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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 2, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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won't be happy until they are 16-0 which looks like it's going to happen in about a week. >> looking pretty good out there on the courts. the weekend is looking good for us as well. >> yeah. it's going to be beautiful. i mean, we really can't complain about this. have la little bit of something for everyone because we'll have a wide range in temperatures. let's start out this morning getting you out the door with a live look outside from belvidere towards san francisco no. dense fog like yesterday. it's come. 48 degrees there and heading towards this afternoon. very warm and warmer than yesterday. up to 858 in napa and 87 in concord and san francisco up to 67 degrees. palo alto 77 and san jose up to 80 degrees so we're looking ahead to the weekend. we'll talk more about that income and getting you out the door for school coming up in seven minutes. vianey gets out for the work and the morning commute. >> seeing a little bit of delay in some areas. right now we're tracking a crash, and this is in redwood city right near marsh road 101. already starting to see some
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delays, and this isn't a good time for that because right around this hour is when we start seeing some of that traffic building up. now, the good news, aside from this area, no major delays, just a typical early morning backup. we take a look at the peninsula drivetimes southbound so-to-sfo. about 11 minutes and definitely starting to see more of a delay out on the road. near palo alto 101, we can see there's a lot of cars out, but, not too bad out there. i'll send things back to you. >> thanks very much. we're covering breaking news out of the peninsula this morning crews are the at scene of a water main break in belmont. some homes are being evacuated. "today in the bay's" chris sanchez live on the scene. what's going on right now, kris? >> well, we can tell you that we have some small signs of progress here. we have city crews who are shutting down this water main break as you saw in the live pictures right off the top this part of the newscast. saw them twisting that and i want to show you why this is the situation that's double trouble. this is the water that's flowing
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down here on san juan boulevard, flowing around two homes here downhill, but if you look up the hill, that water is also flowing around the homes up top and that's monsurat avenue. those folks up there are not even allowed back into their homes because there's concern that because of the erosion of the water their homes might not be structurally sound. this has been going on for nearly three hours now and some of the homeowners tell me that they were actually awoken by the sound of the rushing water some time after 3:00 this morning. san juan boulevard down here and monsurat avenue affected and also some. other streets in the area. belmont police ordered evacuation for four homes. we have seen city crews, plumbing contractors and the water district arriving along with the belmont fire department and police department, but still the water is rushing, and you can hear it's pretty active out here this morning. some of the homeowners feeling
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very frustrated that the ware main has not been capped, but clearly it must not be a very easy fix. we're going to stay out here and we'll continue to bring you updates all morning long n.belmont, kris sanchez, "today in the bay. request ". >> thanks so much for this update. 6:03 right now and six months later a painful anniversary for one of the worst tragedies to ever strike the bay area. today we continue to remember the lives lost exactly six months ago in the ghost ship warehouse fire. the flames, of course, igniting inside the warehouse space about 11:20 on december the 2nd with doz dozens of people partying inside. many were able to make it out, but 36 people lost their lives. since that tragedy, we've learned that many artists called the oakland warehouse home. some of the victims' families who died in the fire are suing oakland and pg&e claiming they knew the warehouse was being used illegally. investigators have been looking into the fire for months now. watch all of the reports on our
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website, at 6:03 this morning, developing right now. just in, islamic state militant group is now claiming responsibility for an attack on the casino in the philippines. in the capital of manila, it killed at least 36 people. police say a gunman fired shots and set gaming tables on fire and in that chaos people scrambled to escape and many just didn't make it out. all 36 people died from smoke inhalation, not from gun shot wounds. police say the suspect apparently killed himself with his rifle on the fifth floor of that complex. switching gears and turning locally now. heads up for b.a.r.t. riders. you'll might need to come up with a different plan if you need to use the warm springs b.a.r.t. station in fremont. b.a.r.t. is closing that new station this weekend as it installs and tests new software. it's all in preparation for the silicon valley extension. there will be a free bus this weekend taking passengers from the warm springs station to the fremont station but it could add 20 to 30 minutes to your trip. we spoke to b.a.r.t. riders who weren't too thrilled. >> i'm not going to be able to
