. this happened outside of that drive-thru and prompted a shelter in place for nearby residents. shelter in place was lilted in the last hour or so near the
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scene on east 14th street. police say an employee at sam's super burger was shot twice during the robbery. the robber got away, but a police perimeter is still set up now. at 6:30, checking in with pete suratos at the scene getting more information and talking to investigators. >> new this morning, a saratoga high school student has been arrested and suspended for allegedly threatening violence on campus. in a letter to parents, the principal says some students heard the student in question talking about carrying out an attack during the final weeks of the school year. the students who heard the conversation reported it to a teacher. the prince pal says the investigation is ongoing. extra security has been added on campus as a precaution. >> happening today, large crowds expected for a meeting to talk about a controversial plan to build a second high school in dublin. >> a lot parents are worried about the location where the school would be built. bob redell live at dublin high school this morning with the reason why parents are so upset.
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>> good morning. the location behind me, this office building in dublin, is too close to the santa rita jail. the unified school district will its meeting at the dublin high school gym, which gives you an idea of how many people they're expecting to show up. moms and dads are upset over the proposed campus' proximity to the santa rita jail. the zoois building is located at the corner of hacienda here in dublin, right across the street from the brand-new east county hall of justice. right behind that is the santa rita jail. we have created this map if you want to look at it, to help give you a better lay of the land. the jail is about a half a mile north from the location, about two tenths of a mile as the crow flies. we spoke with one father who said he will not be sending his child to this location if the campus does open in 2023. his concern, inmates released
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from the jail, including sexual predators who might end up walking by the school on their way into town or towards the b.a.r.t. station. >> why would you put a high school across from a prison? the fifth largest prison in the united states, releasing inmates throughout the day, dozens of inmates every week. people that are sex offenders, basically former criminals, basically being released or into the environment where kids are. >> we have heard those concerns. we have an elementary school that's located about a tenth of a mile from the site where the high school, future high school would be, which has been there for 15 years. we never had an issue with the elementary school. our city is two miles wide seven miles long, and the jail sort of sits right in the center of the community. >> the elementary school the district is referring to is about a one-mile drive from the jail. dublin unified tells us in conjunction with the police
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department, it has researched crime data and crime is relatively low in the area surrounding the jail. out of ten locations up for consideration, the district said it whittled down to zoois because it's affordable and the building is already in place. the board will vote on whether or not to move forward with a purchase agreement. if members say yes, there will be a 120-day period of due diligence to make sure the site is viable and suitable. reporting in dublin, bob redell. >> thanks, bob. >> 6:09. a live look at oracle arena where we know for certain the warriors will play in the nba championships for the third straight year. the warriors pretty much dominated the spurs last night to sweep the western conference finals. >> maybe they'll get a test at some point. the warriors taking it to the spurs from the start, getting a huge lead early thanks in part to steph curry. he finishes with the high flying act. kevin durant looking smooth as well. he dropped 29. the warriors make it 12 wins in a row in the post season with
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three straight sweeps. >> we understand the privilege that we have and the opportunity we have to play in the finals again. to have an opportunity to win a championship. >> now, here you go, you see our cameras capturing steve kerr hugging it out with mike brown following the win. know the warriors will be tipping off the nba finals at oracle on june 1st. the question still is against who. cleveland holds a two games to one lead with boston in game four of the conference finals tonight in cleveland. >> it's 6:10. our high temperatures will reach into the mid 60s for san francisco. low 60s for half moon bay. napa today, you're up to 86 degrees and 90 in concord, livermore, 89 degrees. san jose will be in the midiates as ourture temperatures come do. we will have cooler air in the forecast. more on that in three minutes.
