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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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keep your child safe. >> and chasing the championship. we are inside of the oracle arenas the warriors are ready to host the cavaliers for game one of the nba finals. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> over at that camera? >> you know it is a big deal when they are taking a picture of the net. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. and did you see the shirts over the seats and nobody there. >> calm before the storm. >> no storms on the horizon, but maybe some fog? >> yes, a drizzle storm in san francisco, but that is all we will see as we are going throughout the rest of the day. we are starting out with some low clouds this morning as you are ready to head out. right now at san jose, this is a live look outside and cloudy to start, but it is not going to be like that all day long. it is 61 heading up to 76, and it is going to be a beautiful day, and some mild temperatures to start. but this afternoon with the
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sunshine, it will be nice and comfortable, heading into the weekend where we keep the nice weather with the breezy winds. i will give you a look at the forecast in six minutes. mike has a crash now in san jose. >> yes, i do, kari, as you continue with the drizzle watch. in south bay, a smooth and easy drive. look at that, the speeds are great, and we saw the slowing starting to ease at the first burst starting to thin out, but a crash at 101 and oakland road. it should be off to the shoulder and a distraction and i will track it of course. and tracking the delays of b.a.r.t. out of san francisco and richmond and now everything is reported back on time, and we have 50 train, and none of the other agencies with any problems. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:01 and following active scene in martinez where there is an officer-involved shooting. we have bob live at the scene since we came on air at 4:30, and he is going to bring us up to date on the investigation. good morning, bob. >> good morning, laura.
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now that the sun sup, we are getting a better seps of the crime scene. the black sportscar behind the crime scene investigators, we believe it is the suspect's car, and the car that the police say that he used to ram him. you can see that the windows are shot out in the car, and in the foreground, you have the investigators with the evidence markers to mark shell case inin that were dispensed when the police department fired the weapon at this man. now, even though the shooting happened here in martinez, it does involve vallejo police. late last night, officers from that agency say they shot a 20-year-old man who they have identified as evan decarlo here outside of the home in martinez. law enforcement have been trying to catch decarlo for the past seven days. iter started last thursday when members of the vallejo crime reduction team also known as crt tried to arrest him for reckless driving. the police stopped the chase,
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and then they relocated him in vallej vallejo, after he then slammed a patrol car, and they stopped the chase. then they found him last night at this moment home, and he tried to slam a squad car, and that is when they opened fire, and police described him having serious injuries. and this is what a woman said she saw and a friend of the family. >> and we heard, pow, pow, pow, and i asked my daughter if that is gunfire and she said, i don't know, and then we heard it on the scanner. >> reporter: what kind of guy is he? >> i don't know him personally, but i know the family, and they are good people, real good people. >> reporter: what are they saying about this? >> they are devastated. >> reporter: a vallejo police officer was also hurt in the altercation, and the injuries
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are minor, and that person was treated and released. vallejo police is not the only agency investigating this since it happened in martinez, and the contra kosta sheriff's office and direct attorney's office is investigatinging which is normal when you have an offic officer-involved shooting. >> thank you, bob, for the update. we are staying in the east bay, and dropping this morning, one person dead and another in custody after a shooting that happened in antioch. the police say it unfolded before 6:00 last night on lemon tree way. when the officers arrived there, they found the victim driving from the scene, and his car crashed through several park ed cars on the nearby el street, and he died later at the hospital. and then the officers located the suspect in a home on lemon tree, and after a standoff, the suspect was arrested on the scene. >> and now, a big rig crash led to a chemical spill and massive
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backups yesterday. it started before noon when the truck crashed near 808 and southbound 238 and the truck d had haddial esthetic hazard material. >> it is flammable, and toxic due to inhalation. >> the truck driver suffered minor injuries and the crews moved quickly to block the storm drains to prevent the acid from getting into the waterways. >> this morning, a warning for the teenaged drivers and their parents as we head into the summer. >> more young drivers are hitting the roads and we see it every year when thele school lets out, makings pit deadliest time of the yearer for teen drivers. we have kris sanchez who is reporting of the distractions that we have to be aware of, but you have to make sure that the kids are safe, kris. >> yes, that is right, laura. this is the time of the year that the triple a calls it the
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100 most deadliest days and maybe it sounds like a clever netflix headline, but it is not. it is the stretch from memorial day to labor day with more teen s hitting the road and 15% spike in the number of deadly crashes involving the teen drivers. this is of course, according to triple a, because the drivers are inexperienced, they are three times more likely to be involved in the deadly crash, than the adult and between now and labor day, there are more of them on the road. a teen driving hazards include distraction which includes a person, and also smartphone which is a factor in 66 of 10 crashes. the number one distraction in again, another person, and tell your teens to buckle up, because 16% of the teens killed in crashes were not wearing a seat belt, and that is an easy fix. speeding was a factor in 30% of the deadly crashes.