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get to san francisco and i have to look for alternative plans. not real veefnlt kind of a pain. >> definitely inconvenient, especially with all the hours and it's definitely inconvenient. >> the free bus run is every 20 minutes. b.a.r.t. plans to close the warm springs station on another future weekend to continue the work between south fremont and silicon valley. as soon as we know, we'll toll you. >> as the golden state warriors remain perfect in the 2017 postseason. >> at the start of this season draymond green said he didn't just want to beat the cavaliers, he wanted to annihilate them. consider that mission accomplished, at least for game one of the nba finals which is in the books this morning. the warriors now looking forward to game two after absolutely destroying the cavs last night. >> a live look at the oracle arena this morning, all calm after last night's celebrations, but it will be roaring again on sunday. >> that is where we find "today in the bay's" pete suratos live at oracle with reaction from
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players on both teams and what we can expect during game two. hopefully a better contest, pete. good morning. >> reporter: >> reporter: good morning to you, sam and laura. they are hoping for a more competitive contest, at least fansves other team, but warriors fans are very happy this morning after that dominating effort by the warriors beating the cavs 113-91. now this marks the third consecutive game one victory in the nba finals for the golden state warriors, and it was led by kevin durant. of course, that was the big free agent acquisition over the off-season. we'll show you some of those highlights. it seemed like he was dunking every single time and you checked out the game and he had a game high 38 points last night. now this was a competitive game despite the final score that you see there. at least through the first half and then the reigning two-time mvp steph curry decided to put his imprint on the game hitting six three-pointers during last night's game chipping in 28 points all in all. this marks the third consecutive showdown between the warriors
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and the lebron james-led cavaliers, and here's k.d. and steph weighing in post-game on what they need to do to stay focused heading into game two. >> it was not about me. you know, he's going to do what he does, you know. he's lebron james. he can, you know, he's -- you guys know what he can do so i just try to play as hard as i can and not make it about a matchup. it's about us. it's about the golden state warriors versus the cleveland cavaliers. >> focus on what's in front of you. we had an opportunity to win, you know, the first game of the series and get off to a good start. we were able to do that. like k. said, we feel like we can play much better, especially offensively. >> reporter: half that dominating victory, soeshlg media was abuzz about k.d. apparently staring down rihanna after hitting a three-pointer and putting the ws up 104-85. of course, rihanna is a huge lebron fan. who knows, she might be
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courtside again heading into game two. of course with that win, the warriors stay undefeated in the postseason. game two will take place behind mow at oracle arena this sunday. live outside oracle arena, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> always a fun series to watch. >> totally. k.d. shaking his head. saw that in the highlight. thank you very much, pete. fans have not forgotten though what happened at last year's finals when the warriors did win games one and two at home convincingly but then lost in seven. they say the warriors have so much firepower this year and will that they are absolutely going to go ahead and the win the championship this year. >> oh, yeah! we're going to do it. trilogy. you know what that msnbc, that we're going to win it again and again! yeah! >> i think it's going to be a sweep. >> both teams can score, but the warriors can stop the cavs. the cavs can't stop the warriors. >> you know what i lover is the confidence of these fans. >> i would say different levels of enthusiasm. that first guy, by the way, they
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won one. third straight. time will tell. game two is sunday at 5:00 at oracle arena. by the way, if you were there, we want to see your best fan photo. tag us on twitter so we can see your warriors pride. the twitter handle is @nbcbayarea. >> we're heading towards the last couple of weeks of school. parents, are you excited? probably not. okay. let's get the kids ready and out the door this morning. a cool and clear start, and we don't have the low clouds and the fog like we had yesterday. still maybe some long sleeves needed, but temperatures will be warming up at recess with a lot of sunshine, and then by the time you go pick up the kids they are heading home on the bus stop, on the bus later this afternoon, it will be in the 70s with mostly sunny skies. a beautiful afternoon and weekend on the way. we'll talk more about that coming up in about three minutes. viana vianey is taking a look at how the roads are looking.
