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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 1, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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oracle ar rena this evening, th warriors and the cavs are squaring off in game one of the nba finals. the atmosphere will be electric. good morning and thank you for joining us. >> can you imagine being there, too? i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i can imagine. >> well, i can't. >> and well, we are here right now, and to bring you all of the news, weather and traffic for the day. and cloudy by the coastline? >> yes, the low clouds and fog will be hanging with us throughout the morning in san francisco, and the inland areas are going to be getting some clearing. this is a live look outside for san jose and all dark, but we are seeing a few clouds rolling by overhead, and the high temperatures are reaching into the mid-70s and a kocouple of degrees warmer than yesterday, and that seems to be the trend for the week. we are going to be up to 81 in concord and 65 degrees today in san francisco . we will take a look at the weekend coming up, and mike says that there is a minor b.a.r.t. delay. >> mier nor, coming out of the pittsburgh station, and in fact, the beginning of the line there, and it sounds like overtrack
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maintenance or work took longer to clear, so that is why there is a 10-minute delay for the first cars. shouldn't be a major delay, but we will track the system. and meanwhile, the roadways are moving well, and this is highway 4 out of antioch, and over to the concord, no delays. the maize is moving well, and the crews are clearing accidents and smooth on the 5. and following stories this morning. in the east bay, a pursuit turned officer shooting overnight in martinez near pacheco boulevard. >> we are joined live from the scene. and again, laura said it is martinez, butt is really vallejo police that is involved here. >> it is vallejo polices officers who shot this 20-year-old man on the 400 block of ellis road in martinez. there is a number of cars there that have crashed into each other. this happened late last night, and the vallejo police were
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trying to arrest this man. they developed information ma that he was in his home, and they have identified him as kevin decarlo, and when they tried to arrest him surrounding the home, he came out and rammed the squad cars and that is when the officers opened up fire on decarlo and hitting him a number of times. the police have been telling us that they have been trying to arrest decarlo for seven days. last thursday, they tried to pull him over for what is severe re reckless driving there. was a chase in vallejo, and the police ended it. then on saturday, they identified a home in vallejo where they thought that decarlo was occupied, and again, they tried to arrest him, but he rammed one of the squad cars and ran off. and again, last night, they saw him here, and they shot him a number of times, and he was taken to the hospital for what they described as serious injuries. >> i heard gunshots and squealing tires and i heard it from about a mile and a half away. it was -- we all ducked down in the house to be honest with you.
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>> just, everywhere, chaos. yeah, yeah. >> seeing people pulled out of cars and put in police cars. >> reporter: the vallejo police department says this involves numbers of the so-called crime reduction team, the crt, and the member of the team suffered minor injuries and taken to the hospital, treat and released. vallejo police is not the only area investigating, along with contra kosta district attorney and attorney's office is investigating this which is normal when you have an officer involved in to a shooting. >> thank you, bob, for that update. dropping story this morning. one person is dead and another in custody after a shooting in antioch. police say it unfoal ed before 6:00 last night on lemon tree way. they found a victim driving away from the scene. the car crashed into several park parked cars on nearby el street,
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and officers located the suspect at a home on lemon tree, and brief standoff involve and the suspect was arrested without incident. >> new this morning, the hazmat crews have treated an area because of a chemical spill that caused a massive back up in the east bay. the truck crashed on northbound 880 to southbound 280 as it was holding anesthetic acid and it took hours for the u crcrew to n up the site. >> it is toxic due to inhalation. >> the crews moved quickly to block the nearby stormways to block the acid from getting into the the water ways. >> new teen crash rates are entering an alarming trend as we
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enter the 100 most deadliest days on the road. it is what parents need to hear as it is a dangerous time of the year, kris. >> yes, and parents may want to say more than "be careful" when the teenagers ask for the keys. deadly accidents involving teenagers spike between memorial day holiday and labor day. according to triple a because more teenager s as are on the r and many of them are inexperienced drivers and less equipped to deal with the trouble spot when it pops up. it is a sta tissic that happens with teen drivers in the summer months, and it is particularly true when they are distracted. >> when we were looking at the distractions, the first cause of distraction for a teen driver was a passenger and the second was a cell phone. >> so those teen driving hazards we mentioned the distraction, and 6 of 10 crashes is what the