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mike is giving us a look at a traffic break on the peninsula. >> we had this just called over here because of a crash and some debris. let's show you overall, you're getting a break from your commute, an easier build to hayward, and snow big deal for the south bay. 101 southbound as you head south toward candlestick, reports of a crash and a traffic break as they remove everything from the lanes. this should just last a couple minutes, and that just up here a minute or wo ago. meanwhile, looking at this. we got word this cleared, the disabled bus heading in to san francisco, west 80. the bay bridge at harrison, all lanes cleared. the speeds recovering, and the metering lights are on. >> looks good. >> all right, more legal troubles now for the woman accused of killing a toddler in a dui crash in the east bay. in three minutes, the new charges the woman is facing this morning. >> wall street will get under way with a moment of silence to remember those in manchester. we'll bring you the very latest when today in the bay continues. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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good tuesday morning. it is 6:14, with a clear sunrise over the south bay, looking live at san jose. the temperature trend for los gatos will be cool to start, but it will be another warm day, up to 85 degrees. so air conditioners back on again today.
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it will be cooler as we head through the rest of the week. a look at those numbers coming up at 6:19. >> look at these numbers. they're great numbers for the tri-valley and the east bay. sorry, went a little slower for south wnd 880 just as we're watching. the build through hayward. we'll track your commute the bridges coming up. >> thank you very much. it's 6:15 right now on your tuesday morning. happening today, this morning, the wife of an alameda county sheriff's deputy will be facing a judge. she's accused of killing a toddler in a crash last year. she turned herself in yesterday. she's charged with vehicular manslaughter. police say she was driving drunk last september when she crashed into another car and killed 3-year-old elijah dunn from san ramon. last week in a separate case, she was arrested for public intoxication. >> ice skating lover on the peninsula are ecstatic with a deal now reportedly in place to reopen the ice crink at san mateo's bridge point shopping center.
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the rink closed back in 2013 in a battle over development. mercury news reports developer whose have been stymied ever since in their plans to turn it into a retail center are planning to reopen the rink in september. we have bun following that one for years. >> finally, get out your skates. >> we're watching right now as stocks seem to be holding up worldwide. investors keeping track of the latest coming out of manchester. >> president trump's budget hits the halls of congress. >> lots to watch. we'll start with your money. wall street will have a moment of silence this morning on the open. foreign markets were mostly steady overnight. in fact, europe was notably to the positive. the dow was up for the third straight session on monday. nasdaq gained 49. president trump's proposed budget will get the long read today. the headline is big cuts to food stamps, medicaid, and assistance to children. we broke this down for you monday on today in the bay. bottom line, the budget particularly affects the communities that voted for
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trump. >> google said its super computers just beat the world's best go player. google had a compotation in korea earlier. this competition is significant both because it's the best go player in the world who got beat, and because it's in china. google does not have and really has never had a good relationship with china. this could be a sign of the times. and the u.s. supreme court made a big decision on patents monday. the decision will restrict places that people can bring patent complaints. sam and laura, i know this sounds super dry. it's huge news for just about every silicon valley company. young start-ups will almost immediately get sued by this faceless, nameless corporations which are really just patent trolls. would drag them into court, particularly in east texas, because that court system seemed to have juries that wanted to give people money taken from california. now the supreme court says you
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can't court like that. this is really big for young start-ups in the bay area. >> exactly. >> trolling no more. scott mcgrew, thank you. >> 6:17. new video to show you in the newsroom. more bears in the news. this one is running around a florida neighborhood. there he goes, scampering by someone's house. this happened on saturday. this dashcam video was just released. a police officer spotting a large black bear scampering across his path. they're used to alligators down there, but bears might be a new one. the officer was responded to a call the bear had overturned the dumpster. if you encounter a bear, don't approach it, and maybe use some caution. >> and bear-proof trash cans. >> old hat here. >> lock your car doors. >> laura speaks from experience here. >> not personal. >> what do we have going on here? >> looking mucher. still warm for the valleys. i know we can't wait for the relief, but it's coming.