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>> no major delays and we do have one troubled spot. this is near redwood city, a krosh 101 at marsh road have starting to cause some heavy, heavy backup, and it appears that one of the vehicles may be blocking one of the lanes. unfortunately, it doesn't look like they are going to clear that out just yet. hopefully they clear that out soon because we are in the 6:00 hour and typically that's when we start to seeing the most backup. we're starting to see some delays outside the area. take a look in san jose. we can see that the roads are starting to fill up. i think i'm ready for the workwe can to come to an end. >> back to you. >> we call that the weekend. >> thank you very much. >> it's 6:10 right now. coming up next on "today in the bay," out of it it. the newly released video showing tiger woods' pretty dazed and confused just after he was arrested for dui. plus a split decision on the american economy. we'll bring you up to speed when "today in the bay" continues. ==vianey/trx==
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(vianey ad libs) it's 6:13 now and a beautiful sunrise. as we take a live look outside over san jose. we will have a lot more sun today. warming up those temperatures and very quickly. we're already in the upper 60s by 11:00 this morning. a day though you may have to briefly turn on the air conditioning as it starts to warm up today into the upper 770s and low 80s. above our average high temperature of 77 degrees. over the next several days we're
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in for some summer-like temperatures in the inland valleys. more on that coming up in five minutes. >> starting to see stop-and-go traffic along the san mateo bridge this early friday morning and tracking a crash out of redwood city where it appears it may be blocking some lanes. an update on that coming up in just a bit. >> thanks very much, viana. breaking news we're following out of san francisco right now. just getting this jid into our newsroom. it's a homicide investigation at the da vinci villa hotel near lombard. we just spoke with detectives moments ago who tell us that they believe the victim is a tourist. in the video you saw there the hotel taped off with investors and detectives coming to the scene. we've just send nbc bay area's pete suratos to that very area. he'll gather more information and bring us a live report. a homicide investigation once again at the san francisco hotel this morning, and detectives
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tell us they believe it's likely a tourist who has been killed. as soon as we get more information we'll look to bring it to you. >> right now we're getting a first look at the moments just after police in florida arrested tiger woods for allegedly driving under the influence. take a look. >> there you go. keep going, keep going, keep going. keep going, keep going. keep going, keep going. keep going, keep going. >> new video of a disoriented and handcuffed tiger woods taking a breathalyzer test at the jupiter police department. it happened early on monday. police say the test did not show alcohol in woods' system. he later talked about an up expected reaction to prescription drugs. right now we're get as glimpse into the life of the manchester suicide bomber. chilling new images show him only days before the terror attack. security cameras caught salman abedi at various spots around manchester. police releasing these photos overnight along with a plea to the public.
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they are hoping that folks can help them to track his movements. now they say that he purchased parts for his bomb in the days leading up to it the ariana grande concert in which 22 people were killed. if you have a loved one who tends to walk away because they have alzheimer's or another condition help is on the way. the walnut creek police department is partnering with project life saver. you apply for the program and will be given a wrist an ankle band that can track people who may have a tendency to get lot. costs $300 for the first year and $25 per year after that. 95% of participants who go missing are found within 30 minutes. >> it's 6:16 right now. we'll switch things up and talk a little business and tech. a split decision on the economy. >> scott mcgrew joining us. the unemployment rate has fallen again. >> good news. that's good news. >> down to 4.3%, the lowest, laura, it's been since may of 2001. fewer people are participating in the labor pool. that will could help move that number down. they are not looking, it doesn't
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count. president trump, you'll remember, calls the unemployment rate fake. the number he prefers, what we called discouraged and underemployed, fell to 8.4%. 138,000 jobs added in the month. may. that was under expectations. other news, the head of uber travis kalanick is speaking out about his mother's death in a boating accident. in a facebook post he says the family dog got in the way causing his father to loose boats. he hit rocks and the couple boating alone fell into the water and were in the water for more than two hours before they were picked up by a fisherman. this was over the holiday weekend. kalanick wrote your prayers, heartfelt notes and shared which is bombs are little whispers helping our family pull through. taking a look at the markets, i'll be genuinely curious what happens with the poor jobs numbers. the dow closed at a record high on thursday.
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corporate america very unhappy about president trump's decision to leave the paris agreement. tesla's elon musk and disney's bob eiger announced they will resign from the president's business council. some of the biggest companies in the world, general mills, general electric, wall mutt, apple, exxon, shell disagree with the president and the mayor's -- mayors of american cities say they will join together to send a promise to the u.n. to stick to the accords despite what the president says. 71 cities urged the president not to do what he's doing right here. los angeles, chicago, houston, phoenix, san francisco, san jose and oakland along them. coming up as we talk about politics, we'll take a look at many so of the opportunities that two presidents, the presidents of france and the president of china have to kind of come into the places where america is stepping out. they are stepping in. >> right. it almost sounded like a duel citizenship to france the way the president was speaking. >> laura's ears perked up immediately when she heard mark
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ron. >> another big superhero, yes, a warrior raised on the island without men or communication with the outside world. that happens in requested wonder woman." an american pilot lands near her home and tells women about world war i urging hem to help stop the conflict and protect earth. it's rated pg-13. >> a different kind of warrior all morning long and a popular series of kids' book coming to life in "captain underpants." two friends hypnotized their principal and make him believe he's a super hero who only wears a cape and underwear and it's rated pg. they always tell you like when you're in situations of people of authority. picture them in their underwear and it will all go away. >> that's a really popular book series with kids. >> i read it. >> it's kind of kid. >> all right. so obviously reading and writing going to be fundamental but