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triple a found, and also in 60% of the deadly crashes teenagers were not wearing seat belts which is an easy fix, and speeding was a factor in 30% of deadly crashes. it may sound hokey, but triple a has found that having a written contract between the teen driver and the parent can make a difference and outline the serious consequences and not that you will be hurt, but you will be losing the car keys for a month if you don't abide by the rules. and you can get a link on my twitter feed for it, and that is also on my facebook page at kris sanchez. and the you will want to have this conversation with your teen even if they are not driving bausch passenger. >> thank you, kris. and 5:06, and san francisco police promised the first in the series of crackdowns on the unsafe cyclists. the department has identified sections of the city with high
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rates of accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians and motorist motorists. so they will cite motorists and cyclists making unsafe turns and practice. four more crackdowns are scheduled for the month. >> there is a project that could ease the con jgestion on the peninsula. this is highway 101 in palo alto moving along at the 5:00 hour, but it will be a different story in rush hour. the peninsula may follow the lead of the east bay with the proposed toll lane on 101 and another controversial option is to extending the carpool lanes from the san francisco international airport all of the way to the santa clara line. those were options discussed last night in a meeting at san mateo and no final decisions yet. and in washington, d.c., the big headline on this thursday morning, it is official, and moving forward, james comey has been given the green light to testify in public.
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she is expected to talk about te firing and the conversations with the president. >> in the meantime, seven subpoenas have been issued for the russian investigation by the intelligence committee stay there. been sent to mike flynn, and the president's personal attorney. the president is tweeting about the investigation saying that the big story is the unmasking and the surveillance of people that took place in the obama administration. in the meantime, the question that the president is facing and waiting to hear what he has decided on, is if the u.s. will stay or leave the paris climate accord. it is clear but all but two countries in the developed world are not part of the historic climate accord. prominent republicans are urgebing the president to honor it, and that includes john kasich urging the president to show leadership, and mitt romney is calling on the president to do the same thing. and here are reporters asking about the decision yesterday. >> can you tell us if you are going to be have a decision
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about the climate change accord? >> very soon. >> can you tell us when? >> you will find out very soon. >> do you know -- >> i am hearing from a lot of people both ways. >> as for members of his own r party, senators john mccain and lindsey graham are urging the president to stay with the agreement. coming up at 5:15, we will show you what the tech leaders are saying about the decision. san mateo's first pride center is opening today as pride celebrations around the world begin. there is a grand opening ceremony today at 4:00, and the center is going to provide counseling and support for lgbtq individuals and their families. if you are walk around downtown in palo alto, you will see the new art installations, and art medi mediums will be distributed around town and the feature is sound, light and motion. and it is a three-day event so
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get out there to check it out. coming up 5:10 with the cloudy skies across parts of the bay area, take a live look outside now, and at freemont, we are seeing a few clouds overhead, and clear visibility here, and there is going to be some clouds throughout the morning, but then the sunshine is breaking out around noon. we will be up to 65 degrees eventually hitting the low 70s by early afternoon, and getting out there to enjoy the sunshine today, and be mindful of a moderate amount of tree pollen and everything else is fairly low in the pollen count. we will look at the temperature tre trend. and mike is looking at a crash in east bay. >> i am not looking for trouble, but it is a crash reported over here on the east shore freeway, and made difficult because of the low clouds and kari is talking about it, and we have fog at the golden gate bridge. this is interstate 880 underneath university avenue, the crash is not showing up on the live cameras and the centers are not showing major problems, butt is reported around gilman, and things are always popular
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there around gilman as far as the freeway going. not major backups or problems at the bay. but for the tri valley, it is a little slow near altamont. >> all right. chill i chilling new video and footage that captures the chaos inside is of an orlando nightclub moments after gun fire erupted inside. and silicon valley is scrambling as the president may take us out of the paris agreement. we will tell you what is new the bay today. anybody can say they investigate, but only one station is invested in making a difference for you. nbc bay area news. the bay area's most honored source for investigations, and now recognized with the nation's most prestigious award, the peabody, and excellence in the peeb dirks and investigating more into the journalists holding the powerful accountable, and getting the results that you want. count on the one station vested in making a difference for you, nbc bay area news. we investigate.