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here's a look at san francisco as you get ready to head out this morning. low clouds rolling by. you'll see the fog, even some drizzle for a little while. after that clears out, a nice day looking live at fremont. all clear and we're at 56 degrees. so fairly mild temperatures starting out this tuesday. and it's still going to be hot. in concord, up to 90 degrees today. 89 in livermore, and san jose at 84 degrees. while we'll be at 64 degrees in san francisco. the north bay and santa rosa up to 81 degrees. and we still have a lot of pollen when it comes to olive and cedar trees. but the mold is low, and the grass is moderate. we're seeing some improvement here. you're probably still sneezing. if you're going to be spending extra time outdoors going to the a's game, they're back in town. the game tonight, just $5. it starts at 7:05, and our temperatures will be perfect. a little cool, though, by the end of the game. maybe some long sleeves needed. then as we go through the
6:20 am
forecast, our temperatures hold steady in san francisco. morning fog, afternoon sunshine. you know the drill. we'll keep those temperatures steady there. but the inland valleys will see some more of a range in temperatures from 89 degrees today, dropping to 80 tomorrow. and 77 degrees on thursday. friday is looking really comfortable, to 75. and a nice holiday weekend on the way. as we head over to mike, you're still watching the peninsula, right? >> because we have unusual slowing. that's absolutely right. watching the peninsula. we see the build in the east bay for hayward and in the south bay, 87 and 101 at the bottom of the screen here, but we'll zoom over here toward the bay bridge and the approach. the maze is slow, and the recovery getting over toward san francisco, the disabled bus cleared from the westbound approach at harrison street. all lanes clear. here is the traffic that may have cleared over the last couple seconds because speed sensors are clearing around candlestick. with the slowing, waze will let you know whether or not it's a good idea to stick to the bay
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shore freeway or take 280. all three routes it has outlined, they're about to sail right now. we can track that, you can track it on your phone. make sure your join our team so we all get benefits from your information. come up here, click on your profile, hit your team, and nbc bay area wazers. when i say benefit from your information, we don't track you. we take what you report and share with us. >> thank you very much. >> 6:21. we have all heard that air conditioning can increase the amount of gas you go through while you're driving. it turns out we may have been wrong. >> coming off the break, the reason you may want to turn up the ac the next time you're trying to save gas. there's a place like no other...
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6:24 on your tuesday. i know you have bills to pay and debt to deal with. when it comes to saving for emergencies or for retirement, america's biggest financial regret is not saving enough money. that's according to a new report just released this morning by it found that nearly three quarters of americans have financial regrets and the most common one is not saving enough money for retirement or early enough. followed by not saving for expenses and taking on too much credit card debt. the survey also found that wim feel more comfortable with their savings than men do. >> 6:24. if you're hoping to stay cool and save fuel, roll up the
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windows and turn on the ac. even though running the air conditioning does not increase fuel consumption, it's more efficient than riding with the windows down. >> that's interesting. 6:25. nbc bay area responds to singles who paid thousands of dollars to a local matchmaker who claims to know the bay area dating scene. >> but they're still alone. consumer investigator chris chmura says they feel dupes and they want their money back. >> they believed a local matchmaker's services were personal and local, but they say that's not what they experienced. maria paid $8,000 to silicon valley matchmakers after hearing its success stories. >> they linked up so many people. so many success stories. they show me a few of them. you know, people who have gotten married through the site. >> 14 months later, maria says she's had only four dates.
6:26 am
all bad. we heard from a dozen other consumers with similar complaints about this matchmaker and other local matchmakers that it turns out, are all owned by the same person. a company executive said it's living up to its contract. >> one of the complaints you get over and over again is they were promised some different schedule of match making than what they initially said they were getting. >> what exactly did they sign up for and where are the matchmakers located? plus, advice from a law professor for anyone who hires a professional for help with services as objective as finding love. if you have a consumer complaint, let us know. 888-996-tips or logon to i'll see you tonight at 11:00. >> everyone looking for love. thank you very much, chris. >> coming up next on today in the bay, continuing breaking news coverage of the terror attack in manchester.