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according to triple a, you will want to have a serious conversation with the teen even if they are not the ones behind the wheel. >> what we know about the teens is that they are not only a d g danger to themselves, but other people on the road. our previous research showed that the vast majority of the people that are injure and killed when a teen is behind the wheel is someone other than the teen. >> now et may sound hokey but aaa says that you should have a driving contract between the teen and the parent, and telling them what the consequences are beyond you could hurt yourself or could get killed or kill somebody else, but you will lose the car keys for a month if you don't abide on the rules. then you have them sign it off, and everything is crystal clear when they have to make a decision. i posted a link to the contract on the facebook page, and i would like to know what you tell the teenagers as they hit the road in an effort to keep them safe. kris sanchez, inside the bay. >> thank you. and a new project that could ease congestion on the peninsula as we are looking live at 101
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and palo alto this morning moving along nicely at this hour. but during rush hour, we know it is a different story. and now the peninsula may follow the lead of the east bay with a proposed toll lane on 101. and another option is to extend the car poole lane from san francisco international to santa clara county line. those options were discussed at a county meeting last night in san mateo. a live look in washington, d.c., at the capitol dome, and after president trump has hinted at the decision after days of buildup, the decision will be made for the multi nation pact to take action against warming, and president trump is going to say whether or not the u.s. will participate in the paris accord. he will make that announcement in the rose garden. president obama signed it in 2015 and it took decades to iron out. president trump says it gets in
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the way of creating jobs particularly in the coal mining industry. >> 6:08. if you are walking around downtown palo alto, you will see new art installation, and eight new media places will be around downtown, and it is going to feature sound, light, motion, and three-day event and now is the chance to get out there to check it out. 6:09 on this thursday mor g morning with the cloudy skies to look live at oracle arena which is going to be rocking later on today. we have a game there in case you not heard. a game one of the playoffs, and we will see the temperatures at about 65 degrees by the tip-off, and we will see those temperatures dropping off into the upper 50s, and bring your jacket as you are getting ready to head out of the arena. it is going to be very cool, and we are looking at more of this kind of weather heading into the weekend, and now, tracking some slower traffic? >> yes, tracking them around the bay, and the ones in san jose
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are sticking around, but starting to clear up now and not really from 680 to oakland road thinning out. over here in the tri valley, and east bay, we have through pleasanton and castro valley, a little slow in the commute. and last night after the commute they opened up the connector from 880 to 230. and san rafael traffic is moving well. and some of these folks are going to be heading down to the different situation at the golden gate u bridge, and fog is the factor, so be careful crossing the golden gate bridge. >> what fog? >> oh, yes, that fog. >> all right. all eyes are on space x this morning as the company is getting ready for another launch. >> come up today on the bay, the reason that the launch could help the company to use recycled launch materials. >> and space x's elon musk made a last-minute call to president trump as silicon valley is preventing the president from removing america from the paris
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nbc bay area's microclimate weather certified in the bay area for the most accurate in weather. >> we look at the clouds right now with a live look outside in san jose. the clouds will roll out, and in los gatos, it is in the low 60s and at lunchtime at 70 degrees
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and bright sunshine and a great day to go out for the nice long walk or maybe check some things off of the honey-do list to dda we will have great weather heading into the weekend and i will have that coming up in five my newts. >> thank you, kari. the travel time is showing slower over at the castro valley y, and low clouds and fog out there, and we will show you the choices there. >> thank you, terry and mike. 6:14 right now, and san francisco police promised the first in the series of crackdowns of unsafe cyclists. they have identified sections of the city with abnormally high rates of accidents involving cyclists and pedestrians. today, the additional officers will be called in to cite cyclists with excessive speeds and makings unsafe turns and operation. four more crackdowns are scheduled for the month. >> and today, a brand-new pride center is opening just as the pride celebrations begin around
