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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 1, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning. let's start our day with the san mateo bridge and it is one of the few areas that is not souped in with fog. we enter the month of june. and june gloom is what they call it around here. and thank you for joining us. i'm laura ra garcia. >> and how abouting to theilicious june. >> that hasn't caught on yet. >> i am trying to start a trend. >> we will see. but that is what we are seeing this morning as you are heading out along the coast and in san francisco and you will see that throughout the next several hours as we get a look at the microclimates right now as you
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are ready to head out. it is 60 degrees and so some mild temperatures to start out in the bay area peninsula, and 50s in the bay. and temperatures in the low to mid-50s right now in the east bay, and when we talk about what we will see rolling in. and sol of the drivers are already rolling out there, mike. >> yes, kari. i am watching this crash that is reported this earlier, but not the all clear from chp yet. this is winchester boulevard and at one point they updated the breaks burk u the traffic appeared to to be just fine. that is 85 and north highway 17 and checking on that with chp and meanwhile, the rest of the bay, and the approach towards the bay bridge is moving with well, and that accident that happened yesterday on the bridge is cleared. investigators are on the
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scene right now at a police shooting in martinez near pa-chep pacheco boulevard. >> good morning. even though this happened earlier today involving the vallejo police department last night police officers from that agency shot a 20-year-old man identified as kevin decarlo is right here on the 1,200 block. they said they were trying to catch him from last thursday, and members of the vallejo crime unit tried toer arrest him for severe reckless driving. there was a police chase, but the police were able to identify him. and then the investigatety team located him when he slammed a patrol car, and last night police located him at the home
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here and then he tried to steal a squad car, and he was then fired upon and hit and taken to the hospital for what police describe as serious injuries. >> weer were just sittinging in the house doing normal people thing, and we heard screeching tires and pops and we freaked out and by the time we got over here, there were helicopters and 13 or 14 police cars. >> reporter: vallejo police officer was also hurt in last night's altercation with decarlo and minor injuries treated and released. the vallejo police are investigating the shooting, and the sheriff's office and the local district attorney's office. >> all right. right now we are expect ing ing learn a little bit more information about a home invasion robbery that turned into a shootout between the suspects and police officers.
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the profile of the incident is big enough, but the sfpd is still investigating as police say that a man tryied to rob a bay view home. one suspect was shot and one suspect was arrested. a school district already under fire from a recent string of sexual assault allegations. police at the palo alto school district said that one man had admitted to sexual assault and harassment and that school district has been under scrutiny after different attacks came to light and an investigation was lawnched in may. police are hoping to recognize this man burglarizing
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a home. clear video of the suspect. they say that the suspect carried out the burglary on tuesday. live look at oracle arena which is about to be the center of the sports universe in a couple of hours. the warriors and the cavs and you know the players involved going head-to-head one more time. and you may have heard of a couple of them competing for a nba title. >> the teams are ready and so are the fans. terry mcsweeney has more from oakland on the historic showdown. >> draymond green finding magee for the basket -- >> reporter: imagine watching the screen on the big screen and like this one on new park theater in oakland seating for 25, and like your very own, very large living room. >> it is a community event where everybody gets the visle ral e reaction of ooh or yay! >> reporter: and the menu? >> iggy fries and katy for
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three, and everyone's favorite is curry chickwen with the draymond greens. >> reporter: you want bigger? ly show you at the historic alameda theater they believe in strength in numbers. >> you have never been to 700-seat theet wer kids and balloons and the game, it is never better. >> reporter: and in oakland, you might want to save room for this. >> this is the sauce called the steph curry sauce. so that is actually perfect in honor of him, and this is what people choose the most when the warriors' game is on. >> that is terry mcsweeney reporting. >> and those were crab legs with curry chicken and draymond greens, and order us a couple of those. >> you can't beat that. 4:36 right now. and uber is reporting the latest numbers and multi billion loss for the company comes with a silver lining. and a credit card breach
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coming to light, and this time affecting k-mart customers and we will look at what kind of information was stolen coming up in three minutes. we are told the pyramids were built to be tombs.
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what was that? nick! [ gun shot ] but the truth is... they're prisons.