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now, nbc bay area's microaccurate weather. it is 5:14 this morning with all dry in san jose and we will have sunshine breaking out later on this morning. just a few clouds in the mix as we are starting out with temperatures in the lower 60s at 9:00 and into the mid-70s this afternoon by 3:00 where it is going to be a nice day for an extra long walk or jog. i will have a look ahead into the weekend during the forecast in five minutes. and reporting out of the san francisco station, and richmond station, ten minute delays because of the overnight inspection work that took longer, and we will see if that affe affects the rest of the commute coming up. >> thank you, t shg, kari and m we have new details of the corn mill explosion in southern
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wisconsin. that happened last night and at least one person is dead, and 12 others injured n. a news conference held this morning, we found the sheriff deputies say that two people are still miss i ing. 16 employees were in the mill at the time of the explosion. we will of course continue to monitor the situation, and bring you updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. >> raise your hands! raise your hands over your head or you will die! >> terrifying video released from the deadly shooting at the pulse nightclub in orlando. this is body cam video coming out as police were trying to safe people caught in that nightclub. this is some 18 hours of video released as a public records request from the "orlando sentinel." dozens were injured and people
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were killed in that deadly rampage. it is tough to watch this dash cam video of tiger woods. >> x-y-z. >> and what i want you to do is to place your hands behind your back, please. >> he was arrested about ten minutes from his home in jupiter, florida, and he failed a field sobriety test, and he was not drinking, and that the reaction was a reaction to prescription medication. and if you have any interest in owning a piece of the mav rig, you can, because the company that owned the big surf contest seems to be looking for buyers. titans of mavericks is going to the auction off some of the assets because of a bankruptcy auction. it never took off much to the disappointment of the surfing fans. the action is in southern california with opening bid of $1 million just to get in. silicon valley is scrambling to convince president trump not
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to take the united states out of the paris climate agreement. >> two of the valley's top leaders are in agreement say that we should stay. >> exactly, right. tim cook and elon musk, laura, and no doubt others, too, but cook got trump on the phone the talk him out of it, and musk called the white house, but he says that he did not talk to president directly, but he says that he spoke to advisers to try to convince the president not to withdraw the company from the climate accord. this is musk meeting with the president as part of the white house business council. now, someone asked musk on tw twitter what he would do if the president decided to pull out, and musk said that we will have no choice but to depart councils in that case. and many are asking the president to stay in the accord including exxon. he will make the announcement inside of the courtyard at the rose garden. and the fact that it might leak
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out could affect the decision, so. and others are scrambling to convince bmw that they liked the germans after the president was criticized by the german chancellor. and they export bmws from south carolina. 14 models are made in south carolina and florida and georgia and all of which trump won in the election. the "times" says that ivanka trump's shoe company is thinking of leaving china for ethiopia, and the company did not respond to questions. and uber's chief of financing is leaving a day after the san francisco company reported the financials. it is a private company, and it is not having to reveal the profits and losses, and other executives have left the company as well. >> and the nasdaq is extending the winning streak to seven months in a row. mild losses on the market wednesday and of course, the big
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jobs numbers that i am always excited about tomorrow. >> we look forward to that. you are the jobs man. thank you, scott. >> and now sh, new details abou the massive landslide that we have been telling you about recently leafing a big chunk of highway 101 buried, but get this, it has created an unusual land expansion. the land gave way on may 20th leaving parts of big sur isolated. they say that the surrounding coastline has grown 13 acre swis the size of 13 football fields apogeologists say that the surprise growth spurt will erode over time in beach front properties. >> that is a lot of money there. >> and we know the euphemisms, and land expansions as opposed to -- >> make ut moit more appealing. >> yeah, don't put a house on that. >> and nice weather over the next several days, and if you are planning to get out there to