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the world that. center is el camino and san mateo, and grand opening at 4:00, and the center is providing kocounseling and suppt for the lgbtq individuals and families. 6:25, and space x is taking another launchf into orbit this afternoon. what makes this launch unique is that the capsule already traveled to the space station back in 2014. it is refurbished for that launch. the company says that it has reused the dragon parts but never to this extent. >> a lot of the frequent flyer miles there. >> yes. >> and now, silicon valley is scrambling trying to convince the president not to take the u.s. out of the paris climate k accord. >> we care about iter hoo. and so, scott mcgrew is with the latest? >> yes, elon musk from space x and no doubt others, too, laura, but tim cook did get president trump on the phone to talk about it. and musk called the white house as well, but he did not talk to
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president directly, but he was able to speak to advisers and trying to convince the president from not to withdraw the company from the climate accord. this is part of the white house business council. and somebody asked musk on twitter what he would do if the president decides to pull out today, and musk said quote, we will have no choice but to depart councils in that case. the paris agreement is a promise to reduce greenhouse causing emissions, and how much a country has to reduce depends on the country, and so our withdrawal would mean that we are going back on the promise that we made to 194 other can countries and it would not scuttle the accord, but the other countries would presumably go on without us. >> the "new york times" says that politicians are scrambling to reassure bmw that they like t the germans in south carolina after reports that the president criticized germany and the trade imbalance. bmw makes cars in south carolina and in fact, it exports bmws from south carolina.
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14 models of bmw are made in south carolina and florida and georgia, all of which trump won in the election. and also, reporting that ivanka trump's shoe company is thinking of leaving chinaer for ethiopia because the labor costs have been rising. there was no comment when we tried to reach out. and now, profits and losses have not had to be revealed by uber, but a number of executives have been leaving in the last yearer or so. >> and nasdaq has been extending the monthly winning streak in may with seven positive months in a row. mild losses on the market on wednesday, and jobs numbers tomorrow. we don't think it is going to affect the wall street thing with this paris thing, but something to watch. >> and perfect, you are here to give us the jobs report tomorrow? >> yes. >> thank you, scott. new details this morning about a massive landslide that recently left a big chunk of
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highway 101 buried. it is also reportedly creating a unusual land expansion. the land gave way on may 20th to leave parts of big sur isolated. geologists say that the surrounding coastline has grown 13 takers, abo acres about 10 f fields. and they also say that the growth will erode over time. so don't be buying any ocean front property just yet. >> beautiful, beautiful views in the pacific, and after eight years, you are on your own. >> but the residents who are stranded have to drive three hours to get the groceries, and it is like, oh, i forgot the sugar. >> and get a helicopter ride. >> and there is a helicopterer taking people in. >> that is amazing. as we are looking at the bay area, and starting out with clouds this morning, welcome to june. this is what we will see, and what is typical this time of the year as we are starting off with the clouds. it keeps the temperatures down, too, but it is a nice mild start as you are ready to head h out
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the door, and we have mid-50s to low 60s and dropped down to the low 40s now in the north bay as we are getting a live look from belvedere, and looking into san francisco, but you can't see it, because the visibility is low. and the highs this afternoon reaching into the mid-70s, so we will get sunshine and it will be breaking out by 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. east bay mostly sunny skies later today with a high of 70 degree, and here is where the fog is creating the lowest visibility, and at half moon bay, we are seeing the visibility and santa rosa and the napa visibility cut down to half a mile. we have been seeing it drifting into parts of the tri valley as well. and so be mindful of that, and also that we have a moderate amount of tree pollen and i'm one of the sufferers right now, and you can hear how congested i am. and so we have low grass, mold and wheat pollen.