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school is letting out and schools are going outside and you've got summer going on. >> it will feel like summer into the next several days and as you get the kids up and ready for school this morning it's all clear, and we also have some come temperatures. take a look at what we're feeling right now in the tri-valley and getting live look outside at pleasanton. it's 53 degrees and 56 degrees looking over the south bay with some sunshine there, and the north bay, the coolest spot. it's 48 degrees and 53 degrees in san francisco. we're going to see those highs today reaching into the low to mid-80s for the inlandis and the peninsula 77 degrees and san francisco 67 degrees and the north bay will be up to 84. if you are planning to head out to some of the parks maybe going on some of those hiking trails in the east bay, it will be cool and sunny to start. by 10:00 in the upper 60s and 81 degrees later on this afternoon. as it does warm up we'll have breeze winds and heading farther to the north in sonoma county we'll have the temperatures at
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60 degrees to start and 76 degrees at noon and 84 later today, so we have some great weather all around the bay area. san francisco stays in the 60s over the next several days and we'll start to see the fog rolling in on sunday but then after that clears out the inland val valleys will be warming up. let's head over to vina with a look at the roads and what it looks like for this morning commute. >> speed centers showing the 6:00 buildup and we're still tracking that traffic collision along northbound 101 at marsh road. we're seeing that backup all the way to university avenue, and that's starting to kind of bring a little bit more delays, but just a quick reminder to mass transit. don't forget that b.a.r.t. is closed this weekend, but they are offering free bus shuttles and no delays for the rest of the mass transit, but if we take a live look outside at palo alto, we can see a smooth commute near that area. i'll send things back for you. >> that's nice to see.
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thanks, vianey. >> you could soon be an owner of this rare peeves history. >> coming up, the reason that an old map played a major role in the construction of the famous theme park. >> can you believe it's been 365 days of us fighting for you. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, nbc bay area responds celebrating its first year in business next.
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old map played a major role in
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all right. we have an anniversary to tell you about. nbc bay area responds is
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celebrating its first anniversary. >> we need to sing. our investigator chris chmura and the rest of the trouble-shooting team joined us one year ago this week and we asked him for a progress work. >> good work. >> it's been a will wind year for us, one year, since our debut. we have returned a total of $869,042.62 to viewers like you. we have opened a grand total of 5,801 cases, and we've lived up to the promise we made on day one. we respond to every call and every e-mail we receive. our cases have run the gamut. the smallest success winning a $10 refund in a shipping dispute and the largest victory selling two life insurance disputes each worth $100,000. the very first case we closed was with rose. our team helped her settle agreement with her roadside assistance club and got her $79 and we changed the company's policy. more recently, this week actually, we scored a $3,000 win
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for the barreras in hayward and worked together with our sister station telemundo to challenge a travel claim that was denied even though mr. and mrs. barrera both had a kidney pranz plant. mrs. barre barrera gave her kido her husband. in case you were wondering, yes there is cake in the newsroom. >> we love to celebrate. >> we were wondering. >> by the way, your spannish is really, really coming along. >> i can say working together. >> very nice. >> little bits, little bits. >> chris, thank you. >> you're welcome. happening today, if you want to own a piece of disney history. listen up, several artifacts including this map showing walt disney's original 1953 ideas for theme park are going up for auction in southern california
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later today. walt and his brother roy disney made that map as part of the presentation to get the financing they noded to build the world famous theme park. who needs microsoft powerpoint when you can have that thing back in the day. >> look how far it's come. coming up next on "today in the bay," a bay-area pastor behind bars. the disturbing allegations he's facing this morning. >> reporter: i'm sharon katsuda. plans to help ease traffic congestion in some bay areas. i'll have that report coming up. right now at 6:30...
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we )re tracking a weather warmup as we head into the weekend. taking a live look outside... downtown san jose. =cover shot= =laura/2shot= good morning - and thanks for joining us. i )m laura garcia cannon. =sam/2shot= and i )m sam brock (toss kari) ==wx/ck== ==wsi full== ==wx toss trx== ==trx/ck= ck traffic maps
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==trx toss anchors== ==sam/vo== new this morning... to univñe avenue and in terms of your mass transit, fremont and warm springs will be cleared for some repairs over uth weekend on the 3rd and 4th so keep that in mind as you head towards the weekend >> 6:31 right now. plan--is morning. y.sing some traffic congestion in the south bay. es==vta and san jose city officials are looking into a new mpac that would create flex lanes on a busy free way. >> sharon katsuda live on the highway with an impact it could
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have on your commute. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, you guys. traffic is not too bad right now but take a look. this is where things could really help out. the new lanes would open up right along highway 87 here between highway 85 and highway 280. transportation and city officials are looking into whether they could use the existing side emergency lane and turn them into traffic lanes. according to "the mercury news" one extra lane would be created on each side of the freeway. this is just in the study phase. the study will find a way to ease traffic congestion between highway 87 and highway 101 and the city will be taking plans from consultants to look over this summer. as injing live in n san jose, i'm sharon katsuda for "today in the bay." v crasnks so much. 6:32 right now. happhis morning san jose police htll us no one was injured when nepolice suv crashed into another car downtown last night.