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the beach, it is going to be cool heading into the weekend, and here is a live look outside at the richmond side over toward looking on the way towards san rafael over to the bridge. you can see the sun rising and some breaks in the clouds as we are starting out with clear visibility there, but it is not the case everywhere. in a half moon bay, the visibility is cut down the 3/4 of a mile, and it has been patchy, and drifting into the parts of the tri valley, and also along the coast. now, we are going to be seeing the fog clearing out, and the partly clue lly cloudy skies a through the day. the temperatures as you head out the door, high 50s and low 60s. and this is the highs of 81 in concord today. and livermore 65, and 65 in san francisco. as we are going through the day in oakland, we will start out with clouds at 8:00, and 59 degrees, but then by noon, some peaks of sunshine and 65 up to
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75 by 5:00. and the sunshine we will see with the highs up into the mid-70s and over the next several days in san francisco, expect the highs to be in the low to mid-60s. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and for the inland valleys, it is going to be slightlile cooler as we head towards the end of the weekend, and then it is going to start to warm up early next week. the warmest day in the forecast is going to be tuesday up to 87 degrees. and mike says that the b.a.r.t. delays do continue. >> and at least for the b.a.r.t. delays coming out of san francisco and richmond station, and there are some overnight tracking sections that is going to go over for safety sake and longer for the tracks to clear. and b.a.r.t. is still reporting it, it, and you won't have that much of a problem, and you won't see problems on the roadways and even though there is a fender bender from the off ramp getting more detail, and no slowing there, and for the rest of the bay, and the crews are clearing from 280 and 85.
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and looking at the waze app, from rodeo to san francisco, and the east map is over across the bridge that kari showed you from richmond to san raffaele. make sure that your phone is charge and check the profile and the teams, and nbc bay area wazers, and we will be there for you throughout the week and weekend. >> thanking you, mike. coming up next, how safe is your car? airbags that are meant to save your life, but an investigation that shows how dangerous some of them can be. >> and first a look outside. overlooking dublin this morning and the traffic is moving smoothly through the span and somewhat clear. foggy by the coast as some june gloom is setting in. we will check the forecast when
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we come back with kari. you may not realize this - but
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replacement airbags used in damaged cars .. sometimes come from cars with previously re but replacement airbags used in the damaged cars are sometimes coming from the cars with previously recalled airbags. that is what car fax is telling nbc. the company says that 1 million airbags are replaced every year and sometimes recycled from salvaged cars. and car fax recommends to ask about the source of the recycled airbag if the mechanic is replacing one. >> some homework on that one.
5:26 am
5:25 right now. and attention to the costco shoppers as of today, the membership fees are going to cost you a little bit more money. and of course, they are not going up that much year over year, and if you have not renewed right now or thinking about doing so, you will have to pay $60 a year for a one-year membership which is a whopping $5 more. it is the first hike in five years. the executive membership fees are going uprising by $10 and that is now $120 annually. >> although, there is new one opening up in san jose with a little tip from laura, and some discounts are come coing there. and now, epipen is back in the headlines. makers say that the device may have been overchannelling the medicaid system over $1 billion which is more than the $470 million it took to settle the case. chuck grassley says that the epipen maker misclassified the
5:27 am
drug as generic to qualify for rebates. and mylan is not ocommenting, because they came under scrutiny for overcharging the life-saving drug by hundreds of dollars. >> and now, congress is getting involved in that one. and now, the epa is shutting down a restaurant because of a report of a rat infestationings, and that is not all. there are other violations that we are learning about as well. game one of the nba finals is approaching here at oracle arena, and the warning for the nba fans look ting to buy a pie of history.