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maybe you are making weekend plans to santa cruz and this is going clear you up and get you some fresh air. we will see the temperatures reaching up into the upper 60s saturday and sunday, but some fog in the mornings to start out, and also what we will be seeing in san francisco as the high temperatures are holding steady in the low to mid-60s for the high temperatures. the inland areas are going to be nice and comfortable heading throughout the weekend and upper 70s for tomorrow and saturday, and it will be warmer next week. we are talking about the upper 80s and that happened starting out next monday and tuesday. and mike is checking in on the south bay distraction. >> that is right. a crash on northbound 101 at oakland road in the bottom of the screen. over on the shoulder, and not a major issue, but it is just enough distraction to cause a little slowing. so we never fully cleared up after that first burst, and so it is starting to kick in right on schedule. so slow on the 680, and --
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sorry, over the the san mateo bridge where i have been watching this spot going across the flat section, and it is that volume of traffic, and things should sort themselves out over the next, and we will track it closely, and show you the ways to make it the dunbarton bridge is the quicker of the two to cross 84 which is quicker right now. you can make the choice depending upon when you leave is a different situation, and make sure that you join our team, and make sure that you join our team. if the crash is out there, share it with you and click on the profile, and click on select nbc bay area wazers because we choose you. >> thank you, mike. and coming up next, the moment of arrest and newly released video showing legendary golfer tiger woods talking with police before the dui arrest. >> the toll charge on your account on a car that you are not driving. i'm chris kimora, and nbc bay area responds next. there's a place like no other...
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where a walk down main street... where a walk down main street... blah blah blah .. hey!
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the name's rocket and i need your help! the collector has trapped my friends, the guardians of the galaxy in this weird...freakshow... check it out...this is the joint we're in... and we need you to help us break out! got it? move it!...i gotta go! there is magic for days! - come out with our hands or you will die!" trt: 07 ==laura/contvo== some terrifying new video released .. from last year )s pulse let me see your hands. put your hands up or you will die. >> this is really terrifying new video released from last year's pulse nightclub shooting in orlando. it is body cam video just coming out. some of the 18 hours of video released as part of the public records request made by the "orlando sentinel." 49 people die d in the rampage, and dozens others were injured. >> wow.
6:25 am
having to relive that by seeing it is simply heartbreaking there. 6:24 now. and authorities in florida have released the dash cam individvi the arrest this week of tiger woods for suspected dui. >> w-x-y and z. >> okay. sir, what i want you to do to place your hands behind your back, okay? >> so you can see the sobriety test administered and the arrest after officers arrested him in jupiter, florida, ten miles from his house, and he failed the sobriety test clearly. and woods said that he was not drinking, and the condition was unexpected reaction to prescription meds. and the bay area response to a man who was having trouble with fast track. >> chris kimora has the story. >> he saw the $6 toll on the fast track toll bill that he said was not his.
6:26 am
fast track says it was from a rental car, but he had rented it four months earlier, and he showed them the rental agreement, and they would not budge. so he reached out to us. and so he did what fast trakh did what you should do is to use the transponder in a car that ist not yours, but terry forgot to let them know when he was done with the rental, but terry said that is not true. so they went ahead and credited him for the $6 toll charge, and they said that it is looking like a story with a happy ending all of the way around. this is a good reminder when you are using a transponder in a car that is not yours, fasttrak says they need to know about it, because if there is a glitch at the transsponder, and you have to let them know when it is done, so you can temporarily add and remove cars from the account. if you have a consumer complaint let us know.
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888-996-tips or nbc bay a >> thank you, chris. come up next on "today in the bay." a popular east bay restaurant is closed over serious health code violations. a history of violations. and is it real or fake? the warning for fans look ting buy a piece of warriors' history before the nba finals. you are watching "today in the bay." we )re off to another cool and
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foggy start in parts of the
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bay area this mornin good thursday morning to you. we are off to another cool and foggy start in parts of the bay this morning, but it is going to start to clear out and warm up heading into the morning. a live look outside and downtown san jose. good morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock and you will notice the moisture out there in the air and maybe a drizzle or two, and we will have to see. kari hall is joining us for the forecast. >> yes, welcome to june. this is what we typically see looking at the golden gate bridge, and somewhere hidden in the fog, and maybe it is drizzling, too, as you are ready to head out the door, and on the morning drive. the temperatures are now as you are getting ready to step out, and feeling mild, 61 degrees in san jose, and upper 50s for oakland and also in san francisco with the highs later today reaching the upper 70s for the north bay, and 70 in oakland and 81 in concord, and livermore and up to 79 degrees, and coming up in seven minutesly have a