6:27 am
new information coming in to our newsroom. the terror group taking responsibility for the athis morning and how president trump is responding. shots fired at an east bay burger stand during an overnight robbery. an employee still recovering from those injuries. where police just so happened to be as this unfolded. you're watching today in the bay.
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some build walls to keep people out. but these are walls that welcome you in. within these walls, california's educators create safe places for every student to learn and grow. where teachers open minds to history... unleash creativity... and show our kids the future. some build walls to divide us. but the california teachers association knows these are walls that bring us together. because quality public schools build a better california for all of us. terrorists will never win,
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and our values, our country, and our way of life will always prevail. >> right now at 6:30, we continue to monitor breaking news. new this morning, isis now claiming responsibility for the terror attack at an ariana grande concert. minutes ago, we learned the name of the suspected suicide bomber. 22 people are dead, including children. the british prime minister terresheresa may said the count will overcome the tragedy. thanks so much for joining us on this tuesday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have many developments to get to. first, kari hall tracking your weather. this is a transition day, kari. >> yes, it is. it's still going to be cool along the coast. inland valleys will start to feel the change just a bit today. as our temperatures will be coming down. looking now as you head out the door across the three microclimates. in the upper 50s for the south bay and tri-valley. for the east bay, san francisco, and north bay, a spread in
6:31 am
temperatures. cooler in the north bay where we have patchy fog. also seeing that in san francisco. more sunshine today, and closer to average temperatures. still very warm in the tri-valley. reaching into the upper 80s and low 80s for the north bay. east bay today up to 74 degrees. we'll take a look ahead to some more average temperatures heading into the end of the, as you make plans for the memorial day holiday. that's coming up in six minutes. and mike's still watching the bay shore freeway. >> just over to san francisco because we had a traffic break there. i want to show the folks speed sensors all around the bay. over here, unusually slow for southbound 101. despite the change in the sensor pattern over here, we have not yet gotten the all clear. we see considerable slowing before you get to candlestick, southbound 101. a crash and debris likely still causing an issue. meanwhile, a different delay now. ten minutes out of union city. that's the aprieveiation that b.a.r.t. uses.
6:32 am
out of union city because of track maintenance over there. we'll track that as well. back to you. >> thank you very much. >>ee continue our coverage of breaking news out of manchester, england, this morning. just in, nbc news has learned minutes ago the suspected bomber has been identified as 22-year-old salmon ramadan abedi. also new, police say they have just executed at least two surnt warrants in manchester looking for more suspects. we also reported about 50 minutes ago that isis has officially claimed responsibility for the deadly attack at the ariana grande concert. >> these are live pictures of the arena where the attack took place last night. we' isis said one of its members planted bombs in the middle of the crowd. 22 dead. among them, young children. 59 others were injured. you hear the terror in people's voices here. police are now confirming the attacker was killed in the blast. both prime minister terresheres
6:33 am
and president donald trump spoke about the attack overnight. >> remembering those who died and celebrate those who helped. safe in the knowledge that the terrorists will never win and our values, our country, and our way of life will always prevail. >> i won't call them monsters because they would like that term. they would think that's a great name. i will call them from now on losers. because that's what they are. they're losers. >> the president speaking from bethlehem in the west bank earlier during a meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. the investigation into the concert attack continues at this hour. the department of homeland security says there are no credible threats to music venues here in the united states. >> stick with nbc bay area for continuing breaking news coverage of the deadly terror
6:34 am
attacks both on air and online and of course, the "today" show picking up our coverage, 7:00. >> following breaking news out of the east bay. police in san leandro are investigating after a fast food employee was shot twice overnight. during a robbery. today in the bay's pete suratos live at the scene where at one point this morning, residents were told to stay inside their home. what's the latest now, pete? >> good morning to you, laura. that shelter has been lifted since this robbery took place behind me at thisser stand. as you can see, the scene has cleared on east 14th street in san leandro. during that robbery, an employee was shot in the leg. let's show you some of the video from earlier. a heavy police presence with san leandro pd investigating this robbe robbery. it took place just before 3:00 a.m. at sam's super burger on east 14th. the officers just happened to be in the area and noticed the commotion taking place at the burger stand. when they arrived in the parking