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look at that. a live look outside this thursday morning with the sun coming up, and people are out and about making the most of the beautiful bay area morning. a live look from freemont this morning. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and laura has a little extra bounce in the step, and you want to cue that music again? >> yes, the warriors tonight. >> and kari, what is the forecast for the game? >> we are looking for great weather for the the game this afternoon, and this morning, we are seeing the parts of the bay area with the sunshine looking live at the pleasanton camera in the tri valley and you are walk out the door, and it is low 60s, and 50 degrees for a live look outside from belvedere and towards san francisco the low visibility and the fog will
5:31 am
greet you as you are driving ael long the bay area. and we are seeing the temperatures that are topping out today in the mid-70s with mostly sunny skies up to 65 degrees and breezy today in san francisco. we will take a look ahead to the weekend forecast coming up in 6:00, and mike says that bart is in recovery mode. >> yes, it is recovery mode and better than problem. recovering from 10 minute delays. those tracks are cleared now, and in richmond, a mechanic cal problem, but t is cleared, so both systems are moving well and maybe up to ten minutes for the train, but be there on time, and you will be okay. and a crash at gilman, but no other problems for the rest of the bay. >> thank you, mike. no major problems for the w warriors who are ready to get this series started. something that everybody is wait waiting for. and lights moving at this 5:30 hour, hour, and in a few hours. >> todd: warriors are facing off
5:32 am
against the cleveland cavaliers and before you head to the game tonight, a word of caution from the nba. >> and we go to pete with a warning for eager fans. good morning, pete. >> yes, good morning to you, laura, and plenty of excitement around the bay area, and leading up to game one between the warriors and the cavs, but the nba is sending out a warning to fans to be careful when it comes to purchasing the counterfeit merchandise. we spoke with an nba executive who compared the fake merchandise sold on the streets tip clishgs and it is divided up for tips for the fans before buying a piece of mem ra bill yach -- memorabilia, and look for the hollowgram which should show the nba basketballs. and there is also adidas labels inside of the stitching. and the high quality embroidery, and you will see the letters
5:33 am
separated as seen in that video. it is important for the fans to notice that, because if they purchase the counterfeit merchandise, you are stuck with it. >> if you buy a counterfeit product, there is no return policy, and often it is inferior and the colors will run, and so protect yourself and come to the legitimate sources. >> of course, those legitimate sources being the team store here at oracle. so if you buy it on the streets or the flea market, guy, it is more than likely counterfeit. pete suratos, for the bay. >> and you might want to the hold off for a moment before eating your breakfast. and it is because of a rat infestation at lin's buffet. it a has a long list of violations along with a rat
5:34 am
infestation, and major and minor violations datinging back to 2015. violations from hands not properly clean and washed and to improper cleaning methods and customers were surprised. >> it is nasty to see what goes on here. i still would not come here after hearing that. >> and employees say thatly t - they will try to reopen, but it may take some time to convince the customers to come back. >> and there is a rekrecent str of violations that palo alto school district investigating school sexual assault or harassment that. school has been under scrutiny after some cases came to light involving current and former students. 18 investigations have been launched since the start of may. >> we are expecting to learn more about a san francisco home invasion robbery that turned into a shootout between the
5:35 am
suspects and police officers. the profile of the incident is big enough that the san francisco police department is holdinging a town hall meeting on the investigationment last week, several people tried to rob a bay view home, and when officers arrived the suspects fired at them, and officers fired back, and no person was hit, but one person was arrested. there will be a meeting at the opera house tonight at 6:00. >> sad news to pass along, we are learning that the golden gate bridge board president died overnight. the 80-year-old nevada resident was appointed to the board in 1987 and he spent much of his life in public service. the board's vice president is now going to step in as acting president. oakland airport is getting $7 million from the federal aviation administration, and the grant is to improve infrastructure, safety and security. part of the money is going to be to improving the airport's main runway. 584 airports across the country
5:36 am
are receiving that grant. all right. folks, we are talking about the b.a.r.t. delays which continue right now, but look at the top of the screen. recovery mode which means that they should be improving in less than 10 minutes likely for the trains around the system, but overnight work for your safety has kept things a little bit delayed there. over here for your safety, with we were warning about the crash at east shore freeway in gilman, and clouds impeding that area, and north of berkeley and in emoryville. and now, the crash at 880 near thornton, and we have a little bit of slowing because of westbound 580, guys. and the travel time there, and there is the little delay at the toch screen, but not as bad as we see. >> westbound 580. >> and you know what we are looking at? the weekend already. >> and doing it from monday or
5:37 am
tuesday if you had monday off. >> that is right. >> and so nothing wrong with that. it is a great weekend coming up, and nice weather will continue through the weekend. morning clouds especially along the coast, but then some afternoon sunshine, and low 60s along the coast, and upper 70s inland, and more of the same only sunday, and may be more than a few degrees cooler if you like that cooler weather. we will see it inland, and up to 74 degrees and the bay is going to be at 68. the coast is 61 degrees on sunday. if you are making plans to head to the year lake tahoe is going to have temperatures in the mid 70s and still some sunshine throughout the weekend, and 71 degrees. and for monterey, it is going to be cooler there with the breezy winds and the temperatures in the low 60s all weekend long. we have quite a few events go g ing on this weekend including the flower show in woodside.