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look ahead to the weekend forecast and we will make some plans coming up in a few minutes. mike is tracking what is happening as you are heading out with some of the traffic trends. >> the trend is that we are building a little bit, and thursday commute. a light flow through the south bay and no drama. over here in hayward from westbound to 880 coming off of the freeway to the san mateo bridge. the bay plaza there, and a backup with the fender bender reported in the last few minutes, but no other problems for the lane, and a crash that i cannot locate here on the live shot. and the san mateo bridge, we saw slowing, but we are talking about how we should see things moving bet in the next five minutes, and that is the burst coming off of the san mateo that we were talking about. >> all right. a lye look at oracle arena and all calm for the time being, but to night, packed with fans heading to game one of the nba finals. the warriors of course are squaringing off against the arch
6:32 am
nemes nemesis, the cleveland cavaliers. the fans are going to be sporting the blue and gold, and you have to be aware of the counterfeit merchandise. and so, pete suratos has a warning. >> yes, it is ease city to fiy you are walking to the game one between the warriors and the cavs, but we talked to the authentic merchandise shop who gave us tips as far as looking for difference of counterfeit and the real thing. the first tip is to look for the nba hollow gram sticker showing an nbc spaulding basketball when you turn it left to right. and also, a licensee print stitched on top of the jersey, and in the case of the warriors,
6:33 am
it is adidas, and that is how you know it is authentic. and of course, more high quality and good embroidery and the letters will be jersey. it is important for the fans to take note, because if you buy the counterfeit product, you are stuck with it. >> if you buy a counterfeit product, there is no return policy, and the colors will run, and protect yourself, come to legitimate sources. >> and of course, those legitimate sources are places like the team store here at oracle ar rena, and the good ti is that if you buy it on the streets or at the flea market, it is likely counterfeit. live at oracle. >> and if they have warriors spelled with one "r." and a popular restaurant is closed because of a rat infestation. this is lin's chinese buffet in concord right off of willow pass road. we have learned that the restaurant has a long list of
6:34 am
violations with the health department. along with the rat infestation we learned that the buffet had minor violations dating back to 2015, ranging from hands not clean to not properly washed to improper storing methods and customers were surprised. >> it is pretty surprised to know what is ocoming on here. >> i would not come here after hearing that. >> and the employees say they will try to reopen, but it will take some convincing with the customers. and new details to report on a school district under fire from a recent spring of sexual assault allegations. now the mercury news is reporting that the leaders in the palo alto school district yesterday admitted to more than 20 current investigations involving either student sexual assault or harassm that. district has been under intense scrutiny since several sexual assault cases came to light involving current and former students. the leaders say that 18 investigations have been
6:35 am
launched since the start of may. >> we are expected to learn more today about a san francisco home invasion robbery that turned into a shootout between the suspects and police officers. the profile of the incident is large enough that the sfpd is holding a town hall on the investigation. last week, several people tried to rob a bay view home, and when the officers arrived, the suspects fired at them and the officers fired back. no one was hit, but one person was arrested. tonight, the meeting is at the bay view opera house at 6:00. miranda police are hoping that someone will identify this suspect burglarizing a home. this is near the siesta valley reck recreation a area where the home burglary okay cured. part of the money is going to improve the airport's main
6:36 am
runway and not just oakland as 584 airports around the country are getting a piece of the faa grant. and folks, we are looking at the bay area commute, and we are not sooing a major issue. but we talked about this ongoing situation of the crash on the shoulder, and the chp is there, and when the folks see the chp, they slow down and a reaction even though they are not doing anything wrong, i trust. looking at northbound 101 and showing the additional flow coming up to the crash. and 75 and 80 is starting to build as well. it is standard as far as the pattern and more pronounced slowing as you head up to oakland road 101 itself. and looking at the travel times nice flow coming up to the 680 southbound. i want to show you also, the north bay where the traffic is light right now, and a thursday to expect a lighter commute, and also as the colleges are out for a session, you will have the high schools and the almost elementary schools, where you
6:37 am