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do you have any idea what you have unearthed? [ suspenseful music ] who are you? she's unlike anything we've ever faced. the mummy. rated pg-13. experience it in imax. good morning. i'm wilfred frost at cnbc world head kwaquarters. the markets are going to try to continue their winning ways in june, and the u.s. main stock indices were positive in may, and the nasdaq extending the
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winning streak to seven straight months something that the index has not done since 2013, but without the tech heavy index gains, things could have been different for may, and tech is the biggest positive contribu r contributor. >> investors will look for economic data to today on the private sector jobs and manufacturing and auto sales and performance for yesterday itself was fractionally negative with the dow slipping, and the nasdaq falling four points to 6198. the futures this morning are slightly higher. meantime, uber is reporting a more than $700 million loss in the first quarter though it is smaller than in previous quarters and the revenue does continue to rise, and uber is not a publicly traded company, but they are considering a possible ipo. the news of uber coming as the company is announcing another high profile executive is leaving and this time the cfo. sears says that some customers who shopped at k-mart may be the victims off a data
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breach. the retailer is not saying how many credit cards were affected but no personal information such as contact details or social security numbers were stolen and no people who bought items at k-mart or were affected. thank you. >> wilfred frost, thank you, live for us from cnbc headquarte headquarters. and as he is talking about cyber safety, a new report is showing that 94 million americans have had their debit or credit card stored on a website or stored on the mobile app for future purchase makes it easier, but it includes that 14 million consumers say they always save their information and people in the 70s and 80s were the most inclined to store their info information online. >> i try to store it up here as long as it is not foggy, but it is in some parts of the area. >> yes, in cupertino no fog
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here, and we will see the clouds rolling throughout the morning. the temperatures are starting out in the low to mid-60s and low to mid-70s by the afternoon, and still cooler than average and we will have slightly warmer temperatures in the forecast coming up next. and this is a live look here of the golden gate bridge where we can kind of see it, and one car, and easy drive, but not an easy view on the span. we are tracking the traffic coming up. tait takes tough questions keep the top can accountable. >> what are you toing to prove that? >> did the city of oakland drop the ball on that? >> when the powerful deceive, we will demand they answer to you, because holding the powerful accountable is what we do. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here.
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a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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a very good thursday morning to you. live look at oracle arena. you will see a lot of plu and gold across the bay area today. nba playoffs. and the good old warriors are going be out there on the court. >> does it feel like it has taken forever to get to game one for the finals. >> yes, we will take it when ever. we have been waiting. >> on cruise control? >> we are excited for the game. >> it is going to be huge, and two teams in the prime. we can't wait, and we will get to that in a little bit, but in the meantime a foggy start. >> and we have the forecast for the warriors' game later this evening, too. we start out in san francisco with low clouds and fog and misting and drizzling for a little while. we will see it for the next several hours. i wanted to show you the visibility, because it is patchy and at half moon bay, the visibility is cut down to a mile there, and we are seeing it moving through parts of the bay area, and especially in some the hilly areas where we are seeing the fog settling in.
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as we are starting out, you are heading out the door with the temperatures in the upper 50s and lower 60s and a fairly mild start. as we are going through the day, we will see the high temperature in the south bay reaching 77 degrees in east san jose. and for east bay up to 75 and 75 in livermore and hayward today for the peninsula up to 65 at half moon bay, and 70 in palo alto, and 75 in the mission district today, and we will be in the mid-70s for much of the north bay and up to 75 in nevada. and so we have cloudy skies across the south bay, and along the coast in san francisco, it is a day for long sleeves and pants to stay nice and co comfortable, and it will be warming up today, so you may even get a little bit warm wearing the long sleeves. we will take a live look outside oracle arena as we are getting ready for the warriors' game today against the cavaliers, and the temperaturess are in the mid-50s, and rather, mid-60s starting out 6 #:00, and as we are heading into the evening,
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upper 50s with the clear skies and nice weather there. we will see it continuing for san francisco with some low to mid-60s. it is looking like we will keep the temperatures steady, and the fog is going to keep us cool, and there is enough of and onshore floor to go inland to keep the temperatures down this weekend. we are only looking the upperer 70s as we are heading into saturday and sunday. mike, the roads are still moving well right now? >> they are moving well right now. in many spots in the bay, tough drives in the bay area through the evening, but right now a smooth flow including the santa cruz mountains, and they have cleared through las gatos. and through the dublin interchange, no major problems. and the b.a.r.t. lines are moving well through the dublin and pleasanton area, and all over the system, 26 train, and no delays. out to the wave system, and it extended through midnight, the closure getting on to southbound 238, but it has cleared for the
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morning a. good option for you to cut through hayward and then taking the city streets through jackson, but this morning, it is not necessary. and in fact, the waze will help you the choose your routes from wherever you are leaving. looking over to the profile, head there for the destination. and so the bay area wazers is how to solve your problems. >> whenever and however, we know you will be there. thank you, yo mike. out of australia, mas sen jers and crew members had to tackle a man as he reportedly tried to enter the cockpit and threatening to blow up the plane. they tied him one seat belts before the flight turn around to land back in melbourne. it was headed to cue wau la lku and the police say that the event was not terrorism-related, because the 26-year-old man who
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was arrested had mental health problems. there was a spillway at the oroville dam, and officials say that the repairs are a week ahead of schedule. a siren has been re-installed after the other one washed away in the spring. b.a.r.t. is installing new software this weekend and running test trains to make sure that everything is running properly before opening up two new stations one in milpitas and one in san jose. this is the first of two closures scheduled, but there will be free pass for those during the closure. and there is going to be discussions among officials for what is next for the caltrain electrification project after the trump edadministration decid to hand over money for the project. they say that electrifying the
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trains is mitch mouch more eco-friendly, and so it will be able to double capacity within four years. >> the fallout from kathy griffin's photo showing a mocked up image of president trump has forced a cancellation of her show because of threats against the venue. they say that they have received threatening calls. but there is mixed reaction. >> well, it is her thing. >> and all of people making threats like this in a small town like this. >> and griffin's show in carmel has also been canceled. yesterday, it was announced that she was fired from cnn's new year's eve show.