5:38 am
it will be lovely with all of the beautiful sunshine, and in the napa in the lower 70s, and now, saturday, 40 bands all around napa inside and out, and check out to check out all of the venues, and we will have nice weather for that. coming up in a few minutes, we will look at the temperature trend, but i wanted to show you a live look outside at kirkwood as we are starting out with the clear sunrise this morning. we will be in the upper 60s for most of the weekend and then on sunday, it will be a chance of rain, and so keep that in mind if you are dragging that to the bay area, and you may have run into a few of the showers driving through the sierra, and i will have a look at the trend coming up in three minutes. >> thank you, kari. >> and coming up, preventing another disaster, and what is made on the oroville dam after months of erosion forced hundreds of people to evacuate. and in or out? we will know america's
5:39 am
involvement in the paris agreement in a couple of hours. we will bring you up to speed when "to dday in the bay" continues.
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5:41 am
it is 5:41 and a cloudy start as we take a live look outside at downtown san jose as the temperature trend for santa clara, and we will be looking at the mid-60s at 11:00 and low 70s today, and breezy winds and low
5:42 am
clouds. 70 degrees, and we will keep the cool weather for several days. before it starts to heat up, we will talk about the trends coming up in five minutes. >> and the roads are looking great. minor slowing from the east bay area at the westbound 80 and 580. and the meter lights are on. >> and now, thank you, mike and kari. here is good news. progress is being made by the crews at the oroville dam, and rebuilding the main damaged spillway. the repairs are a week ahead of schedule. also, a new emergency siren has been installed after the old one washed away when the water was released in february. >> the new warm springs station is going to be closed this weekend as b.a.r.t. is running software to make sure that everything is running properly before opening up two stations.
5:43 am
one in milpitas and one in san jose, and this is the first of the two closures expected this summer. free buses for passengers during that closure. at 5:42 today, the transportation leaders will continue to talk about what is going to happen with the caltrain electrification project. it happens after the trump administration decided to hand over $650 million for that project. right now caltrains run on diesel and electrifying the trains is not only eco-friendly, but commuter friendly as well. once electrified, one engine will pull seven cars in comparison to four. in four years, caltrains says it can double the current xcapacit. >> the fallout from kathy griffin's photo showing the mocked up bloody image of donald trump has increased. one show has been canceled. >> yes, a show scheduled in grass valley about 60 miles
5:44 am
north of sacramento has been canceled after they have received hundreds of threatening phone calls and e-mails about griffin's actions. >> it is her thing. it is too bad. the show should have gone on, right? >> i don't think that it should happen. all of these people making threats is ridiculous in a small town like this, and friend ly people. >> as for griffin's october show in carmel, that has been canceled as well. yesterday, it was announced that she was fired from cnn's new year's eve show. >> the president will announce the future of america's participation in the paris climate agreement today at noon in the rose garden. >> plenty of buildup to this, scott mcgrew, and it is sounding like something out of a reality show playbook. >> it does, sam. good morning. if we think that we already know the answer, maybe we don't. sources tell nbc news and frankly just about any news agency that is interested, the president will pull the united states out of the accord, but
5:45 am
many influential people have tried to talk the president out of it even at the last mf minute. when you are combining that with the mr. trump's hatred of the leaks, it is not impossible to believe he will reverse himself and stay in the accord. remember that the president promised to taear up the nafta agreement, and then he had a last-minute call with the heas s of canada and mexico who talked him out hours before the announcement, and this is not according to the announcement sources, and the president himself said that is what happened. and to the russian investigation, james comey is going to test before the senate next week, and we understand that he is going to say that trump pressured him to end the fbi investigation into the white house, and again, that is the senate. and meanwhile, the house investigation is back, and we have not heard from the house in a long time, but suddenly, they are issuing subpoenas and several in relation to the russian investigation and several issued by devan nunez
5:46 am