will see a lighter flow of traffic. and this is the golden gate bridge here where there is a lot of fog. >> and it is amazing that whatever is going 30 miles north and so clear there, and you can't see the golden gate bridge. >> there is something for everyone here. and you know, friday, we are peeking at the weekend. >> yes, and we have so much going on this weekend and some great weather. what we are going to see today is going to continue. and the morning clouds and fog near the coast, and afternoon sunshine, and highs on saturday and reaching a low 60, 73 at the bay, and inland, up to 79 degrees. sunday a touch cooler in a few spots like the inland areas where it is so comfortable, and a lot of sunshine up to 68 degrees for the bay, and the 61 degrees with one event going on and a flower show happening at woodside, and saturday, at 10:00 in the morning we start out at mid-60s. mostly sunny skies and reaching
6:38 am
into the mid-70s and so beautiful for walking the grounds and taking in all of the wonderful sights. maybe you want to head to freemont to coyote hills park where there is a butterfly and bird festival. we will see the temperatures starting out in the low 60s so maybe some long sleeves walking around in the park. and the low 70s a we go into the afternoon with the mostly sunny skies and don't forget the sunscreen. we have bottle rocket last week in napa, but this sunday, it is live napa inside and out. do is sunday, and the high temperatures are reaching into the low 80s and 40 bands participating in the event. you can walk around from ones event to the next. and here is a live look outside and the warmer temperatures into the low 70s this weekend. and low skies comfortable out there, and warmer weather for parts of the bay area, and we will see the warm weather reaching into the low 80s and
6:39 am
upper 70s for saturday and sunday, and a lot of the sunshine to go around. we will take a look at the temperature trend for san jose coming up in three minutes, a laura. >> we look forward it to, kari. 6:39 and coming up next on "today in the bay" a shootout breaks out at a car dealership after two bounty hunters move in to arrest a fugitive. new cell phone video. and are we in or out? the president is to announce our participation in the paris climating a agreement. >> and plus, scott, you are talking about awaiting the jobs number, and the private payroll numbers coming out were good, and 253,000 new jobs from adp announced this morning. and so far, the markets have reacted from the dow jones down 7.5 point, and we will expect the things to pick up. and more on the report in two minutes. [ dramatic music ]
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[ screams ] the mummy. rated pg-13.
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now, nbc bay area microclimate weather certified as most accurate by bay area weather. >> and now o, cloudy on june 1st, but it is 6:42 and a live look outside at san jose, and some clouds this morning, but some sunshine later on this morning. we will start to see the sun breaking out by 10:00, and the temperature at 64 degrees. great weather as we are going into the afternoon and reaching into the late 70s and breezy as
6:43 am
you are out there for a long afternoon walk. i will have a look ahead no the weekend forecast and what is beyond coming up in five minutes. and travel times are showing a north 101 at the top of the screen slowing because of a earlier crash still on the shoulder of oakland road. and now, what is going on over at the east bay as well coming up. yes. thank you, kari and mike. live look from martinez, and this is breaking news that we have been following. police shot a suspect they say injured one of several police officers trying to make an arrest. vallejo police said they tracked down a wanted suspect in martinez near pacheco boulevard, and as the officers approached the suspect rammed his his car into one of the cruisers. another officer nearby fired one of several shots striking the suspect who is in serious c condition. one officer was treated for minor injuries. we have new cell phone video showing you which is surfacing of a deadly shootout at a texas
6:44 am
car dealership. and the video that you are seeing, we want to warn you could be disturbing to some v w viewers. >> he has gun! >> very frightening, and violent. it happened tuesday, but the police just released the video showing the moment two men walked in on a third man sitting in the auoffice. the dealership owner said that they had identified themselves as federal agents, but they were bounty hunters who had a tip that the fugitive would be at the dealership that day. the police ended up getting into the shootout, and they were all killed, but no one else was injured in the shooting. >> and imagine being there buying a car when that happened. the new springs b.a.r.t. station in freemont is going to be closed this weekend as b.a.r.t. is installing new software and test running trains before they open up two brand-new stations. one of them in milpitas and the other in san jose. this is one of a couple of closures to expect. free bus passes during that
6:45 am
closure. and amtrak is issuing a warning as we are heading into the summer travel season. according to the railroad intransportation system, they have more passengers and nearly 200 incidents last year, and amtrak says that the incidents are easily preventable by following some simple rules, and never walk along the track. freight train traveling at 55 miles per hour need more than a mile to stop. and only cross train tracks when there is a designated crossing. and don't text or have your head phones in, because you want to make sure that you h hear and see a train coming. >> today, the transportation leaders are going to continue to discuss what is coming up for the caltrains electrification project. it comes after the trump administration is deciding to hand over $7 million for the project. right now they run on diesel, and to electrify them, they will