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take a look at that. don ppened just before midnight on north fourth street near the casino matrix. the cruiser took the brunt of the damage. auseon't know if one or two officers were inside that suv, but, again, we're told that everyone is okay. the cause is under investigation. >> very disturbing allegations right now against a pastor in forwapark. police have arrested victor taz gomez after several victims came forward saying they sexually assaulted them. the youngest victim is 14 years old. his gomez was the pastor at a pentecostal church in the area. right now there's no word if the y arims were members of the congregation or not, but authorities are still trying to locate more victims this morning. only on nbc bay area, osecial police operation to ensure registered sex offenders lso complying with the law. our own damien trujillo rode . ong with the san jose police whecers yesterday who were working overtime to conduct compliance checks. it happens about once a year
6:34 am
seen officers check on the most rseious offenders released from prison. >> police that will be targeted, i have multiple child molests, rapes, kidnappings, involving section offenses as well as incest, so we're going to talk ls the worst of the worst. >> a total of five teams of officers were conducting those compliance checks. the department says this type of operation is also meant to send a message that police are always keeping track of registered sex offenders. >> justice for michael tyree, a mentally ill inmate who was thaten to death. three former jail guards are waking up behind bars this ezrning convicted of second-degree murder. of course, this comes after a jury found that jewish rin, butthew farris and rafael rodriguez were found guilty yesterday of beating michael ed fe to death back in 2014.
6:35 am
questions were not answered but a prepared statement was offered. >> the acts carried out by these three individuals have tarnished the reputation of this profession and of our entire agency. >> without that protection, there is no law, there is no order, there is no justice, and in the end for michael tyree there was no chance. >> after tyree's death sheriff smith called for major reforms face the department and for the county jail. the former grds' sentencing date n september for september the 1st and they face anywhere s firsn 15 years to life behind bars. >> 6:35. el".ening today, new takrnational low-budget airlines takes flight and one of its first destinations will be the oakland airport. the airline is called level. tly first plane were barcelona in. .a.x. takes off a little later today followed by a flight back to barcelona. shortly after the plane lands in a/vidbd it will turn around for relp back to spain. a cel is offering round trip fares under $500.
6:36 am
there could finally be some -- aef this morning or oneast s contmmunity. helicopter will be used to place construction equipment on to froad as crews continue to clean up debris and hazardous rocks. rocks will be removed and a mesh ertting system will be installed to stabilize the hill. yon roll started sliding during heavy rains in january and it's been closed ever since. >> all right. day-- ady to do some laughing in san francisco this weekend. the closal clusterfest is uditong off in the city today. a/2shof the best comedians in the country are taking to the stage. and that's going on and the bill graham civic auditorium. a closure between polk and larkin. fulton street is also closed king mn hyde and larkin. polk is shut down between hayes and mcalister until monday morning, and if you're thinking about taking muni, the 19 polk bus line will be rerouted around the civic center area closures.