issueded in connection to ton masking and even though nunez had recused himself. moving on. that news delighted the president who tweeted that the big story is the unmasking and t the surveillance of people that took place in the obama administration. and now, what you think is the big story may depend upon the politics, but from the legal standpoint, they are different, and conspireing with a foreign power if that happened is illegal. and unmasking can is not illegal, and it can be done for unethical reasons, but it is not illegal. and coming up this saturday night, "sunday night" the guest is going to be vladimir pew tipp, and we are very interested in what you have to say. so you can contact me at twitter at scott mcgrew. >> and you have a trench ocoat the go wit. >> and a new look. >> and kids can be fickle at least when it comes to sticking to the script. >> they are kids, and w.c. fields credited with the line,
5:47 am
never work with children or animals. republican party le-- liberal p leader would tend to agree in london. several children in attendance as a balloon fight broke out, but he tried to tie it to the brexit battle. >> this is why we need europe, because the natural inclination is to bash the flip out of each other. in a lovely way. >> in a lovely way. you have to play it off there, and probably over the kids' heads a little bit, but it could boost the party's chances in next week's elections, because the polls have the liberal democratic party in a distant third behind the conservative and labor parties. >> and he has the balloons going, and still talking. when you say natural. >> yes. >> natural inclination to kids, i am pretty sure they are
5:48 am
zoninging out right about there. >> and the balloons, if they don't do anything with them, right. >> and right when you are telling them something. >> he is campaigning in london and so we are hearing about him in the bay area, so, okay. and so we are going to have some great coverage of the great weather as we are heading into the weekend and looking at the low clouds and fog. yes, it is june 1st, and yes, this is the typical sight we are seeing throughout the month, morning fog, and afternoon sunshine to help keep the temperatures down as the marine layer is roll iing in. we will have some low visibility in spots, and not everywhere, and you are stepping out of the door to the temperatures in the low 60s in san jose, and 57 in livermore and at 58 degrees in oakland. right now, we will see the highs to today reaching into the mid- to upper 70s for the south bay, and south county up to 80 and gilroy is starting to warm up, too, and antioch up to 80 and 75 in hayward, with oakland up to
5:49 am
70. it is up to 69 in san mateo, and the high temperature in ingleside is 61 degrees and 77 today in sonoma. so you are looking outside and you can see the cloudy skies, but don't forget the sunglasses. you know how it works. 10:00 or 11:00, you will see the sun coming out, and day for long sleeves and pants as we have a cool start. but it is a day for the nice comfortable clothing. as you are getting the kids ready and out the door for school this morning, it is cloudy to start with mild temperatures, and we will start to see the skies clearing around recess at 1:00, and it will be another pleasant afternoon to spend time outside or maybe for you in the car poole line, you will have the windows down. if you are making plans to head to the russian river valley this weekend, it is going to be so nice with the temperatures in the low 80s and upper 70s by the end of the weekend. looking at the seven-day forecast, we will keep the temperatures in the 60s in san francisco with the morning
5:50 am
clouds and afternoon sunshine and more for the same in inland areas, and the temperatures will be warming up just a little bit heading into the start of next week. and mike, you are checking in now on the south bay flowing? >> yes, and this popped up moments ago and we will find out what is happening with the dublin interchange, and no slowing, and again we will check with the chp. and this is not unusual, but we will take a live look and show you northbound of 101 and the first burst of traffic stuck around for five minutes and just starting to break up again, and right on schedule which is good news coming through the south bay. let's show you waze, because this is one of the alternates yesterday, but this morning, everything is open over there at the caster valley y which reopened overnight, and now from freemont to caster valley, they were suggesting alternate routes through hayward, and everything is clear this morning, but it
5:51 am
would have saved you yesterday. make sure it is available any time on your phone, and in the waze app, join the team. the profile, and don't change the setting, because you go to the team, and select nbc bay area wazers and select the information so we can help you out like we did yesterday. >> and so easy to do. >> three simple steps. thank you, mike. >> and three jail staffers are finding themselves on the other side of the law. coming up on the bay, what they are saying happened. and news out of the philippines as officials say that 11 solders were killed in friendly-fire incident while fighting isis. two jets were conducting exercises when bombs were dropped on friendly troops. and the mets are looking for a new person to wear the mr. met mascot costume. and mr. met made an obscene j
5:52 am
gesture to the fans when they were losing to the milwaukee brewers. and they say more than one person wears the costume, and the person who wore it wednesday night won't be wear iing it aga. back with more news ahead. (time check).