6:46 am
be much eco-friendly, and right now they carry four cars and electrified they can carry seven and double their outputt. and the damage spillway at the oroville dam, officials say that the repairs are a week ahead of schedule. you don't hear that often. and a new emergency vieren is installed there when the old one washed awey when the water was released in february. >> and former vice president joe biden is not leaving politics any time soon. he is announcing a new committee to allow him to raise money for political candidates called american possibilities. the committee will allow biden to keep in touch with donors and only fueling rumors that the 74-year-old may run for president in 2020. biden has repeatedly said that he is not. >> there is a very obvious fear of the deportations among the california's undocumented community, but now we are learning that the fear is actually way beyond that group. a new poll by the public policy
6:47 am
institute of california says that more than half, about 511% of all californians are going to be deported. immigrant advocates are hoping that the poll numbers encourage state lawmakers to become a sanctuary state. donald trump's approval rating is at 27%, and the u.s. congress is 26%. >> from the start, californiians have not thought too highly of president trump in general, and now, they think even less of them is the takeaway again as we mentioned from the public policy institute that put president trump's rating at 27% among americans and nationally, a figure 37%, and at the high, it was 31% back in march. if you are wondering whether it could go lower, californians in 2008 reportedly gave a 19% approval rating to then president george bush. 6:47, and the president is going to announce the future of america's participation in the paris climate agreement at noon
6:48 am
in the rose garden. >> and scott mcgrew, he likes those big announcements. >> yes, he likes the showability, sam. and we think that we know what he is going to be saying at noon, and just about any news agency that is interested, the president will pull the united states out of the accord. but many very influential people have been trying to talk him out of it including his own daughter who is one of his top advisers. when you are combining that, that there are so many people talking him out of it with mr. trump's hatred of leaks, it is not impossible to believe he could reverse himself, and stay in the accord, and now maybe it is sounding crazy, but remember that the president said that he would tear up the nafta agreement and had a last-minute call with the heads off mexico and canada in which they talked him out of it hours before the announcement. that is not according to some announce source, because the president, himself, he says that is what happened. and to russian investigation, former fbi director james comey
6:49 am
is going to testify next week, and expected to say that trump pressured him to end the investigation into the white house. again, that is the senate. meanwhile, the house investigation is back. we haven't heard from the house for a long time, but suddenly it is issuing subpoenas and several in relation to the russian investigation, ap several as well issued by devan nunez into unmasking of people named in the investigation even though he had actually recused hemself from all of this. that delighted the president who tweeted, the big story is the unmasking, and the surveillance of people that took place during the obama administration. and now what you think is the big story could depend on the politics, but from the legal standpoint, they are really different, and the inspiring of the foreign power if that happened is illegal, and unmasking is not illegal. it can be done for ethical reasons, but not illegal. and megyn kelly will premier her
6:50 am
new show sunday at 7:00 p.m. we examine the speeches and orders each day, and you can contact me on twitter at scott mcgree. today, shoppers at a costco, your membership phis are going to cost you more. if you are thinking of renewing, or haven't done so, you will have to pay $5 more than the old price. this costco's first fee hike in five years, and executive membership went up $10 to $120 annually. >> i dont n't know if it is a g thing or bad ing this, but when you are in line at costco, and so many ings that you say, i could use those mrs. field's cookies and you make it up. >> and you know what i did, i went to costco the other i
6:51 am
daushgs and i g -- other day, and i realized the next day they realized that my box of frozen pizza was left in the car. >> you should have brought it in, and they would have eaten it. >> oh. no. if you are out shopping or running errands, we will have beautiful weather all day long and so you can relax and wait for the traffic to die down. this is what it is looking like right now as you are ready to head out the door, and looking at the peninsula, and palo alto, and 56 degrees and 54 degrees. notice the low visibility there looking at the the golden gate bridge, and foggy to start, and welcome to june. that is typical, and then we will start to see the clear, and now, we will see the high temperatures reaching into the mid-70s and upper 70s to dday f the north bay, and san francisco, 65 as we are getting a live look outside at oracle arena, and this is lit up g
6:52 am