6:35 am
lot, they saw the suspect wearing a ski mask, running off with cash. that's also when they spotted an employee with gunshot wounds to the leg. now, from their police pursuit, setting a perimeter in the area, but in the past hour, they called off the ground search for the suspect. now, for the employee, those injuries are non-life threatening. no definitive description of the suspect. if you have any information to help out with this case, contact police. we're live in san leandro. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> pete, thank you very much. >> we have more breaking news to get to right now. actor roger moore has died at the age of 89. his family making that announcement on twitter this morning. moore was battling cancer. of course, he's best known for playings bond in several of the bond movies like the man with the golden gun. moore is the longest serving james bond actor, having spent 12 years in that role. >> new this morning, a suspect in a stolen pickup truck takes chp deputies on a high-speed
6:36 am
chase from marin county all the way to oakland where it ended in this crash on 880. this video, you can see the suspect actually with visible head injuries stuck in the crashed pickup. it took firefighters 30 minutes to get him out, but he's now in chp custody. >> we now know that it was botulism from store-bought nacho cheese sauce that killed a bay area man and sickened nine other people. that's according to health officials. martin of antioch got that food item from a gas station in walnut grove. he ended in the hospital immediately afterwards and was on a ventilator until he fell into a coma and passed away. a mother of three who also ate the same sauce remains in a hospital. her sister says she can barely communicate. >> she's able to mouth some words. her eyes are opening. she's really frustrated. she's been here a long time and she's in a lot of pain. >> botulism poisoning is rare,
6:37 am
but a serious illness caused by a toxin that attacks the body's nerves. it's only deadly in about 5% of cases. in this instance, several victims' families are suing the cheese manufacturer and also the store that was selling it. >> 6:37. happening today,en view leaders talk about sharing water with east palo alto. city council will consider transferring one million gallons of water per day for a one-time payment of $5 million. this is in response to east palo alto's water storage problem, and it put a new development which includes affordable housing, on hold. >> for commuters this information is very notable to you. new developments overnight after a b.a.r.t. train derailed the past weekend in daly city. the transit agency said it is working on the track earlier this morning when the accident happened and some components of the track were replaced. saturday afternoon, two cars in the middle of a dublin pleasanton bound train went off the rails about 400 feet from the daly city platform.
6:38 am
thankfully, nobody was hurt. >> happening today, b.a.r.t. inviting you to join in on a live twitter town hall from noon to 1:00 today. as b.a.r.t. officials will be discussing next year's budget, fare evasion, and security improvements. you're inviting to join the conversation on twitter and ask questions. >> you just talked about the overnight maintenance work. that's one of the issues that slowed trains down out of the daly station earlier, but 93 we have delays out of union city. that's a separate section, again, minor delays for that portion of the b.a.r.t. system. the rest of the transit lines move well. in facterse most of the road ways move well considering the time is 6:38 right now and it is a tuesday. the volume is still pretty light. n now moving across the san mateo bridge. we'll zoom in toward the peninsula, southbound 101 still shows slowing. from what i understand, the earlier crash, all vehicles are
6:39 am
over to the shoulder, and a distraction near the 280 split. that number really building. >> not fun. >> you know what's? the weekend. >> yes, we have a holiday weekend coming up here. a lot of people have their plans already. even us. >> we'll be out of here on friday, so it's like we're halfway through the week. it is going to be nice. and as we get a look at what we're going to see, a look at the saturday forecast, in the mid 60s, and inland, 75 degrees. the bay on saturday will be up to 68 degrees, and looking at sunday's forecast. 66 degrees along the coast. we'll look at that, the bay will be at 73. our weather will by nice inland, even seeing the cooler air as well. 78 degrees. now, on saturday in san francisco, we have carn volhappening and a great day for
6:40 am
that, but a little cool to start with mid 50s and seeing the high temperatures reaching the low 60s. if you want cooler weather, you want to check out the snow and heading to the sierra kirkwood will only be in the upper 50s to lower 60s for the weekend. i'll have a look at the temperature trend for willow glen. that's coming up in three minutes. >> we will look forward to that. thank you. >> 6:40 right now. hanging in the balance. coming up next in today in the bay, the major meeting taking place today that could decide the future of an east bay elementary school. >> the president on his way to rome right now. we'll tack him and tell you the latest on our checks and balances. >> and things have been calm and steady on the markets this week after a turbulent week last week. the dow joins industrial average has risen so far 32 points in  early trading, sitting at 20,927. we'll be back with more news in two minutes.