5:53 am
5:54 am
taking a live look outside from our san francisco good morning here. 5:54 on your thursday. how do you know that you hit june in san francisco? take a live look outside at the skyline. the very bottom of it.
5:55 am
it is a cool and foggy start, and it will warm up later this morning. >> and three northern california corrections officers are behind bars accused of excessive force. they say that a correctional officer was arrested for false reporters and two other jail staffers were arrested for assault on inmates. two of the staffers spoke to us while still in custody. >> >> e was -- >> and the rules of engagement, and if i was in the wrong, i have always gotten what i got coming to me. >> the officers are on paid administrative leave as the prosecutors are investigating. happening later today, a m fomer oakland police officer who is accuse canned of tradinging information for sex with a prostitute is due in court. they say that ryan walterhouse
5:56 am
used s eshgs xshex in two cases. it is not in the wider case involving jazlin boozeland. that hearinging is set to begin at 9:45. and this morning at the noose found inside of a exhibition on segregation yesterday at the smithsonian national museum of african-american history. this is the second noose left at the museum in less than a week. it is the beginning of this year's hurricane season. officially for the next six months you will be hearing about the hurricane names. national hurricane drirectors will be down in miami today for briefings on the upcoming hr hurricane season. >> take a look at this, the world's largest airplane. a co-founder of microsoft and the owner of the seattle seahawks built that 500,000
5:57 am
pound plane in mojave, 90 miles north of los angeles and whether he is taking the entire company with him or not, we do not know. but it is called the stratolaunch and it is going to carry small launch vehicles to deploy in orbit. and the wingspan is longer than a profession aal footballfield. >> and look at this, better eye procedure is a better and less invasive procedure than lay sic. it is called smile, and it is ap proved a few months ago in the u.s. this is how it works. a laser makes a tiny cut in the cornea instead of a large flap with lacsix.
5:58 am
>> and the procedure is approved for people nearsighted and they don't van astigmatism. and sears say that customers who shopped at k-mart could be the subject of a data breach. they are not saying how many credit card have been affected, but it is not the type of breach that takes your social security numbers or contact information. no evidence that any people in the bay area have been affected. and it shows that 94 americans have their credit card store ord used on a mobile app that is used for future purchases which includes 14 million consumerers w r rs who store their payment. people in their 70s and 80s most often store their information
5:59 am
online. >> and in redwood city, building renovations has been underway and now it is modernized and the employees say they can offer new programs and bigger kitchen space for boys and girls. and the national spelling bee students advance to the final round. two students from the bay area are among those students. good luck to the two students from this area, and these words are no joke. >> we will continue to watch them. right now at 6:00, we are following breaking news out of east bay. multiple law enforcement agencies are investigating a law enforcement shooting, and it is an active scene this morning. more teenaged drivers are hitting the road before summer starts, and it is the deadliest time for teen drivers around and the steps that you can take to
6:00 am
keep your child safe. >> and chasing the championship. we are inside of the oracle arenas the warriors are ready to host the cavaliers for game one of the nba finals. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> over at that camera? >> you know it is a big deal when they are taking a picture of the net. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. and did you see the shirts over the seats and nobody there. >> calm before the storm. >> no storms on the horizon, but maybe some fog? >> yes, a drizzle storm in san francisco, but that is all we will see as we are going throughout the rest of the day. we are starting out with some low clouds this morning as you are ready to head out. right now at san jose, this is a live look outside and cloudy to start, but it is not going to be like that all day long. it is 61 heading up to 76, and it is going to be a beautiful day, and some mild temperatures to start. but this afternoon


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