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>> she said it herself, certain lines that you cannot absolutely cross. >> this is the line, and she crossed it too far. coming up, kids say the darnedest thing, and why some politicians won't be using children in anymore campaign events. >> what a fight with balloonses. and happening this morning, a breakout in the philippines when 11 soldiers were killed in a friendly fire incident when they were fighting isis. jets were kconducting exercises when bombs were dropped on friendly troops. the sports world, the new york mets could be looking for a new person to wear the mr. met costume. mr. met made an obscene jess chur at fans after the 17-1 loss against the milwaukee brewers, and i know it is a bad season, but mr. met who is the ambassador, and they say that more than one person wears the kcostume, and the person who is wearing it wednesday night, they won't be wearing it again. ad lib live picture-- san jose
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good thursday morning. it is the first day of june, and as we take a live look right now at the darkened san jose, but we are expecting another nice day here after we get through all of the overcast clouds and fog. we will have more on that in a two minutes with kari. >> it is 4:54 and we learned that 80-year-old dietrich strom died in his sleep. the 80-year-old nevada resident was appointed to the board in 1987 and spent much of his life in public service. the vice president will now step in as acting president. the vallejo leaders are going to be vote on a controversial water plan, and they had recently shot down a
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company's application who wants to build a large cement company, but opponents have come out forcefully against the plant. earlier this week, the orsome tried to get the plan up and running, but today, the city leaders are expected to make the final decision. >> the oakland airport is getting 70 million from the faa to the improve safety and security. and it is also to improve the port's run wway. over 500 airports around the country will get a piece of the graft. >> will you please give me the definition of nictonaphy. >> and this year, a milestone of a 6-year-old who became the youngest student ever from oklahoma to compete. he did not advance, but two spellers from the bay area did. we are talking about the
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contestant who placed sixth last year. >> e was shock ed and awed the whole time, but this year, i am actually appreciating everything. >> we ap preepreciate you, too. he at the ends middle school in san jose and also moving to the next round is a student from ranch middle school in san ramon. >> these kids are unbelievable. and that is amazing. >> can you believe a 6-year-old? is well, kids can be fickle when it comes to sticking to the script. >> w.c. fields credited the line never work with children or animals. and liberal democratic candidate may agree after a campaign in london. this is billed as a mock debate among children and sounds simple enough, but some of them started to act unruly. and clearly more interested in the balloon fights than actually attending this mock debate. and he tried to tie the entire
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thing to britain's brexit bat e battle. >> this is why we need europe because our natural inclination is to bash the flip out of each other. in a lovely way. >> yeah, it all comes down to the human instinct, and the joke missed the audience a little bit. and did little to stem the balloon battle or help the party's chances in the elections next week. they have the candidate in a distant third behind the labor party. >> though, a number of laughs. and so, kari, are you looking at the forecast today? >> yes, some low fog in san francisco, and the plan ser bringing us up to 60 by lunchtime, and 64 by 4:00. it is a nice and comfortable day. we are in for a beautiful weekend ahead coming up next. >> ah, yes, the weekend ahead. and over here, nothing as far as
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problems. in freemont, a nice drive. and we will talk about something going on with the bart tracks coming up. >> and plus, the world leaders are saying they are doing their part to fight climate change, and so where does the u.s. stand? the big announcement that president trump is expected to deliver in two hours. this is gus.
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someday, gus will invent this thing and change the world. this is the thing that could change gus' world. and this is the doctor that could cure that thing so he can grow up to invent this thing. sutter health. proudly caring for northern california, birthplace of pioneers. live-streat the airport.e sport, proudly caring for northern california, binge dvr'd shows, while painting your toes. on demand laughs, during long bubble baths. tv on every screen is awesome. the all-new xfinity stream app. all your tv at home. the most on demand, your entire dvr, top networks, and live sports on the go. included with xfinity tv. xfinity the future of awesome. as we take a live look outside of oracle arena ahead of it is thursday morning and we are starting off with what seems to be the right kind of place to be today.
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oracle ar rena this evening, th warriors and the cavs are squaring off in game one of the nba finals. the atmosphere will be electric. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> can you imagine being there, too? i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i can imagine. >> well, i can't. >> and well, we are here right now, and to bring you all of the news, weather and traffic for the day. and cloudy by the coastline? >> yes, the low clouds and fog will be hanging with us throughout the morning in san francisco, and the inland areas are going to be getting some clearing. this is a live look outside for san jose and all dark, but we are seeing a few clouds rolling by overhead, and the high temperatures are reaching into the mid-70s and a kocouple of degrees warmer than yesterday, and that seems to be the trend for the week. we are going to be up to 81 in concord and 65 degrees today in san francisco . we will take a look at the weekend coming up, and mike says that there is a minor b.a.r.t. delay. >> mier nor, coming out of the pittsburgh station, and in fact, the beginning of the line t,


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