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it's 6:43 now. taking a live look outside at san jose. clear sunrise. a beautiful start to this day. and looking at the temperature trend, which will be lower than it was yesterday, but it still will be above our average high of 75, reaching the low 80s in willow glen by early afternoon. heading into the forecast, our temperatures continue to cool down heading into the holiday weekend. more on that coming up in five minutes. >> and over here, nice drive. look, southbound 880, only 24
6:44 am
minutes. past the san mateo bridge to the dumbarton, we'll talk about that and what's going on in the peninsula coming up. >> thank you very much, kari and mike. >> 6:44. we have live pictures from manchester, england. if you're just waking up and joining us, we have new developments from last's terror attack following an ariana grande concert. nbc news learned minutes ago the suspected bomber is identified as 22-year-old salman abedi. we heard about 15 minutes ago, isis is claiming responsibility for the deadly attack. 22 people have been confirmed killed. stay with us as we continue to follow the latest developments. so much new information coming in this morning about horrific attack. >> happening today, a third person accuse in taking part in a san jose woman's vicious killing is going to be in court
6:45 am
later today. sheriff's deputies arrest pearl aureoly friday, they believe she was an accessory in the death of flo douglas. she died after she was attacked in her own home. she was 88 years old. two others are facing charges. >> at quarter to 7:00, more relatives of antolin garcia torres will testify in his sentencing hearing. he's facing the death penalty. yesterday, his mother took the stand. through a translator, she described a life of poverty, filled with abuse from his father, who is serving a life sentence for sexual child abuse. >> could be a mass scramble here for parents of the future east bay elementary school may hang in the balance when board members will be deciding if it can hold up in a major earthquake. the district says the classrooms at lamellmentary school may
6:46 am
collapse in the event of a catastroph, earthquake. members are suggesting closing the school and moving the students to other schools. tonight they'll be voting on a course of action. >> new, san ramon val schools have resolved a legal dispute with a student body president whose campaign video got him in hot water with the district. the video was considered inflammatory by some people and offensive to muslims. the school tried to disqualify pstudent's presidency as punishment. the district has backed off saying the matter has been settled. >> happening today, the attack in manchester will likely come up in when the senate armed service committee holds a hearing on worldwide threats today. the hearing was already scheduled in washington, d.c. before yesterday's deadly bombing. director of national intelligence will testify with the director of defense intelligence agency. intelligence officials say u.s. based home grown violent
6:47 am
extremists will remain the most frequent and unpredictable threat to the u.s. >> the president spoke out against the attacks calling the perpetrators evil losers. >> we played you a clip of that. scott mcgrew has been tracking the president's travels and speeches. >> just a short time ago, the president got on air force one. he's leaving israel on his way to rome. pictures just in to our newsroom from tel aviv. the president will travel to italy, to meet with the mope. then on to brussels to meet with nato and the eu. earlier this morning, the president gave a speech at the israeli museum, hitting many of the same themes about peace and growth, and he addressed the attack in manchester. he also laid a wreath at the holocaust museum as well. we will continue to track the president overseas, but the situation in washington has gotten very serious, if it weren't already. in washington, james comey has delayed his testimony before the house committee investigating the white house so he can brief the special prosecutor robert
6:48 am