6:37 am
>> as for event, laura. three days long. it features more than 70 different comedians, and that includes musicians like jerry seinfeld. you can see the set of seinfeld, the classic apartment, kevin hart and ice cube all on stage. actually have tweeted out a link to the full lineup on my twitter account. e rosing the bay area host this festival was a very easy decision, according to the organizers. >> san francisco has a long history of presenting amazing comedy, legendry comics like robin williams are from the bay area. >> all right. the history lives on. no doubt there may be tributes for robin williams as well at this event. the festival lasts through sunday. >> i might have to check that out. i've never been to a live comedy show. at 6:37 right now and our speed sensors are pick pentagon up a couple of troubled spots. one in the spout bay. it looks like a fender bender, but the one we've been monitoring all morning long northbound 101 at marsh road
6:38 am
causing heavy delays through university avenue. well, the latest chp report is they are hoping to clear that out within the next five minutes. two vehicles were blocking one of the lanes and we're seeing the speed sensor slowly picking up. we can definitely start seeing some of the buildup and the lights have been on for an hour and as we head over to another bridge we can see a lot more cars out on this early friday morning along san mateo bridge >> you know what else you can see. the weekend. >> right in our sights. >> and you can actually see outside so it's not foggy. >> by the way, had all this mike coming to town, napa bottle rock and now we have more music with 40 different acts. >> and that's in napa, inside and out and that will be a great event to check out. there are a lot of things going on this weekend. you can just talked about the comedy show and tomorrow we're looking at a cool start with some cloudy skies and then seeing the highs reaching into the mid-60s. 73 degrees for the bay and
6:39 am
inland for the valleys. up to 80 degrees. it will be just a little bit cooler on sunday, but i still think you'll enjoy it. up to 76 degrees for the inland valleys and 68 degrees for the bay and 63 degrees for the coast as we'll start to see some more fog rolling n.heading into one of the many events going on this weekend, this one posted on the fololi flower show happening in woodside. we'll have such comfortable weather for getting out there and taking in the sights and the smells of all of the beautiful flowers on display. we'll have temperatures reaching into the mid-70s by the afternoon. then on sunday, the butterfly and bird festival in fremont at coyote hills regional park. it will be cloudy during the morning at 10:00, but we'll quickly see that sun coming out by early afternoon and high temperatures reaching the low 70s with some breezy winds. heading to the sierra this weekend, here's a live look outside. this will get your friday started off right. you may want to just hop in the
6:40 am
car and go right now. we're going to have a beautiful weekend ahead. temperatures reaching into the upper 70s tomorrow, and then on sunday more sun and 72 degrees. some of that have snow is melting, too. so you'll want to get there soon. looking at santa cruz and the weekend forecast there. on friday up to 76 degrees and 72 degrees tomorrow and then on sunday a little bit cooler, but it's still going to be very comfortable, and we were giving you the heads up to watch out some baby great white sharks so just a heads up there. we'll bring it back home and take a look at the day planner for san jose. that's coming up in about three minutes. laura? >> stay on the shore i think is good advice. thanks so much. 6:40 right now coming up next on "today in the bay." you'll notice some of the busiest b.a.r.t. stations are getting dirltier. the reasons ahead. >> and the reasons president trump pulls us out of the pair agreement saying it is unfair to americans and cost americans job. we'll bring you up to speed when "today in the bay" continues.
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no june gloom this morning at 6:43. you'll sunshine. looking live right now at san jose. as we go into this afternoon our temperatures are heating up in response to the lack of the coastal fog and some bright sunshine throughout the day. heading into the weekend more of the same, but a touch cooler on sunday before it warms up. a look at all of that coming up in the seven-day forecast in about five minutes. >> the weather is looking nice
6:44 am
on golden gate bridge and so is the smooth traffic along that area. right now we are monitoring that crash in the south bay along the road causing a backup in san jose. >> what a gorgeous shot of the golden gate bridge. thanks so much. things calmer in belmont that forced some neighbors to evacuate. all that have happened at monsurat avenue. the water main turned part of the street into the river. this is what it looked like when it first broke out around 3:00 in the morning. as of 30 minutes ago crews were having trouble turning it off they we didn't see any rushing water in that last live shot. police ordered four nearby homes to be evacuated. thereto was concern about their structural integrity. homeowners were worrying that a sat righted hillside could give way. all roads are open despite that break. >> a controversial plan to build two five-story homes in palo alto is moving forward.
6:45 am
according to "the palo alto w k week" the project was endorsed yesterday. the plan is to build two marriott hotels next to each other. neighbors have argued the buildings would be too large and there's concerns about landscaping. >> b.a.r.t. has quietly pulled the plug on allowing overtime for its janitors despite concerns that it's leading to filthier conditions at b.a.r.t. stations, so this might partly explain if you thought that it was kind of dirty at stations why it looks that way. "the mercury news" reported three b.a.r.t. janitors earned more than $100,000 in overtime. b.a.r.t. put a freeze on both janitor overtime and also new hires. b.a.r.t.'s leaders believe that freeze is leading to grungier stations, especially the busiest ones where there are higher numbers of homeless people there. >> happening today, the former penn state president and two other former school administrators will be sentenced amid the jerry sandusky sexual abuse scandal. the former school employees face
6:46 am
charges of child endangerment for failing to report allegations that sandusky was sexually abusing a boy in the football team shower back in 2001. prosecutors say that led to more boys being victimized. it is an important first victory for proponents of a statewide singlepayer health care system across california. state senators yesterday did approve a bill that would replace insurance companies with government-funded health care for everybody. that bill moves along to the state assembly but many believe it has a long way to go before it ever sees the light of day. critics say that this plan has a multitude of problems, including how the $400 billion proposal would be funded. happening today, protesters right now are expected to gather in just a few hours in san francisco to voice their anger over president trump's decision to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. what you're looking at right here, protesters yesterday gathering in palo alto right after the decision to voice their frustration.