getting ready for game one of the playoffs against the cavalier, and it is in the mid-60s and sunny skies and so comfortable, but it is going to cool down as you are headedacleg to be chilly. so looking out the window, it is a day for long sleeves and pant, because the temperatures are going to be cool to start, but then we also have some very comfortable weather, and also some breezy winds. getting the kids ready for school this morning, starting out cloudy, but at recess, you will see some clearing skies and cool temperatures, and it is going to be another pleasant afternoon and pretty much like it was yesterday. this is what we will see as we head through the next several days in san francisco. after that morning clouds and the fog rolls out of here, we will get the sunshine and the highs in the 60s and the inland area is looking at the 7 o0s and i'm getting the thumb's up on the forecast from mike. it is going the warm up next week and alert for folks driving through pleasant hill? >> yes, a potential thumb's down
6:53 am
over here. and overall thumb's up, and you can see the traditional pattern through san jose and hayward and a fender bender reported around the castro valley y, and it is not a major issue, and we don't want this one either at gregory lane where there is a 5x5 piece of plexiglass in the road. so avoid that. and go highway 84 which is a bert ride, but a couple miles longerment and looking at waze, it tells you the same, if you are going through walnut creek, use the pass. waze will help you the make the choice from the phone, so use it whenever you are leaving and make sure that you are part of the team so we can share the information for you. join the profile by going to nbc bay area wazers and we will help you out. >> thank you, mike. >> coming up next, a look at the top stories in the bay, and that is a word of caution from triple a as the summer is getting in
6:54 am
full swing, and the warning going out to teen drivers and their parents. >> first, happening now, breaking news out of the philippines. officials say that 11 soldiers were killed in a friendly-fire incident while fighting eye sichlts they say that two jets were conducting exercises when bombs were dropped on friendly troops. switching gears. the mets may be looking for a new person to wear the mr. met costume. because the team is apologizing after mr. met made an obscene gesture at the fans when they lost to the milwaukee brewers. and the organization says that more than one person wears the costume, and the person who was wearing it wednesday night won't be waerg it again. live-stream your favorite sport,
6:55 am
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here are the top stories on today in the bay... . ==laura/live welcome back. 6:57 right now on the thursday morning. before you head out of the door, these are the top stories on "today in the bay." >> a warning for teen drivers as the summer vacation begins. they are told to be care ful ou on the road. these are live pictures from san jose near the fap center, and according to triple a there are 15% more crashes in the summer because of more teens on the road and they lack the experience to avoid dangers. most of the crashes happen because the teens are distract ord speeding. hazmat crews have completed
6:58 am
the cleanup of a truck that spilled yesterday. the truck was carrying containers of esthetic acid. it took hours for the crews to clean up the spill and the crash. and the lead of the east bay could be followed in the peninsula, where there is an option of a toll road. and anothert option is to extend the car pool. there is a meeting on both of the proposals held in redwood city. >> here we go again. familiar foes as they clean that court, and making it squeaky clean at oracle arena. the golden state warriors are beginning another quest for glory. live pictures from oracle where game one of the nba finals starts tonight at 6:00. lots of excitement throughout the bay area, and no doubt, you have seen all of the warriors' flags on the car. once again, game one at 6:00 tonight at the stadium.
6:59 am
lebron james in town, and you will catch all of the highlights with us right here tomorrow morning, and go dubs. >> there you government you will see a lot of gold and blue across the bay area today. >> all right. some gold in the sun as well and the ties as well. >> yes. and it will be golden this afternoon. and looking at the forecast for the next several days, morning fog and afternoon sunshine will keep the temperatures in the san francisco in the low 60s. and warmer in the highs of the upper 70s for the next few days. >> that is the goldilocks forecast. >> wen't wad some green, but it is slowing up in the south bay. and we have the red there at 280 and 17 where it comes down to almost 20 right now, and a lot of folks heading through the area, and it is going smooth itself out, and we will have a nice drive to the bay bridge, and it is half an hour now from highway 4. >> you were saying that, mike,
7:00 am
you will start to see the easing here as the school lets out which is a good thing nor drivers. >> take the summer off. >> and we will be back here in a half hour. an all summer, too. >> no break? >> no break. good morning. in or out? this is the day president trump says he will finally reveal his decision on the paris climate deal. and the stage is set for an epic showdown on capitol hill. fbi director james comey now cleared to testify, telling his story publicly for the first time. shootout. chaos and gunfire break out after two bounty hunters move in to arrest a fugitive in a crowded car dealership. all three men dead and an investigation now under way. moment of arrest. new video just released of tiger woods' interaction with police. >> have you been drinking tonight? >> no. >> no? are you sure about that? he


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