mueller. michael flynn has indicated he will not turn over documents to the senate investigation and apparently will take the fifth. we knew about allegations that the president pressured the fbi director comey to drop the russian investigation. but new allegations say he tried to do the same thing with the director of national intelligence and the director of the nsa. both have said they turned the president away. these men are three of the most trusted people in washington. if they testify, this wim be half the evidence you need to charge obstruction of just. the other half is intent, and critics have that too. according to notes of the meeting, the president told the russians in the oval office that he fired that nutjob comey to ease the pressure of the investigation into his campaign. and we all watched as the president linked the firing of james comey to the russian investigation voluntarily during an interview with nightly news
6:49 am
anchor lester holt. this was so historic, so plainly worded. such a flabbergasting admission of intent, "saturday night live" parodies it. >> your staff has been insisting all week that you didn't fire him because of his russian investigation. >> no, i did. >> wait, what? >> i fired him because of russia. i thought, he's investigating russia. i don't like that. i should fire him. >> and you're just admitting that. >> uh-huh. >> but that's obstruction of justice. >> sure, okay. >> wait, so did i get him? is this all over? >> sam, in the president's tweets, speeches, and executive orders, we would like to hear from you. find me on twitter a at @scottmcgrew. >> you can find me at lake tahoe a lot of weekends, and the clarity is worsening.
6:50 am
scientists dropped a water disc into the water to determine how far down you can determine the clarity. the average these days is 69 feet. it was more than 100 in 1968. a long time ago, but this winter, clarity improved to 73 feet. only to drop to 64 feet, though, as we head into summer months. scientists blame climate change for the murky waters. such a beautiful lake. >> that's one of the sigs of lake tahoe. >> really is. >> crystal clear blue lake. >> lake tahoe blue is what they say on the bumper stickers we all see. >> a lot of people may be headed that way this weekend. long weekend, holiday weekend, or maybe you want to stay at home because the weather will be so nice. we start out with some fog morning, looking live at san francisco. haze valley, you can see it is foggy to start and 53 degrees. all clear from sunol. 59 with sunshine and a mild start. look at these high temperatures today coming down from where we just a couple days ago.
6:51 am
up to 86 degrees in east san jose and morgan hill. for the east bay, we're up to 77 in hayward, while concord will be up to 90, and antioch, 91 degrees. 81 in palo alto. 60 at half moon bay. you see the spread in temperatures all around the bay area. and even in san francisco, the outer sunset at 59. 64 in the mission district. and 81 for the high today in santa rosa, while mill valley will be at 76. looking out the window and you're get ready for the day, you don't want to forget the fact that it will be still very warm for those inland valleys. another day for short sleeves and sandals. feeling like summer out there all around the bay area and also getting the kids ready for school. it's really not all that cool. you can probably wear short sleeves and shorts all day, and all of that sunshine will warm up our temperatures. a very nice day outside for recess and much more comfortable. it won't be as hot. if you're wondering how we're doing as far as how much rain we
6:52 am
had, we know it's going to be hot and dry. we have seen that weather more recently. we're still well above average for our water here in san jose. 120% of average, while santa rosa is at 170% of average. even without a drop of rain in this forecast, we're still doing very well. a lot of sun, temperatures in san francisco in the 60s. inland valleys go to 75 on friday. and mike says the tuesday commute is starting to kick in. >> we'll take you to the south bay where we're looking at northbound 87. a dramatic slowdown in the last ten minutes, kind of easing up now. building through 101, 85, and suddenly, north 280 really slowing down around the highway 17, 880 interchange. getting over to the bay bridge, we have slowing still for the upper east shore freeway, but things have smoothed out. now easing up through richmond
6:53 am