6:47 am
today's demonstration is planned for noon outside of the federal building in san francisco. meantime, world leaders right now also reacting to president trump's decision to leave the paris agreement, and when it comes to world leaders the reaction is universally negative. >> and scott mcgrew joining us. that's actually to be expected. >> it really is. when you think about it, laura, all countries but two signed the accord so you've got to expect that they are all going to be against america leaving. most of corporate america is also against president trump's decision. general electric, exxon, shell, apple. american cities have spoken out, chicago, los angeles, even pittsburgh. president trump said he wanted to protect pittsburgh. >> we don't want leaders of other countries laughing at us anymore and they won't be. they won't be. i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh not paris. >> pittsburgh said their city
6:48 am
will continue to follow the paris guidelines. clean energy pennsylvania estimates 65,000 pennsylvanians work in clean energy, more than work in coal, oil and natural gas combined. we might get some answers this morning from sean spice per as he holds one of his increasingly rare public press conferences. earlier this week a reporter asked spicer if the president believed in global climate change and spicer said he didn't know. he had never asked the president. hopefully mr. spicer has had a chance to double check with president trump. world leaders quick to step into the president's leadership showers. emmanuel macron, the -- like president trump had never held public office before and is one of his biggest rivals. you'll remember the handshake war. he spoke out against the president's decision. >> we all share the same responsibility. make our planet great again. >> vladimir putin has changed his story a little when it comes to russian hacking of the
6:49 am
american election. he said there was no such hacking. he now says patriotic russians may have meddled in the u.s. election and now he said that at a st. petersburg economic forum which is where we find nbc's megyn kelly. she's in st. petersburg at that forum and sat down with putin for an in-depth interview. you'll be able to see that exclusive interview as megyn debuts her new show sunday night which runs on sunday night at 7:00 p.m. each day we encourage you to give me feedback. just now two of you have wrote in to say i didn't properly explain why the president pulled out of the paris agreement. he said it's for two reasons. one the accord costs jobs and, two, the agreement held us to unfair standards. keep this up. contact me at twitter. if you think you need to know more information and you think i missed a point, by all means contact me @scottmcgrew. >> if you want to contact me, take me out for a doughnut, give me a fall because it's national
6:50 am
doughnut day. krispy kreme locations handing out a free doughnut until they run out. no purchase necessary. dunkin' donuts offering a free doughnut when you buy a drink. nas doughnut day started back in 1938 when the salvation army used doughnuts to raise money during the great depression. a little history, too. >> time dab honored trade digs there, and if you've ever noticed the krispy kremes, they go down quickly, man. all of a sudden six are gone. >> a little too fast. >> yeah, and i'll pass on the doughnuts, but love the coffee. you can keep that going, always, always. >> that's essential. >> and it's friday morning as you get up and about to out the door. maybe you're heading to krispy kreme or dunkin' donuts. it's all clear. here's a live look outside at tiburon. a gorgeous start to this friday. yeah, yesterday we were just socked in with the clouds and the fog. that is not the case right now. as we are also seeing some clear skies and even a bird flying across. looking live at sunol,
6:51 am
temperatures at 53 degrees. also seeing low to mid-50s elsewhere around the bay area and upper 40s for parts of the north bay so as we start we're cool but warming up. even more so today than yesterday and up to 82 in east san jose and 83 degrees in los gatos and heading up to will 5 degrees in pleasanton and oakland today seeing a high of 73. also 73 in san mateo and in san francisco also a little bit warmer today thanks to the lack of fog. the embarcadero up to 72 degrees and 82 in novato, so after this nice clear start we'll have a day, of course, for sunglasses and also, of course, with the warmer temperatures make sure you're wearing some nice comfortable weather -- nice comfortable clothing because of the warmer weather. it will be a day for some shorts. we'll have more shorts weather into the weekend. looking at napa's forecast for the weekend. it will be starting to ramp up today. up to 85 degrees and then some low 880s for the weekend. we've talked about all that's going on around the bay area,
6:52 am
including some live music throughout all of napa on sunday, and you'll want to check out for more on that. looking at our weather, we're going to see in san francisco temperatures reaching into the 60s over the next several days and inland areas will see much more of a change in temperatures and warming up today. coastal fog cools us off on sunday and then it warms up again early next week with tuesday being the warmest day. getting us out the door now is when it looks like on the roads and here's vianey. >> we're seeing a couple of delays out of the south bay. there was a crash that was reported along northbound 101 at story road, and it is already starting to recover because they have moved those vehicles off to the side just in time for the 7:00 a.m. traffic hour. but it's still looking like it's trying to recover along northbound 101 at marsh road and this, of course, still seeing that pretty heavy backup along university avenue and they have cleared that off to the side within the past ten minutes so hopefully this will start recovering a lot sooner than it is now. if we take a live look at palo
6:53 am
alto. we can see that traffic is delayed as it works to recover from a couple of fender benders early on. back for you. >> thank you so much, vianey. up next, a look at the top stories on "today in the bay" including break news out of san francisco. a homicide investigation under way at a hotel there. details just coming into our newsroom next. >> and happening now on our digital platform, a major meeting at penn state university in pennsylvania. officials discussing making sweeping changes to the greek life culture after a freshman died during a hazing ritual at the fraternity. other students are facing charges for that death. plus, we are finding out a delaware-size the iceberg poised to break off the antarctic shelf. scientists say it's stretched to within eight miles of the open ocean this week. we'll be back here with a lot more news in just two minutes.