and berkeley. this is the reason why we have all that slowing. just this volume of traffic. the low clouds not a problem as far as visibility, and we'll take a look at waze as you plan your route out. we have slowing for the traffic break and clearing of debris around the airport. we're looking at 280 as one of the alternates but just about the same as taking the bay shore freeway. you can join our team, follow this animation and look for our team in your profile. nbc bay area wazers. that's how we share information out there throughout the day and throughout the week. back to you. >> thank you. >> that's the name. thank you, mike. >> coming up next, a look at the top stories on today in the bay that includes an early morning fire at a commercial area in the south bay. the impact this is having on local businesses. >> but first, happening now, german chancellor angela merkel has just canceled a pre-election event in munich in response to the manchester concert attack, and emanuel macron walked to the british embassy in paris to
6:54 am
offer his support to the british ambassador and the country. >> plus, bill cosby has just arrived at a philadelphia area courtroom for his second day of jury selection in his sexual assault case. five jurors were selected yesterday. cosby charged with sexually assaulting a woman in 2004 at his home. we'll be back here with more news in two minutes. [ whistles ]
6:55 am
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welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay. >> begin with live pictures of the arena in manchester, england, where a horrific terror attack was held last night following an ariana grande concert. 22 people have been killed, 59 others injured, and police have identified the bomber as salman abedi. coming up next on the "today" show, continuing coverage of the terror attack in manchester and the investigation into the bombing. >> live now to sunnyvale where firefighters are mopping up after a stubborn fire at a commercial building there. the flames eresulted about three hours ago. all of this happening near lawrence expressway. this is new video of the fire you're looking at, starting about 3:30 this morning. the fire does not appear to be suspicious at this time. if you're headed to that area
6:58 am
for, superof roads may remain close for another hour or so. >> another live look at san leandro where police are looking for a gunman who shot and injured a worker during a late nightry. it happened about 3:00 in the morning, a gunman held up workers on east 14th street. one worker was shot twice and suffered non-life threatening injuries. s were nearby. they responded quickly, but the robber still got away. >> actor sir roger moore has died at the age of 89. his family making that announcement on twitter this morning. moore was battling cancer. he's best known for playing james bond in movies like "the man with the golden gun." moore is the longest serving james bond actor, having spent 12 years in that role. >> a live look at dublin where parents and students expected to pack a meeting tonight surrounding a proposed new high school. the district wants to build a
6:59 am
campus on the property a few blocks from the santa rita jail which critics say houses some of the most violent criminals in the state. this is one of several locations the district is considering. the current proposal would come in at a much lower cost. an elementary school sits nearby and it's had no problems. >> we have a look at our microclimate forecast. really been a microclimate, 60 degrees in one place, 90 in the other. are we closing the gap? >> we're going to close the gap as we go into the next few days as the temperatures cool down. staying in the low 60s in san francisco. mid 70s by the end of the week for the inland areas. >> mike is tracking a crash this morning. >> a new crash in the south bay. let's take you to the speed sensors. a smooth drive, your usual pattern. showing a crash or an issue there. an older fender bender on the shoulder, at san tomas, reports of a new crash involving a pedestrian. we're tracking that. >> all right, good news is we have a local news update in half an hour and every half hour after that. >> also, we'll have the nbc bay
7:00 am
area news 11:00, as always. hope you have a great tuesday. see you then. good morning. terror in manchester. good morning. terror in manchester. >> oh, my god. >> a horrific bombing at britain's largest concert arena. the death toll rising to 22 overnight. 59 others injured. many of the victims teenagers and children attending an ariana grande concert. [ screaming ] >> chaos as the blast went off, a stampede of crowds, children separated from their parents. police now saying it was the work of a suicide bomber. president trump in the middle east condemning whoever did this. >> i will call them from now on losers, because that's what they are. they're losers. >> this


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