6:54 am
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that's over 6 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. here are the top stories on today 6:56. welcome back to "dade in the bay." before you head out the door here are the top stories we're covering. >> starting with breaking news out of san francisco where police right now are investigating a homicide at the da vinci villa hotel on vanness between union and wilbur. the crime scene tape at the hotels with investigators and detectives coming through some of the incident. we have just learned that the
6:57 am
scene was cleared about 45 days ago. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is headed to the area to gather more information for us. >> it's been six months since the ghostship fire and today we remember the 36 people killed in that fire. it broke out around 11:20 at night on december 2nd at people were partying inside. since the fire, some of the victims' families are now suing the owner and pg&e claiming they knew the area was being used illegally as housing. >> fresh tragedy abroad right now. 36 people have died after a brutal attack on a casino in the philippines. police say that the gunman is also dead. officers say that he was firing shots and setting gaming tables on fire at that casino in manila. the 36 people who died died from smoke inhalation as they were trying to get out of the building. police say the gunman killed himself with his rifle and isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. locally very disturbing allegations against a pastor in menlo park. police have lay rest the victor
6:58 am
taz gomez after several different victims came forward saying he sexually assaulted them. s that gomez was the pastor at the pentecostal church in the area. police say the youngest victim is 14 years old. right now there's no word if the victims were members of the congregation or not as authorities are still trying to locate more victims this morning. >> b.a.r.t. is closing the new warm springs b.a.r.t. station as crews install and test new software. it's all in preparation for the silicon valley extension. there will be a free bus taking passengers from the warm springs station to the fremont station which could add 20 to 30 minutes on your trip. b.a.r.t. plans to close the warm springs station on another future weekend to continue the work between south fremont and silicon valley. >> a live look at oracle arena this morning or at least some highlights from last night where game one of the nba finals left warrior fans high-fiving and pretty optimistic. there's oracle this morning. that's because the warriors last night absolutely dominated
6:59 am
lebron james and the cleveland cavaliers. it was never close in the second half. k.d. had a huge game including the dunk for 38 points. game two also on sunday at oracle. >> taking a live look outside on highway 87 in san jose. traffic morning along. a little cool at the morning but we're tracking a warmup as we head into the weekend. kari has a look at that forecast. >> it will be a nice one as we start out this morning. all bright sunshine all around the bay area. a great way to start out that friday and the seven-day forecast not bald either in san francisco. we're up to 67 degrees today and for the inland valleys 80 for this afternoon. >> wow. looks good. >> trying to keep the good vibes going here on this friday. vianey, any major issues that you're seeing? >> delays in palo alto so the commuters are trying to get more positive vibes because we're starting to see that moving along, and that's recovering from an earlier crash another the redwood city area as well. >> all right. that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 1:25 and every half hour after that with a live
7:00 am
leakal news update. >> join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. tgif. have a great friday. we'll sigh soon. . good morning. breaking overnight, the death toll soars to at least 36 people in that brazen attack on a crowded casino in the philippines. a burglary gone terribly wrong. a lone gunman opening fire, setting gambling tables ablaze. this morning chilling new images of the chaos and what investiga investigators are now looking for. trump's decision to pull out of the historic paris climate accord drawing strong reaction on both sides. >> i was elected to represent the citizens of pittsburgh, not paris.


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